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Last week, Scrubbing Bubbles sent me one of their One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaners to try out for myself.  I confess that I am not a habitual cleaner, I do get to bathrooms at least once a week, but probably not as often as they should be done.  It’s nice though to have a way to keep the toilet clean everyday and it only takes two seconds (literally).  To use the One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner, you just step on the pedal for 1 second to dispense, 2 times a day.  Each canisters should last up to 30 days.

Just start with a clean bowl and the One Step Cleaner will continue to tackle toilet rings, hard water marks and lime scale.  To install the cleaner, place the base on the floor, clip the nozzle to the rim of the bowl and attach the hose to the clip.  Put a new refill into the base until you hear a click, and then put the white cover over the refill can.  Now, just enjoy the ease of a clean toilet bowl!  The device sprays 360 degrees around the bowl and even gets under the rim!

My only concern was about pets.  I know some of you will jump on my for this, but my 13 year old cat views a toilet at a second water bowl.  If we keep the lid down then she will sit next to it and yowl…  not a fun thing at 3 am.  No matter what I try this is her preferred source for water.  After reading the FAQ section on their site and calling the company though they have stated that it is completely safe for pets or kids (though I am good at keeping my kids out of the toilet water).

The Giveaway:

Scrubbing Bubbles is giving away a free One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter Coupon + a Free Refill coupon to 10 Southern Savers readers!

To Enter:

Leave me a comment below with a tip you have for making cleaning your house a little quicker.

Winners will be chosen Wednesday, 2/15.

    • 5higgins

      I love to use clorox clean up wipes, especially in the bathrooms, I can just pull one out and do a quick wipe down!

    • Auriella

      I spend 15 minutes tidying up as soon as I get home.. don’t sit down.. just walk in the door and go!  You’d be suprised at how much you can get done in fifteen minutes :)  Look for your clutter spots.  Mine are the kitchen and coffee table.  I always start there.


      to make my house cleaner, I use the swiffer dusters! They are quick,easy and dust well.
      I also use totes, 1 for each memeber of the family. I have these in my coat closet, so when i clean, i toss each member stuff (that was laying thoughout house)into thier bin. Then they can take their belongings to their room, put away and bring my totes back to closet.

    • Lauren Finnegan

      I hate cleaning so as little I have to do as possible is better.  I take a few minutes out of my day each day a dedicate it to getting cleaning done during the week.  I also use swiffer dusters to do my dusting because it’s quick and gets the job done.  So much better than getting the cloth and spray out!

    • Mipursell

      The best thing that helps me is to keep to a schedule. I plan to do certain tasks on specific days and have a few that I complete each day. It has helped my house to look much better.

    • Wenmcusa

      With 4 kids and an old man, the quickest way to TRY to keep things clean is every where I go in the house I pick up things that need to go the way I’m going.  For instance, putting away laundry and on my way back grab the trash or pick up toys.  It helps alittle.

    • Katy W

      Do a little cleaning each day then it doesn’t pile up on you.

    • breich

      I like using windex multi surface cleaner so I don’t have to carry a bunch of bottles around while I clean.  

    • Katiea813

      Always pick up after yourself! :)

    • Chloe

      clean as you go!

    • Camsmom

      i pick one room per day. get it really clean and then do something fun and forget about everything else.

    • Jaymee024

      Make it fun and involve my child.

    • Carriearmywife

      I like to make sure that each person in the house has a basket. After dinner we pick up everything lying around and place it in the person who it belongs to basket. This way, it is already semi organized and the kids take care of their own stuff!

    • d-d

      I like to use the disinfecting wipes for a lot of things, quicker and easy plus smelling great.  I have 3 boys and they spray some when they pee, so I always use those wipes to wipe the toilet and the floor with them. 

    • Eatoncyndi

      I have been following a cleaning/organizing calendar I found on pinterest.  Makes cleaning not so overwhelming with a 2 year old!

      • Iloveuf

        oh can you please share this?  I’ve got a 2 year old also and never have large blocks of uninterrupted time to clean. you can find me at iloveuf at aol dot com. thanks!

    • Kirsten Harrison

      I divide the chores up between my three kids, my husband and I.  I do one or two tasks per day, instead of waiting until Saturday, so we can have the weekend free!

    • Julie

      Anytime I’m headed somewhere in the house I look around to see what I can take with me that belongs where I’m going…especially if I’m going upstairs or downstairs. I have gotten so used to this type of multi-tasking I actually find myself disappointed if there is nothing I need to take with me!  lol

    • Love using time saving tools like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel!

    • Beth

      Declutter constantly…so it never builds up!

    • Teddysmom

      I wish I had a really good tip….but the best I have done is make my teenage sons clean up after themselves! 

    • Terry

      I am happy with all kind of tricks you guys mention. Because I’m handicapped, that means-for me- everything that needs wet cloths are not done anymore. I can only use the wipes and sprays, so with all your tips and a great, handy and easy to clean toilet bowl product, my life would be much easier.

    • Shannon

      Clean as you go & I group certain tasks together for different days…one day is cluttering bedrooms & sheets, another is Windows & ceiling fans, etc.

    • Cindy

      I use Windex and wipe down mirrors, sinks, and counters in bathrooms.  I use disinfecting wipes around toilet areas and also use wipes for the door handles around the house.  I try to vacuum every couple of days.

    • Lauren

      I have a cleaning schedule. I do one type of room in the house each day of the week. If I don’t get to it that week, it can wait until the next week!

    • Jasgirl30

      teach your children to clean :)

    • Jeannie Foster McGinity

      I clean/pick up the mess as I see it or it’ll pile up. Biggest thing for me is the toilet cleaning. One minute it’s clean, 2 seconds later it’s dirty. I like the Scrubbing bubbles products because I can clean and save time and money (cha-ching!)….and love the smell of it too. My fave? The toilet bowl gel…Mama needs coupon for those!!

    • KaraFos

      Swiffer dusters….so much faster than pledge and cloths!

    • su Soutter

      I get the kids to clean :)  But I would love to try this new product. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Atan36

      have paper towel handy for quick clean up so you don’t have to deal with sticky mess later.

    • Mcleodsc

      I try to clean as I go and multitask when I can. Sometimes I talk on the phone while doing dishes or making the bed.

    • Temeakolueallen70

      I tr cleaning everyday.good tip clean up when you mess up.

    • Dixie

      In order to save time when emptying the various trash cans around the house I always stash extra trash bags in the bottom of each can so when I take a full bag of trash out a new bag is right there for me to put in. No having to carry bags through the house or come back to the trash can to put one in!

    • Courtney Summerlin

      The only way I’ve found to clean “quicker” – is to clean all the time so that dirt doesn’t build up and you don’t have to scrub quite as hard after a while :)

    • Aipearson68

      I have an upstairs and down…so I keep one of everything up and down.  Makes life easier and doesn’t give you the excuse that its ‘downstairs’ when you need to clean something.

    • susan

      the swiffer duster has been a great invention for me along with the wipes since i am disabled.  

    • Yolli

      I do a little each day so that my entire weekend is not spent cleaning the house

    • AP

      I try to create a rotation schedule to avoid all of it being done in one day (usually on the weekend b/c of work) and overwhelming me.

    • Lscheer6

      I try and pick up a little each day as i go… I’m more finicky when it comes to the bathroom, I try to spray down the shower wall, & toilet everyday, like a refresher, until i can give it a once over…

    • Kbrechel

      Get rid of your kids for a a few hours and that will save all the time in the world!!!! 

    • Apjp2527

      I keep a canister of Lysol wipes handy!  It’s a quick way to cut down on messes.  Also, I do a room a day so that it stays clean.

    • love4coupons

      My tip is when it comes to cleaning the tub or oven a brillo pad works best. I can’t stand to have to clean either one because they are both back breaking. I personally haven’t found a spray that don’t require scrubbing, and often they are very strong smelling. A brillo pad has soap in it and doesn’t smell. Give it a try!

    • Susan H

      Useing scrubbing bubbles is one. I also do a room a day or something everyday so I am not cleaning for a few hours and if someone is coming to visit a quick 10 minute wipe up will be good.

    • chrystal bachmann

      We don’t allow shoes on the carpet . . saves lots of time spent vacuuming!

    • Esyke623

      To make cleaning easier, I have invented a “reward” system for myself.  If I know that I have some time coming up where I can relax and watch TV, or go shopping (whatever it is), I make myself complete one “job” first, before I can do the fun stuff.  Otherwise, it might never get finished! :)

    • Bellajade

      Have the husband do it in his spare time

    • bjc23

      At a minimum, I clean one thing a day.

    • Shannonie1234

      OH! I love this one. I actually got it free with a coupon a while back and switch it out between my two bathrooms every couple of weeks so it would be great to have another to keep one in each bathroom. My tip is to give your child small specific tasks to do while you’re cleaning so that they won’t be “messing” up another room while you’re trying to clean. I usually have mine wash doorknobs with a damp cloth, keeps ’em busy and the doorknobs really do need to be wiped too!

    • Suz

      I keep clorox clean-up wipes all over the house, that way a quick wipe down and bathrooms and kitchens look clean.

    • Kareng

      I have a schedule where I clean one room every day.  Seems crazy, but it takes only a few minutes to wipe down the kitchen today, & tomorrow use the swiffer on the den furniture. I  vacuum through the house twice/week. The biggest thing is “put things back when finished!” Saves a LOT of time!!

    • Mar

      I have a little bucket under the sink in the bathroom and Kitchen that has the supplies I need for that room so it can go quickly and i don’t need to run around the house like a mad-woman looking for supplies! It helps our family!

    • Misty

      Clean up as you mess up. Teach chilldren the same and to be responsible for their own areas. Turn on some upbeat music when cleaning, or talk on phone.

    • Tamara

      My idea for getting the house cleaned quicker, especially the bathroom, is to make a game out of it with my children.  We either see who is the fastest or who can do it quicker.  With 4 boys, this makes it fun and easy.

    • Saray

      Enlist your husband…

    • Amber Brown

      I am 8months pregnant, so deep cleaning is becoming more of a challenge, so I expect everyone to try and tidy up after themselves.
      Then, I have deep cleaning days: Monday- Bedrooms, Wednesday- Bathrooms, Friday- Kitchen. The other rooms get cleaned as I can throughout the week.

    • Dixiez718

      would love to try this!  tip for faster cleaning-baskets and crates for toys-don’t just leave toys lying around.

    • Jlmichaels

      Use a towel under your feet to clean the floors standing up

    • Katie G

      I just recently moved into a house with hardwood floors. The swiffer wet jet has cut my cleaning time in half. I can easily mop the hardwood floor after the kids go to sleep and still have time to read the bible with my husband. Also, love the toilet bowl cleaner mention above. It also has made it easy to store and use in our kids and our bathroom. Eliminated messy bottles and toilet bowl brushes, which is a plus with kids.

    • I use scrubbing bubbles everywhere in the bathroom, just spray the scrubbing bubbles in the bathtub and shower, then I use a long handled brush to scrub, and rinse, you can get those long handled scrubbers at walmart, makes cleaning a lot easier.

    • Nicole

      With two small kids running all over the place, it is almost impossible to clean a whole room all at once.  I clean one thing at a time.  So, if the kids run into the bathroom, I give the sink a wipe down.  They move to the living room, I dust the TV stand.  They are eating breakfast, I load the dishwasher. Not the best system, but it works.

    • Brushcreekprim

      My whole family chips in and cleans the house… :)  We have designated  Thursday as the “Clean House Day”.  Hubby cleans the bathrooms, oldest son vacs and I mop and get laundry caught up on this day. It’s great because we with everyone chipping in we get it finished quickly.

    • Thepierces

      I have a chore chart to help me get the entire house clean each week but only do a little each day.

    • Shelleykelley

      Get the entire family on board to help out giving everyone a job. My husbands is always the not so fun jobs.

    • Deb

      I take a basket with me from room to room and take away all the misplaced items, and return them all to the correct place.

    • Cneraw

      I do the same things the same day every week… well most of the time :) to make sure by the weekend the house is clean and we dont have to worry with cleaning on our days off.

    • Danielle T

      we clean like crazy on Sunday and don’t bother cleaning during the week, i don’t know if it saves time but it feels better than cleaning everyday! lol

    • Allison

      I try to pick up messes as they are made to make cleaning go quicker.

    • Kylie

      we rotate areas each week that we deep clean

    • Sewhartsc

      Keep things picked up daily, I use lysol wipes to quickly wipe over an area when it is needed especially when company is coming by. Gives a quick clean smell and clean up fast.

    • CurrentResident

      Use some of your newspapers to clean any glass or high polish surface for a streak free shine. Not only are you putting the rest of your newspapers to good use, you’re making everything shiny.

    • Susan

      Cleaning wipes are a quick way to tidy.

    • A Floyd

      Clean a little each evening or each day.  If not you will spend the whole weekend cleaning house. Also enlist help from husband and children.

    • Brit

      I try to do one small thing a day. Wipe down the sink and counters in the bathroom, dust the bedroom furniture one day, vacuum one room a day, sweep the living room and kitchen one day, etc. It only takes about 10 minutes a day and the house generally stays clean.

    • Jerry Willis9

      Coffee filters are great when cleaning windows, mirrors, and glass. No streaks, no left behind lint fibers; just a squeaky clean shine.

    • DianaY19

      I clean one thing at a time…for example, I clean all the mirrors upstairs, then all the counters, then all the bathtubs, etc.  That way I’m not carrying all the bottles, towels, brushes, sponges, at one time from room to room.

    • radiomom

      One of the best tips ever is to put water in a microwave safe bowl and heat it up for about 5 minutes. It “steams” all the gunk in your microwave so you can just wipe it clean! I do this also when heating up water for the chicken broth cubes. Two tasks in one! 

    • Jerry Willis9

      When cleaning the toilet, don’t forget to clean and sanitize the outside of the bowl (all the way around) and also the surrounding wall/cabinet. Want to see what is often overlooked? Use a black light; urine stains/splatters glow under a black light. Don’t despair over what you see…most folks don’t think about those areas either!

    • Rgillilan2

      Using vinegar is an inexpensive and natural cleaner. My aunt mopped her tile floors with nothing but vinegar water for 20 years and the floors still looked brand new.

      • d-d

        vinegar stinks, how can your house smell good with that?

    • elaine1521

      I put trash bags in the bottom of each trash can, then put the new trash bag on top.  That way, when you empty the trash, all you have to do is reach in the bottom of the can for a new bag.

    • Languagegirl4ever

      My family of 2 adults & 2 children (ages 15 & 10) divide the work. I keep dryer sheets in the bathrooms, so we can clean the showers while we are taking one—best thing in the world to clean soap scum! I also LOVE the Scrubbing Bubbles gel things that stick to the inside of toilet bowl….keeps it clean and fresh.

    • I keep a basket on my kitchen table when I am cleaning to put in everything that needs to go upstairs ….Then I dont need to make multiple trips & I have everything in one place. 

    • Bethany

      When I have people coming over we do a “10-minute tidy.”  Everything in the public rooms gets straightened and bedroom doors simply get shut.  If someone is bold enough to open a door when it’s clearly meant to be shut, then I’m not responsible for what they see.  :)

    • Casey

      After purchasing a Keurig, we had tons of leftover coffee filters. I use them to clean windows/mirrors and the glass top stove :)

    • Jenshu007

      My grandmother always said “do a little each day”…it makes for very relaxing weekends.

    • Francesca miller

      Focus on one area per day, that way the house stays on a rotation and you dont get overwhelmed

    • sandra

      I read somewhere to always start cleaning the same place and same way every day. Being in a routine makes you get it done instead of thinking about what needs to be done!

    • Kristinlopoezduprey

      #1TIP. Stainless steal pots and pans if u have them on a rack and display them like i do and also use them need to be sparkling to stay in the public eye. I heat the pans/pots on the stove top with soapy water and when it stars foaming ( don’t leave it or u will have a bigger mess)!pull carefully to sink and scrub with a soft non scratch pad or I have a wand and it all comes off in an instant.
      #2TIP. If u have a problem with your dishwasher potting glass or film I squirt some regular vinegar all over and when they come out the look better than finish or cascade for 1/4 of the price. Cascade averages 3-4 bucks for pack a bottle of vinegar I can get on sale for 2/$1.00!

    • mom to 3

      the house looks so much cleaner after a simple run through of the vaccuum so we leave it downstairs and vacuum a couple times a week.  Also a little bit of pinesol in the sinks and toilet makes the house smell a whole lot cleaner ;)

    • Esther

      To make bathroom cleaning easier, just do one small step each day. 
      Monday — mirrors and sink
      Tuesday — tub
      Thursday — toilets
      Friday — floors
      THen it only takes about 5 minutes (or less) per day and doesn’t seem like such a monumental task.

    • sandy

      We get the whole family together to do a quick 10 minute clean up.  Make it a game and see who can clean up the most/fastest. 

    • Proudpatriot2007

      I usually keep a few of those containers of wipes in each room, that way it’s quicker to clean because I don’t have to go to another area to get them.

      Amy Lauren

    • Seagerbunch

      I love Magic Erasers.  They make cleaning bathtubs, showers and stove tops so much easier.  I give them to my kids to clean the walls and baseboards.

    • Mrs.Ellis

      I clean one room a day. So that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

    • Lejane84

      I have a list of things to do each day.  This way I’m not overwhelmed with cleaning it all at once.  This also holds me accountable to getting my chores done.

    • Mchspk

      I clean one room at a time so I’m not running back and forth cleaning :)

    • Jnszyman

      I use the 1-minute rule- if it can be done in 1-minute than it can be done now. This helps keep clutter down, dishes from piling up, and papers from being lost. 

    • Carolyn

      I get everyone involved in hopes that everyone will be less messy if they know they too will be cleaning up. It hasn’t really happened that way, but at least I have help getting the house back together !

    • Stephanie

      Ha I don’t have any! I need to read all the tips.

    • Marsha

      I use Magic Erasers they are wonderful and can be used for a lot of things.

    • Dryanimtt

      I got a shark vac & steam a few months ago and even though I bought a rainbow a few years ago I don’t use because I have wood,tile & carpet now all close together I love that I can vac and change to steam to sanitize. Light enough I can do the mattresses or even polish furniture counters tops and hard to clean places. This is a jacked up swiffer if u like swiffer you will love shark

    • Kristie

      I enlist the help of my kids. Ha!

    • ddflamingo

      We incorporate all in doing stuff around the house.. i only hope that what is fun for a 5yr old still find something interesting about it later when he gets older :) 
      I do love some Quick Shine for my wood floors and the shine lasts for weeks!!

    • Teri

      I can clean quicker when my kids are in bed!

    • JP

      I used a steam mop downstairs which is mostly hardwoods. It cleans great and picks up stains and there is no odor or chemicals.

    • Shannon

      I like to keep all my cleaning supplies in one caddy, that way I can just grab it and go!

    • rjc

      Don’t walk naked! haha In other words if you leave the room pick something up and take it with you to put away!

    • Kelly D

      While I’d love to get a little bit done each day, it just doesn’t happen. Weekends seem to be the one time we can “make time” to clean. We make it a family affair. My husban,d my 4 year old and I each have our things to clean, while the baby looks on from his swing. Some upbeat music doesn’t hurt either!

    • Memock

      I am trying to adopt the cleaning style of flylady.net- she is a genius!

    • I still find doing dishes by hand much faster I use less water than my dishwasher as I wash dishes, put in sink with hot water then wash out my cleaning sink when done with dishes and fill back up with a little bleach (3 sink system) and I’m done.  I know dishwasher is easier…but by the time it’s all done I just don’t see the time difference and I save so much money buying dish detergent rather than dishwasher detergent.

    • Piphidancer

      Get the hubby in on the cleaning fun!

    • Jennie Case

      I make every one clean up at least ten things before we go to bed at night.  That means 50 things get picked up. 

    • Bizzybamababe

      clean the tub or shower while you are bathing. 

    • Greercaldwell

      Love Scrubbing Bubbles! We already use the automatic shower cleaner to spread out times between when I have to pester my husband about how gross his shower is and I would love one of these as well. Anything that helps make bathro cleaning easier… Ick.

    • Sarah

      I recently realized that picking up after my 9 month old daughter all day was a total waste of time as she is a little tornado and gets into things repeatedly! Now I just tidy her room and play areas after she goes to bed each night and cross my fingers for the next day :-P

    • BJessa13

      Have my husband do it  “-)

    • Jgunter742

      a little bit everyday

    • Adair

      I have my kids put their own laundry away.  It helped to stop changing clothes several times a day if they have to put clean clothes away!

    • Candace

      our cleaning stuff sits right next to our bath tub, this way no one forgets to clean after they shower :)

    • nasatiger

      We clean once a week, but pick up every night (mostly!). Keeps clutter from building up but I don’t have to stress about vacuuming and dusting and such because I know it’ll get done on Monday!

    • Leighann

      Train your kids to help out….even putting PJ’s away and dirty clothes in a hamper HELPS!!

    • Jenn

      My tip is to make my husband clean a few things around the house….things go so much faster for ME when HE has a honey do list! hehe :)

    • enf1971

      get everyone that lives in the house to help

    • Vazurin

      I actually used the one step in my childrens bathroom, but would love to add it to every toilet.. It is absolutely great. I admit at first I was hesistant, but it has proven itself as a great product.

    • Kpballew

      I try to keep up with the laundry everyday. With 3 kids all in sports, it piles up quickly.  The rest of the house is done a little every day & then on Saturday morning it is called clean sweep and everyone joins in (or at least that is the plan) for 10 minutes.

    • Shannon Leaf

      My husband and I have what we call “Commercial Cleaning.” After the baby goes down for bed and we are settled into our favorite shows we do maintenance cleaning during the commercials. 

    • laurie

      i love lysol wipes and make it a habit that when my girls are in the tub, i get a chance to thorooughly clean the room.  i don’t get a chance to clean the guest bathroom as often so this would be oh-so-helpfu!!  thanks for the chance to try it!!

    • sue

      I keep used softener sheets around the house and dust when ever I see dust.

    • Roxanne

      i do as i go and don’t let anything pile up

    • Christa J.

      I have the kids help out

    • Supersupersaver

      The one step is great for the toilet. Spray the shower when you get out. Clorox wipes are great for quick cleanups around the sink.

    • Rerdmann2

      I try to rinse dishes off as soon as they are used and fill the dishwasher throughout the day, by the afternoon it is ready to be started. And I don’t have to wash by hand. Needless to say I love my dishwasher. It is the first one I have had in the 14 years I have been married. I WAS the dishwasher. It is so nice to have one less chore to do!!

    • Connieb03

      I do everything only once a week, and I make a chart to remember what I have to do each week.

    • Erinp500

      I always put things away right after dinner or once we are done with something so that the dishes do not pile up or clutter from toys gets too out of hand. 

    • Dtcampbell

      while my son is taking a bath, I clean what ever I can in the bathroom.

    • Greatwascertain

      I spend 30 minutes every morning picking up and putting away toys, while my husband does one load of laundry. Best way for us to keep up with two little girls.

    • deb

      I try not to have “empty hands” when I am headed to another part of the house– I pick something up on the way that needs to be put away…

    • Buffhome2

      tackle 1-2 things each day.  keep a master list for what I do each day of the week.  Makes it easy for me. 

    • Rencybm

      Clean as you go

    • clk_mom

      Break everything down into 5-10 minute chunks, and don’t do it all at once.

    • Efmagno114

      Try to clean everyday

    • Heater1212

      I do a little bit everyday with my boys. They love getting involved and we have a good time pretending or making up games as we go.

    • Fortune84

      I have my daughter help me and we race to see who can do it quicker. She finds it fun time with mommy and I get some exercise in!

    • Stephgmccann29

      Make cleaning into a routine during the week.  Have something for each day and it won’t feel like you are spending your weekend cleaning house.  I love the automatic shower cleaner, it helps cut down cleaning time for the shower.

    • Pan_102

      Males pee sitting.

    • Tara

      It’s easier for me to split things up instead of trying to do it all at once.  Also, cleaning after the kids go to bed makes it go a little faster since it gets done without interruptions!

    • lisa

      Everybody works at the same time.

    • Ndidlake

      Doing quick wipedowns every other day or so! Keeps things maintained, and reduces the need for big deep-cleans.

    • Sanderskd1

      Cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite part about cleaning. I try and do it as fast as i can.

    • Adriane

      Do a little bit at a time.

    • Tammy

      I sweep daily to reduce dust and dirt throughout the house which makes mopping less of a chore on the weekend!

    • HMD Trading Post

      We have a 5 minute tidy every night before bed. I set a song (sometimes the song has to play 2x) and we pick up as many toys/trash/socks/sweep etc.. as we can in 5 minutes. It gets the kids involved and they think it is a game. Its nice because all the things i dont like bending over to pick up is already done after they go to bed and i can focus on pllishing etc…

    • Dragonfly11m

      I like to play music while I’m cleaning.. helps time go by much faster.

    • Dtcox1

      ilove this thing found two at familydollar the other week i clean for a living  so this is a big help at my house use every morning love the smell 

    • Samanthadare

      I like to have a roll of paper towels, Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-a-Clean spray, Windex and Lysol wipes under each bathroom sink.  That way, when I’m in there and see some cleaning needs to be done, I can do a quick once over before I leave!  :)

    • Pcolablue

      would love to win this!! hate to clean toliets! however, I use lysol or clorox wipes everyday and clean the outside and rim of bowl….makes in depth cleaning a lot easier…thanks.

    • I have ceramic tile through out and wiping it down with the swiffer daily or every other day helps keep down on major moping

    • Aimee McPherson

      I would love to win this!  We have a chart set up with 1 task to be done each day so it breaks everything up and nothing seems too overwhelming!

    • Tabitha

      I hate cleaning also, but I love a clean house. Cleaning a little at a time, especially when a mess happens. I would love to win one of these so the toilet could get cleaned less often, that is the worst job.

    • Alcy01

      My 2 year old loves to vacuum so he gets the small dirt devil and I plug it into an extension cord and let him go to town. Then I come through with the regular vacuum cleaner to get anything he may have missed, but he has watched me vacuum so much that he will move his small chairs out of the way to vacuum and anything else he is capable of moving!

    • Guest

      Clorox Toilet wand works great and they have a holder for the wand and scrubbers that can sit next to the toilet so it’s there whenever you need it. The scrubbers have the cleaner in them that activates in the water and they do a good job. The scrubbers are disposable so no dirty toilet bowl brush to have around. Best disposable scrubbers I’ve found. Other brands didn’t work nearly as well. 

    • Cmkrh

      I have a three year old son who has a hard time aiming.  Everytime I go to the bathroom I know when he has been in there because there is pee everywhere.  I have tried to teach him to aim but his problem is more that he doesnt pay attention.  I find pee everywhere! On the walls, all over the toliet and all in the floor. I keep flushable wipes near by and clorox clean-up under the sink because I hate pee smells and I dont want the mess toilet paper leaves behind or to clean it with a rag so the scent lingers. I’m a freak about it! I just spray it down with clorox clean up wipe it down with the wipes and flush the mess away.

    • Heather109

      I clean when the kids and husband are out of the house ;)  Nobody is there to make messes as I clean!

    • Lorap7

      I try to clean a little everyday, so it doesn’t build up.

    • Bg1999

      I clean a little each day during the week.. if it is taking the trash out, doing one load of laundry or cleaning the garage. It doesn’t seem like such a huge workload on the weekend when I want to do what I want to do.

    • janrobinson

      I engage slave labor…two teenage children. 

    • Jenscoupons14

      Clean a little bit along, that way you don’t have to spend hours on any one day cleaning.

    • Penrose33

      I keep Lysol wipes in every bathroom and the kitchen. Grab one each morning and wipe down the bathroom sinks, then give the kitchen counters a quick wipe before and after cooking. Keeps the rooms tidy.

    • are we supposed to clean?
      ok, I actually do a little each day (I did say a little), living on a farm the floors coming in the back door mud room then into the kitchen have to be done every day.  Shelves are done with I’m walking by with dirty towels or dirty dish towels to throw in the washer.  Living on a farm it seems like there is as much dirt in the house as outside at times.

    • A. Sue

      Just doing a little often. If you let it build up it takes longer to clean.

    • Ajawee83

      make your own simple cleaner and use it for everything. You don’t need 10 different bottles of stuff.

    • Rebeccajeandaniels

      When I clean I put a laundry basket in the room I’m cleaning and everything that does not belong in that room I put it in there and when I’m done cleaning that room I put those items away.This saves time by not having to run room to room.

    • Mackenziechester

      Make sure everything has a place…

    • Hemlockhoneybun2005

      I have a wonderful husband who helps me clean.

    • Teale

      I keep a “quick clean” basket under the sink in each bathroom, and in the kitchen.  These include toilet fresh wand refills and bathroom wipes (in the bathroom), all purpose cleaner, and/or windex.  These are great if you just have a few minutes to fresh up that space, without having to drag out your arsenal of cleaning supplies.

    • Lauramarie11

      The whole family need to pitch in and help each other!

    • cindy

      Lysol wipes they r a lifesaver :)

    • Jenks27

      The one main thing I do is turn the music up as loud as I can stand it. I’m either listening to a mix of Adele, Chris Tomlin and anything else that lifts my spirits. It makes the time fly by.

    • My kids have to do morning, afternoon, and evening chores before they can play the Wii. That helps a lot.

    • Csstatham

      I put a basket in every room for quick and easy pick up.  It makes a big difference.

    • Mickey

      I do a little each day so it is not so hard at the end of the week.  It also makes a difference when the whole family works together.

    • i make home made cleaners and share them with my sister in helping keep the cost down, since she has 2 kids! really helps keep strong chemicals away from the kids and makes you want to clean more!! 

    • my3sons

      I try to keep the house as straight as possible throughout the day. It seems that if you let it go it is hard to get caught up.

    • Drew041283

      When I’m cleaning up my house I have a little cart with different baskets for evry person, so as I walk around picking up random things left out I just put it in their basket and let them put it in their room when everyone gets home.

    • Kim N.

      I am all about easy cleaning. It (plus cat and child) is why I don’t have knickknacks. So, it’s easy to dust (toss a sock on my hand and go). To clean the dryer lint trap, I use the fabric softener sheet that just came out of the wash. I use canned air to clean my blinds. And I swear by Spot Shot pet formula for stains on the floor!

    • Barb

      Flushable scrubbing bubbles wipes are a fabulous invention for keeping the toilet area clean, esp for last minute cleanups before guests arrive.  Also, a real time saver is the Swiffer for dusting furniture and cleaning wood floors!

    • Debbie

      Make the house cleaning quicker by using Mr. Clean’s magic eraser on your tub.  It is a lifesaver.

    • Beckybcarroll

      I say finish where you start before going to the next room. I am really bad about starting in one room, taking something to another room and seeing something that needs to be done there. It seems to take me forever so having this one step toilet bowl cleaner would be at least one thing in the house that would get finished. lol

      • i do the same thing i can’t seem to finish one room or if i do that’s it i spend my whole day on that 1 thing

    • Sheenabsb

      Its quicker when the whole family helps all together!!

    • coupondad74

      Try to do 1 load of laundry everyday, even if its a small one…..

    • amyc

      I have 3 children, so it is never a good time to clean. I have found that if I give each one a “job” ( like I have one clean the coffee table, one wipe down doors, and one wipe off the refrigerator door ) that it keeps them busy and out from under my feet while I do the things I need to do. 

    • Kdubose

      I listen to music.  It makes the time go by faster!

    • Bncopeland

      Being organized and clean ALL the time.. haha

    • Shelleyts20

      i just work a few minutes here and a few minutes there daily. that way i don’t feel overwhelmed.

    • Brena

      Scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner!! I hate to clean my shower doors. You actually have to get into the shower to tackle them…but the little automatic cleaner cuts back on the number of times I have to clean them in a month.

    • Lottieevans

      Turn on some old Friends episodes and the time flies by!

    • Naenae248

      I try to always take one thing that doesn’t belong in a room out of that room when I’m leaving it.  It’s a small thing, but it does help!

    • Emily Rose

      My grandma always told me, keep the room for company (usually living room) neat enough so that if someone comes over unexpectedly, you can do a quick once over in 30 seconds and it will look presentable.  (Also, must keep one bathroom tidy at all times. Unexpected guests also use the loo.) I try to keep my kids mess reserved to the bedroom and flat surfaces clean and clear at all times. So all I need to do when a guest shows up is a quick pick up in the living room, a step on the toilet bowl cleaner, a spray of glade and we are good to go!  

    • Emily

      Want to try this out….anything that makes cleaning the potty easier and LESS HANDS ON is a plus for me!  And glad to hear you keep the kids out of the potty water!  *wink*

    • Kathyruffin

      pick up each room as you go through them. put stuff away as you go through the house.

    • meg

      I take the kids out and let dad clean while we are gone!! :)

    • lapcouponer

      i keep a basket by door we come in to dump mail keys etc so they arent left all over the place and then you cant find them

    • Angelique Webb

      I spread out my cleaning throughout the week. If you do a little here and there, you will never have a huge mess to clean up. and also music helps!!

    • Cmccurry

      My steam mop makes is quicker

    • laura

      I divide cleaning into doing a little each day! It saves time overall and I work more quickly (and am more motivated) because it doesn’t seem like such a daunting task!

    • Carmanm

      Each of my boys has a daily job to do.  When everyone pitches in, it doesn’t overburden anyone!

    • Darcy

      Have kids help . It helps you get things done and teaches them how to do things on their own.

    • Seabonn14

      I try to take one job per day and give myself 15 minutes to get it done (Monday is dusting, Tuesday is vacuumin, etc)  This keeps everything up and it doesn’t take a whole day to get it done.  

    • Crafty Momma

      Cleaning up directly after you do something makes “Cleaning Day” a lot less time consuming. We also have a “Chore Chart” that keeps everyone in the house accountable for something each week.

    • Vcsavingmoney

      I divide the house into sections and clean one section each day.

    • Hpowers1129

      we have a cleaning day…then through out the week we do the little things, keep the house picked up, so that eventually that giant cleaning day is not every week. But maybe once every two weeks. I hate cleaning….but if i do a little each day then i dont have to spend my entire saturday doing it

    • Stella

      Our laundry area is close to the main bathroom, so we always put our towels and undies  in the washing machine instead of the hamper when we finish showering. After a few days, we have enough to run a load of whites. Usually, I just add some detergent and run it while I’m preparing dinner – or my husband will run it when he is working from home. We never run out of whites, and we have less laundary & sorting on the weekend.

    • Kat175

      Mine involves cleaning with kids – We have hard stops in our day now, which we have just started and it works well.  If I am home with them, at 10 and 3 we stop whatever we are doing (actually we do sing some Hammer) and we clean for 15 minutes.  The kids have started to remind me if I forget! It makes things sooo much easier later!

    • Birgit Gilbert

      I have a system for picking up my Daughters room, books first, dolls second, play dishes next etc. I have a basket for dirty clothes to take them to the laundry room even with the biggest mess I have her room cleaned within 15 minutes. I have storage cubes, containers etc for all her toys so everything has a place.

    • Tammyjnim

      I keep a sponge and spray cleaner in the kids’ bathroom so while they are playing in the bath, I wipe down the counter and floor.

    • Jennie

      I’ve been following Fly Lady’s program… a little cleaning every day keeps you from going crazy right before people come over!  :)

    • JPBMC

      I spend 30 minutes per day doing real cleaning.  Everyone cleans their room once per week and it must be done by Friday at 5pm or they do not get to do activities they wish during the weekend.  Twice a week, we pick up anything we have individually left in other rooms and put them in their place. 

    • MsBsCandles

      I am constantly reminding the kids to pick up after themselves.  If they do it, then the house looks pretty decent.  Just staying on top of them is hard.

    • Babydec07

      Lysol/clorox wipes, a magic eraser and and my shark steam mop are my cleaning heroes! 

    • Mel

      I enjoyed reading these!  I am not the best house cleaner.  If it doesn’t look dirty, I’m guilty of not getting to it as often as I should.  But each of my kids gets a small chore each day (helping unload the dishwasher, feeding the pets, etc.) and I am getting better at making sure there is a specific place for everything we own.  That way it’s easier for the kids (and me) to pick stuff up and put it away.

    • Ashli B!

      I super super busy every night after work! I always try to spend 5 minutes cleaning anything and collectively, the whole apartment stays a lot cleaner!

    • I have a schedule and try to clean certain areas regularly – which makes it quicker since (in theory, at least) the dirt and grime doesn’t build up!

    • Rachel

      Make the husband put his dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of the sink!

    • Kdowell13

      Multitask in small ways! When I spray disinfectant in my bathroom and need to let it sit for a few minutes, I start a load of clothes or fold or when I let the dishes soak for a while, I clean the rest of the kitchen. Simple multitasking helps tackles alot of messes quickly and efficently!

    • Mel

      I have my kids clean, since they made the mess to begin with….. saves me tons of time!

    • I love to use disinfecting wipes. I keep some in the bathroom to clean off the seat and handles.

    • Charish Delee

      I enjoy the “5 minutes a day” rule. Especially in the bathroom! It feels a lot easier to set the timer for 5 minutes and clean as much of it as I can. I’m keeping up with it every day without the dread of the huge cleaning project! :)

    • Jose Lopez

      Well, It actually has to do with the Scrubbing bubbles  One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Starter we started using it about a month ago. It’s great you stamp it and leave it there up two weeks your toilet still smell good and no more water residue which it’s great do the fact that the water in my area is really bad and i will always get that reddish mark after like 3 days of cleaning the toilet.

    • Marcybeach

      I play a game called the “10 minute Tidy!”   I set the kitchen timer for 10 mins and then I go to town cleaning one room as much as I can…then reset the timer and go to the next room!! until I am done!!  It’s amazing how much I get done in one hour…and I am beat but the house looks great!!   Good for the diet too!!

    • Sunshine

      I have a task every day.  Monday is the bathrooms becuse my least favorite. Nothing is left for the weekends and I can relax with my dh.

    • Akumphrey

      Keeping a postive attitude makes it go by faster.

    • janice

      Staying on top of dishes and laundry daily so these two things dont pile up!!

    • i like the one step toilet bowl cleaner it smells great and if you step on the pedal before going to bed your bathroom will smell fresh and clean still in the morning.

    • Erika

      When going from one floor to the next, make sure you have completed your to do lists for that floor before moving forward.  This helps in time management.

    • Bblynbolton

      Do some cleaning each day that way it does not get over whelming.

    • Khm_mom

      Take a  diet pill and  listen to Adele, you’d be surprised what you get done…

    • Angela Wells

      I have a little hand brush for quick pickups on the floor.

    • Scarter17

      straight to dishwasher with dirty dishes!!!!

    • Katy

      I find straightening as I dust to be a good way to multi-task.

    • Melissam0202

      We do the light cleaning during the week and then tackle the big things on weekends…it really does make a difference. 

    • Pauladeshazo

      I have several indoor cats and when I use the scrubbing bubbles gel (which last for about 5-6 days) my cats smell the water in the bowl and go to their water bowl. Scrubbing bubbles are the best products and the clean last!

    • Brgcoupon

      I do a 15 minute “tornado” every night to keep the clutter at bay!

    • Michelle Kauffman

      No procrastinating, if it looks like it needs doing do it. It never takes as long as you think it will.

    • Aprilmh1628

      I try to clean one area or room per day to keep from cleaning the entire house in one day!

    • Jnvsibley

      I start at the back of the house and work each room til I reach the front. Seems to work best for me.

    • Debscouponmagic

      I use swiffer sheets to clean the laminate bedroom floors,  They are really great for getting under the beds. Instead of mopping, I can use the wet swiffers, and they do make the whole room smell fresh. I do use coupons and try to catch them on sale to hold down the cost. 

    • stephanie82

      I try to clean one room a day instead of doing them all in one day, IF I have some extra time, I will do a second room and do 1-2 loads of laundry at a time instead of all the laundry at once

    • Zzzz13

      I have all my cleaning supplies in a bucket so that all I have to do is carry the bucket from room to room and I have all my suppies in one place. No more looking all over to get what you need. Always in one place.

    • Asgcoach

      Sometimes splitting up between two days make it seem faster… :-)

    • Sherri

      Always pick up something when you are going from one room to another and put it where it belongs.

    • I have a set of cleaning supplies downstairs and one upstairs, so I don’t have to go up and downstairs all the time.

    • S-pagan1

      I always try to keep the dishwasher empty soon after the load is finished, that way I can rinse and put the dirty dishes in there and keep my sink from piling up. I also keep disinfectant wipes in the bathroom so I can wipe down the counter and sink every day or so. Going to switch to the windex multi-surface so I can clean the mirror too.

    • Lacey530


    • Eleanor

      I choose a certain time of day, every day, and set the timer for 15 minutes.  I know I only have to clean for 15 minutes, so I get so much done and can usually do the whole house during the week :)

    • dsmith

      I try to do small task before they turn into large task. During the normal course of a day as I’m going from one room to another I look to see what I can put away. If’ I’m in the laundry room and I’m going to the bedroom….I always take some clean laundry with me. When I’m in the closet, I always hang up a shirt before I leave.  When I’m washing dishes, I’ll clean 1 shelf in the frig. or the microwave, or the pantry. Before you know it, the house is relatively clean and tidy.

    • Joannholman

      I try to clean the bathroom every other day. The one step would be a big help.

    • Claudia

       One room per day. It would not take more that 15 minutes

    • PRowell

      My rule is to pick it up and deal with it one piece at a time, one room at a time, and to keep moving!

    • Daharrison99

      I have a chore list. With 4 kids it doesn’t take long to get the house clean. Each child has a specific task to do each day so by the weekend the house is clean and I have time to coupon.

    • rebekah

      I have started the alittle each day method and it has been a life saver!!

    • Romag

      I have a new born and a tornado(7yrs old daughter :) ) so i try to clean every day as much as possible

    • cher

      Starts with laundry, while waiting, vacuum, clean kitchen and bathroom , dust at last! Hubby and I divide the chores

    • Lilmurch

      I use a sweeper to pick up crumbs and other little trash until I get a chance to valcum the carpets really good.  

    • Mocha

      Honestly, I think that prep work is key to making house cleaning easier and less time consuming. I always start by putting a cleaning solution on whatever area I am cleaning and let it sit for a few moments before I begin. That has seemed to work in cutting down the time that I actually spend cleaning. This seems to loosen the dirt and/or grime that has accumulated on the surface. I also use hot water when I begin the actual cleaning process. Works great for me! Try it..

    • Debbie

      Make it a family event, we all pitch in to help

    • VERgin

      i clean little bit each day.so it will not be a big at the end

    • Brittneybodine

      Only do the floors once a week. it seems like i could clean our hardwood/tile floors every day, but the obsessive i get, the dirtier they  become. so i have to remind myself to just relax and only clean it once a week.

    • Elizabeth

      Focus on one room per day.

    • bUBBA

      Do at least one thing a day or one room a day and everything will stay clean 

    • Savanna

      The floor of my shower gets buildup that WILL NOT come off with scrubbing.  I have found that wetting the floor, springkling comet on it to make a paste, and then covering that with wet clothes for several hours helps break up the grime.

      • Use a generic shampoo like suave or v05. Cover in shampoo let sit, then rinse…this is the best cleaner I have found for getting rid of soap scum. Hope this helps. 

    • Ksb1223

      I do a load of laundry each day and I make my kids help with the housework.

    • I am a FLYbaby! 15 minutes a day keeps the chaos away! :) Love you FlyLady!!!

    • Alz Zachrich


    • Shannon Page

      I kick everyone OUT of the house and it goes so much faster than having to clean
      around everyone or have them make messes right behind me!

    • Karried66

      Start by spraying scrubbing bubbles foam cleaner on all sinks, bathtubs and faucets.  While the cleaner is doing it’s job, start in another area of the house.  After 20 minutes or so, go back and finish cleaning the bathroom.

    • Samstwink

      I do a quick pick before I head to bed. I pick up things and put them away on the way to bed.I have less to do in the morning and it eases my mind and helps me sleep.

    • Bkebp

      Put back what you pull out..

    • gccsmom

      Be sure to have a rug to wipe your feet right inside the front door!

    • Christine

      do things when they are ready to be done/need to be done (ie empty the dishwasher, do the laundry) instead of letting it pile up.  10 minutes now instead of 2hrs later always makes it feel like less work.

    • Noel

      Taking our shoes off before we walk in the house. I read somwhere that this eliminates about 80% of the dirt tracked in and I believe it!

    • Diana_mcadams

      I do a quick sweep of the house everyday (15 to 30 min.) that way it is always neat, so if I have an unexpected guest I am never caught with a dirty house

    • Stickrn3

      picking up after yourself and encouraging the other family members to do that as well!

    • Wooabm26

      I try to tidy up daily and make sure everything is in it’s place-that makes my weekly cleaning go by quicker.  Also, shoes off at the door eliminates most floor dirt.  After an especially gross guest bathroom, I make all males go outside! 

    • Justinsmommu

      I try to leave junk mail in the recycle bin in the garage and not bring it into the house.

    • I always say, if you want to vacuum, make sure its plugged in. It does seem to work better.

    • Fullquiver

      I divide the weekly chores up in to 5 days a week and inlist all 10 of my children each afternoon to tackle the chores for that day- mond is laundry and vacuuming, tues is bathrooms, wed mopping and dusting etcc,,,  “Many hands make light work!”

    • Michelle Binkley

      I try (emphasis on TRY) to do one or two things each day. That way I don’t end up with the whole house needing a scrub down all at once. It works really well….in theory. :-)

    • A Carnes

      We do laundry every day but the weekend, and keep up with the bathroom and kitchen on a daily basis, but dusting and vacuuming are done on a weekly basis:)

    • Akhwbj1

      I give my 20 month old a rag and let him help me. It helps to keep him occupied and I can get more done that way.

    • Duffer270

      My absolute least favorite thing to clean is the floors. I have an indoor dog that sheds profusely. Eck! So, I use the swiffer wet/dry cloths for making my hardwood floor regimen a little faster. It’s a mental thing-once the worst part is over, I’m ready to do everything else! (Weird I know!)

    • 302799

      I clean with my “favorite music”.  I turn on the “oldies but goodies”, sing/dance/clean.

    • Joann

      I always try to do a quick swish and swipe  after I use the sink, this really keeps this area clean for the next person, etc.,
      I have all purpose cleaner and paper towels under the sink for easy access.

    • Julia

      I try to clean as much as I can in the morning when I have the most energy.

    • Jea

      I hate those little spots that seem to live on the bathroom mirror.  Finally I mounted a paper towel holder on the back side of the vanity base (can’t be seen from the door).  Now I just grab one dampen and do a quick swipe on the mirror.  I tried keeping a rag hanging there for that purpose but the kids kept using it as a hand towel.

    • Kelley

      Play some music! It may not go quicker, but it makes it seem like it does.

    • Jnaundorff


    • jp02

      I ALWAYS pick up as I go..if I’m walking to another room I usually have something with me picked up from another room to put back in place…it’s a constant thing!

    • Angela

      Lysol or Clorox wipes are a life saver for me!

    • tori729

      I clean my bathroom while the kiddos are taking a bath! It’s quick and easy and is sure to get done at least once a week! ;)

    • Lalit

      -I usually put some blanket on the carpet for Kids play
      – Using Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel , worth buying :)

    • Debradaker

      I try and keep my kitchen sinks free from dishes; put them in the dishwasher even if I’m going to hand wash them later. It makes you feel better to have empty sink.

    • barkia

      Hubby and I both work. We do our cleaning on Friday night or Saturday morning. We tackle rooms together. We have music playing, we have windows open (if possible) and we make it fun and quick. He does the toilets and tubs twice as fast as I. Im better at floors and furniture. We get it done.


    • Sarah

      I keep cleaning supplies beneath the sinks in each bathroom and the kitchen.  This not only saves me time, but I keep up with the cleaning so much better.

    • melissacholliday

      Use your coupon saves to hire a housekeeper. :-)

    • Staci Williams

      keeping cleaning supplies in each room really helps!  And with the great deals I get couponing, having duplicates is not an issues!

    • Angela

      I wipe down the bathroom before I take a shower at least 3 times a week.  That way it never gets super gross!

    • Rafterjc

      You would not believe how much time yoo can save just by putting things away when you are done with them.

    • Michelle Greene

      Pick me Pick me..hehe  This stuff is awesome!!!!  My quick tip,I got a great bag from 31(on sale ofcourse!!) and I keep everything in it so all i do is pick up my bag and I have everything for every room right there.  I never have to worry about running from room to room.  I also have one of these in my bathroom(hopefully I will win this one for the guest bathroom) and use it twice a week I can tell a big difference on saturdays when I go to deep clean.

    • Sshull54

      I try to pick up things that belong in another room when I go from room to room. Have 13 year & 14 year grandsons living with me so there is always things that belong in other rooms. Have tried to teach them this trick but seems they only travel a oneway route.  

    • Sandy

      I assign each member of my family one room in the house that they are responsible for. (other than bedroom) We divide and conquer!

    • Rosa4441

      woohoo luv this stuff…..pick up after urself daly and cleanin will be a little easier….

    • Kim

      Dust on Monday
      Vacuum on Tuesday
      Mop on Wednesday
      Clean the bathrooms on Thursday
      Keep up with the laundry, dishes, and other “picking up” and Friday through Sunday you won’t have to worry about much cleaning!

    • Twin momma King

      I clean when the kids are sleep to get things done faster.

    • Jennifer Van Dahm

      Everyone takes a certain area of the house and we all tackle it all at one time! Plus straighten up the house before going to bed.

    • Melissa

      Since I get very little help from my kids or husband I have to try to keep up with everything on a daily basis!!  

    • Lucy

      I love my swiffer!

    • Lucy

      I love my swiffer mop

    • Cant’ live without clorox wipes

    • Strice1

      I got rid of a lot of clutter on my coffee table and end tables. I keep it simple now and dusting is a breeeze!

    • Tlwoodbury

      Showers:  Squeegie the shower daily after showers,  and then spray with Arm & Hammer Clean Shower.  Just takes a second and prevents soap buildup and mildew.  Use Scrubbing Bubbles and a shower scrubber to easily scrub showers clean bi-weekly.  Throw shower curtains in the wash once monthly.  Showers never get a chance to look dirty.
      Bathroom mirror:  Keep soft cotton cloth and Glass Plus within easy reach in cabinet near sink and clean mirror every night after brushing teeth.  Throw cloth in hamper the night before you do your white laundry.  It is nice to look into a sparkling mirror every morning. 

    • Maggie Buerger

      I work at home, so I do a few things each day. Scrubbing toilets, for example, is every Friday afternoon. I usually clean the mirrors, counter and sink while I’m at it. That way the worst part is over before the weekend. The bathtub can wait or gets filled with Palmolive dish detergent and water. That “bubble bath” is a quick and easy way to clean a tub.

    • Rgil124

      I keep all my cleaning products together in a caddy, makes it so much easier and faster to get my cleaning done :)

    • Bauercandace

      I use denture cleaner tablets in the toilet bowl- drop 3 of them in the clean water and let them fizz and flush! Keeps it nice and shiny between cleanings, but the Scrubbing Bubbles system sounds even better!!!!

    • Beem3r

      I spray the walls of my shower & tub 5 minutes before getting in and then spray it down during. Keeps the mildew from accummulating and me from spending hours trying to scrub it out!

    • I have found that Windex is my all purpose cleaner.  It gets stains out of carpet, cleans windows and glass, and it smells great!

    • lorayne gothard

      I put toilet cleaners in all the toilets and spray the showers down and go back and they are easier to clean

    • Defiitely love my organic cleaning products!

    • Candyh2001

      To remove tough bathtub  or bathroom stains use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for bathrooms.  It works wonders.  

    • M

      I like my Scurrbing Bubbles Shower cleaner, it really helps

    • April M.

      I spend about 10-15 mins picking up the house every night before I go to bed so it’s always neat for the next day. I do my regular weekly cleaning and I pick one room a week to deep clean/organize, etc.

    • Myerse

      honesty comes forth…i hate cleaning and have no quick tips…i usually procrastinate so much that on Saturday morning my husband and i have to spend a good 2 hours deep cleaning the whole house. ugh.

    • Yimeius

      Clean everyday that should it easier

    • Jranspa

      really want something that will clean the commode better…

    • Niddi

      I don’t mind the normal cleaning and anything that makes is easier is a plus. My problem is the miniblinds, even with a swiffer duster I hate doing those.

    • Leigh

      I don’t have any tips but the One Step Toilet Cleaner sounds like the closest thing to a self-cleaning toilet we can get!  Would really like to try one!

    • Stephstrawder

      If you have children, get rid of them to get any cleaning done.  My little boy can destroy more than I can clean up.  If I want to have any satisfaction out of my nice clean house, I usually have to drop him off with my parents for a few hours.  I bask in the sparkling glory right up until the moment he walks in the door.  Then, *poof*, no more clean house.  It’s a fair trade as he is an awesome kid.  Also, he will throw his trash away and he is only 2 1/2.  

    • Pocohontaswhite

      I try to do a little at the time so that I’m not exhausted after working all day and trying to do it all one night…

    • Amynycol

      I run over the bathroom and odds and ends with a lysol wipe to keep them fresh between cleanings…

    • Maria

      I make the beds and that later motivates me to do anything i might want to do

    • Mbassett73

      In between bath room cleaning I use cleaning wipes..Clorox,lysol..etc

    • Dgswatz

      Put on some music with a good beat .

    • Jenna

      I got a great coupon deal on a Swiffer Sweeper awhile ago at CVS and that has helped sooooo much! Instead of dragging a broom up a flight of stairs and sweeping each stair individually, then having to sweep it into the dustpan (aka an excuse for procrastination), I can just Swiffer my way down every few days. In 5 minutes, I can usually clean the entry way, a flight of stairs, and the floor in the study.

    • Stephanie Bent

      Focus on one room at a time instead of trying to clean it all at one time

    • Coupons

      A good Rascal Flatts CD playing loud and a cup of coffee in my system will get my cleaning going faster and it’s more fun too!

    • Sonya Caldwell

      I do all the dusting first to get the dust out of the way and then if any gets on the floor the vacuum will get it!

    • Lorilynn_b

      focus on one room a day to get the cleaning done. that way you are not killing yourself cleaning every week

    • Griffinskj

      I am a clean freak but have not tried this product.  Would love to have one.  Thanks

    • The4klockmanns

      I am one for committing one whole day to get the whole house cleaned….if I accomplish all that I have set out to do, I reward myself with a shopping day or a manicure the next day and I can leave knowing that when I get home it is all done and I can just spend the next few days doing anything else.

    • CPrice09

      After windexing the mirrors, use the paper towel to polish chrome fixtures

    • Krauber

      I still haven’t tried this product, waiting for a good sale.  I currently keep disinfectant wipes under the sink in the bathroom.

    • Too expensive to try and I wasn’t sure how well it works.  Would be nice to try before buying.

    • Linda E

      I ALWAYS keep my house picked up and it feels so much cleaner even if I haven’t had time to clean!

    • Sandy

       Always make the bed and spray some fresh linen scent around.  Works like a charm.   

    • Lindsey Frizzell Morgan

      I tuck cleaning products, tools, etc into closets, cabinets, under beds…wherever I can so that they are there in the room when I’m ready to use them. It saves me so much time to not have to run back and forth to one central storage location. 

    • Margaret

      I usually try to focus on 1 room at a time on the wknds & pick up any obvious clutter in the other rooms dring the week

    • Candicami

       I keep cleaning supplies in multiple rooms so I can do a quick clean whenever needed.

    • Apuckett524

      I try to tackle one to two rooms a day, so as not to overwhelm myself and have more time with my son.

    • frances

      I leave Windex or other cleaning supplies under each sink for a quick clean up!

    • Aimee

      I keep cleaning products in both bathrooms so I don’t have to go looking for anything

    • Sandy565

      I turned up the music and jam away so the time goes away go fast!

    • I love to use the scrubbing bubbles soapscum remover! I literally spray on a wipe off!

    • Daphne

      Ask your husband to do it?  LOL

    • Flo

      keep stuf organize all the time

    • Jfmosley

      Throw everything in the closet ;)

    • SaraC0712

      My husband and I have a race to see who can get the job done the quickest (and the cleanest.) Whoever loses cooks dinner that night.

    • Poppy Miller

      I keep products in each bathroom so for a quick cleanup, try to stay on top of it as much as possible. Can’t stand dirty bathrooms…

    • Stephanie

      Music and dancing, in other words, making it fun works for me.

    • Beccanifty

      Clean a little each evening.

    • Amanda3rdgrade

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clorox wipes!!!!

    • Julie

      scrubbing bubbles is my favorite bathroom cleaning product.

      Turning cleaning into a game for my kids :)

    • Kendall

      I have cleaning products in each bathroom and my kitchen so I don’t have to go hunting for the right supplies.

    • Colette

      When I use the bathroom I always grab a Clorox wipe or baby wipe and wipe something down, that way it always stays clean~

    • JO

      Clorox wipe is a MUST for me in my house!!! It makes cleaning so much easier.

    • Laduga

      Antibacterial wipes make cleanig easier

    • Brannum_marsha

      Cleaning always goes quicker when the kids & husband pitches in….we can all take a room & when we all get finished the house work is almost done….its gr8!!!

    • Amysknobloch

      I try to keep cleaning wipes in all the bathrooms and kitchen so when I’m short on time I can do quick cleaning!

    • SharoninSC

      I use a chore chart that rotates each day, different room/area. A little every day does it for us!

    • anita

      I give the bathroom a quick rubdown while the kids take a bath…

    • Pdms3

      Do dishes as i use them

    • shadana

      clean something every day

    • jarmessica

      I have my twins help with clothes by having them fold and put up their own items.

    • Shelley Condren

      I love the cleaning wipes for the bathroom sink. Makes it easy to clean every couple of days

    • Gladysanchez49

      I love to have one of this.

    • Denise

      I do a different cleaning task each day

    • GAMom

      I’m not too great at keeping the house in immaculate condition. Sure, I can clean as a I go, but the major cleaning (bathrooms, mopping, etc) is not my forte, so I swap off with a friend for her cleaning services. She cleans my house thoroughly twice a month, I carpool everyday.

    • Tammy7506

      Hmmm…I only clean house twice a month. No tips….just clean. 

    • Ralla16

      would love to try these. We had a house fire last July and our house is almost repaired and we will move in soon. would love to try this in my remodeled house.

    • I try to let my kids help me by putting their own plates on the counter/in the kitchen, fold small blankets, and put away their own toys.

    • Mnaleimaile

      my son loves to help with small chores around the house, putting dishes in the sink, throwing out trash, pushing the start button on the washer and dryer, singing  the teamwork song while we pick up toys

    • Becky Scott

      I give a quick 5-10 minute clean to whatever room I am in (if I have 5-10 minutes…  ha!) Even if that little bit of time won’t get the whole room clean, you would be surprised what you can do in that time.  I also keep several bottles of dusting spray, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, paper towels, and rags several places around the house so thatI can get to it quick so that I don’t waste my 5 minutes!

    • DeeMetz

      I have antibacterial wipes under all the sinks and wipe down the counters and sinks on a daily basis.  It only takes a few seconds a day.  However the toilets are an issue.  I usually get to the guest bathroom daily but the other 2 toilets once a week.  There is just not enough time, so I would love to try this.

    • Chip4251

       I have a dust buster for quick pick ups making vacuuming quicker when  I do have to do it later!

    • Boobear4e

      I have found that picking up after yourselves and being a team helps in my house. Do as you go along!

    • Nila

      Team work is the key. My 7 year old vacuums as my 5 year old dusts. I clean the kitchen as I cook. 

    • Amanda Parris

      It sounds silly, and maybe even wasteful, but having some basic cleaning supplies in the rooms that needs the most attention helps me GREATLY!  The distractions that encounter me between the bathroom and the kitchen, or the bathroom and the laundry room are too numerous to ensure that I’ll return to the bathroom with the appropriate cleaning supplies to do what I started out to do. :-)

    • Rachel8307

      I love the Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner. I bought the starter kit for $1 at Walgreens! Unfortunately the refills aren’t as cheap :(

    • Leanna124

      I have one of these and they really are GREAT!!  I need some more for my other toilets.  The best tip is to stay on top of things so do a little each day and you won’t get overwhelmed when the mound becomes a mountain :)

    • Woottos

      Get the kids to help out…It makes everything go faster if everyone pitches in!

    • Tljasper

      Sweeping every day makes it easier when vacuming 1-2 x’s a week. Using  the hose on the vacume works better when cleaning bathroom floors to get all hair up as a broom doesn’t work as well on bathroom floors.

    • Rwhite3

      I have to get my hubby and the kids out of the house. That way things stay clean for a while at least.

    • Dmillzcoupons

      Waiting for my kids to nap so i can clean otherwise I clean and they are right behind me messing things up.

    • Bkittie

      If I’m tired and don’t feel like cleaning, I make myself clean for just 15 minutes.  Its amazing how much you can get done in that amount of time, and sometimes it inspires me to keep on going.

    • Snowgurl18

      I try to clean at night when my husband is at work – i am not distracted and get more done. 

    • Kim

      I love the scrubbing bubbles shower sprayer!! Cleans every day..or night..All I do is push the button!!

    • Katie

      I try to keep a bottle of vinegar spray handy to clean things when I have a minute. 

    • Sweetk3346


    • Niptuckjenny

      I like to do 10-15 minutes of cleaning every day so I can enjoy my weekends without having to clean for hours. :)

    • Melissa M

      I try to do a little each day after work

    • Victoria

      I use my 3 year old. He thinks its great to earn stickers for picking up his toys. He also gets special stars for doing something random (putting up a book or helping his baby brother, etc). Vaccuuming and washing dishes are exciting to him and its a great way for us to spend time playing together.

    • Jillcoupon

      I make cleaning quicker by having cleaning products in each bathroom so I can quickly clean whenever.

    • amy m

      One tip is to use your kids and make it a game!! I see who can get it the cleanest and in record time!!!

    • B DeWeese

      When I use something I clean right after I am done.  I like to keep my Saturdays free.

    • Zimbo_89

      To make cleaning quicker I try to keep wipes in the bathroom to wipe the vanity and toilet after I brush my teeth, this way it doesn’t get all crusty..

    • ChristiL

      to make cleaning quicker, we do a 5 minute sweep each night before bed, each picking up his/her clutter and putting it away. leaves more time for heavy cleaning jobs on cleaning day.

    • I always clean after I’ve done, that makes less work at the end.

    • Jennifer H

      I do a little cleaning everyday, that way it doesn’t build up and I have a lot to do in one day.

    • ERamey259

      When I clean I do each activity in most rooms (instead of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning windows in just one room). For example., if I’m dusting, I take my dusting supplies into every room. That way, I don’t waste time getting things out repeatedly to clean a different room at different times. Plus, I have a “floors day”, and a “windows day” and even a “decluttering day”

    • Susfranks

      I try and do a little each day and on one of my days off I tackle allthe cleaning at once so it doesn’t build up! I also have my daughter help.

    • Amelia

      I find that I clean the most efficiently when I crank up the radio/plug in my iPod and play upbeat music.  Besides giving me some energy, I can also sing along which just makes cleaning more fun.  Also I suggest making a big deal of cleaning directly in front of the hubby.  If I’m busy doing housework and he’s just watching TV, he starts to feel guilty and asks me how he can help. :)

    • Suz_glo

      I really hate cleaning the bathroom! So the thought of cleaning the whole room at once always has me finding something else to do and, of course, letting the bathroom get even dirtier. I have found that doing one small job each day (clean the mirror, clean the counter, wash the towels, etc.) helps me keep the entire room clean all the time. 

    • Guest

      This will make cleaning the bathroom easier for this is not my favorite task. 

    • Risan

      Love vinegar and water spray bottle wiped off with newspaper for sparkling mirrors.

    • Aubrey

      I try and pick up all the toys every night after the baby is put to bed and then clean off the clutter on my kitchen counter every night – makes a big difference in whether my house looks clean or not!  

    • Lisa S

      I am fortunate enough to have a housekeeper (I work 80 hours in one week) – so that is my tip on keeping my house cleaner.

    • jen

      bowl of water in microwave for a min and you can wipe away all the junk inside easy no scrubbing

    • Jlrcpooh

      I con my grandchildren into helping.  Works sometimes.  My granddaughter is 6 yrs old and likes to fold and put up clothes and my grandson is 19 months old and likes to use the rainbow.  If nothing else we have fun together not much cleaning but loads of fun.

    • Vcon22

      Something new I’ve just discovered….. PEROXIDE !!! Takes stains out of clothes and carpets and is amazing on the counter tops!! For my toilets- ONLY scrubbing bubbles!

    • Floptician

      I clean one wall of the shower each day when I am in the shower and floor on the 5th day.  It keeps the soap scum from building up and doesn’t let the mildew start to grow.  

    • Atbryant70

      I have used the toilet bowl cleaners before and I love them.  If you use them once a day it helps to keep it clean without having to scrub so much!

    • CouponLoide

      I do one load of laundry at a time rather than keeping the wash running continuously. That sounds more time consuming, but it keeps laundry from sitting in the dryer and getting wrinkled. I do a load from wash to clean in the closet before starting another load.

    • Angelabowen

      clean up a little every day

    • Foxygardner

      I zap a cup of water in the microwave for about 3 minutes before I clean it. Food wipes right off.

    • kt

      My cleaning tip, is my husband.  We have two bathrooms, so I clean ours and he cleans the guest bathroom. 

    • Susaneallen

      When doing laundry matching socks takes too much time, so I told my family I no longer wash single socks.  They are all required to safety pin their socks together when placing them in the laundry basket.  This avoids mismatched socks, saves time and my husband has now decided he wants me to leave them pinned together.  When he gets fresh socks, he unpins them and places the pin on the dirty pair.  Now I no longer have to fold socks either !!!!

    • Amber

      I try to pick up all of my sons toy each night after he has gone to bed. It really makes a huge difference with how clean my houe looks even though I know he’s going to pull everything back out the next day!

    • Lil A’s mom

      i clean when the baby is asleep.  I get way more done because i’m alone but also because i’m trying to beat the nap time clock!

    • Lenora

      My sisters come over once a year and we make jam. Believe me when I say my stove gets dirty – really dirty – with cooked on jam, sugar, etc. (we put up over 350 jars in 3 days, so you get the idea) When they leave, and the stove is cold, I take all the parts off that come off and put them in a large plastic bin with a tight lid. Before snapping on the lid, I fold an old towel, place on top of the parts, and pour two cups of household ammonia over it, tightly snap on the lid, and let set at least over night. I plug the vents to the oven, place another towel inside, pour on the ammonia and shut the oven door. If necessary, I will pour ammonia on the stove top, and seal with plastic wrap and leave overnight. Stuff wipes off the next day, and the fumes have dispersed.

    • We try to multitask – laundry going while toilets are soaking and something else is getting picked up

    • Mpitre

      I clean in between other chores as I can fit it in.

    • I try to clean a little each day. I also put olive oil on my shower doors and now they seem to keep much cleaner so less scrubbing for me.

    • Jennifer

      I try and keep things straight throughout the week, that way my whole weekend isn’t spent cleaning.

    • Dawg4

      I leave a rag under the bathroom sink. After using the sink, I simply wipe down the sink and counter (cleans wet spills and hair). When time to laundry, add to the dirty clothes hamper. I know it sounds too simple, but it really keeps my counter looking nice and hair-free!

    • Lauren Doles

      I make sure I keep everything picked up and put away. After bathroom uses I make sure I pull a cleaning wipe out from under the sink and wipe down any mess I make after sink/bathroom use. I’ve learned if you just stay on top of things it’s quicker and easier on cleaning days.

    • Sonya Roper-Richards

      One of my pet peeves, the washcloth stack always seems to fall over!  So, so remedy the problem, I use a small basket (same size as when a cloth is folded into quarters) and keep my stack of washcloths there!  Quick, easy, neat and no more stacks to fall over!  If only the rest of my cleaning issues could be solved this quick!!

    • Lisabz12

      A fresh or used dryer sheet is great for cleaning soap scum off of wet glass shower doors.

    • Jaadin2

      The best glass/mirror cleaner is good ole corn starch. Mix about 4-5 tbsp of corn starch and hot water in spray bottle (24oz). Spray glass, wipe with warm wet cloth, you will then see a dry white film, buff until sparkling with dry cloth. I promise once you use this, windex will be a thing of the past. **Warning** You will not be able to stop with one mirror or window, they look so good, you will want to do every piece of glass in your home. Not sure if this method is really any quicker, but it is much cheaper, and essentially thats what we are all here for ;)

    • AEW

      I love the Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning gel disks!  They work great in my teenage son’s toilet because he certainly doesn’t clean it to the best of his ability.  I also keep Clorox or Lysol wipes under every sink for quick wipe downs.

    • Denni817

      Housecleaning is really a chore for me but it helps to have a place for everything and I try to do a “zone” each day. Dry mopping sheets are great for dusting!

    • katkoupon

      I try to never leave a room empty-handed.

    • Val

      I have been wanting to try this – good to read a review; I try to pick-up before bed – it helps with the clutter and this way the next morning – things are not too messy!

    • Shaunese

      I try to pick up and straighten every day.  That way all I have left to do is dust a vacuum at the end of the week.  I also place a load of laundry in the washer daily to not have a build up of dirty clothes

    • momto2boys

      We keep a box in the den.  At night, any toys that aren’t put away properly, go into that box.  My kids aren’t allowed to get those toys back for 1 week.  It has really helped keep their clutter confined to their room.

      • Mom of 4

        Love it…. my mom did that too…. we called it “toy jail”

    • Firechick10_5_2005

      I leave a container of Clorox wipes in every room. That way any time that I see the need to wipe down the counters or dust off a surface, I do it at that moment. I don’t have to devote 10 minutes to cleaning and going to find supplies too. It cuts my time in half and I don’t have to wait till sunday to clean the whole house at once. I have a “Good Enough” rule. I look in the rooms everyday and get up the worst parts. But if it’s good enough to go another day, then I give myself to more important things.

    • Sdonahue

      Swiffers, Scrubbing Bubbles shower spray, and wipes are my best friends! I just need the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step to become another BFF!

    • Tonyasgems

      I love the scrubbing bubbles products. I especially love the toilet gels as they continue to clean and smell fresh and clean :) Clorx wipes and spray are also a lifesaver for flu season and simple to use. I also use the clorox wipes to clean off coats,shoes and purses .

    • Getting my son to start picking up his own toys now that he’s getting a little older.  We can clean together!

    • Camiele

      We clean the dishes or anything else that’s in the sink before leaving the kitchen.

    • Cjones8333

      I always do a quick sweep of the house and make sure everything is at least off the floors. To me a clean floor makes all the difference.

    • Usmcprincess80

      Have my 5 year old son help! He is still at the age that he loves to be mommy’s helper!

    • Amanda

      I like to put cleaning supplies in each room so they are ready when I need them

    • keilah

      I am the wrong person to ask this question to, LOL!  I do use a Swiffer mop to do quick mopping so that I can do “real” mopping less often.

    • hunnciutt

      I try to do a little cleaning every evening so that on Saturdays are there is not so much to do

    • Joyce

      We are a family of 6 and everyone pitches in.  We also put everything away as soon as we are done with it.  And absolutely no dumping when we walk in the door….it all goes away, right away.

    • Tammycimaglia

      I give each room 10 minutes max!

    • Tracey

      I try to walk through the house and straighten up each night before bed.

    • Lizashan1024

      clean from one room to the next from the front to the back of the house

    • dawn

      i get my husband to help — he’s wonderful!

    • Dana

      I put on the Barney cleaning song and the kids put their things away before bed every night.

    • Danyelle

      I try to go through the house every day picking up and doing little things

    • Refollow

      Put on some good tunes and have at it.

    • I’ll sure be looking to give this gadget a try.  As for tip..get a caddy with all cleaning items in it…and start with rooms a distant from the kitchen…and work your way that way. Having a caddy saves so much going to get certain itmes.  

    • Sabrina

      Pick one room a day to clean, thus you are not stressing and your house stays clean.

    • love2teach2

      My husband picks one side of the house and I get the other and we start cleaning each room until we meet.  ( I am usually quicker then he is)

    • Ken

      We set the timer for 20 minutes at a time and the whole family pitches in to clean.  This works wonderful because our two boys (ages 6 and 9) participate!  

    • Gutierrezyuly

      Clean at least ones a week and you would save time.

    • Emily E.

      I have a pretty large house and the only way to keep it clean is to go chore by chore. I do all the dusting for the whole house one day. I take out the trash another time. I vacuum everything one day. It keeps me on task and just goes faster. Works best for me.  Plus- hiring a cleaning service.  (Just keeping it real.)

    • Bluecloverfarm

       window, glass and mirror cleaning tip,
      bucket very hot water
      2-3 drops of dish soap
      cloth for wiping
      nice squeegie
      wash the glass with the not soapy water, scrubbing as needed.
      while the class is still very wet start with the squeegie.
      always go in the same direction and the key is to wipe the rubber edge of the squeegie dry between swipes. 
      any small streaks the might appear you simply wipe with you finger and they are gone!!
      this tip came from a pro many years ago and I have always had great success with this method.