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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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wrong is wrongI had a few extra minutes on my hands one evening and sat down to skim through Instagram.   I stumbled across a few couponing pictures and clicked on a few hashtags.  Within a few minutes I found a place that could be amazing to help people save money, but instead it was stream of pictures filled with greed, fraud and and whole lot of other things.

As folks found an awesome deal they shared their pictures of clearing the shelves, or if they found a glitch (read: a deal that is ringing up amazing but is incorrect) they shared their haul with the note “don’t tag the stores” “don’t ruin this for everyone” the one that caught me by surprise “it only takes one person to ruin it”.

This is where I stopped.  Yes whoever you are, you are right.  It does only take one person to ruin it for everyone else, but you are so misguided you can’t see that it’s you.  The Instagram coupon world was ablaze over some lady that told a store about a glitch allowing people to get hundreds of dollars in free products from Macy’s.  Seriously people, because the deal may work at the register and you walk out of the store doesn’t mean you didn’t just steal.  It’s still wrong whether the register let you do it or not.

This same issue holds true in the grocery world.  Last night I got an email from a fellow Southern Saver and Publix cashier.  I want to share her story with you:

“I have worked for Publix for the past 6 years full time, but am fairly new as a cashier.  I so wish someone would talk about coupon ethics for tonight I was “hoodwinked” by a young mother who seemed so normal and sweet.  My line was backed up and I couldn’t get my department manager’s attention when this young mother gave me a Smart Source coupon for $9.00 off Tide detergent.  At first I thought, “If this is a scam it will not scan” but it did.  When I tried to get my department manager’s attention, he had gone to another cashier  and no other managers were around.  At Publix we try to do our best for the customer.  When I queried the young mother about the coupon I was informed that she normally does not shop at Publix but was in the area, etc.  Then, she told me that a co-worker had given her the coupon. 

Now, I have been disciplined and the coupon she gave me hangs on the bulletin board by the time clock.  We cannot take coupons with a value of over $5 without manager approval.  Her coupon was fraudulent and I am now counseled with fear losing my job.  When people present fraudulent coupons they jeopardize an honest cashier’s job!”

Sadly even in sharing the story, I know there are folks who think “I don’t care if the coupon is fraudulent, where is it? I want it”.  Is it really worth it folks?  In the end this one shopper had three effects.  This particular store just created another rule that shoppers will have to get used to, waiting for manager approval on high value coupons.  They are also on a higher alert with coupons in general, as you would be if someone recently robbed your house.  And lastly you took someone that is working hard and almost made her lose her job.

This isn’t the first email I’ve gotten like this.  Not even the first this week.  Three Rite Aid cashiers lost their jobs in a store across town last week for pushing through coupons that customers demanded they key in.  Honestly, it’s no wonder many cashiers do hate couponers.

After 7 years of couponing, let me tell you something… you can save a ton of money and play by the rules.  If a coupon seems to good to be true.. it is.  Making copies of coupons, using a coupon for something it’s not for… all of this is fraud.

Head over and read an article I wrote on spotting fraudulent coupons.  Sometimes we may do something never knowing that we were wrong, so educate your self and try harder next time to do the right thing.

    • Sugar

      AMENNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been couponing for several years and I know you can save money by doing it. I must admit when I first started I did not always do everything by the book. Friends copied coupons so I did too. After learning that stores didn’t get reimbursed for copies I stopped. I save lots of money when couponing and me and the cashiers always laugh because my motto is you can do it and do it right.

    • Summer

      What a great post with a great message, Jenny! My brother works at a Kroger, and whenever I complain at how rude people at my Kroger are about coupons, he reminds me how awful some couponers are. They give us all a bad name. I try to be polite and make the cashiers’ job as easy as possible, but still some of them obviously detest couponers. I feel that I’m doing what I need to do to save my family money, but saving money should never mean I lie, cheat, or steal to do it. Thank you for your post and for your wonderful website.

    • TT

      I appreciate the insight on this matter, because as a couponer of 14 years I seen and heard a lot pertaining to fraud which not only drives me crazy but makes it difficult for the rest of us. I do wonder how much of the increase of “”new couponers” that have been taught by the criminals on “THAT” tv show.

    • TT

      I appreciate the insight on this matter, because as a couponer of 14 years I seen and heard a lot pertaining to fraud which not only drives me crazy but makes it difficult for the rest of us. I do wonder how much of the increase of “”new couponers” that have been taught by the criminals on “THAT” tv show.

    • RA

      Thanks for this post!!! I wish some people I knew would stumble a cross this!!! Thanks Jenny!!!

    • KK

      Well said, Jenny. It would be such a shame if a few couponers ruin it for those of us who appreciate being able to save on groceries. I hope your post will make them think better of trying to rip off the system. Thanks for all you do, Jenny!

    • Tara H

      Great post! My mother in law was recently given some of those Tide coupons as well as some for $7 off charmin toilet paper. I told her that I didn’t think they were legit (I’ve been couponing for a couple years). Because my mil is not familiar with couponing, she thought they were just great coupons! She could have easily used them unknowingly. Thankfully she’s an honest person so when I told her I didn’t think they were good she asked before she used one. I hate that couponers get such a bad name from people who do wrong! Thanks for all you do, Jenny!

      • Tara H

        Cottenelle, not charmin

      • Tara H

        Cottenelle, not charmin

      • Jennifer

        Same thing happened with someone I knew! Those high dollar fraudulent coupons are running rampant out there!

      • emileee

        Same thing happened to me with a relative. I told her the free Velveeta coupon was fraudulent and she said, “Publix just keys it in – as long as my Publix keeps taking it, I will keep using it” I would have loved to know how to respond in a way that wouldn’t have been disrespectful to my elder relative, but still get my point across. As it was, I just shut up and deleted her “great coupon” email.

    • RebeccaFer

      This is a wonderful post! I haven’t been on Southernsavers in a while because I have fallen off the coupon wagon. I honestly worked so hard at it and always try to do the right thing but getting nasty looks from cashiers that have had one to many “bad apples” was one of the reasons I was happy to take a break. I wish everyone realizes it’s not “just getting one over on the (faceless) company” but it hurts absolutely everyone, including themselves! It’s just sad how self absorbed they are to not realize that if you have to question if it’s right or wrong, it most likely is wrong. Please post something like this once a month so it can stay in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Thanks for the great post!

    • Mom

      sometimes you Jenny post coupons that doesnt match the item for exemple the 0.50 dawn (one dawn hand renewal,power clean,bleach alternative or oxi) to use it at cvs I think it doesnt match but you are telling us to use it. I guess is ok make the cashier to push it through because is only 0.50, not 9 dollars…. i though it was wrong to do it, so i dint do it. IM SOO CONFUSED!!!!

      • If you see a coupon that doesn’t match, please always point them out and I’ll take the out of the lists. I’m not in the store, just using ads so I don’t have a way to know that your store doesn’t have a hand renewal that is that size (my store does). I try to put “-if included” on products that I am unsure about, but just can’t know all the ins and outs of a deal without going to every store.

      • Gingiraffe

        Jenny’s site is a guide to help you. Ultimately, you, the consumer, are responsible for making sure that the coupons you use match the products you are buying. Don’t blame Jenny or any other site for making you use a coupon. Coupons are regional, stores have regional products, and not everything is 100% matched up. If you know something is on sale, check your coupons and make your own list based off of the help of Jenny and others. If you are confused, read the coupon, because that is what the stores do and that is how they get reimbursed for it. There is fine print on there, and we have to be responsible with what we are doing or the manufacturers will stop issuing coupons and the stores will stop honoring the. Thank you Jenny, for the help you have given to me to save my family money responsibly.

        • me

          NO PUES …. the defenders!! … she is not a baby let her defende her self if she needs to …. I hate when people put their noses were they dont belong…..

      • Thom1977

        I went to CVS Sunday and found the Dawn hand renewal on sale for .88 cents at my store, along with the “regular” dawn. So I was able to use my niffty .50 coupon legitimately.
        Jenny’s site is definitely a guide. She brings all good scenarios to light because she is guiding thousands in different states. Maybe your location didn’t have that specific Dawn on sale, but mine did. Use the guide but hone it to your specific store and coupons.

      • Corrie

        Also I doubt that Jenny looks and prints at each individual coupon when she is posting match ups. More than likely she is using a coupon database to post available coupons. Coupon databases rarely show the fine print/details like if a coupon says DND (Do Not Double) or if there is an exception like coupon must be used for a specific size or if trial/travel sizes are excluded. We, as couponers, must take some responsibility here and use our coupons ethically if we want to continue to get good deals. Jenny does a lot for us here! We cannot expect her to spoon feed us everything. If you see a coupon that has some fine print details that make it where it is a non-matchup coupon, don’t blame Jenny. Just let everyone know by posting what you have found under the match ups and then don’t use it.

      • Pam

        In this case, my CVS has the smaller sizes of Dawn Hand Renewal (Charlotte, NC) and thus the coupon would work. We all just have to be extra diligent in ensuring we are “Doing The Right Thing”

    • Sharise Nobles

      Im on IG alot myself, and I too noticed quite a bit of unlawful couponing! I will admit there are a few who are helpful and honest but so many that make it bad for those of us who truly just need to save money to live! Not be greedy and dishonest! I commend you for staying honest with those who follow southern savers & for teaching us the RIGHT way to coupon!

    • Tabitha Williamson

      I am thankful for the show on TV, however I no longer watch them!! It’s what got me started couponing at the perfect time!! My husband had lost his job and we needed to put food on the table for a family of 7!! What I can’t stand is when the shelves are cleared only to get rainchecks and never be able to use them bc the product is never on the shelf or the coupon goes dead!! People need to consider others!!

    • traci0322

      So glad to see this post. I think that some people have an idea that large grocery stores and manufacturers can take the hit on fraudulent coupons, so it’s okay. Stealing is stealing. I teach my children not to take advantage of a teacher just because she might not be looking, and this holds true here, too. Just because it didn’t beep, or because you got away with it, doesn’t make it right… I have a friend who would always say, “I know it’s not for that product, but I’m going to try it.” What a shame.

    • Dereck

      While I am no doubt “preaching to the chior” (since those who disagree probably wouldn’t be reading this article, much less browsing through the comments), Coupon Fraud is ridiculously expensive. I’m not talking about what it costs stores, I’m talking about the cost to the perpetrators.

      Mark 8:36: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”
      If the whole world is not worth a person’s soul, how much more would we be getting ripped off if we were to sell it for a fraudulant coupon?
      It makes Esau’s trading away his birth right for a mess of pottage look absolutely brilliant in comparison.

    • shay

      My mom sent me an email with the tide and cottonelle coupons for $7 and $9. It didnt look right to me so i took them to the cvs i go to all the time and asked the manager to before i used them. He told me they were fraudulent and thanked me for asking instead of trying to use them. Ususally if it looks way to good to be true it probualy is.

    • Suzie Porterfield Pardee

      Thank you Jenny.

    • Michelle Mcdaniel-Roberts

      I love this post! I recently joined several coupon groups on Facebook. Looking at other people’s deals, I just find the greed to be amazing and have had to soul search myself as to what is ethical for me. Does someone really need 48 deodorants or shaving cream wen they just purchased 20 last week?

      • karen

        I agree. If I have a 6-12 month supply, I leave it for someone else. For me that’s about 12per person and there are 2 adults here.

    • sharon

      The kroger that I always shop at almost denied my huggies coupons because I printed in black and white and they looked like the tide and cottonelle coupons that this is talking about. I use coupons not as a thrill to see how much I can get,but to provide for my family. Im unemployed and in college debt and need these savings!!

    • AshleyAshley

      I see things like this all the time with the ‘glitches’ and then shelf clearing on the ‘glitches’ ……the funny thing is most of the people who are getting those things dont need them, they’re just buying to buy…it’s a bit like hoarding for them I suppose.

    • Liz P.

      I don’t know if many couponers are aware of the fact that YOU can be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED! The consequences of misusing coupons don’t just affect the cashiers, they affect the COUPONERS!!
      I was shopping at a grocery store in NY about 2 years ago during a TRIPLES event. A fellow couponer had a stack of coupons she printed that would get her a lot of free pasta. She asked me if I’d like a couple and I was like sure! Until she shared she had photocopied them. I quickly handed them back. At the checkout, the cashier noticed they all had the exact same barcode number, and got her manager. In a matter of minutes, they were questioning her and the police came and HANDCUFFED her! She was taken away by the police. The store manager said copying coupons is fraud, as it is printed in fine print on all coupons. Stores take this seriously.
      I love a good deal, but getting a few items for free is NOT worth being arrested. Do people think they won’t get in trouble if they use coupons wrong??

    • Nicole P.

      Thank you for this article. You are absolutely correct and this needed to be said. I hope it impacts everyone the way it should.

    • Maggie

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! Thanks Jenny!!

    • Jacqueline J McLean

      i just left instagram and i was blown away, I ran into situation what you wrote about and It’s this one lady I was folowing because i like to coupon at Publix, but after reading through her post i decided to delete her. i’m not trying to get over or stockpile, I just want to save a few dollars in one area and use it somewhere els. People like that make it hard for everbody else and most of all they take the meaning away from whey we coupon anyway. I wwatch people like this they loose so much by being dishonest.

    • guest

      I’ll never forget standing in line at BiLo Customer Service one day. The woman in front of me was returning 10 bottles of ketchup. When it was my turn, I said WHY was she returning ketchup? I was told it happens a lot…..people buy it on sale w/a coupon and then return it for the full price. WHY do the stores allow this! I am mad at the abusers and the stores for allowing some abuse.

      • AshleyAshley

        The awful thing about returning food products is that the stores cant reshelve them and have to throw them away. Talk about wasting good food…..

        • Valerie Little Molloy

          Not all products are thrown away, unfortunately perishable ones are.

          • AshleyAshley

            I once returned some food items to Walmart and they gave me a hard time, it was a gift package my mother sent me, I thought I dont like or use it, return it and get something you want. I watched them put a big black X on all the food packages…items with long shelf lives, they told me to avoid any insurance liability they have to damage out any returned food or medicine even if the package appears closed because of possible tampering. I think most stores have similar policies.

            • Strfri

              Not even all Walmarts do that. Take a look at the clearance area, and you can see plenty of things that appeared to opened, with parts/items removed, taped back up, and the priced marked down (barely).

            • AshleyAshley

              But food items shouldn’t be reshelved. What if someone tampered with something? There’s a lot of liability to that.

            • Strfri

              I’m not saying that they should… just that it happens. Some stores check out the item, ask if you opened or anything, look through it thoroughly, etc. I think that some items are ok to be reshelved if they check out, like shelf stable items, but any refrigerated or frozen item is crazy.. no way to check what temp it was at all times…

            • Lyn

              When I discovered I had food sensitivities, I returned unopened green tea to Walmart. They were unopened and the packages were in perfect condition. Customer service told me they have to damage them out, not reshelve them. What a shame but they have no way of knowing if some fruitcake tampered with them.

        • Valerie Little Molloy

          Not all products are thrown away, unfortunately perishable ones are.

      • Valerie Little Molloy

        If they do not have a receipt, maybe they should just get a store credit,At least the store will not lose the cash and as far as using the coupon the store already gets the coupon money back!

      • Valerie Little Molloy

        If they do not have a receipt, maybe they should just get a store credit,At least the store will not lose the cash and as far as using the coupon the store already gets the coupon money back!

    • EFritz

      I think the hard part is the ‘glitches’ It is hard to walk away from a really good deal that is getting through. It is easy to remember to only get a couple of any item, or not copying coupons, or using fradulent ones. I know I have a hard time resisting when I hear that hey you can get something on super sale because of a pricing glitch.. or something similar. I have to admit to having done that before, nothing free, but cheap. I am glad you pointed that bit out too. It is still the same thing, honesty across the board even on the hard to resist stuff :)
      Sometimes we just need an extra kick in the pants.

    • Lisa K.

      Thank you for addressing this important issue. Unfortunately people who do immoral or unethical things with coupons also do those things in other areas in their life, but in this case, they give all of us honest and ethical couponers a bad name. I work face to face with customers in a cash handling business and please remember that the people on the other side of the counter are people too who need their jobs as well to provide for their families. Is there ANY deal that is worth causing that harm to someone else when jobs are so hard to come by these days?

    • cbjunior58

      If i see that i’m going to need a lot of a product to use my coupons on I always preorder. The store really like you to do this if it is not against their policy.

    • Tracie

      Well written Jenny!

    • PamAlabam

      I know an extreme couponer who routinely bends the rules and does clear or nearly clear shelves. If there is a loophole, she will find it and maximize on it. She is a friendly and outgoing person and loves helping others. Once, when I gently questioned her methods, she said that she didn’t feel bad because she ministered to so many people in need with her horde of products. Sorry, but the God I worship can use me to bless others without me having to bend rules. He would not ask me to do something shady in His name. He is truly capable of taking what I have and multiplying it to bless others. He does not need me to cheat for Him. Just because you can do something does not mean you should do something.

      • Linda Fassnacht

        AMEN Pam!!!! Extremely well said (pun intended!) your friend should be ashamed of herself

      • cbjunior58

        Telling herself that God approves because she is helping someone is deceiving only herself. God does not approve thief, period. There is not a but in God’s laws and standards.

      • Martha Moore

        You will find that most shelf clearers (even those on southern savers who admit to it) always justify it by saying “I donate”.

      • Claudia Cruz

        i despise she clearers, once i tried to get some rice from Kroger that was free after the coupon and i had only one coupon. I went to the store and there was not a single bag, it was the 16 oz bag so I just got the next size up and paid some change for it. I was mad, cause I asked my self why do they need to be so greedy and clear the shelf??

        • hazybuck

          Claudia, sometimes I do clear shelves. The times I clear a shelf are those times I’m cooking for 200+ kids for our weekly Life Teen group. I try to get it pulled from the back first, but if my only option is clear the shelf, that’s what I’m going to do.

          Remember, you don’t always know why that shelf has been emptied.

          • Claudia Cruz

            well i guess if you are doing it for a good reason and not just to have it in your house sitting on your shelves. I can understand you feeding that much kids, but the ones I see on TLC those shelf clearers I think are wrong for doing it.

            • hazybuck

              Claudia, I feel that those folks on TLC are just organized hoarders, so we’re of a like mind there!

              I double dog dare them to actually USE that 500th stick of deodorant . . . the chemicals will have broken down and they’ll turn into something similar to one of Batman’s villains!!

            • hazybuck

              Those people on TLC are just organized hoarders.

          • Claudia Cruz

            well i guess if you are doing it for a good reason and not just to have it in your house sitting on your shelves. I can understand you feeding that much kids, but the ones I see on TLC those shelf clearers I think are wrong for doing it.

      • jess

        No offense, but I highly doubt God is angry at her for clearing a shelf and giving that food to the needy. It is one thing to cheat, it is quite another to clear a shelf. Who knows how many items were left on that shelf, or how much people she gave food to needed it. I don’t recall reading anything about shelf clearing in the Bible. I do recall, however, reading a lot about not judging others. I see a lot of judging going on on this page and it makes me sad. How does anyone know if that young mother with the high value Tide coupon thought it was a legitimate coupon? How does anyone know the shelves weren’t cleared by 100 different people getting 2 of the item each? How do you know the people your friend is donating food to don’t need it more than those who would have come after her? If the shelf is cleared, I think, “Oh well, there will be another deal. I wasn’t fast enough this time.” It is just sad to see so many on this page sitting around in harsh judgement of others.

    • Misti

      You know using counterfiet coupons is the same charge as using counterfeit money and is a federal charge.

    • Misti

      You know using counterfiet coupons is the same charge as using counterfeit money and is a federal charge.

    • Carol

      While we are on the subject, I want to ask if printing coupons for a different zip code is considered fraudulent? It feels wrong to me to enter “90210” to get a coupon that is not offered in my area. What do you think?

      • cbjunior58

        I don’t think so if it is legit. You can use checks and cards from other states.

      • emileee

        I usually pick up a newspaper when I’m traveling and find different coupons. I use those without any remorse, so I guess I liken the zip codes to that scenario. I never thought about it like you do though! Good comment.

    • Suzy

      That would be wrong for me to do. I’m not perfect. So I’m not judging others. I just know what I was taught from my parents when growing up and I appreciate them teaching me right from wrong.

    • Sherry

      Thank you for educating those of us who are new to this.

    • Sherry

      Thank you for educating those of us who are new to this.

    • jbpersson

      I agree that blatant cheating the system is wrong, but I think there are a lot of grey areas in the coupon-ethics category. I try to play by the rules but sometimes feel like the stores change the rules so often that I feel like a child screaming, “not fair.”

      It’s allowed (and seems to be accepted as okay) to print two coupons off multiple computers. They say one deal per account (like a free photo at Walgreens) yet you could open another account and get a second one free. Is one wrong and the other, okay?

      Also, some cashiers seem more-than-willing to push through coupons that might not work. Admit it, we go to the cashier we know is “coupon-friendly.” They may not be reading the rules and just in the name of customer service letting us do something that is incorrect – either knowingly or in ignorance.

    • jbpersson

      I agree that blatant cheating the system is wrong, but I think there are a lot of grey areas in the coupon-ethics category. I try to play by the rules but sometimes feel like the stores change the rules so often that I feel like a child screaming, “not fair.”

      It’s allowed (and seems to be accepted as okay) to print two coupons off multiple computers. They say one deal per account (like a free photo at Walgreens) yet you could open another account and get a second one free. Is one wrong and the other, okay?

      Also, some cashiers seem more-than-willing to push through coupons that might not work. Admit it, we go to the cashier we know is “coupon-friendly.” They may not be reading the rules and just in the name of customer service letting us do something that is incorrect – either knowingly or in ignorance.

    • Tammy

      PLEASE post this to instagram. I see it on there all the time and am appalled by it all. They are hurting it for the honest couponers. Thanks for all you do in helping me save money.

    • JANE

      WELL SAID!!!

    • Tracy

      If the cashiers that lost their jobs only got fired because of the coupon incidents then shame on the company they worked for. Just because they pushed a coupon through they should of not lost their job.

    • LadySiren

      Thank you! I hate, Hate, HATE unethical couponers. Why? Because it opens the door to the eventuality that stores will no longer honor coupons, no matter if the couponer came by them honestly or not. It does take only one person to ruin it for everyone, which is also the reason I hate those #(&!@T!)_@#T(R@!!! extreme couponing shows. Heaven forbid you not be able to buy 42 boxes of cereal for $.37 OOP.

      Stores are businesses. Period. They’re in this to make a profit for their shareholders and/or owners. They employ people in our communities. They pay taxes that our counties and nation needs. By cheating the stores, we’re cheating ourselves. And the “I donate” argument? Fallacious. You’re still cheating the system which will in the end, hurt all of us.

      One tip for everyone – did you know that if you coupon-fairy your unused IPs in the store, it could come back and bite you in the rear? Imagine if one of these unethical types took your coupon, scanned it, and made multiple copies? Guess who would be on the hook for coupon fraud, in addition to the person using the fake coupon? That’s right – you.

      You can only print two bricks coupons because they TRACE YOUR IP ADDRESS.

      So as much as you’d like to be a nice person and share those unused IPs, be careful how you do so. The last thing you want is to become the unknowing perpetrator of coupon fraud.

    • Claudia Cruz

      thanks so much for sharing this, i have never been on instagram before. I can’t believe what you found! I no I came across some fraudulent coupons a few years back, they were buy one coke get one free or something of that sort. I new I had never saw a coupon like that before so I new it was fraud. I no I have gotten coupons from the coupon to get something totally free and they have a lot of glitter or silver lining and all kinds of things to let you know it is a true coupon. this coupon did not have none of this so i new it was fake! I am thinking about getting on Instagram to see if i can see what you found I no I will be apalled!

    • WC08

      On a similar note, I am pretty disgusted with the Black “Friday” sales starting at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day this year. As tempted as I am to go to Walmart and get that iPad Mini I’ve been wanting FOREVER, I will not be supporting the stores to take family time away from their employees. I hope that everyone who also thinks it’s vile will join me, as together we can make a difference!

      • Cara

        While some people do have to work Black friday, I did not and I volunteered to work. I’m a college student who lives away from my family. I don’t have a family to sit and have dinner with, so if I can work rather than being home alone I will.

        For one, you get time and a half pay for the Thursday hours. Two, differential pay for the early morning hours, and another differential pay for the black friday hours. I made quite a nice pay check from working black friday.

    • Beth

      Very true! One person can ruin it for everyone!! I almost didn’t get to use the coupon I won for a free gallon of milk b/c it was for $4 off a gallon (the words up to weren’t printed on it). The Publix manager had to come over and I had to explain to all of them where I’d gotten the coupon. I even gave them the website & told them they could suspend my purchase and I’d wait until they checked it out. If I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have been able to use the coupon b/c the cashier told me so many people are using high value coupons that are fraudulent. In the end I got my milk for free so I was happy & they were happy b/c they didn’t take the entire $4 off just the price of the milk.

    • Beth F

      Thanks Jenny for speaking up!! Dishonesty hurts everyone (particularly the person who is perpetrating it, whether they realize it or not.). Basically it boils down to a character issue. Stealing is wrong whether you steal with a coupon or swipe the item off the shelf!! “Loopholes” don’t make it right.

    • Jeffy Walker

      Can you selling stuff you buy on Clearance or with coupons?

      • Jen

        I was curious about this too. I sometimes pass on the savings to friends who are busy by picking things up for them and they pay me back. I’m sure this is ok since I am not clearing the shelves, just picking up a few extra items and I follow coupon rules. But I see people (seems like even more lately) who sell tons of items at flea markets or yard sales and I know its from couponing (I’m talking about brand new stuff, not the close to or expired items some people sell). One yard sale I saw on Craigslist had a picture of what looked like hundreds of packs of diapers for $7 and I told my husband they probably only paid like $5 or less each. Is this Legal?

        • Jeffy Walker

          I sell to people I know that can’t really afford name brand stuff….

    • Merry

      thanks jenny!

    • Carrie V

      Great article! I was wondering, does anyone have an opinion or any information about the legitimacy of the coupon app Snip Snap? I have used it occassionally, but have always felt a little weird using any coupon on there that was not mine. But, they did scan, so it was one of those, well, if the manager approves I guess it is ok things. But I still feel weird about it. And even more so after reading Jenny’s article! Opinions?

      • nymomnfla

        If I am correct Jenny wrote about this app a while back that it was not a good app because they copy coupons and the stores are losing money. I have never used it so maybe someone else can tell you more.

    • hlaw

      You write “Honestly, it’s no wonder many cashiers do hate couponers.”
      I do not agree with you on that statement. Most people who use coupons are honest. A few bad apples and were all bad,”I think not”??? How can you say this hate is okay. That is profiling.

      • nymomnfla

        You would be surprised at how many do the wrong thing. Like I wrote ask your cashiers and managers. I have many friends that are cashiers and MANY couponers do the wrong thing. The cashier or manager stands a chance of the customer complaining to corporate offices and stand a chance of probation or loss of employment. I would not want to be a cashier that has to deal with a couponer trying to get over what the coupon states. Just my opinion.

      • Cara

        I don’t think you ever have been a cashier, because A LOT of people misuse coupons. It’s not fun having to deal with the situation. I’ve had all kinds of responses when I’ve denied people the use of coupons (obviously fraudulent). Those have ranged from downright rude, screaming in your face, throwing a temper tantrum, throwing things and then the people who just leave.

        Also as far as the profiling thing: I’ve had all kinds of people try to use fraudulent coupons too. Young men, Old men, Young women, old women, teenagers.

    • Donna

      All I can add is Amen too! Thank you all.

    • nymomnfla

      Well written, Jenny. I read this on your Facebook page and commented there. It’s not that all couponers are doing wrong but there are many that do the wrong thing. Ask your cashiers and they could tell you some stories about some couponers trying to get the item for free or a smaller item when the coupon clearly states the size. As far as shelves being cleared I’ve gone to the store many times and they were empty so I ask for rain checks. Please use coupons the right way because you still save plenty even to donate.

    • May

      Thanks Jenny for bringing attention to this issue. This is the reason that many retailers are becoming less coupon friendly and changing their policies regarding the use of coupons in their establishments . It’s sad that the actions of a few make it hard for the honest majority.

    • tammy

      Amen and Amen. Wrong is wrong!!

    • hazybuck

      Jenny, well said!

      I worked for over a year with a few manufacturers and a major clearing house researching fraud and redemption issues. It’s sad to see what is going on – and the excuses some of these people use in their defense. Some actually believed that it was a victimless event, even emphatically stating ‘that there was no actual crime.’

      Any converts I bring to the table, if they follow in my foot steps, know the proper way to Q. As you’ve taught me!

      Thanks for bringing manners and rules to the game, ‘mom.’

    • e-lane

      Question: Some (most? all?) coupons state that “sale or transfer” of the Q is prohibited. What about clipping services? Isn’t that selling coupons? Or bartering/trading them or even giving them away…is that wrong? I guess i can understand that companies estimate how many might not get redeemed, and this would mean more get redeemed, but if it brings in new/unique customers, who would that be bad (not counting extreme users)?

    • Susan

      Where is the “LIKE” button? Awesome job!

    • David

      And another AMEN!!! That sort of thing ruins savings for all of us. Other than a couple of cashiers at one particular Bi-lo, I have no trouble at all. Printing out coupon policies and following the rules ( including the GOLDEN RULE) isn’t so hard, is it? Publix & CVS are especially helpful and courteous.I expect most of the shoppers at my local Publix would even help Publix to reprimand/prosecute that “sweet young theif”. Similar attitudes by “bad”couponers caused our local Publix to change its policy on competitor coupons a year or two ago. It also took a while before most of the girls there were comfortable taking ANY coupons. One bad apple……..

      • couponangel

        I agree with you all about having integrity in all things and using coupons is no different but I do draw the line when someone is name calling because we do not know this young lady and how she came across this coupon. We are surely quick to judge people even when we do not know them or their character. Let’s keep it on doing the right thing and helping others to follow us on that. :)

    • Jen


    • Jules

      I have a question about price matching at Walmart and what you all think about this scenario. I have printed their policy and tried to follow it to perfection as I am shopping. They say you do not need an ad with you but I normally take it with me. At one store in town they put everything through at Walmart’s price when they are buy one get one. When I have tried to give them the ad to check for prices they tell me they don’t need it. They also take coupons for two items even when it is buy one get one. Another Walmart takes the ads and changes the prices to the buy one get one price at the store I am matching and yet another store is extremely strict. They have to see the ad, will not let you use more than one coupon on a buy one get one (because you actually only paid for one) and only let you get two of the buy one get one items. They said the policy changed recently. I have yet to find that policy. I have felt like each store it doing their own thing (probably feeling that it is not worth the time that it would take to check each item) but i’m not sure if I should insist that they take the price of the store that I am matching. I don’t want to “steal” from them but I also don’t want to be the person that holds up everyone in line. Thoughts? What are you stores doing?

    • Amber gipson

      As far as Wal-Mart goes, I am a customer service supervisor, and the issue is that Wal-Mart had a general ad match policy, BUT the store manner had the discretion to change it at any time. It causes a lot of confusion and frustration. And I agree it’s completely annoying.

      • Jeffy Walker

        How is it confusing? If Publix has Bothlhouse Organic Carrots BOGO at 2.50 and you show the cashier the add, all they have to do is adjust the price.. How is that confusing?

        • Jules

          It’s not a matter of confusion. It’s a matter of being ethical. Some cashiers do not want to see the ad and then do a BOGO at Wal-mart’s price. The question is whether that is right. I did speak with a manager a little while ago who said the same thing Amber said. In Florida most managers are matching at Wal-mart’s price, not the other store’s price. But they won’t accept 2 coupons on a BOGO. In the end it is a better deal anyway.

          • Jeffy Walker

            1. They should have to be made to look at the add or get written up.

            2. Well the cashier’s should follow the stores policy and again if they don’t get written up.

            3. If not ethical then why is in their policy and they have advertised on TV???

            4. What ever price is lower is what they should be pricing at in my opion, then again, this should go by what the policy says

            Does it say in the policy that it is up to the store mangers desicseion to change this policy?

    • Ashleigh

      GREAT post, Jenny! Thank you!!

    • Lexi

      Great article Jenny! You hit the nail on the head when you rightly called it theft! It only feels good saving money when you’re doing it honestly!

    • Lynn

      This is truth. I hate it when people try to game the system. It leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth and makes it harder for honest deal shoppers.

      By the way, Publix states clearly in their coupon policy that they do not take coupons over $5, so that store did not make a new policy based on that experience. They are merely enforcing their existing policy.

    • twoawilkes

      This is an awesome article. Employees are being held accountable for coupon redemtion…not just the cashiers. Heard a manager say to a cashier that Food Lion really wants to stop taking printable coupons because of all the fraudulent coupons being redeemed. Cashier At HT questioned one of my coupons and I had no problem w. that. Asst. Manager said that earlier in week that someone tried to redeem high value printable coupon and they had to be on alert. She told me it was worse when Super doubles were going on. My biggest fear is they are going to stop doubles, super doubles & triples because of how big a problem this is for stores

    • SAVINGMORE in2014


    • SAVINGMORE in2014


    • Stephanie Wells

      I’ve never seen a coupon for over 5 dollars.1 rotten apple spoils the whole bunch! There have been plenty of times when I’ve had a coupon not scan or I read it wrong and couldn’t use it.I don’t argue about it,I just take my loss.To me it’s not worth creating a scene and holding up a line over 50 cents or a dollar.

    • Tammy Overstreet

      Thank you for this article. I am a couponer and I love couponing, I love my stockpiles and I love great deals, but I have noticed this subculture of greed that exists within the coupon subculture and lately I have noticed a lot of similar comments in social media groups. Awesome article!!

    • Desya_beloved

      Thank you! As a rite aid cashier, I am constantly on edge when coupon people come into the store. They often rush you through, give a condecening attitude and demand that you “figure out” or “just over ride” their 30+ coupons on times they’ve just cleaned you out of. I have been yelled at by managers numerous times before for doing what these bullying women have demanded of me and it’s horrible. We know for a fact that some of these ladies that come in (it’s a small community) are selling these items after they get them for cheap from us.