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CVS Video

Top CVS Deals: 2/15-2/21 | Pull-Ups, FREE Toothpaste & More

Friday, 2/20

Come see all the top CVS deals running 2/15 through 2/24. If you have not been to CVS this week, you need to go! I found Pull-Ups for $2 a pack, FREE toothpaste and a lot more.

It seemed like there were ECBs printing and coupons to use for everything I needed. In the end I spent $10 for $108 worth of products!

To see all these deals and more, see the CVS weekly ad running 2/15-2/24.

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  • Sharon

    The problem with the first deal is that you can’t combine the 20% with other CVS coupons (i.e. $5 for $15). At least my store won’t take them.

    • dtcox

      mine in v a want either iy always peeps on me may try to hand it to them first then use my other coupons see if it works .. i got 25 off in mail then a e mail for 5.00 off 15.00

    • Jenny

      Try always giving the 20% off coupon last. If it is used before any other coupons (even ECB’s) it is voided automatically in the computer. But if it goes last the computer will take it.

    • clairewait

      Anytime I get a 20% or 25% off coupon (email or mail) – it takes 20% off the total AFTER all coupons (including ECB’s you might use to pay).

  • Michelle Stork

    Thank you for the awesome video!!! I consider myself to be a decent coupon shopper, but I always love to hear other people’s scenerio’s and try to improve mine!! I did not know I could use the 20% off coupon for ECB deals. Well, at least, when I started couponing 3-4 years ago, my CVS would not take them. However, with changing managers, and the one we have now is extremely coupon friendly, I will have to try again!!! Thanks SO much!!!

  • Christina Howard

    Where is the bd for this video?