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A Visit to CVS Headquarters

on 6.17.2011 at 12:52pm

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I just got home late last night from a quick trip up to Woonsocket Rhode Island, home of CVS corporate.  I shared with many of you on the Southern Savers facebook page and on twitter a few snippets of what we were discussing and doing, but thought I would take a minute to summarize everything.

I was with a group of other bloggers invited up to meet the head folks behind the Extra Care, Beauty, Housebrands, and Store Design teams.  We talked about things they could do better, things they have planned for the future and lots about what is going on in our local stores right now.

Heading up Wednesday, it couldn’t have been a better day to visit CVS.  This was the day of the major Pepsi fail, and they started our time off with a general “we screwed up” apology.  It was awesome to see that they were openly saying they learned a lot from it and were going to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to do similar offers better.

The big things you wanted answered:

Can we get a corporate coupon policy?
Yes.  Will be posted on CVS.com?  I don’t think so right now.  We tried very hard to impress upon them that this was needed, they were willing to give a little and will be sending an official policy that we can post for you.  They want to still have room for individual stores do make decisions based on their area.  Logically this doesn’t make sense, something is either acceptable in coupon land or unacceptable – there are no gray areas – but we’ll keep working them.

Store Supply Issues:
We learned that they are implementing a new way to track each stores past sales and use that to reorder.  It is not their intention to not have enough promotional items, they actually create a number weekly called “lost sales” calculating just want they could have sold had there been enough for the demand.  They did say that it will take a bit for the new calculations to help in store ordering, but still awesome to hear that they are working on it.

We mentioned that they also needed to start factoring in coupons available into their quantities ordered.  They said that right now they only factor in that Sunday’s coupons, the general consensus was that they needed to start considering the last 4 weeks at least.

Folks with multiple cards:
We discussed ways to help them link cards together for the same address, etc. to cut down on one person having 6 cards and buying out the entire store.  They sounded as if they never realized people did this, so hopefully that was an eye opener for them!

My big takeaway was their focus on getting people to stop throwing away their extrabucks.  They are redesigning the way that they look so that folks will feel like it is money, and a few others things to help motivate people to redeem them.  One big thing to help with redemption, you now have the ability on CVS.com to reprint any ECB that you haven’t used and have lost the paper version of!!  They are still good for the original length, but it’s awesome to get it back if you lost it.

One fun thing they did… they handed me the next three week of CVS ad’s!  So for a future deal print this coupon for a money maker starting 6/26:

-$1 off RepHresh Brilliant Tampons Super or Reg printable

Here’s hoping more stores get this open and cool!

    • GaMomof3

      this is awesome insight and information.  glad to know at least they are TRYING to deal with the issues.  i gave up on CVS about a month ago because there were NEVER any sales items on the shelf.  maybe i will have to give it one more try.  thanks  so much for all you do and for keeping everything so current.  LOVEEEE LOVEEEE LOVEEEE southernsavers.com.  

    • Nap1

      I love CVS!

      • Jess

        Can we print the tampons coupon more than once in this format? I just ran out so this is great timing and would love to stock up on a few.

    • Cynhill18

      Wow, sounds like much was learned. Thank you for taking the time  to go and speak for us. Can't wait to see the ads.

    • Thank you!  This is helpful!

    • Neet

      Being nosy…why was the Pepsi promo a fail?

      • lalalandadventures

        Because apparently you had to have your card linked to an email account PLUS you had to have received an email about the Pepsi promotion in order to get the deal when you went in store. Which meant alot of people when to the store to get the coupon from the kiosk and didn't get it which resulted in a lot of frustration and irritation for alot of people. At least that was my understanding of it. :)

        • Ashleyw81

          True, and the most epic fail part was that many people like myself DID receive the e-mail about the Pepsi promotion but still didn’t get the coupon at the red machine.  Not a huge deal in the whole scheme of things, but it was kinda misleading.  I still love CVS.

        • Neet

          I see…BIG fail. Thanks ladies!

      • Mindy

        They advertised getting a coupon when you walked in the door at the scanner for a 12pack of pepsi for only 99 cent, but it was only for “select” customers and not everyone.

      • Tonyadubose4268

        because they sent a email to customers and the coupon didnt print for them and alot of people was upset bc they didnt get a coupon and thought it wasnt fair that only email customers got them

        • Michelle

          I don't think it has anything to do with an email being sent or not…I never received an email and the coupon printed for me.

    • Qtr0se

      awesome!  I love CVS.  They are friendly and patient when it comes to coupon users.  Thank you.

    • $avin'some$

      that is so interesting!

    • Shenna

      Awesome Jenny! It is very cool to know that they respect you and other bloggers enough to take time to talk to you. CVS is really awesome for that. Thanks to you for taking to time to share with us!

    • Nancychef1

      Jenny, I am wondering, are you in favor of individuals “buying out the store” with multiple coupons for one item?   What about the other bloggers?    

      Nothing personal, but I was on another coupon site where this kind of thing was encouraged.   It makes me sad, because those of us who work and don't have time to shop in the morning come to stores like Harris Teeter, and everything is GONE.    I'm a single mom and I don't have time to keep coming back hoping the items will be restocked.   

      Couponers, be considerate of others – you don't need 50 bottles of Windex!

      • Elwynceltic

        I think that she was saying they need to figure out which cardholders are doing that to make them stop, not to condone buying out the store.

      • Jenny has never advocated being a “shelf clearer”.

      • Daisy

        Amen… I'm right there with ya… working …family… I can't plan my day AROUND my shopping…

        • Kristy

          I agree with people clearing the shelfs .. WRONG. Now I am the first person to admit that I have 2 cards. I have one for me and one for my husband but his is rarely used. If I get a quaterly ecbs Im surpised.  The only time I use it is if it is a good deal aka huggies ( 2 kids in diapers) but I cant tell you the last time I actually used his card.

          • guest

            We are the same way. I have a card (used 99% of the time) and my hubby has one also. He will check out after me with whatever deal it is (i have to help him guide the coupon madness! lol).. While I use mine every Sunday, Hubby has only used his card maybe 5x in 6 months, if that. I think it's fine for you to have one and your spouse/partner to have one also.. its when 1 person has more than 1 that is the problem =)

      • Chubbieowl

        YES, YES, YES!
        I too am a working mother and many times I have to use my lunch break to run to CVS or where ever to pick up a couple of deals, but they are all gone the FIRST day of the sale!

        • Andrea B

          Most of the time restocking day is Monday or Tuesday – it's best to find out the restock day from your local store rather than go on Sundays! (Most managers order 1 weeks of ads at at time, so what goes on sale Sunday may come in on Monday.)

        • Pladimir

          I have the same problem you have with CVS, only mine is at Walgreens. Their sale items are never on the shelves. I used to keep running in with my baby, but now I am canning Walgreens altogether and going to give CVS a shot. Also with Walgreens, we have several around us, but each manager has a different set of rules. Everything was different for each one we went to, it was so stressful. I hope CVS works for us:(

      • Bamagrits84

        I'm so with you on this!  I need a good deal on groceries just like the women who get to Publix at 7am on Wednesday, only at that time I'm heading out to work.  I have a ton of rainchecks because I often pass up Wednesday gorcery runs after church for time to watch a movie at home with my kids.  Yay for rainchecks!

      • Amy

        I'm not a “shelf clearer” by any means. But I do shop for my grand mother. She has her own card and uses her own email and mailing address, but being 76, she doesn't get around easily. If am going to CVS I check to see if she needs anything and I take her card. Just makes me wonder if i'll get flack for this in the future.

        • elizabeth

          My impression of Jenny's conversation was that there are people who have multiple cards for themselves, all tied to the same address, and CVS has no way of catching that.  I think that if you are shopping for an elderly person and they have their own card (linked to their own mailing address) then it should be completely legit!  I too love that CVS limits most deals to “1”, I usually still have plenty of freebies in my stockpile and love that there's a chance to get some deals due to the limits.

        • Peggy

          I shop for my 86 year old mom, too.  I sometimes get funny looks when I buy something on my card and then buy the same item on her card.  I explain that one card is mine and one is hers and no one has ever given me any grief about it.  If I ever do, I think the pharmacist would vouch for me since she knows I sometimes pick up my mom's prescriptions.

      • FreedomSpradley1

        If you've ever been to one of Jenny's classes or watched her “how to” video's you would know that Jenny is NOT in favor of shelf clearing.  Her whole concept centers on the fact that most sales run on a 6 week cycle so you should only buy 6 weeks worth of each item when it's on sale.  Of course, 6 weeks worth for a family of 3 is very different than what a family of 5 would need.  I know “shelf clearers” exist but I think the main reason we are seeing more clean shelves is because twice as many people are couponing now than one year ago.  The store managers have no idea what is going to be a good coupon deal in their coming weeks sales so sometimes they just don't order enough.  It's life and life isn't always fair! 

        FYI: I'm a working mom who only gets to shop once a week.  I just make the best of the deals available and don't sweat the small stuff.

      • Almsw119

        ALthough I am not a single mom, I work long hours, and only have about one time to go to the store.  I have asked the manager when the shipments come in, with great results.  I have even called on Sunday to ask that they order for a really special deal (usually related to dialpers) and they are very nice about it.  Their shipment comes in on Thursday around lunch time which is perfect for me to go after work.  Hope this helps!

    • Rhonda

      Thank you Jenny for representing us :)

    • Samantha

      So printed the coupon but there was no numbers will it still work?

      • Shannon

        The numbers are above the bar code on mine.

        • Samantha

          lol and this is why I shouldnt be tryin to cook, coupon, and playing with my 2 year old all at the same time. Duh… you are right!!! Thanks!

    • Mindy

      Thanks for spending your time to talk to them.  You are great and so is CVS!

    • Smamf1922

      Excellent effort on your part, Jenny, thank you!!!  Companies sometimes need to understand things from a user's viewpoint!!!  Nothing can be more meaningful than that true understanding!  As for the Pepsi fail – it worked exactly as I presumed it was formatted:  If your CVS card number was linked to your email, then that was how you got the promo.  I think others heard of it or got a forward of the email.  I know when I shared it w/ others I said to them they would have to look forward getting things like this.  Again, thanks for speaking so well!

      • Joan 56

        i got the promo email, which is linked to my card, but did not get the Pepsi.  :(

      • jenny

        I got the email, and I am linked to my email via card.  I didn't get it either..  :(

    • Brienorris

      Very cool! I heart CVS.

    • Shannon

      I LOVE CVS!!!  The staff is great, shelves are always stocked, and the fact that they met with bloggers to find ways to improve makes me love them even more!

      • AJ

        Shelves aren't always stocked, but my cvs is great about rainchecks. This morning, the manager checked me out and just handed me a pre-made raincheck for the zyrtec. lol

    • Beth Barnhill

      Thanks so much for all your hard work, Jenny! And yay for being able to print lost ECBs!

    • Peggy

      Nothing at my CVS is ever signed properly making it too difficult to navigate the weekly ad, so I shop elsewhere. Today, I gave them another shot, but was surprised to see that on the sixth day of the weekly ad, nothing on sale was marked. Rather than risk a problem at the register, I went to Walgreens.

      • Andrea B

        I worked at Eckerds for 8 years – we usually took down the sale signs on Sat mornings when we were least busy so we could put the new ones up that night. There's not usually enough staff to do it any other time.

      • Blankwoman

        Mine isn't often signed correctly either, but just grab the sales ad on the way in to the store to make sure you're getting what you intended and then show it to the cashier if there is any problem! Easy enough, and they have to honor their sales ad.

      • Luci

        I never go by the signage because of what Andrea B says and they may not post the tag on all of the eligible merchandise. The later is helpful to me when others clear the shelves before I get to shop. You can scan the merchandise in question at the red kiosk to determine the price and whether there are ECBs.

    • Jen

      It is awesome they did this with you.  I wish more stores would meet with you…ahemm Harris Teeter….They could all learn a lot.  Especially with having enough in stock on the freebies and good deals.  Maybe they should all hire a coupon consultant!  LOL

    • AJ

      Awesome!!! Love all the changes. I found that I could print my ECB when I was checking my spending summary online. Very cool. Also like the idea of putting the stop to the multiple cards! Save some for the rest of us!

    • Crazy Coupon Lorie

      I am so glad to hear that i can go and redeem bucks i havent used bc my hubby threw away $30 worth, i could have beat him, lol,…can u tell me where to go to reprint them please?

      • AJ

        Go to CVS.com and click the ExtraCare logo at the top. You’ll have to sign up/log in.

      • Ddslowe

        she did. CVS.com

      • AJ

        Just go to cvs dot com. Look for the ExtraCare logo at the top. Make
        sure you have an account with your CVS card attached.

        • Mel

          This is purely a curiosity question.  Why do people always write “dot com” rather than writing it out the way you'd type it?  I've wondered this for months now.

          • spelling out dot com rather than .com is so that spammers can't use their spam bots to automatically pick up the links and send tons of spam – usually it's just email addresses – I don't normally see regular hyperlinks to websites spelled out.  Phone numbers are another thing that people should spell out so that bots can't pick up your phone numbers…if you post them online in public forums/chat threads that is (I don't….lol)

            Hope that helps

          • Renee

            because this blog often blocks web addresses and sometimes email addresses

          • Danyeln

            I don't think the problem exists here but usually it is so that it does not become a clickable link.  Clickable links are very frowned upon on many many boards so to avoid any drama they type out the DOT.  HTH

    • This is great! Another reason why CVS is my favorite drugstore!

    • Bamagrits84

      I am very glad to hear that the multiple cards thing was brought up!  I have seen people use 3 and 4 and I just think it is so selfish!

      • Mel

        I can't believe they never thought about people doing that.  I've often thought that large corporations like this should hire a big-time couponer to help them figure out how people are abusing the system and how to make things better for everyone (including their own bottom line).

      • Ellie

        I agree – Personally It's free game @ walgreens since there are no limits with cards but with CVS you should play by the rules.. I have 1 card and enjoy the simplicity of it!

    • WOW! Glad they listened to you and I hope they gained some valuable insight about their customers.

      Very excited to hear about being able to reprint ECBs in the future – way cool!

      • AJ

        You can reprint NOW! Just go to cvs dot com. Look for the ExtraCare logo at the top. Make sure you have an account with your CVS card attached. Yay. :)

    • The Pepsi thing was a fail? I went to the SODO/Orlando CVS at about 2pm-3pm and there was plenty of Pepsi left. They were out of the Diet, but regular and Max were available. I usually miss out on the big deals.

      • I see now. Many people didn't get the coupon itself.

      • I went that night as well and had no problem.  The Pepsi was piled high.

    • annette

      Thank you for advocating for us! Now, if only other stores would follow CVS' lead, especially in tracking merchandise amounts needed….

    • Raynesmw

      The fact that CVS met w/ all ya'll speaks volumes! They do care about customers and it shows!

    • Laura_urestischmit

      Our CVS ads run through Friday and not Saturday… figured that out when I ran out for diapers last week.. not a happy camper since it is a nice drive to the store.

    • I can't tell you how thankful I am that you just wrote about reprinting lost ECB's  I just lost a receipt with $15 worth of ECB's on it and just thought they were gone.  But thanks to this post I went and printed them out….  Thank you sooo much.  Words can not do justice for how thankful I am to you.

    • Laura_urestischmit

      Another post mentioned that the rainchecks will honor the price but not EBS with it; it depends on the store. Once store in my area has a generic raincheck pad while the other one (and much nicer clerks) has one that will also honor the EBS:)

      • That's not true. When the person writing the ECB writes it, there's a code taken from the sale paper to be written on the bottom. This is so if you take it to any store, they'll put in the code and the ECB will print. Even if it doesn't, they are able to force an ECB print pretty easily. The manager at my has done it for me.

        • guest

          Yes, youre right. they can force the ecb to print.=)  2 weeks ago something didnt print for me.. i have the same cashier most of the time and she believed me about what i saw in the ad and printed out my $5 ecb with no problem. It just has your name on it (if you have that info on your account) but not the name of the “deal” in which the ecb came from.. at least thats how it looked for me.

          • AJ

            I tend to take my ad paper and cut out the ad and staple just that part of the ad to my raincheck. Takes a lot of guess work and possible hand-writing issues out of the equation.

            • Excellent idea! I remember going to iheartcvs and printing out a scan in black and white copy because I threw the ad out. (ECB code couldn't be located at the time of writing the rain check.)

      • cahugh4

        My store has these also, what the cashier did was cut the ad with the deal out and stapled it to the raincheck so that I would still get my ECB. They will also do these for deals that applied to multiple items such as a $5/5 deal on Colgate Products (Floss, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, etc) so that you can use the raincheck on multiple products instead of just one.

    • Was anyone there able to ask why in Ohio we're going without advertised deals once a month for the next six months?  It's been SO frustrating.  We were told we're a pilot research program to see if people actually use the ad to buy items.  It's crazy to see online what people are able to buy and then know that you'd have to drive out of state to find the deals.

    • Nellie

      I have a question, so like when should you call your store if you want to buy more than just one deal? Like Publix, how many do you have to want to have to call the store so you don't clear the shelves? Because we all know that there are people that clear the shelves? I mean you don't want a pallette but maybe you want 6 or so of an item?

      • Danyeln

        The thing is usually people only want 1 or 2 because the ECB limit is 1 or 2.  The problem is people who have 6 cards coming and in buying up all 12 items on the shelf because they can get the ECBs for each card.

    • Mel

      Thanks Jenny!  Can you meet with Rite Aid next?  : )

      • jessc5

        Or Walgreens???

    • Dianna

      Cool!   Can someone tell me what the major Pepsi fail was?

      • They sent out emails to many many EC subscribers saying scan your card and get a coupon for .99 12pk of Pepsi.  It was posted everywhere and many peoples did not scan.  THEN CVS said it was only intended for certain people who got the email.  I got the email, mine didn't print :(

        • Dianna

          Ah, thanks!  I got the email & my coupon printed, i didn't realize that other people had an issue.  That would be frustrating if you made the trip for nothing!

    • Josh

      The printable rephresh coupon is not printable?

    • Amy

      I'm guessing the ads are top secret?? Or can you share?

    • Mary

      Jenny when I printed the coupon out , it come out really small. I do not think it will scan properly.

    • Josh

      Oh I see now.  It's a .pdf file.  Sweet.

    • Nicole

      Awesome.  I'm especially happy that you addressed the issue concerning people with multiple cards who clear out the sale merchandise.  One (or even two) cards per household is plenty!  Thanks so much for your diligence!  I really enjoy the CVS deals!

    • ym

      Thanks Jenny for making the trip to CVS! Any chance they clarified how to use (for example) a $1 off coupon on .97 gain dish soap? My CVS's all refuse to accept or adjust these coupons.

      • AJ

        too bad. my cvs just adjusts to 97 cents. while that bothers me (cvs will get paid the full $1!!!!), at least I can run the deal.

        • They should take it. I'd ask to talk to the manager. The coupon can be adjusted down or overage given.  CVS get's all the money.

        • Sheila0304

          i thought stores couldn't do that.  Isn't that what target got in trouble for. The store getsthe full value of the coupon. They cannot give the customers less than face value for the coupon.

    • Angie

      I wish all stores would deal with the shelf cleaners.  There are several people in my area who buy up lots of the deals and take them to the local flea markets to resell.

      • Bluangel29

        To sell??? That is just WRONG!

        • Amy

          Once the product is bought, it is legal to resell/donate/destroy/use. I have resold stockpile items but in my case I wasn’t buying to resell. While you may not like that some people resell at flea markets and on craigslist, I like to think of it as passing savings along to others who don’t have the time/ability/know-how to coupon themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I dislike the methods some use (shelf clearing/multiple cards/coupon fraud) to fill up their stall but I have also seen a stall (locally) that just sells a couple of each sale item each week and have no qualms with that.

    • Luci

      This Pepsi CVS coupon fail is sounding a bit like the online notice of a instore discount around last Christmas that some people got but many didn't. My local CVS saved these for the families of CVS employees, not for the general public. As nice as the employees were there, I didn't mind the distribution.

      • guest

        well unless you are one of the stores top buyers most likely you don't get the email or the coupon in the mail or if you didnt check that lil box at the bottom where it says do you want us to send you info. coupons etc. so its not always the families of the employees that get it thank you very much

    • Michelle

      I hope this really helps with in-store quantities. I've only been couponing 6 months, and for a while I would try to shop at CVS.  Every Sunday morning I went before church (not a 24 hour store), and either they didn't even carry the sale item or it was already sold out.  I have also had problems with the ECB. I bought some Nexxus products in April that came with ECBs which expired 2 DAYS later. That was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I have completely quit shopping there. I moved my business to Walgreen's, even though its 20 miles away.

      • Brandi

        You should check to see if your store starts their sales on Saturday night. Some of the non-24 hour stores do. Also ask the cashiers or manager if they will honor an expired CRT coupon and ECBs after the expiration date. They may have a time period, like a week for example, where they will take your expired CVS coupons. Also remember that rainchecks at CVS never expire AND they are supposed to come with the ECBs written on them so you can get that ECB whenever you are able to redeem your raincheck.

    • elizabeth

      Perhaps, instead of looking at the coupons for ordering stock, they should just check the southern savers website and anything with a little acorn next to it–order TONS!!!  :-)

      • Erkelly

        lol SO TRUE! I live way out in the sticks and when I go to town (1 1/2 hours away) and see ladies shopping with their binders and southernsavers printable list, I feel a sort of connection. I can't believe the Today show said there are over 1.5 million readers of this site! Although we can all see why, Jenny is awesome!

    • Bee

      I just stopped in at CVS today to get the Zyrtec and of course no Zyrtec and 5 lanes of shelving where it should have been. All I got was the free Hershey candy bar and yet another rain check. I am tired of my pile of rain checks. I was checked out by a manager and told him as much. He swore to me that they can order as many as they want but that they don't get what they order. Is this the truth or not? It seems like if CVS knows a supplier will not give them what they want, they can refuse to run a deal. It's only hurting the CVS corporation because I told the guy I just don't really come over to CVS because I have a ton of rain checks that never get fulfilled. He did not seem to care.

      I do however, get what I want at the local Wag's and don't have people feeding me lines about stock not being on the shelf.

      • Honestly, I would NOT expect a freebie that was already free before the moneymaker coupon was out (also marked clear as day on the front of the ad) to be available on Friday. At that point and time, I know I'm going in there for a rain check. It sucks, but for those deals, I know if I really needed it now, I'd better be there Sunday morning.

        • Bee

          There was always the chance I wouldn't get it but the explanation I was given indicated that CVS has no power over the amount of product they receive. I am simply trying to ferret out whether this statement has any truth. As I was talking to a manager, I assume he is in the position to best be able to answer this question. In no way did he attribute the shortage to people overbuying or the actual popularity of the deal.

          Incidentally, I did used to go in when the sales started (Sat night or Sun morning) and there would be 1-2 items on the shelf. I have also been in again on truck day and the same scenario. If this is a consistent situation (CVS orders and the manufacturers don't deliver) then CVS should have a talk with their vendors-a very serious one. It will eventually cost the chain significant dollars.

          If what the manager told me is NOT the case, then it would be advisable for them to stop making up excuses, LOL.

          • Meg

            I went last Saturday night, and my CVS had a TON of Zyrtec stocked. They even had it in one of their “bins” in the front, filling it up! I think it sounds fishy that they said they can't order for a sale? Mine obviously did. They usually only have one little spot in the shelf for them.

            • Gina

              The ordering system is computer-automated, and in an attempt to keep store budgets low for the week it will cap ordered quantities of certain items at a very low number. I work in photo and we will often run out of a certain type of paper on busy weeks because the system will limit us to 2 rolls a week, even if we only try to order 3. Often when a store receives a large quantity of a promo item like Zyrtec it comes in a special seasonal package delivered to certain stores regardless of whether or not it was ordered

        • Bridget

          Surprisingly, I was able to get the Zyrtec just today,and I found it at the second store that I went to. Admittedly it was the last one,and the cashier scrutinized my coupon. I guess I just go lucky.

      • Supermom997

        Thats funny…I have the opposite problem.  My Walgreens suck and I can always find what I need at CVS.

        • Same here!  I hate our Walgreens, so RUDE!  CVS and Rite Aid are much better in New Orleans.

      • Honeysmith

        I've actually heard that same story from CVS and Wags managers. Mumbling about how they order things, but don't get them…it's very frustrating to people when the store advertises things they don't have in the store. Thanks, Jenny for talking with them and relaying info from and to us!

      • Erkelly

        I don't think it's so much the stores problem as it is the manufacturer when it comes to items being ordered and not coming in. Lately even my Publix has told me that they've been ordering tons of items that are currently on sale, and they haven't received any of it in their trucks in weeks. Sounds to me like the manufacturers need to fix their problems so stores like CVS, Walgreens and Publix don't have to hear all the complaining from their customers!

    • Wells_jenniferw

      Next on the list, can you work on WalGreens…they need some major coupon lessions

    • Bluangel29

      NICE!!! I Highly recommend the RepHresh Brilliant Tampons. They are the only ones I use. Thank you so much for all you do!!!

      • Bluangel29

        The coupon does not expire til 2012…. WINNING!!!

    • Casey

      Hey Jenny!
      When I you told us you were going to CVS corporate, I asked the manager of my local CVS how he felt about couponers like me.  He said that he thinks we are great with a few exceptions.  He stated that there should be an option to apply extra bucks to the transaction that you are getting them from.  Like if something is $2.99 and you will get back 2.99 in ECBs.  He said that this would help with the amount of transactions and the line lengths.  He asked me to suggest this to you.

    • ireneY

      The fact that CVS even set up the meeting means they recognize the power of coupon shoppers and are bending over backwards to keep our business. We feel the difference in the stores and that explains why there's lots of loyal, happy CVS shoppers! Rite Aid and Wags seem to be poor imitations of the real deal!! =]

    • ChrissyPunkin

      Jenny, was there any talk about expired CVS coupons?  I was surprised today that my CVS in Montgomery, AL refused to take an ECB that had expired only three days ago and said that the regional manager has told them not to take any more expired CVS coupons of any kind.  This is a bummer for me, because I just recently figured out that some stores DO take expired coupons.  Easy come, easy go, I guess.

    • Laura

      I for one hope they tread lightly on people with multiple cards per household. My husband and I have one card, but I have two 20 year old girls who are full time college students and also have part time jobs. They each have their own card because they purchase their own tolietries,make up, candy, etc. They have a right to their own card even though they live with us and use the same address. Hope CVS understands that.

    • Laura

      I for one hope they tread lightly on people with multiple cards per household. My husband and I have one card, but I have two 20 year old girls who are full time college students and also have part time jobs. They each have their own card because they purchase their own tolietries,make up, candy, etc. They have a right to their own card even though they live with us and use the same address. Hope CVS understands that.

    • Kristie G.

      Thank you for bringing up the multiple card issue.  I have been couponing for almost 3 years now and I am amazed at how many couponers there are out there now.  When I first began, I was always able to get what I needed at CVS. Now, even with 4 CVS stores in our county and shopping the Sunday ad on Saturday, I still have to get rain checks.  The cashiers always tell me how a few ladies came in and wiped them out.  I don't think that is right at all.  The coupon world has gotten ridiculous in my opinion.  There are those of us who are really out there couponing to save money for our families and buying what we need.  We are a family of 6 and still only stock the small pantry in our kitchen, and that is it!  There is no grocery store in my garage.  I think there should be some way to identify the hoarders.  It just isn't right for the rest of us.  Now I will get off my soapbox!  Thanks so much for what you do, Jenny!  For those of you with way too much stuff, please consider donating.  There are so many people who could benefit from your extreme couponing.  Trust me, you will be able to get the freebies again and you will be blessed at the same time!!

      • anitzy

        I’m going to try to be sensitive about this; I have no children, and made that choice a long time ago, so what’s wrong with me using mine and my boyfriend’s card (who lives in a different apartment) to get the same deal? I never decided to have 4 kids and struggle, not even one, accidentally. I’ve been very careful to never have to feed another mouth besides mine (and my boyfriend’s). With that being said, things aren’t always rosy for me either, I still struggle sometimes and see nothing wrong with me building a small stock pile for the unexpected future. My comment isn’t so much about the hoarders you mention, but the fact that you mentioned your family of six. I’m not a shelf-sweeper, nor do I have a garage that looks like a grocery, but it insults me to think you or someone else (who made a choice to have a family) might be looking at me with no ring on my hand, no stroller at my feet, while thinking I don’t deserve the safety net which I’ve so carefully planned. 

        Please don’t take me as being rude, but people are in all types of situations out there, and I’m trying to represent one that is often shrugged off or overlooked. 

        • Kristie G.

          I really don’t understand your point.  I never said I am struggling.  We chose to have four children and are very thankful for our blessings!!!!  I am a stay-at-home mom and we are completely debt free (thanks to the Dave Ramsey plan) except for our house payment.  We will have our house paid off in less than 3 years with God’s help.  I never meant to judge anyone by my comment.  I am merely talking about the few ladies who walk in our CVS store and clear the shelves in a matter of minutes.  I don’t even know if they are married, divorced, single mothers or who they are.  That doesn’t matter!!!  I am a Christian and I look on the inside of people, not the outside.  My point is there are people out there like a friend of mine in my neighborhood. She is married and has one child and they do fine.  Her garage is stocked from floor to ceiling with food, supplies and personal items.  This makes me so sad when we live in a time where people are struggling and need our help.  I LOVE to donate items I can get for free.  There is a point when a stockpile becomes out of control.  You shouldn’t have to have a store in your garage.  Yes, stock up for a few months on soaps, food, etc. The deals ALWAYS come back around so there is no need to have a years worth of anything.   I was making the point that we are a family of 6 and still are able to donate with the small amount I buy.  Trust me, I know people are struggling and in different situations than I am in.  I had to struggle to get to where I am and I still live like I used to.  That is why I want to help others! Hope you have a blessed week!

    • Michelle

      One thing with the same address thing that is terrible for me, is my Mom actually lives in my in-law apartment. It's the same address so we wouldn't both be able to do our own shopping. It's a completely different space that she lives in and we both love couponing and shop for our own seprate things. I do not agree to people making tons of cards just for cleaning shelves but in my situation and I am sure others like me that stinks!! :(

      • Learnintosave

        Call your county tax assesors office they can asign the apartment it's own address .  Even if for ex your address is 304 Green st her's may be 304 1/2 Green st.  Happy Shopping!!!

        • Mcdon212

          This does not solve the problem of roommates. We haver three people renting a house together. We all want to save . It is not fair for us to be cheated out because of the same address. There are people everywhere living together because of the economy and other long term reasons.

          • Ucmba97

            I think it should be based on phone number.  If you each have your own phone (ie cell phone) then no problem.  At that rate, if you each put an apartment number (#A, #B, #C) in your regular mailing address, then your mail would still arrive with no issues, and you'd each have a unique mailing address, while sharing a house.  Those trying to have extra cards to stock pile for their annual garage sale would be out of luck without the help of non-couponing friends.

          • You can always do Room A, B, and C.  This is how my roommates have gotten around “one item per household” things.  It's just like how all apartments have the same street address, but are Unit #1, etc.

      • Kpkayle

        Perhaps it should be based on immediate family. But really I see someone being unhappy with any change. One card per house means none for the kids, based on address then roommates are  out of luck.
        Seems to be a no win.

        • anitzy

          Excellent point about the roommate. Not very fair at all, I know I’d definitely be upset if this were my case. Back when I had roommates we always bought toiletries and food of our own interest. Not a great way of planting a future seed with the college students and the likes. 

    • Jessica

      Thanks Jenny! My BIGGEST issue with CVS is that if I want a good deal if I dont get there the day the sale starts, I can forget it! I'd love to shop there more if I didnt constantly waste my time going and seeing that they are always out of what I want.

      • Troop949

        Ditto!  I haven't been in a CVS in almost 2 weeks because of this.  Their lack of stock has cost them my shopping $, but if this can be changed, then I'd gladly shop there again.

    • Ellen

      My daughter works for CVS and she said they have the promotional items in backstock and get plenty of extra shipments in.  One of the biggest problems is the stores are only allowed to schedule one person other than the manager to cover floor duties and the cash register…therefore there is no one able to push the items backstocked onto the floor.  This is because CVS does not allow extra hours for required tasks to be done…I will have to say, personally, I have been in CVS many times and the pharmacy has a but load of people working, but they don't help stock… something seems “fishy” to me…  So next time you have a chance to deal with corporate, ask them why they keep cutting the weekly scheduled hours…. I guess they think there are elves that do the job after the lights are off.

      • Dtcox

        me too where i live cvs pharmacy gets off early does not work hoildays and store employees does and they cut their hours .always no help, i have went in early one person to open till 10.00 saw them very busy and people leave mad and people shoplift . but they cant run and get somebody /call on phone / wait on people in line in a hurry to get to work im dumb but i can figure this out quick\\\\\\\\

      • cs

        The pharmacy has limited hours also. Plus I worked in the pharmacy and that might seem like alot of ppl to you but there is a bunch going on back there that nobody notices. Counting pills, typing in prescriptions, contacting drs, taking drs calls. Calling stores for ppl, answering phones, stocking the pharmacy, doing inventory of the pharmacy, calling patients to pick up the med, pulling out of date med and so forth.

      • guest

        I was in a CVS in a rural area that has little crime and the police dept right across the street. Over a month, I went in twice and on Sunday mornings, only a very young female manager (I'm thinking 21-23) was in there ALONE, and she told me she'd there alone until 12 noon. I was quite upset that a company would cut hourse so severe as to put someone's safety at risk…no matter how “safe” the area is.  NOT Ok.

        • Bee

          The lady across-the-street from me works at CVS nights (their pharmacy is open) and she's been robbed at gunpoint a few times. There's not much they can do about it with all the pill heads out there.

      • Faithshea

        From talking to the employees at my store….they are schedule the max possible hours for a part-time employee….not allowed to be fulltime, employer would have to pay benefits that they don't have to pay for part-timers….I don't know that it's the case for all the stores but does make sense….unfortunately, employers are looking for what they can keep from paying….benefits is a biggie.

    • JPF

      Thanks so much! I actually complained to a manager because I got to CVS at noon sunday and everything on sale was gone! He gave me a sweet deal on the probiotic in the bigger size… but it's still a big issue that they can't even stock the store for half of a day!

      • Tracey

        Personally I don't see the point of having multiple cards. I like to get products at the limit they set because it's not going to be the last time you see the same sale.  Its because of people who misuse coupons that stores are making using them harder and harder.

        • Carol H.

          I partially agree, and partially don't. On one hand, there are four grown children in my home, my husband and myself. So if there is a limit on say.. for example 4 boxes of cereal per household for the weeks deal.. It just doesn't go very far for us. However, like the Axe this week.. six cans of body spray is a wonderful way for me to stock up for each of the boys to have two cans each to start them off for school. I only have one card per store, but I admit, there have been times when a deal is really, really good and its a product I use a lot of and usually pay near to full price for it.. then it sure gets tempting to figure out how to get a second card for the extra bang for the buck. I've missed more of the deals than I've gotten due to wiped out shelves and I doubt seriously it is from people using more than one card. I keep hearing the same thing from other people that is the case in our local store.. they just don't carry enough. I went in at closing to get something one week and they were out, hit it first thing in the morning and they were still out and told me they had been cleared out that day. Only thing was.. I was the last out of the store and the first in. LOL.

    • For everyone complaining about multiple cards, (I have 1 husband has 1)  , Why is it so bad, Most people go into Wags and do multiple transactions of the same product to get the RRs, isn't that the same thing..

      • guest

        I do the same. And, as others have mentioned, they may be buying it for someone else. I know someone who needs help with food, etc and I usually buy it for them and give it to them ( free of charge or the miniscule amount we pay for the items) and make a visit to their city every 2 weeks to help them by giving them the items.  Shelf clearing, well that's a different story…

      • anitzy

        I don't think there's anything wrong with it. And I'm not going to make any claims about buying for house-bound relatives or children, as I have none, and I make no apologies about it. My boyfriend, though we spend a significant amount of time together under one roof, have different dwellings. He and I both have a card, and I see no difference in me going in and using both, as opposed to dragging him in with me to use his own. It's about time management…but if that's what makes everyone happy. It wouldn't affect the two of us, but it probably would affect a lot of the people who rely on the help of others, in a profoundly sad way. 

    • Mcmurrayfamily

      I went to two different CVS stores yesterday and did not get ANY of the deals that I went for. I waste a lot of ink printing coupons and then I am not able to use them.

    • Kellyhouse

      I, too, hope they tread lightly but it could go either way.  We have 5 cards in our household, and the kiddoes enjoy seeing how much they can save.  Each is responsible for their own stuff, and they compare receipts after leaving CVS.  It's a great teaching opportunity for future 'big spenders' or should that be 'big savers' ;)  I have e-mailed them about our cards and never got more than a scripted reply.  We really like CVS.

    • Sarah

      Can I print the tampon copuon 6 times and be okay? Or does each print need to have a unique bar code or number?

      • Melissa

        It will probably have a limit of one offer per cvs card, so unless you have six cards I would not. To answer though, you can usually print 2 coupons per computer.

    • Tracey

      I go to CVS almost every Sunday morning at 7am because I know if I don't I want be able to find anything thats on sale.  One Sunday morning I walk in and an associate had a cart full of the excedrin 8ct and other items that were going to be free that week and was pushing it in the back.  I then asked the manager about it and she told me that she told the associate to do it.

      • Amy Herrington

        That happened to me too! Luckily the salesperson was feeling rebellious and gave me two to buy. I always felt like they did that but now I know!

      • Amy J.

        Did the manager have a reason for why she had the associate do this?  Just curious….that's really strange……unless she just didn't want to see the those items bought out that day (which shouldn't make any difference!).

      • Carey

        So waht is the point??? YThey are missing out on the sales.

        • Amy

          I know a store that does that in order to make the stock last all week.

      • Earlier this week, an associate told me that they do not carry the 8 ct Excedrin in their store, except I saw it a few weeks earlier in that same store.  I don't know what they have going on, but it's suspicious sometimes.  I still like CVS.  Eight pills aren't going to bum me out.

    • cocobay638

      I would just like to point out that while I dont agree with clearing shelves, We dont need to assume every person we see buying 5 or more of an item is a hoarder. I have been accussed of buying to many items from others in the stores and I want to remind you all that even though i may be doing the shopping I donate and help support 6 other people and their families who are not able to coupon or grocery shop for various reasons…..so if you see me buy 6 washing detergents its going to 6 different families….Just dont want the eveil eye everytime I shop and buy in bulk because WE USE IT ALL!!! :)

      • Katie

        Yes but you only bought 6, I have seen people buy 40 or more. This clears the shelf for everyone. I'm glad to know that you are not buying tons and that what you are buying is getting used.

        • Faithshea

          I know we are talking CVS here not publix, but when talking about clearing shelves…a friend of mine went to buy cat litter…publix was out….the manager told her a customer had bought all 30+ bags earlier that day…..and DIDN'T even have a cat!!!  Even if she was buying to donate, couldn't she have left SOME for the customers who actually use it?!?

          • Amy

            I bought several bags of dogs treats at Petsmart a while back and the cashier very rudely told me I wasn’t allowed to buy them “since I didn’t have a dog anyway.” She didn’t know that I just adopted two large breed dogs and those bags of treats would be gone in a couple weeks. What seems extreme to some might just be every day living for others. My SIL doesn’t have any cats but she routinely buys large quantities of cat food/litter/treats because she fosters cats waiting for adoption at her own expense…Obviously, it’s rude to clean a store out but is it the motives that bother you or the empty shelves? If shelves, talk to your manager about setting limits. If motives, pretend that it wasn’t really one person but ten before you, grab a raincheck, and move on.

    • Ucmba97

      Y'all have to admit, it's not just CVS.  Rite Aid and Wags, both have the same issue with out of stock sale items near the end of the week, and often times mid-week too.  At least CVS issues a rain check that allows the ECB's.  Wags will issue a rain check for the sale price, but no RR's.  I think that's unfair advertising.  It get syou in the door, but you can't get the deal, even via a rain check.
      I think my Hartsville SC CVS does a great job.  Mackie and his staff are awesome!!

      • newbie

        Is that the newer CVS on the hwy, or the one next to the other stores?  I went to a standalone CVS in Hartsville, and was treated very badly by the cashier.

    • Cw

      I understand why they want to allow their stores some latitude in accepting coupons because…..some will accept ECB's that are expired up to one month…..etc…They want to be able to make their customers happy…..nice idea

    • Erkelly

      First off I must say that I LOVE CVS for so many reasons. 1) their staff is the nicest out of all the drugstores (at least at the ones I regularly shop at) 2) they donate so much to people in need, like medical supplies and such and 3) they make the raincheck process sooo easy (I want to bang my head against the wall everytime I have to get a raincheck at Walgreens, it's a nightmare for me and the manager every single time). Saying this though, I don't think the problem is that people have multiple cards per address, because in this “recession” there are many generations and family members all living under the same roof. Maybe they need to implement something like only 1 extracare card is allowed to be used per person per day. If someone goes to checkout and, as an example from this week, they're buying two Zyrtec's in two different transactions, you KNOW they are using 2 different cards. This may make it a little more complicated for people who honestly shop for themself and someone who can't make it to the store (ex. elderly person, handicapped, etc.). These circumstances would require that person to shop two different days. But people like that are a lot less common than people who knowingly shop with multiple cards for their own purposes to clear the shelf. But that's just my two cents on how to work around that issue!

      • Dianna

        I understand what you are saying about the multiple cards—but in this case it would still be one per household.

      • Lucy2778

        I LOVE the 1 card per person per day idea!!!

      • Toni

        Why is it that Walgreens won't let store employees fill out rainchecks.  You have to wait in line,  then ask the cashier for a raincheck,  then wait forever for someone to come out of a back room,  then tell them what you want or show it to them in the ad,  and then wait while they go back into a back room again and come out with a raincheck.  That's what happened to me when I used to shop at Walgreens.  But at CVS, all the cashiers are trained to understand how the system works and they write you a raincheck in seconds and it's over with.

    • SMC

      Sounds like a good trip to CVS.  I'm glad to hear that they will be stocking the shelves better so there will b more of the sale items available.  MY biggest complaint tho, is actually not with the stores, but Red Plum and Smart Source. I would say at least 55 % percent of the time there is a great deal, the coupon is not in my Sunday paper (Greenville News, SC). It is SOOOOO frustrating.  I really love couponing and being on a tight budget (like so many others) it helps tremendously when I can save money.  Hopefully, someday y'all will get the chance to meet with powers that be at SS and RP to make the coupons avail in more areas.  I know that pbly a lot of the larger markets get the “good” Q's, but if the Q's were in other papers, I guarantee, people would buy the products.

      • Jmharding421

        I agree!  I get so excited figuring out my deals, only to find out that I apparently live in a smaller market that gets the crappy q's, or none at all!

        • SMC

          I just saw a $4 off Q for I think it was a Shick razor…I looked at the Q variations and not one paper in SC had that Q.  Come on RP & SS, we do buy the products listed in ur circulars. give us a break!

      • L.L.

        Our Montgomery paper does not get very many of the coupons that store flyers mention as “available in most Sunday papers” either.  I'm not sure where the decision-making is on this, but I find it frustrating and disappointing.

        • SMC

          I'd b curious  where the decision making is as well.  I wonder if wld help to write to SS and RP o if it wld b necessary to contact each……and…..every…..mainufacturer and ask about why lousy coupons in a lot of areas.  Anyone have a clue who we can contact??

    • rs

      THANK YOU for bringing up multiple cards!!!  We have a lady with seven.  She clears out the store every Sunday.  She has them in separate envelopes with letters from her family members saying she can buy their deals for them.  Aunt, uncle, grandmother, brother, etc, right!?  I've given up on Walgreens and Rite Aid.  I looked each week since the Dove deal at RA in Feb.  Finally got product in two weeks ago.  “I'm sorry.  Your coupons have expired and we cannot get reimbursed for them.  And, no, we won't honor your RA coupons that have expired either.”  BYE!  Love my CVS rainchecks, they'll “take care of me” regardless with expired coupons, the hundreds of Sunday papers the manager “eats” for us at $1, and fantastic customers service.  Wahoo!

      • Carol_R

        I fault the manager for allowing that woman to use 7 cards.

        • rs

          I did too, until he called corporate and they told him he had to take them!!  Can you believe that?  They started cracking down on her coupon usage, and making sure her coupons were for the correct products, not expired, not trying to use store coupons for things she was not purchasing, and she finally stopped shopping at this store, thankfully!!  He figured out a way to stop her from clearing his shelves.  :)

    • Lisa

      Sounds great!!  I wish I had thought to send you a complaint — I purchased 2 Reinventing Beauty magazines last week and found out this week that the coupons expired last year!!  The issue they were selling was from LAST summer!!!  Grrrr!

      • Hijones60

        Was that perhaps the 24 hr. store in Covington? I made the same mistake. Guess I was too glad to have found one (the other store in Covington never has one), so I did not even look what was on the title: Gift ideas etc.!!! It's a shame that they don't take these out of their shelves.

        • Syndilew

          I had this exact same thing happen.  Mine was from September of 2010. UGGHH!

      • Toni

        Complain to management first,  and if this continues,  complain to corporate. I'm sure corporate would not be happy with that. Return and get your money back as well.

    • Dianna

      Thank you for mentioning the multiple cards thing.  It is really frustrating to get in the store and find most, if not all, of the sale items gone because of people wiping them out.  One card number per address is so much better.  If someone has other family members living with them, maybe they could get a duplicate card with the same limits as one card has—–but having more than one card number is just greedy.  My two cents!

    • I have given up on cvs… I go in Sunday at 1pm, and anything that is a good deal, is GONE.  The last straw for me was last week, the store was out of rainchecks! “Come in on Tuesday, we should have rainchecks in then”. What a complete joke.  I asked to speak to a manager, and the manager didn't pick up the back office phone to come to the front.  I haven't shopped at cvs in months, and was going to start back up last Sunday. NOT!

      • Sis2

        McDonough, GA, was out of rainchecks also, but they wrote it out on a piece of paper for me.

        • Faithshea

          once mine was out too and the girl just rolled up a piece of register tape….she wrote the info down including her name and the store #.  I used it later at a different location and they had no problem taking it.

      • I go every Saturday at 5:30 p.m.  I get my items and check out at 6:00 p.m.  I have no problems getting what I want.  Even if they didn't have what I wanted, I can always get a raincheck, which I think is even better.  Then I can plan out my money saving deals on my schedule, not theirs.

    • Dtcox

      i have a card and hubby has a card in case we are not together  and need to run in a cvs i called corp they said it was fine to have two its all added on one address any wayand the xb are totaled up ever 3 months anyway.

    • Kim

      I completely agree with the idea that individuals shouldn't have multiple cards. However, the idea of linking it solely to an address could create problems for homes where more than one family is living.    If it was limited to one per address, each family would not be able to have a card.    Something to think about and pass on to CVS perhaps.  

      Thank you for mentioning the issue of limited/no stock on hand.  After 3 months I am still trying to get the right product from a promotion in April!   The store still doesn't have it in and it is an everyday hair product.    Thanks for all you do.

      • If you truly have a situation where more than one family is living in an address, you can add an A or a B to the street number alot of times.   We were told to do this by Dish Network a few years ago when installing a second dish.  It didn't impede our bill arriving at our box.

        • Amy

          My city will not deliver mail to our address when it is written with A's or B's. I suppose that might work with the situation above but then what is to stop a single person from signing up a ton of times A, B,C , D, and so on?

    • I don't understand why there are so many people accusing people of having all these cards clearing shelves. Unless you've actually seen one individual with 6 cards in line, why the assumption? In my experience, I've seen that the drug stores just don't stock that much for a sale. I've gone into the store the store the absolute first person after the doors opened on Sunday morning (not a 24 hour store) and there was not ONE body wash on the shelf and only TWO boxes of crackers on sale. I'm not a “shelf clearer” if I take those two boxes.

      I'm sure that there are desperate individuals out there who do this, but I just don't think it is as common as is made out to be online.

      • Bamabobbie

        Went to my CVS around 6:30PM last Sat and they were already out of the Zyrtec.  They reset prices around 6PM and had been getting there a little earlier so when I waited it was to late.  Mgr said quite a few people had already been in for the deal.

        • kjmiller

          At least at CVS you can get a raincheck (and this is the important part..) including any associated ECBs!.

          This is a major reason why I do not shop at Wags anymore. Good sale items always gone and no rainchecks on RRs.

          • newbie

            My CVS doesn't give rainchecks for ECB rewards, just for the sale price. : (

            • Faithshea

              Right on the raincheck form there is a place for them to write in the ECB's due and an “event code”…I don't know why 1 store wouldn't do that.

            • Amy

              Also, you can take in the part of the ad with the rain check and show the event code if the cashier forgets (or refuses) to write it in.

      • mmkauff

        I have 5 extended family CVS cards(different households)  as I do all the shopping for them due to health reasons & time schedules.I do understand that there are people who have multiple cards that maybe are taking advantage of.There are times 2 or 3 others go with me and times I go by myself.The employees know that I am shopping for family. But to just see me with more than 1 card others would think I was in the wrong.Usually I will go to 2-4 stores so I do not clear the shelves.I also agree that I have been to CVS @ 3 am the day the sale started & they got 1 powered toothbrush in for the day of the sale,another store had never even stocked that one.It is not always somebody clearing the shelves as they only have a space for 8 stovetop,& Q's came out & the store gets a truck once a week.I also just heard from a manager that some items do not come in on the truck as they did order them.I used to think it was just because someone was clearing the shelves but that is not always the case.I think that there are ALOT more people trying to coupon & save $$$ and the stores just haven't caught up yet.I keep thinking if the managers would start going on Southern Savers then they could see all the great deals they would never run out(LOL)Thanks Jenny so much for all your help saving!!!

        • Jeanne

          I would like to see the household card limited to only one. I could also shop for my daughter who has time constraints, but do not. I do however buy diapers for her on my card because she has a baby. I guess I wouldn't mind the multiple cards if they are legit. I have a difficult time believing that multiple members in one household could have allergies and would warrant the deal on zyrtec, or even all members using feminine products or make-up. Just my thoughts. Thank you Jenny for your hard work!!

      • Aday837

        I will use my parents at times but they stil get the ecb. I have one card but there is a person at the closed cvs to me that goes ealier and to get hat she des has to have more then one card. Her house looks like cvs she has one moveable room. She isnt buying for extended family. I think this is what everyne is talkng about.

      • Hijones60

        Same here, was in the store at opening Sunday morning and it looked like some items had been CLEARED off the shelves just for the sales. All week long I was not able to get these items in this particular store. My complaint that the sales just started were brushed off with “We did not get delivery”. But on 2 other visits the same week I found the same situtation: shelf empty.

        • Amy

          I have a CVS store that gets the current sale items the following week. It isn't because someone is cleaning the store out, the ordering/delivery is just screwed up. =/ I just got used to getting rainchecks and shopping one week behind.

      • Alissabeth

        I have personally seen a woman in a local store that had a key chain full of them. Now, it's hard to say whether or not she was shopping for herself or shopping for other family members.

      • Carol_R

        I think that it is common. There are a number of posts on web sites from people admitting that they have 3 or more cards – and that there reason is so that they (and just them) can do many multiples of the deals. And when spouses each have their own card that means they get double the deals.

        Harris Teeter limits it to the same household & while I can see that some people can have an issue with that – I think that it's fair for the majority and puts some actual restraints on people.

        • Hnaboone

          Harris Teeter limits it to one card. They also limit it to 20 double coupons per day. That is aggrivating when you drive 25 miles to get to the store and only go 1 time/week. The same for CVS and the others. Multiple cards (2) help people that don't live near the store. I can say that b/c I AM NOT a shelf clearer. It drives me nuts to not get what I'm going for!!!

          • diane wagner

            Lucky our Kroger lets you go up to 10 MQ's for the same item. We go 2x a month as its a 54 mile round trip. I did not ask if there is a daily limit on coupons. This is the Hillsboro OH store.

      • willowisp

        You'd be surprised!

    • Dtcox

      quess what we went to cvs wed scanned card got the pepis for .99 with coupon only one on shelf we was so lucky

    • Couponer 15

      Will the coupon work because there is no number near the barcode that begins with a 5 or 9

      • Dianne

        I tried to use a similar Q many months ago at Wags, and it didn't scan.  Wouldn't doubt if this is the case again.

    • So wait are you not allowed to have one card per person?  My wife was planning on getting a card so we can take advantage of some of the deals that are limit 1 (like the Zyrtec deal this week and the baby care deal next week), but if this is not okay, then I guess not…I thought each person i9n a household is allowed to have one.

      • Toni

        I heard from a CVS employee that it was okay for my husband to have his own card and I mine,  but when another employee questioned me about why I did a certain deal twice (went back the next day),   I decided to call corporate and get it from the horse's mouth,  so to speak.  Corporate said,  “Let me put it this way:  If you do that,  there is nothing we can do about it.”  I replied,  “Sounds like you would rather I didn't,  then.”  As it turns out,  I realized they would rather that we didn't.  There is no way that I want to abuse CVS,  so I canceled my card and put my name on my husband's.  Of course,  because I did that immediately,  I had to go down to the store within the day to use up my $13 in ECBs or else I would lose them.  So I made a wonderful photo DVD and paid $2-3 oop.  But I love CVS,  and,  if you do things that hurt the business,  we all lose.

    • Dianne

      Kudos to CVS management for being forward-thinking and actually going to to the experts, including our own consumer advocate, Jenny.  I think every store chain should have a coupon expert on staff to coordinate sales, anticipate consumer issues (like the Pepsi deal), monitor savings blogs, and produce training packages/videos for managers and associates.  I've always considered CVS my favorite of the big 3 by far, and this just drives the point home even more to me.  WTG CVS!

      • kjmiller

        Couldn't have said it better!

    • I saw a few weeks ago about being able to re print the ECB and was so excited because douring my move i lost a $10 one!!

    • Sbigham3

      I just want to know what CVS stands for. Ha Ha!

      • Dianne

        I never even thought about it until now….wow.  Anyway, went to Swagbucks & did a search.  Found out it originally stood for Consumer Value Stores but now it stands for Convenience, Value, Service.  Now we know.

    • Rxtck2005

      As a CVS employee I hope they really listen. To be honest though after 14 years with them it may take a while. They also always put out new programs before they have fixed all the glitches in them.

    • Mynaneen1

      I was not able to print the tampon coupon.  Did anyone else have this problem?

      • Rhende77

        For me its saying the file was damaged and can't be opened.

      • Chefmikiingram

        I was able to print it however there is no barcode on the coupon. So you cant use it.

    • Melisa

      Had corporate considered linking the ECBs directly to the CVS card?  This would be a tremendous help to the consumer and help them increase the number of ECBs used.  I agree with most of the comments about CVS. 
      I have only recently returned to CVS.  In the past, the lack of stock was a problem and appears to continue to be a problem.  Why doesn't corporate just increase the amount of goods sent to all the stores automatically based upon future adds? 
      I've never see someone empty a shelf.  The shelf was already empty before the sale even began.  thanks SS for all you do to help us save money!

      • I read on the website a couple of days ago that they are working on something called “send to card”, where instead of printing out your lost ECBs at home, you could have them send to your card and print them out at the store.

    • Smithmckelvey

      that's great about being able to print ecb's as i lost about $50  a couple of years ago and they told me there was nothing they could do. about linking the cards i don't like this . why … my adult daughter lives with us – she's  28 but has Chrones disease and can only work a little. we can provide her a place to live but can't really support her. she buys her own personal needs at CVS. if they linked the cards she would be out or we would. jenny has young kids bet she hasn't thought about things like that. and those tampons that are going on a deal don't bother they're terrible bought them on a deal once at walgreens and we ended up throwing them away.

    • Moesyk4

      I don't think more than one CVS card should be used per visit….it's pretty obvious with their limits when someone is using more than 1 card. That would at least save some of the trouble, because people could still shop for family members if needed but would have to visit multiple stores or go on multiple days (same as you would at Wags typically). I know that's a hassle if you have an elderly family member of something, but it would help with a lot of issues and personally, I don't think ANYONE should be in charge of 6 different Extra Care cards, I don't care what family you are in.

      • Lucy2778

        I totally agree. I think that each person in a household should be allowed one card (no cats or dogs please), but I see people doing multiple transaction with 3 cards, saying “ohh, my husband is sick, I'm shopping for him. My daughter is busy, I'm shopping for her…” CVS has enough sales, so I learned to live with 1 card and still get enough shampoo/body wash, etc that lasts me until next sale. That way, I am spending less out of pocket, while still getting free stuff for my family.

      • melissa

        I have a card for me and one for my hubby. i was recommended by my cvs employee.  But i do what youre saying.  I have 2 cvs stores in town and i use 1 card at each store or go on different days to get mulitples of the really great deals.  mainly i use it for diapers. but i try to be respectful.

    • Sgjw143

      How many tampon coupons can I use? It appears I can print as many as I want

      • tygirl13

        The CVS deal is likely limit of 1 or 2 so if you are only wanting to purchase as money makers, I wouldn't waste my ink on printing any more than that. HTH

    • newbie

      My CVS doesn't give rainchecks for ECB rewards, just for the sale price. : (

    • newbie

      Is that the newer CVS on the hwy, or the one next to the other stores?  I went to a standalone CVS in Hartsville, and was treated very badly by the cashier.

    • Rhende77

      For me its saying the file was damaged and can't be opened.

    • Martha

      I understand that there is a problem with some people having more than 1 card at the same address but, I have 2 daughters that receive their mail in my post office box .    We all live 300ft apart in our own homes. We do not have a mail box on the property.  We have no intention of putting out a box.  We have a 911 address but no mailboxes.  So if cvs were to change their policy that you could only us 1 card per address then would miss out on some great deals!

      • Couponwhat6644

        I also have an issue with ONE CARD PER address. My parents live with me and they have different need than me. I don't agree with one card per address.

        • Amy

          I feel that at least 2/address would be nice. It would have sucked if I couldn't shop the sales with my roommates in college. The limits are already so low that 1 card doesn't make sense if more than 1-2 people need to use it.

          • Me

            I appreciate that multiple people may live in one household, but the sales DO specify 1 per household and the only way to determine household is address. Many people who have multiple cards registered to one address are the same people who come in to the store on the first day of the sale and wipe the shelves, purchasing for Mom, Dad, kid, etc.  I would like to see one card deal  per person in the store. It shouldn't matter how many cards you or others hae registered for–if the deal says limit 1, 1 person should only be able to leave the store with 1. Just my opinion.

    • Lucy2778

      I have no problems redeeming my ECBs LOL :)

    • Chevy294

      I went to my CVS buy one get one free tooth paste and it was above $5.00 a tube told the store thats a rip off got same brand and typ at dollar general for $1.25 so CVS where is the savings???????? everything it that store was high and I mean everthing. I live in a small town and we need help and that was not help.

      • Carrieluvsgreg

        Are you shopping the sale?  You have to make sure that you are combining your manufactures coupons with the sale and extra care bucks rewards in order to get the deep discounts that we are all getting at CVS.  If you do that, you will find the savings!  As a matter of fact, you should never have to pay for a tube of toothpaste again!  :)

      • Mel

        That's how they're able to make up for the sales they offer… ridiculously high prices on their regular items.

    • Carol_R

      Even if CVS is better stocked, the reality is that the promotion items are loss leaders that they're taking a loss on. They're never going to have an unlimited number of them since they probably limit their loss for each promotion to a certain dollar amount.

      I look at it similar to the deals they have on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) with the stores having a limited number of the “super cheap or practically free” deals.

      With a number of the drugstore deals being actual moneymakers I wouldn't expect them to have any stock left on those after the first day of the sale. Now I do believe that they should have adequate stock for a certain number of people to get the good deals the first day but…

      • kjmiller

        Disagree. Drugstore ads are supposed for the whole week (not just one “super” day). If the company  can't meet the demand they need to (a) either make it not SUCH a  good deal, (b) find an effective way to enforce item limits, and/or (c) make good on rainchecks and associated rewards. And I'm glad CVS does do the latter..

        Otherwise it's basically a “bait-and-switch” tactic and not good customer relations. I for one, spend my Sundays in the Lord's house, not drugstores.. And as I've said on here before, this issue is one major reason why I no longer shop at WAGS. They've lost me permanently as a customer..

      • rs

        My store manager says he loves coupons, he loses nothing on sales and promotions, the manufacturer pays for every single part.  I disagree about the loss leader comment, at least at CVS.  At Publix, it is probably more true.  Just depends on how companies negotiate their ads.

    • Rhb1234

      I work at cvs an I really think they need to do something about the coupon policy. I have been told I'm not allowed To use more than one similar coupon per transaction, and I can't give out rain Checks. The store up the road writes rainchecks an takes store coupons. I will take more thana one coupon, but my boss is starting to notice an I'm getting in trouble. I don't think it's right what is the difference between doing one order or 8 separate. I'm jut tired of the inconsistencies with the coupon policy, i just want to know the correct way.

      • Jabberjawzz1973

        That has to be very frustrating cause I am sure the customers get upset with you. its frustrating to prepare for a trip get to the register and that store decides to create it's own completely separate policy. What will end up happening is the shoppers will go to the other store and that store will have even less profit. The manufacturers will just give the money to the other store. 
        I might suggest, a lot of companies have way that you can make suggestions or complaints Anonymously. Let them know the limitations the manager is doing regarding coupons and rain checks and that you are getting a lot of complaints. if they do not have a way to do that ask a few friends or family member to write or call the company as customers. Corporate may not know what is going on and that is Definitely

        not good business practices or customer relations. They should also have  a note posted on the front door with the policy before people start to shop.  Good luck.

      • willowisp

        I don't know where you work, but the policy is that you can use one coupon per item (or 2 depending on the coupon).  So if someone was buying 4 Dawns they could use 4 coupons.  But with Pantene those are usually 2.  So they'd have to buy 4 in order to use 2 coupons.  The people just need to call Corporate and complain and the store would have to change the policy.

    • KSlate456

      I say please be frugal & allow others to be frugal too… when you are in the store shopping & you get that guilty little feeling like you are doing something wrong. Maybe you should stop & put something back on the shelf….. Just saying! What I am thinking is they are going to stop coupons, or reconfigure coupoing, all together. To many people not knowing the 1st thing about true couponing, they are trying to hoard up coupons & go into the store & demand they take them, for a bunch of hoarded items.  The frustration of the cashier & store employees are becoming more & more noticeable. The most of one thing I will coupon is Three, Thats for a family of four. I have one CVS card for my household. If someone is in the same household, they should be able to share goods. So no more then one card is needed unless you are trying to be a hoarder? Again Please be frugal & allow others to be frugal too!

      • Rhondajheronbay

        I agree with you on the hoarding.But on some things like the Zyrtec, which was only 5 tablets, I did use multiple cards but only on Saturday evening and I was shocked to see they still had some.. It was an item that I will use before it goes on sale again and with the 5.00 coupon it was a moneymaker.

    • stephanie

      Can't wait to hear.  Don't understand how people have more than one card though.  My hubs & I both had cards & then a few years back they eliminate his & made it all one account.  Here is hoping you had a good impact!  Amongst WAGs, RA & CVS, CVS is my favorite by far!

    • Rachel

      I like the new ECB look.  It reminds me a bit of Monopoly money.

    • Jthielem

      Thank you for this post. I lost some ECB's in April and called the 1-800 number and asked if it was possible to reprint them, and they told me too bad, there was nothing they could do for me. I am glad that this is fixed, as I am often absent minded:-)) I am trying to put them away right away now, so I don't lose anymore!

      • willowisp

        You must have had a bad person.  I've called and they've reissued some as far back as 6 or 8 months.  I just thought they were lost and the guy looked them up and reissued them.  It takes about 48 hours for them to go through.

    • Appleshell

      One thing I'd love answered is this: I live between two different CVS stores. Both are approx 6 minutes from my house in opposite directions. One will sell an item (such as the Loreal whipped make-up) for around $15, while the other one sells it for $15.99. There are a lot of items that are between .50 to .99 cents different in price. I know that some stores, depending on the area, might have to be a little more competitive in price. Especially if they're in an area with other drugstores around. But it's weird that they'd do it with two of their own stores so close to each other.

      • Katy

        walgreens is the same way…I have 4 walgreens in my city and all have different prices!

      • Jabberjawzz1973

        I know we have to Super walmarts within about 5 miles of each other. The one closest to me charges a little more. I found out it was because they are within the Port Richey city limits and they have to pay more in city taxes because of their location as where the store a few miles away is not so they don't charge the extra prices. Crazy I know.

      • willowisp

        Prices on items are store specific.  When things get marked down for clearance that's when you'll really see the difference.

    • elizabeth

      I have read several comments about losing your ECBs….I was always struggling with 'where to store them' until the next week, until I started using a giant paper clip and clipping them to my green bag tag, attached to the bag.  That way, everything is in one spot, and I don't forget my bag again!  It helped me, maybe it might help others.  :-)

      • Lisabluedevil

        I have one of those zip plastic envelopes for each store at which I shop.  In it I store any type of ECBs or store credits and store catalinas from week to week.  I also put my southern savers shopping list and coupons I have pulled that match the list.  I put the whole thing in my purse to take with me when I head to the store.  After the shopping trip I clear out anything I don't use or don't need, but keep anything I will want for the next week's trip.

      • Jessicapatrick

        I keep mine in my wallet with my cash and keep my CVS rainchecks in my coupon binder.

      • Rebecca

        A store clerk told me one time to wrap the ECBs around my CVS card, and I would never lose them or forget to use them.  It works & I haven't lost or forgotten ECBs in years!  I have a little card holder that holds all my frequent shopper cards/rewards cards & the ECBs are about the same width as the card.  I swear by this method!

      • How funny! I use a paper clip to fasten mine to my ExtraCare card. That way they're in my wallet, they are with the card (which I need to have to use them anyway), and they don't get mangled like they did when I used to keep them with my coupons.

    • mharris55

      Why does the CVS Tax coupons?

      • Godsgifts12

        A coupon is considered a same as cash payment. Instead of say paying 5.00 for something with cash you pay with a 4.00 coupon and the 1.00 cash however you owe tax on the total of 5.00. But for a business to accept your coupon they also profit .08cents for handling it (sometimes more) so really for them to take it it is really better than cash. But alot of cashiers and managers don't see it that way. Thank God I have a awesome cvs :D  I hope this makes sense

    • KouponKrazyKanisha

      Thank you for that!  Looks like I'll be choosing CVS as my primary drug store from now on.  I'm glad to see that Headquarters is taking us into consideration.  My local Walgreens just made a change to their store practices and will only accept 4 manufacturer coupons (including RR) per customer, per transaction, per day.  I think that is ludicrous!  Their explanation was that a few manufacturers were not reimbursing them for the RRs.  My plan was to visit another store nearby to see if the rule was specific to that particular store or if all stores were implementing this change.

    • Lorri

      This is so great, Jenny!  I already love, love, love my CVS.  They are always super friendly and extra helpful to us couponers.  On a couple of occasions, I've gone in there with the wrong coupon (or so I thought) and they offered to scan it anyway and see if it would work.  I didn't even ask them to – I assumed it was wrong and started to put it away.  Now if only Walgreens would invite you for a visit…

    • luvss

      The restock comments were interesting, I had an associate here in Jacksonville tell me that they used to restock sale items on Wed, but had been told by corporate not to restock sale items until saturday before the sale ends.

    • GAGirl1963

      I appreciate the news that you reported gained from your CVS Headquarters visit. I just returned from my local CVS to do a “Last Minute Deals” shopping trip before the sales end.  The Zyrtec was gone, so I got a raincheck.  I also had to get a raincheck for the Keebler and Nabisco cookie/cracker deal as well as the Wesson Cooking Oil deal.  However, I was able to take advantage of the CVS 12 pack of Ultra Toilet Paper priced at 2 for $10-I got the last 2!  Then, I got 6 cans of Spagetti-Os with Meatballs @ the 10 for $10 price.  I also took advantage of the Whitman's Sampler deal @ Buy 1 at $9.99 get 1 for .01 making them $5 each!  I then using a raincheck I agot  4 bottles of Dawn Hand Renewal for .97 each.  With tax, I spent $31.33 with a savings of $27.98…That is almost a 50% savings.

      • willowisp

        I am so happy to see that you only bought 4 bottles of Dawn, I wish everyone was that courteous.

    • GAGirl1963

      After going home and putting away my first trip's purchases, I returned to CVS to use the kiosk coupon $3 of a $10 dollar First Aid purchase.  I also had a coupon for 30% off an entire order of regular priced items.  I purchased a new digital thermometer priced at $11.49 and a box of Aveeno Oatmeal Bath packets on sale for $7.00.  With the two coupons and the sale, I paid a total of $13.48 with a savings of $8.68!  I had re-scanned my card at the kiosk and got a candy coupon for .50 off 2 Dove large candy bars.  They were $1 each, so I bought 4.  I paid $3.62.  I also used another kiosk coupon for .50 to purchase an 8 pack of Reeses PB Cups for $1.55!  My final deal was buying a bag of Hershey's Bliss for $5.99 and getting $5.99 in extra bucks.  I then used the EBs to get 2 more Dove large bars and two bags of Hershey's Nuggets for .49!!!  My total spent from the last post and this one was $56.64 with a total savings of $61.07.  Today I could have save more with manufacturer coupons, but I only had the Zyrtec coupons as that is why I went to CVS in the first place.  I think I got some good deals, but I know I can do better.  I have been printing and clipping for 2 days and am planning for my next big shopping trip. I look forward to finding more coupons…Yeah, tomorrow is Sunday!!!!!

    • KSW

      Jenny, I went to CVS today.  After using my coupons, my total was $1.48.  My sales tax was $.62.  Why do they charge sales tax on the amount before coupons?  Don't you pay sales tax on your total after coupons, discounts, etc.?  Our sales tax in Charlotte is 8.25%.  My total ended up being $2.10.

      • Val

        Most coupons have small print saying that the customer pays all applicable sales tax.

        • Jabberjawzz1973

          Good ole Uncle Sam still wants his money….. LOL

      • Stephanieswalker08

        It is a state decision. Luck for me, Indiana charges tax only on the final balance after coupons and charges no tax on grocery items, but not every state is the same

    • SouthernCanuck3

      Thanks for the update Jenny!!  I love my CVS and always find that the employees are super happy and friendly.

    • Ericsexcel

      They are very friendly, But I have just started in this coupon stuff and have been trying to do a CVS trip for 2 weeks.  Trying to complete a scenario is a joke.  Out of all the good deals.  This is at 5 local CVS's I pass on a regular basis.  I will try again this week, but it doesnt look good. 

      Went in the other day with coupons for 2 razor deals and found that much there, so I cehcked out, gave 2 coupons and only got back ECB for $4.00 when I expected 8.  Guess thats my fault. 

      They need to make sure if something is on sale they have plenty.  5 Stores literally.  Crazy!!!

      • Jabberjawzz1973

        I run into the same thing. I prepare ahead of time and get there and they are out of a lot of the things I want. I went last sunday, the day the sale started at like 10am and they were running out of the good deals already, Heads up my store was keeping some of the specials like the zyrtec, bayer behind the front register and you had to ask for it. You also have to keep close eye on Limits, thanks to TLC Extreme couponing they are changing lots of policies and limiting you to 1 in  deal. That would be why you got $4 instead of $8 on razor. There was a limit of 1 EC reward on that item. Same with the bayer and zyrtec.

        • TwoTypers

          CVS has always had a limit on deals. THat is why it is tied to a card. It wasn't because of the show. If they didn't do limits do you think anyone would get a deal?

      • willowisp

        I'm not sure where the CVS' are that you pass, but the problem here isn't with CVS not having enough, it's with people who have multiple cards.  Or the people who know that if, for example, the Pepsi (or coke 2 liters) are .88 and the limit is 5, they can do 5 or 6 transactions.  If they are told no, they can't do this, they go crying to Corporate and the employees get in trouble.  Things go quick when both of these scenarios are done.  If you look on the card it says one card per household.  People seem to want something for nothing and don't care about leaving any for anyone else. I have seen women buying ALL the Dawn with Olay when it's on sale, because there is no limit.  I don't have a dishwasher, so I use this kind of soap all the time.  If I bought all they had I'd have enough to last at least a year. Then what happens when the next person wants one. They get upset because CVS didn't have enough.   Everyone needs to be a courteous couponer.  And it's even worse since Extreme Couponing premiered.  It's crazy.  I spoke with the paper guy one day and he said he put 36 papers in the box and got paid for 12.

        • Ericsexcel

          Stores still need to have more stock.  Sales and coupons bring people to the stores, majority of which will buy items and spend money on things with a hugh profit margin.  I dont care if they have to bring in pallets they should not run out of EVERYTHING…Behind the counter is maybe the way to go.  Its up to them to put safe gaurds in place to keep idiots from having 5 or 6 cards and breaking the rules.  ID with card maybe and name and address must match.  Something.  Retina scans, DOnt care but the service needs to be better…

          • Jontanyadj

            CVS has no idea how much stock they should have on hand regarding a sale. They don't want to order too much and then they sit on access inventory. They don't have the space for “pallets”. The shelf can only hold so much product and their backrooms are not that big either. Trust me CVS employees don't want to have to deal with upset customers so i'm sure if there was a way to know howmuch stock they need to have without having too much left over they would. Try running your own retail buisness and see if it's easy to please everyone. The issue again are the greedy people that are not satisfied with the limits so they abuse it. One day CVS may discontinue the EB program becouse of the abusers. Policy is Policy and if it doesn't work for you than it's a personal issue.

            • Ericsexcel

              You got it.  It dont work..

      • Aamakeuplady2

        If you see that it did not print out the correct amount of ECB, just tell the cashier they can go back in and correct it for you. I had that happen last week with Schick refills, the manager was the one checking me out, he just scanned my receipt and did something on the register and it printed it out.

    • Love it! After becoming a new couponer by watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and then having a sweet friend send me to your website, I visited CVS this week for the first time as a couponer and not just a pharmacy pickup and birthday cards,etc.  I loved it, I couldn't have done it without your scenarios, thank you!  While I gathered many things for free or very close to it, I was frustrated to find that after going back 4 days in a row that they were still out of the motrin pm and the Bayer Advanced Aspirin.  I got rain checks which also was the first time I had ever done that, but overwall I left CVS very pleased.  Jenny, I'm hooked, this is sooo much fun, I love saving money for my family and hope to buildup a stock pile enough to help my community and teach my church to do the same! Thank you so much Southern Savers, I couldn't have done it without you.

    • Do you know what the CVS policy is for using MFG coupons if there is another store name on the coupon?  I have been able to use these in the past, but today they wouldn't take one because it had Publix printed on it.  They said they had gotten into trouble for taking a bunch of Walgreen's coupons.  I thought a MFG was an MFG coupon.

    • Robinotr

      Jenny, I am so glad that you are inopen communication with CVS corporate offices.  I had a really awful, yet humorous, experience at my local CVS.  I won't say where I live, because if I was the store managers boss I would have let him go.  I walked in on Wednesday to get my Pepsi and the manager came up to me (with no regard for personal space and demanded to know “Are you her? The one who runs Southern Savers?”  He then proceeded to shake a printout in front of my face and tell me I had it all wrong.  Though I took it as a compliment that he might think I was you, he was really rude.   I kindly told him I was not, just used the website, but he continued to harangue me throughout my stay, sharing that one cashier had 188 coupons during her shift, couponers are always trying to get something for nothing, etc.  Everyone else in that store is so nice and helpful. Perhaps if they had a clear policy some folks would be less cranky!!

    • I had to store hop this past week (over 5 stores)and I still had to get a ton of rain checks. It is so frustrating that I can't get anything.  I have all my transactions worked out and every time I go in there it goes to S**T. They really need to work on inventory with promotional items.

      • Khjbcoupns

        same  here..i have not made a successful run through cvs in a while… so if they are out of the things that i want and it interferes with the next transaction i put everything else down and just leave… i do know of one cvs where the manager will allow you to substitute a similar product for the one that they are out of and give you the same deal … she is great.. however it is not on my beaten path most of the time.. i refuse to store hop… it want be long before one of the other drug stores will have a similar deal if not better…

    • Tchurchillsavon

      I can never find  a coupon book for CVS.AlI we have is the  machine in the store Where an i fnd CVS coupons?

    • Southernscenes

      I am having trouble getting anything at CVS. The toothpaste was out last week and I went on Mon. nothing the whole week. Went today on Sun. and did get one deal on toothpaste finally but still didn't get the shick razor deal because they were all out already. I did get rain checks. But I wish people would not abuse this or we all are going to be out.

    • hscalum

      I would like to know what their policy is on bogo items with coupons. Is it one coupon per item or one coupon per two since it is a bogo? One site I found had a post dated June 9, 2011 of an email from CVS customer care that gave examples that clearly illustrated you could use one coupon per bogo item but when my wife was checking out the register wouldn't allow it to take two coupons. By the way Jenny, I agree with you that there should be no gray areas in regards to coupons. It seems that creates more problems with complaints to corporate than less of them.
      Oh, and it would be great if they explained to their employees that the company does not lose money by taking coupons. Some of them actually think they financially hurt CVS when they get a coupon.

    • Princessbonbon2001

      My store is always out of every item I am looking for, it's so frustrating.

    • Momdeals

      Store Supply Issue:   Most of the time when I want something from CVS it is because they have a great deal which usually includes an ECB.   Rain checks only allow the same price later but do not allow the customer to receive the ECB that is associated with that sale that week.   Can you ask for a ECB raincheck?

      • Suzanne

        Momdeals, every raincheck I have ever gotten from CVS, on a deal that had ECB that week, included the ECBs.  So whenever I redeem the raincheck, I have also gotten the ECBs.  That's at multiple locations, too, so I know it isn't just a one-time thing.

      • Careyth

        They do included the ECB there is a line right on the rain check for that. Make sure they write it up for it and make sure they give it to you when you redeem it because it doesn't automatically ring like during the sale so they may forget.

        • Edisto

          I agree; I've seen the same thing. They have to note the ECB on the raincheck

      • Abigail

        What I always do when I get a rain check is cut out the ad and attach it to my raincheck or just keep the whole ad. That way if there is every any problem with what was written on the rain check, I've got the ad and can show the employee. Since I've started doing this, I've never had a problem. HTH

      • C S

        My CVS allows ECB's on Rainchecks… i have never found a CVS that doesn't :-( So I hate that for you. 
        I did have it out with a cashier over a B1G1 deal and trying to use 2 coupons. She refused to take em.

      • On the raincheck itself, it has a spot to write in the amount ECBs that a rainchecked item might produce. I can't imagine why you wouldn't be receiving your ECBs with rainchecked items. They just print them manually for you. I would definitely ask about it, the next time you are faced with this issue.

    • The5heads

      totally discouraged love my CVS, but on Sunday at 11am…shelves are emptied of sale items…when I started couponing I wanted to help everyone…Now I think I helped too many in my town and I am not able to get the good deals…Finding myself holding in that I coupon…We are on a limited budget and I am discouraged when I shop on Sunday or Monday and can't get deals………Thanks Jenny for all you do

    • Jujuliesandlin

      While I agree that you should only have 1 card per household, CVS needs to remember, as do other couponers, that some of us shop for other families.  I, for example, shop for both sets of my husband's grandparents.  They are unable to get around well, so unless they are going throught the drive-thru to get a prescription, they seldom go into the store.  I had a cashier tell me recently that they were thinking of changing the corporate policy, or at least enforcing the fact, and that a customer would only be allowed to use one card.  Yes, I have quite a few of them, but I am not using them for myself.  If they decide to go this route, I will be complaining to customer service. 
      And I know I am not the only person in the world to shop for other families.  I have 2 friends that also shop for their grandparents.  These things will need to be taken into consideration when making that decision.

      • Ericsexcel

        One card will get you more then enough deals for multiple families.  Couponing holds lines up enough, but to be using 3 cards is just silly.  I use one card and between the stores and pharmacy I can easily provide for others.  What it does is take from others who need it and cant even get a deal for themselves when they use their own card and make the trip in the store.

      • AnnR

        I understand how you feel, I recently was refused at my local CVS because I had purchased my items and them put some items on the counter that I was buying for my father & Mother who I have POA over because they cant shop anymore.  I even tried to get the cashier to look at the POA papers but she was very rude and told me no. I called corporate and complained and the lady that I spoke with apologized and told me that I should not have to show proof of anything because people shop for people all the time. The next day I get a call from the store manager and he told me that the cashier told him that I had 5 cards trying to use them ( NOT TRUE) and I was welcome back there but i would have to provide proof of POA. I told him that I would be happy to show my POA to him and my wallet with 2 cards NOT 5 and then I would never darken the door at that CVS again because I do not take kindly to being lied on. Yes I love couponing but im not selfish & disrepectful to others by using tons of cards, I just wanted to purchase my items and my father & mothers items. I was very hurt by the fact someone would lie on me. Hope everyone else who tries to shop for someone at CVS doesnt have this problem. I went to Rite Aid and told them what happened and the girl assured me that it would never happen there and was grateful to CVS for sending them my bussiness :)

    • Hates shelf Clearers

      I also agree there should be more items for the items that are on sale! But there also should be a limit to what people can get…thanks to the so called “shelf clearers” I am never able to get anything at any store around where I live because they get everything! this lady told me the other day she got 15 thinsgs of bic razors at walmart because she had a 3$ off coupon and the item was only .98 cents. And she got to keep the $2.02 back from every item. So, she ended up getting cash handed back to her at walmart. She even showed me her receipt!

    • Please give me more information. I love it, Thanks

    • GAGirl1963

      It is obvious that CVS has some great deals, but you are going to have to work for them! To avoid problems at the register, do all of your extra bucks purchases first.  The limit is one EB deal per household, so stick to that and use coupons to lower the purchase price, but add other deals that equal or exceed your coupon total so you will still get the EB.  Then take your purchased items to your car and come back into the store to do your other shopping and use your coupons and EBs to lower your total. This is when you do your BOGO and sale items…Then, take those items to your car too. Then, if you see closeouts that you like, come back inside and shop for them and any cold/perishable foods that you need or want.  Will the salespersons be irritated and think that you are crazy? Probably!  Don't worry about that…Just know you have “earned” your discounts and leave happy!!!

      • TwoTypers

        Why would anyone want to add to there total to exceed the coupon total? ECBs aren't affected by coupons, you have gotten confused.

    • TwoTypers

      I also agree that one person should only be able to use one card. Now, before I get chewed for that comment, I will give you the reason why I have that opinion. I have one card and I purchase for 3 different families. We all have enough body wash, shampoo , razors, toothpaste, aspirin, detergent, toothbrushes, etc, etc to last months. I can't imagine grandparents using anymore than what 3 families with kids use.
      If you want to complain to someone, complain to the yard saler with the stock to sale, complain to the ebayers who are selling it online, complain to the flea market vendor who is sellling it. They ALL know by the wording on some coupons they are not allowed to purchase and re-sell the product. Just mention you hope they don' t get busted and made an example of because they are greedy. The only option CVS has is limiting the cards usage to one per person. When they don't have stock, then you will complain also. Rock and hard spot, what would you do?

      • Frugalistic Mama

        I am with you on this one!! Saving money is getting harder because of greedy people and it just erks me when I see this!! CVS has helped me save thousands, maybe even more since they have started the ECB program. I stared couponing because we where broke, granted we are still broke, I don't have to sacrifice anything in order to purchase my child some Tylenol  nor do I have to make my own laundry detergent (not that, that is a bad thing) When I received my first CVS card the back clearly stated “ONE PER HOUSE HOLD” so that is what I have just ONE and it hasn't hindered me from keeping my medicine cabinet, my laundry room or my bathroom stocked =0)

    • Pepsicoke1980

      What good deals can I get this week? I am NEW.Thanks for the help. This site had been  wonderful.

    • Chellebo5

      As far as having multiplie cvs cards, it's bogus. I understand the prices are awesome, and its too good to pass up..but really? People with multiple cards clean out the store!!!

      • Frugalistic Mama

        I was under the impression you were only allowed 1 card per address??

        • Supawhitney

          Technically, each person should only be allowed one. People use muiltiple cards to take advantage of good deals, such as extra buck deals that have a limit. I agree with Chellebo5, it does clean out the store which is unfair to other customers that would have liked to buy the item too and it causes stress on the cashiers that have to deal with angry customers who complain that the store is never in stock.

          • Chelle

            So, if you are married or have a “roommate only one person is allowed to card per household? That is crazy and makes sense to me.  I have a card and my husband one and yes we live in the same household. I really don't see how that is unfair to anyone.

          • Chelle

            So, if you are married or have a “roommate only one person is allowed to card per household? That is crazy and makes sense to me.  I have a card and my husband one and yes we live in the same household. I really don't see how that is unfair to anyone.

            • Pinkcrikitcoupon

              I don't think they mean to limit it to one person, but if you have 6 adults living in a household, it looks a little more like taking advantage. I think the limit should take into consideration that husbands and wives, or “roomates” or whatnot, can have a card each, as long as its not in excess, like 4 or 5 in one house.

          • Chelle

            So, if you are married or have a “roommate only one person is allowed to card per household? That is crazy and makes sense to me.  I have a card and my husband one and yes we live in the same household. I really don't see how that is unfair to anyone.

    • Amy Flatten

      I think that's great that there will be a way to print your ECB because I have lost a couple of mine.. and it is such a bummer!!  :(

    • Frugalistic Mama

      I haven't gone through ALL of the comments yet so I am not sure if this statement has been made but I see a lot of complaints about not enough product on hand….. I LOVE my CVS and can not brag about them enough. I have recently talked to the manager about short supply and honestly each store is different so the reasons may vary but the shelves can only hold so many products so the rest of the goes to the back until it is needed, the Shelves may not get re-stocked right away due to a busy store or they are short handed therefore it is not all corporate. All you have to do is ask =0)

    • I am so annoyed right now that I had to get on here and comment since you just had a visit with CVS Corporate…today I went to my CVS to get more of the schick razor deal

      Regular Price $8.99
      On Sale BOGO
      -(2) $4/1 Coupons
      The policy states they can accept 2 coupons even though one item is free.  When question checking out the cashier (in front of several people) said “you can't do that, you don't know what you are talking about!”  I told her to call a manager because I had done the exact deal the day before at the same cvs.  The manager didn't even come to the counter she called and you could obviously tell they were whispering about me and my coupons trying take money from them.  So I left and returned immediately with the coupon policy printed out and highlighted and asked for the manager.  She came and immediately told me (before reading and even knowing what I was going to say) “we don't have to take any coupons from you if we don't want to.  Why would we let you use a coupon on an item we are giving you for free”  I responded that it is in their coupon policy andspecifically states the exact scenerio.  Also that they would then get reimbursed for the coupon.  She said sorry but that doesnt make sense and we won't allow it.  So I told her I would be going to another cvs and contacting corporate and she responded nasty, “Go ahead”

      This is terrible and I am so upset and embarassed that other people were around to witness including my mother and child.  Why would it be allowed in the policy, the register and the previous day but not today?!?!

      • Lilswtblonde317

        I sure hope you called Corporate on the manager and the cashier.  I have done that with my Publix here in Florida.  I have lost the desire to coupon shop since we get glared at and watch some of the cashiers snicker to the management when we get closer to finishing.

    • vacationfree

      I would like to ask corporate why local CVS will not honor Gas promotion items that are listed on sites like this one and will only accept items in their flyer.

    • C

      CVS is way better than Walgreens b/c Walgreens doesn't even start the week with the sale item. Then, they won't let you have the RR for a raincheck. I, most of the time, LOVE CVS! Thanks Jenny! COULDN'T coupon w/o this site!!!

    • Tara


      • Taking products off the shelves for what?

    • SuperGrace2002

      how do i regerster my card for the beauty club? – i went online to cvs my account says i am set up for emails – but i dont get emails and cant find where to sign up for the beauty club…any help is greatly apprecated.

    • Rachel

      Where do you get the CVS store coupons from things like the Big Savings booklet? Never seen that…

      • Kim

        good question.  i even asked my store manager and he had no idea CVS had their own coupons.

    • Jen

      Good info!  Thanks, Jenny

    • NL

      I've always enjoyed shopping at CVS, but this just makes it better. I will continue to support any company that really tries to learn from their customers and make their business better. Way to go, CVS!

    • Cashiergirl

      Ok this is my first post, I am an employee at CVS and love to shop there using coupons! I also try to teach my newbie coupon customers how to try to save the max. I understand where a lot of you are coming from with the problems with cashiers not taking coupons.  At first I felt like it was coming out of my pocket then I realized who cares we get reimbursed for every coupons no matter if its a BOGO or not! The multiple cards per person does need to stop though. I think in time we will find a way to really stop that, it does empty the store and make it hard for people to shop and get good deals! So to those of you using them stop do you really need 10 toothbrushes and 5 toothpastes a week!

    • Shasha12

      I am a cvs employee as well as a coupon clipper/user. i must say my store is very accomodating to our coupon people, many have multiple cards but few really wipe us out clean of special items.  I do get an employee discount but, rules do apply, we are flexible with customers but, every store does make their own rules, ours are vague, but, better than Martins and other  supermarkets in our area. CVS main goal is to make customers happy and so we do, at least at my store, i hope your readers still support CVS  come to our store anytime CVS#12 in virginia we always make everyone happy. Keep up the good info your offering thanks. CVS team member Store 12.

    • Guest

      Love this site, Jenny–thank you for all the hard work you do, and the convenient shopping list!  Really appreciate your ethics too.  I imagine you're still in contact with CVS corporate, so want to put a bug in your ear with a suggestion:  CVS sends periodic coupons (e.g. $5 off $30 purchase) to email, with instructions to print out and take to CVS.  With smartphones, I'd like the option to hold my phone screen up for the cashier to scan (or put in a code) to save the trouble–and expense–of printing. 
      Thanks again for representing couponers so well!