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To kick the weekend off to a good start, I’m giving away (5) different codes to RecycleBank, each worth 1,000 points!

If you’re new to the concept, you should check it out my post on how to use RecycleBank and earn points!  It’s a really great way to a) become more aware of your impact on the environment, b) encourage yourself in realistic ways to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly, and c) earn points from your activity on the site.

These points can be redeemed in several ways, the main one being to get valuable coupons!  Here are a few examples of what’s currently in stock on RecycleBank.com:

B1G1 Dasani water (receive via mail) printable
$2 off Earth Friendly product printable
B1G1 Happy Family Happy Munchies or Happy Yogis printable
$2 off Kashi product printable
B1G1 Marukan product printable
$1.25 off Neutrogena Naturals facial cleanser printable
$2.25 off Neutrogena Naturals facial moisturizer printable

Coupon values generally range from 25-100 points, so 1,000 points can go pretty far in helping you save!

The Giveaway:

5 Southern Savers winners will each win 1,000 RecycleBank Points!

To redeem these points, winners will need to have an account with RecycleBank.

To Enter:

In a comment below, tell me a way that you try and do your part for the environment.

Winners will be chosen Monday, 3/12.

    • joanna00

      My household recycles, and I also turn off lights and unplug appliances that aren’t being used. Thanks for the giveaway!

      • epods

        We use reusable bags for the grocery store, but for the times where we to obtain plastic bags, we reuse them as garbage bags.  

    • snowdogmom

      I recycle as much of my trash as I can, plastic, bottles, cans, newspaper, cardboard etc. I don’t buy bottled water instead I have a water filter in my refrigerator for drinking water and ice. I bring reusable grocery bags when i grocery shop to save on plastic and paper bags. I try to buy products with the least amount of packaging. I turn off lights when leaving a room. I have a tankless hot water heater.

    • Laurake11

      I recycle everything possible at home. I also take plastic bottles and aluminum cans to the Dream Machine.

    • Akhwbj1

      We recycle, use re-usable water bottles, turn the lights off if not in that room, unplug everything when not in use, and try not to use the heat or ac unless needed.

    • Laura

      We try to recycle and since I was a child I’ve been taught to always conserve water and turn lights off when not in a room.  

    • nicky

      we have a separate container for all recycleables, so that makes everything easy and no hassle! when it piles up, we take it out.

    • Lfworks33

      I use Recycle Bank!  Our family also avoids using plastic wrap, paper plates and non-earth friendly products.  We make our own laundry soap and dish soap as well as fabric softener.  We hang our clothes on the line and try to recycle everything possible.

    • Primrose86

      Keep the ac off as much as possible. Plan all trips to minimize gas expended.

    • Jenlindemann

      The bins our city gives out for recycling are super-small.  After filling the bins to overflowing week after week or, worse, throwing recyclables in the trash we finally went and bought a large rolling container for all our recyclable goodies.  Now we’re throwing away less and recycling more!!

    • Brenda

      We installed a geo-thermal heat pump…to heat and cool the house and pre-heat water for the water heater!

    • MRFRANKLIN0321

      We recycle EVERTHING possible. We also utilize hand me downs, through all 4 of my kids and onto Goodwill after for someone else. Computers, game systems, and all appliances are unplugged when not in use which also helps with our electric bill!

    • Lfriend81

      We recycle more than we actually put in the trash!  And we compost regularly even through winter, we never buy bottled water, use our own bottles, try to run everything through the dishwasher instead of hand washing, have low flow faucets and shower heads. Probably even more stuff but this is what comes to mind.

    • Mlmc261

      We recycle cans and newspapers. I have my own chickens and garden.

    • Bjessa

      I reuse all my grocery bags

    • Courtney65

      I try to find ways to reuse plastic containers that aren’t approved for recycling in our community.

    • Grace

      In my neighborhood, I am known as the recycling queen.  I usually only have one bag of trash in the dumpster, everything else has been recycled in some way.

    • Eamccune

      I reduce, reuse and recycle.  I recycle at home and at work.   From plastic bottles and magazines, to reusing paper and printing only the necessary items.  I use energy saving lightbulbs, unplug items when not in use, and turn off unnecessary lights.  I also get really creative with wrapping presents and making greeting cards!

    • georgiadad

      We recycle weekly, have a huge compost system, and have eliminated our trash pickup to once every two weeks!  We use a clothes line to dry our laundry, and have low flow shower heads and faucets.  Over the years we’ve replaced all of our older appliances with energy efficient models, and we have added insulation to our attic and have sealed all of our windows with plexiglass that attaches using an invisible magnetic frame.  We try every day to consider our impact on the world around us, and hope we can teach our children to think the same way!

    • Chandra

      I recycle.  I recently moved to an area of Georgia where they do not have curbside pickup for your recycling.  Every week our family drives down to the recycling center to do our part.

    • Blairford

      We use dish rags instead of paper towels and practice organic gardening. 

    • Jaggreer

      We recycle everything. paper , plastic, aluminum foil, cans, glass. Now I’m into up-cycling… finding new uses for old things!

    • Melissa Williams

      I recycle newspapers, turn off the water while brushing my teeth, and open up blinds in the house during the day to help with heating and so we don’t need to turn on lights.

    • Shweird

      I save aluminum cans for my school to recycle to raise money for the PE department and we always recycle cardboard boxes and laundry bottles at our local recycling center.

    • coupondad1972

      we recycle as much as we can

    • Jenniferponsart

      My family recyles, we also save can pull tabs and bottle caps for collection of various health organizations, we shop at goodwill, yardsales and second hand stores. I help in organizing collection of recycled items at my childrens schools. We love learning new ways to keep our environment safe and clean!

    • Ej M

      When grocery shopping, use reusable/canvas shopping bags. They are inexpensive, and some places will even give discounts for reusable bags!  (CVS, organic stores). And for unplanned shopping trips, choose paper bags when available (Harris Teeter and Publix). For those extra plastic bags at home, Walmart collects and recycle them too!

    • Candace

       My family has started a composte bin to use for our first year vegetable garden.

    • JRFrugalMom

      Although we have a very small garden, we still do some composting and grow a lot of our own herbs and veggies. We recycle, reuse and reduce waste as much as possible. Although we live in South Florida, we try to keep our A/C off from September to June.

    • Tina

      learning how to make compse my self and telling everyone around me they to start recycle more

    • Sarabeth

      We just started recycling our aluminum cans, which is very exciting!

    • Stephglass

      I recycle and try to use reusable towels when i can.  

    • Wlshipley

      I went from taking a twenty minute shower to ten minutes.

    • Sarah

      I made cloth napkins out of wonderful thick, printed fabric scraps my mother was going to toss out.  My family uses them daily and loves them!

    • Glenn Jensen

      It hasn’t been (and still isn’t) easy, but starting last April I started walking/biking everywhere within a mile of my house rather than driving. Even with the occaisional relapse (usually during bad weather), it’s dramatically cut down on my gasoline consumption and fuel emissions!

    • Lucy

      Use cloth diapers

    • rob

      Using reusable shopping bags!

    • I never buy bottled water in bulk, just a couple to replenish our stock that we keep in the freezer or fridge – we refill them from the tap when empty!

    • I try to use organic cleaners

    • Larissa

      using less water and recycling all plastic.

    • Raven Wildharber

      we recycle and use dishtowels as napkins and instead of papertowels

    • Abrileysaving

      Recycling all we can and using reusable shopping bags.

    • I use reusable water bottles

    • M

      I use reusable shopping bags!!!

    • I read newspapers online now!

    • Sara W.

      We recycle everything that’s recyclable! My great-aunt really inspires me – she’s 84 years old & lived through the Depression, so she was already very frugal. When she found out our county had a recycling pick-up program, she signed right up and went to town checking everything before she threw it away to see if it could be recycled. She made it look so simple that I really had no excuse. 

      Now we share recycling duties: I take her my plastics, glasses, and papers to go into her county recycling bin, and in exchange, she gives me her empty egg cartons and used batteries to drop off at Publix and Target. She also taught me to wash and reuse plastic bags and aluminum foil. I hate doing it, but I hate paying full-price even more. Aunt Betty’s motto (handed down from her mother) is “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without!”

      • ME

         Oh my gosh!  My mom used that motto all the time!  I had never heard anyone else other than her say it.  Thanks for the memory!

    • Petes

      we use reusable bags most of the time but when we get plastic ones we take them back to our grocery store which recyles

    • Joyce

      We recycle everything our local center takes.  Use reusable plastics whenever possible and just try not be wasteful in general.

    • Melissa

      We recycle everything we can. We have also switched back to using towels   instead of paper towels when cleaning.

    • Jeremynicole1

      We use reusable grocery bags and also recycle everything we can!

    • Kjw

      only buy and consume what I need.

    • patti

      We recycle anything we can, are using less water, and basically wasting nothing!

    • Nathalie

      I use thriftstores and Freecycle (both to donate and to reuse from someone else) as much as I can.

    • Bcmattern

      sort all the trash, most of it is recycleable!

    • Grocerys4us

      Our large family is faithful in recycling, composting, saving energy and water in every way possible, gardening, cloth diapers, and the list goes on. We have been accused of being hippies since the early seventies, but I promise we aren’t. LOL!

    • Lu

      We recycle plastic, glass, paper, and tires. I use reusable shopping bags.  And large cardboard water heater boxes make great playhouses for little girls!  (:

    • Carla

      We recycle everything and just started composting for our new vegetable garden this summer!!

    • Vrgreene

      We recycle papers,cans and bottles. I use less water in the shower by turning off the water when lathering my hair. I recycle my grocery bags by returning them to a recycle bin at the store and or of course we reuse them at home.

    • LOC2010

      I use reusable shopping bags for may of the stores that are on your site. Also, I recycle soda cans.

    • Allyson

      Bringing my own mug for coffee.

    • Jennifer

      We recycle through my child’s school.  Helps them raise money and helps the environment.  Win! Win!

    • CatBlue

      We use the backs of junk mail (non-personal) to print our couoons.

    • Momsdword1

      Our family recycles aluminum, metal and glass.  We have always enjoyed yard sales and thrift store shopping.  We take short showers with low flow shower head.  We use energy efficient light bulbs.  I keep reusable tote bags in vehicle to lessen the use of the plastic ones.  I try to plan errands, etc. for the most fuel and time efficient route. I have also been using home made non toxic cleaning products more and more.  It really has been neat to see more and more ways to use less and recycle more.

    • Michelle B.

      We recycle as much as possible, bring our own grocery bags to the store, and use reusable water bottles.

    • Patricia L.

      When we cleaned out our basement, we not only gave to the shelters our used clothes, we gave the county pet dept. our gently used dog toys, a carrier our dog has outgrown and a nice bed she no longer used.  They were thrilled to have them.  And now we know we can recycle our old newspapers for the animals, too.

    • Elise

      My husband and I share one car. We also recently installed dual flush, low flow toilets.

    • Lferguson

      My husband and I recycle everything we can….at home, at work, where ever we are. Almost everything can be recycled in some way, and that makes a HUGE difference.

    • We recycle all our plastics and newspapers at a local recycle bank. We have created a composite to use on our vegetable garden. And, we use recyclable bags at all our grocery outings.

    • Susan H

      I recycle as much as I can and recently set up a recycle box in the lunchroom at work. Eveyone has been very good with their paper products and soda cans.  For Christmas I bought all the ladies bags from Envirosax.  Just love them for shopping.

    • rebecca meyers

      I try and recycle everything i can!

    • Melinda

      We use reusable water bottles and energy efficient light bulbs.  I’m also a stickler on having lights on in only the room we are using at the moment.  I hang dry our clothes in our spare room to prevent using the dryer to much (which also helps the electricity bill – and that makes my hubby happy! :-)

    • Jen

      We recycle plastic bags, plastic drink bottles, newspapers, and cans. We use a brita filter instead of buying bottled water. We re-use grocery bags whenever we can.

    • b j

      I always try to turn off extra lights, run the washer and dishwasher when nearly full, and use glass or plastic containers for leftovers(don’t like plastic wrap).

    • Camiele

      I recycle my newspapers, and take my cans and bottles to Rite Aid!

    • rbsbnc

      I’m a garbage picker!  I find myself going through the trash cans at work (the top of them!) and bringing recyclable things to the correct places.

    • Mcleodsc

      I recycle soda cans instead of just tossing them in the trash. I buy recycled paper products. I use fabric bags for shopping as much as I can. I try to repurpose household items-for example, instead of throwing away a worn plastic shoe box I use it for a water dish for our dog. I use old tshirts for cleaning rags. I use old toothebrushes for cleaning tools.

    • couponer101

      My family recycles cardboard, aluminum, and plastic.  Every Sunday we take a trip to the recyling center, there we can also see trucks taking things out to the landfill. I think this has a big impact to see those landfill areas and see what they do if you recycle.

    • Tonya

      I always use my recyclable bags (or ask for no bag), recycle at home, avoid bottled water as much as possible, and I usually shower every other day.

    • lynnmang

      I use cloth napkins, LED lights, and bamboo (instead of paper plates).

    • Mitzi4him

      I am a teacher and we have recycling at our school. So, I encourge my students to do their part each day.

    • carlaZZzzz

      we use cloth napkins at the table for each meal teaches manners and its cheaper to wash them, we save all our aluminum and sell it for $$$ my children actually pick up cans in the parking lots and save the lids off their yogurts  :) I plant a garden each spring  and eat from it all summer and preserve what I can :)  we have a compost pile too!! we signed up for the Duke energy packet soo I know we have 42 energy efficient bulbs in our home, along those same lines all of our electronics are plugged into power strips that I turn off when not in use including the microwave.  We recycle paper, glass, and plastics including all plastics you have to take to the store.  I love knowing I am creating a better future for my grandchildren!!  

    • Chrisdangar

      We refuse to use a leaf blower!  A rake and a broom is one of the best ways to save the enviroment. 

    • Angela

      We recycle as much as we can and use re-usable water bottles :)

    • Spence0258

      We recycle everything accepted by our county.  We try to re- or upcycle everything we use.  I am CONSTANTLY turning off lights throughout the house!

    • Carrie_C

      We recycle just about everything, compost, sell or give away what we don’t use rather than throw it away whenever possible, reusable bags… 

    • SarahInSC

      I love my Earthwise produce bags! (http://shop.earthwisebags.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=EW105R) I bring them to the grocery store along with my regular totes and never come home with any plastic bags!!

    • Noblue39

      we recycle plastic bottles news papers, cooking oil and plastic bags also we have a compost, every vegetables left over goes to the compost which we use for our garden 

    • Jillybeansdream

      I’ve been re purposing empty juice bottles all day today to transplant my started tomato plants into. They work great!

    • Punisher11111

      Turn off the lights and tv.

    • Markopolo73

      I started a recycling program where I work. Now we are recycling paper and plastics

    • lee

      I reuse plastic ziploc bags, plastic containers, paper bags, and try to recycle as much as possible.

    • Brooke

      A way I try to do my part for the environment is to RECYCLE! We do alot of recycling, and for a week, we lived our “normal” lives, recycled a bit. The next week we went EXTREME! We recycled everything, and we aslo switched to environment-friendly products, used rags instead of paper towels and the best part— We were SAVING MONEY! Our household bill (cleaners, paper products, ect.) went WAYY down! And get this, we recycled 19 pounds of stuff! WOW! Thats 18 pounds more than usual! We also only threw away 7 pounds! We now do this every day! Please chose me so i can help my family do this more!

    • Losingit

      I try to recycle most everything.  On trash day, my recyclables are more than my trash!  It really does add up.  I also compost for my garden and my plants love it!

    • Monkzardo

      I recycle everything I can! 

    • KaraFos

      We recycle and buy as much organic produce as financially possible!

    • Sany565

      I recycle any and everything!

    • Sheila

      We are currently working on gardening using recycled water and materials for the beds

    • Sandy565

      I recycle! 

    • Nyrdrms

      I turn all of my kids papers from school into drawing and craft paper. After both sides have been used, we recycle it.

    • Sharon

      i recycle everything

    • Ctrinkle

      We purchased a large rolling recycling bin so we can recycle as much as possible.  We also compost all our vegetable and fruit scraps.

    • Dawn

      I keep several Koi and two Bunnies, which both provide excellent fertilizer for gardens and shrubs. The Koi are beautiful, the bunnies are adorable, and the plants and flowers are wonderful site to see. Being Green can look so good.

    • Amstrickland25

      As a 3rd grade teacher, I have a seperate box that we put our paper in to recycle.

    • Jenscrystalline

      I compost- esp. the boxes and containers that say they are compost-friendly

    • Mwoods728

      We recycle at home and I recycle at work.  I don’t use disposable coffee cups each morning and I have slowly been replacing my appliances with energy star ones.  My 4 year old even asks can he put this is the recycle.  I also don’t wash partial loads of dishes and clothes to conserve water.

    • angela

      We hardly eat out and I much of our food from scratch… so much less waste!  I new thing I have started is keeping the ends of celery, onions, carrots and such in the freezer in a zip bag and using them to make broth with the bones and after I cook a chicken.  The broth is so much better than anything I have had before!

    • COTNER6

      $AVING MONEY! My Family saves money by dumpster diving, recycling, and buying reusable products that save money in the longrun, like CFLs! ;)

    • AnsleyC – SC

      Conserve water in all the ways that I can.

    • Brenna Bihler

      We recycle and always have a reusable bagswhen we go to the store.

    • Stormy


    • Filam_76

      I recycle, i teach my kids to reuse things, and to recycle…..

    • Erinp500

      We use cloth napkins and a brita filter instead of water bottles.

    • Punisher11112

      I end up eating the apple peel and crust from the grilled cheese my kids won’t eat. That’s my contribution to the environment

    • Kampmeier69

      I try to plant a tree every year

    • Wilkeslydi

      I recycle. something I learnedwhen I was a kid

    • I recycle everything that can be recycled (my bins are full every week!) and I use reusable shopping bags.
      I also like to hug trees on occasion ;)

    • linda

      I recycle!

    • Patmorgan2

      I bring home from work the empty plastic, glass, and any recyclable containers that would be put into the trash from our lunch table. This encourages my other co-workers to start recycling as well.  One brings me her empty coke bottles to recycle for her.  Never a problem since it helps the worls!

    • Csstatham

      I share some of the recycle bank videos with the kids and let them come up with new ideas we can try at home to help the environment.  They think of it as a game and they are learning at the same time.

    • We always use reusable water bottles so we can reduce the number of plastic bottles added to landfills each year.

    • Peg

      Spring time is the best tme to recycle: we compost during the year and then use compost in our spring garden. Local grown food to feed my family is also better for the environment. Recycle your waste and grow your own food!

    • Dee H

      We reuse alot of items like old tshirts which are cut up and used for cleaning rags and ziploc bags are washed out and used again (provided there was no meat in them:).

    • Allthatglitters2009

      I recycle and buy used clothing.

    • Niddi

      I repurpose as many things as I can, old T-shirts make great cleaning rags, knit my own dish cloths that last much longer and work much better, old socks or stray socks sliped over the hand are great for dusting, microfiber cloths work great on the swiffers and are washable.

    • Shoppergirl000

      Aside from recycling instead of throwing away (paper, glass, cans, plastics) I try to drive as little as possible (walking to class or work). Also, printing multiple coupons per sheet of paper!

    • Chudnell

      I buy products in recyclable containers, and recycle everything i possibly can.  I ride the bus to and from work instead of driving my car by myself.  I try to group my errands so I can accomplish them all in one trip.  I buy most of my clothing and household goods at thrift stores (another way to recycle!)

    • Rachel

      I recycle everything I can and use reuseable shopping bags.

    • Mthuyle

      Hmm I don’t “hug” trees (wondering…) :) but I do love to garden.  Well as far as recycling, we, I and the kids recycle every thing and reuse any thing that reuseable.  We have replaced regular light bulbs with energy saving lighting around the house.

    • Jess

      We compost, recycle and try to conserve energy whenever possible.

    • We do several things but I think our biggest contribution is recycling all plastic, glass, and metal through the local recycling program. They pick up and they sort everything weekly for a small monthly fee. It is amazing how we have more recycling that we do trash now!

    • Haven

      Besides curbside recycling for aluminum, batteries, paper, and plastic 1 & 2, I take our glass to a recyclery, and we take our styrofoam and plastic grocery bags to Publix’s recycling bins outside of their store. I have my kids put the items in the bins at Publix, so it gets the kids used to doing their part in recycling, I am hopeful that they will do at least this much, or better when they get older.

    • Tclkal1989

      We recycle and we burn a lot in our burn barrel = less in the landfill! We use brita filters = no plastic bottles. 

    • Linda

      After playing a game on recyclebank I learned I could recycle plastic ziploc bags, sandwich bread bags, etc. not just shopping bags at my local grocery store.  Thanks for another way to recycle.

    • Heather

      I stopped buying bottled water.

    • Heather

      I stopped buying bottled water.

    • cheryl

      I recycle aluminum drink cans, newspapers, and cereal boxes.

    • cheryl

      I recycle aluminum drink cans, newspapers, and cereal boxes.

    • petdr02

      We had a weekly overflowing recycle box issued by our town. We recycle more than we throw away in the trash can. I didn’t think it would be allowed but..my husband got a huge container from his work that is for dirty towels to be laundered. His employer was throwing it away. We now put out two containers each week! The recycling company doesn’t care-I guess it is more business for them. And we saved the container itself from becoming trash in a landfill-DOUBLE BONUS! I love recycling-it makes me feel I am doing my share to leave our planet a better place than it is now!

    • petdr02

      We had a weekly overflowing recycle box issued by our town. We recycle more than we throw away in the trash can. I didn’t think it would be allowed but..my husband got a huge container from his work that is for dirty towels to be laundered. His employer was throwing it away. We now put out two containers each week! The recycling company doesn’t care-I guess it is more business for them. And we saved the container itself from becoming trash in a landfill-DOUBLE BONUS! I love recycling-it makes me feel I am doing my share to leave our planet a better place than it is now!

    • Couponsforheather

      We filter our water, do not let the water run while brushing our teeth, and recycle.  I have started a good collection for terracycle, but not finalized how that works yet.  I try to reuse plastic packaging, if possible, for storage of leftovers, kid’s snacks, and even craft items. I did cloth diapers for a while, but the price got to me when I started couponing.

    • Couponsforheather

      We filter our water, do not let the water run while brushing our teeth, and recycle.  I have started a good collection for terracycle, but not finalized how that works yet.  I try to reuse plastic packaging, if possible, for storage of leftovers, kid’s snacks, and even craft items. I did cloth diapers for a while, but the price got to me when I started couponing.

    • rachlee

      We recycle as much as possible (we actually had to ask for an extra bin recently). I also try to repurpose…I love the wipes containers, they are great for so many things from kids’ small toys to crayons, craft supplies, etc.

    • rachlee

      We recycle as much as possible (we actually had to ask for an extra bin recently). I also try to repurpose…I love the wipes containers, they are great for so many things from kids’ small toys to crayons, craft supplies, etc.

    • Barbie1032

      I shop at the goodwill and  salvation army

    • Sissy

      We recycle just about everything!

    • Lisaicor

      I try to recycle as much as possible.  In my house we recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum.  Additionally when gardening we use natural pesticydes.  We have also traded bottled water for filtered tap.

    • We have always recycled, however since I found Recycle Bank we recycle much much more.  We have a family of 6 and only take out one 13 gallon bag of trash a week. We recycle everything else. Even though we have moved to a very rural area and have to take it to the centers we have kept it up. It is rewarding to do our part and teach all of your children the importance of recycling.

    • Traciejmerritt

      We recycle coupons by sending to soldiers we recycle paper, glass. We
      recycle left overs in compost,and our chickens eggs go into compost too.

    • MoJack

      I am new fairly new to recycle bank, about 2 weeks now. But already I am more aware my impact on the environment. I am now using my own shopping  bags (which I’ve had for years) not the plastic ones from the store. My daughters school has just banned all drinking bottles except the clear plastic ones and we are looking into how to set up a recycle program to reduce the waste. They already have a paper recycle program so we are hoping to get the same company to help with the water bottles… 

    • Audrey

      We installed a tankless water heater which cuts down a lot on energy used to heat the water.  I try to reuse plastic baggies as long as they are not dirty.  For example, if I freeze bagels in a freezer bag, I won’t just throw the bag out when those bagels are gone.  I put the next batch of bagels in the same bag.

    • My family recycles just about everything…. In fact, we dont need the trash truck every week, instead we could use the recycle truck every week! We also bring our lunches in reusable containers, and we have a water dispenser instead of water bottles. 

    • Susan

      Reuseable bags instead of plastic or paper.

    • Amy

      We have planted a large garden this year and we are saving all kinds of stuff to help protect the plants from colder weather. Examples, empty soup cans can be placed over the plants, large cups from McDonalds (my addiction) are saved and rinsed to be used for plants, we also keep all empty milk cartons and empty juice bottles for other purposes. Our old apple peels goes out to feed the deer. :-)

    • Beachlady85

      To reduce the use of plastic- we carry cloth grocery bags to the store when we shop. We also have started using filtered water vs bottle water.  And of course – we recycle!

    • Mickey

      We recycle cans,glass,papers,cardboard and coupons.

    • apaul

       I use reusable bags at the grocery store and we recycle glass, cardboard, plastic, paper, and aluminum.

    • Regina64

      Trying to keep my carbon foot print to a minimum.  Would like for my great great great great nieces and nephews to be able experience the outdoor life in the mtns as we did.  Nothing like the smell of the woods after a spring rain.

    • Franklinjil

      Our family of six tries to recycle as much as possible: cans, plastics, cardboard.  It amazes me how much of my trash was once plastics.  Our family also plants a garden and we shop at thrift shops.  I try to use reusable bags for grocery shopping, but when I forget I use the bags for dirty diapers.

    • Diane

      i recycle whenever I can – they don’t pick up where we live, so I have to save and bring it. I also repurpose – [or hoard – because it may be useful :-)  ]especially containers. Reading some of the other comments makes me ashamed not to do more!

    • Delia2254

      We use only rechargeable batteries.  We wrap all gifts in either fabric bags or Sunday comics.  We use cloth, not paper, towels.  We compost.

    • Melissa

      i recycle

    • Tara

      I reuse plastic grocery bags for my husband’s lunch bags!

    • jeremy

      recycling as much as we can

    • Jennifer

      We recycle everything we can at our house. Our recycling cans are always overflowing. We only need our garbage service about 1 day a month. My 9 year old son even brings stuff home from school (from his lunch) that is we can recycle.

    • Rlynn103

      We are a die-hard “recycle family”!    Whether at home, on vacation, camping or traveling, we try to be mindful to recycle.

    • Siew

      I turn off the shower when I am shampooing.

    • Lackley763

      Since we don’t have recycling pick up, we take all our recycleables to a recycling center the community has set up.  And we also donate items that are still good that we don’t want.

    • Ashby S.

      We try to recycle everything.   We don’t have recycling service so we have to take it to the county bins every week.

    • Current Resident

      I use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic bags.

    • Klvernon82

      I try to do lots of small things. I have reusable grocery bags, recycle as much as possible, and try to repurpose what I have to work for something else.

    • Eibeachbabe

      we use cloth diapers

    • Happymommy742

      We re-use items including hand me downs,  and recycle all our paper, plastic, and metal cans !  I would love those points!!!!

    • Andybreuker

      I recycle at work and at home

    • dustinmbaker

      As the owner of a cleaning company, I promote Green Cleaning by offering a 15% discount to any clients that choose the environmentally safer way to have their homes or businesses cleaned.  Using all natural cleaners versus harsh chemicals are not only better for the environment but also for household pets and young children.

    • neverrestranch

      I recycle my glass, plastic, cans, and newspaper.

    • Beth Williamson

      I try to re-use containers and bags whenever possible

    • Beth

      I turn off the water while brushing my teeth, and re use bags when I shop!

    • Whitney626

      In my family we make recycling a major part of our lives.  We use cloth diapers, recycle, filter water, use cloth bags for groceries and compost.  I have enjoyed using Recyclebank because it helps me save and learn new ways to be a good citizen of the earth. 

    • Katiemusic

      We take all of our trash to the dump just so that we can recycle!  (We aren’t in a “city” system that recycles and the paid trash pick up doesn’t recycle in our area either!)  :)

    • DianaY19

      I recycle packaging that most probably do not…for example, the plastic bags that cereal comes in, cracker wrappers, even fruit snack wrappers.  I keep them all in a special bag and take them with me to the grocery store to recycle with the plastic bags.

    • Melissa C

      I recycle plastics and cans.

    • Cindyballen

      We use cloth diapers with our baby.  Seems to be better since we don’t have to throw away disposable diapers in the trash.

    • AP

      We recycle as much as we can, including plastic bags at the grocery store since they cannot be picked up at the curb. We’ve noticed the amount of actual “trash” we have to put out is A LOT less!

    • nisha1997

      I reuse all plastic bags and i quite buying cases of water.  Instead i use reusable water bottles and tap water, since a large percent of bottled water is tap.  This saves the environment and my pocket as well.  Yay!!

    • Candlequeen81

      I use reusable bags at the grocery store and recycle plastic, glass, and cardboard.  I wash most clothes on the cold cycle to save energy and never use the dry cycle on the dishwasher.

    • Beth

      We have more recycling these days than we do trash.  We also collect our plastic grocery bags and either reuse them to line our small bathroom trash cans or we recycle them at Publix.

    • Michelle J

      We recycle as A LOT and we always use reusuable bags at the grocery store.

    • Mily_guthrie

      I tried to use less the dryer machine and do not use hair sprays.

    • Jgleddon

      I try to compost all of my kitchen food waste scraps (non-animal) to use as plant food for my flowers and vegetables.

    • Babs

      We take showers every other day, run the dishwasher every two days or only  when completely full.  Never run water while cleaning kitchen or brushing teeth and washing up.

    • srstrait

      I use re-useable shopping bags, turn off tap water when brushing teeth or washing hands, keep winter thermostat to 67 degrees.

    • Carey

      Hi Jenny!  I always try to cut the plastic rings (like the ones found on a six pack, etc) before I throw them away.  For a while there, I was hearing about sea gulls getting their necks stuck in them and it broke me heart, so I always think about them before I throw anything like that away.

    • Pollard1184

      I have started recycling my plastic grocery bags.

    • wstrait432

      We recycle drink cans, plastic bottles and bags.  We put water conserves in our bathrooms and kitchen. 

    • melanieo

      We try and plan our errands for the same day so that we are not driving as much and we compost our produce scraps to use in our garden.

    • Tiff

      I always use my reusable bags and recycle most plastics that we use in our home. 

    • Frances

      I use re-usable shopping bags, recycle what I can, and try to only buy what I need.

    • Shannonwvoss

      Recycle, reusable grocery bags and lunch bags.

    • Amanda Rhoades

      Since I’ve started following you blog and have learned how to coupon effectively, we’ve been able to afford many of the environmentally friendly products that weren’t in our budget before. We’ve replaced our lightbulbs with energy efficient bulbs, I use nothing but “green” cleaning products and my kids collect whatever we can’t re-purpose for our shiny new recycle bin. We’re looking forward to putting in our own vegetable garden and hopefully installing solar panels in our home by this fall. 

    • Sarah

      We recycle! Pop cans, plastics, paper, cardboard…you name it, we recycle it! We also drive a flexfuel car!

    • Cayacoup

      Walk to the store where I use reusable bags, use recycled products when possible, I won’t by bottle water and I refill my gallon jugs (cheaper and less trash). Finally: I can’t go to sleep without the tv. So, I set the timer for like 15 minutes…enough time for me to fall asleep and it won’t waste energy by being on all night. :D  I’ve never won any of these prizes but I love my fellow Southern Savers regardless.  Smooches!

    • lindseyenorris

      I do about 50% cloth diapering and we use cloth napkins at our house. I also make my own cleaning products as much as possible. 

    • Amy

      I like to use re-usable shopping bags and if we get plastic, I’ll use them as garbage bags.

    • janina

      We only use reusable shopping bags. We also have a compost in our backyard.

    • baron5150

      Besides recycling, we buy energy star appliances and use CFL bulbs.  We carpool with the neighbors to do shopping when we are going to the same store.

    • We recycle three times more than the amount of trash we produce!

    • Vijtai01

      I try to make 100% recycling all the plastics, cardboard and cans. Even a small piece of paper I will recycle instead of throwing in the garbage. 

    • Bizicouponmom

      We compost kitchen scraps, grow our own vegetables, have replaced light bulbs with cfls, keep thermostat low in winter and high in summer.

    • Aimee

      I carry a reusable shopping bag on my keys so that I always have one available.  If possible, I wash my ziplock baggies to reuse them and once a week we drop off all of our recyclables.  My son loves helping sort! :)

    • Trisha

      I have set up a recycle boxes in my classroom.  The children know that they are to throw all recycable materials in the approriate box.  The children are very diligent in doing this and will get on to someone if they see a piece of paper in the trashcan!

    • Areiterrn

      We recycle as much as possible.

    • I lead our Cub Scouts in environmental clean ups around our parks and rivers twice a year. It has a great impact on the young when they have to pick up someone’s else trash. Especially when they learn how it harms the earth all because others are lazy after all their hard work to clean it up! I hope these efforts pay it forward through these young scouts!

    • Heidi Moxley

      We definitely recycle, keep showers short, and unplug numerous appliances when no in use!

    • Dianne

      When I can, I print on the back of paper that was previously printed (often with expired coupons that I didn’t use).  I also use reuseable shopping bags and try to combine shopping trips and other errands to use less gas.  I have a tankless water heater to save energy.

    • Kristen

      I carry my own reusable bags to any store we shop. 

    • Rebecca

      we compost and try to recycle EVERYTHING… and we try to fix things instead of buying new.

    • amanda

      I use cloth napkins and reusable containers

    • Lauren

      I try to combine errands to use less gas.

    • Twren63

      We try to recycle ,what we can.
      My family bought green wise bags .We take them every where. trying  not to bring home any plastic bags.(note we go to cvs whith our bags all the time …….They sell a green wise leaf for 99cents…….you put on a few bags and they scan them everytime we go and it adds 25cents to each leaf…so each forth time its scanned you get a one dollar back in a reward. )
      So we get payed to take our bags each time and recycle.

    • kt

      Just in the last 6 months I started using printable coupons and I was throwing away the scraps of  leftover paper, so now I keep a recycle bin next to my desk and throw the scrap paper from my coupon clippings in there and recycle it every week with the rest of our recyclables.

    • Tommi

       I took the time out to research the best Earth Friendly products for my daughter and household. I’ve switched to all natural cleaners/organic products including chlorine free diapers. It makes me feel good to know that I’m keeping my family safer and helping our beautiful Earth.

    • Iniray

      I am a second grade teacher and I teach my students to check the bottom of plastics for recyclable numbers and we use front and back of paper in our journals

    • Jnnfrwht2011

      I recycle my Sunday papers and try to be energy efficient.

    • Tamara

      I use reusable bags any time I shop, and recycle everything I can!

    • Sinisterdaze

      We recycle, use energy efficient light bulbs, reusable grocery bags, have compost bin, bought water filter and refillable bottles for water.  We also only by produce from our organic local farmers market.

    • Savingisfun

      We recycle all our plastic water bottles.

    • Bateskimberlya

      Recycle and repurpose everything we can!

    • Adele

      We recycle almost everything.  Our recycle bin is as big as our trash can and is always more full than the trash can.  I also use reusable snack bags for the kids lunch and snacks.  

    • Tula


    • Michelle

      we recycle whatever we can, use reusable grocery bags, try and avoid washing/drying clothes as the “peak” times, if I have scrap paper left over from printing coupons, I cut them down and use them for my shopping lists!

    • Mary W.

      We recycle everything we can.  My daughter works at a school so alot of things we have can be recyled into crafts for the kids.  We have hand me downs for the baby and pass them on when they don’t fit.

    • Deiha

      programable thermostats, reuse paper for printing coupons, recycle newspapers and cardboard. Use recyclables for art projects at my preschool classroom.

    • Adoddcoupon

      We work really hard at taking shorter showers, turn water off while brushing teeth, and just conserving energy in all ways we can. Our frugile budget has also helped conserve and help the environment. Recyclebamk has taught us great things too!!

    • mary

      walk to church

    • Phong

      I try to recycle as much as possible and use reusable bags as often as possible. 

    • Carly

      We recycle our paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum packaging, we compost our natural waste (fruit and veggie left overs, egg shells, coffee grinds and filters etc.) and we never purchase plastic water bottles.  We have reusable bottles.  We also rarely use plastic baggies in lunches.  My mother in law started a community recycling program in Nashville, TN in 1988 and we are living the lifestyle she strives to share with others in her community.  RecycleBank is such an awesome program!!!!

    • Smtrueunc

      We recycle everything possible and teach our kids to do the same.

    • Kmlackey80

      I live in an apartment complex that doesn’t recycle. As a result, a take all plastic and paper material to the local recycling area in order to recycle. I have also found great ways to recycle things from pinterest such as reusing a altoids box to put bobby pins in.  

    • Kitty

      We use reusable bags,recycle everything that is recyclable, and turn off our water while brushing our teeth and shampooing our hair.

    • Tammy R

      We try to live by the old adage….
      Use it up
      Wear it out
      Make it do
      Or do without!

      Got that from my grandpa :)

    • Katielanes

      My family recycles paper, plastic, glass, and alumium cans to help the environment.  I have also taken this concept to one of my places of employment.  I work at a local pharmacy where prescription bottles and stock bottles are recycled, not to mention the shredded paper.  Thank you.

    • Christina

      we reuse paper (to color and to print), and really teach our kids about recycling.   we also repurpose whatever we can and try to reduce our carbon footprint!!

    • Shirley

      I have been recycling and reusing everything that can be for well over 30 yrs, and will always continue to do so. I reused the paper bags at the store when they started using the plastic bags,  knowing they would stay in the landfill forever like the plastic diapers. I used cloth diapers with all 3 of my sons. Recycle, Reuse everything that can be. Saves money and our beautiful Planet.  ;)

    • H Sutton

      Of course, we recycle and try to reuse everything we can. But our family has also adopted the road we live on and once a week we try to clean up and get all the litter from the road.

      Thank you!

    • Amanda Fleeman

      I try to recycle anything and everything I use. I am also starting a compost so that the food scraps that can go into it can be used there, along with grass clippings and some leaves from the trees in our yard. It’s a great way to be green for my garden and to save some money on compost and soil.

    • Beccanifty

      I repurpose and reuse as much as possible.

    • Sweetk3346

      I recycle everyday! Almost nothing goes in to the trash. We also take short showers. I love this earth & am teaching my son to do the same. Recycle, Reuse & Reduce is our motto!

    • Thrityjules

      We use cloth diapers and hang them to dry. We also recycle all of our recycleables and I use a reusable plastic bottle for water at work instead of buying bottled water.

    • We recycle just about everything and anything we can. Our recycle cans are full every week, but our trash can usually only has one bag of trash in it.

    • Cmotes

      My husband and i used to pay to have our trash taken off,now we no longer do that we recycle all of it,which also saves us money as well as is good for the enviroment

    • Yumyum0808

      My children get hand-me-downs. My motto is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. I love yard sales and tag sales. What better way to repurpose!

    • Guest

      We try to recycle everything possible. Soon we will be putting our triplets into toddler beds and we will be giving one bed to a friend, turning one crib into a wagon, and disassembling the third, placing hooks in the slats of one or two of the sides, hanging it in the kitchen which will give us a place to hang pots and pans.

    • Rachel

      I’m an avid recycler, we reuse most anything we can and I even reuse my newspapers (you know couponers get lots!) as a weed barrier in my flower beds! 

    • willi4

      We try to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling everything we can (including scraps of paper from couponing), limiting water and electricity use, turning thermostat a little lower in winter and higher in summer than we used to. We use the AC less, opting for open windows and fans.We also shop with reusable bags. One vehicle is “hybrid,” running mostly on battery, the other is fuel efficient.

    • Ladykattt

      I use reusable grocery bags, make my own coffee creamer, make my own laundry detergent, changed all my light bulbs to CFL, I recycle newspapers in my gardens, I reuse plastic coffee cans as flower pots, I reuse plastic 2 liter bottles as lettuce beds, and piece of furniture in my house has been previously owned before I received it…so you could say that I’ve kept an entire house of furniture out of a landfill…

    • Alyssa L.

      We recycle anything we possibly can, and we try to remember to bring our reusable bags to the grocery store.

    • GenkiSam

      I turn off lights frequently and conserve water

    • Upbirch

      I try to not use more than I need.  I keep my purchases to a minimum.

    • WRMom622

      To me, reduce is the key! Recycling is great, but if you can avoid using the material to begin with, even better! We also reuse all kinds of things before recycling them. Recyclables make great (and free!) toys for my 2-year-old, allowing me to reduce the number of toys and craft supplies we purchase/use. He has been playing with the same two small and large peanut-butter jars since he was about 9 months old. They have been great developmental toys at various stages since then, teaching opposites, fine motor skills, and more. And once he’s done with them, they’ll go straight in the recycle bin :)

    • CJ

      We recycle. We also buy and consign second hand clothes and kid items at a kids consignment sale. We try to buy local and organic foods as much as possible. Also, I’m trying to teach my kids that it’s our job to take care of the earth that God has given us to care for.

    • jaceyterpstra

      I try to use up things as much as possible and buy secondhand or used.

    • cvslady

      We compost vegetable and fruit scraps.

    • Crystalgoddess78

      We actually recycle more than we throw away each week. We had to call our trash company to make accommodations for the amount we recycle. LOL. We have used fluorescent bulbs for years, saves us money. And my husband and I carpool to work every day. 

    • Shebella30

      I give back to my community by recycling the plastics we use.  I also donate and purchase used clothing.  I save water by turning it off while brushing and washing dishes. 

    • Christi

      I walk or ride my bike to work a couple days each week! Save on gas and get some exercise!

    • Jmorgansplace

      I’m trying to teach my 4 year old to recycle. we put all our stuff in the recycling bind except for food.

      I have always tried to keep the lights off.

    • Kim

      we limit our water usage and recycle our plastic bags and purchase 2nd hand clothes.

    • Jennifer Van Dahm

      We recycle each week and reuse grocery shopping bags! We also compost our scraps!

    • Jenn Mc

      I recycle my newspapers, magazines and old coupon inserts

    • Amos

      We recycle all plastics, cans, newspapers, etc. at the kids’ school and the school profits from it.  I have also started trying to buy fresh products, esp. produce and NOT use the plastic bags.  We repurpose as much as we can around here.  Our latest project was making a beautiful wall hanging out of squashed toilet paper tubes!!

    • wendyc

      I try tonot on;y recycle but reuse things whenever i can.

    • Amy

      I pack my kids’ lunches in reusable containers – no baggies for us!  (Mostly!)

    • Ashley Carter

      There are many reasons why I like to help save the environment. Usually saving the environment saves me money too!

    • Allinole

      We recycle.  We fill our trash can size recycle bin  each week and our garbage can is only 1/2 full. 

    • Sdavisva

      We are vigilant about recyling and also try to repurose items intead of buying new.  We accept all hand-me-downs and shop at consignment whenever possible.

    • Nick

      My wife and I recycle all of our cardboard and paperboard now. We don’t have nearby facilities for other items, so we are doing what we can now.

    • honaker13

      We recycle plastic bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers. We use a pur pitcher. We use reusable bags and containers.

    • Darla

      I recycle all aluminum cans.  Frequently I see men and women walking our road which is in a very rural area.  I keep my cans for them and they pick them up to get paid at the aluminum recycling center.  I figure if they don’t mind walking, cleaning our roads and picking up cans, they can use all the help they can get.  

    • Cotij98

      we recycle bottles & paper.

    • Msusieharris

      I recycle cans, plastic bottles, newspapers.  I even use my own “green bags” to put my store purchases in instead of using a store bag.

    • katkoupon

      Composting for our new garden.

    • Lmkoller1

      I just started buying organic produce from the local farmer’s market. It’s cheaper and better for the environment in so many ways. We also recycle everything possible. My husband was embarassed to take the trash out this week because we only had one bag of trash in the can.

    • Rwkingv

      We try to repurpose things instead of throwing them away. My son cut up a boot he outgrew and the leather in a school project. We’re also converting away from incandescent light bulbs, just to name a few.

    • Robin T.

      As a family we recycle each week. We also support the recycling effort through our children’s school. We use filtered water bottles so that we do not have to buy cases of water.  Our youngest child’s school is going completely green by Nov. of this year!  We also support and utilize freecycle.com regularly.

    • Jodispink

      We try to utilize all that we buy and not waste food

    • BlessedSmith

      I try to use things more than once and use other purposes. Buying local foods. Just being mindful at all time

    • Saviorbucks

      I’m trying to convert to a semi-paperless household! With a brand new all in one printer I got from saving my office max rewards, I’m scanning imortant documents, backing them up and then burning the originals. I’m also requesting paperless billing as it becomes available from my providers.

    • Jennifer

      Find more ways to reuse what I would normally throw away.

    • Glenda

      Everything possible is composted back into the yard. Everything usable is donated back to the local thrift stores for charity or given away through the local Freecycle.com groups.  Everything else that can be is then put into the recycle bins which leaves not a whole lot of trash for the waste management guys.  We’ve planted trees to shade the house which helps with the airconditioning requirements and I use mother nature (a clothes line) to dry the clothes.  I have a clothes drier for emergencies but really hate to use it.  Finally, I plant a small garden in the summer so that I can have fresh veggies, especially tomatoes, knowing that they haven’t been shipped from who knows where.

    • kps

      One of the greatest gifts I inherited from my dearly departed Mom was “how to make something out of nothing.” This past year, my job was to decorate the 4th-5th grade room at our church every week. I was committed to going the entire year without having to use church funds to buy a single item for decorating…and I succeeded! By just borrowing, re-using and re-purposing all kinds of fun items and craft supplies, I was able to make a fun and clever environment for the kids to learn more about the Lord!! Thanks, Jenny.

    • Lksoni23

      I recycle everything possible and turn out lights and, yes, flush the toilet every other use.

    • Martha1147

      We really work to recycle everything! – cardboard, glass, newspapers,plastic, animal waste products, metal, batteries,etc. It has become both a challenge and a family game to find out where and how to save all of this from landfills.

    • Kingdomgirls3

      We separate all of our trash, so that we can take it to the recycle bin because they do not offer the pickup service where we live. IWe take papers, plastics, glass and regular house trash to the recycling center in the trunk of our car on a weekly basis.  We also take our cloth bags with us when we go shopping for
      groceries. Our ultimate goal is  to make earth a better place for our future.

    • del4fun00

      This is a very simple thing but we are cutting out using straws because we just realize how wasteful they are. We are also not buying disposable water and just using plain water bottes.

    • Christine S.

      We recycle, use Tupperware containers as much as possible, and are getting better at remembering our reusable bags when we go shopping!

    • Kathy, M

      We recycle our trash and compost our kitchen scraps.  

    • debdup

      I recycle all cardboard boxes, water bottles, and cans that i am able.

    • Sweetie4

      I am a teacher on a budget, so to save $ and be kind to the environment, I always try to reuse and upcycle products like Lysol plastic containers for homemade game containers. :)

    • Rebecca

      My kids love to craft but instead of buying a lot of craft supplies we repurpose everything that comes into our house.  They can be very creative with the most simple items.

    • Camille

      Being the youngest of 11 children I grew up recycling when it wasn’t cool. My mom hung aluminum foil, ziploc bags and plastic cups on the hot water heater with clothespins to dry them out after washing them. Now I’m a mom and we recycle everything (though not AS EXTREME as my mom) I truly believe her influence has made me more aware of recycling. I am a preschool teacher and reuse/repurpose just about anything in my weekly craft ideas (from paper towel tubes to orbit gum canisters).

    • Amanda Trapini

      I have a larger family and in doing so I strive to leave less of an impact on the environment than that of my friends with smaller families. We have a compost pile, we recycle we reuse all glass jars we might buy. We walk or ride a bike 
      and we use cloth grocery sacks.

    • del4fun00

      Another thing we did (using tips from recyclebank) was to reuse wrapping and wrapping accessories. Save us tons of cash. I have been reusing the tissue paper especially to re-wrap for kids bday parties.

    • Marie4W

      I purchased a Brita water filter jug to bring to work so me and my fellow co workers could us that instead of bottled water.

    • Laurie

      The list of small things we do on a daily basis really does add up but I found an unexpected benefit from selecting paperless billing whenever possible.  I no longer have to save and file paid bills which means I was able to save time cleaning out my file cabinet at year end this year – saving the environment has actually saved myself time!

    • Carriearmywife

      To do our part for the environment our family uses all energy star appliances and recycle everything we can in our area. I give all of my used egg cartons and cleaned berry plastics to a family friend who makes her living by eggs and the farmers market. We have a mulch bin that we put all of our scraps of veggies and fruit in and we have a worm bin, we put newspaper and veggie scraps in there. We also do the normal things like turning off lights when we leave the room and when we brush our teeth we turn off the water….

    • Jbschronce

      We have cut down on chemicals and harsh cleaners, opting for a more natural cleaning solution like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice.  I am also love to refurbish old things into something useful and trendy.

    • Kimberly Strickland

      To save the environment we recycle everything that can be recycled, buy recyclee paper, buy energy star appliances, and use the water saving settings on the appliances.

    • Drfoste3

      We recycle nearly everything.  I usually have more in the recycle bin than in the trash can!  And, I have recently started making my own cleaning products like detergent, fabric softener, tub and tile cleaner, and fabric refresher.  This cuts down on packaging wastes, since I use the same bottles over and over again.  And, eliminates some very harmful chemicals from my home and the environment.  Plus, we always use our reusable shopping bags:)

    • Laurenbayles

      I reuse/repurpose EVERYTHING

    • Jsnider79

      We grow our own vegetables and can them – we reuse the jars from year to year, saving on waste of store bought plastic and tin.  It’s healthy for our family and teaches the kids how to live off the earth and not to harm it!

    • Brandy

      We try several ways to help reduce our carbon foot print.  First of all we recycle as much as we can, not only in the recycle bins, but also by repurposing things in new ways.  We have cut down on harsh chemicals in our cleaning supplies and we have taken up gardening so that we can have healthier veggies and also share iwth the neighbors

    • gshu

      recycle everything possible – turn off the lights when not in the room 

    • KJP

      I recycle as much as I can, use reusable shopping bags and compost.  

    • Brooke

      Recycling, turning things off when we aren’t using them (computers, etc) and lights off when not in a room. Also, try and reduce our fuel use by doing all errands when we are out, riding together etc. 

    • CRUISES72

      My familiy and I try buy recyclable items, carry our on bags when shopping, recycle clothes to Goodwill and we are trying our first time at gardening this year!!

    • Elizabeth

       We recycle everything possible.  Our town does not recycle glass or most plastics so we save the glass & plastics & take them to the next town over when we go that way (once or twice a month).  Use CFLs, too.

    • Midori

      I remodeled a bath room recently and installed a deep soaking bath tab. I love the relaxing soak in the tab after a long day, but the best part comes AFTER that. I don’t want to waste gallons of  water, so every time, I pump up the warm water to the washer using a utility pump. This is a small step, but conserving water and electricity makes me feel happy!

    • Susan

      We collect our recyclables and take to a drop off every week.  We have reduced our trash to one 13 gal kitchen bag per week for a family of 3.

    • Carol R

      We minimize the use of disposable plates and cups when possible. We also try to use less paper towels in the kithen.

    • Fallaya

      I take advantage of CVS’s green tag program and use my own burlap bags when I shop.

    • Rhonda

      Recycling and carpooling.

    • Jaymee024

      I try to find creative ways to reuse items instead of throwing them away, and in turn don’t have to buy new

    • tabby

      I recently found out that my local government takes our trash to a plant that burns our trash in an environmentally safe contained environment and uses the steam to operate the local NASA station. Trash that is placed on the streat for bulk pickup goes to a landfill. So I now put as much trash in the tote for transport to the steam plant and place less trash on the street for bulk trash pick

    • Ann S

      I try to recycle as much as possible and look for ways to reduce consumption.

    • Macec10

      We recycle what seems like EVERYTHING! Our bins are always full. We use reusable grocery bags instead of plastic. I am even getting hooked on the idea of re- purposing( is that a word?) anyways always trying to find new ways to use old(er) things, we’ve become less of a consumer family and more of re-purposing family which saves money and helps the environment!

    • Butlerj15

      We try to buy products that have the least amount of packaging.

    • Manyfishes

      We collect our recyclables to be in the bin.

    • mvknight05

      Recycle the newspapers…after I get my coupons! :)

    • Mallory M

      I collect our recyclables and place in a bin and also stray away from using water bottles, etc.

    • ChristiL

      We made the decision to become a one car family. It was an adjustment, but we now often ask what we used the second car for. (Yes, you can do it even with kids at home – we have two.)

    • Raynesmw

      I teach students how to take care of the environment. If we can reach our children, we can reach parents, grandparents and other family members. Children are usually very vocal when they feel strongly about something.

    • I actually read my recycling policy in my area.  There are so many ways to make it less cost effective and ruin things by not recycling properly.  I also compost and I’ve taught the kids how to have less impact on our environment. The kids really enjoy it and makes me proud when my four and two year old fight over who gets to pick up the litter in the parking lot, or help me do the compost or help take out the recyclables.  

    • Ashlee Taylor

      I am teacher at a career college and my students and I recycle all of our bottles, cans and other plastics in my classroom. I also recycle all of my newspapers every Sunday in the recycle bins at my apartment complex. I also try to use my plastic containers as much as possible instead of wasting ziploc bags all the time. I also use a reusable water bottle every day at the gym and I have reusable cup for soda’s at gas stations. :)

    • Mia

      I recycle water bottles.  Also, turn the water off while brushing my teeth.

    • Dinker44

      We don’t buy bottled water anymore and we pretty much recycle all plastic, cardboard, and glass we use in our house. We also only use cfl bulbs in our house. We have cut our thermostat down as well to save energy.

    • Foxygardner

      I don’t eat meat or dairy. It’s amazing what a huge negative impact factory farmed animals have on the environment.

    • dadysgrl

      There is no local recycling pick up in our area. Determined to do my part, I purchased outdoor containers and created my own recycling bins. We now recycle paper products, bottles, glass and cans.  Every week on my way to work, I drop my “stash” at the nearest recycling center drop area (created for the local college). I can see the difference in amount of garbage we have now. And, it’s made me aware of how much money we were wasting on bottled water.

    • Patti L

      I want to leave a better future for my children.

    • Lmf

      I am trying to do more recycling

    • Jenny

      Our family is vegan. We also buy as many fruit/veggies from local farmers as we can. We also recycle. :) 

    • Iannone6

      we saved our propel water bottles for 1 year and refill with our own water and juice.We constantly reuse these bottles. I have cut down on paper products as well. we generally use fabric napkins and regular dishes. also your ziplock bag containers are recycleable.

    • angelareid821

      In own small town, we have to take our recyclables to the recycling center. My 4 year old thinks it is the coolest thing to go and throw milk jugs, etc into the big crate. 

    • Tblandin

      We of course do as much recycling as possible.  We reuse our grocery bags for various purposes and if we get a lot I take them to my daughters daycare, they can always use them there.  We also grow our own garden each year to save money and have awesome vegetables to eat every summer.  There is nothing like picking a tomato of the vine and eating right there on the spot. No store bought tomato compares!!!!

    • Allison Greene

      we use reusable bags when shopping and always recycle our foam egg cartons!

    • Portertown Saver

      Try to reuse containers that food comes in for food storage and reuse ziplock bags.

    • emj

      We always fill up our recycling bin each week and use reusable bags at the grocery store!

    • Jennie

      When I worked away from home, I carpooled with a coworker who lived nearby, even though we only live about 8 miles from there.  Now that I’m a SAHM, I look for ways to reuse what we can.

    • Terry

      I only have garbage pickup once per month – so I recycle a lot. Saves me $ on my garbage bill.

    • Courtney Crane

      We recycle, garden, upcycle (we’re biiiggg upcyclers), carpool, use reusables and we run our heat and air as little as possible!

    • Jennkinlaw

      We now have our own cups that we refill instead of water bottles. We also refill squirt bottles with cleaning products instead of buying new ones all the time. We pack our lunches in our dishes instead of lots of plastic and paper wrappers. We try to make an impact in the childrens lifestyles os they will carry it on.

    • Cattleyaorchid

      I recycle as many household products as I can – newspapers, aluminum, even batteries.

    • I do my best to conserve water. I take really quick showers and turn the water off while I’m sudsing my hands or brushing my teeth in the sink.

    • We recycle, I also use the baby jars over again for storing stuff

    • Mykingarooroo

      I never buy water, I always fill a glass for the fridge.   I drink at least 7, 8 glasses a day so it is a big savings.  We’re big on walking!!!   

    • Lmilliken

      We recycle almost everything. We no longer use bottled water. We use reusable water water bottles. We donate any outgrown clothes or unwanted items to Goodwill. We buy our produce at a local farmers market. We have just completed an energy audit and will be implementing the improvements they suggest. We have switched out our old less efficient bulbs for new more efficient lightbulbs. We upgraded our kitchen appliances and washer and dryer to HE appliances. We are really trying to do our part. :)

    • Flohrdwyer14572

      I always try to reuse items as much as I can – newspapers, butter containers, even dryer lint!

    • Rach3lbu11man

      We recycle, I use the reusable grocery bags, conserve as much electricity and water as possible!

    • SmoochTheCook

      I reuse a lot of things around the house.  I save my laundry detergent bottles (when the detergent is free through couponing) to fill up with my homemade laundry detergent.  I save glass jars to store food and non-food things in.  When I do crafts with my son, we find things around the house and rarely have to buy anything specifically for the projects.  I think I like finding creative ways to reuse things as much as I take pride in keeping things from the landfill.

    • Juliasam2001

      We recycle everyday everything that we can, grow our own garden every summer, only eat meat once a week, only use our car about every two weeks other then that we walk. I also donate anything that is reusable instead of throwing it away and I love to shop at yard sales and consignment places instead of buying something new. And I feel the most important thing we do is teach our kids everyday how important it is for us to be doing all this.

    • Karen P.

      We recycle every possible item we can and feel realy good about our footprint in the “green” world.  We started a small vegetable garden and along with that started a compost as well.  We are very appreciative of this planet and we do our part.  Thanks for all that you do as well.

    • Dana

      We recycle far more than we throw away.  I also everything recyled/able that I can find to use as packing materials for my small ebay business.  Grocery store bags work great!

    • Denise

      we recycle everything and throughly clean items out for recycling.  we have 2 large blue recycle bins (think large trash can size) and they are full each week while we only go through 2 bags of trash a week!  friends and family come over and poke fun that we wash everything for recycling and we show them how much is recycleable that they would just toss out. 

    • Thechapleigh

      My husband, the staunch conservative from the country of Texas ;) just declared himself a “greenie” the other day…

      We have adapted the way we eat to include local (eco-friendly, grass-fed)dairy & beef, thus removing the plastics and packaging materials of milk, yogurt, butter & styrofoam meat packaging. Dairy is now stored in mason jars, and meat in vacuum-seal freezer bags. We grow our own veggies using eco-friendly practices (that we have only recently learned about & are constantly implementing more of). We use the newspapers (from friend’s couponing also) to promote greater soil health & worm beds. The hubby recently dug out a pond on the higher part of our property to “gravity-feed” our garden this summer, thus capturing & utilizing the water run-off from the rains. Instead of mowing, we now turn out the goats to graze down the property (ha — that was the POINT years ago, huh? What can I say, we are learning!)

      I’m most excited about our newest venture — since the heat pump corroded this fall, we’ve been heating with wood, utilizing various downed trees we had (thankfully) cut & split last year — some trees from an 86 year old man’s property as well, mostly in an attempt to help him clear his property of damaged trees. We were able to, for this winter, hold off on the “fix” for that heat pump, as this fall we are CONVERTING TO SOLAR!! We have SO MUCH sun heat available to us, and we will be able to “sell it back” to the electric company! To think, that sun beating down on our property will now be captured, thus creating energy for others!!

      One big quandry for the extreme-couponer-“greenie”… how to reconcile the increased packaging waste with the strategy of “buying more in smaller package sizes, with the bigger value coupons” in order to score the greatest savings???

    • Thepierces

      We recycle, do home energy audits, limit car usage, garden and purchase locally grown produce.

    • nurseteri

      We work really hard to save on gas.  We combine errands into one trip as much as possible.  I have also created a “sit in the car basket” .  This allows me to sit in the car and wait during sports practice instead of driving back home. 

    • Alison

      Cloth diapers, cloth towels instead of paper towels, using a clothesline.

    • kaliio

      I try to eat local as much as possible and I like to reuse and repurpose a lot of things. 

    • Iveysg

      Since we drink so much soda, we recycle all of our cans, especially now since aluminum is so high. Make some money and help the environment

    • Marcia

      I try to not make a lot of unnecessary trips running errands.  I try to plan my route so that I am not doing a lot of backtracking so that I save on gas and don’t pollute as much.

    • Amanda

      We made a choice to live close to our work, so my husband and I walk or bike to work. We only have one car that we use maybe 3 times a week for errands and the occasional drop off to school. We practice the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. 

    • Twirlly

      I collect all the recyclables(plastic bottles, cans, coupon scraps, weekly ads, and newspaper) in the house each week to take to the recycling centers. I try to find ways to reuse items past normal use. I also conserve water/energy by keeping the faucet off during teeth brushing, trying not to wash too small of loads of clothes at a time, taking shorter showers, using the weighted carton in the toilet tank trick, and washing large amounts of dishes in the dishwasher rather than by hand (I prefer hand washing, but this uses less water surprisingly). As a couponer a big one for me is keeping reusable bags in the car to use while shopping, and using any bags still given in small trash cans around the house.

    • Katie1horton

      I used to think being green was just a ridiculous political ploy, but I’ve realized that God appointed us to be stewards of this Earth He created for us and entrusted to us, so I should do the best job I’m capable of doing.

    • Trina lWatson

      I recycle my newspapers.

    • Denise

      We recycle all of our plastic bottles.  We have never done that before.  Now I can’t let something go into the regular trash if its plastic

    • Musze9

      We purchase energy credits to off set our carbon footprint, use natural light to our benefit as much as we can to save energy, and eat organic and locally grown foods. We also try to strictly limit our use plastic. Our best contribution is spreading the word about how important it is to protect and preserve the environment.

    • Not only do we recycle at home, I have a recycle bin at school and I try to teach my middle school students the importance of recycling. 

    • Jennifersanchezobama

      I recycle everything I can, I unplug stuff when its not in use and I run to the gym instead of taking the car.

    • Gamutdesign

      Our recycling bins are always overflowing :) The trash bin barely has anything in it! We buy local produce at our local farmer’s market. It’s a great way to live!

    • Flomom

      I try to re-use paper lunch bags when they come home still clean in my son’s book bag.

    • Shakeyah Black

      Actually my children made me think about recycling and buying reusable products. I was against the idea at first because I did not want the extra chore but my 5 yr old insisted and he has taken a lot of responsibility thus far.

    • Wendythompson67

      I am conserving water usage and electricity

    • Kimickels

      I make my own cat litter out of the leftover (multiple) newspapers I buy on Sunday’s for my coupons.

    • Jclovecats

      I use a Brita water filter and fill reusable bottles instead of adding to the landfill.

    • Nikkit61

      I reuse grocery bags by placing them in my bathroom trashcans, stashing some in my car to use for dirty diapers and trash from car, and recycling the remainder of them.

    • Lmoore77

      I have a produce coop and I get lots of boxes when produce is delivered.  I break down the boxes and take to the recycle bins.

    • mommypie

      I recycle cans, paper, plastic, glass jars/bottles, paint and other chemicals.

    • cyndi

      Besides recycling for my household when I walk my dog I will pick-up any trash I see and recycle what I can.

    • Shopheholic

      I pick up cans on the side of the road and donate them to people that have less than I do that are picking up cans to feed their famlies

    • Pam

      We recycle newspaper, glass and plastic and use reusable grocery bags.

    • MB

      I recycle all the newspapers I buy (for the coups of course) and I use less hairspray!!

    • Hrifkin

      We recycle anything we can and use items for new purposes when possible

    • Michelle

      We recycle glass, plastic, newspapers/magazines, metal cans, pizza boxes, etc.

    • Rainmaker

      we recycle everything, compost most things we can, are growing our own garden, and every few months my 4 year old daughter and I go through our belongings and whenever we buy anything new, we donate one of our used items to someone in need, or to our church or her school. I have been teaching her frombirth that she needs to stay in balance with nature, and her favoire book has always been The Lorax, so we saw that today for her first movie experience. Tomorrow, we are planting a tree to celebrate it.

      • Rainmaker

        we also use all natural homemade house cleaning supplies and beauty supplies. Natural lighting and as a rule, only one light in the house on at a time. Also promotes more family time!

    • susan

      I reuse and repurpose as much as possible, also have a britta, no water bottles.

    • Piphotogirl

      I will take my Girl Scout troop of 40 girls for a beach clean up and show them how hard it is to keep litter off the beach!! Then we will all make a pledge to use less water at home and recycle everything we can! We already use reusable water bottles! That’s a lot of impact with so many families!

    • Kristen

      I recycle everything i can.  We have two boys, so we love “hand-me-downs” (and also have been known to rewrap toys from my oldest to my youngest….shhhh…don’t tell! And this year my goal is to start composting for my garden (and we never use chemicals on our lawn or garden).

    • Hahasowhat

      We’ve cut down on our water and we replaced all the light bulbs in the house to the compact fluorescent bulbs, turn off lights and unplug electronics and small appliances when not in use.

    • Lindseynail

      Recycling the plastic grocery bags helps with waste!

    • Baucom2207

      recycle everything possible, reuse anything that can be reused, and refurbish almost everything else!!

    • Labellejoli

      We use our plastic grocery bags as trash bags/lunch bags/and storage bags.  Also, when have to print, we will recycle the paper and print on the other side not used.

    • Jennilind44

      Repurposing by taking a second look at “trash” or ” give-away” items helps me save money AND cut back on waste!

    • rrt

      I recycle plastic

    • lizclene

      I use BPA free water bottles and reusable grocery bags.

    • Tgriggs777

      We recycle everything possible.

    • Kellyhouse67

      We have a HUGE recycling garbage can that we pay extra for. We have cut down on our “trash” significantly from the year before. My husband said he would never do it because it was to much of a pain but i’ve even trained him!!!

    • Nonnie Mouse

      Recycling is our favorite. We moved recently and no longer have curbside pickup, so we haul a tote bin about once a week or so to our local WalMart that has a recycling trailor in the parking lot.

      Not only does it reduce what goes to the landfill, it’s saved me a few times when someone accidently “threw out” a box with UPC code. Much nicer to pull it out of a clean tote than the garbage can…
      It’s also a lot easier to do those recycling style crafts when you can just pull from the recycle bin. No way I would keep those things around just to clutter our craft space for ‘maybe’ use.

    • jesjoh

      We keep a recycle bin next to our normal trash can and put all cardboard, glass, paper, and plastic items in it.  This cuts out a lot of trash.  We even rinse out some plastic containers that aren’t recycleable and let our son use them as stacking cups.

    • Kylie

      I fanatically recycle cans. I work at a large medical center and save all the cans I find and recycle them.

    • Hzl105

      i print my coupons on both sides and recycle papers for printing coupons! it’s a win-win for me and the environment!

    • Lowes91

      My family recycles cans, glass and plastic bottles..the money from the cans go to our local pet shelter to help with pet rescue

    • We try to avoid plastic bags, we compost, and we recycle as much as we can.

    • Kristiskoupons

      Use shopping bags when possible, re-use plastic bags for trash liners, re-purpose clothing, etc., shop thrift stores, use BPA bottles and Brita pitcher, replaced all light bulbs with flourescents, and garden/can (with indoor garden for winter use).  Plan to start “sprouting” for fresh greens until garden harvest time.

    • Everything is recycled, from plastic bags to cardboard to plastic bottles and cans. If I cant use it or dont want it, I do a “curb alert” on craigslist and let someone who could use it or want it come pick it up :) It’s a great way to quickly get rid of things without tossing them in the trash.

    • Yoga765

      I recycle plastic bags.  Recycle at home.  Conserve gas by doing all my errands on one trip. Conserve electricity.  Try to buy organic.  Ive actually rubbed off on my husband too as far as trying to recycle and think about the environment :)

    • Meganclaycohen

      i teach my children to conserve energy and I recycle. I am always trying to better my carbon footprint.

    • DinoHjax

      Recycle corrugated boxes, plastic bottles, cans. Print coupons on both sides on the paper.Conserve gas by consolidating tasks in one trip. Conserve electricity by unplugging unnecessary electrical items.

    • Kimberly

      Of course I recycle my Sunday papers! But I also recycle the packaging of all the goodies I get at the store. I cut out the cooking instructions portion and put it in a drawer by the stove, then recycle all the bulky cardboard packaging. Not only does it save room in my freezer, it saves the environment. I also recycle all PET plastics and aluminum cans- you can get points for them at the Greenopolis kiosks at Rite Aid- and glass bottles when I have them, either go to the recycle bin or if they are pretty colors I save them, there are usually some local artists asking for colored glass. They crush them up and use them in mosaics.

    • Gomice

      I recycle everything that I can recycle.  I use cloth grocery bags.  I donate any usable items that I no longer need or use.  

    • Stacie

      I try to pack my kids lunches in reusable containers and with as few throw away items as possible. Would live to win recyclebank points! Thanks.

    • Lisa

      Recycle anything we can. I drive my mom crazy at Christmas by separating all of the wrapping and packaging into little piles. Also reusable bags or just skipping the bag when shopping, and reusable containers for lunch boxes. Combining errands into one trip. Keeping a/c at 77 or above. It all helps.

    • snowflake57

      Love recycling and to get rewards.Awesome1

    • Nae

      Basic recycling and using reusable bags. :)

    • Drswallace

      We recycle all our household trash and use a compost.

    • lynmoz

      I recycle by selling vintage clothing online giving fashion a second life! Who says the 80s are out of style? Give me batwing sleeves and high waist pants ANY day…

    •  I ask for paper bags at the grocery store instead of plastic and then reuse them.

    • Jody

      We just started recycling.  I can’t believe how many things that we used to just throw out can be recycled!

    • chrystal bachmann

      I take my own reuseable bags to the grocery store

    • Maganbrooks

      I recycle and use reusable bags!!

    • Merritt395

      My family tries to help the environment by buying cleaning supplies, hand soap, etc in the economy bottles and refilling the bottles with the sprayer or pump to eliminate  the excess garbage in our landfills.  Watching for coupon savings on the bottles by faithfully checking Southern Savers saves my wallet also!  Thanks for all you do!

    • Rgbarron01

      We recycle…but, mostly we don’t buy a lot of stuff to begin with.

    • Tanyalulu

      I recycle everything possible.

    • Jennifer

      We recycle and use filtered water from our refrigerator instead of buying bottled water.  

    • Erica121

      We reuse, recycle, and use low energy light bulbs among other things.

    • Cathycm195

      I reuse the recyclable bags from the stores and always turn off the water when brushing my teeth,

    • Aewalls425

      Our family recycles, we don’t buy bottled water or prepackaged snacks, and we take our own bags to the store.

    • Savanna

      Recyclebank recently had an article about using cast iron cookware.  Turns out that it is the most green option, and it just so happens that I love cooking with cast iron.

      • Savanna

        I also wanted to add one more thing.  My children’s school has a recycling week each month.  Kids can bring in used printer cartridges, old cell phones etc which the PTO recycles.  We also collect used egg cartons and bring them to our local farmers market. The egg cartons get a new life, and the farmers don’t have to purchase expensive new cartons.  The school collects about 400 cartons per month this way.

    • Maria

      I keep a bucket in the shower, i use that to water my plants

    • Ginny

      Shorter showers, recycle most everything, stopped buying bottled water and take my bags to the store.

    • Mel

      I recycle everything I can.

    • Delucas65

      I no longer buy anything that isn’t environmentally friendly products for cleaning or anything else. I also make sure that the packaging the items come in is recyclable while trying to keep down the amount of packaging it is in. I am a current member of Recyclebank and LOVE the tips and items I get from there, just redeemed some points for b1g1 Odwalla juice and a year subscription to Whole Living magazine…which will be recycled after reading!

    • Blueskies0630

      Our motto is, if it can’t be re-purposed, free-cycle it!! (freecycle.org) Food scraps are composted for use in our garden.  Plastic buckets (food grade) are re-used as growing containers.  Egg cartons are saved and given to people who raise chickens/eggs.   Plastic bags are taken to our local store where folks may bring in their own bags or purchase bags.  Paper, plastic and cans are recycled through our city program.  We collect rainwater in barrels for watering the garden.  We use Brita filters inside the house for drinking water.  Laundry is done mostly in cold water and we use about half the recommended amount of detergent.  Cat litter containers are re-used for storage purposes. We also give away clothing and household items either through free-cycle or craigs list.  These are a few things that come to mind about our efforts to keep useable items out of the landfill.

    • shawnna

      I recycle all of my paper products as well as cans and plastic bags.  Our neighborhood recycles and I take my plastic bags back to Publix or Target.  

    • Amberpesce

      I am OBSESSIVE about recycling. My kids don’t want me to catch them throwing an alluminum can in the trash!

    • fink6pack

      For my kids.

    • fink6pack

      OOps – We recycle as much as we can.

    • Bentonboysmom

      We keep the recycle bin by the front door so kids can easily put their drink containers when coming or going.  We recycle lots of unusual things as a fundraiser (potato chip bags and drink pouches) for our preschool too.

    • Juju525

      We recycle all our plastic and paper products and fill up our recycle bin every week!

    • Couponing_Rocks!

      I recycle all those newspapers I’m buying for coupons.  It’s amazing how quickly they add up when you are buying multiples.

    • Amy

      I recycle everything, i.e. cardboard, plastic, glass, and cans.  I even have a compost pile to reduce our organic waste.  The compose soil is then used for our garden.  

    • annieg

      I’m a list-maker and so my weekly “to-do” and “immediate use” coupon holder is a used envelope.

      We compost or recycle almost EVERYTHING!  Even though I have a household of six, I’m betting our sanitation workers think our home is vacant!;0)

    • Brodricka

      I compost and recycle!

    • Johnna

      we have a compose pile over 5 years now. Great soil for everything. Also we recycle glas, cans, newpaper, and thing else we can.

    • Jrickerhagler

      Recycling is huge in our house.  We work hard to teach our children about environmental impacts.

    • Coocooforcouponing@yahoo.com

      I love to recycle. Only started 8 months ago but I am hooked. When you look at what one household can do Imagine what it can be like if only half of our community would start. Here’s my reasons other then helping the environment . Your tragedy never smells, also you save money on trash bags, and trying to make the world a better place. Thanks for the opportunity to share

    • Trisha

      We have a recycle bin the size of our trash which encourages us to recycle all that we can. We also have a composter and veggie garden which saves us money and helps the enviroment. The bees love our backyard!

    • Ajawee83

      Recycle the newspaper

    • Sherri

      We always recycle the newspapers by donating them to a local church that sells them for a fundraiser. We also take reusable bags to the store with us.

    • Jennix6

      We recycle more than we throw away, use green cleaning products and have a compost pile.  Also, I love to shop at our local farmers market…thankfully it opens back up soon!

    • Amandahaskett

      Reduce, reuse, recycle…I try to impose these principles in our home.  Every little bit helps.

    • Theaikenparrs

      My family primarily walks and bikes to most places–we rarely use a car!

    • Empusa

      I recycle everything I can. We also compost and use green cleaners as much as we can.

    • pamgam

      I try to recycle as much as I can.  Using recyclebank and reading the different ways to recycle has helped in things that I did  not know before.  Things we recycle are clothing giving it to those in need.  Recycle cardboard boxes, papers, cans, electronic products, using green products.

    • Romypau77

      We compose and recycle almost everything!!!!!!

    • Mel327


    • johnstka

      We reduce trash by composting, recycling, donating used items, or repurposing them.

    • Nicole Nickle7

      We recycle everything possible, invest in HE machines, use only Energy efficient light bulbs, & are looking into investing in a hybrid car. I’m also lobbying at my work place to install recycle bins in the break rooms. :-)   I try spreading the word about how “cool” it is to be environmentally friendly.

    • Anne kosuda

      We teach the children at my elementary school to recycle paper, compost waste from the cafeteria, and reuse anything allowable   We are seeing kids have conversations with each other about recycling.

    • Paibocoupons

      We recycle everything that is recyclable!! I make sure it is done! We walk a lot as well,

    • VAMom1007

      We recycle everything, even my 5 yr old loves to sort the recyclables :)  We even helped her preschool class create a compost garden last year!!

    • Kelli

      My family and I do our part in the community by recylimg our grocery bags at the store, car pulling with nieghbors to the store and work.I We recycle t my mothers house because we don’t have recycling in our complex ,which we’ve tried to get setup.

    • Katie B.

      We compost and grow an organic garden, and we teach our kids to do the same!

    • Judy

      I recycle all the paper products I can … cereal boxes, snack boxes, cardboard, scraps of paper, etc… I also recycle all plastic products that are able to be recycled in my town.

    • breich

      We recycle our paper product and plastic, use energy efficient bulbs, use reusable shopping bags for all my couponing trips.

    • MomOf4

      I stay local!  All of our needs, from preschool to the dentist to the grocery store, gym and our church are within 5 miles from our home,  I drive no more than 10 miles each day. 

    • Noblinfamily

      I try and recycle what I can

    • t r

      I own my own business, I have all of my customers bring in used grocery bags for me to reuse, and any boxes and shipping materials, they no longer need, Its a blessing to me and saves them money, because I don’t have to buy them.

    • Shooper480

      I try to recycle everything I can and get most of my bills through my email to save paper.

    • Thecandybarilm

      we recycle or reuse as many household items as we can. 

    • DWinGA

      I follow a vegetarian diet, recycle at home and work, am a volunteer service trip leader for the Sierra Club, use CFLs and eco-friendly household cleansers (vinegar, baking soda, elbow grease, etc!), shop local, buy used or consignments, use reusable bags, and try to limit my running-around town.

    • Jokr523

      We recycle!

    • AJB1188

      Trying to get my husband to take shorter showers

    • Merg49

      We recycle what we can. I make some of my own natural cleaners. And this year our garden is bigger.

    • Kathy

      I am a huge fan of recyclebank.  I am also on freecycle.org.  I reuse everything I can to reduce landfill.  My latest, I just made recycled prayer beads for my chaplains at church from old jewelry that someone was going to throw out.  They turned out beautifully and they loved them.  Now they are used to pray with out congregants at church.  I love seeing what I can reuse, create from things that I have or things that are given to me. 

    • Dana361

      Very large rolling container ready for the curb every week for recycling.  It is amazing the amount of trash we accumulate that can be used a gain.  Our family is doing our part.  

    • bjc23

      I recycle.

    • Harley Chick

        We own a newspaper and weekly donate papers to hospital patients, school kids, etc. but the ones left over that do not sell we give the Humane Society or take to the County’s recycyling center.  I have children and want to leave this earth a better place for them and everything we do helps. 

    • Dvhunt

      The more I learn about recycling the more I enjoy participating in these programs I used to only recycle plastic bottles, now I use reusable bags when I go shopping plus I recycle paper products, cans. We compost and grow  our own garden and try to donate all we can to food banks and churches Thanks for all the information from recycle bank . Lets all become more aware of things we can recycle

    • Joysews

      I recycle paper , glass and plastics used in our home.

    • Tnjcent

       I started about 30 yrs ago( as a 20 yr old), by taking and sorting my trash to Middle Tn State University where they had large dumpsters set up and a faculty member there ran this program. Later my growing family assisted with this. I also took my trash to the dumpsters at Georgetown Kroger shopping center when those became available. When my children became of school age, I then took our recyclables to their school on Northfield Blvd. Our city of Murfreesboro, Tn once started a free program and I was a diligent contributor. I began paying for recycling after our city ceased the program due to cost. Pickup restarted with a local company(PBT) which I paid monthly. This company was recently bought out by “All in One Recycling” which now serves me. I feel so good to serve the humans on this planet plus future generations as I recycle.

    • Coupons

      We have two big bins in our garage for recyclables that we fill up every week ~ I love how it is a normal thing for my children to think – Can we recycle this?  Also, my son loves to “invent” things from our recyclables.  : )

    • Rebrheartssavings

      We recycle all we can through our city’s curbside program.  It’s so convenient to have curbside pickup, and the RecycleBank perks are an added bonus!

    • Connieb03

      We recycle and we compost!

    • Dawg4

      We recycled, reused and re-purposed our stuff before it was “cool”. I consistently use my reusable bags for all my shopping needs.  I just keep them in the car all the time. RycleBank has helped inform me about other things I can do to save on water usage, power usage, etc. Some of it is small but when multiplied exponentially across the nation, it has a much bigger impact on the environment.

    • Tmanhollan

      We recycle every week, and reuse plastic grocery bags as garbage bags.

    • Harringmc

      We recycle and watch power and water usage. 

    • Sherrie Blair

      We just recently started the recycling program with our trash pick up- it does not take a few days to fill the entire bin up!

    • Sarah

      Reuse and repurpose items to sell in my Etsy shop or use around the house!

    • Toribaby_02

      Not many people think of it but i have become very aware of maintance of my car. Keeping tires inflated properly, fluids checks helps save gas which help save oil used in the enviroment

    • Bsurfergirl

      We recycle so much of our home waste that we empty our recycling bins more frequently than our trash bin!

    • Kasloan

      we recycle and reuse grocery bags. 

    • I have been faithfully recycling with our curbside recycling ever since we bought our house eight years ago.  My daughter knows what is recyclable and what is trash and helps us sort.  We just found out they are giving our city residents recycling bins on wheels that are as big as our trash can and I was really excited!  I recently have become very diligent about taking all plastic shopping bags back to the grocery store for recycling, and using cloth bags as much as possible.  We rarely use disposable cups and plates anymore and I use reusable containers in my daughter’s lunch instead of ziploc bags.

    • We recycle and donate items we no longer use so others can use them.

    • homeschoolmomof1

      We recycle in our home. We also compost everything for our garden so that in the summer we have a nice crop of veggies, herbs and fruits.

    • Twoartists617

      Although I recycled, I was not always faithful but when I made a pledge on Recycle Bank, I never stray from recycling everything.  Made me aware of what I could do as just one person.

    • Aspiem

      I’ve lived in NC for 6 years.  Until this past November there was no curbside recycling.  Being originally from an area in the Midwest where recycling is common, I just couldn’t throw my recyclables in the trash.  So for the past 6 years we collected all our recycle and made a weekly trip to the recycling center.  We recycle, re-purpose (including using rolling newspapers from couponing into ‘firelogs’), conserve water and energy.

    • Mdmreynolds96

      I have recently started recycling. When we moved to an area with curb side pick up. My recycle bin is full every two weeks. I enjoy recycling. I run a concession stand for local high school and we also reclclye. Please choose me. I use my recycle points to save at ht 10dollars off 50.

    • Shelly Donahoe

      We recycle

    • Nan

      I recycle everything I can

    • Gregjr60

      I am a fan of recyclebank and love their Kashi offers.  Not only do they give coupons for products they give points for recycling the cereal boxes (which I started doing).  They have had some great info on composting and we are looking into starting this year. 

    • Nmont

      We recycle, reuse/repurpose whatever items we can, and keep our cars well-maintained.

    • Amy Samsal

      I always keep a brown paper bag from the grocery store next to my desk and throw in all of the junk mail, envelopes, mail stuffers, coupons, etc through the week then when full the whole bag and its contents go right into the recycle bin. 

    • Nicole

      I compost my kitchen scraps and use the compost in my home garden.  

    • Caroline

      We recycle as much as we can and we have a composter in our back yard and a rain barrel to use to water the stuff we grow in our garden with soil from our composter!

    • Julie B

      We recycle all of the things we can! :) 

    • Susan W. in Cumming, GA

      I have taught my daughter to recycle and at 3 years old she already knows what recycles and what doesn’t. It is so cute to hear her announce that something needs to go to the “cycley bin”. Doing this makes sure the next generation has an understanding of what we need to do to make our planet a better place to live for generations to come. 

    • Natalie R.

      I work in the weatherization field, which saves people 30% on their energy bills by installing insulation, weather-stripping, and heating system tune-ups. I work for the environment every day!

    • Terry

      We recycle everything our county landfill allows.

    • Julie

      We recycle all our paper, glass, aluminum and plastic products even though there is no pick up where we live. We have also gotten three of our neighbors on board and they take their recycling to the recycling center now too!

    • Gmhobbs107

      I have learned so much on Recyclebank this year and have changed several things about the way I live because of it.  Education IS a great thing!

    • Derevejc

      River bank cleanup every Saturday all through Spring!

    • Carolyn

      Reusable containers for everything that goes in the lunch boxes. My family wasn’t wild about the idea at first, but it’s second nature now.

    • Sprtgirl32

      We recycle and reuse as much as possible!

    • Annia

      We recycle and try to buy less with packaging by using fresh produce and things like that.

    • Muscproducer

       Use my green bags at the grocery and other stores.

    • Teach_ashlee

      I always turn the water off when I brush my teeth.

    • Selenia

      Every other Tuesday, I walk all over our town in search of manufacturer’s coupons for our local food bank files that are discarded in the bi-monthly recycling bins.  Along the way, I make it a point to pick up discarded plastic bottles, cigarette packs, and other litter that has been carelessly dropped on the sidewalks and curb areas.  It’s a relatively simple process, since I only have to put accumulated plastic and paper in the next bin as I walk.  have have gotten

    • Sheri Homestead

      Our family recycles EVERYTHING!!! My 5 year old is in charge of placing our recyclable items in the bin and now whenever the milk cartons are empty, my 3 year old now participates – she’s always running around recycle time !!! recycle time!!! Even when we are out and about, if we can’t find a recycle can, we just put it in our bags and take it home – where we know we will be doing our part in protecting our earth…

       We love being GREEN!!!

    • av8her

      We recycle or try to find ways to reuse some of the products we  consume (compost unused fruit/veggie scraps for soil, wash and reuse glass jars, use some boxes covered in wrapping paper to make kids toy blocks).

    • Little28

      We use reusable bags when we go shopping and we recycle everything that our recycling company takes.  I LOVE when the recycle bin is fuller than the trashcan!

    • Phoebehu25

      We have started recycling last year. Our heater is gas so we burn fires going in our fire place to use less gas. We reuse grocery bags. My 5 year old is big into recycling but before putting cans in the recycle she keeps all her tabs to give to the Ronald McDonald house:) we also keep boxes and we and post them onto craiglist for others to use.

    • Smthomas77

      We recycle plastics, newspapers, glass, and cardboard, and we conserve water and electricity.

    • nitwhit66

      reusable shopping bags; recycling glass, paper, plastic, electronics, and batteries; printing on both sides of a sheet of paper; keeping the thermostat low in the winter, high in the summer; i shower every other day in the winter and in the summer turn the shower off while washing; using cold water in the washing machine… i also work for an environemtnal education organization where i teach people how to protect water quality and adapt to sea level rise

    • Deb

      We recycle every week, turn off water while brushing our teeth, use re-usable bags when shopping and are always on the lookout for more ways to live green!

    • D. Parker

      We recycle and I’m big on conserving water. One thing I do is have a watering can under the sink. When I need hot water, I catch the cool water that comes out first and use it to water plants.

    • jilly

      When the weather is good, I hang my clothes outside rather than use the dryer.

    • Sherilturner

      We try our best to conserve energy in our home and to recycle. We also pick up trash from the roadside.

    • Kerry72nc

      I’m a recycling freak. I even take my dryer lint and out it in my shrubs in the backyard for the birds to take when building their nest. I save it for when they are not nesting.

    • elysec9

      We have learned so much about going green from Recyclebank. We always recycle and even started composting this year.

    • Grwrn

      I recycle platic, paper and aluminum and steel. I use CFL light bulbs. I pack my daughters lunch by making ‘waste-free” by using reusable containers not platic bags. I wash in cold water and hang dry my clother in the summer months. I use reusable shopping bags.

    • Suzzy_q_2

      I started a recycling program at work by collecting plastic bottle tops to turn them into Aveda Skin Care who then makes their packaging products out of them. Secondly, we collect empty medicine bottles to give to PETS Inc. for pet medications. At home we compost, recycle what we can at the curbside drop off. However I have to take paperboard, glass, plastic bags and styrofoam to additional recycling sites. I think each and everyone of us should put forth the extra energy to take care of our environment.

    • Embriehl

      I try to be “green” so that the world will be a better place for my children and their children, but also because if I show my children how to respect their world at an early age it will be second nature to them. Not something they have to learn to do as an adult.

    • Dawn

      We recycle religiously, we started and are ever expanding our home garden, we keep our thermostats at low/high values (appropriately for the season). We are also using “green” cleaners, or even just plain ol’ vinegar and baking soda, more and more. And we’re switching a lot of our food basics to organic.

    • Kari Alford

      My kids and I have started our compost, we have our garden, we recycle (and make it a game for the kids. The money from cans/bottles goes into their banks), I have a prius that I inherited, I use biodegradable diapers (g diapers) when possible, and we bought bikes for this summer. We shut off lights and unplug things when we leave the room ( I am looking into solar panels).

    • Cortnlove

      We recently switched over to energy efficient lightbulbs, we turn off our heat/air during the day and just keep windows open during the spring and summer months.  

    • Applezalad

      At school, I teach my students to reuse the back sides of paper.  We also flatten used boxes (from tissues, crayons, and other supplies) and all used recyclables are collected to be recycled later.
      At home, my husband and I actively participate in our local recycling program.  We promote it further by sharing our rollable recycle bin with our next door neighbor.  She is 83 and cannot walk far distances due to current health issues.  We gather up her recyclables and she feels good because she can also help the environment.  Between us we generate more for the recycle pick up than the garbage pick up every week.

    • Kim

      My husband and I purchased a few BPA free water bottles. We take one to work every day and refill at water fountains. No more disposable plastic bottles for us!

    • Ntduck

      I’m trying to make far more conscientious choices at the grocery store and avoiding items that come in non-recyclable packing and avoid the pre-portioned packages and recently have been exploring many of the ideas shared on Pinterest with vinegar household solutions and repurposing containers.

    • Celiadawn

      we recycle everything – we even turn some things we would normally throw out into craft projects

    • Cristy

      I try to reuse as many things as I can: re-purpose furniture, crafts out of greeting cards, find new homes for old clothing, etc.

    • Kellyhill01

      Normally in a two week period we have 2 bags of trash…sometimes 3 and we have a recycle cart that is almost as big as the trash cart and it is always packed up to the top.  We also don’t use any many snack and sandwich bags as we use to.  I also take my bags with my shoping so I don’t bring home more plastic bags.  I LOVE to recycle!!  :)

    • Mary C.

      We recycle by reusing and repurposing things instead of throwing them away. Freecycle is a great way to find items a new home.

    • Alli

      We try to find new uses for items instead of throwing them away: shipping boxes in store bags out in the shed to store seasonal items – instead of buying plastic boxes, store bags as trash bags, boxes and other paper for crafts, old clothing donated or turned into rags. Also less driving! We live in a small town so bike or walk where possible and plan shopping trips into town to avoid backtracking or going into town more than necessary.

    • Happy Couponer

      I try to recycle as much as possible.  We’re a family of 5 and we usually have one bag of trash a week and a really full trash can of recycling.

    • Beth McD

      I try to find a new use for items. My husband and I saved yogurt cups and are going to use them as planters to start a garden.

    • Lynn

      I recycle and reuse as much as possible.

    • Msquire80

      My family is helping the environment by recycling, we also switched from disposable bags to cleanable containers. We try and find ways to reuse everything, it makes it fun for the kids and eliminates a lot of trash.

    • Keith

      I utilize rainbarrels and a composter.

    • Llindal40

      We as a family recycyle everything. We do soda cans, (collect the tabs also for the handicap), plastic bags, bottles and containers. We collect our cardboard paper even the edges from cutting ot coupons we recyle. Every paper we print on we save and use the back side at some point. I buy half as much paper. And staple rewards lets me recycle my ink and I just used my rewards to buy this PC. My kids are 11 and 12 but to recycle is just a normal thing to them now.

    • Lauriec55

      We recycle plastics and cardboard. I use reusable shopping bags. I also stopped buying paper plates. These are just a few of the things we do!

    • Charissa Graham

      we recycle paper, plastic, glass. We use reusable lunchboxes. Several other moms and I do clothes swaps, passing hand-me-downs to younger kids. We carpool as often as we can and shop local especially at Christmas time and for birthdays!

    • BriansET

      We were using ALOT of plastic bags when grocery shopping. Now I take reusable bags. That yogurt cup idea of using them to make planters is a great idea! I usually send small containers like that to my husband shop and he can put nails and such in them or use them for paint projects. I have cups with lids (decorated so cute!) for my water so no water bottles needed. If there is something I don’t want or need it goes to work with me and someone always wants it! I’m also getting my daughter to save her diaper boxes and taking them to a friend at work who found on Pinterest an idea to cover them with fabric and make storage boxes.

    • BrendaH

      I recycle my diet coke cans.

    • Missyscatchall

      I recycle all my weekly newspapers, magazines, cans, & plastics.

    • Lindsey

      We recycle everything we can, use our own grocery sacks, cook fresh and we are planting a garden this year :) It’s so much fun to get my girls excited about being good to the planet!

    • CMathews

      I just got the April edition of Whole Living magazine and it’s all about water.  I didn’t realize so much water goes towards cattle and poultry farms.  My family has recently turned to eating meat only one day a week to save money and to help our health.  It’s nice to know that this also reduces the amount of water used on animal farms.

    • Latgrav

      I participate in my community recycling program. I also try to use reusable bags.

    • Gloria

      I have a trash can and a recycle can…my recycle can needs to be emptied about 3X as often as my trash!! LOL Plus I have a “compost” trash can which I love…”making” my own dirt/soil thrills me! LOL 

    • Momof2girls31

      We recycle, and so, I am teaching my children to recycle. They enjoy it and are proud of the things they get to recycle. They think it’s a game now. Hopefully, I am instilling a life long trend! Happy recycling! :)

    • Amanda

      We use a recycle can and a trash can in our house.  Even our 3 year old helps out and knows which things go in which can.

    • Goin’Greener

      Our 10 year old challenged us last year to quit using papertowels for everyday cleaning. We bought more dish towels and saved money in the process. A year later, we’ve challenged ourselves to compost everything from yard waste to kitchen scraps. My husband has even figured out how to recycle plastic lids and yogurt containers. It’s been a fun family project!

    • Tcrawley2

      Using reusable bags and  taking shorter showers.

    • We recycle as much as possible and use less non-recyclables. Was really excited when our city started doing curbside recycling this January. Less trips to the recycling center makes it even easier to recycle!

    • Babs

      When I “think” that the tube of toothpaste is empty, I cut off the top. I get about 5-6 extra uses with toothpaste trapped in the tube and near the cap! It, of course, depends on the size of the tube. The tube ends up in the landfill but not the extra toothpaste!

    • Fdroberson

      Our lunch walking group picks up trash on our route.  Not only do we get our excercise, but we help keep our city streets clean.

    • Santana153

      We recycle all types of materials from newspaper to cardboard to glass, metal and plastic.

    • danap

      I print a lot of documents daily.  I sue the blank side to print coupons, other documents (not leaving teh office) or for scratch paper

    • Wendy68

      My family recycles paper, plastic, cans, and clothes. It took awhile but I got my family on board. I love Recycle Bank!!!!!!!!

    • Bamabobbie

      Amoung recycling cans, etc I learned to save on hot water in the AM by brusing my teeth out of the hot water pipe (I never drink water from here) and by the time I finish brushing my teeth the water is warm enough to wash my face.

    • Lana

      We switched to a garbage hauler who does recycling  so that we could recycle.

    • Ilyt61499

      I recycle, turn the water off when brushing my teeth, save paper when only printed on half, use the back of printed paper to print my coupons, carpool the kids to school and buy products that use less plastic.

    • Karen

      We never take plastic shopping bags from stores as we have our own re-usable bags. I am always amazed at how many cashiers act surprised and often comment on how rarely this happens. Also, I have spoken to store managers in the past about not double-bagging everything, which seems to be standard in NYC, whether someone is buying a toothbrush or multiple items. 

    • Dandelion

      I try to do as much as I can to keep our environment healthy.  We built an energy saving house, we recycle, reuse as much as possible and try to cut down on what we consume.  We teach our children to love the environment and treat it with respect.  We raise chickens and garden organically.  We only have one car and keep driving to a minimum.  I am careful about water usage, but I want to do even better at this, like installing rain barrels to catch water for our garden.  I also want to try to make a solar oven this summer.  That would really cut down on energy use!

    • Music Dawg

      We are avid recyclers.  We happen to be in a great area that recycles nearly everthing.  We’ve gotten to a place where we recycle more each week than we have in the trash!

    • Esther

      We reuse plastic shopping bags as our trash bags.  Most people buy large plastic trash bags, but we don’t.  It’s also good because the trash gets taken out often (helpful since I have a little one in diapers).

    • Caroline

      One way, we don’t buy bottled water.

    • Vspiderlegs

      I must admit my family goes through a ton of canned and bottled drinks in a months time. I have a motto aabout saving the plant, ” if everyone just did their little part this plant would be a much nicer place to live…” So we save every can and bottle and at the end of the month we take our collection to the recycle place just down the road…

    • SKris

      I now fill my recycle can faster than my regular garbage can making sure I recycle everything I can to avoid filling the lanfills.  Since I am away from my house at work most days I make sure I lower the thermostats during the day to conserve power.  I bring my lunch in a material bag instead of a disposable one, almost never using plastic baggie by opting for re-useable containers.  I do not purchase individual bottled water instead I use a refillable container and purchase the 5 gallon water jugs.  This spring I want to start composting and will only purchase vegetable and fruit from a local source.

    • Tammyjnim

      I love Recyclebank! We recycle and we’re about to install rain barrels to water the garden.

    • Frugalgreenie

      My family always uses reusable bags for everything.  I

    • Vcsavingmoney

      We recycle our newspapers, and we’re saving for a compost barrel.

    • Faith76

      My family recycles all plastic, cardboard, and paper products.  I have all 3 of my kids help when we bring it to the recycling center.  They love it and know that we are helping out the planet!

    • nancycrom

      We recycle EVERYTHING possible, & use reusable shopping bags.

    • Goyabeans333

      I ride a bicycle… everywhere.

    • kimtate

      The 3 R’s- reduce, reuse, recycle! We do the “normal” recycling- cans, plastics, cardboard. Before I started using Melaleuca’s laundry detergent, I loved the Arm & Hammer with Oxi Clean, when empty I used the boxes stacked one on top of the other to create a locker type area for my daughter’s homeschooling books, notebooks and such. Switching to Melalueca’s detergent has been a major improvement to the environment as well!

    • sheryl

       we recycle everything that is recycleble & we collect all of our newspaper & take it to our church paper bin where the money is used to help fund the Seniors department

    • Marohmme

      We use to recycle even when our trash pick up didn’t and then I inquired with my trash company why they did not have a recycling program. About 6months after I asked we got a program. In that 6 months we visited the landfill on a field trip and we saw the waste. My daugter and I came home even more determained to recycle all we could. We found a glass recycling center, a battery recylcling program, we started learning about our everyday uses what could be cut back on and what was recycable. We cut our garbage to more then 75% and we have to empty our in house recycling bin 5 times a week. We have a box of reusable items and we use them. We have even started a recycling program at our homeschool coop.

    • We recycle everything we possibly can such as cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, electronics, etc.  We compost most left over vegetables and scraps.  We have lots of trees and when we get them up we put them in a natural area to compost down to dirt.  We have a garden every spring and summer and can and freeze what we can, reusing glass jars and plastic bags when possible. we use an electronic thermostat that regulates the heat or a/c to save electricity or gas.  I cook several meals at one time to save gas and freeze for a later meal.  We limit showers to 5 minutes to save water thus gas.

    • Carmen

      We try to recycle as much as possible and I am trying to go green with detergents etc. I also use my reusable shopping bags when shopping.

    • Audry

      we take our recycling to the recycling center every week & recycle everything possible.  we also never use water bottles.

    • Woodscloset

      I don’t use paper towels, I use wash cloths and chamoise cloths instead.

    • Ldlwheelie

      I use a brita filter instead of water bottles.  I wash/dry all my laundry at one time so the dryer is already “heated” up. I use recycled paper to print my coupons AND re-use the leftover scraps as notepad paper.  My complex does not recycle but I take my recycle-able items to my Mom’s house every week for pick up.

    • susiela

      I recycle everything I can, and I’ve stopped buying bottled water.

    • Mllacock

      Just learned about the Preserve #5 recycling and am boxing up some yogurt cups today!

    • Chinua1319

      would love to win! We receycle weekly and have our 2 year old trained to put recycleables in the right bag! :)

    • Mackensmay

      I purchase items from eco-friendly companies like Kashi.  I recycle items like cans. 

    • I walk to work everyday and try to drive a car as little as possible.

    • Couponmaven

      Separate our trash for recyclables and reusable water bottles.

    • Michelle

      I use reusable shopping bags,& i use a refillable water bottle instead of buying bottled water

    • Karen

      We separate our recyclables from our trash, and my husband takes them to the recycling center near his work.  We have also switched to reusable water bottles.

    • Ken

       We recycle and teach our children their responsibility to recycle too.

    • Marijane99

      Use reusable containers for my lunch and kids snacks instead of plastic baggies!

    • heather

      when printing, I use both sides of the paper!

    • tallygator

      We purchased a hybrid car, use reusable grocery bags, recycle plastics, paper and glass. We also use reusable beverage containers instead of buying bottled water.We undated our kitchen appliances and air conditioner to high efficiency.    Love Recyclebank and Southern Savers!

    • Katie

      we do our part to recycle all food and drink containers in the house, plus we have planted a family garden full of vegetables this year.  And we also are thrift store shoppers for household items, clothing, and shoes.  The kids all use water bottles and sandwich containers for their lunch boxes.  It not only is green for the enviroment, but saves us our “green” too!

    • Bhawkins0711

      We keep a recycling bin in our garage. Weekly pickup for our neighborhood makes recycling so easy! 

    • Nicole

      Before I knew about southern savers which introduced me to recyclebank i did very little to recycle.  Now because of what I have learned through recyclebank i have started to recycle all the time.  Only cold water to wash my clothes, time set thermostat to keep the enrgy down at night, we take all of our recyclables to the recycling center in town, we are looking into building a new house with a “green builder”. We stopped buying bottle water and bought a brita filter.  My biggest challenge is the garden I am in the processes of growing and trying to make it a community garden to get our neighbors to help out because we have a big empty lot right next to us. My husband is so excited because he thinks I have a black thumb and he cant wait to see the results.  I never thought taking care of the planet would mean so much to me until I had kids.

    • Nwoleslagle

      Thrift store shopper and donate, too.  Recycle what we can and compost.

    • Sarah

      We try to recycle everything we can. We shop at the thrift store often and pass along things we no longer need to others who can benefit from them.

    • Mhudnall

      We recycle and re-purpose. 

    • Kelley

      Recycling, even though we don’t have roadside pick-up.

    • Mom2KB

      I try to keep my in home recyclables clean and separated from other materials.  I remove staples from cardboard before I recycle.

    • Jokat22

      We recycle everything we can and have our garbage down to less than 1 bag per week!

    • Lindsay

      We recycle, unfortunately we’re not in an area where the points count for recyclebank yet.

    • Bug Lady

      When I am checking out at any kind of store, I try to ask myself if I really need the plastic bag that the cashier always seems to automatically put my item(s) into.  For instance, I do not need my gallon jug of milk put in a plastic bag.  If I am just stopping in a drug store for a bottle of cough syrup or something else small, I will just ask the cashier for the receipt and pop the item in my purse.  Like everyone, I take recycle bags to the grocery. The VERY best one I have found is the meshy fabric, crushable one that has it’s own little carrying case with a plastic hook/clasp that clips inside my purse so I never forget it-again, cutting down on my plastic bag usage as I always have a recycle bag ready!  Plastic grocery bags are so harmful to the environment and these are just a few strategies I have implemented to be kind to the earth!

    • Lyndacoupon

      We recycle certain plastics, cardboard and glass at the curb and take styrofoam, paper bags, plastic bags to Publix. Publix is great for couponing AND recycling! 

    • Tabitha

      We recycle plastics and cardboard at work along with at home. It is great to see all areas of my life were we can help our planet.

    • Allison

      I recycle as much as I can and use re-usable bags at Publix when I shop.

    • Theresa

      We recycle all types of plastic and use reusable bags when we shop.

    • Kewpea

      I recycle Capri Suns from my child’s elementary school, and recycle everything we can at home. I’m also becoming more aware of packaging when I buy products. 

    • Sarai

      We try to do the 3 ‘R”s in order. Most people skip straight to “recycle” these days. First, we reduce the amount of resources we use, then reuse what we can (like cereal bags and spaghetti jars, for instance), and whatever’s left over, we recycle!

    • soundring

      I use reusable shopping bags at every store I go to. I also use the front and back of paper to print or write on before I throw it away.

    • I’ve always been all about recycling and I’m getting more focused now on using less.

    • Amcbaer

      we recycle everything we can–paper, glass, plastics, aluminum cans and
      now my recycle center takes electronics ( computers, cell phones,
      printers, fax machines, etc )

    • kelly

      we recycle everything

    • Mlfelton72

      I recycle as much as I can and use re-usable bags when I shop.

    • Meowmixsam

      I’m trying to recycle everything I can, use less water when possible, and purchase earth-friendlier products.

    • Kpashchuk

      I aim to recycle more than I throw away and I’ve been using reusable bags for years

    • H2otstr

      I am an environmental scientist and I can see what harm is being  done to the land by people who do not recycle or conserve.  I do my part and encourage my family and friends to do theirs, too.

    • EgyptLyn

      We do our part by recycling our trash,cans,bottles,electronics and we also recycle by swapping out our childrens clothes with the neighbor/ ours go to the Animal Shelter for their thrift shop or right to the animals for bedding,etc. We also recycle our coupons! Any coupons we don’t need go right to the Military Overseas Coupon Program,along with all our expired ones!

    • Lynda Del Castillo

      I recycle all recyclables and use less product materials to curb waste.

    • Deenacamp

      We recycle so much, our trash can only gets rolled to the curb about every couple of weeks.  The recycle bins go out every week!

    • Joy L

      I Love Recycling!!  We save tons of money on trash bags because most of our trash goes into the recycling bins.  And we re-use bags from the grocery store for trash bags.

    • We are slowly replacing all of our old light bulbs with the energy-saving coiled kind.  We are also now looking into getting a battery recharger so that we can switch to rechargeable batteries.

    • Jess52180

      I will make more of an effort to recycle.

    • Suz_Glo

      I love Recyclebank! We recycle everything we can from our garbage and it’s amazing how very little we wind up sending to the landfill. Now we are trying to “reuse” more. It really is possible to repurpose a lot of stuff around the house. For instance, use empty tissue boxes to hold your plastic store bags. You can easily pull one at a time out to use on your dog walks or to line your small trash cans around the house. 

    • Sophiekohlstedt

      I love recyclebank!…..and Southern Savers too!

    • Christyhartsell

      We recycle and upcycle everything we can to keep usable items out of the landfill.

    • Msstoneguardians

      We have three hens that “recycle” the vegetable scraps, the coffee grounds go around the blueberries, and all other organic things go into the compost barrel.  

    • Kim

      We recycle!  

    • Coopthefrog

      We recycle, and try to walk or ride bikes where ever possible (including to the grocery store).  It not only is good for the environment, it’s healthy for us too!

    • Marianne

      We have switched completely to reusable bags when grocery shopping.

    • Cheryl W.

      I will recylce more but I do use reusable shopping bags.

    • Ambedelia

      Our weekly trash is small because we recycle, reuse and try not to buy products that come in a lot of packaging in the first place.

    • Ksmottern

      I have my 2 boys take out the recycleables to the bin everyday. Teaching them now at an early age and getting them into the habbit of doing their part to help protect the earth.

    • Betafish9993

      We always recycle and reuse jugs and paper for watering plants and printing. Recycling can always be applied at home too!!

    • Dianiagay

      I hang my clothes out to dry so that it doesn’t use electricity for the dryer.

    • Jazel1129

      Love Recycylebank.  I use it all the time.

    • Imollie

      I save all my kids’ and my kids’ friends’ Capri Sun pouches and rinse and dry them and mail them into Terra Cycle. I just love NOT throwing those pouches away!
      I also compost and recycle like a crazy woman.

    • diorio

      We love to recycle clothing with family and friends that have members about our same sizes.  We meet about 4 times a year for a pot luck dinner and we all bring our children’s clothes that they have outgrown or were gently used.  

    • shannon g

       we recycle and reuse everything we can

    • lisa

      I recycle newspapers and soda cans. I also compost fruit and vege waste and put it in my garden. I give away or donate outgrown clothing.

    • Jamie

      I recycle as much as I can and plan to start using the Gimme 5 app to recycle even more!

    • Sandy

      We recycle everything we can: paper, cans, plastic, glass, as well as passing down clothes for others to use, use reusable water containers and reusable bags…..every little bit helps :-)

    • ReneeB

      I recycle soda cans, plastic bottles and cardboard…. it was a little hard at first to sort things and have to get them in the correct places, but now its just “normal” everyday living. I love Recyclebank!!

    • Anne

      Since the “little things” can add up over time, I try to incorporate as many of them into my normal routine.  Cute, reusable bags stashed in the purse are just as easy as plastic ones.  Air drying my shirts and pants takes less time than you’d think and keeps my clothes looking new longer.  Putting recycling into a bin is just as quick as throwing it away.  Riding my bike to the post office gives me an emotional lift in the middle of the day.

    • jamiemontgo

      i  drive a prius :-) 

    • Rainflowerfire

      I always recycle even the #5 containers, and I have a potted garden since we can’t do more than that where we live. I also try to reduce my water usage in the shower to less than 10 minutes.

    • Gracieb44

      We recycle all plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, glass, batteries, wood, computer parts, old car seats, just about anything we can! 

      • Chcoyle

        how are you recycling old car seats? I know you aren’t supposed to resale them, so it was a real downer for me to have to toss it!

    • Dianajgut

      We recycle plastic, cans, paper, etc; we buy brita filters.We alos try to buy organic products those include housekeeping too, save energy at home turning off unnecesary lights…there is too many ways! :)

    • Gina

      I recycle and try to reuse what I can

    • Leah

      I turn the water to a trickle in the shower when I shave!

    • KKH

      I use glass tupperware and lunch boxes instead of plastic sandwich and snack bags.

    • Mamakat

      I try to purchase items with minimal packaging. I also use reusable shopping bags, recycle and compost.

    • I use reusable shopping bags and recycle paper and plastic.

    • Clydemouse

      Use reusable shopping bags and recycle paper products and reuse plastic bottles and containers instead of throwing them away.

    • Amanda

      When grocery shopping, we try to cut back on waste as much as possible, choosing items with no or little packaging, bringing our own produce and grocery bags, and supporting local farmers and producers to reduce our carbon footprint.

    • Paul

      I ride my bike to work or sometimes ride the bus instead of driving.

    • Amanda Aileen

      I save all of our food boxes (like cereal, tea boxes, etc.) and use them to create cards to hold jewelry for my Etsy business. I just cover the printed side with paper, hand-stamp them, and punch a hole for the earrings, brooches, etc.

    • Timber_945

      My friend and I carpool as much as we can it not only helps us with gas expenses,  it also keeps some pollution out of our air.

    • Lhcatz

      We reuse and recycle everything possible. That makes for a very small amount of items that get taken to the landfill.

    • Waterbearer

      Ever since we had severe drought conditions in the South, we catch the cold water from the shower as it’s warming up to bathing temperature. We catch 2-3 gallons per shower–which is more than adequate to flush the toilet. Water saving has become a routine habit and now we can’t bear to watch potable water go down the drain just because it’s not warm enough for bathing. We’re currently looking for ways to recycle “gray” water.

    • Janlittlesinbox

      Doesn’t sound like much but my family has stopped buying bottled water.  We were going through about two 24 pack cases of water a week.  All those bottles really add up quickly.  We purchased a water filtration system. 

    • Jawan McGinnis

      We recycle as much plastic, glass, and paper as possible each week for the city system to pick up.  It’s been a great way to start our children in thinking daily about how to reuse for the betterment of our environment. 

    • Rebecca

      I reuse plastic ziploc bags.bagels

    • jessica

      I recycle and teach my kids to too

    • Stephanie

      I use a Brita water bottle, ride my bike (or walk) to business that are 2-3 blocks away, recycle everything that has the recycle symbol on it, pact my lunch in reusable containers, and use the reusable grocery bags.

    • Dee Tackett

      I use reusable shopping bags, recycle and try to use only environmentally safe cleaning products.  I know there’s a lot more I can do, but I’m amazed at how much difference just these changes make.

    • Kate

      I always make sure I shut lights off when I leave the room.

    • beverly

      I walk everywhere I possibly can; continue to recycle as I’ve done since the late 80’s, continue using water from my rain barrel for watering outdoor plants, and use all the other energy efficient products we have.

    • Michele

      We recycle all our plastic and cans.  We have a garden and we can for the winter and we turn all unneccessary electricity off.

    • Recyclebank reminds me that there are more ways to recycle, reduce energy  consumption, protect the earth, reduce ozone emissions, and avoid wasting vital resources like water. As much as I recycle, I am constantly on the lookout for additional ways to conserve, recycle, and avoid the need to recycle (i.e., using reusable water containers, etc.).

    • BdaJda06

      I recycle all of our plastic, cans, glass and paper items.  I also wash out our plastic baggies and reuse them as long as they hold up!  I try to reuse everything I can for crafts and projects too.

    • Wanda

      At home, we have cut back on paper products, increased the items that we recycle, watch amount of water used, turn lights off and unplug items. At work, I work to teach the preschoolers about recycling. We actively involve them by recycling things throughout our day in the proper container and create art from household items.

    • Lollydolly111

      I, being single and living alone, reduce my waste by bags and bags per year by recycling glass, plastics, aluminum, mixed paper and newspaper. If everyone did just this, we would have so much less impact on our environment that there might actually be some hope left for our poor Mother Earth. I love Recyclebank for teaching me countless other ways to reduce and reuse, as well as conserve energy, that I never would have thought of or learned elsewhere. Recyclebank is INVALUABLE to me and I rarely ever cash in my points. I guess I am saving for something BIG so 1,000 extra points would get me closer to one of those gift cards I’ve got my eye on ;-) Thanks for an awesome site, So Savers!

    • Mmnash2214

      I recycle the original plastic containers that the birdfood comes in by refilling the empty ones with the seed that the cockatiel and cockatoo leave not eaten—feed the wild birds outside.  I also buy the birdfood in larger quantity and refill those plastic containers (usually 4 lb.) so that I don’t have more plastic containers.

    • Lisabluedevil

      We recycle glass, plastics, and cans.  We reuse plastic bags and plastic cups.    We reuse paper, magazines, etc prior to recycling.

    • nicolelilly

      My family has recently started to really buckle down and save $ as well as try to help the environment. We recycle all of our paper products (we have one of those recycle dumpsters at the local junior high that helps them raise money) We also have decided not to use paper plates or plastic ware anymore. Finally, we are expecting our second kiddo in two months and are going to attempt (keeping our fingers crossed) to use cloth diapers. We use our Disney recyclable bags for EVERYTHING! Those little boogers are amazing!

    • Shutts54

      I try to recycle everything possible. I use my reusable bags for all shopping and just bought two new canvas insulated ones at BJ’S that are great! They work for groceries and for a cooler for trips.

    • Hijones60

      Over the past 2 years we installed new windows, a new energy saving heat pump and an on-demand water heater which uses no energy at all when not in use. All light bulbs have been changed to CFLs. We recycle plastic, metal, glass and paper, and reuse material for other purposes. Also, I just bought these neat stackable recycle bins from ChooseUp which I found through Recycle Bank (before we were using other plastic bins which were pretty ugly). Printer paper is used on both sides if possible. Newspaper is also used for lining my compost bin and then put in the compost. When shopping I use my own totes and bags, and I restrict my shopping to once a week to save on gas. We quit buying water in bottles and use water filters instead which, in turn, are also recycled.

    • Bluwheeler

      We use cloth diapers, hand down clothing, plan errands to minimize driving, and recycle everything allowed in our area.

    • Bets55

      We recycle plastic, glass, paper and cardboard.  Our church has a recycling dumpster for paper, so we recycle and our church gets some money.  We bring our own bags to the supermarket and drink filtered tap water.

    • Yui Ann

      We recycle papers, cardboard, plastic jugs/bottles, and glass.  I take my plastic bags to Publix to recycle. I drop off all my (free) WSJ at my college library. All my husband’s magazines are donated to the VA, and my magazines go to my neighborhood social club.

    • ksmogirl2

      I recycle aluminum, tin cans, paper (even coupon scraps, all boxes, all
      plastic (of course with the lids off)  and Water, which I consider our
      most precious item to save and recycle when possible.  I have 5 rain
      barrels which I use in my gardens.

    • Debscouponmagic

      We recycle by leaving all our recycleable plastic, cardboard,paper, aluminum, etc… at the street once a week to be picked up, and bringing our own bags to the store. We read about new ways to recycle on recycle bank, and learn really interesting things that are happening to save our world! GO Recycle bank!

    • Pan_102

      One way is my participation in the FreeCycle group in my area.

    • Guilloryr

      I recycle paper, plastic and cans and bring them to our locate recycling station several times a week.  I also recycle plastic shopping backs at Krogers.

    • Tammi

      Before sending stuff to the receycle center, we try to reuse as much as possible.  For example, plastic milk lids can be used for all kinds of toys…I made a matching game for my daughter to learn capital and small letters.  I also reuse glass jars to store homemade sauces and craft supplies

    • Chevtaph

      We recycle even though our community doesn’t mandate it or make it easy.  Before we recycle or trash though, I like to reuse items for crafts.  Also, we donate a lot of clothes, toys, etc. to Good Will.

    • aegaggbw

      Our family recycles and uses reusable shopping bags.

    • Pat

      For 2 people, we generate pretty big stashes of stuff that we recycle.  Papers, cans, plastic bottles, and more.  We also have a house full of reclaimed furniture!

    • Japkids

      We recycle everything and love doing it every little bit helps.

    • Usstuna

      Besides the three recycling bins, we participate in the local running cubs adopt a spot pick up several times a year.  And I am the Adopt the Spot Coordinator for our local girl scout service unit. Its so “bad” we bring back the plastic bottles or cans on trips if ew can not find recycle locations :)

    • Celina Thomas

      We recycle at home. At work we try get our coworkers to do the same.

    • Doris

      My dad is a retired environmental engineer so I have to admit that I recycle just about everything possible…

    • Ann Taylor

      We love to recycle, in our most recent project, we recycled old shower doors and made a little greenhouse!  It was so much fun!!

    • Heazer

      We love to recycle, but even taking it another step we crush and save our aluminum cans.  It’s a project the kids have taken over.  They enjoy taking the cans in every couple months and making a little cash.

    • Vikie504

      We try not to buy anything new whenever possible.  My kids wear all hand-me-down clothes, we always post anything we might toss into the trash or recycle bin on freecycle.  I have posted everything from old plastic containers to recycled newspapers/shredded papers.  Our green living really started with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace so we didn’t set out to live greener; however, when you spend less, you consume and waste less.  That includes hanging clothes from the washer on a line instead of putting them in the dryer, turning the water off while brushing teeth, taking faster showers, combining all errands into one trip, shopping at the stores a mile away, ALWAYS using all our produce and eating all leftovers, using cloth napkins….oh, my the list goes on and on.  Basically, it comes down to being a good steward of what God has given us and that includes our planet.

    • Tarheel

       I recycle most everything and compost coffee grounds, vegetable scraps and egg shells.

    • Scsoup99

      We participate in our town’s recycling program each week.  We don’t drink as much bottled water as we used to.

    • Sara

      I try to recycle as much as I can

    • I have a compost pile, and I recycle.

    • Lucianna Farmer

      I try to use the fabric bags instead of plastic at the grocery store.

    • Wendy

      We are recycling and making our own laundry detergent.

    • Kathryn23

      We recycle as much as possible, including the plastic packaging that my daily contacts come in! Re-usable bags at the grocery store eliminate that huge plastic bag collection and our grocery store, Giant, takes off $0.05 for every reusable bag, just another bonus!

    • Cslhro

      We’re planting a vegetable garden this year – hope it grows well :)

    • Jrbillot

      We recycle our newspaper, cardboard, plastic jugs, bottles, and glass at our local center. I try to always use my own shopping bag but I still do have plastic bags and egg cartons to take to  Publix. All my husband’s paperback books are donated to the Veterans Hospital.

    • T_howland634

      We recycle all paper and plastic items we receive.

    • Meghan Corcoran Nolan

      I get a lot of product in plastic bags at work- and Ive started to collect them and take them to the g-stores for recycling instead of taking the easy route and throwing them in the trash. 

    • Aroberts14

      I always use my canvas bags while grocery shopping, I recycle a tub full of containers each week (glass and plastic bottles, boxes, newspaper etc.) I am able to have my children turn off the water while washing their body during their shower. Cut my water bill 1/3 and saving our natural resources.

    • Maryoneday

       I use cloth bags,reusable containers for hubbys lunch,recycle cardboard,paper,cans and glass.Use the kids bathwater to water plants and flush toilet so we are not wasting water.I use rags instead of paper towels when possible.Buy refilled ink cartridges and recycle those.I pass on all our clothes or put them on freecycle.We also compost.

    • jen

      We recycle all of the paper, cans and bottles that we can! We have a special spot in our house to collect recyclables.

    • Jennifer

       We try to recycle as much as possible! And we try to use reusable bags :-)

    • greg

      Instead of throwing away any leftovers or food scrap, we use them to feed our dogs, cat or chickens (depending on what whether it is veggie or meat)

    • mel

      I sort and recycle my trash daily rather than throwing it all away!  Even my 19 month old knows what to put in the “blue can”!

    • Nat

      I try to avoid consuming or buying unnecessary “stuff” and reuse as much as possible.

    • Kimrich

      We buy MOST of our daughters clothes at garage sales and/or consignment sales.   Then when she out grows them, we resell them at our garage sale or a local consignment sale! 

    • Tammymauk

      I try not to buy water bottles. I want to help save the planet. I get a glass and put ice in it and water and I take with me.

    • Dana

      I recycle newspaper, glass, aluminum cans, and plastic.

    • Katie

      We recycle as much as we can, and I use cloth diapers on my little ones. 

    • Rgil124

      I recycle regularly  :))

    • Bev

      I don’t buy plastic water bottles anymore. I recycle all my glass, cardboard, paper products and plastic drink bottles!

    • Lois Akers

      Our household tries to recycle anything coming in or out of the door. We use fabric bags when going to the grocery store, lunch goes into washable containers, and everyone loves to recycle the aluminum cans. The money from cans goes into a “fun account” for the kids.

    • Krw1968

      Hi Jenny :) My name is Katie Williams , and I live in Salisbury NC. The older I get , the more I realize we all have to do our part. My ways of showing I care for our Earth are to recycle everything  , and try not to create more waste.!
      I use cloth bags when I shop  ,  I use newspapers and cardboard around my plants and cover them with mulch. I reuse plastic baggies to put my flower and vegetable seeds in for next year. All organic matter gets composted , and urine gets diluted for fertilizer. My rainwater gets collected from all the drain spouts for the garden. I haven’t bought paper towels in years because we use washcloths. I try to use vinigar and lemon for cleaning solutions.Leaves get used for mulch , and so does grass. Plastic bottles and jugs are used to house the collected rainwater until needed. ( Let me tell you that it’s not much fun to do in the winter …)  We installed all new  energy and water efficient showers/ toilets ,ect… ( Thanks to the government “weatherization ” program , as I’m on disability and trying to live on social security… )  We purposefully buy as many clothes as possible from thrift stores , and I have a planned route to save gas when I’m running weekly errands. I grow my own fruits and vegetables in my yard , and share with my neighbors. ( Quite an interesting looking yard as it;s in “the suburbs”…  :)   )
           Thanks for all you do to help me Jenny. thanks to you and this site , I’ve been able to consistantly save 50-70 % on everything I buy , and it’s enough to feed my daughter in college , myself , and my granddaughter on $300 a month. GO SAVINGS.

    • Diane

      My husband and I teach our son how important it is to recycle and reuse items. Teaching the next generation is very important!

    • Linda

      We recycle cans at work….:)

    • Linda

      We recycle cans at work….:)

    • Lindsay

      We ride our bikes alot instead of driving

    • Chrissy

      Hello Mrs. Jenny, my name is Chrissy. My family and I do alot to recycle. At the end of this month we will planting our garden again. We grow a lot of our own veggies. We even use manuer from our horse pasture to fertilize our soil. On Saturdays we take our trash off and divide everything up were it needs to be; cardboards in one recycle bin, plastics in another. Everything is right there at the recycling center in our town. It would be great to win and add something a little extra for my birthday:)

    • Kgibson7600

      I have started recycling all my plastic bottles and cans.

    • Emv_star78

      Now that our community recently got new garbage and recycling cans, which are directly connected to Recyclebank, I am recycling more than ever.  I love to see what I can fill my bin up with every week and then log onto recyclebank.com and watch all my points add up!

    • Amy Brown

      I always turn off the water when soaping up in the shower, and we participate in our neighborhood’s recycling program.

    • Jess

       We recycle cardboard, plastics and cans :-)

    • MichelleOU

      We recycle, conserve water and electricity, reuse plastic bags, bring reusable totes to the grocery store, and  try not to make too many useless trips in the car to prevent pollution.

    • Allison

      I take reusable bags to the grocery store.

    • Crozetcouponlady

      We are teaching our kids to turn off lights when they leave a room (even our little night lights)!  

    • I recycle everything I can.  I also have high efficiency appliance.  I conserve water and electricity were possible and buy green produces when I can afford them.

    • Shaudi1050

      When I am printing coupons I use old paper that I have printed only on one side and use the other side for coupons and recycle the scraps. I save on paper and help the environment at the same time by not using so much paper.

    • Molly

      My husband and I live on a 50 acre farm.  For many years I have mowed a sizeable yard with a riding mower.  Last summer, I “reduced” the size of the yard around our home by allowing the woods/brush to grow up closer to the house.  Then I purchased a reel-type mower and began mowing with no gas and no mower-motor noise for our few neighbors!  In addition to consuming less gas, cutting emissions, and reducing noise, I got some good exercise! 

    • Lee

      We’re avid recyclers at home, but don’t have recycling at our office.  So, I bring home paperboard, trade magazines and anything else that can go in our recycling bin at home.

    • Jinxyman

      Our family recycles more than we thrown away each week. We also compost all kitchen scraps. Doing both of these really brings down our families trash contribution level every week.

    • Chucktown306

      I try to go green every way I can. I buy biodegradeable products, buy plant based products. I always remind other about the important of recycling.

      • Chucktown306

        I ALSO REUSE PLASTIC TAKE CONTAINERS, I turn off all electricity when it is not in use, I bring my publix or other reusable bags to most stores and I pay all bills on line.

    • Andrea Hoover

      I try to use reusable shopping bags when I remember and recycle containers and buy things used instead of new

    • Rteach2009

      I recycle paper at work and home

    • Krumley

      I recycle all paper, plastic and glass at home.  I use reusable containers and shopping bags daily.  I only wash full loads of clothes and dishes. I use recycled paper to print coupons off the internet.

    • Lkw2p

      we recycle everything we possibly can, and we compost food waste. We also have a rain barrel to water our garden in the summer!

    • Leannyow

      We use our chicken waste and pine clippings as fertilizer for our garden.  We have washable egg cartons to keep from having to throw the foam kind away. 

    • Vkilgore26

      I recycle everything I can, especially things like small appliances and batteries, which are often overlooked. Small things add up, like putting the ice cubes that hit the floor in your house-plants and using energy efficient light bulbs. Washing things in cold water and turning the shower off while you soap up are easy quick things that also help your wallet. I maintain my 11 year old car to keep up fuel efficiency and to keep the vehicle running as long as possible with minimal exhaust, when it gives out I am going electric for sure. I teach my son that his actions directly effect our planet and to treat the planet how he would like to be treated.

    • Zachwhitewhite

      I run my own Farmers market in my community, recycle all around my home and plant lots of trees at the local college I work at

    • Mfshore81

      I recycle all paper, plastic and glass at home.  I use reusable
      containers and shopping bags daily.  I only wash full loads of clothes
      and dishes. I use recycled paper to print coupons off the internet.

    • Truebluealy


    • Chrissy

      Our family recycles and shops with reusable bags.

    • MARY


    • Melissa Holliday

      I recycle as much as possible.

    • MappKidsSave

      I freecycle!!!!!!!!!! Reducing, Reusing and recycling one item at a time :) 

    • Anna

      I help the enviroment by recycleing! I also reuse grocery bags for trash bags, grow my own garden, and not use too much electricity.

    • Shannon

      I try to be conscientious about energy consumption…such as turning the water off while brushing your teeth, lights off when they’re not being actively used, heating & air thermostats set conservatively!

    • Andrea

      My husband and I just changed to using energy efficient light bulbs!

    • Summer

      I always take my own bags to the grocery store, and I use cloth diapers.

    • Ungerdog1

      I use cloth bags at the grocery store, recycle and use half full water bottles (kids don’t finish water) to water the plants.

    • tchubbard

      I always take my cloth bags when I go shopping.

    • PDB

      recycle nearly everything we can. My recycle bin is always more full than my trash bin….next steps will be to reduce what is in the recyle bin so that we are simply consuming less packaging

    • Kim

      I do many things to try to do my part for the environment while also trying to set an example and educate others in doing so too. 
      I recycle paper, glass and cans at home and make sure everyone else does too.  I use any unfinished glasses of water to water the plant.  I reuse store bought food containers for tupperware.  I reuse plastic baggies for lunch all week.  I take my morning soda to work in a reusable cup.  We use reusable shopping bags and if we should happen to get a plastic bag we save them up and take them to the bread store where they reuse them for customers.  I take my bottles back to the store for return in laundry bags rather then using trash bags.  When I give gifts, I always get back the bags or boxes to reuse on other gifts.  We recycle the oil after an oil change.  Buying clothes from thrift stores.  I highly limit the use of paper towels in our house and keep and use any napkins that are brought home from takeout.  When we use paper plates we reuse them if theres nothing but crumbs on them.  We take water containers to the store and refill rather then buying new.  We buy almost everything for our home off craigslist and sell things we no longer need on there or in a yard sale.  I pay my bills online and always reuse paper for printing coupons. 

    • Liz

      We recycle all that we can.  Our city only picks up the recycle can every other week and we are always overflowing or sticking stuff in neighbor’s cans.

    • Christina B.

      We use reusable bags!

    • Thumphr3

      I’m learning how to COMPOST!  It’s been lots of fun…using veggie peels and leaves.  Also built a rain barrel to recycle rain water for new garden!!!   I’m so excited about Spring.

    • Candy

      I try to find new uses for things instead of just throwing them out.

    • Candy

      I try to find new uses for things instead of just throwing them out.

    • Candy

      I try to find new uses for things instead of just throwing them out.

    • Pocohontaswhite

      I’ve made it my goal to turn off the lights and try to use less water.

    • Pocohontaswhite

      I’ve made it my goal to turn off the lights and try to use less water.

    • Pocohontaswhite

      I’ve made it my goal to turn off the lights and try to use less water.

    • JNINE

      Teaching my kids how to recycle is my way of helping the environment

    • Allysehansen_28

      The more I have grown older, the more I realize that we WASTE too much and are not doing our part to conserve and protect the environment. I want my children’s children to walk outside to a clean environment, not pollution and a landfill of garbage.
      That being said, I do the following to be “Green” and recycle:1. I only buy plastic products/packaging that is made from recycled materials and/or that is recyclable after I use it.2. I garden and grow my own produce at home. You would be surprised what a difference gardening can make in saving money but also in quality of your food… it’s delicious and fresh!
      3. I compost to fertilize my garden which cuts down on our garbage output and is another way to recycle.
      4. I purify and use a reverse-osmosis to clean my water since I live in an area of low water quality and still want to avoid buying bottled water (which adds up!).
      5. I buy recyclebank products that are redeemable (ex: Kashi cereals, ziploc brand with points) and use the points to buy more “Green” products.
      6. If my family and I are running around town and it’s a light load and shorter distance, I try to make sure we can bike or walk so that we don’t use the car as much.
      7. Carpooling with other moms for school events and also couples nights out.
      8. I support local farmers by shopping at the local farmer’s market.
      9. I reuse bags as much as possible. Even department store shopping bags are great with various ways to use them.
      10. I recycle all paper, plastic and glass that are recyclable.
      11. Our family cuts back on power usage by turning the lights/appliances/tv/computer off when leaving rooms and by using energy-saving light bulbs. Many people don’t know if you contact your energy/electric company they will often send you energy-saving bulbs free! It saves both you and them money.

    • Jen

      As a family, we recycle all things recyclable. I instill in my children the importance of taking care of the environment, by not littering, not wasting, and always being mindful that we all have a part in taking better care of the earth.

    • Shelgirl

      I hope I didn’t miss it, but we recycle so much stuff. growing up poor, you cannot afford to throw stuff away. you repair it, use it and pass it on to others in the family.  I remember my mom washing Styrofoam plates (we still joke her about that). 

    • Kateu7

      my little girls preschoool takes up printer cartridges to be recycled and I usually have tons since i am a coupon fanatic and i just recently graduated to a reuseable water bottle instead of plastic bottles.

    • Bmaycott

      My husband and I recycle everything that we can weekly.  We also car pool as much as possible.  We have also replaced old light bulbs with more energy efficiet ones.

    • LaKeisha

      I recycle paper at work.

    • Smcreech

      I have started making my own laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, citrus cleaner along with other things and am using any old containers from juice, laundry detergent, ect. to store my newly made natural products.  My co-worker and I are even thinking about starting our own business.

    • Tonya Kurth

      I always return my plastic bags to the recycle boxes at Wal-mart, Publix, etc. and I print my coupons on the back of scrap paper from fax machine, etc. 

    • nikkers15

      We recycle as much as we can at our house.  We usually have more in our recycle bins than our garbage can.  I also make my own laundry soap and cleaning products.  My kids use reusable sandwich bags and containers for their school lunches.  

    • Natalie559

      recycle and use reusable bags

    • Ywx17

      separate items from trash for recycling

    • Dls3411

      By using Brita® products in our home, we’re doing our part to reduce bottled water waste and help save the planet. We also take an additional step by recycling our old filters at Whole Foods Market!

    • Happymomc

      separate items for recycling, switch off taps,lights, reusable coffee mugs, lunch boxes

    • sue

      I want our future generation to have a somewhat clean environment

      • sue

         …therefore I recycle when I can and try to use non chemical cleaners. Take my expired medication to the doctors office and recycle batteries…..etc….

    • Phelpsli

      My son has started using his  plastic water bottle for school and baseball practice eliminating the need for pouch or other bottled drinks reducing our recycles.  My daughter and I just planted our spring seeds in plastic milk jugs instead of plastic solo cups

    • Tjsmith4806

      I have a three year old daughter that I want to give the world to. So I recycle our newspapers, milk carton and other things. I put bricks in the toilet to conserve water. I use cloth bags at the grocery store. I use insulated lunch boxes. We only have one world to save, why not atleast try.

    • Kristie M

      The newest thing my family and I are doing happens to be using a water filter instead of bottles of water bought from the store.  We also have started recycling newspapers and magazines.  

    • Sara

      Recycle, turn the thermostat down to 62 at night in the winter and up to 74 in the summer, improving insulation in our house, reusing paper and plastic bags, using reusable grocery bags, cooking at home to reduce trash from takeout and fast food.

    • Ladykattt

      Will you post who the winners are???

    • Gnallen22

      I keep the thermostat down at night and during the day when no one is home. I recycle with our local garbage company. I reuse bags (including ziploc) Turn off the water in the shower while I wash my hair and at the bathroom sick while Im brushing my teeth.

    • K_leach

      When showering, I condition my hair with the water off, saving the water, having saved what had gone thru in the tub, so I can shave my legs with that same water. When I’m done shaving, my hair is ready to rinse, thereby rinsing my hair and body at the same time. Not only saving water, but HOT water for my hubby!