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Friday Finals 6/8

on 6.8.2012 at 5:28pm

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We hit Publix this week for what started as a trip just to buy free ranch dressing and turned into a bigger trip with a lot more groceries.  It was good night overall.  I posted a picture to facebook of just the bags and that caused an onslaught of folks that felt I bought unhealthy items… so… not really in the mood to bring those comments on again but here goes.

Total before sales and coupons: $143.14
Total spent: $57.81
Total saved: $84.33 or 59%

Here’s a copy of my actual shopping list if you are curious what we purchased.  We also had a $5 off Publix coupon and a $6 Kroger coupon that we used.  I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare to shop so I went with only printable coupons, we were ready to go in 10 minutes and done shopping and home within the hour.

If you are concerned over our health, please remember that we get a huge box of produce every week from our CSA Farm, and probably eat more vegetables at every meal than most folks…  dinner last night was grilled chicken, fresh corn, squash and zucchini, peas and a dessert of fresh watermelon.  We also spent this week finally getting our garden going so soon we’ll have enough squash, peas and pumpkins for 3 counties.

Now your turn to share.  How did you do this week?  Leave a comment or a link to your post.

    • Anyone that decided to comment on your spending habits is throwing stones in a glass house.  I grow weary of concern-trolling.  

    • I feel you on the frustration : ) When I post my shopping trip photos on my very small blog and people leave comments about my shopping habits as an “anonymous” poster I hate feeling like I have to justify my purchases. Thank you for still sharing with all of us despite what people say. Happy Weekend!

      • Guest

        Why do you feel like you have to justify anything to a stranger? You elected to post your shopping trips, thereby inviting comments. You DO NOT have to justify what you post unless you want to. I find it odd you would feel like you have to. While someone may disagree with you and make a comment, so what? It

    • Lisa

      How obnoxious of them! Anyone who has read your blog for a while knows otherwise based on your csa mention, meal plans, and understanding of stockpiling. Please don’t feel like you need to defend yourself.

    • Lovecvs

      Jenny – Can you share more information about your vegetable farm? Are you doing it yourself or contracting someone to help you? I want to start a small vegetable garden but I feel kind of stumped. I guess the first thing, would just be, to fence of a small area and just go for it. We are composting now and I’m hoping to use that soil for gardening later in the summer. Thanks for all you do!

      Wish I had a publix here to get some free ranch dressing!

      • Lovecvs

        How big is the area in the picture. It looks massive.

      • Guest

        An excellent place for information on gardening in your area is your state extension office. Most have websites chock full of relevant information, if your doesn’t call them.

    • Jamie @ Time2Save

      Rolling my eyes right along with you Jenny.

    • sherry evans

      I’m sorry but at what point did you ask for opinions?  I don’t recall hearing that and therefore you shouldn’t be receiving thme. 

    • Jami

      I don’t think that it is anyone’s business what you buy at the grocery store. I probably look like I buy a lot of junk food too but I supply food for 3 families and for my mom’s church. So I think that if people don’t have anything nice to say then they should keep their mouth shut.

    • Audley79

      I’m with you jenny!  Kids need a BALANCED diet.  That means a bowl of lucky charms or a package of poptarts is NOT going to throw them into a life of obesity.  It is a balance.   I feed my kids fruits, veggies, meat, ice cream, poptarts, and so on and so on.  They are all healthy.  To each his own right?!

    • cg

      Everyone has what they call “healthy” standards for their families. My kids eat better than I did at the age and I ate better than my parents. Who cares what you buy for your family, it’s YOUR family not theirs.

    • Georgia Girl

      Jenny! First, let me personally apologize for someone who can’t control themselves but, would rather try and tear you down. I am so sorry that someone would do that after ALL that you do to teach and to help us save money. It’s really no ones business what you buy and I personally have read more post about whether its a free item from Publix or somewhere else, you always encourage us to give it away to a food shelter or a local food bank. So.. how does this person know you you weren’t doing that? Good grief, there is much more in life to pint fingers at than what food you bought. All I can say is… “A man reaps what he sows”. I can just about rest assure, knowing you would pray for this person than attack them just because that’s your nature. I’ve personally met you twice and I’ve seen you in practice at one of those events. Let me further say, I will stand with you and pray for them and continue to pray that our Lord continues to find favor with you as you ago about doing good. Do not give up, sweet Jenny, because your blessing is right around the corner! Be encouraged this day with Numbers 6:24-26.

      • jessica

        I wish i could LIKE what you said a million times! i whole-heatly agree with you! love you You jenny!

      • jessica

        I wish i could LIKE what you said a million times! i whole-heatly agree with you! love you You jenny!

    • goodsully

      Wow, if your cart looks bad mine looks just awful!!  What kid doesn’t deserve a pop tart once and a while???  Mine love’em. 

    • Angel in Charleston

      I am nowhere near as eloquent as “Georgia Girl” so just let me add to her post ….


    • guest

      I don’t use facebook so have no idea what the specific comments were. I will say that those who say what Jenny or anyone else buys is none of someone’s business need to realize that these bloggers are posting the information on the internet and making it everyone’s business. If you don;t want comments on what you do don’t post it on a blog and invite comments.
      No one needs to eat pop-tarts or other junk. Ever. if you want to, fine, just don’t get upset if someone disagress with you.

      Most of the pictures of Friday finals and other shopping trips are examples of too much processed food full of junk. It’s a fact – look at what gets posted.

      Read the posts in the forums where ppl are told by their Dr to eat better, or how we have weight watchers meal suggestions. If we ate properly most ppl wouldn’t need these suggestions.

      If the facebook posters were rude that is one thing. If they were expressing a differing opinion or asking about how to buy healhier food that is acceptable.

    • Mel

      Jenny  you can come shopping with me anytime!   Oh wait….. you do every time I take the printed out version of the time you spend matching up coupons and sale items!  Love you for it!

    • Jessica2140

      UGH!!  If I had a dollar for everytime someone commented on the amount of food I buy when I find a really good deal, I wouldn’t need to coupon :)  Ironically, most of the people who just can’t contain their opinions look like their time would be better spent at the gym instead of condemming my cheap gene.  :)  I guess beating you up for being AWESOME must make them feel a little better about their own situation, yes?

      • Guest

        From jenny’s post I don’t think ppl were commenting about how much she bought, or being cheap, they were commenting on what she bought. Look at her shopping list link, pop-tarts, hamburger helper, processed salad dressing and ice cream might make some ppl question those purchases. Ever read the label on those items? Why feed you loved ones that stuff?
        You’re right, many ppl would benefit from more gym time, look around the grocery store and many of them have printed lists from here and other blogs.

    • Dtcox1

      looks good to me 

    • Tandtbaker2004

      Ignorant people make ingnorant comments. They don’t understand that we have items in our pantry and freezer. Don’t let their comments get you down.

      • Fromkhadija

         LOL Just what I was thinking. Good grief.

    • Leigh

      Please don’t let the unsolicited opinions of others discourage you from providing the GREAT service you give to those of us who appreciate you. It’s a good thing people aren’t seeing what’s in my cart each week! I think it would be rare to see a balanced diet in a single cart of a true couponer’s groceries because that’s not the nature of couponing. Sometimes I buy lots of paper products, & other times it may be laundry detergent. That doesn’t mean that because my cart only has non-edible items that I don’t eat! You have to accumulate things when they’re on sale & combine them into a meal plan. Sometimes I may buy 5 bags of potato chips, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to consume them all in one week, or even one month!  Those bags may last several months, expiration dates permitting.  Couponing is an art form, in my opinion, & those who don’t understand the full scope of what we do
       or don’t do shouldn’t comment. I feel sorry for the child who never gets to experience the joys of a Pop Tart or potato chip. Please keep doing what you’re doing, Jenny. And toast up one of those Pop Tarts for me!

      • Guest

        Part of the problem with the obesity epidemic is out attitudes about food. When a mother considers pop-tarts and potato chips joyful that is alarming to many.
        Joy comes in many forms, pop-tarts and potato chips would never be considered joyful in many households.
        I use coupon regularly and understand cycles. That does not mean I ever buy po-tarts, potato chips or hamburger helper. Even for free these items are not what many consider a good nutritional value.
        Kids can know joy without being fed junk food.

        • Lisa

          Ok, whatever. Feel better now that you’ve shown us the light?

        • Couponer

          Ah, Pop-Tarts:  Those “food” items peddled to kids during children’s programming.  Just one of the pastries in the double pack (ever notice the double pack isn’t resealable so the company EXPECTS both pastries to be eaten at the same time) has 200 calories and 16g of sugar but less than 1g of fiber.  Let your little one eat both of the pastries in the little pack and they’ve downed 400 empty calories and 32g of sugar.  And that’s just for breakfast (or a snack).  Make a Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich like the commercial shows and you’ve got a 650 calorie, 52g sugar  “snack” for a child.  Yummmm.  

          Why should it matter?  Well, the American Heart Association   has new guidelines for sugar consumption:
          The recommended sugar intake for adult women is 5 teaspoons (20 grams) of sugar per day, for adult men, it’s 9 teaspoons (36 grams) daily, and for children, it’s 3 teaspoon (12 grams) a day. 

          With that one Pop-Tart pastry, the daily sugar intake for any man, woman or child is exceeded.  

          Maybe the AHA is being a Nanny.  After all, you as parents have every right to feed your children as much sugar and other processed food as you want.  After all, only 68% of American adults were overweight or obese in 2011.  Only 32% of America’s children were overweight or obese in 2011.  With foods like these, they won’t be far behind the adults…

          • Guest

            Yeah, but at least those kids are knowing joy. Amazing that parents defend feeding their kids this stuff as being a treat and joyful. Hopefully just a few will learn to read the labels and understand them.

            • Couponer

              Maybe if just one takes the time to think about what they’re feeding their kids the discussion has been worthwhile.  

              All it takes is an open mind and a willingness to learn.  There are inexpensive ways to feed a family very nutritious foods.  

          • Cindy

            I have to laugh at you!!  My daughters have eaten pop tarts quite a lot when growing-up.  When my youngest daughter went for a check-up (age 12) the doctor said she was under weight!  Wow!! And think of all that sugar she consumed!

        • lal

          Yes, kids can know joy without being fed junk food.  But have you ever heard of moderation?  Jenny can feed her family spoonfuls of sugar and lard if she wants, it’s not our place to scold her for it!  Gotta go, my Hamburger Helper Stroganoff is almost done!

          • Couponer

            What’s a bit ironical about Jenny’s shopping total for the week was the cheap processed/junk food purchased with coupons at a grocery store and the produce purchased through a community farm coop.  The produce coop prices in this area are very expensive so many folks can’t afford them so they shop at Aldi for very reasonably priced produce.  Jenny, however, is very vocal about her dislike for Aldi.  

            So, here is a picture of her shopping cart full of cheap processed food and her paragraph defending her purchase saying that her family eats veggies from the  CSA farm but she grudgingly posts the Aldi ads for those of us who rely on cheap produce from Aldi.  

            Well, it must be nice to be able to buy such nice produce from the CSA but some of us have to buy produce in the real world.  Maybe if Aldi was better promoted it would help spread the idea that produce can be part of every meal and it can be inexpensive.

            • Mrs. TK

              My husband has traveled to Germany several times w/i the last few years & it seems that Aldi is the only existent grocery store.  My MIL is from Germany and shops at Aldi often b/c they carry the European brands that she misses. 

          • Maria Ramos


        • Leigh

          Dear Guest,
          Thanks so much for judging me & my family. It brings me much joy to know that you are working hard to save the world. Good luck on your quest to be the perfect mom with all of the answers.

      • Guest

        Please note that Jenny DOES SOLICIT the opinion of others. She has this website and a facebook page. She INVITES ppl to participate in discussions, make posts and use both websites. This is her job, she earns income from SS and all of its features.

    • Mary

       1) In my Yoda voice “Balance is the key.” 2) Do (say) unto others as you would have them do unto you. 3) Get over it.

    • LC

      Thanks for all you do!

    • Thecouponingqueen

      If free cereal or 20 cent pop tarts can fill the bellies of my family as opposed to an empty cart because I can’t afford the healthy groceries, I am more than willing. God provides food for our family…sometimes in the way of fresh produce and unprocessed foods and sometimes in the form of poptarts and hamburger helper. Who am I to question His methods…I just give thanks for all of it…

      • Guest

        You’re right, if the only food a person can afford is pop-tarts or other processed food and the choice is that or nothing, then processed food it is. I know for many this is a reality, as much as i wish it wasn’t.
        Unfortunately too many ppl who can make better choices don’t.

    • tobicm

      i pooped into publix yesterday and got $71.00 worth of groceries for $28!!!  I got my 5 dollar off coupon today and am going back tomorrow. Salmon is just $4.99 a pound.  I’m stocking up. THANKS JENNY!

    • Stobitoo

      i popped into publix yesterday and got $71.00 worth of groceries for $28!!!  I got my 5 dollar off coupon today and am going back tomorrow. Salmon is just $4.99 a pound.  I’m stocking up. THANKS JENNY!

    • Missy.

      I didn’t see a thing wrong with her list.  I don’t personally buy pop tarts, or hamburger helper, but she also had veggies on that list.  And reguardless of how much she makes off this site or whatever, it’s her house and her money she can do whatever she wants with it. 

      I mean do y’all sit there and make ranch dressing homemade EVERY time you want dressing?

      • Guest

        Of course Jenny can do whatever she wants. We all can. I don’t think, based on her comments, that was the issue at heart. Since she and other bloggers post the infomration on their websites they are inviting comments. Some of those may offer a differing opinion. Not right, not wrong, just different.
        Yes, I make all my salad dressing every time, daily. Takes about a minute. No preservatives or additives,

        • Ghfdf

          You must be a house wife with nothing better to do with your pathetic life.

          • Ginger

            Granted, Zoeyjane is annoying, but still- WOW, that was mean! Is it being a housewife that makes her life so pathetic? Because I’m one, and I’m sure mony others here are too, and I bet none of us feel particularly pathetic.

          • phish killer

            Rude!  And you must be a “working parent” who NEVER brings snacks to school because you “don’t have time to bake cookies.”  Like being judged much?

    • mommyof1

      cannot believe people would bash you over your items!  its great if someone can afford to eat organic/healthy (we tried for a year, and financially could not afford it anymore) but most people do buy poptarts or the equivalent every now and then. just because you bought a few “snack” or “processed” items does not mean you are going to eat them in one sitting! =)   but thats just my opinion.    these same people are probably pumping their bodies full of chemicals with their body wash, makeup, and lotions.. not to mention the  chemicals in our city water.. geez.. even organic veggies have been found to have traces of chemicals!  you can’t be 100% natural anymore even if you try. shame on them!

    • Mslonas

      Jenny–just tell them to get OVER it……And tell them this–If it wasnt for YOU, they wouldnt be saving sooo much on their healthy food!!! You’re awesome!! :-)

    • Wendy

      Thanks for all you do Jenny.  I am with Georgia Girl on this one.  I have been following your blog for a long time and have seen your generous spirit in action. 

    • Melody

      wow, i cant believe someone would judge your GROCERIES! they obviously do not appreciate all your hard work and dedication getting this information to us on a daily basis! I know i surely do, especially since I am a coupon virgin! if you dont hear it enough, THANKS!

      • Guest

        How do make the leap from someone asking about her groceries to not appreciating her hard work? The two are mutually exclusive. So many of you are jumping to conclusions that are in accurate. Did someone on the facebook page say they don’t appreciate her work?

        There are hundreds of blogs about coupon use and, some of the work is done for the bloggers, some they do themselves. that is not to be confused with eating junk.

    • Guest

      “…some of you people act like shes locking her children in cages in the basement on only alowing them one pop tart a day…”  If that is what you inferred from any of the posts on this thread please reread, comprehend and understand that no one has implied such. Your exaggeration adds nothing of value to the discussion.        
      “…which is abuse thats happeing all over the place, but noone seems to be bent out of shape over that…” I did not see any posts about such abuse on this thread. I do know that many ppl are concerned with all types of abuse, if you are not aware read any number of sources to keep you up-to-date on the latest news. Just today there is a headline story about an ICE sting that saved many children. Of course these topics are not routinely discussed on SS. I can assure you that  I and many other posters here would be upset about abuse, no matter how it seems to you or not. Again, your exaggeration serves no good purpose. The leaps you make hold no water and encourage others to not take you seriously.

      • zoeyjane

        its called an opinion and an observation, which i didnt ask you to value… as far as “my leaps holding no water and encouraging people to not take me seriously”  atleast i can Post with a name… and what i dont take seriously is the people that want to be critical of someone taking care of their family, those that state buying poptarts is wrong and all they buy is totally organic and gluten free, no additive no preservatives, are placing themselves on the “GOD” pedastal thinking they are better than everyone else, and never eat anything that doesnt cost $20 for one apple.. its ridiculous..

        • zoeyjane

          Appatrently you feel posting with a name somehow makes a post more worthy, so I used a name. I disagrre with you, do respect your opinion so am willing to use a name if it makes you happy.
          I have never seen anyone post who totally organic, gluten free, no additives and no preservatives, please tell me who these posters are, it will be interesting to hear their perspective.

          I agrre, a $20 apple is ridiculous! Where are these apples, I’d like to take a look.

          • Shhhhhhhh

             Oh my gosh stop posting already!! We all get your points!

            • JenS


    • Thankful

      When I get done with your excellent printable detailed shopping lists (Thanks a million – yours is the only site I use on a regular basis, it’s easy to understand and well organized) I eat them to reduce trash in the landfill.  Imagine all the damage I am doing to myself with processed ink and bleached paper…

      • Hehe.  I reuse paper for coupons.  My daughter’s school gives me piles of unused paper that has been printed on and I use the back. It’s mostly coloring sheets.

        • Maria Ramos

           when I read one of the tips on SS, I found a paper gold mine through junk mail. Go Fig! =/

    • AllisWest

      I went to CVS today and totally botched it up! Being pretty new to the couponing thing I got excited by the $1.99 coke deal. I did okay at buying the right stuff, but I turned into a complete idiot when it came to coordinating the EB’s to my advantage. I spent a little over $50 for $69 worth of stuff, but when I got home and figured it all out (I poured over it for almost 2 hours) I realized I cheated myself out of $9.00. Also, there’s only one CVS within 50 miles of me and they’re always out of something I want. They were out of Crest rinse…the cashier let me substitute another Crest product, and gave me a credit of $5.00, but it didn’t ring up as an EB. Another thing to take into consideration— state laws. I live in WIsconsin, but the CVS is in Michigan. They charge deposits on (pop) bottles and also their sales tax is slightly higher. All told, I did a decent haul, and I came home with a $10 EB for next week. (I’m sooooooo stupid!!!)

      • Guest

        You are not stupid. We all make mistakes. I have no doubt you will learn from yours. Two hours is a long time, some days I don’t have a spare 2 minutes! You will soon learn what works for you, your store policies and how to maximize your savings. Don’t give up, and don’t beat yourself up.

      • Maria Ramos

         Hey Newbie! :)  Please don’t ever perceive yourself that way.  You will catch on quick.  I used to stay in between aisles and conjure up better deals and how to use my ECB’s to my advantage, but, with Jenny’s site, I keep my Qs in my wallet and make a quick zip in and out of the stores.  And, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask on this site, we’ve all been there, trust me. ;-)

    • AllisWest

      Regarding: Judgement by groceries-
      In my neck of the woods I can find at least a dozen people who live on beer and cigarettes. :)  You go ahead and do whatcha gotta do, girl. It’s not like you’re asking THEM to pay for your selections! This site is by far the best resource I’ve come across for couponing and information. Thanks tons for all you do!!

    • Michele

      well I see it as what you buy is your business.  Also, your pregnant so I’m sure you are eating healthy!

    • Fromkhadija

      YOUR groceries, YOUR business.  End of story! :D

      • zoeyjane

        I agree for most of us this is true. of course Jenny and other bloggers who post pictures and grocery lists on the internet have made the entire worlds business. They have asked for, and received, feedback from users. No one should be surprised by this, it is one of the purposes of SS and other blogs.

    • Ncgirl

      I bet the ones complaining are also the ones clearing the shelves of cookies, frozen foods, cereal, and all other unhealthy foods when there are super cheap deals. Jenny has no obligation to satisfy anyone with her life choices; this is a site about couponing not judging.

    • Jennie

      I seriously can’t believe how judgmental people get on FB!  One of my friends posted a pic of her son chewing on his crib rail… immediately people started posting about how she shouldn’t let him do that b/c he’ll get splinters in his gums, etc.  Seriously?!  It was just a cute picture of her son.  People need to lay off and get a life.

    • Noblue39

      Hi Jenny, you dont have to explain to anybody what  you eat or how you eat it  is your own money and your own life they can give their opinion cuz thats their right too but just ignore it  is not their business. to me you are such a great person because you share everything with us and help us save a lot of money im so thankful and appreciate all you do and share with us! thank you jenny ,you are  so nice!! :)

      • zoeyjane

        I concur. She and others who post what they buy do not have to justify what they do. I’m surprised so many here, unlike you, do not recognize that others can post their opinions. Someone in one of the early posts said they feel they need to justify there posts. I don;t understand why? Post what you want, expect feedback and know that is the way this website was designed to function.

    • Heathermayfield

      Jenny, you shouldn’t even waste your time explaining what your family eats. It is no one else’s business. Thanks for all you do !

      • zoeyjane

        I don’t think she has explained, I conur, she should not. Post the pictures and lists and if people want to discuss them that is fine. Did she explain on facebook?
        What is interesting to me is that so many posters on this thread do not recognize the right of those posters who did ask about the choices to do so. Apparently osome feel only opinions or posts that agree with their POV are allowed.

    • Randa

      I will have to say that those type comments are what I loathe when scanning through the replies.  It amazes me when others believe is their right to jump to conclusions.  Much love and prayers for you and your family Jenny!

      • zoeyjane

        I couldn’t agree more. Someone actually made the jump to conclusion that referenced kids being locked in cages and no one caring about other types of abuse! Seriously – look below, such a jump it’s laughable. A shame though, since the basic topic, which is, are people allowed to express their opinion about something jenny publius on the internet allowed, no matter if they agree or not with Jenny’s choices has ppl making such jumps. I know they are defensive and this is their way of expressing it, wish it weren’t true.

        • I had saw the comment you are referencing yesterday.  Oddly enough it’s tagged to Zoeyjane.  Hope you’re truly not arguing with yourself.  There are meds that take care of that.

          • zoeyjane

            im glad you noticed that… im the one that posted the original post, someone else wants to be funny and post under my name because i made a remark about posting as a guest with no name.. its sad they have nothing else to do really… but in retrospect… im just saying there are worse things people can do besides buying poptarts and cereal… people should really check how perfect they are before they start bashing people for feeding their families…

    • Sswhite30277

      Isn’t it amazing how not only does the gov’t want to get into my refrigerator, but now Southern Saver Guests do as well.  I’ll spend my hard earned pay check on what I want. And that will be our relationship!    Be careful Jenny they may want to look in your pantry as well!

      • zoeyjane

        I don’t think anyone wants to get in jenny’s refrigerator, pantry or anything else. What gave you that impression?
        Jenny posted her shopping trip and list. Apparently some ppl on facebook questioned her choices. A discussion of that was started on this thread, along with some “jumping to conclusions”. Discussion does not mean intervention.

        • Sswhite30277

           Where did you get the idea this was a discussion.  This is just people hiding behind “guest” extolling their unwanted opinions in regard to what Jenny purchased at Publix. I simply said it’s her money, she earned it,  and she can spend however she’s see fit w/o anyone giving her flack about it.

    • alikat

      I got 4 CG Lash Blast Volume Mascaras, 2 Wet n’ Wild eyeliners, 1 Wet n’ Wild lipstick, and 2 Pantenes for $9.52, saving $45.90. Not bad considering this was my first trip to CVS ever! Now I need to get into ECB reward deals for next week!

    • Jenny,  you do a fabulous job and don’t owe anyone any explanations!!!!  It’s no one’s business how and what you spend your money on!! :)

      • maggiederosa

        Exactly! Besides, everything is fine in moderation. :)
        What’s the fun in having no fun with your food?

    • Wnolan

      I am a nurse and mom to four & I find nothing disastrously unhealthy about your food choices. (most of your choices were healthy anyway to include veggies & baked snacks instead of fried…and who doesn’t love to treat themselves to ice cream occasionally!)  It’s your business anyway. May you be blessed for all that you do!

    • Wnolan

      I am a nurse and mom to four & I find nothing disastrously unhealthy about your food choices. (most of your choices were healthy anyway to include veggies & baked snacks instead of fried…and who doesn’t love to treat themselves to ice cream occasionally!)  It’s your business anyway. May you be blessed for all that you do!

    • Blackvelvet49

      Love this site! Thanks for all your hard work Jenny!! I’m sure your family eats healthier than mine!

    • Blackvelvet49

      Love this site! Thanks for all your hard work Jenny!! I’m sure your family eats healthier than mine!

    • Deniseallison33

      Jenny, it is no ones business what you eat. If they are so concerned then they can do the shopping for you and buy your groceries. People seriously need to get a life!!

    • Ckperfectlove

      I NEVER post comments on any site and mainly just because i have 4 kids that are ages 1, 3, 4 and 5…so my time is always very limited! I love this site and it has been a tremendous blessing to my family offering us the ability to really stretch our dollars so we can do more fun things together as a family (vacationing, etc) while i can also be a stay at home mom for my little ones. I am able to coupon and even to spend a minimal amount of time devoted to hunting deals and clipping q’s so that gives me even more time for my family. So much would not be possible if it weren’t for all the work jennie and the other awesome couponers on here do for us every day. Having said that, i am very familiar with young kids and i have 2 very picky eaters out of my 4. First off, you cant force feed a child because that is child abuse and 2 of my kids would rather not eat something if they dont like it and just be hungry. Well as a mother that loves her kids, i cant stand to think my kids are not getting full because they dont like what is for dinner so i have a reward system which includes some processed foods like poptarts and fruit loops to encourage them to eat the healthy food to get the stuff they love. So my point to this tremendously lengthy post is: no one has the right to judge anyone after seeing a pic of their grocery bags! I think many times people that comment on this sort of thing really dont understand couponing and stockpiling and over half the people probably dont even have children or understand anything about parenting! Jennie you are fabulous and from everything i have seen you post on here (and i check the site multiple times each day!) You are an excellent mother teaching your kids valuable knowledge from eating healthy and organic as possible while also setting a great example of being a Christian and not afraid to offend anyone with postings on Easter. I probably got carried away with all this but i understand how hurtful it can be when people slam you on facebook or some other social site and criticize your ability to provide and care for your loved ones. You are doing great and the judging they have done to you is just not cool :)

      • New2q

        “LIKE” “LIKE” “LIKE”!!!!

    • Amberfluhr

      Food is about balance people!!!! You do a great job of providing healthy and as we call them in our house “fun foods” Not every morsel has to be an organic fruit or vegetable. If your kids eat a variety of foods including fruits and veggies it is HEALTHY!!!

    • cvslady

      When I see negative comments on websites, I almost always assume those folks have low self esteem.  They feel badly about some aspect of their lives, so they boost themselves by tearing others down.  Sad.  It makes no sense to criticize this site or Jenny.  It’s a free site and you’re free to purchase or not purchase whatever you want.  Jenny, just know that 99.999% of us think you’re the bomb and love you!

    • LeeAnn

      Jenny – Thank you for all your hard work and the gift you have given all of us.  You inspire me to make much better selections and help me get healthier food for my family.  Much love and prayers for you and your family Jenny!

    • Min

      A lot of judgmental trolls live on the internet.  They can suck it.

    • Jp3

      People shouldnt care what you eat or buy. And you shouldnt have to “justify” yourself.  We appreciate this FREE site and all your hard work!!!

    • Randa

      ZOEYJANE!!!!!! GET A LIFE!  Stop posting already.  Your comments and replies are exactly what is annoying about scanning through to find valuable info on these threads. 

    • stacie

       I wish I would have taken pictures.  Yesterday I went to publix and spent $84 on $452 worth of food/baby items/pharmacy.  I did not get all the free vitamins, I did that last week, however I did manager to get 6 packs of diapers at $1.41 each!!  We are expecting baby #4 in Sept, and I already over 5500 diapers! That sounds like a lot, but from experience, I think we will use them.  They are in various sizes, plus I have 1 that is still in diapers – potty training this week.  I had a huge stock pile for her, and still have a lot, but I’m hoping to save those bigger sizes for the next baby.  Plus I have several friends that are pregnant now too, so if we move up and have extras left, I will pass them along!  Most I have paid almost nothing for.  I did also get 6 freschetta pizzas, 16 boxes of the nestle drumstick icecream cones (my husband is addicted), 14 pkgs of the tyson chicken/steak grilled strips, 10 of the refrigerated ravioli, along with just a few in quantity of the other items.  My kids are all home from school now, so I have bought 5 gallons of milk this week alone!  I still have 2 unopened that I bought yesterday, but bought 3 last sunday and 1 was gone by monday!  Adding more water to the diet this week!

    • Sillysnicks

      I think it is time to just close the discussion feed for this portion of the site.  Goodness me, all for a picture of cereal and pop tarts. 

      • Randa

        I agree.

    • Amanda

      Jenny, you are an amazing person and I too want to apologize for any negative comments made regarding your shopping trip…you have always been so encouraging of everyone and have never once criticized any of the purchases that any readers have ever shared with you or posted on your blog.  I am sorry that some didn’t show you that same respect.

    • Bookbeth1011

      Jenny- thanks for all your continuous support for everyone in the “coupon world” and all of your hard work (not to mention sharing your life with everyone!). All of the “Negative Nellies” need to just lighten up!

    • Phish killer

      This scammer has been reported to Jennie via e-mail.  Viewers, is there a faster way to repord phishing than e-mailing Jennie??

      • Snowski824

         When you scroll under the comment, a little flag will come up near the “1 Day ago” link. You can click that and report it.

    • Ginger

      Jenny, I’m sorry you had to deal with all that. The health police are annoying. I know if people looked only at what I bought at Ralphs, they would think we never ate fresh food. But at my other grocery, we almost never buy ANYTHING that comes in a box, and we cook fresh food every day. In short, what you buy ain’t nobody’s busines but your own, and people should really keep their noses in their own carts. Nobody’s perfect, but most of us try to be as good as we can be. :)

    • I got free blackberries off of the bushes at the baseball field.

    • Amandascottrn

      I guess there are more fruit loops on the web than in Jenny’s grocery bags.

    • Amandascottrn

      I guess there are more fruit loops on the web than in Jenny’s grocery bags.

    • Cj

      GIRL!!  Buy what cha want!!  We love and appreciate you!!!!!

    • Holly

      Jenny, I agree with the others. Your grocery shopping is your business. Any comments regarding “unhealthy” items is rude and unnecessary. The grocery police need to keep their opinions to themselves. Thanks for a great site and lots of hard work.