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 Lowes Foods on Extreme Couponing

Tonight is the start of another season of Extreme Couponing on TLC, and they are already starting off by showing everyone a non-realistic form of couponing.  In case you didn’t learn this from last season, not everything you see on TV is true, doable or even right.

After allowing an Extreme Couponing episode to be filmed in their stores Lowes Foods (one of the grocery stores covered here on Southern Savers) says they regret participating. We all know that stores bend their rules and that the show is embellished, but this is the first time one of the grocery stores has been this upfront about it. The following is an excerpt from a recent article in the Charlotte Observer (emphasis added):

 “If we had it to do over again, we would not have done it,” said Lisa Selip, a corporate spokeswoman for Lowes Foods who said the show was full of misrepresentations and sensationalism. “Hindsight is 20/20.”

A case in point, she said, is contained in a promotional clip recently released online. It shows a man arriving in the grocery aisle seconds too late to purchase an energy bar after an extreme coupon shopper put every last bar into her cart.

“The guy who walked up to the shelf was one of the crew members,” Selip said. “It was all staged.” She said Lowes, which considers itself a coupon-friendly retailer, initially thought the show would be a great way to showcase its stores nationally. “Call it maybe being slightly naïve,” she said.

Selip says the chain deeply regrets its decision to participate in the show. “My hope is our customers know we’re a company of integrity and they’ll understand we made a mistake.” That anger could come from coupon clippers who’ll see people on the show using more than 20 coupons a day. Selip acknowledged that the company waived part of its policy for the benefit of TV cameras.

One of my biggest goals as a couponer and blogger is to follow the rules.  In reality (the actual one, not the TLC one) you can still save a lot of money using coupons the right way.  There is no reason to fill your garage with products you won’t use, wipe out a store’s entire stock of something, or break coupon & store policies to save a few extra bucks.

Just last week, I saved 50-70% on things my family will actually use & enjoy.  I applaud Lowes for issuing an apology before the show even airs, but as more insight is revealed about the show, the more frustrating it is.

If you want to learn the right way start with the  Learn to Coupon section of Southern Savers.  There are great videos and articles that should help give you a better understanding on how to save a ton of money (and actually purchase what you need not 100 bottles of juice or floss…).

    • Heromommy

      Jenny thanks for posting this. I am a new couponer and the show makes it seem like you have to be extreme to be sucessful…but I really don’t need 2000 toothbrushes just because they make it seem that I can get them for free! Plus, they do not figure in the cost of the coupons off the final bill. If you are paying for a coupon service to cut coupons for you it should be subtracted from your savings. I buy two papers and share coupons with another friend. This month alone I saved over 50% of my normal grocery bill ;)

      • Jodicrosby

        I agree! I only buy 2 papers and save 30-70% on average for every planned out shopping trip. Even on the low end, I’m paying less than I was when I wasn’t couponing!

      • Monique

        Right, and they rarely show them buying meat or produce.  Notice how most of these families are overweight because they buy carts filled with frozen and boxed processed foods?  And I have questioned the several times I have watched, how they figure the total.  It just doesn’t seem accurate.  Not wasting my time with it anymore.  I have too many better things to do… like sorting my coupons.  :)

    • Sierra_26

      The show is so fake because I shop at Lowe’s and you can only double 20 coupons just like Harris Teeter and they let them double more than that.

    • Kristin Hicks

      Since Lowe’s is a NC company, the same article was on the front page of the News and Observer on Sunday.  I’m glad it finally brought to light what is so false about this show.

      • Anonymous

        I really wish the Orlando Sentinel would put it on the front page, shelves have now been cleared allll the time near me. especially at CVS
        It’s getting ridiculous and people think it’s okay because “other people are doing it” “it’s just such a great deal” and my favorite “well you should have got here before me”
        I will admit to getting three quattro deals at wags this week, but I spread it out so I’m not keeping other people with busy schedules from getting in on the deal

        I feel like shows like this should have a tagline
        “reality, in its least sincere form”

    • Wow, I am impressed with Lowes admitting they broke the rules and shouldnt have.

      • pikkewyntjie

        I agree, but I don’t feel sorry for them. They should have done their due diligence by investigating this show. All they would have need to do is watch a few episodes from last season and ask “do we really want to be associated with these kind of people”? If I was in charge of marketing or publicity, I would probably want to stay away. You can kind of forgive stores that participated in this before the show actually aired, but going forward, any grocery store that agrees to be on this program gets what they deserve. I know that sounds harsh, but their running a business and they need to be concerned about their professional image. 

        • Anonymous

          I can understand what your saying
          but I’m sure it starts with, “well, we really just want to maximize savings” “people will see all these savings” “people want to find coupon friendly stores”

          what I don’t understand, is that the doubling beyond 20 (I read another comment about it, I’ve never been to a store that doubles) seems to be their own punishment.

          these episodes show $1,000+ in savings, so at least half of that comes from the store, I think

    • Heather

      At my store today (it is double coupon day–BUT you can only double 5 coupons per order and the order must be over $25 for the coupons to double).  Today I spent $152, and saved $91.  I would have liked to have saved more but for what I brought home that isn’t bad…….So you can save money and you don’t need to buy 50 of one thing…..

    • Amany B.

      I was afraid these types of shows would make companies do away with coupons all together.  I’m glad the cover is blown on this show! There are so many of us on budgets who value even the smallest savings.

      • Anonymous

        I think the sites selling coupons will be what end coupons
        Coupons are there to be used to get you to buy the product, the company wants you to use them and get “hooked” on a product

        they really don’t want you paying a 3rd party for 100 coupons that you make $0.50 on each product.

    • Good, I’m glad they finally blew their cover.  I hope more stores refuse to participate and the show gets shut down completely.

    • like2save

      I really don’t like that show!!!  A few of them worry me….either there’s a hoarding situation going on, or someone is setting up a grocery store out of their spare bedroom.  I’m so tired of shopping for 1 or 2 items that you really want, and someone has cleared the entire shelf!!  The same goes for the in-store coupon sheets…..please people, please just take 1 or 2.   Please?  :)

    • MGuill

      I seen a clip advertising the new season where one of the extreme couponers states” I’m a shelf clearer! Oh well you should have got to the store before me!” People who have that mentality really make me sick.

      • ThatYankeeGrl

        I just saw the new spots for the show and lo and behold, they removed that last clip.  I wonder how many people were thinking the same thing?  I know I was!

        • Jessica

          interesting…i saw the add last night and it was still on there.  i hope you’re right!

      • Asisk

        That got to me also.  Being a shelf clearer is ridiculous.  You don’t NEED all of that.  It hurts the people, like me, who can’t do a shopping trip until the weekend.  The sad thing is, people around here are trying to do like the show and I do find a lot of shelves cleared.

      • Jessica

        I saw that as well and it sickened me!  That is very selfish and is very irritating that it’s on tv!  I can’t wait until couponing gets back to normal.  It was so much better before this show came on.  Since this show so many stores have changed their policies to keep people from doing what they learned while watching this show.  Ridiculous!!

    • sara

      I was turned off to the show for that exact reason, the way to many of the people just had a lot of stuff you could never consume that much of.  Now the ones I thought were interesting were the people who were donating all the stuff they were getting (to shelters/soup kitchens/overseas military) but then you think about it and yes the people do take the time to see what groups needed but then are you really donating thing that you got for free…

      • Monique

        Sara, I don’t much like the show either so don’t watch it anymore.  There have been too many times that I have gone with my 2 coupons to get something on sale and the whole shelf is wiped clean.  And although these people say they donate it to charity, I honestly don’t feel that is fair either.  While I agree we should try and help our food banks and shelters, there are also lower income families who rely on having coupons help with their grocery bill.  When these people who claim they bought 100 boxes of cereal to donate to charity have cleared the shelves, it still leaves people who really need the help empty handed.  I guess I am trying to say, yes, donate a box or two, but don’t leave everyone else without so that you can look good.  (Oh and I don’t mean you, Sara lol  I was just commenting on your post because you mentioned the people making donations.)

        • SavingForSurvival

          I agree completely Monique. I went to Bi-Lo yesterday to buy a few packs of the 99cent Carolina Pride Jumbo Hotdogs. I have $6 in my bank account right now. My husband lost his job, and I make very little. In our efforts to SURVIVE, I started clipping coupons in my down time at work. When I arrived at the Bi-Lo, there were no hotdogs. I know for a fact that my Bi-Lo just restocked its shelves yesterday (I asked the manager). It is very upsetting for folks to go in and take everything when there are honest people who really need it.

        • SavingForSurvival

          I agree completely Monique. I went to Bi-Lo yesterday to buy a few packs of the 99cent Carolina Pride Jumbo Hotdogs. I have $6 in my bank account right now. My husband lost his job, and I make very little. In our efforts to SURVIVE, I started clipping coupons in my down time at work. When I arrived at the Bi-Lo, there were no hotdogs. I know for a fact that my Bi-Lo just restocked its shelves yesterday (I asked the manager). It is very upsetting for folks to go in and take everything when there are honest people who really need it.

        • AMEN.  That’s what I’ve been trying to say too.  Really tired of shelf clearers hiding behind the excuse of “but I donate it.”  I don’t care what you do with it when it leaves the store, you’re still clearing a shelf and keeping things from people who need them.

        • Anonymous

          I donate quite a bit, but i spread it out among stores, because I do it truely to donate

          I just wanted to thank you for “(Oh and I don’t mean you, Sara lol I was just commenting on your post because you mentioned the people making donations.)”
          I feel like so many people online get ramped up behind there point that they forget that we are all human beings, and things can be taken the wrong way
          so thank you for that(:

    • ThatYankeeGrl

      Thank you Jenny for your voice of reason in the misdst of all this sensationalism.  In this economy, who isn’t looking for a deal?  I, like many others, refuse to resort to unethical behavior to provide for my family and it makes me upset to see others do so.  It is clear that they are doing this not only for provision, but because they are just greedy.  It is really too bad, because it hurts those who are desperately trying to make ends meet.  God bless you!

    • I could definitely use 100 bottles of juice! All kidding aside, this show and other “extreme” couponers have given a terrible stigma to couponing. 

      • I could totally use 100 bags of diapers too, lol.  But would I get them all at once?  Nope.  I’m slowly getting there.  That’s why I think these women on the show have serious issues that a whole cart full of mustard will never solve.

    • Jlcruse

      I am glad to see a store actually admit that they were wrong for participating.  Now if we should get that stupid show off of the air so couponing can get back to normal. I like you save on average save 50% on my grocery bill on things that we eat and use. And yes on the occasion I score some great frebies.

    • Teressa Grinder

      i have to admit i like the show, i think it’s great to see people who use the coupons to make large donations & help those in need.. however i do get mad when i try to get a great deal on toothpaste & a “shelf-clearer” got there before me, on the FIRST day of the sale!! looking forward to watching the show, sorry to admit it!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry to disappoint you but the people on the show only donated because they were on TV. The majority of those couponers are resellers and very few actually donate regularly.

        • Michelle

          You may want to dbl check your sources. few were shown donating but majority of ppl who appeared on the show have blogs and they stated ther shopping trips were donated. They were also frustrated for the show not airing the part where they did donate.

          • Anonymous

            I have a really hard time believing these people are donating a lot of items. If they were donating they wouldn’t have a stockpile of 1000 items.  I rarely ever buy more than 4 of anything – confession, I did buy 8 of the Seattle’s Best coffee packs, and I usually donate 1 or 2 of the items to a food bank where I volunteer. I had 4 coupons for the Brut deoderant last week and my store only had 3 in stock so I took 3 and left 1 with the coupon.

      • ThatYankeeGrl

        What you don’t realize is that the show is encouraging others to be shelf-clearers.  Trust me, when it starts happening to you on a regular basis, you’ll turn the show off! 

        • Monique

          Shelf-clearing has happened to me so much lately on a regular basis that I have almost decided that it isn’t worth my time anymore to make a detailed list with my own coupons.  I can’t tell how many times I have gone to get something on sale and there isn’t anything left.  And who has time to get rainchecks every single time you go shopping.  Donating or not – leave some for everyone else!

          • Cheryl

            Get a rain check during regular couponing on doubles. It only takes a minute. I stopped at HT this morning and they didn’t have an item in because of the triples… I got a rain check! Dang right! It’s really worth the minute it takes. Customer service, as I have seen in all the stores it there to help you!

            • Teressa Grinder

              i have been getting so many rain checks lately & go back a few weeks later to score big!

            • Melissa_b_20906

              Me too!  I got 2 free bottles of Dawn at CVS from a rain check I got in early August. 

            • Monique

              I think I need to reconsider rainchecks.  :)

          • Last week at wags when I walked in there were somewhere between 15-20 other couponers. I was shocked. But it’s cool. We all need to save. We usually have 4-5 at a time. There were a few people in line who had cartS FULL of things that they had to do multiple transactions on. Two ladies had two carts full of candy. They took ALL of the candy on sale. All of it. There was nothing left. I know they had to do at least 10 transactions. The line behind them was outrageous. They called over two more checkers but it still took wags over 20 minutes to check everyone else out and those two ladies hadn’t made a dent in their carts. That was probably the worst I have seen. Our wags really needs to set limits. I guess I’ll have to get there at opening on Sunday if there is something I really need. And I got to wags 20 minutes after they opened. So sad.

      • Shirl

        You really do figure out what “shelf clearers”means when you go to the flea market and see them selling the “free” items and making a profit!!

      • Melissa_b_20906

        Me too!  I enjoy the show and have learned a lot of legitimate ways to save money.  I don’t shelf clear because I don’t dumpster dive or buy that many coupons.

      • Anonymous

        I lot of people do donate it and thats great
        but there are some people with a garage full of toothpaste
        actually more than you might think, and I feel like this show validates the ladder

        I donated more than 500 pounds of food this summer, but rather than clearing shelves, you preorder and spread it amoung stores.
        I feel like the show needs to shine a light on etiquite.

    • mom of 3 girls

      Hoarding is not saving – it is keeping things from others who may need them… 

      • Cheryl

        It’s not even healthy. It’s called “food addiction”. They need Dr. Phil..

        • Anonymous

          part of the reason it isn’t healthy, a lot of these people get really stressed and pent up over the trips
          and then they stress eat the Yakosabi noodles and mustard

    • Anonymous

      I was aware that Lowes Foods regretted their decision for some time. It is a shame that the stores are depicted the way that they are BUT Lowes agreed to the filming. If someone had just sat down and watched a few episodes, they would have realized that the show was not for their store. As for breaking the rules, my local Lowes Foods store allows unlimited doubles and unlimited coupons (provided that the terms of the coupons are met). RARE, I know. I hope more stores step up. If they do, this show might finally get canceled.

      • Cheryl

        That show should be cancelled! The manufacturers should do something about this. We are in a recession! I’ve not seen the show ever in my life, but from the article I read, the show teaches greed! As far as clipping coupons, we don’t need a TV show to tell us how. We don’t need any help, as we really should not being buying more than we need for ourselves and for our children. This show is making coupon cutting embarrassing. I do think that Jenny said is “commendable”. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED! You don’t need to buy a year’s supply. If you’ve been laid off a job, think possitive!  You might get a job within the next year. You do not need to buy a year’s worth of anything (unless it’s paper plates…LOL)

        • Anonymous

          the problem is when you buy a years supply, every week

          limits would just make it more impossible for people who are trying to save money for ourselves and are trying to donate

          • Cheryl

            the problem is when they buy a years supply and take it to the flea market and sell it… the problem is greed… Not what Jenny says.

      • Monique

        Our Publix and Harvey’s doubles all the time and don’t have limits on how many of any coupon you can use (unless the coupon specifies).  I almost wish they would have a limit of how many of one item you can purchase with coupons.  It might help stop the shelf-clearers.

        • guest

          I noticed today when i went into our publix store there was a note on the doors saying that there is a limit of items you can buy. That is one thing i don’t do is clear out a shelf, I buy what we need and will use. I hate when i go to get something and it is all gone.

        • Anonymous

          the problem then is the stocking up. we don’t have doubling and a near by store was limiting me to 4 of each item (i only had 10)
          but then they started saying they were only limiting because I had coupons (10 is only okay if you pay cash?)
          I seriously almost broke it into 3 transactions just because there were 3 of use together.
          its like to make the system fair, you have to limit, but it defeats the purpose most of the time

          and then people just have their kids do a transaction anyway

    • MAC

      Florida doesn’t double coupons!  FAIL.

      • Michelle

        There are a lot if places that don’t

      • cassidy

        hitchcocks a store in florida doubles up to .50 coupons

        • MAC

          Never heard of it…I have the usual Florida stores around me…Albertsons, Publix, Sweetbay – but thanks for the info! 

          • cassidy

            I have those to but I live in the ocala aera so their is a hitcocks in Williston

            • Hitchcocks is a small “private” chain, with locations in Williston, Archer, Interlachen, Hawthrone and probably a few other locations I missed.  I didn’t know they double, Thanks Cassidy!

      • I know, that is one thing  that I wish Fla did. :(

        • Spedtch95

          Plus Jessica, our FL prices for food are soooo inflated above all the other stores in the nation that DO double coupons! We have year round produce growing across our state yet we pay double what others do in other states! Publix is a FL based store and does penny items and double coupons for all other states except FL!  So we get smacked both ways. I’m in south FL. Gotta love it….

      • Anonymous

        I wish NO stores doubled

        then coupon values might go up and stores would put out more store coupons

    • Cheryl

      Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I work and don’t have time to stay up long enough to watch the “extreme coupon” show. I do not need that. I don’t clear shelves and I’ve never purchased more than I need. I have purchased a lot of juice for my son. But I’ve never even seen the last one. Also, I do hope that anyone watching the show tonight, and that will not be me, I hope you consider the source. Lowe’s is a wonderful store. A situation happened this past weekend.. I had 6 coupons to buy the Old Orchard juice. But, I could buy only 4. I told the cashier I’d just get the other two on another trip out. The cashier did tell me that after our transaction, I could go back and get the other two. Plenty on the shelves. My son drinks juice, not sodas… and he had a tough time making ends meet. I am happy I can help him and I am happy that Lowes’s allowed me to make that transaction w/o grief or w/o embarrassing me . Love that store!!!

    • Qponer

      Well goes to show that here is a price for everything! Lowes Foods knew it was wrong when they allowed one customer to bend the rules for fame, has nothing to do with hind sight! Lowes Foods was not that gullible as they are pretending to be with the media & their customers right now.  I am very disappointed and shame on you Lowes Foods!  You have lost a customer since you choose to not treat all your customers the same.  I find it discriminating since I didn’t have a big “TV show” backing me up and walking into your store today in order to allow me to double & use more than 20 coupons while bending the rules!!!

      • guest

        They actually regretted it the minute the film crew showed up because a few days after they filmed it their corporate office was already telling me that they regretted it before the episode was even edited!  I don’t think they realized HOW bad it was going to be- this was filmed a while ago,  Lowes is a GREAT store and is REALLY active in the community. 

      • Onethriftydiva

        Harris Teeter has better deals anyway!

    • Crabby

      Just like everything else, all the new couponers will tire of couponing then we’ll be the minority again.  Most people don’t have the will to stick to it.  Mark my words, by January 2012, we’ll be back in our own cozy world.

      • Asisk

        I know what you mean, I get so tired of people asking me if I’m like those people on “that tv show”. 

        • Seriously!! I’ve been couponing for about 6 years (2 years or so seriously) and while I love all the new resources available, it gets so tiresome going to the store only to find 3 people in line in front of you with 6 or 14 of the same thing and none on the shelves.

          Plus, I’m tired of all the printable coupons and free samples being snatched up before I have a chance to even move my mouse towards the link. 

          • Anonymous

            it’s especially a problem when free samples are for members or for people with children (like a diaper sample) and people order it just to get it “free”
            but i think if they joined one of the survey sites, they’d be able to buy the item and it’d even out.

      • Jsbl214

        I agree :)
        I have tried to help out several family members and friends get started. Usually after 2-3 trips to the store they get burned out and give up. It takes more work to plan your shopping around sales and coupons, rather then to just throw what you need in a cart and call it a day.

      • Qponer

        Yep, after all the damage is done.

    • BartenderJennie

      I wish we had stores that would double coupons…….none that I know of in south Louisiana.

      • Candice

        I totally agree. There is a Krogers in Alexandria and Lake Charles but way to far to drive unless you are already there (once for me). Also Freds will on Saturday, but there are so many restrictions/contradictions to their rules, limited selections,etc that it is not really worth it unless there is one or two items you need plus a store close to you.

      • Ruthann

        no coupon doublers or rewards stores in South ?TX either

    • Sarahmarah

      Thank you Jenny for promoting an honest way to coupon.

    • Melissaallen31302

      is there anyway to get a petition going to have the show banned??  Or does anyone know of anything like that.

      • Since we have free speech here – we can’t have it banned ;) BUT if people would stop watching, ratings would crash & burn and they’d pull it. 

        • Mari

          Just like the ratings on Kate plus 8.. enough people finally stopped giving them the ‘time’ of their watchings so they cancelled..maybe if people stopped watching it…it would fade into the sunset.

    • MAC

      Don’t forget about dumpster diving for inserts so you can have enough laundry soap for a lifetime.  Stock-piling = OCD (obsessive coupon disorder) 

      • Guest


      • Anonymous

        especially since that’s illegal
        or at least thats my umderstanding

        • It is illegal here.  In fact, I’ve never heard of actually jumping into a dumpster for things until I saw this show last year.  All the ones around here are padlocked for a reason:  it’s dangerous.

    • Anonymous

      I wish Kroger will show same honesty and do what lowes did.
      When we try to survive with one income with 2 kids It is not fun to see unrealistic shows encourages people to clear shelves.

    • Lorik29483

      This is the kind of thing that is going to get all the policies changed and ruin it for the rest of us.  The obnoxious lady that calls herself a “shelf-clearer” and the like.  It’s ridiculous, talk about greedy.  Some people have no sense of decency.

    • That show is crap! I watched when it first came out because I like to coupon but come on I don’t spend 35hr or more a week doing it, I have a life beyond coupons. I’m not a hoarder nor and addict to bad food product that have no nutritional value for my family: Condiments,noodles,cat food etc..a good healthy diet plan is what most of them need to learn to shop by. I have not seen where anyone of those hoarders have donated there stuff to a shelter or needy families. They send the wrong message to the average consumer. TLC is in it for the money and the ratings..boo to them and shame on those that believe it!

      • Anonymous

        devil’s advocate: there are a few I’ve seen with mass donations.

        but as one lady on the show said (I’ paraphrasing) “if someone tells you they spend less than 40 hours a week couponing, their lyng”
        it just isn’t true 99.9% of the time. those who have taken it as their job DO spend that long. those without jobs or something better to do MIGHT spend that long
        but 99.9% (my made-up statistic) of couponers are either a. like me and think its fun b. doing it in their spare time because they NEED to or c. are like my mom and do it when its convienent (clip what they think they’ll use and set it in an organizer for later)

      • michelle

        amen.. haha.. all these people say they are donating.. but you only see the “donate” pile in their own garage!  donating to themselves maybe..

        we buy a few hamburger helpers when they are on sale.. but we also buy things like vegetables, salads, and fruit as well to help make our meals a bit more healthy and balanced.. i mean.. most of these people are morbidly obese.. yes, we could lose a pound or 2, but we would gain 100 pounds a year eating nothing but their stockpile.. thats just disgusting and they are super proud of it.. 100 butterfingers? that episode made me sick and i had to turn it off today..

    • kccoupon

      I am so glad that you posted this.  I was feeling a little “inadequate” after watching several shows last season. 

      • Mari

        never feel inadequate..I was telling someone it like this.. if EVERY time we had ‘whoopie’ we got pregnant..and every time we got pregnant we were octomom (having super multiples) there wouldn’t be a single whoopie session going on in the world..so to think that EVERY time you go to the store you can ‘score’ 83 mustards, 200 toothbrushes and 100 lipsticks is very unrealistic!  So don’t feel inadequate, just realize that those people aren’t real.. and it is all staged..

        • Anonymous

          like, like, like

    • partyof3

      I appreciate Jenny helping us honest couponers to save money. I watched the show a couple of times before I started couponing and thought to myself, what in the world is that woman going to do with all of that dental floss…all of her teeth will be gone before she uses that. It comes down to GREED! If you can get something for free people usually will whether they need it or not. I have a family of 5 and I will purchase things that are on sale with a coupon only if it’s something that we use on a regular basis. I would never clear the shelves of toothpaste..I mean come on it’s not that expensive w/out a coupon. Maybe they have never heard of the bible verses that says “not to look for your own interest” or that “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”.

      A big thank you to Jenny for all of your hard work!

      • Anonymous

        or maybe they aren’t Christian, or truely Christian

        for once I’d like to see an episode of Extreme Couponing where the people stick to all the rules, point out the rules
        are calm
        are HAPPY and GREATFUL for what they did leave with
        who aren’t trying to bend rules (multiple transactions may be legal even if the coupon is 4 per transaction, but lets be honest, its bending and people should be seeing a purer form)
        I’d love for the more privaleged couponers on the show (some are on low low incomes but some are not) to buy some things because its their sons favorite cereal or because their daughter got an A (I’m referring to the lady who said to her son “I know you don’t like this cereal, but it’s free”)

        I did like the one lady who would point out to people that there was “money” in the inserts

    • Anonymous

      I have an extreme coupon couple living on my street.  They are constant hounding all the neighbors for their coupons.  Furthermore, their house is stocked with items from floor to ceiling.  (Yes, I have seen the inside of their house.) 

      • MAC

        send me the address so I know where to go when there is a hurricane ;)

      • Cheryl

        They need a therapist!

      • Anonymous

        I am an “extreme couponer” but I usually am couponing for my neighbors and letting them “shop in my store” (not making money off it)
        I’ve never hounded anyone for coupons either

        I feel like, if you aren’t going to pay for them, you aren’t entitled to them.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure what that says about you exactly.  You “purchase” items for pennies on the dollar and resale them to your neighbors… do you consider that ethical?  What exactly do you mean “if you aren’t going to pay for them, you aren’t entitled to them”?  Does that mean the neighbors aren’t entitled to things in your “store”? Furthermore, let’s home you have a permit to “sell” items in your “store” which is located in your home, a zoned residential area.

    • Everydaybargain

      I follow the rules as well. I buy what I use and the mini stock pile consists of items that fits in my pantry. I really do not enjoy watching the show extreme couponing.

    • Lee58

      Kudos to Lowes..I despise that show because it’s all about greed..I only watched one episode and after seeing some girl hoard diapers and not even have a baby I refuse to watch it anymore..

      • Same here.  Having two in diapers myself, that episode boiled my blood thinking of how many people like me she stole that deal from just because she wanted to – and she was proud of it!

      • Anonymous

        it amazes me.
        it’d be one thing if they were recording at her daughters house about all the diapers she got for her granddaughter (idk the situation exactly)
        but its ridiculous to take just to take.
        I’m now starting to look at diaper couponing for another family, and I find it flabbergasting that you’d clear the shelf of something soneone actually needs

        I’d maybe understand clearing the shelf of some expensive chocolate bar that you’re getting at 75% off, because at least its a luxury
        clearing shelves is never acceptable, BUT don’t do it over something many need and someone may come later that day and be fully out of

    • Lee58

      Kudos to Lowes..I despise that show because it’s all about greed..I only watched one episode and after seeing some girl hoard diapers and not even have a baby I refuse to watch it anymore..

    • Kim

      I will be so glad when that show is gone!  My store has people lining up before the doors open.  I love couponing but these people that think they can go in and do what the show does just get on my last nerve.  I had a woman stop me and ask if she could go through the check out with me to see me get all my stuff free.  I told her that it really doesn’t work that way, that i would save but be paying.

      • Mac

        People really need to mind their own business!

      • Anonymous

        thats a learning experience
        if it ever happened to me I’d invite her to see extremely realistic couponing for a real families needs.

    • Heather

      I don’t even watch the show. The most frustrating thing is when people come to me to learn they get mad that I can’t show them how to get a garage full of crap for nothing.

      And I save at 50-80 percent each week and never have copied coupons, bought coupons, or done anything not by the rules. Now that I have a mini stockpile of most of what i need, I save more because I am only buying what is on sale.

      • Anonymous

        I went to a couponing class (my mom wanted to go as a work obligation and I agreed to join)
        and it was ridiculous what people expected!

        people need to go to real couponing classes and join on real trips so they understand that the show is as puffed up as every other “reality” show

        and now that people are seeing that real couponing (when you don’t want to spend $100 on coupon clipping services) is, they’ve fallen out.
        seriously, within one week on the class I had people texting me for assistance printing coupons (which were catilinas that you can’t print,,, not explained in class) and they just said “I don’t know how you do this, I can’t”
        and they gave up. people have forgotten that “there is no such thing as free money” and that it takes time.

    • jwright4105

      After reading that article in the paper Sunday I was actually wondering if that’s why there were so few BOGO deals with coupons this week at Lowe’s.

    • Cheryl

      I bet 600 comments will be here before the show starts… LOL.. maybe some people will learn something, but I hope they learn from Jenny’s video! WTG Jenny!!

    • Jenniferstephens69

      I have noticed many coupons printed with limit 4 like coupons.  This works for me, I have never used more than 4 of one coupon.  If more companies did this we would all have a chance at getting the good deals.

      • Anonymous

        the problem becomes that a) those who follow the rules do sometimes need more than 4 of a product in their stockpile
        and b) that people who don’t care and just want that 90% savings break up transactions if they have to.

    • Jenniferstephens69

      I have noticed many coupons printed with limit 4 like coupons.  This works for me, I have never used more than 4 of one coupon.  If more companies did this we would all have a chance at getting the good deals.

    • Angelascoupons1

      I think this says a lot about Lowe’s…the fact that they are admitting the mistake and are not blaming anyone else for this is very commendable.  I have always enjoyed shopping there.

    • Katiec

      they were actually in Waycross ga filming Exreme Couponing and I am very anxious to see how KROGER let them bend the rules to be on the show! I am a couponer but not a shelf clearer and usually when i go in there most of the free things are always gone but we will see when the show aires!

    • I find this kind of upsetting.  So many of you screaming about shelf clearing when most stores already have policies in place to keep that from happening.  As you can even see above Lowes also said that it changed its own policy for the show.  The fact is that some stores do well in ordering products that are on sale and some don’t.  When the shelve is cleared first day that’s just bad ordering not someone with 240 toothbrushes in his cart.  The show isn’t that bad and most of the time there are good people doing good things with the excess.  The final point is that this fantasy show will not ruin it for the rest of us “good couponers” because the recession is already doing that.

      • Right, and apparently you haven’t had the displeasure of running into the rule benders yet.  Sure, some stores have policies now but not all.  And the ones that do, the extreme have already found a way around them too.

        For instance, a local store here only doubles 20 coupons, per person, per day.  They don’t have a loyalty card, however, so there is absolutely no way to track that.  These people just separate into 25 different transactions.  They hop stores.  They bring (which I personally witnessed two weeks ago) 20 of their friends and family to push carts and check out separately with them. Policies be damned to them.  It doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to end until this show does.

      • Matt

        the other problem is that of some items the store only has 8-10 on the shelf to begin with and all it tales is 4-5 customers taking 2 each and the shelf s clear.

        I remember a few month ago when a soap dispenser was on sale with a store coupon that the always only had 4 on the shelf and I had to wait 3 weeks to finally be able to buy one. So its the stores a lot to because they do not put enough out or order enough.

    • Ccuuddllee

      I wish stores would enfore their policies on limits. My publix has a “policy” of “limit 10 on sale items” (though some sale items state limit fewer on the tag). However, the stores won’t enforce it, and the registers usually dont catch it (and ring up the non-sale price on items over the limit). It infuriates me to no end to see someone with 5843 of one item in their cart! The MOST I will ever get is 4. With 5 people on one income, if I need more than 4, I go back later in the week (ahem- the yoplait frozen smoothies that were on sale? Two of my 4 were gone within ten minutes of getting home- the kids loved those!)

      Shelf-clearing WILL lead to store policy changes. (Plus it’s gluttony and hoarding, any way you paint it).

      Jenny, and all the honest couponers here trying to get by- THANK YOU FOR DOING IT RIGHT. To the lady in the Canton Ga publix on Riverstone a few weeks back who wanted to argue the price of every single item (that you had 30 of. Each) and try to use coupons for kid scissors to get 40 pair free even though it said right there on the coupon “Not valid for kid scissors”- I am thankful I have a ton of self control, because the display you gave in the store at check out that day made me want to kick you in the teeth. You’re going to ruin it for reveryone! FOLLOW THE RULES. That’s all.

      • Anonymous

        I really wish they’d prosecute the people who are obviously breaking the rules.
        I don’t know who comes and arrests her for trying to obviously go against the coupon, but a little time to think about it might do her some good.

      • Matt

        you are lucky with your limit my Publix only lets you have 6 of a on sale item and the cashiers enforce it to

    • Jana

      I think they need to add in the cost of these people using the clipping services, buying the 30 papers every Sunday, gallons of ink on printing coupons off their 10 computers, and the cost of their gas to all the dumpster sites and foreclosed home driveways collecting coupons.  I’ll bet that if they add in all that, these people are only saving the 50 to 70% that the rest of us are saving.  Plus, the rest of us don’t have to worry about looking for a Jenny Craig coupon after eating all that crap!  And, I can guarantee you that you will never see me on the show “Hoarders”.  These people, I’m not so sure!

      • Candice

        I actually e-mailed TLC last season and told them the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been saying that from the start and am glad others think the same, it’s why people don’t understand
        there have been people with 100% savings but spent money on clipping services, which the show barely addresses (once I believe a man said “now I just go online and order what I need, they send it to me already clipped”, but they don’t address total cost)

        • April

          I was just thinking the very same thing!  So many of the people on the show say that they order coupons from clipping services, or a huge number of newspapers.  Does anyone stop to think that they might be spending as much or more on the coupons and/or newspapers as they would for just buying what they needed each week!

    • Linda

      I talked with the manager at one of our Harris Teeters last week as he was restocking after triple coupons and I commented that it must be a mad house on Wednesday morning at 7. He said these people show up and clear the shelves and sometimes use 20 different VIC cards claiming they are buying for a relative! I also believe these people are hoarders and give couponers a bad name. 

      • Tryingtosaveafewbucks

        The stores are just as responsible because they allow the rules to be bent!

      • Anonymous

        It is hard though, because there are times I’ve bought for other people at CVS
        but I understand I’m a minority in the honesty
        the only reason I tend to not use my own card for others, is it does add up YTD savings vs spending and the 2% back

        it stinks that I just lost my card too:/

      • Anonymous

        I think thats where knowing your customers comes in,
        there is a lady at my CVS who knows me well and knows I’m not using 20 cards to get 20 free aspirin and thermacare this week (neither of which I COULD get because they are wiped)
        if you don’t know the person personally, I don’t think you should be quick to bend rules.

      • Guest

        I have to say that I DO shop for my (adult daughter w/ a household of her own) because I am retired and DO have more time than she does. When my mom lived closer I was shopping for her too because she is in her 80s and doesn’t get around all that well. My HT complained about it but honest to goodness some of us DO need to be able to shop for others– I have both my daughter’s and my mom’s debit cards to pay for their orders! Why wouldn’t I have their loyalty card?

        • michelle

          i understand what you are saying, but i think linda means that people say they are buying for other people when they are not.. i also pick things up for my mom, but usually under my card.  my hubby has a cvs card of his own which he buys stuff from.. but if i am going to cvs and can get a deal, depending on how many ecbs if on it, i might use his instead if i have it on me..    of course i have never once cleared a shelf with 60 items in my cart either..

          • Lgbrown

            My dear daughter in law shops for me and for their family as I am disabled. I pull the coupons for us both because she works and her time is limited. We collect coupons from our inserts and online, I clip and do the matchups and she does the shopping. Bless her for doing this for me or my husband would have to shop. He will not use a coupon for anything and we really need the extra savings.

    • Hopper60

      What bothers me the most about the extreme couponing shows is that you know the store is also bending the rules about what can be purchased with a certain coupon.  I went to a coupon class locally and they were telling those attending that you could use the coupons on any item as long as the first 5 or so numbers matched.  Such as a coupon for flavored philadelphia cream cheese could be used for regular block cream cheese to save even more.  To me it seems like stealing the product since the store cannot prove they sold the flavored cream cheese.  I think that is stealing, just sayin.  And to top it off this class was held in a church setting.  Am I confused or is this just plain wrong as I suspect?

      • Onethriftydiva

        This is wrong and yes, it is stealing. You should only use a coupon for the item/quantity specified on the coupon. Now, if the coupon said for ANY Philadelphia cream cheese product then that is a different story…

        • Monique

          I’ve read in a couponing book the same thing about the numbers on the UPC code.  Certain numbers mean certain things and if those digits match what is on the box then the coupon can be used.  It is all from the same manufacturer so they will still be getting their money.  I haven’t had a reason to try it but since it is the same manufacturer I don’t think it would be stealing.  Now if you used a Pampers diaper coupon for Huggies, I would consider that wrong.
          This is how the book breaks it down:
          “The second set of 5 numbers is the family code and the value code.  Most manufacturers use family codes to separate their products into groups.  The number to watch for is the number zero.  More specifically how many zeros there are.  If there are three zeros, the coupon is usually meant for any product put out by the brand.  If there are two zeros, the coupon can usually be used on more than one type of product (example, any type of Lysol cleaner).  If there is one zero, the coupon can usually be used on more than one variety or flavor (example, and flavor of Listerine mouthwash).  If there are no zeros, the coupon is usually meant for one specific product, no variations allowed. (example, has to be used exactly for Lysol Lemon All Purpose Cleaner Pourable.)
          If the three digit code is 992, it means the manufacturer doesn’t group into families.”  This type of coupon has been abused greatly and many registers are set to “beep” to notify the cashier.
          If Jenny reads this, maybe she can clarify.  I just don’t think you are stealing if the manufacturer set the coupon up that way.

          • If the manufacturer didn’t feel like it was stealing, they wouldn’t be changing the system to thwart people who do this. Plain and simple.

            • Monique

              I agree.  I am just wondering if the information I have is outdated or if it is the new system.

          • Sheila_P

            Using a coupon for a product that it was not intended for is stealing.  Manufacturers had to make coupons universal so all types of registers could accept them.  However, now there will be a new barcode system put in place for coupons so that they can only be used on the items intended by the manufacturer.  The advancement of technology has made this possible now so that the mfr doesn’t keep getting ripped off.

            • Monique

              I truly don’t want to rip off the manufacturers either because then they will stop coupons all together.  I am just wondering what the new barcode system is?  Is the system I mentioned with the number of zeros no longer correct?  Personally, I have only ever gone by the wording on the coupon and not read the numbers on the barcode but I thought that was what those numbers meant (the number of zeros).  I just want some clarification.  Not trying to argue or anything.  :)  I like to play by the rules, too.

            • Anonymous

              IMO, the only reason you would be trying to interpret the barcode system is if you were trying to use a coupon for something other than the produce specified.  Otherwise you would just go by what the coupon says it is for, KWIM? The only time i have ever looked at bar codes is when I was trying to figure out if Nature Valley yogurt bars were the same as chewy granola bars but they were all the same price.

            • Monique

              Well I am sorry you feel that way.  I had bought a book explaining what I believed to be the honest way to use coupons.  There is a whole chapter dedicated to explaining the barcodes on coupons.  If the information is wrong, I just want to know.  The only time I ever looked was when Mahatma yellow rice was on sale and I had a coupon for Mahatma rice but the picture showed white rice.  I didn’t buy any.  I am just looking for the correct answer.  I would imagine that the manufacturers use the codes because it is expensive to print out a zillion coupons for every variety of item they produce when they can print a few coupons that cover them all by using barcodes.  The majority of us who use coupons would never even know that the codes have meanings.  We only learn this in books and as stated above, in classes.  If the books and classes are giving false information, I would like to know.

      • You are right, it is plain wrong and is being stopped by a new barcode system!

        • Monique

          Jenny, is the new barcode system you mention the one I tried to explain here on this post?  With the amount of zeros used? Or a 992?  I am wondering if the book I have is outdated.  Thanks for all you do!

        • Stickybeak

          I love your site and use it daily.  Sometimes, the coupons you list do not match the item in size or details.  For example, the deal for I Can’t Believe …Butter at Publix this week says there is a $1.50 off q in AllYou, which there is, but the coupon says you get a free Wal-Mart bakery item (up to $1.50) wyb any 2 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!…  Therefore, the price you listed is not $0.19, and it appears it is only valid at Wal-Mart.  Am I missing something?  I see this a lot on the coupons listed under a certain product, and I wonder if some people are thinking it’s okay to use the wrong coupon because you have listed it.  You have a very loyal following and do such a great job.  I hope that through your site, people will learn the honest, Christian, and ethical way to coupon.  Thanks for all you do!

        • Stickybeak

          I love your site and use it daily.  Sometimes, the coupons you list do not match the item in size or details.  For example, the deal for I Can’t Believe …Butter at Publix this week says there is a $1.50 off q in AllYou, which there is, but the coupon says you get a free Wal-Mart bakery item (up to $1.50) wyb any 2 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!…  Therefore, the price you listed is not $0.19, and it appears it is only valid at Wal-Mart.  Am I missing something?  I see this a lot on the coupons listed under a certain product, and I wonder if some people are thinking it’s okay to use the wrong coupon because you have listed it.  You have a very loyal following and do such a great job.  I hope that through your site, people will learn the honest, Christian, and ethical way to coupon.  Thanks for all you do!

          • Jamie_dunson

            Thankfully I have common sense myself to see that the item doesn’t match the coupon. I too run into this problem alot but I am assuming that when she types the product, every coupon comes up and automatically it subtracts the highest value.

            • Stickybeak

              I understand what you’re saying and agree she probably has a database that matches things up.  I certainly can, and do, use my common sense, but it is frustrating to go hunting for a coupon or log on to some site so you can print a coupon that you think is going to work only to find out that it doesn’t really work once you pull the coupon or print it.  Most people who follow Jenny know she is a Christian and trust what she puts on her match ups.  They probably figure that she wouldn’t have listed it if it wouldn’t work (and many times it will work because of the barcode), but that doesn’t make it right.  Ultimately, it is the couponer’s responsibility, but I am reminded of Colossians 4:5 which says, “Be wise in the way you act with people who are not believers, making the most of every opportunity.”  I am sure Jenny does not want to be a stumbling block to others by listing coupons that clearly are not meant for that product or size.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Jenny and her site has saved me tons of money, but I think she would do better to just not list them at all if they don’t match up exactly.  People will still save a ton using the correct coupons on the correct products, and Jenny will be leading by example by not listing coupons that shouldn’t be used on that product.

    • Hopper60

      What bothers me the most about the extreme couponing shows is that you know the store is also bending the rules about what can be purchased with a certain coupon.  I went to a coupon class locally and they were telling those attending that you could use the coupons on any item as long as the first 5 or so numbers matched.  Such as a coupon for flavored philadelphia cream cheese could be used for regular block cream cheese to save even more.  To me it seems like stealing the product since the store cannot prove they sold the flavored cream cheese.  I think that is stealing, just sayin.  And to top it off this class was held in a church setting.  Am I confused or is this just plain wrong as I suspect?

    • It is wrong and you should always follow the lettering on the coupon.  You can always ask the  manager if you could use a coupon on something else then it would be there call but think to yourself…”Does it feel right to do?”  If  you can’t honestly answer that then don’t do it.

    • Then that manager isn’t doing his job.  I’ve been told by corporate that you can only use one vic card per visit.

    • Jlrcpooh

      I wish they would cancel the show.  It is false and I don’t think it should air.  All it is doing is hurting those of us who are trying to help pay our grocery bill. I will not watch it and I encourage others not to watch either…maybe then they will cancel the show.

    • Cayacoup

      I don’ consider myself an xteme couponer but a smrter consumer. The show helped shed lgt on the oportunities to save money and give to those i need. I say follow the rules that manufacturers and stores set while being considerate for other shoppers and you can save plenty. Greed will only get it all taken away from us.

    • Tryingtosaveafewbucks

      What is really funny about Lowes admitting to sensationalism, the truth is that the scenario they faked is a very real scenario. After working for a year for the easiest drug store to coupon, I can say I saw the exact same scenario played out 2-3 times a month. I have witnessed people use multiple cards buying for relatives and having to bend the rules because the customer might call corporate, and if they did, corporate just tells you to do it and make the customer happy. Dont get me wrong, I am all for couponing…the right way as most of us are. And while these “Extreme” couponers give the rest of us a bad name, I have witness the “Extremes” too many times to say they are a small majority of us. So while it may have been faked, the rules they bent are ones that the workers are forced to bend every day. As I was.

    • Chloe

      Thank you! We love coupons and save 40-60% on most trips, sometimes as much as 90%. We maintain a small stockpile of products we actually use, not a hoard of stuff we bought just to keep someone else from saving money on it. Money is tight for our family and we appreciate sites like SouthernSavers that help us save as much as we can, in compliance with store & manufacturer policies. Unfortunately this show has brought out the worst in some consumers. We get our Sunday paper delivered and if it’s a good coupon week I’ll buy a second paper, but you won’t see me scoop up a whole newstand’s stock like some greedy jerks. (I’ve seen less of that behavior lately, probably because the same jerks realized their hands & wrists hurt after clipping 20 papers’ worth of coupons.) And when I go to Publix I usually pick up 2-3 store coupon circulars, not the whole stack. Greed begets greed. Karma will come back to haunt the selfish jerks who abuse coupon policies and make saving money harder for the rest of us!

      • Monique

        According to our local newspaper, the police are having to have lookouts on the newspaper dispensers outside of stores because people pay for one and grab all of them.  Some stores have taken to keeping the newspapers inside.  It’s crazy how some people don’t have a conscience when it comes to theft.

        • And even inside, the stores are keeping the actual inserts behind the counter.  At my local 7-11 you have to ask for the coupons when you buy the paper now.

    • AM

      SHOPSMART magazine (by Consumer Reports) October edition Page 11 explains how retailers have changed their coupon policies basically because of the show Extreme Couponing on TLC.
      Rite Aid is one of those stores.
      I know for me, I cannot shop at Rite Aid anymore because they don’t put out any $3/$15 coupons  anymore-or any special coupons like that.
      All because of that stupid show. I only watched it once just to see what it was about. There was a couple who proudly cleared the shelf of every single mustard. The husband said, “Shouldn’t we leave a couple of them?” The wife said, “Nope. Clear the shelf.”
      I don’t understand how people can purposely do that to other shoppers.

      • Anonymous

        the thing is, even that is staged

        for the show, the stores often special order and put as much as they can on the shelf so you get the image of walking up, scooping 200 mustards  off the shelf, and making money on them.

    • Mary

      I am a couponer, (of course) and I am proud of what I can save for my family.  I do my best to be honest, and I am not a shelf clearer or a hoarder!  I do enjoy watching the show, I know I can not do what they show doing, but I can & do reduce my grocery bill by about 75%.  The show keeps me motivated…so I will continue to watch it!  I have helped others get started, the main thing is organization & buying items when they are on sale & if you have a coupon to go with it…well BONUS!!!

    • couponnewbie

      THANK YOU!  Finally someone out there in coupon world has stated a fact….”…purchase what you actually need, not 100 bottles of juice/floss.”  The “extreme” couponers who do this have made it very tough on the rest of us here in my area.  My local Publix has stopped accepting certain coupons, and will no longer allow us to use multiples of green/yellow advantage coupons.  Thank you again.

      • Anonymous

        when I first started couponing, my mom thought you could only use one!
        the problem is that now you can’t maximize savings with BOGO deals.
        at least the ones in my area are one per coupon (although the store has been out of the yellow ones all week, so they use an insert at each register and type it as many times as you need

    • HUGE LIKE!!!

    • Grannypig12001

      You would not believe the people that believe what goes on…. I have yet to watch the show… first off “IF” any of it was true why would anybody that did that go on tv and give away all their secerts to doing so. I have been couponing shine my son was a baby he is now 31 and I still doing it. When someone wants to tell me about the show and ask them do you believe everything on tv. I really believe it has hurt us that do couponing to save money. I will be so glad when this FAD is over with. I would like to give u a example. I went to Walgreens here in town Monday morning. They were out of all the good sell items that I wanted. The cashier told me that one woman had came in and tried to get 7 different orders. 7… get real… To top that off the manager in charge let her get 5. The store manager was upset when he came in on Monday and told the employees that he was going to have to start limiting one transaction per visit… Why can’t people use common since when it comes to this. There are plently of Walgreens around that if u can not get as many as 7 at one store then go a little out of your way and go to another one. This kind of thing is hurting us all. I am not able to go shopping on Sundays because I have to work. But just stop and think how u would feel if every time u went to get something on sell they were out because there were to many selfish people out there…

      • Guest

        YAY I think I’ve finally “met” someone who has been couponing as long as I have. I started in 1979 (didn’t have kids until 1989 though)

        I had been complaining for YEARS about the way my husband’s (and my son’s former) Boy Scout troop shopped and I finally got opportunity to come in and start teaching the boys to coupon in a way that doesn’t violate the Boy Scout Law. Unfortunately the show came out in the midst of that.

        The boys’ first shopping trip was a success (scoutmasters and boys were delighted w/ improved quality/quantity of food and they stayed in budget!) After that though the ones who had seen the show wanted to know if I would teach them to coupon the way they saw on the show. I had to explain to them that much of what they saw on the show was not in sync w/ the Boy Scout Law–A Scout is Trustworthy (how trustworthy is it to clear shelves?); Courteous (not so polite to be that kind of shopper); Kind and helpful (think about the other people who are needing to feed their families); obedient (following “the rules” such as the store’s coupon policy)

        SO I that shopping trip I called our local Publix (which was in the process of re-writing q policy in part due to the show) and let them know what what was up. They were appreciative of the heads up. I asked about using a q that said one per customer if the order was $40 or more. They said their informal store policy was to allow multiple qs for each $40 spent. Since the troops’ budget for the trip was $200 I suggested we ring each “teams'” order separately–in the past we had done them all at once mainly to make things easier on the employees. They knew when we arrived (who wouldn’t notice 9 lively boys?) and when the teams were ready to check out they opened another register for us; they kind of pantomimed ringing as if it were 3 separate orders (thanking each team and telling them “their bill” which the boys on the team assumed the adult in charge was paying while they went to load their stuff into the car) and then at the the end there was one payment made which achieved our goal of making it easier on the employees (they didn’t actually total out between one team and another so some stuff from 1 went out in cart 2 and some from 2 went out in 3 and they didn’t have to deal w/ 3 separate payments) –in theory we could have used up to 4 q’s (they went under budget due to sales) but we only had 3 teams and it was important to us they learn to follow the policy as written.

    • Cboyd33

      Thank you for posting your thoughts on this. I was concerned about joining your site, because of my feelings of Extreme Couponing being unethical.

    • Theatlantablonde

      Jenny – so glad you wrote this! I live in a mostly-single, upscale part of Atlanta, and you would think my Publix wouldn’t be consistantly out of coupon books and sale items, but the manager told me that there are a couple of people in the area who abuse the system and go completely nuts! He specifically mentioned the TLC extreme couponing show and how it’s made his job so much more difficult, and how it’s not fair to the rest of us who don’t hoard! :)

      • Monique

        Our Publix keeps the coupon booklets at Customer Service and you have to ask for them.  Maybe they should do that at all the stores.

    • mommyof5girls

      Thank you for posting this article. After watching the first episode, I was totally put off by the antics of some of the participants. Seriously how many people need 60 bottles of mustard? When you get down to it, these people are just hoarders to the extreme. Maybe they should just be on the hoarding show.

    • JL

      I am glad you posted this article I am glad that Lowes wised up and admitted the truth.I do feel the more we talk about this show bad or good we are promoting it. How many of us watch it just to see what all the fuss is about or just to see all the sensationalism in it. Even bad press is good press. We all need to get things off our chest but now that it is in it’s second seson less talk and acknowledgement is the way to go. For me I WILL NOT watch this show nor post anything on facebook and if asked by others if I am an extreame couponer I will so no and move on. Thanks agin for all you do. Saved a bunch at Publix and Harris Teeter and I did not clear any shelves.

    • I’m not watching.  I’ll be waiting, instead, for these people to be on future episodes of Hoarders when their houses fall apart after being crammed full of the “great deals” they found over the years.

    • Rockstar Girlz

      I love the show. I do coupon, but consider the show as entertainment only. It’s like any reality show. Smoke and mirrors it’s just enterainment. I do not extreme coupon. I just use coupons. I do think the show has resulted in a sterotype about couponers. Maybe its just people trying to do what they do on tv. Abuse the system.

      • Jjonlineoffers

        Trust me Rockstar, there are many more valuable and entertaining things you could be doing than watching this show.

    • Lubetech06

      I coupon but do not buy anything I don’t use nor do I buy more than what I can use. I know the tlc show is wrong with the coupon strategies they use and most are not true, I still enjoy watching the show.

    • Collegecouponer

      I LOVE THIS ARTICLE. As an employee of Lowes Foods, I can be honest and tell you this show is incredibly staged. We have limits on doubling and amount of coupons used. As a couponer, I strictly enforce that in my line – because FAIR is FAIR. We all want good deals, we all want to feed our families at our low budgets. But, this show completely put Lowes in a dishonest light and I hope that all my wonderful friendly couponers countinue to come through my line as fair couponers for us all. Lowes is truly an awesome place to shop with coupons when you have the right attitude!

    • Brjb579

      I too thank you for posting this because I feel very proud when I save my family money on products we need and use. However when I checked out this show and saw entire buggies of items for just a few dollars I was discouraged a little thinking I must not be doing something right. As a previous comment also said, Who really needs 60 bottles of mustard, or 30 boxes of kitty litter and they don’t even have a cat. They definitely belong on hoarders buried alive or something!!! LOL

      • A_lanford

        Amen, Sister!!!! I actually turned on the TV this afternoon and saw that the coupon show was on and I just get disgusted. I ALWAYS have 2 thoughts when I see this show (of which I can NEVER watch to the end). 1st I wonder how in the world do they live like this (with their toilet paper under the kids beds, a shower filled with paper towels, canned goods in their bedroom…) …..isn’t this more hoarding than couponing??? and 2nd, exactly WHAT do they EAT? deoderant, shampoo and toothpaste??? Boy! What a diet!

        • michelle

          didnt you know that shampoo is great as salad dressing! of course they dont have any salad to put it on.. so..

          ugh.. i am a very organized person and living with paper towels in my dresser drawers is something i try to avoid =)

        • Kati3878

          I agree. I am sorry, but I draw the line at story cereal in my bedroom closet or under my bed. That;s just gross to me.

      • Lorimiko76

        I totaly agree with you. I have seen the show and how much they get for so very little. Savings of 80, 90+%!I regularly save 30 to 40% off of groceries, pet supplies and household items and I wondered what I was doing so wrong! If I save 50% or more it is a very good trip and me and my son and husband celebrate with hi fives. I guess we are kind of silly:) I will often buy two or three bottles of laundry detergent or bags of cat food, if there is a god sale and I have a coupon. I have a cat and have never bought more than 3 maybe four (max) boxes of kitty litter! I try to get enough cat food, kitty litter and laundry detergent for about a month or two, not until the end of the world!

    • Nat5harrington

      I stopped watching the show. I have had multiple people in stores ask me about couponing when they see my binder and the show constantly gets brought up. I tell them not to believe what they see. Its a shame also that the show has affected the stores. I do run into problems now that I did not run into before the show aired. Store policies have become more strict and I run into the problem of the stores being out of the products esp Publix. I even go on Wed when the new ad goes out and by time I get there in afternoon the free or next to free items are gone.

    • Bonnie Wilson154

      i am a stay at home mom who uses coupons to help save my family money. my husband dosen’t make alot and we have bills to pay couponing helps me save money so that we can pay are bills on time and have a little money to do something for my kids.however, i feel that if these greedy ppl dont stop abusing couponing the stores will soon change there policies and make it hard for those of us who use coupons the right way to continue saving so are families can afford the things we need…..SO PPL STOP WITH THE GREED

      • michelle

        i agree..  we try to stay on a reasonable “store” budget which includes groceries, pet,  household and health items..  the more we save the more things we can do as a family like go to the movies once a month or something..  if we save 50% then i am a happy mommy.  people who are greedy will have it come back to bite them in the end..

    • Kati3878

      I hate the show because it gives us honest couponers a bad name. I have gotten so many dirty looks when I bring my binder with me to stores. It upsets me because I very, very rarely buy more than 2 or 3 of an item, and NEVER clear a shelf, ignore the coupon policy, etc. We are a family of 4 living off of 1 income while I finish school, so I’m just trying to save where I can. 

      • zebby

        I was in line, waiting to check out when the person ahead of me saw my binder, and started a discussion with the cashier about extreme couponing, and how ridiculous it is, etc etc.  I only had 2 or 3 of most items, nothing extreme at all.  I was very thankful for the cashier’s response when she tried to get him to agree to how horrible we make the cashier’s job because it takes longer to check out.  He told her that he gets paid by the hour, so he doesn’t mind having to scan the coupons. 

      • Amanda

        I agree. It really is ridiculous. The day the ad started with the free + overage (after coupons) 50 ct advil at Publix about a month or so ago, I went on my lunch break to get 2. The store had been opened maybe 4 or 5 hours by that point and the 2 I got were the last 2 on the shelf!
        We’re a family of 3 living off my state employee income, it doesn’t go far with 2 adults and a growing 11 year old boy. :-/

      • michelle

        i am just like you.. unless there is a stockpile at the store of an item or its the very last day of the sale and the store is near closing time.. i will never get more than just a few items.. 3 or 4 is enough for us.. we are a family of 3 (with 3 dogs.. so techinally 6 lol) but we live off my hubbys income alone..   i would not feel right grabbing 20 lysol sprays if there were only 21 on the shelf.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the article, Jenny. I have heard a lot about the show, but have not  watched it, nor will I watch it in the future. The show only does harm to legitimate couponing, in my opinion. I was formerly employed at one of the big box retailers that you follow, and they posted a memo threatening termination of any employee who participated in extreme couponing in the store.

      Thanks for all your time and effort to help us save money honestly and responsibly.

    • Katchaz

      Thumbs up  to Lowes.  I get discouraged at the show because I have went to the store for items and the shelves have been emptied.  I just want to get my family the items we will eat and used.  I don’t want to look at a stock pile of items that will sit there and go bad.  And besides not all cities double coupons.

    • Futballmom

      I teach a beginners class in my area and the first thing I tell them is that I do not endorse or teach how to be a crazy person like on that coupon show.  I teach people to follow the rules and most of all not to clear shelves.  I also have a group page where recently I vented about a shelf clearer and was chewed out by a group member.  Her stance was that she was tired of hearing about people whining about shelf clearers.  She then called my judgement into question.  I blame that show for confusing people with what it right both legally and ethically.  I watch the show for entertainment and because I know that people in the class will bring up that show and I want to be able to address and answer these questions specifically.

    • Christi

      Began couponing prior to the TLC show. I am so glad I found this site to guide me in my shopping. I am honest and would be mortified if I were to break the rules unknowingly.   I always double check exp dates, limits, and product size.  Since I started there have been numerous episodes were I have seen outburts at stores between angry couponers and cashiers.  The couponer was wrong not the cashier.  Also, a manager at a drugstore admitted losing cashiers over this whole “Extreme Couponing”, It’s a shame when people have to take advantage.  So, I will keep on doing what is right no matter what.  Thank you Jenny for doing it the right way.

    • Lisa

      I am so glad you highlighted the blatant example of false advertising by TLC’s Extreme Couponing show. I too like to use coupons and have done so for years. But I have never been able to get deals like the people on the TLC show. I felt cheated and wondered how I’ve been getting swindled for so many years. 

      It is ridiculous to think that I could buy 10 shopping carts full of stuff, including meat (meat!), and use multiple coupons for under $10. Really it’s disingenuous. Thanks for exposing the lie. @a2bec73c5391111f75bb42bdfbe88f9d:disqus 

    • Anonymous

      the concept i understand
      and technically, you could probably get away with it

      but it isn’t “right” and I’m fairly certain it is illegal.
      examples of things you could get away with but are not right or legal:
      print your own coupons (i’m not sure how, but I’ve heard of it)
      putting coupons in PDF form when it’s specified not to do so on the coupon
      walking around with a machine and printing prices  then sticking them on a product as though its a clearance price (at publix it would then ring up “wrong” and you’d get it free)

      this is why they’ve had to change the system so much
      now I’ve accidently messed up on coupons and realized afterwards when sorting leftover coupons, but I would never promote using the system this book talks about, unless the words are all written in a language you cannot understand and you can only infer by coding.

    • claudia


    • Anonymous

      I think TLC made this as a back story to hoarding, in two years they’ll be clearing out storage units of expired food.

    • Hmitchell01

      I agree with this completely. It’s so frustrating that if you go to the store, you have to go at the crack of dawn (which isn’t realistic for those of us with young children) to get any good deals. Whenever I go in, the EXTREME couponers have already bought everything that I could have gotten a deal on. Like the other day, a woman behind me bought every single cleaning spray the store had….like an entire cart full. All I wanted was one and I couldn’t get it because she bought everyone she could get her hands on and she probably will never use many of them. I just think it would be nice if people were more considerate and realistic of the coupons they use. 

    • cantambodium

      I love that you do things the right way on here and I agree TLC Extreme Couponing is way to Extreme. I do sometimes see on your match ups coupons for a certain size but the on sale item is not the right size as the coupon you suggest. I’m not sure I understand are you suggesting that we still use it?

      • Mrscori2006

        I hope she answers this one because I have noticed the same thing. I also noticed sometimes coupons are listed  for the same brand name but not the correct product.

        • Jennydh

          It appears that the coupon database automatically which matches the coupons to the sale items based on item name not size or other determining factors.  Sometimes she is able to catch them and make notes that these might not match up.  With all the data entry needed to list all the sale items, she can’t catch them all and still be mom and wife and everything out in a timely fashion.

        • Missriza

          I have a coupon database and it think it is a database match up error.  With hundred/thousands of coupons, sometimes there are errors (similar product names). It’s happened to me :).

    • Rdlgd

      I started couponing 2 yrs ago. I have learned thru this website and mostly from the cashiers of the stores that I frequent. If I save 50% off retail, I am ecstatic. If I save more, even better. I watch these shows but for entertainment purposes and I consider the ppl on them to have a hoarding problem to an extent. To me, couponing is a necessary part of life since prices go up and generally income does not keep up with inflation. 

    • Sjdepra3

      Completely agree!  We actually saw someone a several of weeks ago having a yard sale with the “freebie’s” the day after the sale at Publix.  Very frustrating, especially since I needed some of the items that were being sold in the yard sale.  I need to shop with coupons, it’s not a hobby, as it’s becoming here in Florida.  My biggest fear, is that one day is that couponing will stop.

      • Hildawins

        That should be illegal – and shame on them.

        • Valeriems1

          WHY? they bought the products (even though with coupon)  now the products are theirs to do whatever they want with them

          • michelle

            while i dont think its illegal to resale items.. well, actually to sell items you would be making money.. and i highly doubt these people ever report this income.. but im not quite sure how things like that work..

            but..  its just morally wrong, in my opinion to clear shelves knowing others want items.. its just being rude imo.

            • Anonymous

              Who says that anyone that sells items is a shelf clearer????  You don’t have to clear shelves to get your stock pile huge.  How is someone selling something that they purchased morally wrong.  Isn’t Ebay, Craigslist, and all retailers guilty of this very thing.  Do you think that the loaf of bread that you bought at Pulix for $1.99 cost the store $1.99.  NO!  Just adding a thought to this debate.

            • Babette711

              I use to buy my razors from the person at the flea market.  They were cheaper than the store and I thought it was a good deal.  It is a great deal for people that do not coupon or know anything about it.  They are just trying to provide for their families, like all of us.  

            • michelle

              well, i think we are talking about shelf clearers who sell.. not people who DO NOT shelf clear..      i never said everyone who has ever sold anything cleared a shelf.

      • Brandy

        I think we should be able to hand those people (the ones that resell the items) a coupon and be on our merry way with the product!!!

      • benandjerrysgirl

        There is actually a woman in my town that owns a store full of products that she has gotten for free or practically free, then turns around and sells the products.  She is a shelf clearer and leaves nothing left for the reasonable coupon moms…it’s sad…

      • Heather W

        I live in a large Southern city with a huge flea market, supposedly one of the South’s largest.  While there two weeks ago, my daughter and I saw a couple selling household products they’d purchased with coupons.  They had quite a stash for sale…shampoo, lotions, detergent, you name it.  That was the first time I’d met anyone who resold those items for profit.

        • puck1013

          If they are trying to sale any kind of medication they are braking the law depending on the state.  In NC you can not sale any type of medication with out a permit. They have gotten most of the people at the flea markets around me.  Now they still sale beauty products but not ovee the counter drugs.

      • JLWeb15

        I have a feeling that it will start to slow down. Manufacturers distribute coupons and promotions so that you try the product, like it, then continue to buy it. Once they see that they’re losing money (retailers shouldn’t lose money as long as cashiers only accept valid coupons), they will definitely ease up on promotions. I moderately coupon and would be disappointed as well.

    • Hildawins

      Here Here, is there a site we can complain to the show producers?  I can’t believe the number of people who think that show is real.

      • HomeschoolingCouponingMom

        I emailed TLC a few months back and all I got was a generic response in return. So annoying!

    • Trindale85

      I didn’t see this article in my Charlotte Observer. I usually just pull out my coupons and sales ads. I really wish they’d cancel this show. It makes us all look bad.

    • Hildawins

      Jenny, since you are such a go getter – why not make some sort of statement about “Responsible Couponers of Amercia?”  We could show our card, show them our grocery bags etc.  you just have to get it going!  I heard a busy woman is the one to ask to do something!

      • Hildawins

        and you could promote your website on the bags!  Need help with the design?  My niece does graphic arts for a living!

    • Limar082002

      I used to live near Lowe’s and shopped there frequently with my coupons, but I moved and don’t live near Lowe’s anymore. It’s disappointing that they bent their own rules to accommodate a TV show and to get some free publicity. Lowe’s used to offer triple coupons, but rules had to be implemented after people would spend 7 hours a day on triples filling up carts, paying some change, unloading in the car and come back in to do it again (I knew the people, and it happened more than once). You would think that they would have learned from that. Now they have to educate all the people who think you can shop that way Lowe’s Food.

    • Amber

      I agree with just about everyone! This show on TLC gives false information that has only made couponing crazy! I work during the day and don’t get to shop until after 5pm. There is nothing left! I think it’s a sin to hoard so much stuff. Why do you really need 50 rolls of paper towels and 75 bottles of hot sauce? Please save some good deals for the rest of us! Way to go Lowes!  

      • Elf716

        I feel the same way. I work and have two children, so my shopping time is limited. I don’t always get to the store on the first or second day of the week. I found one of the commercials for Extreme Couponing very frustrating when a woman justified clearing shelves by saying that people should have gotten to the store before she did. That is insensitive to people who want to save a little money in these hard times.

    • Assilem7477

      I don’t see why everyone is freaking out about this show.  For everyone who coupons, we know it’s absolutely silly to buy a massive amount….The show today the lady saved hundreds of dollars but only had 3 different types of products…That is pointless.  Southern savers shouldn’t even waist their time putting up things about the show…and neither should I!

      • lily

        I noticed that too!

    • Fallaya

      The main reason I enjoy going to this website is because you do not endorse the “extreme couponing” nonsense.  There is another popular couponing website that I stopped perusing because they starred in one of the very first Extreme Couponing shows.  I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the store bent all kinds of rules for her, and I’m sure she embellished things here and there.  I have no respect for shelf-clearers and those that endorse such a thing.  American seems to be all about extremes and excess.

    • Tattooedallover69

      i hate extreme couponing i refuse to watch the show.

    • Wendy

      I just want to strangle the shelf clearer on the preview who said, yeah I’m a shelf clearer, you should have beat me to the store….then laughed.

      • Oh me too.  I cannot STAND her snide attitude.  If I lived in her city, I’d grab some friends and beat her to every store just out of spite, so she would know how it feels.

      • Jeni Hughes

        That’s why the clip is in heavy rotation. Obnoxious controversial behaviour gets rating!

    • Jas

      I don’t think the apology is even legit, they found out that a lot of customers are going to disappointed so they are just trying to save face in my opinion. Seriously what did they expect when “slightly bended” their rules? But again that is just my opinion.

      • Sierra_26

        I completely agree! I shop at Lowe’s so as soon as I would have seen that episode I would know the show is fake.

    • Baedwards67

      Ya know, I have to admit. The show made me get more interested in serious couponing however I totally disagree with their extreme insanity!!! I thank Southern Savers and everyone who participates in the articles and deals. You guys are realistic. I now save so much (40-55%) and it’s stuff we use! I’m still learning but I promise I don’t ooo and awe over my pantry! Thank you!!

    • carrie

      I will say I saw one episode Were one family donated about 90% of everything they bought. I am fine with that because the stuff went to the troops over seas and to a local soup kitchen.  

      • Suzanne

        Donating is great, but if that prevents the family in need that lives next door (and not at the point of needing assistance) from getting the 2 or 4 items that would sustain their family, then donating hurts.

        • Criscicoup

          I agree.  Donating is a wonderful thing and I’m sure in these tough times the food banks really appreciate it, but I wish people would shop for charities on the last day of the sale.  Sure, you can get a rain check for the sale price, but if the item is a terrific deal because the store doubles or triples coupons that week, families like mine lose out.

        • michelle

          i agree suzanne..  this might  sound harsh and  i dont mean to offend anyone.. but i wish these needy families would coupon!  i dont mean every person either! we have hit hard times and with $0 in the bank we needed help too.. everyone can hit a roadblock in their life all of a sudden, so i dont mean every family… but if others couponed reasonably then they might could afford the same items i am getting.. free pasta and 25 cent sauce..  clearing the shelves to donate to people who could be couponing as well makes no sense to me..   my husband used this analogy when we were talking abt this same thing – give a man a fish and he has food for the day – teach a man to fish and hes got food for life..     some people complain abt having no money yet they spend 100% retail on their grocery bill -but to spend $2 on a paper to get coupons is beyond them for some reason!    sorry haha thanks i just had to vent.. =)

          • Missriza

            Michelle, I agree that more needy families would coupon, but we all should coupon more.  My family are on an EXTREMELY fixed income and I had reprimand a relative who I found out was receiving assistance that she needed to use coupons, budget, plan her shopping trips, etc.  I was surprised when she admitted that she was spending beyond her assistance packages to cover food and baby food/formula. I must say she has begun to coupon more to save money. I will share coupons with people with children, elderly, budget shoppers, or even people paying with food stamps when I shop. Sometimes people will say I wish I had some of those coupons, so I take a quick glance at their items and if I have a coupon for them I will share it. Maybe that will inspire them to coupon. Just a thought, maybe some of us need to give workshops at the local food stamp offices, salvation armies, utility assistance centers, etc.

      • Angelascoupons1

        Donating in moderation is the key.  I get coupons from a few neighbors.  The extra coupons come in handy during special weeks, such as super doubles.  For the most part, though, I’m only buying 2-3 of my coupon items.  However, the extra coupons help when I can get good deals on some things that my food pantry needs…such as peanut butter or jelly.  So I have a box on my stockpile shelf where I fill up with these extra items…then take them over to the food pantry.  Again, it’s all moderation…not shelf clearing.  You can also go through your stockpile and find items getting close to expiring and donate those, as food pantries turn over their inventory very quickly (so it won’t go bad sitting on a shelf there).  I encourage everyone to do a little bit of donating with their couponing.  It is a big help, and you’ll feel GREAT for doing it!

    • lily

      I work in a grocery store, and I kept telling people no way this show was real, and they all say, oh yeah it is, has to be, I belive it. I have just started doing couponing on a reg basis, and I cannot get my bill that good. Love it if I could, but I feel like I’m doing good, and I am getting things that we use not 40 bottles of hot sauce, and 75 bags of croutons. Question though, how do you figure the percentage of savings on your bill?

      • Cwills3063

        totalprice / by price save = %

    • Granny

      I don’t watch the show and when I tell them I use coupons they always bring up the show I just tell them I don’t watch it and I don’t hoard. I buy 3 or 4 items if I can find the deal. But we have a hockey team we move in at the beginning of the season and we stock them some food because they don’t get paid for a few weeks. I have only been doing this a few months and I save about 50 % on my grocery bill. I don’t clear shelves but I find alot of shelves cleared ahead of me

    • Godbless

      That show is just for entertainment. I wish one day retailers set a fair price on products and elinimate coupons. Why should one person buy things cheaper than the others. Rich people’s money worth the same as poor’s. Why should jobless staying at home clipping coupons and going to stores to buy things cheaper or free while hard working people paying retail because they don’t have time for all this bologna.

      • lily

        I work 40 plus hours a week, have a family, and so far, I’m enjoying the coupon shopping, grant you I do not have access to a store that double coupons so I don’t save as much as others, but I feel if I can save anything its better than nothing

      • Smerk80

        So you’re saying that “poor people” shouldn’t be able to coupon b/c “rich people” don’t have time? I fail to see the point in your logic. I work full time, but I’m off on Sunday when the sales papers come in the paper. I also subscribe to some emails that alert me when things I regularly buy go on sale. I would love it if every single item were just cheap anyway, but until then (when is never), I’ll be couponing. In my opinion, rich or not, if you are too lazy to take these few easy steps to save money, then you should be paying more.

        • Godbless

          That’s not what I’m saying at all. I suggest one price for all buyers. Couponing is easy but time consuming. And I don’t like to be called lazy when I want to spend more time with my family instead of couponing.

          • Kristacandle3

            I have a large family and couponing helps lower the bill. I get the kids involved when they want to help. They like to cut the coupons out, but they don’t like to sort them. I do like sorting and organizing, so we work well as a team. That is good time spent together as a family. Then when we save on the grocery bill, we have a little extra money to go do something fun together, too!

          • MDaniel

            1 price for all people?  Is that like 1 salary for all workers, no matter how much they want to work?  I don’t want to spend 30 hours a week on couponing, and the grocery stores don’t pay me to walk out of there (except for 1 glorious time that is for another post! – still didn’t spend that much time).  I do spend a couple hours spread out over the week and I am rewarded accordingly for my work.  This sounds like socialism to me, but that seems to be the way our country is headed.  I don’t think people who don’t coupon are lazy.  I think some people have more money than time and some more time than money.  :)  Your comment wanting the same for everyone regardless of their work is what sounds lazy.

          • MDaniel

            1 price for all people?  Is that like 1 salary for all workers, no matter how much they want to work?  I don’t want to spend 30 hours a week on couponing, and the grocery stores don’t pay me to walk out of there (except for 1 glorious time that is for another post! – still didn’t spend that much time).  I do spend a couple hours spread out over the week and I am rewarded accordingly for my work.  This sounds like socialism to me, but that seems to be the way our country is headed.  I don’t think people who don’t coupon are lazy.  I think some people have more money than time and some more time than money.  :)  Your comment wanting the same for everyone regardless of their work is what sounds lazy.

    • JLWeb15

      I work for one of the retail stores you feature on Southern Savers. I can tell you first hand that people are watching this show and become “crazed couponers.”. We know who they are as soon as they walk in the door and dread every moment they are there. They insist on us taking manufacturer coupons for items that are not part of the deal only because it just works. They also get very rude when we don’t accept coupons with the expiration date cut off, etc. I will say that 90% of my couponing customers are great and eager to save money on their everyday needs. I just wish the other 10% would do their homework before they walk through the door.

    • Mrscori2006

      I can’t stand that show and do not watch it. After watching the first few episodes last season, it didn’t take me long to figure out that it was a HUGE misrepresentation. I have always used coupons but not to extremes. I have now decided to take a break from couponing because it is becoming too frustrating to coupon in my area. Too many shelf-clearers. I work two jobs and do not have the time to make three shopping trips a week to redeem a stack of rain checks. At this point I will pay a few extra dollars just to avoid frustration.

    • I have to admit that I started couponing because of the show. I did realize though that the savings were unrealistic and staged. I started researching with great sites like these and a few others and am so happy I did! I am saving 50-60% on my groceries weekly. And yes I am loading my basement up but not on 50 bottles of this and 50 bottles that. It is refreshing to know that not only am I saving a ton of money now but for the future also. Purchasing items such as cold/flu medicines, first aid items, make-up, feminine products ect. takes a lot of stress off me to know I have them on hand and don’t have to (A) run out right away and (B) pay full price. It is very addicting to save money but I will never be a shelf clearer. There are ways to save and stock without doing that! I am a couponer and proud of it. 

      • Onamaewa2

        I agree with you Tina!  I started couponing before I knew about the show.  All of my friends have started to think that I have lost my mind and become like the people on the show.  I am the FIRST person to set them straight considering I AM  A MINAMALIST by nature.  I have started gathering small stashes of products just like you, only of things that I know we use regularly and will more than likely use within the next month.  It gives me peace of mind to know that it will be there when I need it rather than making a midnight trip for ibpreufen! The show really needs to go away.I have managed to get my stock  up by only purchasing 1 or 2 extra items per week, rather than clearing a whole shelf.  TLC really needs an eye opener on this one.

    • Stolan

      The area that I live in we have shelf clearers too.  What makes it worse & makes my blood boil, is that people are taking these items & selling them at their “yardsale”!!   And here I am not being able to buy one of these items because they are totally gone!

    • Tnjcent

      Going to Walgreens on Monday night or Tuesday after work…shelves are already cleared of their featured sale item…the nonchalant attitudes of the managers and store workers…me, frustrated that the store does not have what I came to get…1 item, maybe two….hoarders who clear the shelves….I’ve been couponing for over 30 years and I have never seen such madness…by the way, I still have coupons with no expiration dates….shame on you Extreme/ New couponers! 

      • Onamaewa2

        I know that Walgreens is VERY popular where I live with couponers.  Every Sunday morning we are all waiting in our cars for the doors to open.  Luckily we are all civil with each other.  We all tend to grab just 1 or 2 of the sale items, leaving some for the next person.  When they’re out we ask to check stock in the back.  Unfortunately, I am finding that they simply do not get enough stock in!  I don’t understand why they only get a handful of sale items.  My partiular Walgreens hasn’t stocked paper towels in 8 weeks!  It’s oh so frustrating…but not ALWAYS due to shelf clearers.

    • SassyPantsandMore

      I drove 30 minutes to a HT one time when they were having their super doubles.  I arrived 1 hr after they opened only to find EVERYTHING that was a great deal or freebie was completely gone.  I only wanted 1 or 2 of these items.  Needless to say, this trip was very disappointing.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on being a respectful couponer.  I enjoy and thank you for your website.

      • Nancychef1

        Same here – I’ve been to HT in the morning of the first day, only to find some shelves cleaned out.   If you don’t make it the first day there, you might as well forget getting the item.   Let me put a word in for single moms like me who work and don’t have time to get there first thing in the morning – we have just as much right and probably need to save money more than those who wipe the shelves out!!

        Thank you for letting me get this off my chest!

        • BuckeyeSara1982

                 I know how frustrating it can be, and I only live 2 miles from my HT. You can’t start using super doubles until 7:30am, so all these crazy women come in at 6am on Wednesday morning, load up their carts and then just stand there until 7:30!!! Unless you want to (and have time to!) get up before dawn and then stand around, there’s almost no point in going. 
                 The best advice I can give is talk to the people at your local store and make friends with them. They’ve told me that Thursday and Saturday mornings are really the best time to come by because they get trucks in the day before and re-stock the shelves overnight. That has saved me SO MUCH stress.
                 Also, don’t be afraid to ask for rain checks. They never expire at HT and, as often as they do super-doubles at HT, there’s a good chance that your coupon will still be good the next time around. Plus, you’ll be the only one with the great price on that product so there’s no competition for it. :)

          • Susan

            Indeed.  The people at Harris Teeter aren’t shelf clearing though, it’s just THAT many people.  I went once during a super doubles first thing in the morning, there were about 50 people ready to check out at 7.  

            They just don’t have that much stock.  I’ve had luck during “event” weeks with them by shopping on Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  

            Drug store stock has been so hit or miss in the past year, I pretty much quit doing it.

    • tomasina80

      The HT where I live only allows 3 of the same coupon.  At first I found it frustrating…after watching this show I really appreciate this policy.  It makes it near impossible for 1 person to wipe shelves out in a single trip.

    • Anonymous

      We all love spending time with our families.  Mine being a husband and 3 children. I work 48 hrs a week and still find the time to coupon even if being at 12 o’clock at night when I get off work.  I need to save money and if in this economy people can’t see where we are coming from then you are blind… Furthermore if you don’t coupon  or see the sense in this is bologna then why would you even be on this website????? I appreciate all Jenny does even though she too has a family and would like to spend time with them.

    • Anonymous

      my comment was in reply to godbless even though it didn’t show up as that.

    • Trish D

      I get asked if I’m one of those extreme couponers every time I have my bag of coupon related stuff with me. I’m quick to tell them “I’ve been using coupons for 15 years, but I am paying better attention now. And NO, I do not have a stash of crap in my house just because I got a deal.  I follow FLYLady’s teachings of “if you buy it, where will it reside in your home? And, if you don’t use it, then it’s clutter!”
      And if I save somewhere close to 50%, then I am very happy. Ideally, I aim for saving more than I spend.

      • michelle

        thats right! the cashier at cvs (who is great!) was trying to have me buy the rephresh tampons that would have been free with ecbs.. but i told her no thanks.. i had no room in my designated area under my cabinet for them.. even though i would eventually use them so they wouldnt go to waste.. i felt no need to take a box from the shelf if someone really needed them.. there will ALWAYS be another deal with that item or a similar item.. why cant people understand this? =)

      • michelle

        thats right! the cashier at cvs (who is great!) was trying to have me buy the rephresh tampons that would have been free with ecbs.. but i told her no thanks.. i had no room in my designated area under my cabinet for them.. even though i would eventually use them so they wouldnt go to waste.. i felt no need to take a box from the shelf if someone really needed them.. there will ALWAYS be another deal with that item or a similar item.. why cant people understand this? =)

    • Janiemharrison

      I have been couponing for 4 years now and it is discouraging to go into the store and see that an “extreme couponer” has taken everything! I see this stuff pop up more and more at flea markets and yard sales, its not enough that they get it all for free, but now people are trying to profit from it! I have thought many times of just quitting, but I do save a lot and can’t imagine paying a full grocery bill! I have learned to buy what we want and enjoy, who cares if its not free! We still manage to stay around $200 a month on food and household items!

    • Aroberson854

      It makes me so angry when i go into a store and the shelf is cleared because someone has come and bought every item just to store in there house or where ever and sell the free items or cheap items at there yard sale…. It would be alot different if they were giving to a charity….

      • Guest

        why do you just assume that someone cleared the shelf?  does it ever cross your mind that many people have bought the item & they are just out of stock?

        • michelle

          maybe because some posters are going to the store the day of the sale close to opening and the store is already sold out..  example.. if the store just opened 30 minutes ago and every pasta on the shelves/bins are already gone..    with deodorant at my publix it is that way.. they will have an empty bin (enough to fit at least 100 – serioulsy and some shelf space)  and it will be empty all week.

    • Gville31

       Those of you who voted for “Change” are seeing it now huh ???!!

      • Daylog

        u said a mouthful!!!!!!

        • Akdhkjsahkj

          a mouth full of garbage!

      • Loverofchrist

        what does this comment have to do with couponing. Please leave political comments on other websites not this one.

      • andy

        For goodness sakes can we PLEASE keep political views/comments out of this blog!  Go to USAToday blogs or somewhere else.  Thanks.

    • debd60

      Extreme couponing is repulsive.  I couldn’t believe the woman on one of those Extreme Coupon shows was buying up the entire shelf of couscous when she didn’t even know if she and her family liked the stuff or not.  What? I mean really!  What about the family on a VEERRRY  limited budget who does like couscous(or something similar) and wanted to buy it only to find that when they wished to use their coupon, they’d find the shelf empty. I am very favored in that  I am fully employed…I like to save money too and I use my coupons in moderation.  It’s ridiculous that shelves are cleaned out. I am extremely  happy many stores have a limit on the number of coupons consumers are able to use in a transaction. But there are a great many bad apples out there who pitch a fit when they meet any resistance in utilizing extreme coupon techniques.  The Extreme Couponing show is sensationalism AND unfortunately it leads some people to think they can break store policies. The stores that participate in this show are culpable in this mess as well.  It’s giving the reasonable couponers  a bad name. It’s refreshing that Lowe’s Foods came out with this statement.  I wish others would too! Oh, yeh, and I believe every extreme couponer gives their excess to charity too, yeh, right.  EXTREME COUPONING is another form of OCD-whether they themselves believe it or not.

      • Anonymous

        The manager at my local Publix told me that he has tried to put limits, according to their policy he said it is allowed, but he said people immediately call corporate and complain.  They are then allowed to clear the shelves.  I really don’t understand why stores risk the business of 20 customers who are not able to buy one of each item to appease a shelf clearer or two.

        • michelle

          i agree.. why do they show the stockpile of pasta/toothpaste etc in their homes still if it is to be donated? why not show them actually bringing it to the church etc??    like the guy from last year on one of the eps i seen was donating toothpaste – yet he had a whole thousand in his home already?! 

    • Krista

      The show seems to be just another reality show that is not reality at all. There are others, like the housewife one. I don’t watch it because I don’t think it portrays reality. The same goes for Extreme Couponing. It doesn’t even get my attention beyond this posting on a very good savings site. I just have to practice what I believe to be good couponing so that those around me know I am nothing like the show. Just like living what I believe is right so I portray that I am nothing like a housewife that show.

    • V_wainright

      Although I disagree with showing a woman clearing the shelves and bragging about getting to the store first, I understand this is television, meant for entertainment, and TLC does not promote this as a documentary. Hey, the show gave me the idea to coupon last spring, which has saved my family a lot of money. And your web site has taught me to coupon correctly!! In the real world, most couponers are rule-abiding citizens and I am sure do not wipe shelves.

      • Greenwave7

        Try getting a ECB deal at CVS- even if I get there on Sunday, the shelves are already cleared!  I am running into more and more instances when I can not get just one item, let alone be able to stock up for six weeks. This show may give people the push they need to try to coupons and save money, but they are setting a terrible example of how to do it.  It boils down to ethics, and in the case of most “reality TV” there aren’t any!

        • michelle

          i know! thank god the girls at my cvs are fantastic and they are so easy to ask for rainchecks or to double check the back for another item.    there are never ever any contact solutions left even on sunday and rarely any feminine items.. maybe its low stock as we live in a small town so we dont have a lot of cvs’ nearby.. but maybe its shelf clearing with mulitple cards being used.. at least the cvs rainchecks never expire, so i keep them until they have a stock (and maybe a better coupon!)

    • mary

      thank you southern saver for the article i live in the central valley in california we don’t have any lowes or  stores who participate in double couponing,  i’m wondering if extreme couponing will have a third season?   I have experienced more questions from the cashiers to the managers at my local target stores since the show first aired last year i’ve experienced some under the breath comments from people behind me in line also has anyone else had any extra troubles?

    • Thanks for providing an alternate perspective. That show is very misleading, and frustrating to watch for newbies like me who are trying to learn how to do it the right way, but then see things on the show and get totally confused because it’s contradictory to what I think I know to be true. Like most reality TV, it’s fascinating to watch, but it’s critical to be aware that there’s a lot more fiction portrayed than facts.

    • Rhonda Norwood

      For anyone to think this show is realistic is foolish!  The 6-12 week sale cycle is a make sense, avoid waste tried and true method. Most of us eat fresh meat, vegetables and dairy not to mention beer or wine:)  To save 60% or more is what real couponers look to do.  Unfortunately, this show has caused a craze of shelf sweepers who don’t understand the cycle.  Thanks Jenny for your sitea dn clarity!

    • Msmusicgirl

      Extreme couponing is destroying the couponing concept.  I have been couponing for several years before “everyone was doing it” and it was a relatively easy process.  Now, in my small town by the time I get there “all the deals are cleaned off the shelves”.  I am a grandmother and responsible for several small grandchildren.  With 2 in diapers, the diaper deals for a MUST for me.  Now everytime I go to Walgreens the shelves are clean for the great deal!! Very frustrating!!!

    • Lgbrown

      Wow, Jenny has hit a nerve, check out all the responses…just shows us all how much we actually need to coupon and really don’t like what that show has done to our respectful couponers.

    • Anonymous

      So I’m embarrassed to admit that one of the two nutcases from this week’s episode comes from MY town. I truly, truly hate people who take couponing to this level because it ruins it for the rest of us who aren’t rude (being proud of shelf-clearing? really?) and who do follow the rules. To know that one of these shoppers is from my town is sad.

      Retailers and manufacturers don’t have to provide shoppers with coupons or allow coupons in their stores; they do it because it makes good business sense. However, when more people start trying to emulate the bad behavior displayed on TLC’s show, they might start thinking twice about allowing coupons at all.

      I really hope that this show dies a quick and painful death. And to everyone who coupons properly, apologies on behalf of those who live in Snow Camp.

      • Snuffy2010

        No, there are no Apologies from Snow Camp.They did nothing wrong. They followed all the rules and policies per the managers of the stores.  So before you start slamming you need to know your facts. Lowes is mad at the shelf clearer which was not them. So, lashing out in this matter is how they thought they could redem there selves. Everyone is Snow Camp knows and know they follow all rules and repect others. They help lots of people and charities as well.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I’m from Snow Camp and I am indeed apologizing on behalf of those of us (and trust me, given the reaction of my couponing neighbors, there are a TON of us) who think that this woman is setting a bad example. Every one of my SNOW CAMP friends and neighbors thinks this woman is a coupon pariah so please don’t presume to speak down to me for agreeing with them and posting my opinion (which by the way, hasn’t changed one iota).

    • Sammyjobro

      Amen!! I think that people who clear shelves are wrong in doing so. You really don’t need 100 boxes of couscous or 25 packs of floss, just because they are free or really cheap. As Jenny teaches us you only need enough for 6 weeks.  Leave some for everybody else!!

    • Rebecca

      Thank you Jenny for posting this and for always keeping it real!

    • Murphyma3

      This show hurts those of us who need to use the coupons.  It is disgusting how much wasted.  This OCD at the exterme!!   

      • BuckeyeSara1982

        Not just OCD, I honestly believe these people suffer form hoarding disorders, but hoarding products like this is practically celebrated. It’s sad to me that they have one show that talks about the terrible effects of hoarding, then a second show that lets people brag and be proud that they are hoarders. I agree with others on here that people should stop watching the show. No audience = no show!

    • Carlockstinger

      I agree with everyone who commented on the negative light that this show puts on the honest couponers, but I am surprised by the number of people who left negative comments and still watched the show.  Why would we endorse a show by watching it if it repulses us?  I personally quit watching it last year when I saw how unrealistic it is. If nobody watched the show, would they continue to air it?  I am not trying to cause a stir about it, but let’s put our time into something more productive instead of raising ratings for them…

      • michelle

        i agree with you.. i watched a few episodes during the 1st season.. but once i realized every episode was unrealistic, i havent seen but a few minutes here and there – mainly cause it happens to come on as i am flipping through the channels and not becaue i intend on watching it. I do understand the wanting to watch it though – its like we often watch things that  are ridiculous just to see what its about you know?   But lets hope the ratings die down after “new” couponers understand that what these folks do is just wrong. I am glad it has helped people get into couponing though – heres hoping that they are following the “right” rules though.

    • Jacki

      I enjoy watching the show for a few new tips on maybe how to coupon and get different ideas but I knew it wasn’t realistic when I started watching it. Now I get angry because shelves are wipped and I don’t have the opportunity to get a product I need or want. I also know that this is unrealitstic because simple because they had one 98% shopping trip doesn’t mean it happens everytime. I strive for 50% and that makes me happy.

    • Julie

      Thank you for posting this. Hopefully things like this will cause the sensationalism  and hoarding mentality to wear off and allow people who simply buy an appropriate quantity for their family to continue using coupons. I always think of what you said at a workshop- “if the deal is good for you then remember, it is good for someone else.”  (AKA- DON’T TAKE IT ALL!! :) )

    • Vspiderlegs

      Heard about this show, could of died just to watch one episode. I wanted to know their secrets on how to save so much money… I finally got to see the last episode of last season… I was shocked, saddened, and angry… Shame on the people who shop like this…

    • Thanks for posting this! It was awesome to get some insight from the retailer, along with the behind the scenes details. I take the show for what it is and try to pick out bits of knowledge I didn’t know…which isn’t much. Most of the time I’m just stewing because folks are misusing coupons and jealous because my stores only double up to $.50, and so many of theirs double up to $1.

    • Terry

      I wonder why a store manager would cooperate with these “couponers” to get them through the system with there hundreds of coupons?

    • Hensleycarol8

      i watched the show last night i am a new couponer it also shows checking ouy and only owing 41 cents this is not true you have to pay the taxes on your purchase

      • Amykins0919

        I agree.  I saw an episode where the store actually owed them money when they were finished so they bought more stuff.  What happened to paying the tax????

        • I haven’t had that happen, but my friend has.  If you have products with an overage it is possible for that overage to cover all of your taxes and them owe you $.  She bout a couple free things and one item with enough overage for them to owe her 35 cents.

    • Jackie

      Well I have read where nearly everyone has stated that they do not like the show and wished that it would go off the air, well I enjoy the show. It has been good entertainment for me. The show itself is the reason that I started couponing which in turn lead me to this website. Watching the show only has inspired me to learn more about couponing which I have through this website. I do not clear shelves and neither will any stores in my area allow you to. Also I see where everyone is stating that when they get to the stores that the products are basically gone and blaming couponers, but hey shouldn’t stores order more product so that they can make more money and customers get what they need and then everyone could be happy? I don’t know, this is just my opinion and I am grateful for this website and also to the show for getting me to start to coupon and save money. 

      • Amykins0919


        Fortunately for you, you have not seen the havoc this show has caused.  In my area, once this show aired, the stores have had to put the newspapers behind the counter becuase people have gone mad STEALING coupons out of the papers they do no purchase.  They act like it is the end of days, and they need to stockpile like mad.  It is next to impossible to get the “free after coupon deals” because certain couponers will totally clear the shelves, ask when the next truck comes in and then will sit and wait for the truck to be unloaded and take them all again.  I have pleaded with the stores to put limits and thankfully most of them have started doing that.  It is really unbelievable.  I have been couponing for years and have NEVER had to buy more than 4 of anything at a time.  The show does not tell you that it will go on sale again within 4 to 6 weeks for the SAME price! 

    • Boomer3145

      Since they all obviously bought coupons from somewhere why isn’t that price divulged or taken into account?  On one of the reruns, one shopper buys 89 packages of croutons yet claims she only buys 4 papers a week for her coupons.  What is that, new math? 

    • April

      I want to know what these stores tell people who come in the next day trying to use 20 “like” coupons or clear shelves? I want to know how they explain to a customer who JUST watched them allow someone to abuse the coupon policy that they, themselves won’t be allowed to do so. How would ANY store think it could benefit from being on this show? I feel for the managers and associates who have to deal with the aftermath of a stupid corporate decision like this. They’re the ones who have to face the irate couponers…not the folks sitting behind a desk at corporate.

      • michelle

        i read the post to my husband last night and we talked about the same thing.  I would be an extremely angry customer if i went in with the same “deals” the people on the show just got on the airing of the show the previous day (maybe not in the same quantity though!) and the store refused coupons etc..    what about new Lowes customers who might have not known the policy because they shopped somewhere else or new residents to a town where they never had a Lowes before? do you think they are going to come back knowing the policies are bent for certain customers and not others?  its morally wrong and isnt there something called “false advertising”? that can legally effect a store? 

    • Anonymous

      Integrity requires honesty.  And I’m sorry, but it’s just not believable that a large grocery chain would be “slightly naive” in this situation.  No CEO or even local manager would agree to allow filming in their stores, placing their reputation at risk, without at least first WATCHING the show.  Or doing a web search to find out what kind of public response there has been to the series.  There have been countless news articles and a large outcry online from the couponing community about this issue.  And if the store knowingly and willingly waived their own policies, policies they would otherwise enforce, how does that speak of integrity?  I’m extremely glad to have at least one grocery store come forward with some “truth” about what happens behind the scenes, to publicly condemn the show, and to promise NEVER to do the show again.  But it seems like the store is simply worried about the impending backlash and trying to get out ahead of it with apologies — they’ve even made themselves the hero in some of their customer’s eyes.  But if we don’t hold them accountable, we set a precedent for other stores.  Go ahead and participate, help stage scenarios, waive your policies, accept bribes and payments, etc.  Just make sure you apologize afterwards and we’ll forgive you??  Not this couponer!

    • Silkowski

      Thank you for shedding a little “real reality” to the Extreme Couponing show.  I watched in utter astonishment last night and what kept running through my head is…”There’s something not quite right about this.”  I’ve only been couponing a short time and on average I save about 50% when I shop.  Getting things for “free” is nice, but stretching my small food budget as far as it will go is more important to me.

    • Not buying the back-stepping of Lowe’s – I heard the stores get paid to close their doors for the filming. Also understand unethical couponing was allowed for these shows again this fall. Many more coupon policies will change this fall with the new show. Coupon offers in the future will be targeted only to the best customers spending the most OOP in the form of digital coupons. Over
      1,500 Kroger shoppers are boycotting Kroger after Kroger promoted the TLC EC
      show and ended doubles in Houston. Now Kroger ended doubles for Dallas and all
      of Texas? Most all Kroger stores are limiting coupons severely after promoting
      the show allowing participants to waive the coupon policy rules. Will Kroger
      roll-out NO DOUBLES out nationwide?? Bad customer service and treating coupon
      customers as second class citizens is EXTREMELY wrong – yet Kroger heavily
      promoted the TLC EXTREME Couponing Show and gained almost ONE MILLION new
      visitors in website traffic. Since April, when Kroger ended Double-triple
      coupons for Houston to “TEST” this new policy – thousands of posts to Kroger’s
      facebook wall have gone unanswered. Kroger promoted the TLC Extreme Couponing
      show which supports unethical couponing. You can not duplicate the transactions
      of 1000 products with coupons as demonstrated on this show – the TLC
      spokesperson said the show was never meant to teach but only show behavior. Why
      would Mr. Dillon refuse to go on the reality show UNDERCOVER Boss because he
      did not want to LIE to his employees but it is ok to LIE to you CUSTOMERS.–
      that is not CUSTOMER 1st Strategy!! Many customers are finding out at checkout
      that Kroger is changing coupon policies limit 1-3 coupons where previously
      there were no limits – isn’t that close to the same as “NO DOUBLES”? Now that TLC
      EC/Kroger created the “Perfect Storm” for coupon misuse – the
      customers in this weak economy with skyrocketing food prices are suffering.
      Couponing as we know it is changing and not for the good. I only hope the
      industry is not making a cohesive decision as part of their industry
      collaborative associations to end affordable groceries. How does a large
      corporation like Kroger with sales exceeding $30 M get away with promoting the
      TLC Extreme Couponing show without a disclaimer on the show? How do they get
      away with deceiving the customers when these coupon transactions can not be
      duplicated? Why does Kroger not post the fine print of ALL the coupon policies
      in the paper advertisement and at each register? What is the legal position on
      Kroger falsely advertising unlimited coupons and 1,000’s of products on the TLC
      EC show and deceptive advertising – and doesn’t the Lanham Act protect
      consumers? Kroger and the industry have deep pockets for representation
      spending millions each year. Who represents the consumer to make sure groceries
      are affordable?  Join us at KROGER
      COUPONERS group on facebook and BRINGBACKDOUBLES.COM

    • amber

      I admit I watched a few shows the 1st season but quickly realized that the show was a “reality” tv show. Meaning these people were being allowed to break the store policies in order to get extreme savings, which for TLC equalled great ratings. I didn’t watch the new episode last night and have no plans of watching any of them. If everybody else did the same TLC’s ratings would take a nose dive and maybe there wouldn’t be a 3rd season. Unfortunately though there probably will be a 3rd season because it’s turned into such a phenomenon. I wonder if enough people complain to TLC about how unrealistic the show is and how bad of an example they are setting, which in some cases is leading to coupon fraud, that they would agree to put a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode letting everyone know that the people featured on their show were given a special opportunity by the participating stores and were allowed to break store policies in exchange for exposure on their show/showing what they could do if there weren’t any restrictions in place.  

    • Jessica

      While I do understand that ‘extreme’ couponing does happen has anyone really stopped and thought about how many more people are using coupons today compared to a year ago? I know that I was not using as many coupons last year but my husband also had a job and I was not caring for a mother dying with cancer. I have started a couponing group in my county and every week we have people brand new to couponing. They come to the group because of their life circumstances and to find resources on saving money.

      I have read through most of these posts and I am surprised at how many comments there are from people complaining about the shelves being cleared out before they get to the stores. Again, I do know that there are folks out there that are greedy or obsessive and that shelf clearing does happen. With that said, keep in mind that everyone out there has a burden to carry of their own. Unemployment is high, cost of living increases are rare and families, not just your own, are struggling.

      I went to my local Bi-Lo recently with the intent to purchase 4 like items. I knew they were there as my husband had already passed them on his way to another product. By the time I made it there (after my meandering) the items were gone. As I continued through the store I noticed that there were many folks in there with the that item in their carts. It was not a case of one or two “extreme” couponers clearing the shelf rather it was several people wanting the same item and even with taking a reasonable amount per person it still wiped out the stock for that day.

      Also, there have been several instances in our store where they have not received the stock numbers that they expected to have even with a sale. Mistakes in ordering do happen either from the store or farther up the chain through the distribution warehouses.

      Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Just felt like another opinion needed to be given. :)

      • Amykins0919

        Unfortuantely that is not the case in my area.  We have “shelf-clearers”.  In fact it is so bad, when I asked the manager at our Kroger about it, he told me that there are 2 ladies that will clear the shelves and then ask when the next truck is coming, will get there early and then sit and wait for the stock to come off the truck and “shelf clear” again.  It is disgusting.  Can you say ‘GREED”?

        • Jessica

          How sad. I do know that it happens. It’s too bad the managers of the store can’t intervene and stop them from mass-buying that way. He could, and should, tell them that they will be limited to ‘X’ amounts of items unless they order in advance.

          I guess I just try to give most people the benefit of the doubt. Seeing how many people in my small town alone that coupon to get by really opened my eyes. It is not just a select few.

          I have been given “the look” by other shoppers when I have gone in to shop for 4 families. I collect their coupons and do a big shopping trip. If everyone has the same sort of coupons then there are times when my cart could have 15-20 rolls of paper towels in it. I do not, and will not, clear the shelves so if there are not enough for that trip then I even the coupons/purchases out for everyone. If I know in advance that we are going to have a large purchase of one item like that then I call ahead and place an order for extras to be on the truck for us.

      • Angelahamlet

        THANK YOU, for stating this. There are all of these comments about the horrible shelf-clearers. The people who come into the store and purchase the entire shelf of items with coupons, thereby preventing others from doing so.The truth is people with and without coupons buy the products on the shelves in the store. Sometimes stores sell out of items. That just means that others purchased the items before you did.We all know that grocery stores limit the same number of like coupons. So the reality is that no one is going into a store and purchasing 25 like items with coupons at one time.

        I think people who complain about shelf-clearers are just complaining because they got to the store to late to get that item. They just need to get a rain check or check back later.

        My understanding about the shopping process, before couponing,  was that it was first come first served. if something was on sale and you wanted i,t you should get there early. Otherwise, you take the risk the item will be gone.Using coupons has not changed the fact that it is a first come first served process. if you want it that badly get to the store early at the beginning of the sale. But don’t complain if you wait and others purchase it before you do.

        • JerseyGirl726

          Not everyone can do that!  For example, I shop on Fridays, because that is my day off.  I can’t do it on my way home from work, as I work at home.  I do try to get to my second stop (Super Walmart) as early as possible, and many times  do find huge empty spots on the shelves and in the freezers, but I just figure that’s life, and I choose an alternate (or try for Publix, which is third and final stop).  I do believe in “first come first served.”  But I remember once when Target advertised a really great blender in the Sunday paper.  I went there the same day.  They were sold out.  I complained to the store manager and was told they had had only three, and their employees bought them.  That really annoyed me, and so it is now very rare for me to shop at Target.

          • Jessica

            Having only three blenders on a sale is ridiculous. Like I had mentioned earlier, I have run into a similar thing with there not being enough stock to support a sale ad whether it was because of an oversight from the person ordering or because they were out at the warehouse, which is just another oversight somewhere further up the line. I would have been a tad irritated with Target, too.

        • emmer13

          I actually PREFER to get rainchecks on my items, providing that the coupons I’m using aren’t expiring in the next couple of days.  Then, I know I have the luxury of going to the store whenever I want, knowing that the items will be there because the sale is over, and being able to get as many as I need without worrying that I’m taking too many.  When Kroger had their big sale on Pringles a few weeks ago, I knew that I was going to stock up big-time.  So I went on a Friday, got a raincheck, and went back two weeks later.  The shelves were completely stocked again with dozens and dozens of each flavor, so when I took 12 cans, it didn’t even make a dent. 

      • Soooo true!  I’ve started going to Publix Thursday mornings as soon as the new sale starts.  Yesterday almost everyone in the store had their coupon binder with them.  None of us were clearing shelves, but I’m sure by the end of the day with the amount of couponers that frequent that store I’m sure everything was gone.  Even a few of the BOGO items were gone when I got there and they had been open less than an hour.  And they weren’t even items that had a coupon to go with them.  I just got my reign check and kept it moving.  

    • Ginx1979

      The show is ridiculous. It comes down to this: if you use coupons (like myself), use them correctly. Oh, and have respect for the cashiers and other people in the store. Recession, or no, disrespect is never acceptable.

    • Coupong8r

      I do watch the show, for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only, which is what I believe it is intended to be.  It is called EXTREME couponing after all, so it is not a realistic example of normal couponers.  I do not, however, agree with the methods of couponng being used by the people on the show or the fact that a store would break their own policies, they are shooting themselves in the foot and asking for backlash from other customers.  I definitely follow Jenny’s strategy about the “6 week sale cycles” and only get what my family will consume in that time. I just wonder, if the people on the show are buying all that food, doesn’t it go bad before they ever get around to eating it all?!  It’s like they are doing it out of sport, and not becuase they need to save money. 

      • Anonymous

         While it MAY be for entertainment purposes only, when a “entertaining TV” show creates a VERY REAL negative public opinion of a large group of VERY REAL people and encourages and/or creates a scapegoat for VERY REAL grocery stores to change their VERY REAL coupon policies, making it harder for VERY REAL families to afford groceries, I think it’s a problem.  :(

        • Coupong8r

          Like I said, I don NOT agree with the abuse of the store policies that go on, my local store has since changed their coupon policies making them more restrictive, so my VERY REAL family has been affected by this as well.  However, I just stepped up my game and still save about 70% every week! I started couponing shortly before the show aired for the first time, and it has given me some tools or different methods of couponing, the people on the show go to extremes, but it has been somewhat of a learning tool for me.  I get very frustrated as well on Sunday mornings when I get to CVS or Walgreen’s and the shelves are already wiped clean of the best deals, but what can you do?  I have learned to ask for rain checks.  I think the stores that are allowing their policies to be broken for the sake of some publicity are more to blame, though.

    • Cokdseha

      I coupon and use the the information given by Southern Savers as a guideline.  I save money and it has helped but I do not hog what is on the shelf.  I feel it is selfish and I try to be very understanding along with the clerks (after all, I’m sure we can all say that we’ve seen a person or two that has been just hateful)  I take that time to show my two children that that is not how we act or treat other people.  We all put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time and no job or person should be undermined.  Thanks Jenny for all the help, I appreciate it very much.  Oh, about the show, it’s a bunch of hoopla, if I say so myself!  Have a great one ya’ll, I gotta go finish mopping my floor!  Yeah me, I think?  :)

    • Sandi A

      We don’t have Lowe’s stores here, but we (Houston couponers) were the first to suffer the elimination of the double/triple coupons at Krogers.  Now they’ve wiped out that capability in all TX/LA stores.  Nationally is probably next.  That hurt, especially those of us who coupon normally!  Our Walgreens have all implemented a “one free item per day” policy as well.  I get dirty looks at Walmart because I price match…but thanks to Extreme Couponing, price matching is one of the only ways I can get decent deals!  Shame on the stores who break policy just for this show!!!  (Just an FYI in case anyone didn’t notice it, you CAN NOT use a Kroger’s digital coupon in conjunction with a paper coupon, as they do on the show.)

      • Iheart

        That is really interesting to hear that you’re getting dirty looks for price matching! Here in Atlanta, and other cities, from what I hear, Walmart is becoming very couponer friendly! Something that is quite refreshing after my trips to Kroger n Publix where my coupling roomie and I get the “gruesome raised eyebrow” everyone we bust out the q’s. However, it’s always nice to see the disappointment on a mean cashier’s face when she can’t get the same deal! Muhahaha!

        • Iheart

          *couponing roomie lol

    • Snuffy

      No, there are no Apologies from Snow Camp.They did nothing wrong. They followed all the rules and policies per the managers of the stores.  So before you start slamming you need to know your facts. Lowes is mad at the shelf clearer which was not them. So, lashing out in this matter is how they thought they could redem there selves. Everyone is Snow Camp knows and know they follow all rules and repect others. They help lots of people and charities as well.

      • Anonymous

        Let me guess…you’re related to the greedy Snow Camp woman, right? Sorry, I stand by my earlier statements. I find this behavior to be greedy and self-centered. As someone actually from Snow Camp who does use coupons properly, I wish that woman had never appeared on this sorry excuse of a show.

        • Raynesmw

          Nothing wrong? Low’s does not allow that many orders. I get raised eyebrows at 2 orders, let alone 21 orders. This is clearly a violation of Lowe’s policy.

          • Snuffy

            if you check the policy at your local store some are differnt ,like the lowes that we use regulary, polices states up to 20 coupons per tranaction and as many transactions as you want so ladies get your facts straight before u start slamming others ,check your own store policy ,before u slam others ,

        • Snuffy

          so if your upset with the show and the couponer from snow camp dont watch the show,and if its your choice only to purchase a few items dont knock the ones that purchase more items .as i stated before over 1/2 the items purchased during the show were donated to the soup kitchen ,so were is the greed at

          • Anonymous

            You’re absolutely right and we do not watch this terrible show and the selfish people who appear on it. The greed comes in on the fact that people like these take product off the shelves from other couponers who want to get the same good deals. So sorry, you’re not going to convince me that both of the people on this week’s episode are anything other than greedy, self-centered, and rude.

            • Snuffy

              ok thank you for your comments ,we all enjoying saving money some just to better then others ,continue to use your knowledge of couponing to save money,and enjoy the money that you save

            • Mom2kids_06

              It has nothing to do with some do it better than others it has everything to do with some just don’t don’t follow the rules…and they try to make themselves feel better about it by taking any opportunity for others to get a deal and saying you feeding the poor.

          • Mom2kids_06

            I understand that you think that you are doing good because you clear the
            Shelf and turn around give it away, but you are taking away the opportunity for those hard working people who are on a very tight budget themselves (who don’t benefit from a soup kitchen) from getting a good deal. How do justify that? Wrong is wrong even if you try to add sugar to it to make it seem sweet!

    • Aaron

      I saw the clip on the energy bar guy.  I thought the woman was extremely rude not giving him a few of them.  I’m actually glad that it was staged.  I’m all for couponing and do it myself constantly, but know what it feels like to make a trip to the store and find they are completely sold out of the item, then to see someone has taken 50 of them would be extremely annoying.

    • Algoodlet

      I sincerely appreciate your post about this show. As a Mom on a budget, I coupon as a means to save money. It pains me to see other “couponers” compromise their integrity to save just a few dollars. I am finding that when I get to the check out with coupons I am being profiled as someone who is trying to “cheat a system” when I really am just trying to abide by the store/coupon rules to save some money on things my family needs. (Yes, not hoarding.) 

      Side note: coupons are a MARKETING strategy of companies to get us to buy their products. They are given to the public to be used. 

    • JerseyGirl726

      Thank you SO much for this post.  I have been couponing since I became a newlywed in 1966, and I’m very good at it, and for the life of me, I could never understand why anybody needs a whole garageful of Tide, or how they slashed their bottom line by 75%.  I make my shopping list every week, then I hunt for coupons (in my file) to match them up.  I brand-hop and also store-hop, and if I can combine a store coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon, I consider this to be a wonderful thing.  Depending on what I’m buying that week and what I have coupons for, I am using anywhere between 10 – 30 coupons per week.    I’m OK with this, since I know the stores are reimbursed by the manufacturers plus get a small handling fee.  I do save quite a bit, and I’m very happy about that, but I have never figured out the percentage, nor do I feel any great need to.

    • Rodeogirl61104

      ok i am going to put my 2 cents in here ” if you are going to get more than 10-20 of something call ahead and ask then to order them for u most stores will 

      • Snuffy

        how do u know all these people on the shows didnt call ahead and order the stuff they purchased for the show????

        • Rodeogirl61104

          when they do it tell you and trust me the ones that do get a lot of respect for it. i live close to one of the people form the first season and they talk lol some times it helps to be nice. 

    • Missriza

      I started couponing more as our family grew and when sales and warehouse clubs just didn’t make our budget get smaller.  I finally got the knack of couponing where we lived, but we had to move so I had to learn how to coupon in a new state.  I was glad to see the show because it did inspire me to find resources that would help me do the coupon matchups. When I did a google search I did find this blog and three other blogs to use as a reference. “Extreme Couponing” is no different than any other reality show (they all have some pretty extreme things on it), but the difference this one has inspired many of us who are on extremely fixed/limited income to coupon or coupon more efficiently (thanks Jenny). I DO NOT agree with unethical practices, but we must remember it is just a show.  It is up to us to behave ethically in our everyday lives.

    • Kouponkatrina

      I’m glad Lowe’s has apologized but it’s too little, too late. They waived their policies for cheap (or free) publicity and added to a growing problem: new couponers who think it’s OK to clear full shelves and who think they can turn their spare bedroom into a mini mart for free.

      • I bet they are kicking themselves.  Why have a limit of how many Q you will double per transaction if you are going to allow 21 transactions??  That’s what they did on the show this week while taping in their store.  Now everyone is probably wanting to do that.  So thankful the stores here don’t do that.  Though, I usually don’t have that many Q anyway.

    • wendy n.

      I love to coupon & save $ for our family of six; however, I would never go clear a shelf of anything…max. of 6 of any product.  That is my # of newspapers I purchase to keep ahead.  I do get annoyed when trying to save or plan ahead only to find CVS, Walgreens, Publix, & Kroger shelves wiped out.  It’s ridiculous b/c not even their warehouses can restock them quick enough to get the products back on the shelves even if you do ask for a raincheck.  I am all for stores setting limits!!!

    • mls

      Thanks for sharing another good article about the damaging effects of the TLC show.  I am getting really frustrated by the selfishness of the extreme couponer shoppers.  When I go to my local Publix to ask for coupon books not out on the display rack, the customer service rep says that extreme couponers take the whole stock within hours of them being put out.  I also regularly run into sale (and even regular items) not being in stock at my store. 

      • wendy n.

        Agreed…The same seems to apply to the coupon booklets at Walgreens, All You magazine@ Walmart & Reinventing magazine @ CVS…always out.  I wish you could just subscribe & have them sent our home. At least that would help cut out some of the dishonesty & foolishness.  I know the economy is bad, but it doesn’t require us to forget our morals!

        • Countrycatsx4

          You  can subscribe to  All YOu magazine for lower than WM sells it for . I got a 2year for $25. and they also donated a portion to  a charity. I googled All You $25.00  and it came up with  3 charities to choose from.

    • Dsrqpns

      Wouldn’t it be great if NO STORES would allow them to film.  That would be one way to stop the nonsense!

      • KB

        Exactly! I just sent an email to Lowe’s, thanking them for making this statement and encouraging them to have this very discussion with all their industry peers in any of their professional associations/publications. Maybe if we start letting the stores know we don’t like them participating, something will be done.

    • When my daughter and I shop sometimes we will see someone who you can tell is struggling with couponing.  We take a few minutes to talk to them and try to clear up their issue.  We ALWAYS tell them about Southern Savers and we are both great fans!!!  Also, if I know they are looking for a certain coupon that I KNOW I am not going to use, I pass it along.  We women are ALL in this together and should support each other when we can.  But hey we are not discriminatory we even share with the men we see couponing (there are more than you think).

      • Same here, I made this elderly lady day when I gave her two .75 off coupons on hormel complete meals, it made me feel super amazing!!

      • wendy n.

        That’s absolutely the right thing to do!  We also share our extra coupons w/ others.  I mail them to family members, friends & leave them in the store to pass them on to others if I have over what I can use or need.  I also save all the BABY coupons and donate them to new mother at church.  Soldiers’ families overseas are also allowed to use expired coupons in many areas.  This way we are not only helping out our budget, we are teaching our kids a great lesson! 

    • Marissa J.

      I have a friend that is OBSESSED with that show and after forcing me to watch an episode I was totally disgusted. Since I found your site a little over a year ago, I have been amazed at how much money I can save and truthfully, I usually visit a few coupon site, combine those deals with mfr coupons I may already have and hit the BOGO sales at Publix. I don’t have the time or the energy to collect 40 different papers and cut $1100 worth of coupons like the people on the show. I had a feeling a lot of it was staged – and I couldn’t believe how much stuff these people store in their homes. It all seems completely ridiculous and over the top. Yet another example of this society going overboard. I was happy to see your stand against this show and your “lead by example” approach to show consumers the “correct” way to coupon. My new husband was so amazed by how a little goes a long way (i.e., he saw the visible differences since I started using your site). Here’s to you – a big THANK YOU!!

    • sus123

      I am new to couponing. I actually first started from watching the show. I am not extreme at all (maybe 2-4 of the same item on sale)  but I did manage to bring our grocery bill down from 250 a week to about 120 by shopping sales and matching coupons. That is even with buying a few extra of items on sale. That pays our light bill! I wasn’t bothered by the show until I actually seen a woman in my Kroger store clearing the shelf one morning. I guess I felt different seeing it in person. I was really bothered by it. There was a few people including myself standing there trying to get one of the items for free that week with a coupon, and the lady was just throwing them all in her basket. I, of course got my two, but the others just stood there while she cleared the shelf. I told my husband I didn’t think I would be so upset about it because I would laugh when I seen people doing it on TV.  I was so bothered I sent a letter to Kroger about it. The last time I was in the store, they told me they were in the process of limiting the amount of coupons. I felt good. Maybe one letter can make a difference. The funny thing is, before I went to the aisle she was on, I went and got the two items I knew would give me overage and they only had a few left so by the time the shelf-clearer got there, they were all gone. Ha! I had to laugh about that. I heard her walk over there and say, “Where did they go!” Greed gets you nowhere.

      • Even the coupon makers are trying to set limits. I am seeing “limit 4 of similar coupon/items” in a purchase. I would feel ridiculous if I did what that lady did. Like Jenny says- It WILL go on sale again. Just give it time.

    • And I wouldn’t be couponing if it weren’t for the show.  I carpool with a friend to work and we both started couponing after watching the show.  We’ve helped several others get started.  So, yes, between the economy and the show a lot more people are couponing, not clearing shelves, just trying to feed our families for less.

    • Auty

      Since I began couponing about 7 months ago, I have seen such a drastic change in our  budget. We are able to put our funds in other needed areas. I save a lot of money on our pets (2 dogs & 1 cat) by always having at least 2 spare bags of food on hand to get me to the next sale. Same goes for condiments and tuna. I get one paper a week and print my limit of online coupons. I was so upset 2 weeks ago when I visited the local flea market in my area. I saw 4 different people with tables full of the “free” or penny items such as Dawn dishsoap, French’s Worcestershire sauce, Ken’s marinade, etc. It really upset me at the profit they were making by reselling it all. It takes me a lot of time to get my coupons, list, and schedule the right time to shop so that I can hit the 3 different stores when they have the items. The shelf clearing is ridiculous. 

    • I would really like to see a little less belly-aching about “no double coupons” at Kroger in Texas now. FL doesnt have double coupons anywhere, neither does CA or Mass. maybe if ALL the states stopped doubling coupons, the Manufacturers would put out higher value coupons for their products. dont you think that all those makers of the $.25 or $.35 coupons are going, well, the stores will just double or triple them, so we can put out lower value coupons. $.25 coupons are an insult. especially on Toilet Paper! Thats the same coupon value they were putting out for TP in 1985.
      You can still get great deals on food and still find “free” stuff when matching a sale with a coupon even when the coupon doesnt double!

      • Rodeogirl61104

        That is very true and I a proof my biggest haul to date was 485:90 to 129:01 and I live in Florida

      • Sometimes I have to weigh whether or not it’s worth it to save a coupon for Lowes, which doubles or go ahead and use it at Walmart, which by the time you consider price difference on some things, is still cheaper or just as cheap at face value. I really have to do my homework and catch something on sale at Lowes to make it worth it because Jenny’s matchups often do not match my area. So I really wonder if double coupons are even worth it for anyone in the end.

    • I FEEL obsessed because right now I seem to be spending every spare minute clipping and sorting. I watched the tutorials and they have been helpful, but I am finding that I am going to have to make my own way. It’s coming together, so hopefully I’ll be spending less and less time with it. I also spent hours in Walmart today, just my organization hasn’t come together YET. I can feel the eyes boring into me and just hear people thinking, God don’t let me get in line behind her. I actually have wound up using few coupons. I just try to make sure I have it all together BEFORE I check out. So far, with one exception, it has gone smoothly- and the one exception was not mine nor the coupons fault.

      • Proudlyamom

        I think you’re missing a main point and that is to plan what you’re going to buy before you go to the store.  Couponing shouldn’t take a lot of time, especially if you file your inserts and don’t clip every coupon you might use.

    • Vecobia

      it may not always be the shelf clearers or not ordering enough either…I know i went into Alberstons last week because they had a really good deal on eggs…large eggs $.99 limit 2…well by the time i got to the eggs, there were none. I asked an employee id they had any in the back…he came out and gave me one carton and told me that the manager was saving 2 cases back there for tomorrow and wasn’t supposed to be giving them out..so now even managers aren’t wanting to put out all the product even if its out in the store

    • Joyfuljoy2000

      I agree it is a problem when people wipe out the shelves. I think stores or manufactureres should put limits on items. I spend alot of time clipping my coupons and matching deals. Its a bit frustrating when you get to the store and the shelves are completely empty. Time wasted on coupons for a non existant product. I know that when I went to Walgreens the other day they were out of the Colgate whitening toothpaste. The sales lady told me, I would have to get there when the store opened the following morning because they only ordered 8 toothpastes….8!!!!! Wow, I figured not worth the battle. Instead of stores hiding product or ordering a minisule amount, just put a limit, alot of couponers would appreciate it.

    • Proudlyamom

      Watched an episode filmed in Lowe’s Foods last night and 320 coupons? I mean C’mon!!  It does make couponers look like crazy hoarders completely inconsiderate of others when we’re just trying to get by.  I’m glad Lowe’s issued their statement.

    • Klbs71

      I caught the preview where that woman gloated about being a shelf clearer…if I come across a great deal, depending on what it is, I take no more than four…and I have even left coupons so others could benefit, I like all of you want to save $ b/c Lord knows the economy stinks and doesn’t look like it will be good for a long time to come, BUT I will not walk over someone or take advantage of a situation…I wasn’t brought up that way, it’s just a damn shame others have to so greedy and opportunistic!

    • loria

      When is the next Couponing show on V and what channel.  I new at this.