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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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saving in bilo

I decided to try my hand at my own little extreme couponing video in Bi-Lo.  Really this is more educational than the TLC versions ever will be, as I tried to break down fuelperks, stacking coupons, doubling, special promotions and a lot more.

If you don’t have a Bi-Lo there are still many concepts that will apply in other stores.

At one point I reference using the coupon database on your phone… make yourself a bookmark on your phone going to: http://clipmunk.southernsavers.com this will look like the normal database when you are on a computer but will be a mobile version on your phone!!  We also have a new app, check it out in the app store by searching Southern Savers!

In the end I thought we had filmed my basket but we didn’t… I purchased everything I showed you throughout the video except the razors and fruit snacks.  Just in case you were wondering what I bought.  Spending $8 for 2 boxes of cereal, pasta, peppers, lettuce, vitamins, capri suns, and lots of yogurt isn’t bad at all!

Do you have any other tips for saving money in Bi-Lo?

    • I never go in there without my coupon binder.  Many time I find there are items being clearanced out (at least 50 – 75% off), and if it’s something I can use, if I have coupons, I jump on it.

      • Padawanlearner

        Same here!  In fact, sometimes there are unadvertised sales that I’m able to take advantage of because I have coupons.  On almost every trip I end up using an unexpected coupon because of this.

    • Carrieh

      I have found that my Bi-Lo won’t stack coupons anymore. :(

    • Sidney

      I ALWAYS get the gift cards at Bi-lo before I go out to eat or purchase anything. If I can wait, I will purchase the gift card to say, Home Depot. Then go home, login to FuelPerks.com, follow the link to Home Depot and then purchase whatever I need. For a $50.00 gift card, I could earn 3x the rewards by using FuelPerks.com. I have gift cards to Applebees, IHOP, Pizza Hut, American Eagle and Subway in my wallet right now.

    • Pat

      Thanks so much for posting this.  I didn’t realize that I could stack a manufacter and wal-greens coupon together at bi-lo!  That’s awesome!  I also had no idea how the fuel perks worked until you explained it.  So, THANK YOU!

    • Padawanlearner

      My Bi-Lo will only accept competitor coupons by themselves, and not let me stack them with manufacturer coupons.  Still, sometimes, I get a deal I would have not had a manufacturer coupon for!

      • That is actually them not understanding coupons.  A store should always allow a manufacturer coupon since they will always be reimbursed for it.  I’ll share your frustrations with Bi-Lo corporate and see if they can help.

      • Thom

        I had this problem and called corporate. I was given that same old song “It is up to the store manager to decide”. What I did was call around and visit Bi-lo stores until I found 3 that will take both for one item. Now, those are the only stores I shop.

    • couponmom

      For over two years, I’ve shopped both Publix and Bilo (cvs, walgreens and sometimes Food Lion!) None of those stores take many many competitor coupons though.  I also switched to the binder method and clip ALL competitor coupons before my trips to Bilo. ALWAYS check the toiletries section for close out deals because we usually have tons of coupons for personal items. They also take that great $5 off $25 that Dollar General puts out every few weeks!  Loving Bilo with all the coupon changes and no longer have to run to several stores for the deals!

    • Kreesey13

      So I could use my $4 off of $20 from CVS??  And if I can, will it go before I use all of my coupons or would it be the final coupon used?

      • Their policy is only to take competitor coupons for specific items, not whole basket coupons normally.

        • Favauntjulie

          My Bi-lo in Hanahan takes the Harris Teeter $10 off $40 purchase coupon.  In fact someone left that coupon & the cashier offered it to my sister to use when she checked out.

          I also bought the Bi-Flex vitamins & had in excess of $1.50 credit & they did not zero it out, they took $1.50 off my other groceries.  It was not my intention to cheat them out of money…I think that cashier must have screwed that one up.  I think the cashier is supposed to manually zero out the credit because the register did not zero out the credit automatically.

          • Shaunda495

            Bilo by Tanner Plantation? I didn’t even now Bi-Lo’s in Charleston took competitors coupons. I have been successful using the coupons that I print online. Some stores have rejected them because they’re not in color or won’t scan.

      • Thom

        I would check. While I have not tried my CVS coupon, I have used my coupons from Dollar General. DG offers a $5 off of $25 coupon that I print and have used often. I also have a $5 off of $30 coupon from Publix this week that I will be using there today! It never hurts to ask. Some managers have an open policy of any competitor coupon is accepted.

    • Mcleodsc

      Bi-Lo in Sumter will not allow you to stack a competitor cpn with a manuf. cpn.  This  Bi-Lo seems to have alot of different rules from other Bi-Lo stores. Also the one time I tried to use a manuf. cpn with an ecoupon -the manuf cpn would not double because of the ecoupon.

    • Wendy

      Bi-Lo is my “go to” store for coupons.  There staff is always there to help if a coupon does not ring up correctly.

    • Mslonas

      Thank you for ALL you do Jenny and for this video!!–my nearest Bi-lo is 25 min away, but i might b going there now, after having learned abt the new cpn policy!! so thank u…i have a ? also..you mentioned only using a competitor Q based on what the bottom of the Q says, I was also wondering if that applies to $5 off $20 purchase, for example–FD only lets u use it on a certain day, like Saturday..Is that true for Bi-lo too? thanks

      • Yep. If you couldn’t use it at the competitor’s store on that day or for that item, then it’s not appropriate to use it at Bi-Lo either. Regarding $5/$20 coupons, their policy is to accept competitor coupons on identical items, so normally they don’t take whole cart coupons.

        • Sandy M

          My Bilo does take the 5/25 Q from FD!!  I do all of my shopping at my Bilo now, no more running to different stores every week! :)

          • Mcleodsc

            where is your store?

    • Carrie

      re: the non ability to stack qs – i actually had a manager at a bi-lo tell me they aren’t supposed to do this either as it is coupon fraud, therefore illegal.  he’s the ONLY person ever to tell me they consider it illegal.  i didn’t really buy it then and chalked it up to him not really understanding / knowing coupons

    • nasatiger

      With these changes is BiLo now better to shop at than Publix?

      I don’t have a BiLo near me so I’ve never really paid attention to their sales and just shopped Publix but I’m going home this weekend and while I’m there my mom has asked me to help her learn couponing. She usually shops BiLo but also has a Publix that is equally close to her house. I was going to teach her Publix since it is what I know best, but if BiLo has better/equivalent deals it might be better to go with the store she knows. Any advice?

      • Carrie

        I think publix & bi-lo are similar in their deals.  however, my bi-lo has the fuel perks, so that makes the savings a little better.  plus, like a pp mentioned, bi-lo has a lot of good “close out” clearance specials that make good matchups with qs.  i usually shop both though, depending on each weeks deals

    • These changes have definitely made Bi-Lo much more competitive.  I have Kroger & Publix in my area too, so I like to shop based on the who has the best deals/coupons that week.

    • Susan

      Thanks for the video!  I think I may start going back to BiLo more than I have in the past.  :)

    • ShoeBoxSherri

      Thanks for teaching us diligently Jenny.  Hope to meet you soon at “Teach Them Diligently.”

    • Aggiecoupons

      I am ready to pretty much give up on Bi-Lo. I went there today with Publix coupons for cereal. The manager told me that their *new* coupon policy was that you can only use 1 coupon on like items. ie- 1 honey nut cheerios, 1 regular cheerios, but 2 boxes of honey nut cheerios with 2 coupons is not allowed. I ended up just getting 2 boxes of cereal and 4 granola bars (each one a different flavor). What a waste of gas to go to Bi-Lo for crappy customer service when Publix is closer and 1000 times nicer.

      • LThompson

         I was told the same thing last week at a Columbia Bi-Lo.  I was told they were only taking certain competitor coupons and they didn’t even tell me which ones.  It was not listed on their site.  Then I went to another one and was told they were not taking internet coupons and I was limited to only 10 coupons per transaction and I could only make 1 transaction.  There is nothing about any of this on their website unless I have totally missed it.  If this is all true I will be shopping at Publix even though they are further away.  If anyone knows the actual new coupon policy let me know.  I had a manager and a cashier that were very rude to me last week also.  I don’t know what is going on with them but if it continues they will be losing a lot of customers.

    • Linda

      Thanks for the video!  I have never shopped at Bi-Lo before and it’s only about 8 minutes away.  I might check it out next week, looks like they have some great weekly sales.

    • cvslady

      Thanks to you, I just learned how to add a website to my homescreen – thanks!

    • Tonya M

      The store manager at my Bi-Lo said that the only  competitor coupons they can accept are ones that have a mailing address. I have never seen a store coupon with a mailing address to send the redeemed coupon. Any suggestions?

      • Mcleodsc

        are you in Sumter too? I was told this also

      • JPBMC

        Call corporate and see if you can get them to explain to the Mgr how it works.  If we do not nicely let corporate know there is a problem, they will not fix it.

      • Freeaddress2002

        Take the survey on the bottom of your receipt and include what the manager told you.  Bi_lo takes those surveys seriously.

    • Squirrellyec

      I shop mostly Bi-Lo, but will take the 20 minute drive for Publix if it is worth my time.  The main difference I have seen between the two is Publix only ever seems to have advertised sales prices.  I have never seen a clearance bin, price lock or closeout.  Since their sales rarely seem to have the same items, it is worth shopping both stores if you are close enough.  Closeouts are the best.  I have gotten a ton of free or next to nothing items purchasing closeout and adding a coupon.  They are all over the store.  I’ve gotten yogurt, jelly, lotions, cereal, dressings, shampoo, vitamins and medication.  I always check the dates and they are never expired with many of them having months or even over a year before they expire.  Other ways to save at Bi-Lo would be the “Our Brand Challenge” located on their website.  You print out the coupon and can purchase a national brand and get their store brand for free.  These are especially great when picking up sales items.  Also, by registering online and making sure your info is up to date, Bi-lo will mail you coupons.  During the holiday season I got a coupon for a free 8 piece box of chicken and a half dozen cookies. 

    • JPBMC

      Great video Jenny!  I love Bi-lo for their normal prices (not to mention their sales) and convenience.  I live in a large city and get my coupons doubled up to .99 – I certainly love that and feel bad for those of you who only get .60.  My favorite store has a terrific Mgr and he loves people with coupons.

    • sage117

      You mention buying gift cards to earn fuelperks, does this apply to buying a Bilo’s gift card.

      • JPBMC

        According to their website the answer is no.  Direct quote from their website about fuelperks:  
        * Purchase of Gift Cards* are included toward fuelperks! Rewards. *fuelperks! Rewards are not issued on the purchase of BI-LO, Visa, MasterCard and American Express gift cards.

    • Cam

      Can you do a video like that for Publix?  

      •  I have more videos planned!

    • i love this thank u so much bilo is my money store i get diapers there CHEAP w local manufacturer AND local competitor!!!! the are the only store in my area that really accept coupons!!! this is going on my social networks to share!!!! thanks

    • Lockwoodka

      Do the E-coupons double, and do they apply to each product if you buy multiple. For example, if 1 can of soup was $2.00 and there was an e-coupon for $.50, would I get the soup for $1.00, and every can thereafter?

      • JPBMC

        To the best of my knowledge the ecoupons do not double and they only apply to 1 product.

        • Lockwoodka


      • Lacat


    • Thom

      Nooo! My secret… it’s out. Just kidding. Guys, these new coupon changes to Bi-Lo are awesome… if you can find a store that honors the policy like Jenny shows you. I called around and visited a few until I found 3 (1 close to my house, 1 close to my job and 1 when I get on/off the highway going to work/home) that work just like Jenny proposed. I have my list ready today with competitor coupons, manuf. coupons and ecoupons. Hoping a $36 trip will cost me only $9.38. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Molloyvalerie

      Thanks Jenny!
      I have the same problem with stacking at my local bilo either a competitors coupon or manufacturers but not both
      Is there any policy written up?

    • Niddi

      If you are in Columbia SC I would like to know which Bi-lo you have had that problem with. I have shopped at the Gamecock Bi-lo on Devine Street for years. The manager is fantastic and I have no issues with using coupons. The only rule is that if you use more than 10 like coupons only 10 will double and according to the new rules they will not double a DND coupon I have used Publix, Kroger, Food Lion and even an Earthfare coupon as comp coupons with no problem

      • LThompson

         I had problems with the bi-lo on 2 Notch Road and Decker Blvd. I live close to both and have never had a problem with them until last week.  My son’s kindergarten teacher’s husband is a buyer for bi-lo and said he has never heard of these policies either.  I just wish that they would have the same policies for all stores and post them on there sight.  It would stop a lot of confusion.

    • Judi

      If I was going to buy a big item, say like a TV, could I purchase a Best Buy gift card for say $500.00 and get fuel perks on that amount of money. That would be a lot of fuel perks.  Would this be a possiblilty?

      • Lana

        They frequently say this in their ads.  In the summer they said to buy enough gift cards to buy things like lawnmowers at Lowes.  You can always ask at the service desk before purchasing.  I wish I would remember to do this!!

      • Jmloga

        I think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1  At Christmas time they ran a TRIPLE POINTS promotion for all gift cards purchased……it was great!!!   Needless to save a LOT of people on my giftlist received gift cards!   And now my husband is always asking if I want him to use the fuelperks to fill his truck….

      • Mcleodsc

        I buy $200. Lowes gift card almost weekly for hubby to purchase work materials and I get the fuel perks.

        • Judi

          This sounds like a great way to get fuel perks.  But I have heard on the news that theives can some how get a number off the card and when you buy it and load money onto it they know it and some how use it.  Have you ever had any problems at all.  I would hate to lose a lot of money.  On the news, they said it was best to buy gift cards that were behind the counter, not th ones out on display where every one can look at them and get some number off the card.  I am not sure what the news was saying but it sounds possible a theif could do that. How do you feel about that?  I would like to try this.

          • Sidney

             I usually buy the card right before I go to the specific store, ie Best Buy, Applebees, American Eagle, etc. I wouldn’t buy $500 worth and hold on to it for more than a day.

    • nana

      where can i watch the video

      • Judi

        At the top of this page, the picture of Jenny, click on the arrow and it should play.

    • Jmloga

      WOW  super job!!   You are so pleasant and easy to understand!!!  I have been a little burned out lately, but you have re-ignited my passion for couponing!!!

    • Donna

      Jenny, Your Bi-Lo video was SO informative!  Thanks for sharing it with us :)

    • BdaJda06

      Jenny do you know if the Bi-Lo here in Asheville, NC  allows a competitor coupon with a manufacter one??  I had no idea that you could use the 2 coupons together!  I think that is awesome.

    • Andyrod1967

      Loved the video, am a huge fan of BILO. I look for their fuel perks each week, and almost always use 20gal to make the most of it…. never thought that if I am planning to go to Lowes for an item to buy a gift card at BILO…WOW thanks for all of the tips!!

    • skubler

      Absolutely loved loved loved the video.  You are right Extreme couponing is NOT real.  I learned more from your video than anything else I have looked at!

    • Pj_mm33

      i have a bi-lo nearby in blairsville, ga, if you have your own reusable bags you can get .05c per bag, you have to ask for it most of the time but it can add up if you have 10 bags, but like jenny says when your stocked up cause you buy multiple of whats on sale you dont need many bag!!! ive also been told when you can find a bi-lo paper coupon, ive seen only a handful, you can use them also w/your competitor, manu & e coupon..4 coupons on 1 item!!

    • Maria

      I teach free coupon classes for my ladies at church and they often ask me about bilo. I would like to use your videos in my classes because the ladies can go home and watch them over and over. Is this ok with you? Thanks

    • Rlmorin3

      Jenny, thank you so much for the great video.  I do the majority of our grocery shopping at BI-LO.  I will make sure my wife watches your great video so will be more aware of why I drive 15 miles just to shop at BI-LO.  Thanks for the wonderful work you do.

    • Debbie

      Jenny – Great video!!! Love the gift card idea….hadn’t thought of that one.
      How about doing the survey – at the end you get a FREE item – last week it was Southern Homes Tissue! Plus, I’ve had manager’s call me to thank me for my comments….I always try to be helpful and nice if I point out anything less than stellar….then they have the product match FREEBIE that you can find on their website….think it’s called Brand Challenge. I’ve found that Southern Home does a pretty good job on matching quality with name-brands and if you don’t have a coupon, you can save buying Bi-lo’s home brand. Then there are the Meal Deals – sometimes those are real winners! Bi-lo is my first choice in shopping….Thanks for what you do!

    • amdean278

      great video!! definitely will recommend to those new at couponing

    • Abby_864

      Yes, Nesquick sends me coupons every 6 months.

    • Vickie

      I was in Bi-lo in Greenville SC today and asked the manager about accepting competitors coupons.  The manager said that corporate sent them an e-mail 2 days ago stating that they are no longer accepting competitors coupons; she said it was due to them losing money.  If you know anymore, please post.

    • OMg love the video. Now if i could go to the store and spend only 8 dollars on a small trip. I never leave BILO without spending 25 dollars

    • Charyl

      I like the video made at Bi-Lo.  I did learn somethings, however I’m a little confused about the B1G1 offer you talked about.  If I don’t want to get the free  product then the product brought will cost less?  I had always thought that the get one free product was free and didn’t effect the purchased price.  Is this correct or am I confused?

      • Barbara

        At Bi-Lo and many other grocery stores, their B1G1 sale technically causes each product to ring up half price. Unlike the drug stores that are “true” B1G1 (You pay full price for the first item and the second item is free. If you only buy one, you pay full price so it is not a good deal.)

    • Linda

      Great video–thought of things I did not.  Thanks for helping stretch my food dollar.

    • Tthompsonjob

      Great deal on chicken thighs at Bilo tonite. Packs for .44-.49 cents. Love that fresh meat case!
      I live in Greenville,SC and had no problems stacking coupons. Used roughly $18 in competitor coupons. I went to Pelham Road.

    • Jenny- this is my Bilo! LOL (Emmanuel Church?)

    • Merritt

      I love, love, LOVE BI-Lo! I have never had a problem with using coupons or the new coupon policies. The managers and cashiers are incredibly helpful and friendly. Bi-Lo is the least expensive store, hands down. I shop at the Martinez, GA location, btw.

      • Bblawsonuk

        Which one is Martinez?  Is that the on e on Fury’s Ferry?  I’m in Grovetown.

        • F31swife

          It is at teh corner of Belair and Columbia Rd.

      • Kaytee

        i agree with you, bi-lo has always been my fave…i’ll go to harris teeter when they have super coupons or triple coupons, but i always just get frustrated b/c they’re always out of the best deals….as an added bonus my bi-lo doubles up to .99 cent coupons!

    • Se Batch

      YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Randa


      • Randa

        To whomever decided to ‘flag it’, not actually sure that was necessary.

    • Pelzercrook

      My Bi-Lo will not allow you to stack coupons if it makes the product free.

    • Susand

      Does Bi-Lo get reimbursed for the competitor’s coupons?

      • Marlene


        • Susand

          Thank you!

    • Riversana

      Thank you so much for this video.  BiLo is my favorite store for grocery shopping, now I’ve just got to go find out if they allow stacking or not!  But they ARE generous with competitor’s coupons–I once used a coupon from a store almost 20 miles away.  

    • Coulterdawn76

      Another way to save at Bi-lo is to complete the survey with the code  at the bottom of your receipt. Upon completing the survey  it will take you to a page where you will be able to print out a coupon for a free Bi-lo item.

      • Grocerys4us

         Thank you for reminding me of this! I used to do this every week and it was a nice little freebie.

      • happy couponer

        thanks for the info. never slowed down to notice. it is so nice to be part of a coupon friendly community.

    • Sillysuuee

      Jenny you are AWESOME !!!!  

      I’ve been shopping BI Lo for a long time (right next to my publix) and have always LOVED it because they still take so many more competitors than Publix does.   Now, if their employees will only be trained on the customer service that Publix does, then we would have the (dare I say) perfect store  :-)Thank you for your time and your commitment to showing us how to save !!

    • Leigh

      Thank-you for the link to coupon database on phone!!!  Wonderful! I don’t have a Bi-Lo – but still enjoyed the video – had not thought about the gift card idea – super to keep in mind. 

    • Klnchat45

      Thank you for all the info…YOUR GREAT!!!

    • Randa

      I was already considering going to Bilo in my area tomorrow.  I am so glad you did this video!

    • Shaunda495

      I too have recently discovered the tremendous savings at Bi-Lo. On the B1G1 free items, could you use a coupon for the B1 and another coupon for the G1 item?

      • Randa

        Yes, you can. 

    • Maleexiong

      Jennifer, you are awesome! Thank you so much for the information. I am new to Couponing so I’m trying to learn and save all  can!

    • Lana

      i just love your shirt !where can i buy one?

    • happy couponer

      thanks Jenny. i checked at the clinton sc bilo and they accept Target and Ingles coupons. this will be great!! thanks for all you do to help all of us stay in a budget!!!!

    • Carla

      thanks Jenny makes me look at Bi Lo in a different light

    • Md_miller

      FYI…the Bi-Los here in York County double coupons up to 99 cents.  Also…if you’re in the Lake Wylie area our Bi-Lo has some INCREDIBLE deals right now on sausage and lunch meat.  Carl Buddig which is normally $4.99 per package (1lb.) is on sale for $2.99 and ALL of them at our store had an additional $1.50 off sticker.  There were several brands of sausage the same way (on sale for $1.99 with $1.00 off sticker).

    • Katcoleman2003

      do all bi lo’s accept competitor coupons?

      • Mcleodsc

        only major competitors in your city-some exclude target

      • Melissa

        The one is Simpsonville does not take compeitors coupons.  If I’m not mistaken, it’s up to the store manager.

        My Publix only takes competitor coupons of nearby grocery stores, no Target or anything like that either.

        • Judi

          I shop at Bi-lo in simpsonville on Fairveiw road and they do take compeitors coupons.  Although, yesterday my cashier did not know this.  I handed her a CVS coupon and asked her if they take it and she ansered “ma’am this is a CVS coupon!!?”  I said “yes, Bi-lo takes competitors coupons.  She said I don’t know, so she asked the next cashier.  The answer was Yes.  A manager has to come key it in, but it was worth the $10.00 coupon. You have to stand your ground (nicely) and know the coupon policy.

        • Thom

          Go to their facebook site. Just a few hours ago they really spelled the competitor coupon in this policy. It lists who a competitor is for Bi-Lo. Take this with you and stand your ground.

    • Lil_muzzie

      Check with your local Bilo about their bag credit, they don’t advertise it, but up here in NE GA, they’ll give you 5 cents off your order for each bag you bring into bag your own groceries.  2 bags a week is $5 a year, not much, but it’s free money and who doesn’t like free money!!

      • idewhearts

        I have a bag full of bags that I always bring in with me.  I have them place all my items in a bag.  Even, such item as bleach, kitty litter, drinks-pop/beer/juice boxes & milk.  A fist full of nickles & it actually makes it easier to get some those items in the house!

    • Lil_muzzie

      Check with your local Bilo about their bag credit, they don’t advertise it, but up here in NE GA, they’ll give you 5 cents off your order for each bag you bring into bag your own groceries.  2 bags a week is $5 a year, not much, but it’s free money and who doesn’t like free money!!

    • Vandyatkins

      check with your bilo. the one in boiling springs will not stack a competitors store Q with a manufacture Q.

    • Aranacoleman

      I LOVE BI-LO!!!!

    • Mcleodsc

      I wish someone could make a video of shopping with coupons at the Bi-lo in Sumter and send it in to corporate for viewing. 

    • cindharb

      THANK YOU Jenny for this video.  Well timed, because I have resisted letting fuel perks steer me toward the out-of-the-way BiLos in my area since they only double 60 cents now.  But your tip about gift cards won me over.  I had to buy a Dell computer peripheral, and it was not on sale for president’s day.  Only a sale plus Ebates would have clinched that deal.  Amazon had it, but they don’t play Ebates AND the seller was not one that works with Amazon Prime.  Seeing in your video that BiLo gives fuel points for gift cards, I dug around.  Our smaller BiLo did not sell Amazon, but the bigger one 8 miles away did.  For a couple hundred in gift cards [and thus in perks] it was worth the drive.  Between fuel perks and the Amazon vs Dell price differential, I saved about $80 on a genuine out of the box Dell time  Could have gotten it down to half price but would have had to deal with untested Amazon sellers.  Thanks again.

      • cindharb

        Out of the box “item,” not “time.” 

    • Awareofangels

      Jenny – this is really great!  esp if we are helping a friend coupon.  love the shirt, where can we get one??  

    • Crzysprtz

      I would just like to understand if you buy the items that are advertised to give you extra fuel perks why dont you get both the extra and on what you buy…example spend 100 = .10 in fuel perks and then bought the three items for extra .15 of fuel perks which should add up to .25 fuel perks however that doesnt make sense to me. Thanks wish someone would go with me to shop so that I can make the most out of my coupons. 

    • Mknorthcutt

      Can you tell me how to get lots of competitor coupons?

      • Thom

        Publix is a gold mine. They have loads of coupons in rotation. The Walgreens, Publix and Dollar General websites also have store coupons mixed in the manufacturer coupons that you can print. Target is also a wonderful source. Go online and print Target coupons. Those competitor coupons take me from a good price to a great price for items.

    • Margaretharris55

      Awsome video for BI-LO. I didn’t know until watching this that BI-LO now accepts competitors coupons. Thanks Jenny.

    • SarahinSC

      Their e-coupons are awesome! Have you seen the deals on Centrum specialist vitamins and the Pro-Nutrients supplements right now? Store sale, plus great coupons in the newspapers ($3-$5), plus terrific e-coupons ($3-5) means nearly free vitamins and supplements.

    • guest

       Thank you so much for this!  This may inspire me to travel out of the way to the Bi-Lo in our area!  I am fairly new to couponing and have been doing it since last fall, but I still learn new things all the time thanks to you Jenny!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your work.  Without coupons our family would struggle to even buy groceries.  Thanks!

    • Guest

      I tried to use a coupon that would make my item free, but was told I could
      Not because the coupon was for more than the item was worth. I asked why they would not take the coupon just to cover the cost of the item. I was not expecting overage, just FREE. Harris teeter does. Anyone else have thus issue?
      Bi lo in concord nc.

      • Nluvwithit

        I have used a coupon in my Bi-Lo that would have resulted in an overage, but since they don’t do overages I got it for free.  You should get a printout of your Bi-Lo’s coupon policy.  I’m betting the cashier didn’t know exactly what to do.

        • Guest

          Thanks so much for replying. I only paid 50 cents each for my items but it would have Been so great to pay 0. I usually only shop Harris teeter, bi lo us out of the way, but sometimes I find myself near one. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to help me;)

    • Tchristensen9999

      Thanks Jenny!  I bought around 300.00 GC at christmas to either give away or to go to the store myself and purchase gifts for family. Bilo ran a promo to get double fuel perks. So I scored big.  I keep a look out because they may run that promo during the year I hope and I will load up. But I plan on getting even more GC next christmas.  

    • Pokastripes1227

      does all of the bilos take manufactor AND competitors coupons together for 1 item

      • Normi

        Yes … it has to be considered a “store” coupon and then use a manufactures Q.

    • MrsLishaNicole

      An easy way that I keep track of the close-out sales at Bi-Lo is to take a picture with my iPhone of the item  and the tag and then I  get home I find the necessary coupons and if its a good enough deal I go back and get them. I actually do this for all the stores. ALSO… when I did my shopping last week, I was told by the manager that Bi-Lo only accepts 3 competitor coupons in the same order now :( Has anyone else experienced this?

    • Stephanie

      FYI Bi-Lo just updated their coupon policy as of 2.22.12 -they made a few changes

    • Jh08223

      is there someone out there that i could find to show me hands on what to do i get the basics but i just need help doing that one big trip to get me going and i just think i got it then i get there and i am paying more then i thought so i am not sure what i am doing wrong but i know im saving a lot but not like i want to for a big trip when i do small amounts like 20 items or so i make out great sometimes better then expected but more then that i am lost lol is there some one who could just take me along so i can see first hand what i should be doing? jh08223@gmail:disqus .com    Jacquelyn