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Coupon Abbreviations
  • SC = Store Coupon
  • MC = Manufacturer Coupon
  • SS = Smart Source
  • RP = Red Plum
  • PG = Proctor and Gamble
Coupon Terms
  • WYB = When You Buy
  • B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
  • .75/1 = 75 cents off one item
  • .75/3 = 75 cents off three items
  • EXP = Expiration Date

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I’m pretty sure pigs are flyin’ today.  I really never thought we would see Walgreens come together and make a clear and concise coupon policy but as of today one exists!

They have followed the lead of CVS and Rite Aid and spelled things out exactly as they should be.  Many of you will notice that stores in your area have never allowed 2 coupons on B1G1 deal or a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 deal…  well now it’s spelled out for that you can!

Check out the full policy, print it cause I’m pretty sure for the next few weeks you are going to need it!

(thanks Amy!!)

    • Anda

      Where is the CVS coupon policy? I have tried to find it on different occasions but never can find it. Thanks! :) I have not had any problems with CVS but I would still like the policy as it is the only drugstore we have in town :)

    • Deborah

      I'm confused. Does it explicitly say that you can use a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 deal? I see that it says you can use 2 coupons.

      • Dee

        Unless is explicitely says you can NOT use it, you're good.

    • CSH

      YAY! I experienced this yesterday when I went to use my pampers buy one get wipes free, (using 1 coupon per item). The manager had to manually put it in for me. BUT they wouldn't let me use my RR on the items, because it would have gone below $0.. (I'm still not totally clear on what happened, but I know I saved $6 on 2 pkg diapers, and 2 pkg wipes!)

      • Dee

        Get a “filler” item… shouldn't beep if your SUB-total is +zero and you have equal+ number of items as you do Qs and RRs. HTH.

      • Sally

        It's because you still have to pay sales tax on what you buy.

    • Dee

      I still think there will be issues with this policy… some misinterpretation and loopholes. This is a great start… but still will have some issues.

    • Dixiesc


    • Momsdword1

      I don't know how Walgreen's has operated thus far without a policy in place. It spells poor management and customer confusion. I guess they counted on customer confusion as a way to keep couponers from enjoying too many “deals”. It truly is a Historical Day for Walgreen's and their customers. Yay!!!!

      • Brooke

        But, doggoneit they always say coupons bring in revenue. I just don't understand this “too many deals” thing.

    • Melissa

      Ok so if I read this right, they will accept a manufacturers coupon AND a Walgreen's coupon for the same item at the same time? am I right?

    • RebeccaFer

      OMG!!!!!! This is a day for the coupon history books! I'm crying tears of joy that I finally have something to reference when I'm treated like a nuisance at a Wags! Yeahhhh!!!! Thanks Jenny! :D

    • I'm starting to think Wags has gotten new management in the stores and higher up. I used to HATE shopping there and now when I go to my Wags, the people are always so friendly(all new people). They even compliment me on how great my trip was! Maybe they finally listened to all the griping couponers have been doing! :)

      • Brooke

        Same with my store too, all(practically) hateful people before, and now ALL heavenly people ha

    • Merry flippin' Christmas!

      • Kaminer317


    • Ptogroup

      I really feel Walgreen has been reading our posts and/or situations we have written about pertaining to their stores' lack of policy and customer service skills– and all I can say is, “ITS ABOUT TIME!” Praise God!!!

    • Oops, forgot something. Now my only question is…What about the “Walgreens” coupons that all say manufacturer coupon on them(like the ones in the savings books). Will we be able to use those with a REAL manufacturer q? Policy's not real clear on that……

    • Karsten

      It didn't address their policy on some stores catalina machines printing RR when you use RR and coupons and some stores catalina's will print RR. I've all but quit shopping there. @ weeks ago the cashier and the manager couldn't figure out simple math to get my order corrected when 3 items were ringing up wrong. Then the Manager was pretty rude when I told him it stil wasn't correct and pointed out on my receipt the problem. He also told me that I woulnd't get anymore RR because I had used RR and coupons to “pay” for my purchases. I let him know that I had already shopped at that store doing the exact same thing twice that week and the catalina had printed RR…he said it shoulnd't. We only have 2 Wags in Beaufort, SC and I've shopped both hoping that the RR/coupon policy would be different but it isn't….not worth my time when CVS and Rite Aid gladly take my coupons/Ups Rewards/ ECB's….with a smile no less!!

      • It also doe not address the use of a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale.

    • CADgurl1

      I was told by a fairly reliable source that Wags is looking for ways to generate some heavy cash quick b/c some sort of balloon payment that is coming up due soon. It's about time they realize how many people they have run off over the past year or so over coupon issues. Still, official policy or not, I'm really not all that interested in shopping there until they streamline the process a little more. It's crazy what they put us through! Not worth it …

      • Rebecca

        I second that…. too much trouble!

    • Arsing1

      I probably still won't go to Wags. They've been rude to me one too many times. CVS can get my money.

    • Mike

      “The number of manufacturer coupons, including RR manufacturer coupons, must not exceed the number of items in the transaction”

      You cannot have a coupon for every item you buy and expect to use RR's –


      if you pay with RRs- you will not get your RRs from the purchase

      • MH

        I am not a fan of Wags and DO NOT shop there anymore, but even I know that the last statement is only true if both of the RR's in question (both the the ones being used and the ones being generated in the transaction) are from the same manufacturer

      • DislikesWalgreens!

        It states Customers redeeming a Register Rewards against the SAME OFFER may not receive another RR. Which means not getting RR on a 2nd item that you use RR from the 1st item. So you will get RR if you pay with RR…just not on same items.

    • Awesome, thanks for this.

    • Jenn

      Am I understanding that if I pay with RRs, I won't receive RRs? or is that only if I'm buying a “like” item? (Example, if I use P&G RR, I won't get more RRs for buying another P&G product?)

      • Jodie

        Last week, I used RR for a completely non-related item and didn't receive the new RR. They told me that was the way it was now.

    • Cinderallamuth

      Ah, I feel vindicated! My friend tried to do a deal with their BOGOF sale several weeks ago, using coupons that I know would have worked at Rite Aid or CVS, but they wouldn't hear of using coupons on the free ones! I told them that it's right in the policy for RA & CVS, and she said we should just go use them there then. lol She also informed me that one of the big RA stores just went out of business, as if it's because of their coupon policy. Now I hope they will educate all their cashiers, and maybe Wags will be do-able again.???

      • Stacey

        I am with you and hope ALL their employees get this memo. I especially hope the managers of the WAGS in Bellevue, TN is reading this!!

        • Stacey

          Oops! “are” reading this! :0

    • Jenn

      I did just notice that they are no longer accepting overages, right?

      • MH

        Wow, your store(s) allowed overages? No store in the Central FL area ever has in my experience … Always got the computer beep and (I'll call it) befuddled look, then have the q handed back and told they can't take it … And the computer beeping was only ever about the overage – Always had a q to number of products ratio match …

    • Mike

      Looks like that RRs redeemed on LIKE items…. but they use the word “may” – may is a word that is not exact.

      • MH

        Agree … and we all know what that translates to in Wags world

    • Pcrouch9

      And I just went a few days ago. I had the Nivea b2g1. So, I just asked the manager if I could use the B2G1 and then use $1 off on the ones that I was actually buying not the free ones. And, he wouldn't let me :( I didn't say nothing because I didn't know really what their policy was but I still bought my stuff because it was still a great buy.

      If I am understanding correct, I can now use a B1G1 plus another mfg coupon of like $1 off as long as it doesn't go below what they sell it for?

    • Res10uomg

      I love it is in print!!! Now how about Target following suite

    • holl

      Wow, I might actually shop there now. I hate Wags. They are never clear on their policies

    • di

      so if i want to like buy toothpaste that gives rrewards.and do a 2nd order again (not paying)with the r rewards from 1st order.will i get both rewards……then i can pay with rewards on another item as long as it not from like p&g or from the previous orders

      • Yes. because they have no way of tracking who bought what.

    • 2 Ahouse

      I guess I have been fortunate. My Walgreens has always had great employees and processed my transactions correctly!

    • Truthgirl

      I swore off Walgreens a long time ago because they are so difficult. This official coupon policy doesn't encourage me to go there at all. It's still too strict. I have plenty of freebies from CVS, Publix and other stores that don't give me a hard time about coupons and sales. Good luck getting all of the Walgreens employees to memorize and go by this policy…I think most people will continue to be frustrated…

    • Leeanneowens

      I don't think they have let their cashiers and managers know. They gave me a hard time this afternoon over Nivea. I had decided a few weeks ago that I wasn't going to go back in there because they are always out of things I am looking for and because of problems over coupons but I couldn't pass up the deal on the 12 pack pepsis. I will make one more trip in there to spend the $5rr I got today but I'm thinking that will my last trip there.

    • Deb

      I went to a wags I had never shopped at this afternoon because I was hoping they would have the Air-Wick i motions. Since the coupon was for a penny more it beeped. The cashier said I needed to buy an item that cost $.50 that way the coupon wouldn't beep. I told her I wasnt' buying anything else and they just needed to adjust the coupon down to $3.99 per their coupon policy. Her and the manager on duty looked at me like I was from another planet. Then the MOD said Wags doesn't have a coupon policy. I told them it just came out today and that it was on their web site. She shook her head and said that she hadn't heard anything about it. I told her I would be back in a couple of days because that would give her time to read and understand the policy :-) I'll be going back tomorrow though because the manager will be there and I'm curious if he knows about the policy yet.

      Oh…just a heads up. Sunday's Smartsource should have more $4 coupons for the Air Wick I-motions. Just saying…you might want to pre-order some and pick up a rain check.

      • NSBsaver

        My wags wouldn't let me do the Airwick deal today, so I just printed this up and plan on making another trip tomorrow! =)
        (and while I am there I might just pick up some more of the $.39 sharpies!!! LOL!!!)

      • Stacy

        I used the Airwick coupon today. The cashier changed the price of the imotion to $4 (instead of $3.99) and it went through fine.

      • Kay U.

        I guess I got lucky! The manager at the store I visited came to the register, entered the $3.99 coupon manually and explained the new policy to the clerk. I got 4 FREE (except that TN sales tax was 9.25%). I'm a happy Walgreens shopper!

    • Walsingham20

      Of all the restrictions I think the Q's having to equal the items is the most annoying. I can understand them not wanting to do overage. But having to look for a stupid filler item is embarrassing in 2010. I've got better things to do.

    • beck

      I'm frustated with wags right now. I bought the pampers this week, and used man Qs, then my $3 RR didn't print. So the cashier called the manager, and he said that if you use man Qs it won't print RRs, which I know to be absolutely untrue because I've used man Qs with RR deals hundreds of times. That's what most of the scenarios here on this website are based on, combining Qs with RRs to get good deals. The manager wasn't going to do anything, so I just left. And today I called the cust serv # on their website. The first girl I got told me that yes, that was their policy, if you use man. Qs, you won't get RRs. So, I read her this Wags policy from online (that says absolutely nothing about RRs not printing when you use man Qs). She wouldn't budge, so I asked to speak to her supervisor and he said the same thing. I read the policy to him too, and he said that they just left that part of the policy out but it should be in there and he would contact corporate and tell them they left it out!! Are you kidding me? So, when corporate so carefully made up and provided their coupon policy to the public, they just forgot and left this part out? And this guy that works in the phone center is going to let them know they missed something?! So, as soon as I hung up, still dissatisfied, I picked up a Wags flyer and there right beside the Zantac and the Benadryl, it advertised that you could get RRs if you purchase them, and then right beside it, it said, “Coupon savings in most Sunday papers.” What is going on? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Could so many people who work for Wags, even in the area of customer service, be so mistaken about their own coupon policy? Or does Wags suggest in their flyer that you use coupons from the Sunday paper on items with RR deals, and then deny you the RR for doing just that??!! What is going on here? Jenny, do you have any thoughts on this?

      • Migdalia

        This has happened to me numerous times and when I've called CS it's been the same scenario. I actually just stopped shopping at Wags altogether and now only shop at CVS.

      • tygirl13

        The RR are actually administered by Catalina. I have found a Wags in my local area that doesn't print RR when you use coupons. I found this out when I was expecting a $10 RR on the awesome neutrogena deal they had several weeks ago, I was ticked to say the least. Anyway…I called Catalina 888-826-8766 and explained what happened. They asked for some information on my receipt and mailed my RR. It only took about 10 days to get (good compared to the 3-4 weeks I was expecting).
        I am not sure why some Wags don't give RR when you use coupons…maybe managers are able to control this somehow? But, there is a way to get your RR if they don't print. It takes a little while but it is better than nothing.

      • Guest

        I think they should of redid it at another register. I know I have had this problem too and another manager assisted me at another register rerang the items up along with my coupons and out printed the RRs and they could of had a problem from the catalina company where they were having trouble on their side.

      • erins_deals

        I would have asked to return the merch. Walk out and don't go back for a while. It's not worth getting bent over…I know, because I would have been pissed! Life is too short and I get frustrated easily. Just lay off that store for a while, maybe they will get the act together soon.

      • Raynesmw

        Maybe you can try emailing Walgreens through their website, they might get a district manager with a better answer. I had to do that at CVS, and it is the most pleasant place to go to now. I do not go to Walgreens a lot b/c CVS has been so helpful. Good luck, sorry it got you so frustrated, maybe they will get it all together!

    • Cherry

      ill will not be doing business with wags NO more! they r rude & dont want to take your coupons & every wags manager wants to make up thier own coupon rules!boycott wags till they conform to my all time fav……cvs policy lol

    • Laura

      “walgreens accepts valid internet/print at home coupons”

      I've had trouble with that one in the past, and the above is the only statement in the new policy regarding internet printables…so it looks like it still hinges on the the word “valid”.

      What the mgr told me before was basically “we believe it's fraudulent if it exceeds 50% of any items price.” Sounds like it will still be mgr's option to say what printables are “valid” in their opinion.

    • Guest

      Its wierd because I have never had any problems out of Walgreens in my area and so far they have been the eaisest to deal with since I started couponing. Keeping my fingers crossed :)


      I didn't read anywhere in the coupon policy that they are to accept a certain coupon first when ringing up the order. Walgreens then manufacturers or visa versa. Did anyone see that issue addressed?

    • Danielle

      I've found that if you find a Walgreens with friendly cashiers, who coupon as well, always go to that store. I had a bad experience once and said I'd never go back. (I was new to coupons and didn't do the scenario exactly right). But I had some RRs and didn't want to waste them and went to a different Walgreens. The lady at the cosmetics counter was really helpful and explained what I did wrong on the first scenario and told me to call customer service on the bad experience. So now I only go the Walgreens with the nice cashier. I've started asking the cashiers, “Do you use coupons?” If they say yes, I know it's going to be an okay transaction. As far as the others (that don't use coupons) go, I think sometimes they think were trying to scam them when we get things so cheap or free!

      • Guest

        I agree……When I bought some Nivea body wash the other day the cashier asked where I got the coupon from because she was suprised that I only paid $1 for $6 Body Wash. So, I decided to print her a coupon and took it to her so she could try it out before the sale ends. She is always very pleasent but I figure I wont ever have to worry about her giving me a hard time if I can get her into couponing as well!

    • ilovetosave$

      I am a wife to a Walgreens manager, so I always get my way with my coupons, But I am very happy they finally have a coupon policy! I often have to buy filers though! Walgreens is a great place to shop, and if you call and report/complain about “your” walgreens that you are having problems with to corporate office. They WILL call that office and try and work with you until you get your way. I encourage anyone who has had issues in past too try again and call and report issues until you are happy!

    • km

      I really dislike Walgreens!!! CVS is amazing though!!!

    • Rhende77

      Here is their big loop hole…..
      Any coupon offer not covered in these guidelines will be accepted at the discretion of Walgreens management.

      • Luckbear

        Agreed. No Wags manager I have EVER spoken to has been helpful. We use coupons because in today's economy we have to, otherwise we do without basic needs. Wags acts like you are trying to pull one over on them, so to speak, and its embarrassing, especially when its a product you really need.

    • Nm

      Just wanted to point out that the store does not own the Catalina machines and can't control what comes out of them. And, depending on state law, you cannot use coupons to pay sales tax.

    • Jrobbins519

      I had a Walgreens Store Manager tell me on Wednesday that for them to accept two Qs on BOGO was basically FRAUD when they would not accept my two Qs for the Starbucks Ice Cream!!!! I want to take this in to him and ask him how he sleeps at night knowing he works for a company that has a coupon policy that allows fraud! UGH…I'm not 100% that I'll be shopping Wags even with this policy in hand.

    • shopper

      I have noticed inconsistency with the Walgreens couponing policy. I bought batteries today and the store did not honor both their coupon and a manufacturer's coupon. Earlier in the week I purchased diapers and toothpaste, but did not get the RR bucks. I was told that if I use a coupon, I may not get RR bucks for my purchases. Do you want my business? I am disappointed and hope things will change, otherwise I will change stores.

    • Ilovekingmartin

      I still don't know if I can go back to Wallgreens. They are so horribly rude about coupons. The policy will help, but I'm guessing it's still going to be a big struggle there. The employees and managers at Wallgreens always make me feel like a thief or a cheap loser. I'm so over it.

      • Kerry72nc

        I agree with you totally. I stopped shopping at Wags about 2 months ago because of the way they made me feel. I was so embarrassed one time because the cashier didn't understand all the q's and never called another cashier and the line was long. I don't like the number of q's per item deal either.

    • Teri

      I just went to Walgreens after reading some of these posts to get my free imotion. Every now and then I need to be reminded why I stopped shopping there. I got to the register and the the girl called the manager and she said she did read yhe policy and she could not use the Q. I called the 800 # just out of curiosity and they told me it clearly states I could use the Q. The manager said she called her managerand she would take it. Needless to say I would rather pay twice as much at CVS. DONE with Wags!

    • Ruth

      I have never had a problem at Walgreens–the cashiers and managers at the stores I go to have always been extraordinarily nice and accommodating, to the point of giving me cash (on multiple occasions) when the RRs didn't print. I know a lot of people have problems with Walgreens, but they have always been so good to me that I want to put in a good word! But it is still nice to have an official coupon policy!

    • willisford

      i shop at walgreens regularly with coupons and have never had a hard time. they explained the policy when i had questions and i was ok with their explanations. i love shopping there because i can get really great deals sometimes. their employees have always been nice to me and very helpful. i shop at the south cleveland, tn one .

    • Phyllis

      I have 4 B1G1 free q's on the Bic razors, and 4-$2 off of the same razors? Can anyone tell me the correct way to use these at Walgreens? Can u work me up a deal soo i will know how to do this? I get very confused at Walgreens, and the employees at our local store are not very nice nor helpful! Just don't want to be embarrassed when i do go this weekend! Thanks for anyone's help!

      • suzie

        I think you use all 8 coupons & 8 products @ the same rime. 1 coupon goes towards $ -2.00 off the 1st razor the 2nd coupon gives you a razor for buying the 1st.. good luck….& where did you get the B1G1 coupon?

      • Mary_P

        If you use 4 BOGO's to only buy 4, the y re free and you only pay tax. They cancel each other out, and no this is not against policy, it is IN the policy!

        • LINDA

          Hi Work at walgreens and i thought this was the way it was suppose to work also. The clincher is the word featured item. Manager told me that you could use 2 manufacturer coupons but that you could not use the B!G! Free coupon along with their featured B1G1 Free. I dont agree; because they would be getting their money back from the manufacturer but Have been told this is the way it works. Like my job and have to do what I am told. Use the Walgreens B1G1 Free and 2 manufacture coupons. I am not allowed to use the manufacture's B1G1 coupon and customer only pays sales tax. I have been told I can take 2 manufacture 's coupons on Walgreens B1G1 Free as long as the total doesnt go to zero. I wasnt happy about this either . I liked the B1G1 Free and use the B1G1 Free Manufactures coupon and pay only sales tax.

          I dont purchase as much as I used to but continue to take advantage of the other bargains. If you find another store besides walgreens that does it that way; I would take the b1g1 frees to those stores. Remember Walgreens still has good buys and you dont want to cut into good savings. My first reaction was I would go to other stores for all my shopping.& i WORK THERE. after looking at it. I would really only be hurting myself. If You find corportate agrees with using their featured item and the manf B1G1 FREE PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO THE CUSTOMERS. AT THIS TIME MY BOSS HAS SAID NO TO B1G1 FREE WALGREENS AND B1G1 FREE MANUFACTURE. I DONT AGREE EITHER BUT THAT'S THE WAY IT IS AT MY STORE :(

    • 3rdgal12

      I stopped shopping at there a long time ago because I constantly had problems with using coupons. One cashier told me she couldn't reduce the coupon to match the sale price. I may try shopping there again no and I'll have this printed out and handy so I won't get screwed over by another ignorant cashier.

      • Nebrakadesra

        Why do you call her ignorant? Did you ever stop to think that maybe it is you that doesn't know what she's talking about?

        Things to ponder, 3rd, things to ponder.

    • Luckbear

      Our Walgreens is very difficult to deal with under most circumstances. Thank you for this. Its printed and will go with me each time I visit Walgreens. Southern Savers is a site that is a blessing in my life. Thank you for everything.

    • Homekeepersblog

      I always have problems at Walgreens. In fact, just went there this morning with the new coupon policy. They wouldn't give me my Pampers Easy-ups rewards because I used register rewards (from cleaning supplies that I'd bought previously) to make the purchase. When I showed the coupon policy said that RR were withheld only for SAME OFFERS, they disagreed about the meaning of the policy! So much for that. Will call corporate on Monday and see if they will come to my defense. Alas, what we go through for a bargain.

      • Linda

        walgreens employees have no control over what register rewards prints.

        They also cannot give rainchecks as these are controlled by the manufacturer and are for the period stated and cannot be done after the expiration of the offer. . .P & G makez a lot of products. Everything from cosmetics to soaps. Also when you buy a product that has a register reward and a product has a bonus (30% more etc ) the machines do not recognize the upc and will not print. The way I get around this is to scan a regular size item and give the customer the bonus product. Also if you have trouble getting a walgreens coupon and a mfc coupon to work; I have found; that if I void the walgreens coupon and run the mfc coupon and then the walgreens coupon; it will take both. I love my couponers and try to make them happy. I also have to please my boss as well. If cosmetics has someone working and you are making muptiple transactions it is easier to do at the cosmetics or photo counters allowing the fast lanes to remain fast. The employees and customers are all happier with the faster service. ALso if the sales clerk is familar with couponing; she can help you avoid some of the problems.

        I love to see the customers save money and the surprized look that you get from people who have never couponed. The Mfc is listed on the right side of the RR. Be sure to look at it. IF you goof and give the clerk same RR FOR product you are buying; it is easier to void a transaction if you do not use a debit card and they have no way to refund to a debit card. I have great managers and they will void a transaction and let you do it again in most cases.

        Not all clerks are aware of the RR Policy. At our Store the Cosmetics clerks are alble to help the shoppers and many times know of the good buys and can alert customers of something they are not aware of. The front clerk is so busy with ring ups; they dont have the time to help. I work cosmetics and the front registers and I can give better service for the couponers at the cosmetics register.

        I have my own personal coupon book and many times give customers coupons on products at the cosmetics counter as I have time to look them up. At the front register; I dont use my coupon book as I cant let the line get behind while I look up coupons. Just remember the name of the game is to save money and keep everyone happy. We want a win win situation. :) Linda

    • Nebrakadesra

      I work for a Walgreens in Chattanooga, and I'm beginning to notice a trend with many of the couponers that come in and end up having issues with manu. coupons and RR's. So here's some advice from your friendly beauty advisor:

      ~Always read the tags throughly. Most often then none there is going to be some fine print at the top of the tag (Buy $20 or more of the following products; Buy 2 or more of the following products, etc, etc.).

      ~Remember that Walgreens does not own the Catalina machines nor do we have any say whatsoever in what it prints.

      ~If you are going to use a RR from one product on another, make sure these two products are not manufactured by the same company (i.e. P&G, Johnson and Johnson). RR's will not print if you try this. This is the manufactures way of limiting the consumers and again, Walgreens CANNOT control this. *If the RR does not specifically state the company, check the back of the products. You'll the info there.*

      ~If the computer won't let us do what you are wanting us to do, there's not a thing we can do about it. We cannot over-ride a manu. coupon in order to make them work. That constitutes fraud. If a manager refuses to do something “another store did the other day”, 9 times out of 10 it's because A) they know you're lying to them, or B) they know that other managers may not care if they get fired for something like this, but the particular manager standing in front of you does care about keeping his/her job so they prefer you just be angry.

      ~The only exception to the above statement is: for some reason, every so often, there will be a completely valid coupon presented to us but the computer isn't reading it or is giving us an error message. It happens. Most clerks will run it by a manager and be given a green light, but there have been times that a manager will notice something about the coupon the clerk did not see. Just be patient. Unless it is something blantantly obvious, most managers will be very accommodating if you keep your cool.

      ~And last but not least, the most important advice I could ever give a couponer is this: Treat the Walgreens employees with respect and keep a sense of humor. Getting angry at the clerk (unless they were down right rude to you. Take it to management then), or just having a rude disposition in general will get you no where. We don't come to your place of employment with an attitude, please don't come to ours with one.

      Oh yeah, and if you buy cosmetics of any kind, check out in cosmetics. We get commission on somethings! :D

    • Mrs. MARY

      I shop at the West Columbia S.C. Walgreen's and I have to say they have the most friendly Beauty advisors there I have ever seen. They are always happy to see me on Sundays with all my coupons. And sometimes even suggest other clearanced items I may have missed if not informed. I truely love shopping there and i love see Miss Susans friendly face. Its like coming to visit my walgreens family.

    • arealwoman


    • Margaret Edwards

      Would you consider making a tab for coupon policies? I have had a hard time find some policies of certain stores. I want to create a coupon policy section to my coupon binder, so that I can check the rules as I shop at different stores.


      I WORK AT WALGREENS FOR 3 YEARS AND IF YOU USE A DEBIT CARD TO PAY INSTEAD OF CASH YOU WILL GET MORE COUPONS. They keep a record of what you have bought before like baby items and when you get ready to pay those type cupons will print out if you pay with debit.

    • miss understood


    • Gael, FL

      I don't see where this policy address our Wags in Jax, FL counting 1Q as 2 if the coupon is $ off 2 items. (i.e. $1.00 off 2 Lysol Wipes counts as 2 Q, although it is only 1). Guess this is the end of overage, too. I've found if I develop relationships in the stores that I get much better service.

    • Sandy11111

      I believe there is some confusion on the interpretation of part of this policy. If an item is on sale B1G1 the customer may use either one B1G1 coupon (and the 2 items will be free) or two regular coupons.

      You cannot get 2 items (regular or sale price) and use 2 B1G1 coupons to get both free.

      If the coupon states buy 3 Cheerios and save $1, all 3 boxes of cereal are counted as covered by that 1 coupon. You may not use 2 more coupons for the other 2 boxes of cereal.

    • Jboyd

      does anyone know if they will adjust the price of an RR manufacture coupon? Like if your total is 5.99 and the RR is 6.00?

    • COUPONS500


      Buy One, Get One Free Coupons

      When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.

      Sales tax must be paid for any Buy One, Get One Free coupon offers, if required by applicable state laws.




      Multiple Coupons

      When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.

      The coupon amount must be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied. (For example, a $5.00 coupon for a $4.99 item will result in a $4.99 coupon value).

      When purchasing multiple items, Walgreens accepts multiple identical coupons for multiple qualifying items as long as there is sufficient stock to satisfy other customers, unless a limit is specified. Management reserves the right to limit the quantity of items purchased




    • Kspeacher

      I tried to read through all the post to see if my question had already been answered but I didn't see it so if this is a duplicate, my apologies in advance :).

      The coupons in the Walgreens coupon book state that they cannot be combined with other offers. Some of the Walgreens clerks assume this means you can't combine it with a MFG coupon – last week I used a coupon from their book with a Mfg coupon. A friend of mine went today with the same two coupons in hand to a different walgreens and was told she couldn't use the two together… The wording in the policy is a little unclear since it says “unless prohibited by either coupon offer”. I'm finding it depends on the Walgreens store and the clerk you get – What are your thoughts? Does the wording on the store coupon that it can't be combined with other offers mean that you can't use another coupon with it?? I'm sorry to sound so dumb but it just seems it's different from store to store…. I wonder if I should send Walgreens corporate an email and get clarification? :) HAPPY SHOPPING!