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supercenter vs.

If you have been around Southern Savers for a while or attended a workshop, you know how I feel about supercenters: they can never compete with local grocery stores.However, I have noticed that many people still seem to think that shopping at supercenters is the way to go.   A year ago we tested sales and showed you that grocery stores were hands down the way to go.  In an attempt to prove that yet again, I did a little test this past week.  I took all of the on-sale items at Publix and Bi-Lo and went into my local supercenter to look at how their prices matched up.  As expected the didn’t match up at all!!

It may seem to be slightly biased to select only the on-sale items and compare but my particular local supercenter (and I suspect yours does as well) advertises “Always Low Prices”. In other words, their prices are always as low as they will get and they will not run a lower sale. Also, as you know, I only buy on-sale items (if you are new read up on the basics of following sales).

After taking all the listed prices, I calculated the effect of coupons on both the grocery stores and the supercenter, remembering to double where it applied. I did the math based on buying one of every item off the weekly Southern Savers list. If it was a store brand, then a store brand was chosen at the supercenter. The results were:

Publix On-Sale Items Plus Coupons: $200.19
Same Items with Coupons At SuperCenter: $267.74

Bi-Lo On-Sale Items Plus Coupons: $195.65
Same Items with Coupons At SuperCenter: $245.95

This again was pretending to only buy 1 of each item, and using Southern Savers we want to stock up for 6 weeks, which would only make the amount saved greater. To put these numbers in perspective, let’s say that you went to Publix and purchased only one of the on-sale items for a month (4 weeks) instead of the supercenter. You would save over $260 a month!

I hope this is convincing and shows you how much money you could be saving. I know that the supercenters are convenient and it can be easy to shop there. But if you really want to save money, the grocery stores are the way to go.

Let’s dispel one other myth with these numbers too:

“Aren’t Buy One Get One prices increased so you really aren’t saving??”

Looking just at the Publix B1G1 deals and comparing the cost after coupons to the cost at the Super Center it truly shows that the Big Box store can’t compete with a grocery sale price. “Buying” one of each B1G1 item the numbers are:

Publix B1G1 items with coupon $63.95
Same items with coupons at SuperCenter: $87.94

Bi-Lo B1G1 with coupon $117.34
Same items with coupons at SuperCenter: $163.91

Buy one get one deals are normally sold at the top retail price, but this shows that getting 50% off the top price is a considerable savings over the “everyday low price” at the supercenter.

If you still aren’t convinced, let me know what you would like to see compared next!

**Publix numbers did not include any competitor coupons since each area is allowed different coupons.

(Note: This is not an opportunity to bash particular stores/chains, just a moment to realize the savings.)

    • Lena d

      I think more and more people are looking at other stores to save money than Wal-mart, there was a recent article I saw off of aol where they also compared several household items. I hate Wal-mart, but was still surprised that Dollar General came out on top almost everytime. Here’s the link: http://www.walletpop.com/2011/01/07/dollar-general-vs-walmart-price-comparisons-on-10-standard-gr/3

    • Morgan

      Thank you for putting into writing what I have suspected all along!

    • Hjdapples

      Well, I Love It!! I do not “LIKE” the super center around my house at all! AND they really are not coupon friendly no matter what their commercials say. My cashier at Publix is always making comments about how much I saved or trying to guess how much I will save. She also coupons too!!!

    • Kristan

      I totally agree. And another thing I have found is the supercenters aren't as customer-friendly as local grocery stores. It almost seems as if you are being a bother to them. My local Kroger is wonderful, as well as my Walgreens and CVS :-)

    • Reyndeals

      Very cool… thanks for all the effort you put into this. You do the hard work for me so I always know where and how to find the lowest prices. My budget and I thank you!

    • Couponj

      I didn't think big box stores took coupons… so the savings could be even higher.

      • KAWilson

        Walmart takes coupons – even internet coupons.

        • Amy J.

          Well, that depends on which Wal-mart you go to and what the manager of each store says the coupon policy is…..I have 2 WM's in my area within 30 minutes drive of one another……the one closest to me does NOT take internet coupons unless they are printed in color (sorry, not gonna waste my color ink….i use my black n white laser jet printer for my internet coupons), but the one 30 mins away does take b&w internet coupons. Tried this with coupons for toys, bluray discs, etc., so I've been thru the hassle.
          The only grocery stores in my area are Food Lion and Kroger, so for groceries I choose Kroger over the “supercenter” any day! I save soooooo much more money and don't get the hassle of the coupons and long lines and taking forever to get out of the parking lot. :-)

      • Bee

        They do, and she used the coupons in both calculations.

    • good to see this. It's challenging when you live in an area with just one major supermarket. Sometimes, when you are required to pay full price, the Supercenter or the Aldis are the best option. Usually Aldis.

    • Super center is good for the %&$* I need milk or bread and its the closest thing to your house, but otherwise their produce is disgusting and their meat section is worse. When we go to super centers its for the non grocery side 99% of the time for items like clothes or toys.

    • Holly L.

      Thank you so much for this! I have myself been doing this when I go to the Supercenter to get items in between my trips to PUBLIX (I live 30 mi. away from the nearest PUBLIX!) The other day I saw that the Tyson Frozen bagged chicken at regular price was just about the same as PUBLIX at reg. price, but at PUBLIX, I can stock up when they are BOGO and if I'm lucky, even use a coupon!! ;-) BUT I have found that the Supercenters are a GREAT place to find PEELIE coupons! ;-)

    • Stacie R

      I went to a supercenter on Saturday to get some good deals and a couple freebies. I had to put two of my Reach Floss back because the computer would not scan my coupon, even though it said $1 off any Reach Toothbrush or Floss. No worried, I will just get it free elsewhere.

    • KAWilson

      If I could get the All You mag at Publix, I would never step foot inside a Walmart again… :-)

      • Sharon

        That's easy to solve. Get a subscription and you will never have to see Walmart! I think Southern Savers has a link for a subscription. Way cheaper than Walmart's price for the magazine.

        • Tjmj9801

          But it's my understanding that the store bought magazines have more Q's in them than the subscription magazines. Haven't compared them myself, but I've heard otehrs say so.

        • KAWilson

          I do subscribe, but the subscription vesion and the store version often have different coupons, so I buy one also.

      • Ruth G

        Can you ask your Publix Manager to get that and it put it in it's special requests section?

      • Sherry

        You can subscribe to All You and then you won't have to mess with Wally World.

        • Tjmj9801

          But it's my understanding that the store bought magazines have more Q's in them than the subscription magazines. Haven't compared them myself, but I've heard others say so.

        • KAWilson

          Not if you really want all of the coupons….the newstand one has more coupons in it.

        • Nicolecaroline1023

          But the subscription All You sometimes doesn't have the extra coupons that the one off the rack does. But I agree a subscription would be easier. :)

    • Jenhaines

      Since I've been using Southern Savers, I rarely go to Wal-Mart. I went to Wal-Mart this weekend for the first time since New Year's Eve. So stressful with the huge institutional feel, noise, and incredibly long lines. I had forgotten what a miserable experience it is to go to Wal-Mart. Next to saving money and being stocked up, the best part of couponing and Southern Savers is that I don't have to go to Wal-Mart, which I think is a basically miserable, soul-sucking place. I used to only go to Wal-Mart, thinking Publix was too expensive. Now I know better and truly enjoy grocery shopping now that I stick to Publix.

    • Sardav80

      Thanks for the reminder. When I grocery shop every two weeks (for 2 wks worth of groceries), I go to Publix first to buy their sale items and a few other items that I can't get at the Supercenter then I go to the Supercenter to get the rest. Everytime I shop at the Supercenter, I get frustrated! Too many times they are out of the item I want or they just don't carry it When coupons come out for a new product, you can bet the Supercenter won't have it until after the coupon has expired! I'm buying more and more of the bulk of my grocery shopping at Publix and some at BJ Wholesale Club. I'm slowly weaning off the Superstore because the little bit of money I save shopping there for some products is not worth the frustration I get going in there.

    • Funny thing is that I saw a news piece over the weekend that indicated our SuperCenter will be lowering their prices on fresh produce… it also mentioned that the grocery stores might lower theirs in an attempt to keep produce buyers in their stores.

    • rose

      I do not go to supercenters unless I have to. I may go for the garden center. While there, I do like the Old Farmers Ham and some produce on sale. I do not like to walk from one end to the other, especially when you forgot something at the other end and have to walk all the way back.

    • Lesli

      I have been couponing since October and just “had” to try a few deals at W*****. I was treated so poorly. The cashier told me she had never seen so many coupons and she had to ask her manager to assist her. I bought 6 free yogurts, 6 toothpastes, 2 all purpose cleaners, 2 fish food and 8 dental flosses. Crazy. I told her the reason she has never seen that many is because of her store's attitude. Why would someone want to be treated so poorly while shopping? As for me, I'll stick to my Publix, CVS and occasional Target. I really appreciate what this site has done for my family.

      • Cajuns

        I agree. I went to Wal-Mart with my coupons and the cashier took forever to scan my coupons. I was asked if they were for all the items I purchased, umm yes of course. One of the coupons didn't scan properly for her so she wasn't going to allow me to use it. Of course I wasn't going to let this happen so she called her manager who told her do it this time. I usually stick to Publix but decided to go here after the 1st Wal-Mart posting. I never have a problem at Publix and will continue to go there.

      • Megortiz63

        I did the same – heard Walmart had the Gain Dish soap for .97, went there with my $1 off coupons – the checkout girl immediately left her post to go check with – get this – the door greeter? I told her to just adjust them down to .97 if she couldn't accept the overage. It was 15 minutes of my life that I am not getting back to buy 4 dish soaps?
        No thanks, I'll pass – stick with Publix and Kroger!

    • heath30721

      I full heartedly agree.

    • Sarah

      Ok, did I miss something? What are you referring to as “supercenters”? At first I assumed places like Sams Club/Costco, but maybe you are referring to Target/WalMart…I find Target's prices to be comparable if not cheaper than my grocery store. We pretty much only have Safeway and Giant Food in my area, and I'm not impressed with their overall sales.

      • Bee

        Sam's and Costco are referred to as Warehouse Clubs.

        • KAWilson

          They don't take coupons either….

      • TerrieBNL

        I agree. I attempted to buy my “usuals” with coupons at Publix once and their prices were so much higher than Target's. Also, during the holidays, I went to Krogers where they were selling “buy 2 for $5”. I only needed one… If that were the case at Target, I could just get the one for $2.50… but at Kroger, they jacked up the price by a dollar on one. I just told them to put it back.

    • heath30721

      Perhaps speaking to the store manager would help! :)

    • I agree so much! I absolutely hate going to Wal-Mart. It's just stressful- you have to wait forever, there's never good parking, and half the time the workers have a bad attitude. There's only 1-2 items that they sell that I absolutely cannot get at my local grocery store (specialty peanut butter), but that's the only reason why I'll ever go in there. I save so much money shopping other places :).

    • Bee

      I have to admit that it was not couponing that stopped my forays into Wal-Mart. At least here their prices continued to go up, all while the store ignored the fact that surrounding stores (all within a quarter mile) were offering better prices, better atmosphere and better quality. I about fell out when the first Aldi in town opened here (right behind the Wal-Mart) and I was able to get TWO of everything that I normally got ONE of at Wal-Mart and spent the same budget.

      Of course now I mostly shop Kroger with coupons and fill in around the edges with Aldi. I do rarely go to Wal-Mart but they probably only get $25 a month out of me. I hate when a chain is oblivious to market forces and customer discontent and then tries to play “catch-up” later. I used to work for Wal-Mart in the early 90's and they were actually a GREAT chain then. Too sad.

      • momto2boys

        I use Aldi for staples and “fill-in” too. I find their quality to be comparable to national brands and if I need it and don’t have a coupon that’s where I get it at!

      • Meg

        I agree. Things have never been the same since Sam Walton died. He was a stickler for employee attitude, customer service, and no waiting in lines.

        • Kelly C

          It's all different especially since he died and it's not family run anymore. I've worked for WalMart for years now, and sometimes I do save more than at Publix. Just depends on what I buy, but the customer service and such sucks! I love my Publix employees!

    • Bigmnm2003

      I would like you to compare Publix if they did not offer dbl coupons. All my locals do not.

    • Bigmnm2003

      My supercenter honors competitor's prices

      • Tjmj9801

        But not BOGO's, right? That's where U really rack up in savings Publix.

        • Tjmj9801

          Ok, for some reason my message looks different than how I submitted it. I don't use “U” for you. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Brandi F

        True that they will match ads, and most pricing ($ amount coupons as well… if you don't get hasseled~) BUT, will they also DOUBLE Q's like the markets? We were recently turned off by the crowds, cashier attitudes and the like of this big box store.

    • Sasha

      Could you do a comparison of places like Sam's Club or Costco? I have always wondered if there bulk buying really saves you more money then couponing?

      • Fullhouse

        I stopped shooping Sam's when I started couponing, not exactly intentionally, but because my membership ran out and I just couldn't justify purchasing another one. I went with a friend over the weekend and was just astonished by the prices! I definitly save more by shopping at Publix. For instance Quaker oatmeal packets are on sale BOGO this week, and I had 1/1 coupons. The price for 52 packets at Sam's was around 9.50(give or take a few cents) I paid 8.40 for 100 packets at Publix. Most of the items I noticed were the same way, I do better at the grocery and buying large quantities vs buying at Sam's in bulk.

      • NCShopper

        It depends- I have donethe comparisons. Costco send out coupons and does instant mfgr rebates. Sams does not. Since the items are bulk, you have to break down the cost by weight (it's on the price label) and know what the grocery stores sell the same item for. Some things are cheaper- some are not. It really just depends on what items you use and what stores are in your area. I did find that comparing the two to each other, Costco offers more savings compared to Sams.

      • Angie

        I do on occasion purchase a few items at BJs – when, and only when, I have a BJs coupon and a manufacturer coupon (they will take both together) and I've already verified the pricing at my regular grocery stores. As an example, I managed to score two 80-pack Electrasol Finish Powerball Tabs with a BOGO BJs coupon and a $2.25 manufacturer coupon. As a bonus, when I checked out, the BJs coupon took an extra dollar off for some reason, which I pointed out, and the person checking me out just said 'Well good for you – you save even more then.' In general, I think those warehouse stores are more for convenience than saving money. They assume you'll pick up other impulse buys while you're there to save, and their impulse items are a higher price point due to the bulk size!

    • Ctcoupons1

      I second the comment about Publix not doubling. I live in southern Alabama which is apparently in the Jacksonville region not the Atlanta region for Publix. the Jacksonville region, ironically is the only region that doesn't double any coupons. Such a bummer! Still can get good deals but feel like I just can't break through to the AWESOME deals… am I making any sense???

    • Jenhaines

      I haven't done any research other than my own grocery bill. I live an area where Publix does not double and I still do MUCH better sticking to Publix and focusing on BOGO and coupons than I ever did at Wal-Mart. Also, the meat at Wal-Mart is really gross (full of salt to preserve) and the produce is yucky.

      • momto2boys

        I agree, I HATE meat from walmart and refuse to buy it!

    • Mistydawnwall

      I have spent less than 50 bucks at my SuperCenter. If it hadn't been for buying 2 birthday presents there, my monthly spending so far for January there would have only been 1.69.

    • Mandy

      I have to totally disagree here! I shop every 2 weeks and do random shopping inbetween for the sale items. However, walmart is by far the cheapest for our family. We have a bilo, foodlion, walmart and harris teeter all within 2 miles from our house. I have tried all 3 supermarkets out and no one can compare to the prices of walmart. (that is with coupons at all stores)

      I dont know it is because a lot of the free/super cheap items I see you guys buying arent items we eat. (such as rice and hamburger helper) I guess I just wanted to point out that it really depends on what you are buying. Comparing store to store the same items when only one store has them all on sale isnt really a great comparason in my opinion. Maybe when they arent on sale and you compare regular prices!

      • KAWilson

        I think that was the whole point…..WM doesn't do “sales”….you can save more money if you shop the sale cycles at Publix than if you shop at Walmart.

      • Jennifer

        Most of the couponers will tell you, store like wal-mart are still their reserve for “need” items because they will generally be cheaper. But if you are looking to truely save money, stocking up on sale items at other stores will be much cheaper. Especially when you consider things like BOGO sales. And that holds true to healthy items as well. I shop Winn Dixie and if I shopped like I used to at walmart (make a list of what I want and buy) I would pay more. But even on items that I don't have coupons, like fresh produce, frozen veggies, and sometimes even milk are cheaper when I shop sales, especially BOGO on veggies!

      • NCShopper

        I am with you. I have always used coupons, but there aren't always items that have coupons that I use- I don't buy a lot of processed foods. There are three of us that get together during downtime @ work to compare sales @ certain stores. We are all just trying supercouponing, so it will take a few weeks to figure what works for us. We have the same grocery stores you do. Even using sales, store and mfgr coupons @ drug stores can't compare too much to Walmart. SoOmetimes generic/store brand trumps even super couponing.

      • Kelley_price_harold

        I think it would be a good idea for you to take the specific items you buy and do the same comparison, assuming you buy according to the sale cycles if they apply at grocery stores and use what coupons you may have at both places. I think you may still find stores other than WalMart to be cheaper. I know I have.

      • Bee

        I do not understand the point of comparing non-sale prices. Because Wal-Mart's marketing strategy is to NEVER have a “Sale.” They will have temporary price reductions and Jenny will post those (along with any relevant coupons) if they are a deal.

        For instance, let's say you use a lot of flour. Well, if it's BOGO for name brand and the price per each is $1.25 and you use a .50 coupon that doubles and you get it for $.75, then get a handful of those coupons and get ALL your flour for the foreseeable future for .75. (I have seen flour coupons as well as many other baking products). It's better than running out and then paying $1.79 for a bag of generic. Even paying the price without a coupon is better than the “everyday low Wal-Mart price.”

        It does require a different mindset and long-term planning, so maybe that is the glaring difference.

      • Marinka115

        Everyone keeps mentioning hamburger helper. I don't buy that either but what about all the other products such as cereals, pastas, mayo, ketchup, dressings, cheese, yogurts, milk, bread? All those items go BOGO all the time. Unless you buy only organic, you've got to be buying these items sometimes. And even organic products such as milk goes on sale 2 for $5 every couple weeks. Walmart has organic milk for almost $4. And whole grain pastas, cereals and bread are reguraly BOGO at Publix and Bilo.

    • dpcanon

      Jenny, I rarely ever go into Walmart now. I took a class from you and now know how to shop at Publix and Bi-Lo. I shop Aldi's also. Thank you for all you do to save us tons of money. Your class was awesome!

    • Lesliereneefox

      What about comparing produce and healthy foods? I feel like most coupons are for junk like hamburger helper and frozen chicken nuggets. I do use the healthy cereal coupons and baking/canned veg coupons.

      • Bee

        I can honestly say I have not purchased a box of Hamburger Helper in more than one year. I also pass up any Poptart and packaged cookie coupons. I'm not saying it's terrible to buy it, but we just don't care for it much. However, I HAVE purchased Blue Diamond Almond Milk, Horizon Organic Milk, Veggie Patch Frozen products, Boca products, Morningstar products, Organic Valley Dairy products, Organic snack foods and cereals, low-fat products and even produce all VERY inexpensively by using coupons! We are eating healthier now than we did before coupons. My entire kitchen is not organic, but we have a much better variety now. If you will follow the blog and read up on the ways to save, then you can basically eat the way you want to and still save money. By the way, I RARELY find a chicken nugget coupon. That market is already a sure thing, since so many kids seemingly eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have seen coupons for eggs, bags of potatoes, etc. And when you get overage from a coupon, you can also use that to purchase produce.

      • mom2girlz

        I have found so many coupons lately for healthy items such as frozen veggies and fruit, nuts, popcorn, Boca, turkey products,100% fruit and veggie juices, etc. And these items are frequently BOGO. Also, I shop around for produce and meat. For example, Bloom has oranges on sale this week for $3.99 for 8 pounds and oranges last a very long time, so I'm going to stock up. It's a little more challenging, but eating healthy AND saving money can be done.

        • KAWilson

          Absolutely agree. You CAN find coupons for healthy items. There are coupons for produce, deli items, and meat out there….you have to be diligent and stay on top of printing them.

          • Deb

            If you have an Earthfare, be sure to get on their email list, too. They regularly send out cpns for free goods (ex: chicken, organic peanut butter, etc) with a $5 purchase. And you can use coupons on the things that make up the $5 purchase or get stuff from their bulk bins. I wouldn't do all of my shopping there (Kroger for me), but it's a quick stop for a great deal on healthy stuff if you stick to the $5.

      • O honey, Special K, Cheerios, noodles, spaghetti sauce, I never buy prepackaged foods. My kids complain. The cereal is the only packaged item I buy.

    • Jane

      For accurate data, you need to randomly select 50 or so name brand items without coupons and compare at the 3 stores regardless of what sale is going on. Or even 50 items and then find if there is a generic equivalent. Sorry, I think that the data IS biased. I agree that I CAN get better prices at a grocery store but I also CAN get better prices at a Supercenter.

      • Breeana9

        I can change data to fit any scenario and put it in favour (yes, the ‘u’ is not a typo), of either big box stores or your local chain market.
        Part of the point that is off, is it is not ‘random’. When couponing, you don’t coupon with random items. You buy what is on sale, combining it with the coupons that you have. Planning, execution and follow through. I know it sounds funny to use those words in the case of shopping.
        If you don’t do this, then you might as well go shop at the big box stores.

      • KAWilson

        The datais accurate….the whole point is htat you can save money by couponing properly. W/M might be less expensive on the item regularly, but not when it's BOGO and you use coupons. That's the point of the article — saving money.

      • katie

        If someone were just using coupons on the items they buy each week or not using coupons at all, then yes, that would be the way to go. But if you are couponing based on the cycle and only buying items on sale, then shopping isn't random.

        What she is trying to do here is show people that if they SHOP ACCORDING TO THE CYCLE SYSTEM, they will save more money at a grocery store. When I first started couponing, I was just buying what I needed for the week at Walmart and using the coupons I had–got my grocery bill down quite a bit (to about $80 a week).

        However, when I changed the WAY that I shopped, I saw the true savings (my bill is now $30-$50 a week) that she's talking about here. True some things are cheaper there (like produce), but now that I've discovered Aldi, I almost never go to Walmart because 98% of the time Aldi's prices are better.

      • Christina

        I think what Jenny is trying to point out is that the supercenter claims to always have the lowest prices, but if you simply shop a grocery stores' sales and use coupons you come out better in the end, which proves the supercenter's slogan wrong. I admit I run to a supercenter when I'm out of something I need immediately and every now and then if they have a good sale plus I have a high value coupon, but overall, taking the time to shop a sale vs shopping a supercenter is totally worth it.

    • Jenhaines

      Yes, 50 random items would likely be cheaper at Wal-Mart. However, that's not how I see couponing and the Southern Saver strategy. I don't buy what I need for the week because I'm stocked up. Instead I take advantage of what's on sale for the week that I will need in the future. If I was totally out of an item that I had to have and it wasn't on sale at Publix, I would probably run into Wal-Mart. However, I really try not to get into that position.

    • rosewood4

      I an shocked you took the time and the patience it takes to fight the “supercenter” crowds. You can always save more money at the grocery store. Thanks.

    • I completely agree. Since I started couponing I went back to the big box mart and when I saw the prices I would say out loud(and embarrass my kids) “I can get that cheaper at Publix, Winn Dixie,…”

    • Jlbragg01

      I am so glad you pointed this out ! My husband insist that our “Supercenter” is the way to go…I plan to let him read this article.

    • Charlene

      I will say, that as much as I DISLIKE going to the supercenter, there are a few items I can get find there and maybe cheaper. For example, I can find Organic Broccoli at my local store and my favorite flavored peanut butter (which has never gone on sale and doesn't have a coupon). So, as much as I dislike waiting in lines, I will go there on occasion to pick these items up but, I do the rest of my shopping at Publix, Kroger and BiLo.

    • Jennifer

      I agree completely. We used to shop Wal-mart because it was “cheaper” but once I started learning to coupon I was so excited to return to my local Winn Dixie! I worked there in high school so I was already loyal, but even years later now that I don't know many of the employee, they are still so much friendlier. One of the main reasons I started couponing was to avoid wal-marts crowds, but now I have realized how much less we spend on groceries this way. I am not to the point of $20 grocery bills, but we used to spend about $150 a week at wal-mart (we have two kids in diapers so that included $100 a month on diapers and $100 a month on formula!) but Now even with diapers and formula I only pay about $75 a week at WD and $20 (0r less) at CVS or Walgreens. So we are easily saving $200 a month! And as for the kinds of foods we buy, we do eat a good bit of rice but I try and buy brown/whole grain, frozen veggies, bogo fresh veggies. I think the point is that box stores are not “always” the low price place!

    • Erinn G.

      Might as well throw in my $0.02. I have a Publix and Target in the same shopping center, so I'm pretty keen on comparing the prices between the two stores frequently. I shop Publix first and foremost. You cannot beat their BOGO sale items paired with coupons. However, I have to admit that items not on sale at Publix which I am in need of are much higher priced than Target. This week for instance, I got a loaf of bread, milk, some frozen veggies, and cheese at Target. Prices were drastically lower than Publix on every item, and I find this to be a trend. My staple items are always purchased at Target, and other items always purchased at Publix. Another thing I wanted to point out; I don't have the room to stock up on frozen veggies or other items when they are on sale at Publix, and I never have enough coupons to get enough to last until the next sale cycle, so I'm required to head on and purchase items when they may not be on sale. As an example, bags of Target's house brand frozen veggies are regularly priced at $0.97 a bag, and I think that is very reasonably priced considering they are16oz packs.

    • mariek

      I used to shop at Walmart before I started couponing. It was easier to go there b/c they had everything. Well I was spending $400-$500 a month on groceries. Now I spend $200-$250 a month on groceries by shopping at Publix and CVS w/ coupons. I'm a believer!!! I do go to Walmart on occasion to check out clearence toys and clothes but I still think that Kohls has better clearence toys and clothes. So these days I don't spend much time in Walmart at all. ; )

    • Tara

      I am glad you did this Jenny. I too used to shop at Walmart, but after doing SS it really does not benefit me to do so. Now, on occassion I will go in and get something if it is dirt cheap, and if I have a dollar or more coupon, because why waste a lesser coupon at Walmart when they do not double. I personally am glad that more folks are sending their business to the other grocery stores because of Walmart many grocery stores, or other stores that sell non-food items find it hard to compete with Walmart, and they go out of business.

    • guest

      My son's Boy Scout troop started shopping for groceries at walmart “Because a scout is thrifty.” Because they shop the week before a camp-out they can't always “Buy only what is on sale.” BUT my husband convinced them to try BiLo and I helped them find coupons for things they were going to buy. When push came to shove, they'd spent an amount equivalent to what they would have at Walmart but boys and adult volunteers were happier w/ the quality of the food. Our next step is to teach them to compare their menu w/ the sales listed for BiLo and Publix so they can decide for themselves which store it is better to shop that time

    • Rachael

      I have tried convincing my husband of this…he swears (or did – until recently, when I bought 36.00 worth of items for .12 cents :-) )…..that WalMart had the best prices. I am currently doing my own research on this.

      Thanks for the info!

    • Fiveroller

      for the most part i disagree here also. maybe for the extreme hardcore couponers who will eat anything that is on sale and refuse to buy anything that is not on sale this is true. this data is skewed somewhat and incomplete for several reasons.
      -cost of buying newspapers or inserts every week, printer ink
      -cost of gas at $3 plus a gallon to go to different stores
      -time spent couponing, browsing sale ads, etc.
      -items stocked that you end up throwing away because of expiration dates/ unused, freezer burn, etc.
      -and the biggie for me, items such as milk, produce, eggs, specific must have items
      for the week that aren't on sale– the savings on these items easily off set the cost of the couple items that may be on sale somewhere else.
      – if i need air filters or something non grocery, walmart has it and it will be cheap where as if i buy something non grocery at HT, i will pay dearly.
      -walmart takes coupons as well.

      don't get me wrong, this is a great web site and has taught me to save a lot of money. we rarely go over $300/month for groceries for a family of 4 anymore. however, i search the $1 or less list every week here, the HT, food lion, bilo, and lowes ads every week here looking for grocery items that we use regularly and i rarely find more than 2 or 3 things that i need for the week that are on those lists. now when i do find something that is a great deal, i will make a special stop at one of those stores to stock up on the item. the rest of my grocery shopping is done at walmart. part of this can be attributed to the fact that my family prefers a lot of specific items such as heinz ketchup, certain cereals etc. and i could probably save a little more if we were a little more flexible. however, i find most of my best deals including some groceries at the drug stores. i will say, i cant disagree that drug store deals are simply unbeatable. i have rarely paid more than tax for bathroom items, laundry, meds, etc. for more than a year, which knocks a big dent in the grocery bill itself. anyway, for my family, most of the grocery shopping at walmart, with a stop for a great deal or two at another store every week has proven to save us the most money. thanks for all the help and the great site.

      • guest

        It might be helpful for you to find a group of friends who enjoy to trade coupon or product with. My family is not ketch-up snobs but teen daughter is a peanut butter snob, she wants Peter Pan only. I have a friend who saves her Peter Pan qs for me and I give her mine for Jif because her kids prefer that. We also trade Herbal Essence and Dove shampoo/conditioner for similar reason.
        As far as stuff you buy regularly, I had q's last week for both eggs and milk, frequently have them for bread as well.

        • Fiveroller

          i actually have plenty of coupons. our paper lady puts inserts only in the .75 daily box. so i usually by about 6 inserts every week for 4.50 except when they have really good coupons, i usually get 10. im not saying i never shop anywhere but wm. in fact, i only like peter pan pnut butter as well. i stocked up last week when HT had triple coupons, but that was the only item i ended up buying there. everything else on my list came from wm.

      • Renep22

        If you follow southernsavers well you would know that printer ink and paper are usually free, and that Jenny does not recommend going to different stores. She says pick one and follow the sales cycles. If you have items stocked up that are expiring than you are not following a 6 week sales cycle. That is just plain stock piling which is not something she endorses.
        Couponing her way does not take more than an hour a week.
        And I would advise against buying lots of house products from Walmart. They carry lower qualilty products of big name brands so you may or may not be getting the “brand quality” you think you are. And Walmarts coupon policies are a pain. Everytime I have handed one to a cashier they act like I am handing them monopoly money.
        Maybe you should READ Jenny's disclaimers and basic instructions before you bash her “skewed” posts.

        • Fiveroller

          ok obviously, you cant read AND comprehend. im not bashing, im disagreeing. the only problem i ever had with a coupon at walmart was the $5 off 5 kraft items. it would only ring up $2.50 which i read happened at other stores as well. they happily took the items off my receipt and returned them to the shelf. i complained to walmart and kraft online, wm sent me a $10 gift card, kraft didnt respond. if i try a wm brand product and am not happy with it, i just dont buy it anymore. though i dont really see how any of you can complain about quality when one of your first rules is to give up brand loyalty. but hey if you cant prove me wrong then just admit. ill admit im wrong if someone can.

        • momto2boys

          My thoughts exactly!!

      • Mandy

        I totally agree with you fiveroller

      • Melissa

        One thing I noticed when Jenny started covering Wal-mart is that so many people were happy because they didn’t have many other options for stores in their areas, so they were forced to shop at Wal-Mart. I noticed that you stated above that you don’t have Publix or Kroger. I would say that this means you’re one of the ones that has to shop at Wal-Mart. You simply don’t have enough competitors to find good deals. That doesn’t make us wrong–it just makes your area unfortunate. Also, one of the things that I find essential to saving money on your groceries is getting over your brand loyalty. (And that would go for your whole family–everyone has to be willing to try what’s on sale–and at the end of the day, there really is very little difference between the major brands.)

    • askelton

      Love this article!! After a 3 month strike (and tons of savings at Publix), I was forced to go into my local Walmart for some household and non-grocery store sale items. IT WAS A MAD HOUSE!!! My buggee was slammed into twice and I had to wait a few minutes several times for an aisle to clear before I could even go down it. CRAZY! I will keep saving at Publix and keep my saniy with the friendly employees, clean and less crowded store. Thanks Jenny!!

    • beth

      I think it's really important to remember that your experience at Walmart will vary tremendously depending on where you live. We move about every three years. I've shopped in some wonderful, clean, friendly Walmarts. And I've been is some that were just gross. It also depends on when you shop. If I go into our Walmart at 8am on a weekday, the shoppers are either moms like me or old folks. The same walmart at 7pm is insane.

      I love my Publix. And I do most of my shopping there. But our Walmart is really nice for the most part. But…we moved to North Florida from Germantown, Maryland and I wouldn't even walk into that Walmart.

      As far as prices go…I disagree. You may be able to find items on sale for less at Publix. But if you compare prices overall, you are not going to beat Walmart. I used to work for Publix. They are very honest about pricing. The do not even try to beat Walmart's prices. They are focused on quality and service. They truly want “shopping to be a pleasure”. Even in corporate training, we were taught that “low prices” were not the focus. There are plenty of people willing to pay a little more for groceries in exchange for top notch service.

      • Bee

        Well, the entire point of Jenny's method is to shop sales combined with coupons while remembering to buy enough of that item to last until the next sale cycle.

        Yes, it takes away the spontaneity and ease of merely making a list and shopping from the list, but it also (I've learned through experience) takes away the need to buy very much after a while. Some of the “Friday Finals” postings show some very odd combinations of items purchased, but it is people who have refined the method well enough to just be filling in the gaps when they shop, without a need to haul in a bunch of stuff every week or two weeks. Thus, their bills are very low.

        I used to think I was “too poor” to shop at certain stores, such as Kroger. Holy Cow! I cannot begin to count the ways that being loyal to Kroger has paid off. It is a lovely store with wonderful people working there. They also have super sales and give great gas rewards. For instance, we take in our Shell receipts and get double points for our shopping (totals before coupons). I earned .80 per gallon last month by buying about $200 worth of groceries out-of-pocket. And my house is PACKED. Even my children (who have never missed a meal) have commented on how there is no “running out of stuff” anymore.

        • Megortiz63

          I so agree with you . Although Publix is my main store, I do get to Kroger for their sales. Last night I did a quick run for the mega sale – got lots of tomato sauce, rotel, rice, organic chips, lots of honest ades ( no processed food, for all the commenters here!) , bought several items not on sale ( thanks to husband – my advice – never shop with them!!) and only paid $2.23 for $40.00 of items. My husband was like “how did you do that” – as he is hauling away the three large bags! No Wallie World for us!

          • cblakefl

            I agree with your husband comment. I hope all my planning and saving makes up for his shopping spontaneously. I love his cooking but it is hard to swallow the full price shopping he does after I work so hard to stick to the checklist.

            • guest

              After MANY years of marriage I am better at anticipating husband’s cooking interests and he has gotten much better about telling me what he is planning in advance so that I have opportunity to plan (and get the best price)

    • MandyFaye

      I would LOVE to not have to enter the doors of Wal-Mart BUT my grocery stores (Foodland & Big Star) do not accept internet coupons so for me it is better to go to Wal-Mart seeing how they price match AND accept internet coupons.

      • Dawn

        I printed a coupon today for something free, then remembered that neither of our local groceries will take it. :(

        I did pu a couple items at our SuperWallyWorld last week, They didn't have half of the items, another third were priced higher then noted online (so much so that it was no longer a deal to buy the product!)

        I have noticed that neither of my grocery options here are fabulous, no overage, no coupons on free items, etc etc.

        Dear Kroger and Publix, Please come open some grocery stores up North! ;p

        • gardengirl

          My CVS will take free q's. Maybe one of your drugstores will.

    • Freemn4

      I moved to the south 7 months ago and started shopping at the Walmart Super Center because it was a one stop shop experience. I was unfamiliar with my new local grocery store chains because they did not have them in Seattle ( we had Safeway, Albertsons, QFC, FredMeyer) so I had no idea how my local stores here compared with prices and quality. On occasion I would shop at Publix because it was closer to my house, but felt it was generally more expensive unless the item(s) I was buying were on sale. One day I met another shopper at Publix who was couponing and she told me about SS. I had no idea I could shop closer to home at Publix and use competitor coupons, double coupons up to 50 cents. Now, I tell anyone who is interested in saving money about SS and how you can buy a lot of your items at Publix, Bi-lo etc… with all of the great coupon links on this site. I still shop once in a while at bigger box stores (Wal-Mart, Sams Club) for certain items, but it is great to have other options! Thanks for this site Jenny!!!

    • amanda

      this post applies to you if you shop stock pile, shopping for the weeks ahead not just the immediate week. milk, bread, eggs and a very few other things i buy weekly. otherwise, i only buy what is on sale combined with coupons. you save in a major way by doing this. if you are picky on name brands and not a stock piler this won't work for you, but you are throwing your money away! !

      • guest

        I can’t totally agree w/ you on being picky on particular name brands (though I would have a few years ago) I have a grown daughter and she has certain “brand name issues” which I learned of when she was a teen. As a “poor college student” she is still using the name brands I gave her opportunity to become accustomed to (when I was a “poor college student” it was generics all the way) by sharing coupons and product purchased inexpensively w/ others. She has her Coke product, her roommate has her Pepsi product BOTH for less than generic soda. Same for things as varied as shampoo, soup, toilet paper, permanent markers, mayonaise, etc

    • Delores

      I agree with you for the most part. But I only have Food Lion and Walmart. I pick up the sale deals at FL but just about get my fresh and frozen produce at Walmart. FL does not double, at least not at my store and their prices are more than Walmart. So for those of us in the land of no Publix or Kroger, the WM is helpful.

    • Cheryl in FL

      Ok, I do a lot of shopping at Sam's Club. I get a free mem through work so I get to go early and get fab deals on meat. I buy SC toilet paper 36big rolls for $16.98 and I buy Scott paper towels 12 big rolls for $12.48 and I once in a while find these two items cheaper at drug store w/coupon. I am comparing the Publix sales w/coupon more closely now and trying to follow the cycles. I still am amazed at the savings some of you are getting. Hope to be able to soon as well.

    • Clark7371

      I don't think this is the case 100% of the time. I think you need to do your homework and check. I've had situations where something was on sale at Kroger, and even with the sale price and double coupons Walmart was cheaper on the item. My Walmart price matches now, so if I don't have a coupon that will double or an e-coupon I'll get it a Walmart. I don't shop at WM as much as I used to, but I still do.

    • Kpsimmons

      The issue I have is that most of the coupons I find available are not for healthy choices of foods. We try to eat without a lot of additives and preservatives, as well as whole grains and less fatty foods. It always seems to be more expensive to eat more healthy.

      • momto2boys

        They are out there, a little more difficult to find but keep looking!

    • Smethabm

      I started extreme couponing on Jan 2nd of this year. I have saved my family over $500 in that short period of time and stayed $60 under my normal budget. I have 4 kids and 2 are still in diapers. We need things like expensive protein drinks/mixes for one of the children as he is on liquids only due to special needs. I honestly have things in the house that I NEVER have stockpiled or even extra of in my previous lifetime (I'm never going back). I don't buy things we won't eat and use in a timely manner – I have about 2 weeks of meat in the freezer, that's it. I have diapers because they went on sale plus triple coupons at a local grocery store that was $7 less then the same size at the super center. After buying 2 boxes, I essentially got the 3rd box free. I'm only shopping super deals – I'm not browsing because in my previous lifetime, I used to browse and spends tons of money that I didn't need to. My monthly budget is $600 for EVERYTHING – diapers, formula, cleaners, and regular weekly groceries. I still have to buy bananas, milk, hot dog buns, and the like, but I can manage on about $40 to 50 a week for the whole family. It's really nice not having to stock up for the next snowstorm because we have enough TP, tissues, paper towels, etc in the house. The supercenter is actually outside of the 5 mile radius from my home so it would cost more to go there, to save less.

      I didn't believe my other mom (my step MIL) when she told me how much I could save – we now snap pictures of what we buy and what we save and alert each other to the prices/new coupons. You have won me over and I live in NEW YORK. Thank you for using the math and showing us that saving money (and a lot of it) is possible.

      • Bee

        Way to go!

      • Dawn

        I'm in NY too! (Upstate, near Rochester) ;p Where do you go that they triple coupons?

    • Tgs_1960

      One plus at our WalMart is they will price match any other store's ad. That does help if you don't like going to 3 -4 different stores.

      • thriftymotherof3

        They don't match BOGO's though and if a product is a percentage off they don't give it to you either. They have to have an exact price of a sale item – even though the BOGO's tell you how much you save, Walmart will not honor those.

    • Renep22

      I always hated shopping at the “supercenter.” The lack of knowledge of alot of their employees on their products and rude check out persons, shady characters and other peoples misbehaving wild children usually ruined my trips to the store. I am busy too and the last thing I want to do after working out and working a long day at the office is walk another three miles within the super center to find everything I need (plus spend money on stuff that I really didn't need that have nothing to do with groceries). And the supercenter's produce is TERRIBLE! I do love Publix and their customer service and sales. I do spend a little more for the things that I need that aren't on sale(or don't have a coupon for) but it's worth every penny.
      And the “fancier” grocery items that Publix does not have on sale I can usually find at Trader Joes at a great price.
      All this to say, I would rather go anywhere but the “supercenter.” I don't even buy my oil changes, plants, or other general items there anymore because of such terrible service I have received. And I spend $0 and about 1/2 hour a week on coupons. It's possible. You just have to be smart about it.
      Thanks Jenny for all you do and I totally agree with you!
      Apparently all the people who disagree with you and posted their thoughts didn't read through your whole post and links because all your reasoning and facts make sense. Heard you speak in Greenville, SC. It was excellent.

    • Fiveroller

      here's what i bought today at walmart-

      great value 1%milk, 1 gallon 2.98
      tropicana 6pk oj individual cartons 3.38
      eye of round roast 3.84.lb 8.24
      tyson t&r chicken tenders 4.58lb 5.28
      minute maid 64oz 2.58
      minute maid 64oz 2.58
      bagel bites 18ct 3.78
      kraft fine shred cheddar 8oz 2.00
      frigo lite string cheese 12ct 2.98
      frigo lite string cheese 12 ct 2.98
      digiorno 200 cal pepp pizza 2.50
      digiorno 200 cal pepp pizza 2.50
      kraft singles 24ct 2.98
      iceberg lettuce head 1.00
      ken's lite creamy ceaser dressing 24oz 2.98
      greatvalue sugr free fruit punch drink mix 1.9oz
      (6 mini tubs in a can makes 12 qts.) 1.98
      wonderful pistachios in shell 10oz. 2.40
      wonderful pistachios in shell 10 oz. 2.40
      cinnamon toast crunch 12.8oz 2.58
      cinnamon toast crunch 12.8 oz 2.58
      vlasic pepperoncini 16 oz. 1.58
      mrs. butterworth syrup 24 oz. 2.50
      big red chewing gum 3-15ct slimpaks 2.00
      pepperidge farm sesame sticks 2.50
      caprisun lemonade 12ct 1.97
      special k 90cal. strawberry cereal bars 2.78
      special k 90cal. strawberry cereal bars 2.78
      shake n bake extra crispy 5.5oz 2.23
      scrubbing bubbles toilet gel 6ct. 3.94
      scrubbing bubbles fresh brush refill 12ct. 3.94
      scrubbing bubbles shower pwrspray trigger 6.97
      sunbeam king thin bread 2.24
      roma tomatos 1.48/lb .70
      1 cucumber .98
      6 bananas .49/lb 1.24

      subtotal = 99.03
      -coupons -1.00 off 1 bagel bites
      -1.00 off 2 gm cereals
      -2.58 b1g1 minute maid 64 oz
      -3.94 buy scrubbing bubbles toilet gel get fresh brush or refill free
      -5.00 off scrubbing bubbles power sprayer
      -0.55 off vlasic
      -1.00 off wonderful pistachios
      -1.00 off wonderful pistachios
      -1.00 off 2 special k cereal bars
      -1.00 off frigo cheese
      -1.00 off frigo cheese
      -0.75 off mrs. butterworth's
      subtotal =79.21
      tax 1 = 1.51
      tax 2 = 1.60

      total =82.32

      this was a big grocery week for us. i splurged on the scrubbing bubbles items just because they are such great products to me and the coupons are so good. i have 5 more of each of those coupons, hopefully they will go on sale at target or somewhere before the coupons expire. i couldnt find any digiorno coupons either for the pizzas.

      anyway, this is my receipt this week. the two other grocery stores in my area are Harris Teeter and Bilo. I dont think you can find these items much cheaper looking at the last six weeks ads or the next six weeks at either of those two stores. It would be interesting to compare it to what the cost would be at the best price each item can be found at Harris Teeter or Bilo on ALL the items in a 6 week span. I doubt it can be beat. Include target also if that helps.

      • relax

        That sunbeam king bread is high in calories,
        Those chicken tenders aren’t real chicken, plus 14grams of fat in five pieces (before saturated fat) coated in batter.
        The pizzas are good for cal content, but they are tiny, so you may have to eat more than one or something else with it. Not worth the money.
        Iceburg lettuce has hardly any nutritional value. Only 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, 6 bananas
        Ken’s light creamy ceasar has one of the highest fat and cal contents of their light dressings (9 grams vs. light Italian with 5grams)
        GV fruit punch mix? There is absolutely no nutritional value in this, no vitamins, no calcium.
        No fruit, fuit cups, yogurt..just sticks of cheese and processed singles.
        It’s good to see the low cal stuff, but when you also buy extra crispy shake and bake, and Tyson chicken tenders, and a little assortment of starch based snacks…it defeats the purpose.
        But the comparison was for the stores, so shop wherever you want! But, I have to agree that there are a handful of unhealthy items (especially for younger ones) on the list.
        I shopped at Publix this week and saved 84.70 both on sale, specialty items and non-sale products. I also am limited to healthy foods being gluten intolerant but was still able to save more than I would have spent on your list at walmart. I have also done better at supercenters for other things. At least Jenny’s post made us all stop and think about what we actually buy and if the use of the item still supports the price of the item. I agree with you, I wouldn’t want 12 boxes of cake mix either! But, there are other strategies you can use. Do what is best for you; just keep in mind, nutrition should come before budget.

      • Bee

        If I spent 82.32 on that amount of groceries, with only one actual meat product (and it looks like your tax rate is WAY lower than mine) I would go out in the parking lot and cry.

        Not trying to be mean, and I do spend that kind of money, but it's for lot and lots and lots more stuff.

        • Bee

          Well for instance, there is no reason to pay 2.08 for a box of cereal.

          Truly, just read all the great info that Jenny has provided on this blog!

          • Fiveroller

            then show me the comparison. its easy to generalize it and make comments like those. i want to see numbers. search the ads from the last 6 weeks and show me at Harris teeter or Bilo where you can beat it. im in hickory, nc. food tax is 2%, everything else is 8% tax. of course anyone can buy lots more stuff for $82, but im not shopping for “cereal”, i was shopping for cinnamon toast crunch. my son asked for cinn toast crunch for the first time in his life this week so i bought two boxes. i guess i could have told him sometime in the next six weeks i will get him some type of cereal when it goes on sale but i was ok with getting him what he asked for this time. i dont need 15 boxes of cake mix because its on sale this week, or 14 boxes of grits because we dont eat them. i needed what i bought, and id be fine stocking up on it at 2 other stores over a period of six weeks if any of these items could be found at significant savings. supposedly that is what can be done, so prove it to me. i can buy 12 boxes of cereal for .50 box probably at some point, but if your kids are like mine, and i doubt theyre much different, theyll be sick of it by the time they finish the first 2 boxes. so now i have 10 boxes of cereal that noboby wants. anyway, prove to me where you get my list cheaper. show me where youd stock up. numbers.

            • Bee

              Like I said, I am just trying to help. Jenny has spent a HUGE amount of time and leg work comparing just about every store in the South, doing match-ups, explaining the methods, etc. It’s not a fallacy, but it does require a little foresight and implementation of new habits.

              One comparison is that we are now eating Kashi Berry Crunch which every one in the house LOVES for .50 a box. When we get done with that, we will eat several varieties of Special K we bought for .50 a box. “Kid” cereals go on sale frequently at Kroger, but it’s just some empty calories for us, so I usually bypass it. But the point is, you can be a little choosy, especially with something like cereal. Cinnamon Toast Crunch is General Mills and they have deals at various grocery stores all the time.

              I don’t have 15 of anything in my house. I have a great variety of foods and paper goods, including meats, produce, pasta, fruits, milk, cheese, splurge items (such as keurig coffee and some beer, wine, etc) and I have exactly one cake mix because my teen daughter bakes for her friends.. If I wanted 15 of a free item, it wouldn’t be hard to obtain. However, I assess the needs of my household, which is why it wouldn’t do any good to show you what I buy. I could tell you what I DON’T buy: cookies, fruit roll-ups, hot dogs, boxed mac n cheese, chicken nuggets (too easy to make them homemade), box meals and instant potatoes.

              When I want a snack, I will eat some Athenos hummus I got for free plus overage or maybe some wholly salsa I bought for .50 at Kroger. Yes, I use several like coupons at once and I am either A) always planning ahead or B) eating what is in my house as opposed to satisfying a desire or craving. If we ran out of cereal tomorrow and there is no store in town with a great sale/coupon deal (fat chance) then we would eat some stockpiled oatmeal or homemade waffles, etc. Today I’m making banana bread due to having about three too many large bananas.

              And no, you can’t make this change all at once. As Bridget responded, you do it gradually and you learn to like new things (often things you thought you could never afford and you learn are delicious!).

              I’m sorry, but we have neither Bi-Lo nor HT here (but they are on Southern Savers!!!). Primarily the deals I do are at Ingle’s and Kroger. Ingle’s is about the only place I can get true BOGO but it’s still often enough to make out like a bandit! There are many deals that others can get that I can’t since they have Publix and Rite-Aid, etc. I have heard that HT runs some awesome coupon sales.

              It is true, if a person only wants to shop short-term and with an eye to exactly what they want at a given moment, then I concede that Super Centers are the way to go. Jenny has run all the numbers, repeatedly, to the point that I am sure that every other person I see at Kroger is onto this wonderful couponing thing. But when I drive past Wal-Mart and the parking lot is completely packed, then I see otherwise.

              And frankly, my motivations for pointing all this out is that it can be done, it doesn’t have to be a freakish obsession, and your quality of life will improve in one of two ways: A) you will have money left over from your grocery budget to do other more fun things than buy groceries B) you will get MUCH better groceries than you were able to purchase before, pretty much my case.

              Our food tax is 8.25% for unprepared foods and 9.25% for deli, etc prepared foods.

              Essentially, the way that this method will be proven is that you keep coming back to this blog over the course of the next few weeks and look at the ads that Jenny posts along with the coupon match-ups. It looks like you already collect coupons and she can tell you the best places to use them. The information on this site is INVALUABLE and takes a lot of work out of the whole process, basically making it a no-brainer.

              Good Luck!

            • guest

              Best advice I ever heard is “Shop for what you will use rather than for what you 'need' as long as it fits into your budget.” You “have to” buy what you actually need–can't feed your kids retroactively! BUT you can probably also anticipate your needs–what do you USE regularly (for us specific canned goods, frozen veggies, pasta, baking products, cheese, etc)
              If you buy what you need this week, and add in what you can afford and will use in the future you will have fewer and fewer items you will “need” in future weeks which gives you opportunity to stock up on other things.
              Honestly if my child hadn't had Cinnamon Toast Crunch previously I would not have bought 2 boxes because I would have no idea if he would use up ONE box! (As it is I will buy it anytime I can get for less than $1.25 a box because husband and both kids will eat and I am fine w/ sending it home w/ them.

            • Fiveroller

              Once again, more generalization. This is so simple. There is my receipt of EXACT items. Find these EXACT items cheaper at HT or Bilo within the past six weeks or the next six weeks. Supposedly they will all be on sale at some point and I should have been able to stock up a 6 week supply on them. Its really very simple. I dont think it can be done.

            • allofus

              Your arguing for no reason at this point. Guest simply said what works for them, and everyone is saying to you, do what you want, and all your say is “you generalized, you generalized,” but do not seem to understand that the question had to do with the methods taught by couponing. Not, “grocery shopping according to fiveroller.” i’m not going to point out reading comprehension, or grammar, or anything else. When an exact example is given to you, your only reply is bragging about buying an even larger pack of processed cheese. however, aren’t you generalizing by saying that those who coupon well, only eat ramen noodles and 20 boxes of rice krispies, and forcefeed our families rice? Obviously you are just mad that people don’t agree with you, which is fine, but acknowledge that nobody is saying you aren’t allowed to shop the way you want to, but are saying they agree that for them shopping with using coupons and B1G1 sales at PUBLIX (yes we are aware you don’t have a publix) works out better than going to the supercenter. So do what you want..nobody cares that your unhealthy shopping trip (which you then feed to your KID) costs $80. Walmart customers are the reason i stopped going…(yes, I am generalzing!).

            • guest

              I am “guest” above and agreeing w/ everything you said except for the part about “Publix” because I haven’t got one so I’m a BiLo shopper unless I have reason to be “elsewhere”.
              You point about doing what works is spot on. I’d love to have a Publix or even better Harris Teeter close by but I live where I do.

            • relax

              Thank you. I hate to get that way on a blog about groceries of all things! but hey..blogging gets the best of us sometimes :) I wish we had more grocery stores too. I love Publix but I also like variety and all of the Winn-Dixies are pretty much closed and Albertson’s obviously is closed. So Publix and Whole Foods will have to do for me..

            • Fiveroller

              im not bragging about any of those prices. i dont think any of them are particularly great. im pointing out that you cant just say kroger has cheese 2/$4. what was their price on a 24 pak. im not mad about anyone disagreeeing with me. i actually would love to see someone prove me wrong. of course im exaggerating about ramen noodles, etc. i dont think anyone is saying i have to shop a certain way. im disagreeing with the blog,the statements were supercenters can never beat local grocery and if im still not convinced —- please convince me. there is my list. convince me. nothing would make me happier.

            • guest

              ok, so now you are going to try and talk civilly after trying to insult anyone who disagrees with you, too late for that, and you do seem really upset about this. nobody wants to prove you wrong but since you are so caught up on this post, then re-read the initial post..it never says “never”, I know that I’m going to continue on having an opinion and you are too but honestly the window for civilized conversation has long since passed and if the only thing that would make you happier is for someone to prove you wrong, then you have an extremely sad life..and I feel awful for your family.

            • Fiveroller

              it says never in bold in the first line. ?????????????????????? jeez

            • Fiveroller

              whatever, i figured this post would have no responses. it doesnt have any legitimate responses. instead everyone wants to argue about how nutritious my groceries are and other irrelevance. its simple, theres my receipt, i need convincing. if you cant convince me with actual prices then why bother responding. that would have been like jenny posting this and then just saying the price of cheese at publix vs. cheese at bilo. thats so general and would make no sense. i dont understand why its so hard to stay on topic. you dont even have to do it civily. i dont care.

            • Bee

              Did YOU look?

            • Fiveroller

              im not the one claiming supercenters can never beat local grocery stores

            • guest

              Who is?
              I have seen many people say grocery stores are better for their families but no one saying that supercenters can “never” beat grocery stores. Every now and again I find myself buying something in my BiLo and thinking I could get it for a few cents less (either by waiting for a sale or by driving over to Walmart) and then I decide I am not willing to pay for the extra time/gas/stress to go to wm and choose whether I am willing to pay the extra to get it “now” or to be patient for the sale.

            • Fiveroller

              did you read the blog. that is EXACTLY what it says.

            • Bridget

              I can give you a few concrete examples of lower prices which were available this month at HT and Kroger. Kraft shreds are $1.79 today at HT (and I had a $1 off peelie, so 79 cents), Kraft 2% singles as part of Mega sale at Kroger this week are 25 cents after 75 cent coupon, earlier this month, HT had a deal on the Special K bars – buy 4 at $2.50 each, get 4th one free (and you could use the $1/2 coupons). The Caprisun was $1.97 last week at HT too AND you got a free box of their peanut butter cheese crackers. And salad dressing should always be free (just got free Biltmore dressing at HT during super doubles).

              It really comes down to how you want to shop. If you want to buy whatever you happen to want that week, maybe the supercenter has okay prices, but if you shop the way Jenny teaches (sales + coupon to build stockpile), the grocery stores win hands down. AND the people at my HT are so kind and make it an acutal pleasure to shop there.

            • Fiveroller

              ok, part of reading is comprehending. WE DONT HAVE KROGER. as i stated we have HT and Bilo, and according to the site I should only need to pick 1 or 2. I went to HT last week. The caprisun was on sale for the regular price at walmart. True you got free peanut butter crackers (HT brand) but they were completely out of them nor did i want them anyway. I bought Kraft singles 24 pak — thats TWENTY FOUR PAK. I like KEN’S LIGHT CEASER not just salad dressing. So I could have saved 21 cents on kraft shreds although everything else i bought would have far exceeded my walmart total even with the best price you can produce in 6 weeks. i admit i missed the sale on the special k bars although i would have bought as many as have coupons for provided they were the 90cal strawberry. i know the things we use every week and i check the bilo and ht ads posted here as well as lowes, food lion, and bloom, but there are just not that many things that show up as great deals compared to walmart. when i do see a great deal ill go there and stock up, like dog food for instance. otherwise i put it on my list and buy as few of the items as possible with coupons at walmart. if people want to make their family eat 20 boxes of rice krispies or whatever salad dressing is on sale then more power to them. i guess if you really want to be extreme everyone could just eat ramen noodles all the time. a few examples of SIMILAR items however, is not a true comparison. the reason people wont find my exact list cheaper in 6 weeks or 12 weeks is because i dont think they can

            • Bridget

              Guess what – I don’t eat peanut butter crackers either, but I was mighty happy to get them for free to donate to someone in need who could use them. For a lot of people who use this site, one of the joys of stockpiling a lot of free items is being able to donate them to church, food pantry, backpack buddies, shelters, etc. That, in addition to saving a bundle makes it a pleasure to coupon the Southern Savers way!

            • Sparklecat2009

              It's OK!!! Just keep shopping at Walmart. This is clearly the store that you feel the most comfortable shopping in and there is nothing wrong with that. I note that most of the q's that you chose to use were $1 off or more and so they were not candidates for doubling (or tripling as the Hickory HT is doing now….this would have made that .75 Mrs Butterworth's q 2.25).
              Nobody should feel the need to prove to you that these other grocery stores are superior to your Walmart. I am very happy with the 2 containers of Earthbound Farms organic salads that I got at HT this week for .99 ea and the 2 packages of Kraft shredded cheese at .74 ea, the 5 packages of Nature Valley Granola bars and Chewy Fiber One bars that I purchased last week for $4, the free Log Cabin syrup I got during Super Doubles oh and the 2 free large containers of Burleson's honey I got during Super Doubles I also bought a couple Ken's dressing a few weeks ago and used the .50 q that doubled and it was .99 a bottle. Ate that today on my salad(Lite Italian with Garlic & Asiago cheese). I also have a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my cabinet and I promise you that I did not pay more than a $1 for the box (and will not purchase that yuckiness again).
              In the end it is all about what works for you and if Walmart works for you then it's all good!!!! :)

            • Fiveroller

              i disagree. i think there is a need to prove. in fact, one of the last lines in the post is, “If you still aren’t convinced, let me know what you would like to see compared next!”. im not saying it can’t be done. im just saying i dont beleive it. obviously a couple items can be found cheaper on occasion. and once again, a true comparison is not on a FEW select items. Let me pull a FEW select items off my list that were cheap and see how it compares to the sky high HT price and its just as skewed. that’s great you got fiber 1 bars and nature valley bars at a deal. WE DONT EAT THEM. it seems that it is so simple and should be so simple to understand. HERE IS MY LIST^^^^^^ MAKE THE TOTAL CHEAPER BY SHOPPING AT HT OR BILO FOR SIX WEEKS. i dont feel anymore comfortable or less comfortable at either store. its a simple proposition. I bought 10 boxes of special k cereal last week for tax at rite aid. that has no bearing on this scenario. im glad you get a deal at HT or wherever. Understand what im saying. If i shop exclusively at HT or Bilo for groceries, i will pay more than if I shop at walmart exclusively. Here is my list, prove me wrong. simple.

            • Sparklecat2009

              No……………….. I don’t have the time to worry about your list. I only worry about what applies to my situation and I am not worried about your list. I pulled items from your list that were similar to what I purchased in the last couple of weeks and attached the prices. I do not care about the prices of your Special K bars no more than you should care about my Fiber One bars but they are a similar product. That’s all. Do as you please and if you believe that Walmart is the better way to go for your family and their specific needs then I say that you should just stick with what you know.

            • Fiveroller

              thats my point, you cant compare similar items. thats not a comparison. if you dont care then why bother responding. i care to see if my walmart receipt can be beat. thats why i posted. the blog said, ” still not convinced” im not. theres really nothing to argue about, either it can or it cant. if it can, theres my receipt. prove it. dont give me a few similar comparisons. these are the items i need. it would be a typical scenario. im sure i could make it cheaper if i kept my eye on the items at walmart for 6 weeks. prove it.

            • juststop

              ok fiveroller, if you are really going to get that upset over walmart prices then congratulations, you’re right, you’re the best, you are the number one shopper, celebrate with a 200 cal pizza, you win!!!. i guess all marketers are wrong, all text books are wrong, everything you would learn in marketing 101 is wrong…you can only compare exact items to exact items. similar comparisons don’t count for anything..that is why there is no price competition, sales, varieties, store brands and all markets are monopolies. i am giving you a ridiculous response because this is a ridiculous argument. if you really hate how couponers shop, then don’t be one.

            • Fiveroller

              its not an argument. i dont understand why you see it that way. its a proposition, theres my receipt, beat it. i love couponing. youre putting words in my mouth. i simply disagree with the blog. i posted my receipt because id like to see if it can be beat. of course i can beat the pants off it at walmart if i just buy cheese or bread, etc. it has to be exact items for a true comparison. thats all. nothing more. dont make an argument out of it. prove me wrong if you can. youre all just avoiding the proposition.

            • Guest

              Cinnamon toast crunch is on sale this week at publix. 1.99–there a coupons to making it 1.50 a box…no one said you have to buy 12 boxes.

            • Fiveroller

              nice try but i asked for a comparison to bilo or ht as those are the stores near me . we dont have publix. at least you came up with a somewhat legitimate response. we would have been on our way to proving me wrong.

        • Sheila0304

          I WOULD TOO!!! I can't imagine spending that kind of money for that little bit of gorceries anymore!!! I don't buy it unless it is BOGO or i have a coupon. That is the whole idea of stocking up!!

      • Marinka115

        A few items on your list regularly go on sale at grocery stores: cereal bars (at least 2 for $5 all the time and sometimes even lower), mrs. butterworths was recently BOGO, Cinnamon Toast crunch goes BOGO all the time ( i never pay more than $1.25 for a box), Kraft singles is usually 2 for $4 and the chewing gum was recently 10 for $10. That's just a few things that I noticed. The only reason I go to Walmart is for produce. I've yet to see grocery stores beat their prices..

        • Fiveroller

          once again, youre generalizing. i wasnt shopping for cereal bars. walmart has cereal bars for 1.98 box. i was shopping for special k 90cal strawberry bars. these are often on rollback at wm 2.50/box. of course cinn toast crunch goes on sale. do i want to buy 12 boxes of it when it does. my son asked for it THIS week. He'll be tired of it more than likely in 2 weeks. wm has kraft singles for 2.00, but i bought a 24 pak because its a better deal. i didnt want chewing gum. i wanted big red. numbers. nobody can give proof. the only way to compare prices is to compare exact items.

          • guest

            For us, I taught the kids very early on that mom does not pay more than $x per specific item so they knew there was no point to asking for an item that was not on sale that I didn't have a coupon for.
            I knew what kind of cereal they would eat (eventually) and would stock up on what they liked (you can read the expiration date on the box). This worked great for us until they moved out–at which time I “invited” them to shop our stockpile. The only blip was I had 3 boxes of Rice Krispies, and about 20 other boxes of cereal when they moved out.(both on the same day, 2 different states) and after we still had 3 boxes of Rice Krispies. Turns out both kids and husband like to intersperse Rice Krispies w/ other cereal (I don't eat cereal at all) but none of them want a whole box of Rice Krispies. Those went to the food bank.

          • Renep22

            If you attend on of Jenny's conferences one of the first things she says is that you can't have brand loyalty if you want the best price. Maybe couponing and Publix aren't for you but if you follow what her basic instructions, this post of the comparasions is right on.

            • Fiveroller

              we dont have publix. the comparison is highly selective. the brand shouldnt matter. according to you guys my special k 90cal cereal bars should go on sale at some point at HT or Bilo within six weeks and I should stock up at a better price than i can get it at walmart.

            • Renep22

              If you don't have a publx then why are you even debating about this. Jenny said in the post to request for her to compare other stores. And yes Special K bars go on sale frequently and with coupons and store coupons they are super cheap.

            • Fiveroller

              i have bilo, again read. comprehend. one is no good without the other

        • Fiveroller

          also, we dont normally use mrs. butterworth's, we normally use hungry jack syrup in the microwaveable bottle. i recently ran out after stocking up 6 bottles from rite aid when it was free. a great deal, but again, it was bought at rite aid not HT or bilo. and by the way, the HT here is nice inside, but the bilo is absolutely disgusting. anyway, there is the challenge, beat it if you can. anybody can just say stuff. i can post my receipt online if you need to see it.

      • Renep22

        yes I agree. If I shopped to a list like that I would weigh 200lbs. Where are the simple products like meat and bread and lots of veggies and fruit. Sorry, not impressed. I spend the sampe amount at Publix on Saturday and got lots more nutrious items.

        • Fiveroller

          really? are you kidding?
          1- this receipt wasnt posted to impress. it was posted to compare.
          2- i see bread, i see vegetables, i see 1% milk, i see oj, chicken breast, lite string cheese, 200 calorie pizza, 90 calorie cereal bars, light ceaser dressing, sugar free fruit punch, pistachios…..im beginning to see how these comparisons are made, generalize and rationalize. im sure you spent the same amount saturday at Publix. what a coincidence. $82 worth of fruit, bread, meat and veggies. ok.

          • relax

            That sunbeam king bread is high in calories,
            Those chicken tenders aren’t real chicken, plus 14grams of fat in five pieces (before saturated fat) coated in batter.
            The pizzas are good for cal content, but they are tiny, so you may have to eat more than one or something else with it. Not worth the money.
            Iceburg lettuce has hardly any nutritional value. Only 1 cucumber, 1 tomato, 6 bananas
            Ken’s light creamy ceasar has one of the highest fat and cal contents of their light dressings (9 grams vs. light Italian with 5grams)
            GV fruit punch mix? There is absolutely no nutritional value in this, no vitamins, no calcium.
            http://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/great-value/sugar-free-fruit-punch-drink-mix http://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/great-value/sugar-free-fruit-punch-drink-mix
            No fruit, fruit cups, yogurt..just sticks of cheese and processed singles.
            It’s good to see the low cal stuff, but when you also buy extra crispy shake and bake, and Tyson chicken tenders, and a little assortment of starch based snacks…it defeats the purpose.
            But the comparison was for the stores, so shop wherever you want! But, I have to agree that there are a handful of unhealthy items (especially for younger ones) on the list.
            I shopped at Publix this week and saved 84.70 both on sale, specialty items and non-sale products. I also am limited to healthy foods being gluten intolerant but was still able to save more than I would have spent on your list at walmart. I have also done better at supercenters for other things. At least Jenny’s post made us all stop and think about what we actually buy and if the use of the item still supports the price of the item. I agree with you, I wouldn’t want 12 boxes of cake mix either! But, there are other strategies you can use. Do what is best for you; just keep in mind, nutrition should come before budget.

            • Fiverolle

              thats great but i didnt come here for a nutrition lesson. ive ran 8 miles so far this week and can pretty much guarantee you that all 4 of us are in better health than 90% of the population. i came here to see if anyone can purchase the exact items on my list cheaper than i got them at walmart.

            • Fiveroller

              i dont have any chicken tenders coated in batter???? theyre chickn breast cutlets. you sprinkle shake n bake on them and bake them?????? no wonder you people think youre getting such good deals everywhere else, you only see what you want to.

            • relax

              “you people”…generalizing? nice job on the eight miles, but uh, why would you buy that stuff if you are “healthy”? so, no i can’t compare to your list, because i wouldn’t waste my money. oh and for your question about baking them?? i guess so..i don’t eat that crap.

            • Fiveroller

              you dont eat chicken breast? t&r means trimmed and ready. its uncooked chicken breast cutlets. the package says tyson t&r breast tenders. read, understand, comprehend before you lecture.

      • KAWilson

        I would cry if my total was $99 and I had to pay $82…..

    • trianglemom

      I totally agree with this post! Every week I shop at Harris Teeter, Kroger, Lowes Foods and drug stores (depending on sales). Lastly I stop at SuperTarget. The stores are all within 3 miles of each other, so I dont waste money on gas. On regular retail prices SuperTarget is the cheapest but they dont come close to beating most double coupon and sale (esp BOGO or megasale) prices. SuperTarget is my always my last stop bec I only shop there for the few items I couldnt get cheaper at one of the grocery stores. I mostly cook from scractch and I dont buy processed junk like hamburger helper, spagettios etc. Both Walmart and SuperTarget advertise that they match competitor prices. Its a useless policy bec they exclude stores where you have to use a shoppers card. The only place I can price match at Walmart and Target are Target, Walmart, Kmart, Walgrees (excl register rewards items), Office Stores and Dollar General. Hardly worth the effort.

    • Kpower-davis

      Jenny, once again, thank you! I was actually headed to the SuperCenter today to do just this to convince myself that what I spent at Publix last night was worth it. I have been trying for a year to get the couponing system benefits to equal the time I spend on it and it has been a hard thing for me even with your help. I think I have finally gotten there now between re-reading your suggestions about organization and your comparisons this morning. Now I will track my progress with our new family budget and see what goals we reach in the year 2011…!

    • guest

      Thank you so much for the comparison. I used to shop at a supercenter and then the BOGO sales at Publix but it ended up being very time consuming. I would find the wait in line to check out took as long as the shopping itself at the supercenter among other annoyances. Then I noticed the selection at the supercenter, specifically their store brand items, the ones I would purchase were disappearing, probably in favor of the name brands. Then they decided to not carry as many name brands, limiting your choice of what you could buy, probably figuring since you were there anyway, you would buy anything, maybe not exactly what you were looking for. I still go to the supercenter but the only food item I buy regularly is the store brand apple juice. The final, final straw was stuffing. I needed pork flavor. Publix had it. The supercenter did not, no matter what the brand. And if they did have it, it would have been 20 cents more. I noticed they try to match prices, maybe a penny or two lower but can't match the BOGO prices. Between getting things I never dreamed of getting at the drug stores and couponing at Publix, there is no way I would ever go back to the way I was shopping. Thank you so much for pointing the way!

    • Yiiiiippee

      Throughout 18 years of marriage, I have always pinched pennies and looked for the best deals that I can find. This has included purchasing off brand items and not being able to buy what I considered the extras,(yogurt, real grape juice,ect..). We live near a Walmart and were loyal customers until I went to a class that Jenny gave in Chattanooga last year. My husband was doubtful when I first started buying newspapers and printing coupons. His first big ahha moment was when he realized that the John Wayne toilet paper was gone and nice soft plush toilet paper was in its place. That has been followed by almost a year of healthier food than we have been able to afford in the past years, (can you buy fresh spinach for $.19 at Walmart?), topped with the newest kinds of fun foods and now my husband is bringing me coupons from everywhere! By the way, I have not bought eggs or milk from Walmart since then, and I don't mind giving Bilo a few extra cents on my eggs if they are allowing me to save hundreds on my grocery bill for the month. We also save gas because we plan our trips to Bilo and Publix, which are next to each other, instead of just running over to Walmart six times during the week. Everyone that knows us can't believe that my husband didn't get a huge increase on his paycheck, it has changed our lives that much. In fact, with these deals, I have been able to help others and still have plenty for our family. I have no doubt that Walmart will eventually start doubling coupons and everything that the other stores do in order to pull us back in, but as long as Bilo and Publix stay the way they are, they will have our business. Jenny, God bless you for all you do!!!

      • Dawn

        I raise chickens, so I rarely buy eggs except in the winter when they go on strike! But the egg coupon doubled with a grocery sale was cheaper then at Walmart!

        Everyone should buy there eggs from small scale farmers (I know as I drive around town there are always Fresh Egg signs up!) Grocery store eggs look weird compaired to “real” eggs! They sell those factory organic eggs for like 4 bucks a dozen in the stores, crazy!

        Our local groceries do support the local farmers (Although its far cheaper to grow your own or shop the farmers market, LOL) I can't say the same thing about WalMart…

    • thriftymotherof3

      Very true! Of course people are arguing that if it is not on sale it is more expensive. Well, of course it is! The point is here that she is talking about sales combined with coupons. Yes a box of Ritz is the same price in Walmart at $2.00 as the BOGO at Publix, but when you have a $.50 off coupon you get it at Publix for $1.00 and $1.50 at Walmart (if they will take your printed coupon). I would just assume keep the loyalty to the grocery store that has friendly employees that I know by name (and they know mine too) and are helpful, courteous and don't look at you like your are hannibal lector when you hand them a handful of coupons.

      The other problem I have is that when I go into Walmart – I tend to wander – which usually adds $30 to my total. I realize that is my problem, but I save more when I go with my list to the local Publix.

      I do sometimes have to go there to get my milk and eggs because those are rarely on sale at the Grocery, but that is about the extent of it.

      • momto2boys

        I agree completely!

    • Leighann Howell

      I would love to give up shopping at the supercenter, but it's just not a reality for us. I HAVE done the shopping comparisons, and I have to say that they are individual for each area. Not every time, but about *half* the time, the deals were equal to or better at the supercenter. That doesn't hold true for everything, of course, and that probably wouldn't hold true in some place with some better grocery stores (I have supercenter, Rouse's and Winn Dixie to choose from, and our Winn Dixie's prices are really shockingly high for most goods, although the quality of produce there is incredible). I think that when everyone starts shopping, in addition to their price book they should do an actual shopping comparisons between their stores and make sure they're getting the best deal possible. I would LOVE a Publix or a Kroger down here, if we had more options I would definitely spend less time at the supercenter!

      However, the big thing to remember about supercenter shopping is that they have so much STUFF there, it's easy to say “OH, let's look at the clearance clothes!” and then spend $20 more than you had planned. You've got to stick to your list, which can be really hard when faced with t-shirts for $1!

    • Augusta4kids

      What about Kroger?

      • brenda

        I shop at Kroger and never Wal-Mart. As long as you follow the system of buying what's on sale with coupons and stocking up you will always pay less over 1 month than at Wal-Mart. I also shop CVS and never go to Wal-Mart.

      • guest

        I don't know about Kroger NOW because I've not lived near a Kroger in 20 years but I found them to be less expensive (when including their coupon policy) than any place else when I did live near one. My sister still lives in an area that has Kroger and she says she always winds up back at a Kroger for the better prices and service (her Kroger also price matches)

    • Christie

      I prefer to shop at Publix over Wal-Mart for three reasons that have nothing to do with sales or coupons. Publix has the friendliest employees around. Publix produce is the best out there. Finally, I don't feel like I've been beaten when I get home from Publix.

      • Shayelyn


    • MelRae

      I have been reading Jenny for more than 2 years now. I am pretty sure that she just wants for everyone to take the info she gives you, and decide what works best for you. And you know what? That's not going to come from just reading her blog posts. That's going to come from experience…seeing for yourself firsthand what does and does not work for you at the different stores.

    • momto2boys

      I think there will always be some who are die hard wal-mart fans who are convinced that they are saving money. I am thankful that I figured out early in the game that wal-mart was in fact not the place to save anything (including my sanity). If I can get free TP and nearly free Pepsi at CVS then there's is no reason to shop at wal-mart. I highly doubt wal-mart can be free!! Also I have to factor in the fuel-perks at Bi-lo because those are AWESOME!

      • wendyd

        I so agree with what you said. Went to Walmart last week for the first time in many months, since I began couponing no need for the sc. Could not believe the insane trip I had, so many people no casiers and I did not save as much as I had planned. Give me Bi-Lo, HT and the drug stores any day!

    • Kristen

      I used to always shop at Walmart and loved it. If you don't coupon, you obviously save a lot more at any supercenter. Our grocery budget was about $500/mo. Then our daughter come along – the price of diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food is amazing!! We were spending about $800/mo. on our groceries and her things between BJs, Harris Teeter, Walmart, and Super Target. About 3 months after she was born, I started couponing. I still cannot believe how much we save each each month. Our grocery budget is now $350/mo. (including EVERYTHING). Our pantry is stocked, our shelves are stocked, our deep freezer is stocked, and we are still able to eat healthy (just to debunk the myth about couponing not being good for healthy eaters). The only thing I still by at Walmart is the formula (this is included in the $350/mo.) but we by Walmart's version of Similac (still cheaper than Similac on sale + coupons). Next month, she goes off formula (yea!). I still have a love for Walmart and Super Target – but not for groceries, just for everything else!!

    • Jeanne_rogers

      I shop at one of the “supercenters” too and I have to diagree with you. Take for instance, Instant Breakfast. At the grocery store it is typically 5.79 a box. At the SC, it is usually 4.26 and often $3.50 a box on sale. I can name many cases of wher I save more at the SC + using coupons its a great price. I do shop grocery stores too and double coupons if its the best price.

      • brenda

        Jeanne, she is stating that if you buy from the grocery when it's on sale with the double coupon it will be cheaper. This is when you would stock up. Not paying the $5.75. Of course there are the occasional items where this might not apply if it never goes on sale at the grocery however as a whole, it is cheaper if you follow what she's saying. I can't justify going to a supercenter for 1 or 2 cheaper things when in the long run I pay way more on the bottom line.

    • Yolli

      I will admit. I was a SC shopper most of my life. It was not until the last seven years that I realized how much more my grocery bill had increased. I must caveat that with the fact that I moved to a different state seven years ago where the cost of food was much higher. This wasn't more evident than my last trip to Publix. My daughter has named me the “coupon lady” because I have really been strict about any purchase that is not on sale (basically, she can only purchase an item that is on sale; I don't restrict her to purchases that are on sale AND those that I have coupon for…at least not yet). Our last trip we saved $53 on our grocery bill and my OOP was $16.37. Once she saw how much we saved, she finally understood that there was a method to the “coupon lady” madness. Thanks Jenny for helping me understand all this.

    • Kardomr

      Just wondering–are SC and Costco included in the definition of “supercenter?”

    • Towanac

      love you jenny heard you on radio last night in v a you are right went to kroger got 123.78 mega and deals had coupons and your help paid only 46.74 saved 63 percent got 70 items meats and eggs shampoo and etc . less than 1.00 pc or free cant beat that . will last me and hubby more than 3 weeks love our kroger here thank ]]]] you

    • Melissa

      I quit shopping at Wal-Mart two months ago simply because I got so sick of standing in line to check out. They never ever have enough cashiers!!!!!!!! Now, I actually enjoy grocery shopping again….thanks Kroger! After attending Jenny's workshop, I am really enjoying buying everything on sale and saving a ton of money. I no longer shop at Wal-Mart, only Kroger, CVS, Target, and occasionally ALDI. Thanks Jenny!!!!!!!!!

    • Fernanneg

      i am greatful for this!

    • Well I was a SC shopper too until I learned the shopping the way Jenny showed me. Now I will not go to SC for a couple of reasons. First I can get the better produce and I can get MUCH better service there as well. It really is a pleasure to shop at Publix and I can get great deals. I am trying to avoid that place as much as possible… :)

      • Savinglotsofdough

        Jennifer, I grew up in GA and never liked Walmart until our family moved to NW Arkansas. I was AMAZED at the difference in customer service and cleanliness! They have a monopoly in that small corner of the country (there are only 2 Target's anywhere close to that area as opposed to dozens of Walmarts) but you'd think they had competition right across the street! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by that since Walmart's HQ is right there in Bentonville. Still, I don't know where you're from but I'm telling you, a GA Walmart vs. NW Arkansas?? As different as night and day.

    • Kstategirl322

      I get the point you are trying to make but this is not always true for every individual. As a single who lives alone and has limited freezer space, there are truly some things that I can barely go through one of before it goes bad, let alone 2 for a BOGO deal. I am guessing you also subscribe to multiple papers and are receiving the benefit of double coupons which is not offered in Florida. The best rule of thumb is to keep track of the items you buy and know their regular and sale prices at the drugstores, grocery stores and supercenters in your area. Then you can make accurate assessments when you make your shopping list of what to buy where.

      • Ldowd804

        I thought the same thing, but you don't have to get 2. You can buy one at Publix for 1/2 price! Really it isn't a true buy one to get one. One is half price and so it the other! I save so much just buying one! And then I really don't have to stack coupons. I buy like 20 things, I have like 10 coupons, and nobody ever gets mad or aggravated in the line behind me, and the cashiers are always nice. Before I knew any of this, I would NEVER have shopped at Publix, but now it's my new best friend! And they will take Piggly Wiggly $5.00 off a purchase of $30 coupons! Try buying only one on the B1G1, and do it with coupons and you will be hooked!

      • Savinglotsofdough

        I agree with you and we are a family of 5 with limited freezer space (maybe someday we'll have a deep freeze). We have a Publix in our area (Valdosta GA) and they do not double coupons…neither does Harvey's. Wal-mart has recently changed their policy to where they now accept competitor's coupons as well as manufacturer's coupons (but only 1 coupon per item so as with Walgreen's, you may have to buy some filler items to use all of them). They also price match. BOGO and %off sales aside, many times Walmart still comes out on top for some things…especially now that Publix is changing their coupon policy too. Having said that, one thing I will no longer buy at Wal-mart is milk. It is outrageous. Rite-Aid has the cheapest I've seen so far.

    • kristenk

      Does anyone have an opinion on BJ's??

      The reason I like them is b/c they accept manufacturer's coupons as well, and you can use one coupon for each item in the package. For example, if you buy a 5 pack of toothpaste, you can use up to 5 manufacturer's coupons… I've gotten toothpaste, tampons and deodorant for free there.

      I also found that the grocery stores and drug stores could not beat their price on diapers and formula. (Luvs and enfamil)

      However, I think that you cannot save as much on food items as you can at the grocery store.

      I just started couponing a few months ago, and I need to decide soon if I'm going to renew my BJ's membership. Any thoughts??

      • momof3

        I liked them, but they seemed to be limited, and have an expensive membership. My question would be “Am I getting things that I can't get for that price elsewhere?”

      • Tasha

        We don't have a BJ's, although Sam's and Costco are an hour away. We dropped our Costco membership and only maintain Sam's because they have items we can't get elsewhere, ANYwhere. Seriously.

        However, from just what you mentioned, I'll tell you that I regularly get toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant free from the drug stores. (CVS and Wags, we have no Rite Aid) And they also carry a bigger selection. The thing you have to remember with the warehouse stores is that you're only going to see a limited number of brands for each type of item. Both our warehouses quit carrying Heinz57 for about two years, for example. It was cheaper there when we could get it, cause I hardly ever see sales/coupons for it, but all they carried for 2 or so years was A-1. Go figure.

    • Cherylcooperwilliams

      I just shopped at Harveys and did not get my coupons doubled. I thought they doubled up to $1 on the .50 coupons. Harveys Cairo Ga Any comments

      • Chadp26

        The Cairo Harvey's is horrible about coupons. GO to the thomasville store on Jackson St. A lot better for coupon users.

      • Savinglotsofdough

        We are in Valdosta GA and they do not double here. Neither does Publix.

    • Knestberg

      What about staple items that don't usually go on sale like milk, eggs and butter? We drink 3 gallons of milk a week and I find Publix typically has the most expensive milk in town. I am totally on board about sale and coupon items but when I need to grab only the basics, I'm inclined to hit a super center or Aldi.

      • guest

        Around here the BEST price on milk is at the gas station! Seriously, when we going through 4 gallons of milk a week I would make a special stop at the gas station just for milk. Second best price is at the pharmacies (CVS and Walgreens, never looked at others because those are the ones closer to my house)

        • Bee

          Yes, there is a dairy near my house and the milk from it is sold in privately branded convenience stores. It's fresh and inexpensive.

          However, I have used coupon overage to purchase staples as well.

      • Mayocoupons

        if you buy items that give you “overage” then it helps cut those costs too!

        • Tasha

          That's kinda how I look at my RR's at Wags, although I also sometimes throw milk in the mix when I have RR's and/or overage, so that I can absorb the cost on something worthwhile!

      • Annjand

        We drink that much milk too, so I try to buy milk at Ingles (Anderson, SC). Here, Ingles' milk is 3.08/gal, walmart is 3.38/gal (for now, they change their prices alot), and Publix is 3.59/gal. For eggs, I've noticed that Ingles is higher than Publix. It seems like every store has some staple where they're trying to boost their margins. I won't make a special trip to Ingles just for milk, but they also have much better meat prices than Publix, so I try to buy all my meat and milk there. My husband also happens to work near Ingles, so sometimes he can stop by there on his way home just for milk.

      • Annaforcoupons

        Kroger is usually where I comp my milk…. I buy enough to try and make 3 weeks and freeze what will exp. b4 then…. Tastes the same when thawed!

      • Lately Publix has been putting their Smart Balance milk on sale for around $2.50 a half gallon. I really like that, especially since I am lactose intolerant and they have a lactose free version. I can also find coupons for Smart Balance for around $2.00 each so I have been paying about $1 a gallon. Since Smart Balance lasts for months I buy it a case at a time (I have my store special order it). That seems to last my family until the next time it goes on sale.

      • Tasha

        I buy my milk at the drug stores, especially Wags, where the RR's are often hard to roll on items that have coupons already. Makes a great “filler” item, even though it's not just a few pennies! I know the price seems higher than WM, but I'm getting that money “for free” to begin with, and to me, it's worth it to save the hassle of dealing with WM for items like that.

        I buy my bread at the bread outlet stores, but we have one on every corner. Not sure all areas do. And we have farmer's market stands all over the place to get farm-fresh eggs. There is one across the street from my daughter's preschool, so I can stop any morning after I drop her at school and get my eggs.

        I get my cat/dog food mostly when it's on sale B1G1 at a grocery or a good deal at a drug store, but the rabbit food comes from a local feed store or the county co-op, which is just like a feed store to me, depending on which direction I'm going when I leave the house.

        Really, the only thing that WM really can't be beat on for me is the clothes, mostly the casual shirts for hubby and me and the playclothes for the kids. Anything dressier comes from elsewhere, and they don't sell Riders in plus sizes anymore, so I hit the local Lee outlet store for my jeans! We get hubby five pair of jeans at WM every year for Black Friday, when they put the Wranglers on sale for $7 or $9, can't remember which it was this year. If they don't have enough in his size, we grab a different size and exchange after New Year's, when the lines go down.

        And the dressier stuff for the kids, yeah, that mostly comes from our local outlet stores (we are blessed with Gap, Carter, OshKosh, Healthtex, Strassburg, and a few others!) or Children's Place, Gymbo, Old Navy, etc. on great sales or with store coupons or free shipping sales online!

    • Mayocoupons

      my husband and I started doing Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program last year and one of the things we had to do was sit down and calculate a REAL budget not just comparing what was a good deal here and there…anyway, we budgeted a realistic food/toiletries budget of $600/mon. (we have 2 kids under 3 years old). As we rolled away our credit card debt and car debts and now moving toward my husband's student loans we kept looking for ways to save more and started couponing with the help of this site. Our budget for those same items is now $250/mon. and often we have left over money in the budget. I have never been able to pay 17 cents for baby food at Walmart or Target. CVS and Rite Aid have actually been the real difference! I can't see myself paying more than a few dollars for paper towels, toilet paper, razors, makeup, vitamins, laundry deterg., cascade, etc… EVER again–I have not shopped in a supercenter since late Aug. 2010 and I don't miss it one bit! I LOVE scoring my deals at the drugstores and Publix and having people say OMG how are you doing that!! LOL

      • Mayocoupons

        want to add that my 2010 YTD savings at CVS was $2500–this is no joke!! yeah it's high because the prices are already higher but even if you cut in half–Sheesh–it's a no brainer!

    • Cpete481

      except walmart price matches… so if you find a lower price at another store walmart will comp. the price down to match it…

      so do that with all your sale items and then get them all in the same place and you save money on gas!!

      • WalMart will not price match Buy One Get One Free sale prices, nor do they double coupons, which in my area both Publix & Bi-Lo do.

      • tkward

        The exception to walmart's policy is that they do not match B1G1 or % off – so for those sale items, it is better to shop the grocery stores. Plus, walmart does not double coupons which makes for even better deals at the grocery store.

        I used to only shop at walmart – matching comp. ads – now I save $200-300 per month shopping at Publix and Kroger!

        Thanks Jenny!

      • Elizabeth

        You don't have to shop at every 2 or 3 grocery stores. You just pick one and stick with that one store. I used to shop at Wal-Mart only. Now I shop at Publix weekly and CVS maybe once a month. I save $200-300. I think that beats the 50cents it costs me to drive to one extra store once a month.

        Not to mention what the other people said…no B1G1 or %off and they don't double coupons. Plus Wal-mart takes so much time b/c their are never enough cashiers.

      • Elizabeth

        They also don't consider many stores as competitors.

      • momof3

        I tried that, and what a mess! I had all my ads with me, and the manager told me that they couldn't do it because I “saved too much.” Then, he made a big deal about letting everyone know that “that lady” was holding up the line…I haven't been back since…

      • Annie

        But I have to ask you………….how much is your time worth doing all of that. Why not just watch the sales at Publix etc. and buy up a 6 week stash instead of trying to price match competitors at Walmart.

    • Annaforcoupons

      As for myself only the BOGO are worth driving to another store. I comp. all prices (which Wal Mart does) and I my husband works there so we have a 10% discount. If I didn't have this though I could definately see it….. I still do drug store sales for everything else but grocery…

    • steph_rnld

      Before Southern Savers I was an avid Walmart shopper. I used to spend around $100 to $150 per week for groceries and such when I shopped at Walmart but now spend $40 to $50 shopping at Publix and the drug stores. My Publix does not double but is awesome about competitor coupons including CVS and Rite Aid $ off $$ coupons. Many of the Walmart employees are rude and have no idea what to do with coupons and their price matching is so nit-picky and time consuming that it is not worth the hassle. They would have 2 registers open with employees standing around talking while the lines were 20 or so customers deep. Walmart's meat is poor quality and their produce is pretty bad too. At Publix, I can plan my menus around what produce is on sale since their produce always looks good and at Walmart I used to just have to just buy what looked decent and plan around that. I buy meat when it is on sale and freeze it or plan my menus around what is on sale. If I save $0.50 on poor quality, tough meat, I don't really consider it a good buy. I don't buy Hamburger Helper or processed stuff we don't eat unless it is free then I will buy it to donate. I do spend about an hour before shopping to make my list and get all of my coupons together but my shopping time is way less since I am much more organized. My checkout time is less even with coupons since I don't have to stand in line forever and the cashiers are more friendly and knowledgeable. I used to dread grocery shopping at Walmart but now actually enjoy shopping. I do follow the sale cycles and stock what we need and it is working out great for my family. My husband was laid off from his job and is now in school and Southern Savers has been a lifesaver for us.

    • softballmom

      The only local “grocery” stores that are close to me (within 15 miles) are a Winn-Dixie, Piggly Wiggly and Wal-Mart. However, there is a Publix about a 30 minute drive from my house. I have found that the amount of money I save by driving to Publix weekly to buy my groceries vs. buying at Wal-Mart does not match or exceed what I spend on gas making the longer drive. I do buy some things at Winn-Dixie i.e. the dog food special that is going on this week but they don't even really compare with Publix in my opinion. My sister-in-law has always been a Wal-Mart shopper and never leaves the store for less than $150. She has always thought that I was a little crazy for buying my grociers the way that I have for the past year and a half (thanks to Jenny) and now she has decided to start couponing and making the drive to Publix as well.

      • Tasha

        I am in this EXACT same situtaion, (minus the sister! lol) Those are the stores we have, although for us, WD is across town. Publix is more than an hour away, and I get grief from my dad AND my husband about going there, but I still do it at least once a month. I pick up bread at the bread outlets, (there's one on every corner around here,) and get my milk at the drug stores with the ECB's or RR's that I earn, especially since RR's are so tricky to roll most weeks. I spend less on bread at the bread store than WM's prices, and even though I pay a tad more for my milk, it's worth it because I'm in and out much easier, and I'm not really “paying” more anyway, since it's extra earned from a previous sale. Like a coupon for free milk!

        I do shop WM for clothes, especially play clothes for the kids, and I buy pet food there in-between good sales. I don't even buy the rabbit food there anymore; turns out we have a great feed store not too far from us, and I love the excuse to make the drive in the country to get there! LOL

    • momof3

      I do agree overall…However, I find that my local Costco (although it's a 45 minute trip each way) has the best/cheapest produce in town. So, I make the trip every other week or so (we're BIG fruit/veggie eaters) and purchase their produce…Otherwise, you are sooo right!

    • Alice

      I'm really torn right now with where to shop… I do agree that the BOGO items at Publix items are almost always cheaper than the regular Wal-Mart prices. My issue is that everything that's not BOGO at Publix is more than Wal-Mart… usually even their sale prices. And things that aren't on sale are MUCH higher than Wal-Mart. I haven't done a complete price comparison (I would love to see one!) but I feel pretty sure that if I did all my shopping at Publix- or even if I did Publix and a drug store- I would still spend more than Wal-Mart. I have a baby and a 2 year old, so shopping 2 grocery stores and a drug store just isn't an option for me right now.

      One more thing to add- Wal-Mart does have sales. I've seen things like Swanson chicken broth that's usually $1 a can for .$50 on sale and brownie mix that's regularly $2.50 for $1. When you can catch those items, they can be as good or better as a BOGO sale at Publix (although of course there's no coupon doubling).

      • Tasha

        What Jenny was saying is that generally, people who extreme coupon (not hoarders, just big-time savers with a 4-8 week stockpile) will only buy things when they go on sale. That saves major money in the long run. If you catch a really good sale on something, you buy enough to last you through till the next time it goes on a good sale, so you never have to pay full price. Peanut butter was on sale a few weeks ago (the SNOW week here, ugh!) for 24 cents per can after B1G1 sale and coupon. If I could have gotten to the store, I would have bought enough at that price to last at least until the next good sale, thereby ensuring I wouldn't have to pay full price, either at a grocery OR a supercenter.

        I know that it's hard to get your stockpile going in the beginning, especially when you're on a tight budget and you have kids. Been there, done that. Still working on some items, as the only “grocery” we have here is a supercenter. But you just work at it. The best thing I learned was that in the beginning, I bought some items on sale at the drug stores, and then used the cash-like money from them to buy some staple items, thereby freeing up some of my grocery budget to stockpile a few cheap items that week, which freed up a little more cash in the coming weeks to stockpile some more along with the money freed up from more drug-store sales, etc.

    • Alison V.

      i'm right there with you, jenny! i live 2 minutes from a bilo and 6 from a walmart, but i save so much $$ at publix that i drive 25 minutes to get to it and run other errands while out there to make the gas count. there are only 5 things that we regularly buy at walmart that are cheaper than anywhere else! AND OUR WALMARTS ARE NOT COUPON FRIENDLY SO I DON'T EVEN TRY!!!

      • Annie

        I am with you on this one 1,000 percent. I do not like Walmart but I will say that I do get my medication at Walmart which cost 10.00 at Walmart for a months supply. It is 4.00 x 3 =12.00 and a 2.00 discount makes it 10.00 for the prescription. If I shop at a drug store for the same medication it is 87.00.

        • Peggy

          RiteAid has new Rx pricing in GA–check it out.

    • Ashley H

      This is why I keep a price list. We don't have Publix or Kroger here, so Harris Teeter is our best option for couponing plus sales. But some things are cheaper at WM, even with a sale and a doubled coupon. I use this site to plan a shopping list for HT and CVS. Then anything else I need to buy I pick up at WM or Costco. It has cut my grocery bill overall and I avoid paying the highly inflated regular prices at HT.

      Also, Target is a supercenter.

    • Jan

      Can we see a side by side comparison of the individual items and prices and not just a total and then decide for ourselves.

      • Joynunez24

        Take a look at the sales ads with the coupon match ups. When you can get things for free at stores such as Publix to me there is no comparison. I live in Florida and our walmarts are terrible. I will gladly shop Publix sales ad weekly and match up coupons to get the best deals. Everything you need will be on sale every 4-6 weeks.

        • Jan

          I want to see Jenny's shopping list and the prices at the Supercenter side by side the prices at Publix. I know the total is higher but that does not mean that EVERY item is less expensive at Publix. I don't trust data that only provides a final number/calculation and does not show all the numbers/raw data. Perhaps the best prices are a combined shopping trip at both a grocery store and a supercenter.

          • This is offensive & I certainly hope you did not mean it the way that it sounds. You are free to leave & you don’t have to come back if you are going to question Jenny’s ethics. She provides too great of a service to us free of charge to put up with comments like this.

    • Acook

      I have to add my two cents: my husband is a wmt mgr…so I do have a little bias towards the store but just want to say that I still comparison shop the other stores and I have to take a look at my cost on some items at wmt with my discount vs. couponing and sales at the other stores. I have encountered just as much rudeness at the other stores vs. what I find at wmt. I have had more issues with coupons at publix than I do at wmt and that is with me going to a store where they don't know I'm related to a mgr (before some comment on that). One other point I'd like to add is some of the deals are great at other stores – but you really do have to look at the size of the package there vs. the same item at WMT. Often I find that a 'great deal' on laundry detergent, for example, really isn't a huge cost savings when I take it home and put the smaller 'savings' bottle beside the previous one purchased from WMT. What I'm trying to say is you really need to look at the size of the package in addition to the cost. My last thought for today and then I’ll get down from my soap box – treat others as you’d like them to treat you. If you smile at a cashier – you are more likely to get one back! They are humans too. Thanks Jenny for all you do on this site!

    • Joynunez24

      I shopped the “supercenter” this past weekend for the “free” items listed in the match-ups. Mostly trial size and hygeine items. All of my coupons with an overage amount were not deducted. They were scanned and shown on my receipt but actual deductions were not taken off. Example: Sensodyne trial size toothpaste .97 with $1 coupon shoud have been free plus .03 overage. This coupon and others like it were not deducted. Stores like the “supercenters” are a rip off considering I gave them my coupons and nothing was deducted and they still get reimbursed for the coupons.

      • Rebecca

        Mine does that too…..or they refuse to take it because “the price of the item is lower than the coupon”….They get paid for it no matter WHAT. The coupon will be redeemed. WMT always acts like I am stealing when I try to do that. I occasionally get someone to take such deals but rarely.

    • Tsipipay

      Based on our experience prior to couponing, we used to shop at Walmart, $1200 monthly for groceries and toiletries, family of four. Thanks to Southern Savers, between drugstore deals and grocery store sales, and some planning and stockpiling method, we now spend $300-400 a month for everything!! Including newspapers (5 weekly) and all my OOP money for my drugstore deals:) SWEET!!!!!

    • Gigi

      I used to shop in Walmart only because I had never thought I could afford shopping in Publix. (Where I live has Publix, Harveys and Walmart.) Few months ago, I gave a shot couponing (I didn't believe couponing could save money.) What I do is I only buy B1G1 and % off items with coupons. For drug store, I only buy items which have coupons and rewards back( ECB, RR, +UP). Of course I still buy some certain items even they don't have coupons and on sale, such as produce, meat, and pet food. Since I've started couponing and following my rules, I've noticed that with the same amount money I used to shop in Walmart, I can buy more items in Publix. Our family budget is very tight, so we sometimes cannot have a nice meal for couple days. But now, we never run out of food and household goods. Sometimes, I still go to walmart for pet foods because with our budget, we can't stock up enough pet food for 3 dogs and 3 cats until the next sale cycle.

      My husband was amazed he has never run out deodorant :). He is also very happy that he only needs to shop in walmart once every other month because he hates walmart so much. He always complains the parking lot, the atmosphere, the employees, the long line…in walmart when we are there every times.

      One more thing. I do make my own price list. I admit that some items are cheaper in walmart. But if my family don't HAVE TO get them, we will wait for B1G1 in publix instead. I'm still a new couponer, but what I learn is we can't be brand loyalty and buy only the items we NEED if we want to save as much as money we can.

    • Alice

      A question for all of you, since there seem to be lots of knowledgeable couponers on here. I'm trying to decide where to shop, and as I mentioned in my previous comment, I have a baby and toddler and I don't have time to shop more than 2 stores (and really, hitting 2 in a week is hard). I have a Publix (that doubles coupons but doesn't take competitor coupons), and Aldi, and a Wal-Mart all within a couple miles of my house. There's also a Super Target about 20 min. away that I go to occasionally for diapers and to get their deals, but I can't make it there every week. I've shopped at Walgreens and CVS in the past, but both of the stores near me have pretty bad coupon policies and terrible customer service, so I'm reluctant to go back… what would your strategy be?

      What do you think my best bet is? Would you shop Publix at

      • Palmersmith

        I started out trying to coupon at Kroger and other stores that were my favorites and I was familiar with. About 10 months ago I decided to try Publix since lots of my friends saved lots of money there. I went from saving 30-40% at my “regular stores” to saving 60-80% at Publix! I say Publix is definitely the way to go for groceries. As far as diapers go, I would watch the sales at drugstores and Target and stock up when they are a good deal. I also have lots of friends that buy diapers online when they are cheap from amazon.com and other sites. Maybe this way you would mostly shop at Publix and then hit the other places only once or twice a month for baby items.

      • guest

        I haven't had a baby and a toddler in a very long time (my 2 were 22 mos apart but they are 19 and 21) but I have been couponing since before they were born.
        My suggestion to you would be to start shopping Publix for the deals and to get your stockpile going filling in at Walmart as needed (possibly sunning Super Target on weeks you go there–I have never been in a ST so I really con't comment).
        I also pick ONE pharmacy a week–the one that has the most stuff WE will use, it is going to vary.

      • Frugal4life

        I only shop Publix and Walgreens, two trips per week and have everything I'll need including diapers and wipes. Never shop at Target, even with coupons. Just stock pile baby Items when their are on sale and you'll see. Follow the rules :-)

      • momto2boys

        I also have small ones, 18m and 4yrs, I would use Publix for as much as possible even diapers (if you don't want to do CVS) Publix often has store coupons in their circular for diapers which can be stacked. I used to get earth's best baby food for pennies…sign up for their baby club if you are not already and they send you coupons in the mail. I would also shop Aldi for things like milk, bread and produce. I really like Aldi for things that I need but don't have a coupon for…their chips are really good!

      • Jennifer

        Aldi's should be the big one for essentials and non-coupon items. They always have great prices on dairy and fruits and veggies. Then do Publix for your stockpile and coupons. I have a 1yr old and a 2yr old and can't always do the trips either. Also, my boys like how you put a quarter in the cart and like to “help” me bag. They even have a Little Tykes cart they like for me to bring to “help” me in the store there.

      • Melissa

        I have three children (13 months, 25 months, and 6 years) whom I always take shopping with me. Publix makes shopping with kiddos a very doable experience. They give them balloons and cookies. The bathrooms are clean. The carts are clean. If I forgot something or grabbed a wrong item for a coupon match, one of the clerks will run back and get it for me. They unload my cart onto the belt 90% of the time and load my car for me 100%.of the time. I have even had one of their clerks run back into the store and take care of a refund when I was charged for too many items while I sat in the car with my kids.

        • Dee

          Awesome! I wish we had a Publix where I live. You should write their corporate office and brag on them by name when you can! I work in a store myself and it means a lot when our customers do that for us!

    • Hope

      If you are only shopping sale items, then Walmart can be beat easily. But the majority of people can't buy everything or even close to everything they need on sale. And I save a lot at Walmart with price matching. For example, my toilet paper stockpile has dwindled to 2 rolls and today I pricematched a12 double roll pack of Cottonelle for $3.98 from Food Country. Walmarts price was $6.99. Even with a deal and coupons, $4 is about what I would pay. And I didn't have to do anything much to get that price. We don't have a Publix, but do have a Kroger. And Kroger is much higher on non-sale items than Walmart. An example is Lunchables. The small ones at Wmart are $1-1.25. Kroger's are over $2 – double the price. Even small things – a box of pasta is $1 at Walmart and $1.10 at Kroger. That is a 10% difference. If everything you buy is like that, then it doesn't make sense to shop at Kroger except for sale items or items that Walmart may not have, which is what I do.

      I would like to see a comparison of a typical person's (well, an average couponer's) shopping list rather than JUST sale items. I coupon shop quite a bit and still have to pay full price for many things.

      • Lmeaker

        This is true if you are not utilizing the full strategy by stocking up when something goes on sale. Almost everything goes on sale once in a 6-12 week cycle. If you buy enough to last a full cycle, you should never have to pay full price.

      • momto2boys

        I try very hard to not have to pay full price ever. Paying full price makes me short of breath :)

      • Amanda

        I would also like to add that I don't know about your area but my Walmart is really quite a pain about price matching not to mention their overall poor customer service. I try to stay away from there if at all possible and just do grocery and drugstore deals. When I have asked Walmart to price match it has only been a handful of items. The reaction is always the same they are bothered by having to price match, make sure the ad dates are correct even ask supervisors to confirm it. They act like I am trying to cheat them out of a few dollars when I have already done my homework and know it is their policy to price match. I cannot imagine the pain staking effort it would take to try and have them price match a cart full of items. I know my cousin and America's Cheapest Family (both in Arizon) price match at Walmart when they cannot get a better deal, but I dread the idea of it. I would rather drive to a handful of stores on the same street in my area and have better customer service. I know Walmart could not hold a candle to prices I get at grocery and drugstores. I think their “Everday Low Prices” are a joke and in some cases 2 cents lower than the grocery store is not really low. Plus, as others have mentioned it is hard to just leave with groceries there, so you are probably not saving much. Also, I try to use the stockpile method and rarely have to get things not on sale. Even if you have to get a full price item with a coupon that doubles, in my experience the grocery price is still better.

      • Nanleigh10

        The Walmart here in Lexington, SC seems to always be out of the really good deals that would be price matched. the shelves are empty of the product the minute the product coes on sale at the various stores. I do not believe this is a coincidence.

      • Heuwood

        I started out just getting a few things with coupons and the rest as cheap as possible, but I found out pretty quickly that there’s usually at least one brand per item on sale at the grocery stores. Here in NC we have Lowes Foods, and they are SUPER high if the items aren’t on sale, but there’s usually at least one brand of a particular item, such as pasta, on sale. It may be a store brand or just one of the other brands that they carry, but there’s usually at least one that will beat Wal-Mart’s price. As a matter of fact, when I first started couponing, I would actually take my lists and my coupons that I was going to be using at our local grocery stores and go to WM, seeing if they could beat the prices! MANY times I would leave WM empty handed and drive across town to save money at the “higher priced” stores! That always gave me such a good feeling :) If you choose wisely and aren’t brand-specific, you can really get better deals at other places. Just food for thought…

    • Birdy

      I just started couponing maybe 4 months ago and I absolutely believe that the grocery stores are the better way to go… We only have a Winn Dixie and a Wal Mart where I live, and the Winn Dixie DOES mark up its prices on B1G1 items alot, for example, I had bought some toothpaste B1G1 from Publix for 2.99 and I had two 1.00 off coupons, so I ended up only paying .49 cents a piece, well, at Winn Dixie a couple of weeks later that same toothpaste was on sale B1G1 for 6.59!!!! Anyways, as I said we have no Publix around here so if I make a trip there it has to be a big one because with the way gas prices are it wouldnt be worth it lol… I do occasionally have to go to Wal Mart but it kills me to pay full price for something and have no coupons. I do think that just in regular prices that Wal Mart is cheaper, but when you use coupons and shop sales, which I do, Publix is ALOT better, even their customer service is better :o)

    • Frugal4life

      I totaly agree with Jennys. I live in Florida and Walmart prices are extemely high even with coupons. And you always end up expending too much. I have reduced my total grocery shoping by over 50% since following Jennys advice and list. It does take time and patience, but if you truly follow the rules, you will notice the great deals. I am so blessed that I sharing my abundance with others in my family and in my church. Thank you Southernsavers

    • Mchapman95

      I would LOVE to not shop at Wal-Mart, but living in a small rural town…that is the only grocery store we have, besides a small old J & J that is way more expensive than wal-mart and not much selection. The nearest Publix or Kroger is 30 minutes away :( What should I do in that circumstance?

      • Susangoff

        I hate wal mart so much, I would drive the 30 min drive!!! :)

      • Fgavent

        I try to grocery shop once a week. My stores are also 30 minutes away. I try to do my grocery shopping while I am in town for doctor's appointments, library visits, etc. I hate to waste gas and make special trips. It takes some planning but when you are following Jenny's rules about stockpiling 6-12 weeks worth when things are on sale…you can eat out of our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for many meals. I find the extra time spent planning a trip to Kroger and Publix are well worth the time when I consider the financial savings.

      • Lisa1616

        Try to find the items at the mom and pop store that are reasonably priced and give them as much of your money as you can. If the savings are really good in the next town's stores, consider taking one trip a week to shop at those stores. The savings should offset the cost of the gas and you are also helping to keep Wal-Mart from being the monopoly that it is.

    • Mirandawalker73

      I just wish we had a Publix or something else to compete with the supercenter other than small grocery stores where I live.

    • Fiveroller

      uh we have bilo. i believe that was one of the comparisons.

    • Marlene

      An interesting discussion and here are my 2 cents. I have a stockpile of about 2-3 months. I try and buy as many items as I can on sale but there are somethings that just don't work for me. Kitty Litter is B1G1 at Bi-Lo this week but it is not the kind that works well for my cats – the cost comparison on the other items – better value at Walmart – we went to Bi-Lo first then across the street to purchase at Walmart.
      It really does depend on your area's market – if you know your price points you can stock up on sales. I would bet that if you made a list of 20 random staple items and checked best price at Walmart vs Publix or Bi-Lo (sale or no sale price) chances are it would be comparable if not ultimately lower total at Walmart. Because the non-sale price at your average grocery store can be double the supercenter price. For anyone who is starting at this you will likely still need to shop your supercenter for some items until you can get a fairly good pantry (6-9 weeks). Check Jenny's weekly best price and under $1 list as this will give you an idea of what can and will go on sale.
      What do I buy at Walmart & Aldi's (I <3 Aldi's!) – produce (esp bananas), dairy, some canned goods, coffee, ice cream, seasonal items etc. What I don't buy at supercenters: toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning items, cosmetics or toiletries, pasta, meat, etc since I have plenty of these items bought at grocery stores & drugstores.

    • Monroeice

      Just thought I'd mention that Wal Mart does have “sale” prices. They are called “rollbacks”. The “Always Low Prices” means that their everyday prices are low.To compare one stores “sale” price to another stores everyday price is incorrect. You would need to compare the “sale” price to the “rollback” price for it to be accurate.

      Not trying to say who is cheaper, just saying to make it fair when you compare :)

      • At Christmas (2009?), Walmart had a commercial with a tune that said “stop chasing sales.” That's when they first started price-matching.

        The idea behind Walmart and Target's marketing is instead of running around town or waiting for something to go on sale at the regular store, come in and get it cheap everyday at the supercenter. What Jenny is trying to say is that buying things on sale at a regular grocery store will beat Walmart's everyday “low” price.

        Walmart does not consistently put out circulars, so you would actually have to GO to the store in order to see what is on sale. I base my visits to stores based on the circular.

        • Kristy

          me too.

      • Dcuebas70

        When you look at prices on an ounces to cost ratio, the BOGO sales the overall cost is greater in the end. I used to be an adamant Wallie Mart shopper. My average grocery bill for 1 week was $200 and most weeks was serving spam, corned beef or eggs for dinner. I began going to Publix and Winn Dixie and hitting up CVS and Walgreens with the store and manufactuer coupons and my grocery bill on a weekly averages is now $100. We have not had to eat spam, eggs or corned beef for dinner in almost 4 months. It is always a full coursed meal. Also, we never bought snacks, it just was not in the budget. My family and I are eating better for less and eating nutrious snacks. Jenny thank you for all your hard work and efforts you put into providing us with the information needed to save those bucks

      • DenaSC

        Walmart for example has Kellogs cereal for 2.50 rollback, at Publix I wont spend over $1…..(if not free)…So Im afraid it is very fair to say…..who is REALLY cheaper

        • Nanleigh10

          Dena is right about Publix. I shop Publix, Target and the drug stores – believe it or not, I got Special K at Target FREE this past week with their coupons and the mfg coupons. I used to just give those coupons away that I did not need or use and the items were free or cost pennies. Now, I buy the products and give them to a Sunday School glass for distribution to those in need. Does not take any time to do – I am there anyway. I bought 13 Kraft Homestyle dinners at Publix yesterday and paid 20 cents for each one; dog food and cat food FREE; yogurt (13 – 4 packs) FREE and several other items, either free or had an overage. I saved $86.00 buying on sale and using coupons.

          • guest

            I am sorry to be negative but really why would you buy 13 packs of yogurt?? I think that is a little much b/c when I get there with my 2 coupons they are all gone. I always have coupons left over b/c someone like you got there and bought all of the deal items! I go after work on the first day of the deal and this always happens. Why give it away when someone behind you could really use it and takes the effort to actually use coupons and buy it… I am just saying…

    • jonjus16

      Thank U…

    • Alice

      Monroeice- that would definitely make it more fair… and Wal-mart really does a considerable number of “rollbacks” from my experience. I think that if you shopped Wal-Mart exclusively and stocked up on rollback items just like you stock up on BOGO deals at Publix, combined that with coupons, then you may save more at Wal-Mart than if you shopped exclusively at Publix… so I'd really like to see that comparison. I think that Publix may still have a slight margin with just the sale items, but their regular prices are so much higher on produce, milk, etc.

      • MichelleK

        That varies by area…….WHere I live eggs and milk are cheaper at Publix by about 5 cents (even when no sale)……cannot emphasize enough…..keep a price book! Produce sales change weekly….and who needs to eat the same thing every week? just sayin.

      • me

        I'd rather drive around to 50 stores than to ever go into Wal Mart. There is no way I could fathom in my mind to ever save money at Wal Mart. Besides I feel like they are a bunch of money hungry people, so I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.

        • Lisa1616

          I agree. I haven't been in a Wal-Mart going on 5 years now. I am very proud of that, and I hope they don't put everyone else out of business so I will have no choice but to shop there again.

          • Kristy

            I don't do Wal-Mart either. Actually broke my own no Wal-Mart rule & went on Black Friday (my personal moment of insanity). When I saw people fighting over tv's & shark mops I was reminded why I stay away from the madhouse.

      • Chiefsangeleyes

        Alice I used to only shop at Walmart for my family using coupons. Only. Now I ONLY shop at Publix and I have cut my overall household costs (food, dog food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, makeup, vitamins, etc) by an avg of 75%!!

      • Melinda

        Alice – I've been couponing for about a year now. This is what has worked for me and my family… I go to Publix for the B1G1 with coupons. Then I go to Walmart for milk, produce, etc. With Publix I build my stockpile. With Walmart, I get my weekly perishables. I also use Walgreens for that stuff. It stockpiles easy and I go weekly for 1 month about every 6 (no need to go once stockpile is there for that stuff).

      • Elizabeth

        Wal-Mart is THE place to buy Half and Half, but milk and eggs might be cheaper at Publix. You should re-check that. A year or two ago, they lowered the prices on things that they consider child basics.

      • DenaSC

        I dont know how you coupon but FREE from Publix is better and saves lots of money compared to Walmart. Once you get the coupon thing down you should be paying but 20-40% of your bill. Keep trying

    • Even in a true BOGO state (where you'd have to by both items), it still comes out better than W & T. Don't get me started on the drugstores…

    • My grandparents live in a small town where Walmart is the only store. There is one other grocery store (a small chain). When they go to Walmart to buy a food item, they almost always end up coming out with (unnecessary) stuff from other parts of the store. That's exactly what Walmart wants…

      • Lisa1616

        Sadly, that is where our country is heading. Wal-Mart will eventually put everybody out of business and then will their “low prices always” be? I know, non-existent. Just tell your parents to do all they can to shop with the local store for as along as they can.

        • I don't believe that is the case. Walmart has built neighborhood markets (grocery stores with drive-thru pharmacies) across Florida and Publix is still No. 1. CVS or Walgreens (can't remember each one) is the big dawg when it comes to filling Rx's.

          It's all about GOOD competition. Publix is where it is because it was built on customer service. Their everyday prices don't beat Walmart, but people will still prefer to buy that $4.50 regular priced cereal at Publix than the $2.39 regular price at Walmart because the service is significantly better.

      • Guest

        Just curious, did Walmart put a gun to hteir head and make them buy the extra stuff? Just wondering….

        • Guest


        • No, and I am not blaming Walmart for those unnecessary purchases if that is what you are implying. I'm not the “Walmart is evil” type and I believe it is the responsibility of the consumer to make financial decisions carefully. I actually hate that people bash Walmart but won't say the same things about Target when they are very similar. (On the recent CNBC special about Target, a Target executive actually said they like being number 2, that way, they won't get blamed for the world ending like No. 1 Walmart).

          Anyway, it is their marketing strategy for you to buy other stuff. If it wasn't the case, they wouldn't build supercenters. They don't make much money off of the aisle foods. Nothing wrong with that.

    • kjmiller

      Wow, Jenny, what'd you do with all that stuff? ;)

      • We didn't really buy it, just went in and wrote down a ton of prices and then came home and did a ton of math!!

    • Scarboroughs

      I'm still trying to break into this, but I have done it for a few weeks now, and a few things that I have found is 1) I can't seem to “save” more than $30/ week… it's a savings but not HUGE. 2) I end up going to 3 different stores to get the “savings”… don't I just burn that up in gas driving around town? 3)I spent 3 hours getting my coupons and such ready to go shopping this weekend only to spend more than I wanted to spend 4) If I would have gone to Wal-art this week, I would have done better, as some of their regular prices are still lower than the sale items at the grocery stores and drug stores.
      I have not given up on this process yet, but it seems to be a lot of work for little return so far…

      • Sleach01

        I too used to be skeptical. If you can find someone in your area to tag along with a time or two, you'd be amazed. I love to shop at Publix and have found they usually beat all other deals on namebrands. One trick is to learn to shop for your pantry and your menu. It took me a while to get this, and to begin with I wasn't saving much. Been at it since September now and finally got the hang of buying in 6 week cycles. Take Jenny at her word, it's amazing to save an average of 60% a week. Happy saving!

        • Sleach01

          Oops…meant shop for your pantry and not your menu…sorry.

      • momto2boys

        You have to work to build a stockpile which is about 6 wks worth of each item. Once you get a stockpile created that is when you see the real savings because then you only buy things like meat/milk/bread/produce to make your meals with and buy things that are on the list at the “stockpile” price. This way you are not buying ketchup every couple of weeks and having to pay full price for it, you buy it when you can get it for pennies and buy 6 bottles (or whatever you will use) instead of 1.

      • TheChapleigh

        My comment is that you are just beginning, and you likely do not have the benefit of being able to pull from a stockpile in order to feed your family, use toiletries, etc… and thus you MUST buy the needed items weekly.

        After you have been couponing for a bit (meaning, you pretty much ONLY buy what is on sale + coupon) you will realize the savings. I look at HT and RA for my weekly sales, and occassionally browse FL and LF sales fliers to see if there is anything REALLY great. I will buy those sale items that I have really great coupons for and add those to my stockpile. I also buy the perishables that I need every week – Milk, eggs, bread, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, bananas, salad stuff… I home make the meals from what's in the freezer or the pantry, and even “refreeze” a portion of those meals in order to have grab & go easy meals later on. If this is how you build your shopping lists, this is how you will begin to see the savings. However, if you plan your menu, then go shopping… you are right, it will feel like you are still spending more than you want to.

        My comment on bread & milk & eggs being more costly at grocery stores…. I've learned that each store has it's “thing” they lower prices for. Fortunately HT often does B1G1 on breads and the milks are usually reduced significantly every 3 weeks or so. If I can time it right to where I buy the milks at the beginning & again at the end of that sale week, then I don't need to buy too much milk at the regular price during the other weeks. Same with the breads ( I like the healthier versions of bread — I NEVER pay as much on this type bread at HT than I used to pay at WM!!) Also, I am able to buy some produce quite often on managers special at HT (bananas are a biggie in my house), so that makes up for the higher non-sale price on perishables. Compare this to Lowes Foods, where they have the similar coupon policy at HT… they never have these types of sales on bread or milk, so I choose to not shop LF.

        For the record, I really did TRY to go to WM this weekend, in order to use the B1G1 internet printable Stayfree pads coupon, and I planned to price match the HT $2.50 price (never tried to price match at WM before, but figured I'd try it out). I was beating myself up because I'd missed the great RA sale a week or 2 before where they were on sale B1G1 at the store, or maybe it was get an UP reward… either way, they were free or a money-maker, I believe. Well, I never did make it to WM, and thankfully RA is having another sale where I can use those coupons again… not as cheap as I could have gotten them before, but now I don't need to deal with the hassle of price matching and the long lines of WM…. and I don't NEED pads right now, but they are a brand I like, and I have great coupons… stock-up time!

        I hope you can stick with this process to see the big savings… you WILL get hooked if you can hang in there ;)

        • Bridget

          I also wanted to add that if you live near a Trader Joe's, they have awesome prices on bananas. I mostly shop at HT and Rite Aid, but it is worthwhile to swing by TJs for bananas (and wine!) if I am in the neighborhood. As the above poster said, if you stick with it until you have a stockpile, you WILL start to get the great savings. We cut our grocery bills from about $140 to $55 a week last year. In the first couple of months, we only saved $20 – $40 a week, but it just kept going down once we had a solid stockpile. Keep with it – it is worth it!

      • Gscorbitt

        I agree with you. I can never get $140 worth of groceries for $40. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

      • Lisaaherman

        It takes a little while to get the hang of it. Choose one store and learn that one for a couple of weeks.

      • DenaSC

        Ive been doing coupons now for a year and let me say I LOVE PUBLIX! I am a full time student and mom and I have gotton my coupon time to prepare for my shopping trips down to 30min tops. I stick with one store every week….90% of the time its Publix! After the first few months I can gladly say (with thanks to Jen) that i save on average 60-75%! Most items each week are FREE!! I will never go to Walmart again.

        Hang in there and start stocking up on b1g1 each week with coupons. If your Publix take comp coupons do some research (target and walgreens always have coupons)

        good luck

      • hotchixie

        I definitely understand, as I am new too. One thing that you can do though is on the right hand side of the website there is a button that says “Best Deals This Week”, then click on “Under A Dollar” deals. I go there and look for things that are either free, or I am really going to use anything else. Right now I am still spending money on things that I need now, but I am slowly starting to stockpile on things. For instance I have a ton of popcorn, peanut butter, cough drops, etc that I got all for free. Eventually other things will build. Just make sure that you are collecting enough coupons to be able to stockpile.

      • Mellat

        I choose the one store that has the most of what I need. If there aren't good sales to fit what I need I head to Aldi's. I can normally get most of what I need there if it is not on sale elsewhere. I also try to stock up on some stuff at Aldi's. I stock up there about once a month. Their produce is good and so is their dairy and snacks. You just have to know prices to know what you can get cheaper elsewhere. (Nothing beats free yogurt at Publix this week)

      • FreedomSpradley1

        I started couponing in July 2010 and it took me about 6-8 weeks before I saw good savings. I was trying to shop all the deals at all the stores (Bi-Lo, Publix, Kroger, CVS, and Walgreen's) but it was taking way too much time and energy. Now I only shop Publix and CVS. I will hit Kroger or Bi-Lo if they have really good deals and it's worth the extra time and effort. I've sworn off Walgreen's all together because having to get “filler” items to use coupons makes me spend more than I would if I waited on the same items to go on sale elsewhere. Give it time! It's definitely worth it in the long run!

    • Gina

      Too bad they don't do this for HEB. I wish you would. That's all we have around here. Its so expensive too.

      • Bridget

        Jenny does do the sale match ups for HEB, if that is what you mean. Check under the “Other” tab at the top to find it.

    • Cwinslow7

      Walmart here (can only speak to ours) will price match a sale price but they consider price match to be the equivilent of using a coupon and will not even accept a manufacturers coupon if they have price matched. I used to think that shopping there was the only way I could get remotely close to our very lean budget, now I shop Publix, Winn Dixie, CVS and Walgreens using Walmart for only an occasional emergency item. I also have to go in pretty much with blinders on so I don't get sucked into purchasing something that wasn't on the list.

      Jenny, you have been such a God-send. I now meet my budget with plenty of wiggle room and have even been able to treat myself to a few “wants” (like a Swiffer Wet-Jet that I q'd and got for about $8 :) ) Those who doubt really need to watch all the videos and actually follow instead of just being Negative Nellies.

      • That's a bummer on the manufacturer's coupon with price match thing. I remember price matching Kleenex with a coupon and they took it.

    • DanniGirl

      There is nothing about W-Mart that I like. I live 20 minutes from a town that has a W-Mart Supercenter, a Harvey's and a Winn Dixie. I drive to another town 40 minutes away once a week to shop at Publix. W-Mart is not coupon friendly (on any item). It's always a “madhouse” in that place. Everyone I know hates going to the dreaded Supercenter to shop. The people at Publix are always very nice. I have been couponing for about nine months and have never had a problem with Publix taking a coupon. The people are always very helpful when you need something and never, that I have experienced, had a bad attitude. I think the Supercenters are very arrogant and think that everyone will shop with them because of their name. Well, not this South Georgia girl. I will gladly drive my 40 minutes a week to save over 60% a week for a family of four. It is well worth my gas money.

    • learningthecoupongame

      I just started using your site and would love to be one of those people who pay $1 for two carts worth of food, but I am learning. I understand that the Supercenters are def more expensive if you shop the “Southern Savers” way but what about the big warehouse stores? Are there still some things that you should buy in bulk?

      • Kristy

        If you stock up when items are free or close to it, you always cone out better than you would at a wholesaler.

    • Elizabeth

      I would like to see a comparison of national brand items on sale at grocery stores with coupons vs. STORE brand items at Wal-Mart. I, a former Walmart shopper, completely believe you, but that seams to be the sticking point for many. A comparison with national brands doesn't mean anything to shoppers that buy store brands.

      • 2save$

        I understand what you are saying completely. I have several friends with pantries full of “great value”. That sight would be so depressing to me. The stores that are offering the sales, double my coupons, and treat me like I am a valuable customer deserve my business. Not the company that may or may not “match the competitor” prices.

        • Kristy

          Well said 2save$. I recently came home w 2 bottles of windex. My husband said, “I don't see how you save, we aren't even completely out of windex, & why don't you just buy the cheap brand.” I replied, that I had just pd $1.25 total for both.& that it was important to buy when items are on sale & can be matched with coupons. I then challenged him to come home w 2 bottles if cheap brand for less than $1.25 for both. That was on Jan 10 & he has yet to find a better deal buying the cheap brand!

          • Elizabeth

            Yes! I was sold on sale shopping when I brought home Lysol 4 in 1 cleaner for less than $0.50 each. A truly smashing comparison would be to show the savings of buying this over a Great Value cleaner. The savings are HUGE!

      • When combining coupons with sales, you will often score better than the store brand. The only store brand items I've bought consistently since I discovered this site over the summer is heavy cream and butter (low carb diet). To be honest, those are usually only available as store brand.

        Almost everything else (vitamins, shampoo, canned goods, coffee, etc) has been national brand ever since. Before couponing, I would oftentimes have private label brands of those items.

    • I can't tell you how many people I talk to who simply refuse to shop anywhere other than Wal-Mart because they think that they can save the most there.

      If the only store near you is a Wal-Mart and they treat you well, take your coupons, etc., then I can understand why you shop there.

      For me, I have ethical reasons for not shopping at Wal-Mart. If you spend a little time reading and digging, their practices are deplorable. They have been sued numerous time for trying to fire employees for simply reading materials on unions on the premises. They repeatedly promote younger male employees into management positions before women with years more experience. Here in Georgia, what employer has the largest number of workers on Peach Care (welfare)? Wal-Mart, because they pay such low wages and rarely offer benefits of any kind. They have also driven American-based suppliers out of business because they demand such low prices that these domestic suppliers can't even try to compete with foreign ones.

      I don't try to talk people out of shopping at Wal-Mart but I refuse to support a business that does such things.

      • Kristy

        I agree 100%. I shop anywhere but Walmart. One of the biggest reasons being that I am spending my hard earned money as a customer feel like I am treated like a dog. I refuse to support places that treat people this way. But since learning to coupon I never actually have the need to go to Walmart. They may say they will price match but in my experiences they would most likely not do this with any amount of courtesy.

    • War Eagle

      I love this site. I have been using it for over a year now and I definitely save money. I love it that I go to WM maybe once every other month. I have learned the items that do not go on sale at Publix so I will head to WM or Target and stock up there. Otherwise I am a 100% happy Publix and CVS customer. Thanks Jenny for taking away the hassle of dealing with the unfriendly WM workers!!!

    • Rose


      • Dee

        In my area they do not comp the buy 10 and save 5 dollar sale prices even when you buy 10. Not that I would do that with ten but I did try it with a buy four and save sale that was going on at Krogers. I think weve become spoiled by them and too trusting of them always being the cheapest. I still compare and they can be more a lot of the times now. So be careful and watch.

        • Kelly C

          WM only matches an ad that give an exact price, like 2/$5 or buy one at $$ get one free. As long as it's a comparable item. Publix, Kroger, CVS and such have there registers set up to change prices automatically if you buy the amount in the ads.

          • Kristiethome

            Where do you live? I'm wondering why my Walmart won't match B1G1 items, even when the price is listed. I'd heard in the past that they would match them, as long as the price was listed. I've tried it until I'm blue in the face and they have always refused. I live in Simpsonville, SC.

      • Kristiethome

        The Walmart stores in Upstate SC will not match B1G1 items. They never have (at least not at the one in Simpsonville, SC). Where in NC do you live? If Walmart matched the B1G1 prices, I'd be more likely to shop there.

      • FreedomSpradley1

        I have price matched at Walmart (many years ago) and the cashiers have to individually key in each item you are price matching and that would become very cumbersome if you are getting more than a couple items price matched. They also don't double coupons. They will not price match B1G1 deals either and good luck trying to get them to price match meat sales.

      • They don't price match BOGO.

        Don't even try price-matching at Target. I can't even use a rewards card store. My Target wouldn't let me match CVS. I went home and looked at their policy, and it was there.

    • Guest

      Here the deal Wal-mart has everyday low prices which mean they have the lowest everyday price when an item does not go on sale. This why Wal-mart is the king of price and companies open up location in Arkansas to do business with them.

      • Dee

        I have always done comparison shopping even when I didnt clip coupons etc… w.m. has gone up. I can compare their every day low prices to some drug stores every day prices and still find it cheaper at the drug stores sometimes. thats pretty bad. and their quality of product isnt always the greatest. they are still good for a few things here and there. and their selction has gone way down as well. and you can never find anybody to help you when you need it.

        • I remember when Glenn Beck was talking about food inflation a month or so ago and was using a survey of Walmart prices as the evidence. He even had a set of groceries with the prices and gave the total. I screamed, “I COULD HAVE DONE WAY BETTER THAN THAT!” He needs southernsavers or maybe northernsavers?

    • Katrinasews

      I have always found that the BOGO are a better deal than Wal-Mart or Sam's. And I have shopped for the best deals on groceries for over 25 years. Wal-Mart will not always match the price from an ad. I was not allowed to comp egg a few weeks, back. Wal-Mart will not double your coupons. Jenny I am sold!!! I have learned how to even save more money because of your website. Thank-you!!!

      • Dee

        I used to love Sams. Not anymore. If I have to pay to walk in the door then they do NOT want MY business. The savings were never that great to begin with. I just liked the selection. But until they let me in for free and allow me to use the credit card of MY choice then they can keep it. 1000 other stores out there ready to take my money at the register instead of at the door!

        • Bee

          You know, I had not been to Sam's in about 2 years and went back in there to see about prices a week or so ago. The place was swarming, absolutely packed and you could not move in any aisle. The prices were NOTHING to be happy about. What's more, I can't believe you have to pay a membership fee AND pay more per item than it would be on sale frequently at stores AND you have to buy multiples of it. Now really, if you are willing to buy multiples in the first place, then you are willing to go to a REAL sale and stockpile the same number. Makes no sense. The lines and full to overflowing shopping carts in Sam's looked as if they were giving stuff away. And you could basically tell who was buying for household consumption versus who was stocking a business.

    • Hrosa66

      Jenny, could you do a comparison list to commissaries prices? Thanks!

      • LeighM

        Unfortunately, the federal government doesn't allow posting of Commissary prices to the public. All Jenny would be able to do is post the percentage off. To even access Commissary sale prices online you have to input your sponsor's social security number!

        Personally, I only shop meat and produce at my Commissary. Some people can do very well there on other items, but I can't seem to figure out how! Between the B1G1 sales and doubling coupons I do much better at Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh (a local chain) than the Commissary.

    • Hillskd

      I “ALWAYS” love it when you do these comparisons. Keep away from that ole supercenter, y'all!

    • Dee

      I completely agree! I feel like Im being cheated when I go to a “super center” lol! Not to mention the difference in the quality of the produce and meats. And not to mention yet again the bread I pick up off the shelf isnt expiring the very next day! Whats up with that?

    • danielrichard

      1.Very seldom can you find coupons for produce. I have not seen any produce cheaper at local grocers cheaper than Wal-mart.
      2.You act as if it's either-or…You can shop both. We get our dry-goods from publix, health-care/beauty needs from CVS/Walgreens, and produce from Walmart or ALDI.
      There are no 'local grocery stores' anymore. If you go to Publix, you are supporting a corporation just as concerned with their bottom line as Wal-mart. Just because people would rather work at Publix does not mean that I should rule out Wally World. The displeasure of the workers is evident when you shop at Walmart, but this whole site is not geared toward paying more to shop where the workers are happy, people come to this site to “save” (as should be evident in the name of the site). If there are things that cost less at walmart, I will put up with the attitudes; the children running everywhere; the crowds. It may not be simpler or more convenient, but couponing in general is less convenient that not couponing. We coupon to save money. I go to Wal-mart (when I absolutely have to) to save money.

      • Dee

        I completely agree. Walmart has its time and place. But isnt always the best these days. Youre lucky to get good produce in your area. In my area it is often limp or shriveled. Ive actually picked up produce and my thumb went thru the rotten spot. Fruit flies swarming everywhere. And you really have to watch expiration dates as they are not rotating product. Especially their brand bread which in my area is always expiring the next day!

      • Jennifer

        I dont know where you live, but I live in Florida. If you have a harvey's they have coupons on produce all of the time and walmart will take them. I dont like produce from walmart myself. It goes bad too fast. Publix here has b1g1 in produce all of the time. I guess its just what your looking for. I dont like going to walmart here, because you never know what coupon policy they are following. They definitely dont know what it is half of the time. I am thankful for the comparisons it helped me see what I thought what true to begin with. As far as Publix being bottom line, they may be, but their stock is private belonging only to there employees and they genuinely do care for there customers. I dont think Jenny is making anyone choose. I think it has to be hard listening to all these questions about walmart. She is just answering peoples questions.

      • 1. If you like your lettuce to be brown…. :-)

    • Jmsutton1980

      I am new to southern savers! I have been shopping at supercenter's my whole life and man do I wish I would have known this many years ago…. I have been wasting so much money thanks to you Jenny my life has change and saving money is my name!!!

    • Dee

      I think when time permits us, we need to shop the stores that are having the sales. If we always go to wm and have the cashier comp the prices we are killing off the competition. We only hurt ourselves in the long run.

    • Candace

      No matter what anyone says I agree with you Jenny. I used to make frequent trips to Walmart and the small amount of items I did buy added up to way more than I spend now. I can't remember the last time I went to Walmart. Thanks for all you do to help us save money. I get so many items I am able to share it with others!!!

    • Kristy

      Yesterday, by using cpns & ecb I walked out of cvs paying just $1.45 for 5 .12 packs of cokes. Just can't see Walmart prices coming close to that !

    • Julie

      I love this comparison. I'm so not a fan of the Supercenter and this just justifies it all the more.

      I'd love to see a selection of random items compared each week (perhaps comparing regular price, so apples to apples), since rarely to the same stores have the same items on sale at the same time (but that's why we shop at multiple stores).

    • PamAlabam

      I'm not crazy about WM but in my small town if I want something like a dog leash or some shoelaces, that's where I'm going. What I see WalMart doing is marking some things down or maybe even semi-competitive with grocery stores, but then they stick it to you on something you don't buy often and so you don't automatically know what a good price is. I needed some safety pins and I had ONE choice at the local WM–a smallish package and the cost was $3. No way–I found some later at Dollar General for $1.

    • Jennifer

      How do you double your coupons? I dont understand how that works? Can one explain the steps to me. Thanks You can also email me if you would like at jgseigler@yahoo.com. Any information on couponing will greatly be appreciated as I have three boys ages 1-4. So any amount of money I can save for on groceries will be great. I am new at this by the way. Just starting. I usually spend 200-250. a week at the grocery store. So please I really need help!

      • momto2boys

        You can view Jenny's videos on getting started…they are very helpful. Some stores here in the south double which means they double the face value of a coupon so a .50 coupon will double to $1. Each store doubles up to a different amount…Publix is usually .50 and less and my Bi-lo is .60 and less. Check with your store for their coupon policy.

    • Shoemate4ever

      I STOPPED shopping at Wal-mart 2yrs ago now. I was tired of always having to play ring around the roses with the cashiers and managment about my coupons. But the final straw was when I was informed by the manager that I was trying to steal from their store by using coupons on every item in my buggy. Now I have 4 children who witness this and I know without a shadow of doubt that if I didn't coupon for my family we wouldn't have what we have. Thumbs Down to WAL-MART

      • hilabee

        I have seen cashiers at Walmart take 2 coupons in their hand and only scan the top one on several occasions! Besides they are slow as molasses in January there because they don't have baggers! Publix all the way!

    • Denise

      I used to work full time and for years (15 years) I swore by Walmart. It was not until I stopped working and had the time to learn how to coupon and buy things on sale that I learned how to save money. I believe if you never clip a coupon and just buy things as you need them, Walmart is cheaper than a local grocery store. If you never clip a coupon and only buy things on sale then a place like Publix will be cheaper and add coupons and doubling there is no question Publix always wins out.

      To the people that think that BOGO prices are increased…I have watched this and they are not. They are the same exact price a week later or 2 weeks later.

      I am a new believer and wish I would have known this 15 years ago but at least I know it now. And to Jenny..Southern Savers is the best website I have seen out there. I hope you never stop. Keep up the great work.


    • Yes, if you're matching product to product, but if you're content with Great Value brand, you can only beat that price at Kroger if you have a coupon on top of their sale price, in my experience. And my supercenter does price matching, so if you take the ad in and you have your coupon, often you can get the same price.
      I'm amazed that you only buy things on sale. In my experience couponing, I can never find a coupon/sale for EVERY item I want to buy. Typically coupons are for packaged items, and quite often ready-to-eat items that are full of preservatives and/or fat!

      • Jimandrachael10

        I thought the same way as you, always buying Great value because even with a coupon it seemed cheaper. I Still go to my super center if I “have to” have something because if you don't use sales and coupons it can be cheaper to buy generic then going into a Publix and paying full price. BUT if you follow the terrific Southern Savers tips you will stock up and not “have to” buy many things. I use sales and coupons and save more then 75% of my grocery bill. It takes a few months to stock up on coupons and pantry items but you will see a difference. I had to try it to believe it! Now instead of buying generic and just getting what I need, I buy name brand ( which can make a difference) and have lots in my pantry and money to buy those little extra's. Jenny even gives you tips on how to use the sales and coupons to put together healthy recipes. I love this site ( I don't know how she does it), I hope you learn from it too!

      • FreedomSpradley1

        I haven't tested this but as a past Walmart shopper, I don't believe you are correct. I used to have a pantry with only the basics and it was all Great Value brand. I spent about $150/week at Walmart. Now I have an overflowing pantry with all national brand items and I spend about 50% less per month on groceries as a whole (saving ~$300/mo). If you were doing a comparison it would be Great Value brand vs. National Brand less coupons (don't forget to double those less than $0.50). The point of couponing is buying 6 weeks worth when items are at their lowest price (on sale) so Walmart may be cheaper if you were only buying what you need as you need it. Publix often does B1G1 sales on their produce, bread, and dairy products so it's not just packaged items and I don't always have a coupon for everything in my cart-especially when it comes to produce.

    • Mendy

      My question is, when I'm out of something and need it now, which store would be the best to get it from if it's not on sale anywhere? The main grocery stores we have are Kroger, Publix, and of course Walmart. Assuming there are no coupons for the item, and it's just like a dry goods type things, who would have the best price?

      • JEB

        I would guess Walmart or Aldi, from my experience.

      • Walmart.

    • Ally

      Along a similar vein, what is your feeling about warehouse stores like Costco and Sam's Club? I get the costco coupons and i wonder if the unit price comes out better or not…

      • Studyallday

        when i compared prices at sam's (which only takes sam's coupons and charges 3 times the amount to join the GOLD couponing availability) the savings is only hit or miss when you compare there every day low price with the price of the same amount in a regular store with no coupons. once you add coupons, the savings is better

        Example Kraft cheese 3-16 oz vs 48 oz
        common sale at publix/bi-lo/krogers $2===== then comonly find coupons
        price at sam's 6.89——- does not have coupons available as of yet for sam's
        plus sams coupons are 10 a week that are only good for a month, and rotate every for weeks (the same 40 coupons)—–

        • Ally


    • Annielimit

      If you went off what you are showing on sale than you'd probably be correct however, I can't live off chips, pizza, canned food and certain other foods always on sale. Eggs for instance are easily $1 cheaper at Walmart. You recently posted Scrubbing bubbles on sale at Publix but there must be a difference in price vs your Publix as our Publix charges $3.99 for the same product. Yes couponing is great and you can save a lot at Publix and other stores but a lot of them are highly processed foods or foods I'm not willing to eat. A combination of Walmart and Publix is how I tend to go. If you aren't picky about what you will eat than maybe Publix is cheaper. Banannas are ALWAYS cheaper at Walmart. They are usually .29-39 cents a pound where Publix is .69-1.39 usually and you can't stock up on bananas or most produce. Actually Whole Foods has the bagged lettuce for $1.99 vs $3.99 at Publix or Walmart

      • Studyallday

        no i can get eggs on sale at walgreens, publix, bi-lo, krogers, about every 2-3 weeks for .99 and milk for 2.59-2.69 a gallon.

        • Eggs are rarely on sale at Publix, but true on Wags often having them for $0.99.

    • Mlnbacon

      I have to add – even putting aside the issue of coupons and WM vs. other stores…. because of this site I have gotten great deals on SO many other things! i got crocs mailed to my house for $9, 2 B & B wallflower starter kits free, several free movie rentals, a set of 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths from JcPenny for $11……..that's a few of my deals! Thanks Jenny for all you do to help us!

    • momto2boys

      I have a price comparison from today….just for kicks I went in to walmart looking around and for example Duke's mayo is regular price 2.98 paired with a .50/1 coupon makes it 2.48…..at bi-lo the mayo is on sale for 2.50 paired with a .50/1 coupon (doubled) makes 1.50. Even at regular price at bilo it is 3.29 minus the .50/1 coupon (doubled) makes it 2.29 which is STILL cheaper than wally world. Just one example….

      • Thefallsfamily7


    • Banyail

      As a former “Walmart is always cheaper” believer I can say you really have to know your prices and have a price point in your head for what you buy if you are going to shop at Walmart, Target, etc. They are cheaper on some items, but not on others. My biggest problem, personally, with Walmart is that I have usually had the assumption that everything is cheaper there, and so I blindly buy the items I want and always end up spending more. Now, there are certain things I know will always be cheaper there, mostly b/c they are things that rarely or never go on sale at a grocery store. But for the most part, I try to stay out of there and only go in to stock up on my specific items and my budget always thanks me. And btw, to those who think coupon/grocery store shopping is only about junk and processed food- I get lots of coupons for organic/healthy foods that go on sale at the grocery store so I can now actually afford to buy it!

      • And there are lots of coupons for personal care and household items too. That's what the anti-couponers don't understand.

    • Joshmkeener

      also i noticed on a wal mart reicept there is total savings is that because they dont want u to know ????? new to all of this mom of 2

      • Fiveroller

        the reason walmart doesnt put total savings at the bottom of the receipt is because its EVERYTHING is pretty much the same low price every week so youre not really saving anything buying it this week as opposed to last week. grocery stores, however, put the savings on there because theyre telling you, you saved x by buying it on sale this week when we normally charge you y. its kind of self incriminating but people fall for it anyway.

        • Mayocoupons

          hey fiveroller, just noticed your many posts arguing in favor of walmart over publix, etc… as well as your suggestion that you compare prices etc… just wanted to let you know that Publix has Tidy Cats scoopable litter on sale B1G1 for $7.29 or $3.74/each. Anyway, as I used to shop for my cat litter at Walmart exclusively for the past 5 years before I began couponing (and BTW I thought Publix was outrageously priced compared to ANY other grocery store) I can tell you that the absolute best price I EVER saw for the same litter at Walmart was $6.49. It's really amazing what goes on sale B1G1 at Publix each week! A month or so back I was able to get the Bic Multipurpose lighters (that sell for $3.99 and up everywhere) for $0.25/each matching the B1G1 with the coupon so if you give it a few weeks and keep your mind open to believing there are other places to get deals then you will see what the majority of the people on this blog have repeatedly expressed…that Walmart/Target/Sam's/Costco are NOT the best places to score the 85% savings available by shopping at CVS, Rite Aid, and Publix/Kroger/Bi-Lo/etc… of course Walmart has good deals on many items or it would be out of business but for the purposes of the SUPER SAVERS who follow “extreme super couponing” it's not anywhere near #1. Hope you continue saving and using this site. Happy couponing!! ;)

          • Sgaddes

            I believe this poster must work for Walmart and defending its stand which is great that we all have a voice and different opionions. However, most of us couponers visit this site because shopping with grocery stores and drug stores for on sale items works for us and I never have to step foot in Walmart. I save average of 50% and still pay a little more for non-sale items while there and still my average is 50%. Walmart is about 25% on items I stock regularly. Everyone's needs are different but I am so glad you all and Jenny support this site, it has enabled us to save over $2,000 last year alone! Love Southern Savers and ALL posters to site, even if we disagree.

            • Fiveroller

              I dont work for wmart. what i want is for someone to offer a reasonable and realistic comparison. the comparison made in the blog is no different than if you walked thru wmart, wrote down the rollback or sale prices you see and then took that list to bilo or publix and wrote down those prices. more than likely most of those items arent going to be on sale at the grocery stores and the total would be much higher than the wmart price. its not a realistic comparison. if you watch the items for a few weeks, many of them may go on sale at the grocery stores which would make the prices more comparable, but you cant just take a list of sale prices from one store and compare them to the prices at another store that day. also, its funny how many people give 1 example of an item they found cheaper at the grocery store than youll ever find it at wmart. im not disagreeing that there are deals to be had. all im saying is, if you take an arbitrary no. of items that both stores carry (identical items) and find the cheapest price for each item in 6 weeks, i dont think your total at the grocery store will be cheaper than the wmart total.

          • beverly

            I agree with you. I was amazed at how much I can save by extreme couponing. It does take me more time than just mindlessly shopping at superstores and assuming you are saving all you can save.I've been there and I Luv this stuff. I also understand that I am not getting the price half off what I can get it somewhere else and that the saving on my receipt is not true savings> the secret is to know your prices

        • Thefallsfamily7

          That's why i try to be very strategic shopper. I have always been a die-heart Wal-Mart shopper. I pretty much go to the same WM and became very familiar with their prices. So when I look at the sale ads at Publix, Ingles, and Bi-lo I know when they are trying to “scam” me and when it really is a good deal in comparison to WM. Usually I only get the B1G1 at these stores when I have coupons that can be doubled to go with them, then I get the good savings. About a week ago I went to Publix they had Muellers products 160z on sale for .99 and 1.00. I had .50 coupons that doubled for 1.00. I got 8 boxes of Mueller products for .2 cents. Now you know WM would not have won on that one.

    • Anon

      Wow, I have enjoyed the debate going on here!
      As a HUGE Southern Savers fan – I have been “extreme “for 2 years now…We have consistently saved over 66% each week – feeding real food, made from scratch – each week. I never “have to have” anything except milk, and the perishables.My stockpile is great, but not a hoard! Wouldn't dream of buying personal care items, cleaning items, etc
      What I have to say to you who are so gung – ho on Walmart – please shop there – that will leave more deals for me and the others at Krogers and Publix !!!!

      • Fiveroller

        Ok, heres another sticking point where you extremers fail to face reality. you get your receipt from HT and you calculate price before coupon and sales. then you give the price after coupons and sales. price before coupons and sales =$100, after coupons and sales $25. I saved 75%. Well, no you didnt not really because the price before coupons and sales at HT was 3x too high anyway. for ex. a few super doubles ago, HT had purina dog chow 20# for $17 and b1g1. i had $1.50 coupon doubled so i got it for $5.50/bag. i dont fool myself into thinking i saved $11.50 because i know its regularly priced $10.50 for the same bag at walmart. I did save $5 though so i stocked up and bought the rest of my groceries at walmart.

        • Fiveroller

          and dont forget, if youre not there on the morning of the first day of the sale at the great stock up price, you probably arent getting any the rest of the week.

          • Sgaddes

            They offer rainchecks

    • Sgaddes

      Jenny, thanks for offering this as I consistently “debate” this point with friends and co-workers. I would much rather buy from grocery stores so that we as consumers, continue to have competition. If we shopped only supercenters and grocery chains go out of business, it eliminates competition and thus, the supercenters will be able to charge (at that point) whatever price they wish if no competition in area. Free enterprise America!

    • Sgaddes

      One other point to make about supercenters. They may be cheaper consistently on some items (and more on others as pointed out by another poster) but how many folks walk out with only their needed grocery items. The temptation to buy other items posted at the endcaps and in store prevent you from actually saving anything as you usually eat up the savings purchasing impulse items strategically placed for you which would not be a problem in say, a grocery store.

      • Fiveroller

        you dont have enough restraint to shop for groceries without being tempted to buy other things, then why would you have any more restraint to shop at a grocery store without buying any of their items that arent on sale. if you stock up on peanut butter at harris teeter for 1/4 the price at walmart, its no good if you also walk out with a bag of dogfood for $17 that costs $11 at walmart. that's just poor reasoning and/or a different problem altogether.

        another reason this blog is making an inaccurate comparison–
        you cant just choose the items that are on sale this week at publix and bilo and compare walmart's items to that. if so, then walk thru walmart and write down all the items you see on rollback, take that list to publix and bilo and see what you have to pay for those. thats just as skewed and no more a realistic comparison. the only way to make a true comparison, would be to pick, say 30 random items that both stores carry, track the cheapest price for each item at both stores for 6 weeks. total it up at the end. thats the only way to make a realistic comparison.

        • Peggy

          I agree w/Fiveroller. For instance Publix orange juice is $3+. I bought it at Walmart for $2.58. I love shopping at Publix for sales but I then go to Walmart for those items not on sale that can't be stockpiled. Of course my Publix and Walmart are across the street from each other so it's easy to shop at both.

          • Fiveroller

            Exactly. im not saying grocery stores dont have great deals. I always look at the HT, Food Lion, Bilo, lowes, and bloom ads here because they occasionally have items we use that are a great deal and i try to stock up accordingly if i can get there before the shelves get cleared. but its rarely more than 1 or 2 items a week, and the rest comes from walmart. the big savings for me comes from drug stores. i havent had to buy tide, downy, bounty, body wash, toothpaste, medicine, paper plates, cleaning supplies, etc., etc. etc. in well over a year thanks to the drug store deals.

          • Thefallsfamily7

            i agree with Peggy. I am able to do the same thing, go to several different stores because all these stores are on the same street within minutes of each other. i have been able to be quite efficient at my shopping and saving because of this advantage.

        • beverly

          this is in extreme couponing which I do. I never buy things unless it is at the lowest I can find it which is another aspect of extreme couponing. I do have the will power to not just pick up things. In fact, this process has help me with this because it messes up the game of how much I can save each week. I do have a few things I buy at superstores at there regular price but it is always the lowest I can find it.

    • Momof3

      I wanted to mention that today I used the Nesquik flavored milk B1G1F coupons at Walmart and the cashier thought she scanned them, but they didn't show on the receipt. I called back in and talked to a CSM and she was wonderful and went and got the coupons out of the register's box right away and is holding them for me. I told her this has happened to me before at that store and she apologized and was very easy to work with.

      So no, I”ve not had good success with coupons in times past at this Albany, GA store, BUT the CSMs have been gracious in helping fix the problem.
      That said, since WIC just saved me almost $100 for baby food and cereal, it's ok if I lose a few $$ occasionally, I think.

      • Germaine Jenkins

        I had the same experience where my coupon appeared to be scanned but when I reviewed my receipt later found that it had not. I didn't have as easy a time getting resolution.

    • KTGirl

      I was raised by a die-hard Publix shopper. As an adult, I developed a preference for Publix as well. I believe that the produce is better quality and it is almost always cheaper than WM. The same goes for meats and deli items. I do not care for WMs meat selection, and the deli leaves a lot to be desired. And Publix has a far better selection of groceries. The best savings on personal care items that I have found are at Walgreens and CVS. I wait until they run their sales with the RR or the ECB, and combine that with my coupons, and the savings are great.