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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

Going Nuts? I can help you understand coupon terms and abbreviations

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Myths about saving on groceries that can cost you.
Before I started couponing, over 8 years ago now, I thought I was already doing everything I could to save money. In reality I had it all wrong.   Lots of advertising dollars have been poured into training consumers to believe three myths (lies) about saving money.

Myth 1 – You need to be in a Big Box Store

Sadly you’ll never save money in Walmart (or any other similar store) compared to shopping in a grocery store.  They came in and did great job of brainwashing folks in the 80’s, but it’s wrong.  Yes they price match deals, and have “always low” prices… but they don’t do anything else.  In the south we have grocery stores that double coupons, have tons of store coupons and even take competitor coupons.  Walmart does none of this.   I’m not saying that you won’t find deals there, just that you will find much better deals by looking at traditional grocery stores.

Myth 2 – You’ll Save Buying House Brands

This myth is one that actually costs you the most.  You’ll rarely find a house brand on sale, and you’ll never have a coupon for it.  To compare that to buying a name brand product at it’s best price (40% off or more) and using a coupon on it, the name brand will 99.9% of the time be the cheaper deal.  Take cereal for an example.  Right now you can get Kellogg’s cereal for 25¢ a box at Target… when was the last time you saw their house brand on sale for 25¢??

In reality, house brands make the largest profit for a store.  Don’t fall prey thinking that they exist for you to save money…

Myth 3 – The Best Deal is on the Biggest Package

How many mom’s out there have felt like they need to find the biggest box of diapers ever made to get the best deal?  I know lots of folks that have Sam’s Club and Costco memberships just for diapers and paper towels.  Grabbing that massive box actually is saving you nothing.  If anything when they label it as the “Value Box” that should make you question it from the start!  Yes when we look at the cost per unit it appears to be the best price, but don’t forget about the coupons!  Diapers make a great example of how the biggest box isn’t the best deal:

Huggies Value Box, 156 ct., $34.97
-$3 off Huggies Diapers coupon
Total Due: $31.97
20¢ per diaper

(4) Huggies Jumbo pack diapers, 36 ct., $8.99
-(4) $3 off Huggies Diapers coupons
Total Due: $23.96
16¢ per diaper

It gets even better if you follow the drugstore deals.  Buying the small packs of diapers when they are giving rewards would mean that you would pay $14 for all 4 packs or get them for 9¢ per diaper!  You just beat the price of the big massive box by 50%!!

Paper Towels, Bath Tissue, Laundry detergent and many other products all fit the same mold.  Buying the largest package rarely if ever makes for a deal.

In Summary:

To save the most money you need to go to a grocery store, and buy the smallest package of name brand products. 

Crazy I know, but it works!

    • pdnr

      I shop at Walmart for a few items that don’t normally go on sale and are lowest there such as bananas. I price match items from other stores when I only need an item or two from that store as it’s not worth the trip. Then I head to Publix for the sales and double coupons. My Walmart bill is usually higher than my Publix bill and I buy more at Publix.

    • pdnr

      I shop at Walmart for a few items that don’t normally go on sale and are lowest there such as bananas. I price match items from other stores when I only need an item or two from that store as it’s not worth the trip. Then I head to Publix for the sales and double coupons. My Walmart bill is usually higher than my Publix bill and I buy more at Publix.

    • Vi

      Amen Jenny, what you have said is Gospel! Go Harris Teeter and CVS!

    • Susan Mccaghren Lawrence

      Thank you-I shop the smaller stores as I do not like the Walmart imported foods- and we all have to search to eat clean! Bananas ? I would not go in a Walmart for bananas- let the small guy win! that way we do too! BTW- I say China on the house brand apple juice- nono~

    • crystalgoodwin3

      Thanks so much Jenny for all the hard work you do for all of us. I started couponing about 3 years ago. I took a couponing class about 3 or 4 months after I started couponing. I learned 2 things from that class for my $10. The first was I learned about your website and the other was that I didn’t need to cut all those coupons. If I hadn’t taken that class, I would have given up couponing a long time ago. I just couldn’t keep up with cutting all those coupons. Now, I only cut what I need or sometimes a few that I know I will use. You have helped me cut our grocery bill in half. Even though our income has increase in those 3 years, I still good about what I save. It is helping us to pay off our debit. We own 2 homes and rent out one. We will be able to pay that mortage off this year and hopefully the other one in just a few years. It will be a great feeling to be debt free in just a few years.

    • Jana

      It may not apply as well in FL. FL does not double coupons and Walmart does match the BOGOs now at the Walmart price and accepts manufacturer and competitor coupons. There are some things that I save a lot more on at Walmart. I do not like their meat and produce though so I typically get those at Publix, my Wal Mart Neighborhood market and Publix are 1 traffic light from each other.

      • Please correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe Walmart in Florida or anywhere takes competitor coupons. The only “competitor coupons” they take are coupons that include a specific price. The best example would be the coupons in the Walgreens ads like a “$2.99 for Planters Peanut Butter” coupon or something. They will NOT take a $1.00 off Lucky Charms Publix, Target, or Winn-Dixie coupon.

        • belaglik

          I think Jana is referring to Food Lion, but you’re right about Walmart. I think I read that they did somewhere on this site, but it’s not true. I tried to use a Bi-Lo coupon at a Walmart not too long ago and they wouldn’t take it. They pretty much laughed me out of the store.

    • Ckm

      Although I love HT’s super doubles and most grocery stores double up to .99, Harris Teeter is changing policy everyday. The B1G1’s used to ring up half price each item, so you could use two coupons to make a great deal (ie Lucky Charms). Not anymore. I did NOT get the great deal on B1G1 this time and probably will have a hard time in the future. But I love your site.

      • Kim

        I have not had that problem with BOGO in Chesapeake, VA.

      • debby

        That’s wild. Only when the ad states that you “must buy 2 (or 3 or whatever) to get the rest “free” does it ring up that way here…

      • Ms. M

        It depends on the day and the cashier. But there are still good deals to be had at the Teeter.

      • Kelly Secosky

        Last week at Harris Teeter there was a “stock up” sale so for some of those items (cheese its, fruit snacks, etc) you had to buy the 5 or 6 items in the ad to get the “stock up” price. That is different than a B1G1. Those still ring up at half price. I hope that helps!

    • Abby Schiera

      I actually boycotted Walmart about 2 years ago when I finally had it with them giving me so much crap! They refused to take my coupons every single time and they were ALWAYS rude (the employees and other patrons) and the stores were always dirty and gross. I have not set foot in a Walmart since that day that I decided I never would again. I primarily shop at Publix and Target and have had much better success. But the other lady is right that Florida does not double…that would be amazing if they did. :) Plus being strict vegetarian’s who try to eat all natural and organic makes it more difficult since we can sometimes only buy one or two things from the ad’s. Plus vegetarian specific food is always more expensive. For example a bag of vegan cheeze is like $6 where a normal bag is only $3 and it is almost impossible to find a coupon for the vegan item…so the fix is that we do not eat a lot of vegan cheeze. But we love that you do so much. It is because of your website that I was able to really figure the coupon thing out and learn to save.

      • susieutk4184

        I actually boycotted Walmart 2 years ago for pretty much the same exact reasons you stated. I’ve never been happier shopping since! Target, Kroger, and Publix are much more pleasant to shop.

        • Abby Schiera

          I agree. Love Publix and Target.

      • Ms. M

        More and more web sites have coupons for produce (ebfarm) and other vegetarian/vegan/organic products (mambo sprouts).
        I also shop for deals at Earth Fare and Whole Foods. Make sure you sign up for their emails and/or phone notifications for good coupons and discounts, and print the coupons on the Whole Foods website. I regularly stock up on protein bars for a great price using the Whole Foods coupons.
        Recyclebank has Harris Teeter coupons this month, and they regularly have Earth Fare coupons on the site for points as well.
        Also, can you say local farmer’s market or ethnic supermarket?
        Some or all of these options can be incorporated to bring down your grocery bill a lot AND live the lifestyle you want.

        • Abby Schiera

          Thank you for all the awesome ideas. I will be sure to look into some of them. :)

    • Daisy Breed

      We love our Walmart in Springville ,Alabama ! The Manager is good to his employees and it reflects in the store ! It is always clean ,well stocked and The Employees are always helpful ! One time the conveyer belt ate my coupon and the manager gave me credit without digging in the machine for it ! But I do admit I buy my meats elsewhere !

      • Jenna

        I use that exact Walmart myself (or the one in Trussville) when I need an item that the Trussville or (Pinson?) Publix doesn’t carry. You’re right that the Springville Walmart is MUCH nicer than the ones elsewhere– especially the one in Trussville. But when it comes to the overall experience as well as saving money, Publix still just comes out on top hands down.

    • Daisy Breed

      My favorite pancake mix is Great Value Fluffy Pancake Mix from Walmart ! $1.89 and it last me 2 or 3 months !

      • debby

        What size? I get Bisquick for $0.99 for 40 oz.

    • Shaina

      My Walmart does publix and winn Dixie bogo deals and takes coupons for each product.

    • Marrianne

      I tried the WalMart price match thing once and it wasn’t worth my time. Their cereal sizes were much larger than the sizes on which WD was doing a bogo deal so there went that. Give me Publix and CVS. Both places are clean, friendly, and act like they are glad I came. I have to drive twenty miles to my nearest Publix so I consider that my fun trip of the week. To justify the gas, I also visit Target, LIfeway Christian stores, Chic-Fil-A, and Home Depot.

    • Shannon

      Did someone say that Walmart matches bogo sales at there prices now? Is this just in a certain state? I live in Georgia and they won’t take my publix q’s here, but they will take most others!

    • Shannon

      Did someone say that Walmart matches bogo sales at there prices now? Is this just in a certain state? I live in Georgia and they won’t take my publix q’s here, but they will take most others!

    • MeMe`

      I had two granddaughters born within three months, of each other. I showed both my daughter-in-laws how to coupon at CVS; I stocked up on newborn and size 1 diapers for each baby. They were amazed how much more money I saved at CVS, rather than buying the huge box at any other store. They have wipes, lotion, oil and baby wash galore (when Kroger had the big sale). I refuse to shop in Walmart, unless hubby drags me there for something. Gave up couponing at their store, years ago. I’m a Publix girl; Kroger when they have a deal (which is not too often anymore).

      • Ms. M

        I shop at CVS every week for their freebies and nearly free items that I need. But frankly I shop at all stores that way – and with them all being within 2 blocks of each other or on my way home from work, I do not burn extra gas cherry picking the best deals out of the 3-4 stores I shop in every week.

    • Stefanina

      Double coupons? I haven’t seen that in decades here in FL. Walmart accepts all manufacturers coupons if not store coupons. (Publix is still my preferred grocery store, for many reasons) And while yes I will get a name brand item when coupons and sales line up to drop the price, since I only shop for the things I use, I do not buy something just because it’s on sale.
      What dropped my grocery bill? Buying less overall. If you buy too much you feel the need to eat it all before it spoils, which ends up with you eating to much, and teaching your kids to do the same.

      • NaturallyNiajaJ

        I am in Tampa and have yet to find one that will double…. I can only live vicariously through others…

    • Phoebe Donohue

      yeah unfortunately FL doesnt double but your coupons are usually higher $ value in some cases , i wonder why they dont double in fl?

      • Sandy Miller

        This is something I’ve never understood……..here in Fla we get maybe .50 or .75 coupons, and in the areas where they double them, they get $1.00 coupons???? Makes no sense! And it seems to me that the prices are even lower in general in other states so it leaves me confused.

    • Jessica

      ” In the south we have grocery stores that double coupons, have tons of store coupons and even take competitor coupons. Walmart does none of this.”

      What are you talking about? Wal-Mart does accept competitor coupons, and no “grocery” store in DFW, Texas accepts competitor or doubles coupons. Did you even bother to look at Wal-Mart’s coupon policy before writing this? They price-match ads, and they take Target, Albertson, Kroger, any coupon.

      Oh right you guys for some reason think Texas is not the South, but Virginia is.

      • Lana

        Wow! That was so unkind!

      • pdnr

        Let’s keep it friendly. We’re all here to help each other.

      • jenjav

        maybe your walmart in DFW is different than the ones in San Antonio, but the only competitor coupon ours take is one with a set price on it, say a walgreens Q from the ad that states hershery bar for 49c, which i really consider to be price matching instead. True HEB and Walmart don’t double, but with triple stacks at Target and double stacks at CVS, it averages out. I will say though, that aside from this weeks deal on toilet paper at target Costco still has best price per sq ft on the Kirkland brand, which i consider to be a notch below charmin but a big step above angel soft.

        • Jessica

          Several Wal-Marts here accept Competitor Coupons for dollar off specific items. I’ve done it at at least 3 different ones. I agree the other thing is price-matching, but either way, they’re accepting it.


          Target in DFW does not double or triple coupons, I don’t know what “stacks” means.

          • Varn9899

            stack means using cartwheel, store coupon and manufacturer’s coupon

      • Genny

        Wow Jessica that was really unkind! There is always a nicer way to say things!

        • Jessica

          Oh for crying out loud – unkind? What the last sentence? I think it’s really weird that people exclude TEXAS from the south. Excuse me if that offends you. We are about as far south as you could go, so I think it’s weird.

          And the question was a serious one. Did she even bother to look at Wal-Mart’s website? If not, that’s lazy. If so, she would have seen she is 100% wrong about their policies, so…

          • Coldmamajenn

            You are so lucky if they accept competitor coupons in your store. I asked if they would take a coupon I had from Rite Aid last year because the store was out of the product and the Q was close to expiring. They told me they could price adjust to the amount on the coupon which was $3. They sell the product for $3.50. It confused me, how is this accepting coupons? jenjav is correct and it really is price matching. Plus not all stores follow the policy on the website and some don’t understand the language. Like free coupons. They won’t take internet free coupons but will take the kind you get in the mail from the manufacturer. But there are at least 3 people at my local store who won’t take them and say it is in the policy and if you try to explain they tell you to take it to customer service, who in turn roll their eyes because the cashier didn’t scan it to make sure it wouldn’t scan before turning away the coupon. I think Jenny is erring on the side of caution when she says they don’t take competitors coupons because not all stores ACTUALLY take them as a coupon. And I live in North Carolina and have always been confused about Virginia being part of the south. Please don’t comment on that if you are from Virginia, it is not a judgement that they shouldn’t be, just a confusion on my part about regional borders.

          • rebelmom

            This is exactly what gives up couponer moms a bad name is your types of behavior over nothing. Stick to trying to save money to provide for your family and stop bickering among yourselves about which states are in the south. Does it matter?

          • The Walmart coupon policy on competitor coupons is that a final price must be listed. For 99% of competitor coupons this isn’t the case. In my area this would only allow Walgreens in-ad coupons as most them are really sales and not $ off coupons. Sadly though for these to be accepted Walmart still has to have the exact same product and size available which pretty much never happens.

            I do apologize for making you feel like Texas is excluded, the south was a generalization meaning that very few other places in the country have these grocery perks. Texas isn’t alone in the south on not having doubles etc. but in writing a post I can’t go through every exception. Florida also has no doubles.

      • liz

        Jessica, as a teacher of geography, you would need to understand that “the south”
        Is a vernacular region. This means that there are different definitions and is not a formal region with distinct boundaries. Some define the south as the Bible Belt whereas others consider the south the states that were in the Confederacy. These are just two different definitions of the South. I am sorry your definition does not match the one in this site, but please do not assume everyone believes your definition. Also, Jenny always says there are regional differences so check your local stores. Happy holidays!

      • katt_gyrl

        Virginia held the capital for the Confederacy, but it shouldn’t be considered part of the south? lol Texas sided with the south, but didn’t fight. I think that’s why it’s not considered part of the south in the traditional since. That, and culturally Texas has more in common with the southwest than the southeast. I use to always say “If your hometown doesn’t have a civil war reenactment every 3rd Sunday, you are not from the south.” Again, just a difference in cultures.

      • Elizabeth

        Virginia IS in the south. And no..my Walmart doesn’t take competitor coupons. Last time I used 3 internet coupons at walmart (from coupons.com) the cashier treated me like garbage saying over and over “we only take 6 internet coupons”. I kept saying ok…I only have three. Then she called a manager who , after looking at my 3 coupons, questioned why she’d been called over but never appologized for the cashier’s crappy attitude. I just left my groceries there and went to kroger.

        I no longer shop Walmart. ..between that and their poor business practices I have just decided to no longer support them.


      In Knoxville, TN, I still find Aldi’s to be a great place to save: cheaper on eggs, milk, butter, produce, canned goods. etc, even w/o coupons, but I average using about $15-worth of coupons a wk at
      Walmart and $30-$50-worth at Kroger. We eat out often, but never without a half-off deal, get free movie passes for advanced movie showing in our area or tickets at a second-run movie house for $2.50 each. We are 2 seniors who are really living well on a fixed income!

    • jilibird

      I shop at Kroger a lot because my son works there.. I buy almost all Kroger brand stuff and I also get Digital coupons for their brand and in the mail.. I do save compared to other brands.. I don’t have time to run to Target to get a box of cereal.. It would cost me more in gas and I get 10% off on all Kroger brand and like today it was 20%.. So today with my Kroger coupons and my 20% my total was $250 and after all my discounts paid $140.. I think that is a savings..

    • hajat

      I despise Walmart, but it’s hard to beat their store-brand meds – 0.88 for a 40ct bottle of ibuprofen is fantastic, and that’s an everyday price. Similar deals for most over-the-counter meds, you have to stare at the shelves for a couple minutes to find them but they’re there. Definitely worth the extra time for me to go there and stock up.

    • NaturallyNiajaJ

      I am in Tampa, FL and our Wal-Mart DOES NOT accept competitor coupons only ad match. I was just there on Saturday and asked to speak with a manager so I could understand their policy better. I told her that I prefer to shop at Target and Publix because I can stack my coupons and savings. I am appreciative of their new policy on ad matching for BOGOs however my local Wal-Mart will not accept a Winn-Dixie, Publix, Target, etc. Thank you Jenny for all of your hard work and this site, it is truly a blessing!

    • Amanda

      What about the new Savings Catcher at Wal-Mart? I have gotten out of the habit of couponing simply from lack of motivation and planning. I feel like I am doing pretty good shopping there because the savings catcher has already given me $20 back from better prices in our area. I may just be fooling myself though!

      • Tammy

        I save way more than $20 at Publix. This week I get several scrubbing bubbles product for free using both MQ and Publix Q’s. Saving Catcher doesn’t figure in store or competitor q’s, only sales prices. PLUS I scored on gas cards. I got a total of 5 gas cards which was equivalent to getting $50 in free gas. Walmart can’t touch that!

    • gi

      appreciate all you do to help me and others to save money. there are naysayers everywhere. I support all you do. even chain stores are regional and district and may do different. I just do not shop WALMART as I get better deals somewhere else. There is some good but too much negative with BIG stores for me..

    • Aniris Belmonte

      I’m from up north so i shop at giant/martins and not only do they have good deals and dbl my coupons but the gas points are a plus this past week if i spent 50.00 they had a coupon that gave us 300 gas points and it’s 10cents off a gallon every 100 points I’m at 470 and i have till the end of march to use it up which means i can still add gas points to my card, Thank you jenny I’ve learned a lot from you!!!