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If you grabbed the Gevalia Coffee and Coffee Maker deal last week you may want to check our your bank account.

The deal was to get a coffee pot and 4 bags of coffee or tea for $25.94 after a discount and coupon code.  Some folks are finding that they have been charged $30.95 instead of the amount that shows on their receipts.    When calling the company they are refusing to fix the over charged amount stating that the system shouldn’t allow a discount code.

While it may be an error in their system, it is illegal to charge a card more than a receipt shows.   I know it is $5, but I take it personally when a company doesn’t live up to something and I tell you about the deal…

So what can you do?
1.  Call Gevalia if you want, but it doesn’t sound like anyone is getting anywhere with them.  1-800-438-2542

2.  Head to your local bank and file a fraud report.  Show them your receipt and the amount that should have been charged and they will handle it for you.

3.  If you are very peeved you can also file a report with your local BBB about incorrect charging.

If you are okay with the $5 over charge that is okay too I guess, but I just wanted you to be aware.

P.S. Don’t forget to also go in and cancel the auto-shipment!

    • The BBB is less than useless at most times.  Contact your state’s attorney general and file a fraud complaint -in most cases, just insisting on speaking with a supervisor and mentioning that you plan to do this, gets rapid results.

      • Kellycakelady

        With Gevalia none of those threats made a difference. You have file fraud charges with your bank and block the card you used.

    • Demura03

      When I had similar problems with Gevalia and got the run-around when I called them to get it fixed, I reported them to the BBB. I got a phone call within minutes and they repaired the problem.

    • Scarmstrongs

      The easiest thing is to call your credit card issuing agency and dispute the amount,

    • Kellycakelady

      We a block on the card used and had another one issued, if they were willing to go back in and take the  $5 in a separate extra transaction, we didn’t trust that the auto pay would actually be cancelled. Just something to think about.


      I’m the one that emailed Jenny and told her about the situation I had with them that prompted this update. Calling them and talking to a supervisor will get you nowhere. In fact, I talked to them twice, both times to a supervisor, and they never put in their notes that I talked to one the first time. Best bet is to file a fraud complaint with your bank if you used a card from there, and to get a new card number. After the way they treated me, I don’t trust them to not charge me anyways even though I cancelled the auto ship.

    • AJ

      Some credit card companies have temporary credit card numbers. I use a system that gives me a temporary card number and I can put the max amount for the card. Then when I do a deal like this, I will have the system generate me a cc number with only $25 available for that card. If they try to overcharge, it gets declined. So much easier than hassling after the fact and keeps my actual cc number private in case of hackers later on.

    • Lisa

      Disgraceful shennanigans from a once-reputable company.  Makes you wonder now that the coffee is available in Wally World what kind of a shift has taken place in their inner workings and ethics….  Good to know!

    • Arieanne

      It’s pretty ironic that the ad showing up on the page for me right now is for the Gevalia cofeemaker + 4 boxes of coffee for $24.99….

    • Julia

      Hey,it may only be 5.00 (which by the way I could put in my gas tank) but your 5. and a whole bunch more could turn a nice little profit. Make them do the right thing ! It is the principle of it that counts. You advertise for them and they rip off your fans. BAD Gevalia BAD !

    • ME

      And be careful ordering from VISTA PRINTS.  I placed an order one night for the free items (just pay shipping) and I entered all my credit information.  I looked at the total right before pressing the submit button and it was correct….only charged shipping.  The minute I clicked submit payment…up came a confirmation statement with FULL CHARGES!  It has taken me about 5 phone calls to get the credit back on my account.  I am still waiting for the credit card statement so I can check the charges and see if it has been corrected.  Not right.

    • Ggodfrey7

      Strange that any other website can have a system that will not allow a discount code if they want it to. Hey, the good news is that I got my coffee pot and coffee…small bags though…good thing it’s on sale at Kroger! Auto-ship cancelled!


      Here is the email I sent to Jenny (who also was charged more!) that started all this:

      Hi Jenny,I just wanted to let you know about my experience with Gevalia when I placed the order with them using the promo that was listed on Southern Savers on 3/16/2012. I placed my order with them and used the coupon code listed on your site, and sure enough, the total came out to $25.94, just like you said it would. I printed out the receipt from their site after I placed the order, just as I do whenever I buy something online.The next day, I checked my bank balance online, and there was a charge from Gevalia for $26.95. I called them up, and they told me they charge $1 to verify that the bank credit card I used can be authorized, and that it would be refunded to me upon delivery. The customer service representative then told me my total was $30.95! I asked her how this could be, since my receipt said $25.95. She told me that I could not use 2 promotions at the same time, so I told her that it let me and they need to honor the total on my receipt. She refused to refund me the difference, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor assured me that the representative just read the order wrong, and that my total was the $25.95, and not a penny more. I thanked her, and ended the call.I received my coffee maker and coffee on Wednesday. Today, I checked my bank account online again to see if the $1 was refunded yet, and lo and behold, there was a second charge from Gevalia on there for $4 ! The first still was $26.95, no refund, and immediately after was the second charge. I called them right back up to find out what was going on. The representative I spoke to, Cassandra, assured me that I was only charged once, but it was for the total amount of $30.95. I said no, I am looking at my bank account online right now, and there were 2 distinct charges from them on it. She went through the song and dance again, saying I could not use 2 promotions together, that the receipt I told her I was looking at did not in fact say my total was $25.95, but that it said $30.95. Apparently, I don’t know my numbers yet. She would not accept anything I said about what my receipt said, that I clicked pay now to $25.95, and also said there was nothing in the notes from my first call about me talking to a supervisor, and that I must by lying! I said, “Look, what your company has done is fraud. It is illegal to change the amount charged to a credit card after the transaction is complete and the receipt is printed, and that it is the same as stealing. I want the difference refunded from the second charge immediately, or I will place a fraud claim with my bank and contact the Better Business Bureau.” She again said there was no second charge, because she was LOOKING AT MY BANK ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW!I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor, so she put me on hold for 20 minutes. She finally came back on the line and told me they were all busy, so I said I would wait. 15 more minutes passed before a supervisor got on the line. She stuck with the story the representative had told me, that I agreed to pay the $30.95, that my receipt stated that, that there was nothing in the notes about me speaking to a supervisor previously, and that they would not refund me the difference. I told her I would file a fraud claim and contact the BBB, to which she said I am more than welcome to and to have a good day, before hanging up on me.Down to the bank I went, showed them the receipt, and they filed the claim for fraud. Now, $4 isn’t a big deal, but even though I cancelled the Auto Ship order with Gevalia, I was afraid they would charge me the $40+ for it anyways. I had to cancel my credit card, get a new one, and fill out a bunch of paperwork for the claim. I also have to now change my card info with places I do business with, like PayPal, my cable company, utilities, etc.I wanted to let you know all this, as there are a few people in the comments section on Southern Savers regarding this deal, that have said they were wrongly charged as well, even though they were told they would get the refund. I was hoping you could somehow make an announcement on the site to let anyone else know that might have purchased this deal, to check their bank and/or credit card accounts to make sure they were not overcharged as well and that they may want to take steps to secure their funds in case this happens to them. Sorry for the long email, but I felt it was important to tell you the entire story so you would know what was going on.At least the coffee maker is nice, although the coffee isn’t that great.I hope everyone that ordered this checks their bank/credit card balance and takes whatever precautions they need to secure their money.

      • Arieanne

        I know you probably know this, but the CSR that told you they were looking at your bank account was flat lying.  It isn’t possible to do that.  I work as a CSM for an internet site, and often have to look at payment histories etc.  (to vaguely over-simplify, but…) There are two systems involved for us, and I imagine it’s pretty similar everywhere else, neither of which are the buyer’s bank account.  No one can access that but you.  We have our internal system, that shows orders, order histories, and payments etc, on and at our site, then the actual payment processing system involved in the payment, that shows the payments made through that system, on that system’s site — PayPal, credit card processor, etc.  

        In the case of credit cards, it’s not even possible to see a full credit card number. It’s actually not legal to store that information, much less show it to an employee of some company.  There is absolutely zero way for anyone to see your bank account information, or even HAVE your bank account information based on a partial cc number (and if they are storing the entire cc number, and making it visible to employees, that still wouldn’t give them access to your bank account, and is a whole separate issue which needs addressing), and it’s outrageous that someone told you they could in an effort to just make you go away (that’s what it sounds to me was happening, at any rate).  At most, the CSR could have been looking at their internal system, which could have shown the $30 total, and either didn’t have access to, or didn’t know to look at the actual payments processed at the payment processor, which would have clearly shown the two charges.Sorry to go on, but your whole experience, and especially that point really, really bugged me.  It embarrasses me on behalf of my profession that someone would say something so ridiculous, and it makes it hard for the rest of us that are honestly and genuinely interested in doing the right thing and helping our clients/customers/users/etc, and would never tell such tales.  I’m so sorry for everyone’s horrible experiences, and especially sorry for the bad customer service you’re receiving.  :/

        • DVDMSTN

          Thank you for the nice reply. Yes, I did know that they could not see my bank information, it was just the fact that they even told me that which infuriated me. The entire ordeal was one lie from them after another, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
          I really don’t trust them with my credit card information, and after this, especially don’t trust them not to bill me after canceling the auto ship anyways, since that was supposed to be part of the deal to get the coffee maker. I feel my end of the bargain is done, since they couldn’t stick to theirs.

      • cw

        Thank you for all of your time and effort in posting this. I dont drink coffee but I’ve been following this and I will never order a deal from this company as a gift.  Im sure many others will feel the same.I hope the other couponing/blogger sites pick up on this situation and warn their followers as well. IVe seen this deal on at least 2 other blogging sites!

    • JeriLynn

      If you file a dispute with your bank make sure you have your receipt. More than likely you’ll need to file a Reg E Dispute with them. Your bank will typically give provisional credit and they will then do the research on their side and get the charges completely disputed on your behalf. It’ll be a lot easier this way.  Also, make sure you complete this within 60 days of the charge or your bank will not be able to dispute it.

    • Jfjuly24

      This happened to me, too. I figured the issue probably had to do with me getting the discount then going in later to stop the automatic shipments (20% off was for signing up for auto ship.) If you read the fine print, YOUR CARD ISN’T CHARGED UNTIL THE ORDER SHIPS. So I’m thinking they see the auto ship option turned off and deactivate the coupon code prior to shipment/payment. Just a thought…

      • Kellycakelady

        We actually didn’t cancel our auto ship until after we we received our products and found the additional charges! I went to Gevalia’s facebook page and looked around..they have other people who’ve had that happen among other problems. The problem I saw a lot of is, people canceling their auto ship and still receiving shipments and being charged. We are certainly glad after seeing that, that we just cancelled our card and had a new one issued. Be on the look out for future charges if you haven’t stopped your card.

      • DVDMSTN

        Not in my case. I set the auto ship to 13 weeks when I made my order. It wasn’t until I received the shipment that I cancelled the auto ship. They had already charged my account the second time by then.

    • ireneY

      Sorry to hear about the trouble you all are experiencing. But glad that Jenny has readers with knowledgeable ways of handling unethical practices. Can’t imagine the coffee leaving a good taste in your mouth after all this!

    • Cheryl

      I almost bought in but I already have a fairly new GE 5-cup coffee maker and I get my coffee at HT. Glad I didn’t get into this situation. 

    • Jade

      Since we are airing bad practices from companies. Heads up!! TANGA  tried to rip me off. Placed a magazine order through Southern Savers link and got overcharged. Could not cancel, Called American Express immediately, the charge had already been put through.(This happens instantly)  The bank said I could not say that it was fraud since I agreed to charges, It did not show discount, and I tried to stop it, to no avail. Couldn’t find a phone number. The bank found a number for me, and I told them when I called that the bank was fully aware of there practices. Tanga credited my American Express.  was told to watch my statements closely that they had my info and I could get charged down the line. Customer service has gone to hell in a handbasket.

    • Mcleodsc

      did not do this deal but I want to point out that although it is only $5 –  THAT IS $5  X  HOW MANY CUSTOMERS ORDERED  so if 5000 ordered that equals $25000!!

    • Zannern

      I’ve also had problems with the auto ship getting reactivated.  I’ve decided not to do business with.

    • Lorri

      I didn’t buy one of these, but I’ve been following the posts.  This is terrible.  It’s not a lot of money, but it’s like that old saying that if you steal 10 cents from a million people, no one would notice, but if you steal $100,000 from one person, they’ll notice.  Same thing.  I hope everyone who was fraudulently overcharged stands up for themselves.  What a shameful thing to do to your customers.

    • Holly

      Just checked my credit card receipt and there are two pending charges from Gevalia.  One for $26.94, the other for $5.00.  Unfortunately, I trashed my email receipt once I got the shipment from them and no paper receipt was inside the box.  I did just deactivate the auto shipment.  I’ll chalk this up to  buyer beware.  And it was still a good deal even for $31.94.  I won’t spend my precious time fighting over a few bucks.  But Gevalia will certainly not have any future customers in all of us!

    • guest

      I have dealt with this company before and have learned never to again. I got a “free” sample of coffee packs. Next thing I know I am being charged 35.98 for coffee shipments…I contacted them, got the run around then the BBB. Got my “shipment” canceled and money refunded.

    • Clandevine

      They must have corrected the problem quickly because I did enter the code but when I went back and checked my email confirmation it listed $5.95 for shipping making the total $30.94. That was the same on my invoice in the box. I don’t know if  the receipt they showed at the end of the transaction (and of course I didn’t print because I knew I would get an email) showed the discount or not. It’s a nice coffee maker but I could of bought one outright and not had the hassle. Live and learn.

      • Clandevine

        Just checked my credit card and it dose have 2 charges from them one for $26.94 and one for $4.00. But I have no proof of fraud because my receipts state the full price. Bummer!


      My warning to all of you DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!  They will take your money and not give you credit, and they will charge you for shipments they did not send you.   BEWARE

    • tori729

      Wow, I am SO glad I decided not to do this. I was almost going to, but I just got a K-cup brewer and wouldn’t really use it much anyway. I’m so sorry for all the people who are dealing with this though!

    • Kellycakelady

      If you are a BB&T customer, they are already aware of the fraud from our report so with or without the receipt I would think you could still file fraud disputes!

    • Kellycakelady

      Just a heads up please be aware!!! From reading customer complaints on Gevalia’s facebook page, even if you cancel auto ship, they are still billing people. The only way to truly cancel it is to block the card you used and have a new one issued. They are sending people’s accounts to collections even though they cancelled their auto ship a year prior to the collections actions. Simply deactivating your auto isn’t a guarantee that it will not be billed to you and from what I’ve read you can pretty much expect to still be billed if you don’t cancel your card. It’s a pain in the butt I know but Thanks to Gevalia being a dishonest company it’s more than necessary!

    • Kraby

      Even though I have been a customer for years, I have had terrible issues with them in the past few months.  Gevalia has made such a mess of my orders and everytime I call them, they just make it worse.   At least I know now that it’s not an isolated incident and I will  cancel my card to stop it once and for all.  I thought it odd that they are now selling their products in grocery stores.  Sounds like they’re desperate.

      • Kellycakelady

        That’s really the only way to stop the auto ship is to cancel the card you used. It’s really sad and it causes a lot of trouble re setting your other online billing with a new card..Gevalia should be ashamed of their dishonest business practices. I can tell you all from experience the customer service people will lie and even if they say it will be taken care of…it doesn’t happen. File those disputes guys.

        • Abc

          Late last year my card was canceled so that was a good time for me to cancel my auto shipment. When I called to cancel my auto shipment (since my online account no longer worked), I was told by the nice lady at Gevalia that the auto shipment later on that month was still going to my house but I could mark the package “return to sender” and they would not charge me. Well now it is 3 months later, two requests from them for payments, several phone calls from me to them and they still want my money. If I had to do it over again I would have just sent them a money order for the the coffee they sent me and then be done with it. Since calling them does not work I am going to try to send a certified mail, return receipt requested to them stating giving them the proof from UPS that I returned the item and that I do not owe them any money.

          So my advice to anyone that wants to cancel Gevalia is work with your credit card company and never, ever use the “return to sender” method. Even though they recommend it, their shipping department does not honor that. 

    • ggodfrey7

      Well, here is an interesting twist…when Jenny first posted this alert, I checked my bank account and sure enough, there were two charges. The original one  for $26.94 and one for $4.00. I went online today to print my statement so that I could file the dispute and the $4.00 charge is gone…hmmmmm…

    • Leah

      Great info! I’ll make sure never to do business with them! And I’ll spread the word around to all of my friends.

    • Mcollins5

      Ironic that there is a huge ad for them on this page.  I know they probably paid to have the ad on here, but I would think that their fraud would constitute a breach of contract.  At any length, thanks for looking out for us!  My family REALLY appreciates you and your site! 

    • Lacats

      I have always been tempted by their ads, never bought the product, though.  Now I am so glad I didn’t!  So sorry you all had to go through all that trouble, hope all of you get it sorted out and Gevalia will make it right.

    • Jfjuly24

      SO GLAD YOU ALL WARNED ME!!! I stopped the auto ship option before my initial order (coffeemaker, etc.) shipped last week, but I checked my account just now & it says my next shipment is ACTIVE & will be June 15th.

      EVERYONE GO BACK & MAKE SURE THE AUTO SHIP OPTION IS STILL “OFF”! I’m deactivating my account. Boo hiss, Gevalia. Too bad, though, because the coffee & coffeemaker are good. Chances are, we would’ve bought more. No chance of that now!

    • Chica

      Those of you who used credit cards may want to do a ‘chargeback’….you basically call the credit card company and tell them you are interested in doing one for this company, and it may be the fastest route for getting your money back.

    • Lena

      I love Gevalia coffee and was getting it from them for over 10 years without any problems.  I would still be getting it but I became disabled a year ago. I was so happy when I found their Vanilla coffee in Walmart of all places.. I am sorry you all had problems because I really like their coffee!

    • Woody

      I had the wrong amount charged to my account. May just send it back to them–refuse it. Very disappointed. They charged the correct amount, then added another separate amount for $4 under another charge.