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I’m excited to say amidst all the “news” of stores cracking down on couponing and tightening belts, that it’s not every store.  Bi-Lo just released a new coupon policy that I think will make most of you very happy.

There is really only one new addition, I’ve made it bold.

  • Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the checkout transaction, along with your Bi-Lo Bonuscard.
  • Manufacturer and store coupons will only be redeemed on or before expiration date.
  • One manufacturer and one store coupon can be redeemed per item.
  • Items must be purchased in the size, variety and quantity as specified on the coupon.
  • All restrictions and/or limits printed on coupons will be enforced.
  • Limit of ten (10) coupons on like items are eligible to double. Remaining coupons on like items will be redeemed at face value and will not be doubled.
  • Manufacturer coupons with a value of 60¢ or less will double, unless otherwise posted at store level.
  • Double coupon redemption applies only to manufacturer coupons. Bi-Lo store coupons will not be doubled.
  • Free manufacturer or store coupons will not be doubled.
  • Electronic coupons will not be doubled.
  • The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, must not exceed the price of the item and no cash back will be given.
  • Coupons on alcohol or tobacco products will not be doubled.
  • Coupons will not be doubled when restricted by manufacturer or where prohibited by law.
  • Only valid, scanable Internet coupons will be redeemed.
  • Bi-Lo will redeem local competitor coupons on identical items.
  • Bi-Lo reserves the right to accept, decline or limit the use of coupons.

A few Bi-Lo stores in Tennessee have taken competitor coupons for years, while the rest of us had to get manager approval on each coupon.  It’s awesome to see it become company wide a policy to accept them.  I asked Bi-Lo corporate to clarify who was a competitor so we could all start on the right foot.  Their answer:

We consider competitor coupon to be a “coupon for any identical item we carry” including Target, WalMart, and even drug stores, if the coupon is for an item we carry.

I’m excited at the deals this will open up for many of us!  I’m also excited for folks that live in small towns with a Bi-Lo and no other grocery stores, you guys will still have competitor coupons to use.

What do you think about these changes??

    • Ted

      RE: “Electronic coupons will not be doubled.” 
      Does this mean that coupons printed from coupons.com and other sites will receive only face value? (e.g. If I have printed a coupons.com coupon for $.50 off Cheerios, do I get only $.50 off or does it double to $1.00?)

      • Amanda Leach

        I believe this means Ecoupons, not Internet coupons.

    • Mcdbeth1

      This is very exciting news for me. I live in Summerville S.C., and the Publix I shop at recently changed it's policy. They no longer accept Target plus many others. This will make shopping at Bi-Lo at lot more inticing.. Since I used Target and other coupons on a regular basis. Horray for Bi-Lo!!!!!!

      • Donnatavo

        I'm in Summerville too! :)  I still would be wary going to the Bacons Bridge BiLo store though.  They are so rude and don't actually want to take the coupons.  And most of the time their fuelperks don't work right and they give a huge hassle to fix their mistake.  I've heard good thing about some of the other ones though.

        • Froglegs182

          Oh No! This is the Bilo I was going to try. I will definitely give them a chance first. I love love love Publix but this is great news!!!

          • couponsforme

            Froglegs182 and the other summerville area—– try the one on boone hill i think it is called, it is on the corner of orangeburg and boonehill…. they are SUPER nice and have a few shift managers that are very strict when it comes to customer service… i have only had one problem but i take most of the responsibility for that…. they close at 11pm and i was checking out at 1055pm with all those coupons, but it was only once and they were kind of short when i tried to ask questions, but the guy appologized the next week and was very friendly and i had not even complain, he said he had had a bad day and loved that i come to visit him!!!! my fav cashier is phil…

        • guest

          Call their corporate office about their customer service issues.  I have met a few of the regional managers and they will make sure that the store employees change their attitudes.

      • Zyler9999

        I agree.  I live in Summerville also, and it was a bummer when Publix stopped taking Target q's.

      • Shawna

        I also live in Summerville and have never had any probs w/ using coupons at the Bacons Bridge Rd Bi-Lo. I do have to agee that they are not the friendliest place to shop though. I thought I was overcharged one time and when I went back in to question it, the lady at customer service made it seem like it was hassle that I was bothering her.

      • guest

        I LOVE the Sangaree BiLo, they are definitely friendlier than the store on Bacon's Bridge Rd

    • Tracey Thackston

      This is great!  My local Publix takes very few competitor coupons so this helps out a ton.  Never knew you were supposed to give coupons before the transaction though!

      • Smamf1922

        gonna still try to keep mine till the end but I will ask

    • Bauercandace

      Hot dog!!!! Now I'm gonna be going to BiLo more than Publix!!!

    • Couponjammer

      WOO HOO!!  I just wish they had been doing this sooner.  I've missed some great deals because they don't take Publix coupons.  And now we are getting a food lion too.  What a great day!

      • Couponjammer

        have they said who they consider competitors?  my publix doesn't consider target a competitor.

        • We consider competitor coupon to be a “coupon for any identical item we
          carry” including Target, WalMart, and even drug stores, if the coupon
          is for an item we carry.

          • Amy C.

            Jenny, does this mean that BiLo will accept Publix store coupons (with the LU#) as well?  It says it will stack 1 manufacturer's Q & 1 store Q per item.  :)  Publix has lots of store Q's!

    • This is exciting for me. I always get a ton of Catalina coupons when I shop at Harris Teeter but rarely get decent ones at Bi-Lo. I look forward to being able to use them at both stores now!

    • I'm jealous that we don't have  a Bi-Lo.

    • guest

      Does this mean that you can stack a competitor coupon with a manufacturer coupon as well?

    • Lovelivelaugh716

      Is the Charlotte, NC area still going to double upto 99cents?? That's what they do now.. I don't want them to change that.. =(

      • It does state subject to differences by store, so my guess is no changes in the Charlotte market.

    • Adamsl30

      question?, with them being a competitor coupons will they be considered manufactor coupons or store coupons to bilo?

    • Smamf1922

      OK, so we hand the BILO card to clerk and all the coupons, all at the beginning of the transaction?  Uhmm, not really liking that part.  I like to pass them over 5 at a time so i can keep track of them.  I'll just tell her I'll hold on to them if she/he doesn't mind.  Not being hard to get along with, but…………
      BILO has always been great to take comeptitor Q's and no questions asked.
      FUELPERKS are the best!!!

      • Bowtifan

        I had to give my coupons one at a time to a guy at Harris Teeter last week because he was dropping them, didn't scan some, etc. This was very annoying to me and I almost spoke to the manager about him.

    • tara rievley

      sounds good to me:)

    • Cocacolaharley101

      I always new Bilo was the best!

    • tia

      i am super excited!

    • Mcleodsc

      I can see a BIG GLARING PROBLEM with the new policy. If I hand over ALL of my coupons then the cashier is likely to “miss” a few.

      What exactly is a competitors coupon?

    • Amy

      Awesome!!!  I how they get the word out to all the managers and cashiers quickly so we don't have problems at the checkout!!!  This will make for some awesome deals if they accept Target coupons!

    • Coupons15173

      i just left bilo and they have print outs of the new policy (sangaree). so i am going to put it in my coupon box, just in case someone disagrees. i have it in writing.
      i did notice that bilo charges almost double for ice cream. walmart is cheaper in ice cream.

      • Zyler9999

        I shop at the Sangaree BiLo also, and have noticed that about the ice cream.

    • CMathews

      This might be a stupid question…but I'll ask anyway.  When doubling coupons, do you have to ask to have them doubled or do they just double automatically in the computer?  I love my local Bi-Lo…the employees are all super nice and one lady always stops to say hello to my 1 yr old daughter every time we go there.  My daughter loves it!

      • mine have always doubled automatically. If you look at your receipt it will say if it was doubled or not where the coupons are scanned.

      • Zyler9999

        The computer automatically doubles them.

    • Angeline4483

      I love my Tennessee Bilo!!! always get great savings there!

    • Pamela

      i luv shopping bi lo this is what i do anyway except were they now take compitor coupons as it should be that wa

    • WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!! Doing the happy dance!! I love me some BiLo! LOL

    • Shirley

      This is probably a stupid question, but when it says “Electronic coupons will not be doubled.” Does that mean internet coupons or ones added to your card from SavingStar or Upromise?

      • Fowlerb1988

        I believe its the electronic card that doesn't double, the internet coupons always double for me :)

        • Shirley

          That's what I was thinking too, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks. :)

      • I assume they are talking about thinks such as SavingStar

    • Jigsawinc

      Makes me wish we had a Bi-Lo here!

    • lwc0724

      This is awesome news!  I agree that this is certainly refreshing to see that there are still some stores willing to provide incentives instead of making it more difficult.

    • Wwggaskins

      I would call first before you go.  I called the Irmo Bi-Lo and the one on St. Andrews road just now and received actually three different answers.  St. Andrews told me that the competitor coupon had to be a manufacturer coupon but could have other stores logo on it.  They would not accept competitor store coupons. 
      Irmo-Friarsgate told me when I asked the question to the lady who answered that they did not accept competitor's coupons. I questioned again and she put me on hold.  A gentleman answered and I asked again.  He said yes as long as it was for the exact same item.

      Just beware.  I don't think a lot of the employees know yet.

      • Shirley

        I really hate that. It actually makes me angry. The policy says “effective June 1, 2001” Plenty of time has gone by, all employees should be made aware of the changes by now.

        • Shirley

          of course i meant “2011”

        • Nicole

          I am sure that the Store Directors are doing just about all that they can to understand the new policy and pass that on to their employees. We, as customers, need to understand that there are 214 +/- Bi-Lo's and approx 80 employees at each store.  It takes some time to educate everyone.  We have all read the policy and had discussion and have some questions.  Just like everything else, there will be some kinks to work out and I am sure that will happen in time.  Take the policy with you and always pleasantly ask for clarification if you have a question or concern.  Just because we read a policy one way, doesn't necessarily mean that it has been interpreted that same way by the employees or management team.    The policy may state that it is effective June 1, 2011 but I saw the email that went out to Store Directors WEDNESDAY with an effective date of July 13.  Let's help the employees by being patient and understanding as they too work to figure this new policy out.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

          • Shirley

            I understand that it takes time to get everyone educated. And I'm not saying you were implying that I'm not pleasant with cashiers, but I just wanted to state that I always am. :)  However, I think that they should at least fully educate the managers of the stores before the policy even goes into effect. Then there's someone that knows how it works, and then let it slowly trickle down to the rest of the employees. If a cashier has to call the manager to confirm that I know what I'm talking about, I have no problem with that as long as it's a new policy and as long as the manager DOES know the policy. I hate when managers/employees make up 'policy'. The managers of the store – any store – should be completely up to date with their coupon policy. A customer shouldn't be the person that has to educate them on their policy – esp managers and esp with the 'coupon craze' going on right now. I've just had this happen to me too many times to look over it. I'm not trying to be rude, but I feel I may have come across that way. :(

            • Nicole

              Shirley, thank you for always being pleasant with the cashiers :-)  My comment was in reply to your comment but not necessarily directed to you.   My husband is a Bi-Lo Store Director and he forwarded me the email on Wednesday (he was off on Tuesday when it came out) and I immediately called him to ask a few questions.  I felt like the policy was going to cause some confusion.  There are things that you and I, as customers who regularly use coupons, might think of that those at the corporate level might not have thought about as they sat down to write the “new” policy (one of those things would be educating the management teams before the policy is put out ;-).  Again, this is not directed at anyone in particular but meant soley as a voice of reason to any one who may read this… Unfortunately, just because they were a name tag that says “Store Director” doesn't mean that they know everything.  They do the best that they can to incoporate the policies and procedures set forth at the corporate level but at the same time making us as customers happy and content. The unfortunate thing is that they catch the grief when things don't go exactly right because those at the corporate level don't seem to live in the “real world” sometimes.  So, to everyone out there… Let us all be kind, patient and considerate to those employees who are, for the most part, as excited as we are about the potential to save more $$$$. Happy Couponing everyone!!!!

            • Shirley

              I agree, completely that it's not the always the managers fault for not knowing things when it's new. It's definitely a problem higher up, esp since the policy states it was effective 6/1 but then they didn't even send it out til well over a month later. As long as the management takes the initiative to learn it and then teach their employees, I'm happy. I understand they can't make corporate give them time to learn or to inform all the employees ahead of time. My main problem here is when managers don't learn policy when it's been in place for a while and then the customers have to educate and take further steps to call corporate to have the store employees educated. I know that really has nothing to do with this situation, as it is a brand new policy. So, now that I've gone off on a tangent, I'll restate – as long as they take the initiative to learn the policy, I have no problems. Thank you, Nicole for your voice of reason. I'm done ranting now. lol. :D

            • deb

              Speaking of one item, I went today to one store, and I'm going to repost this so it's up the line a little, and they knew NOTHING about the change.  A mgr was working right with a cashier, and they were very surprised that I presented a Target and a WAGS cpn.  I presented a copy of the new policy, and after a wait, the WAGS cpn was accepted.  NOW, the Target cpn was not, as I had printed it off the internet, and it would not scan.  NO competitor cpn is going to scan at BILO, but they pointed to the statemtn on the policy about IP's not scanning, and therefore being rejected.  So anything we print off webs, will be no good?

    • Kate

      Will they take the cvs extra care rewards?

      • cs

        I don't think so because it says for the exact item, ecb are not for a specific item

    • Bauercandace

      Jenny, will the upcoming BiLo ad have the coupon matchups from competitors as well?

      • It will start having them!!  If I find some extra time today I'll try to add them to this week, but it's always hard to find extra time on Friday :)  everyone wants to play around here.

        • Bauercandace

          Thanks so much!

        • Bauercandace

          Thanks so much!

    • Mandy

      This is great! I'm reading it as they don't accept “money off” $X/XX coupons like the ones that Publix and Harris Teeter occasionally put out. Is that how others read it? Thanks!

    • Eightsnf

      I guess I have cheated Bi-Lo in the past, I have cut off a coupon The words 'General Dollar' and have been using them at Bi-Lo. They scanned so I thought it was ok to do….my bad  Now I wont feel like I am cheating them LOL

      • Jacketfan24

        It is okay if it says manufacturer coupon on it, even if it has another store’s name.  those will scan becasue they are man. Q’s.  You weren’t cheating them. 

      • Jacketfan24

        It is okay if it says manufacturer coupon on it, even if it has another store’s name.  those will scan becasue they are man. Q’s.  You weren’t cheating them. 

    • Eric

      What about “Free manufacturer or store coupons will not be doubled.”
      Is this new…and does it mean that free in-store coupon fliers will not be doubled?

      • Js

        No– this means that if you have a coupon for a FREE product, and that product is $0.50…they will not double that.  Atleast that is how I read it.

    • Jeanneb1

      May be a stupid question but…does there have to be a competitor store in your area for the competitor q you want to use?

      • I would assume so, but I'm going to ask my store manager next time I head in. I was wondering the same thing!

      • guest

        The policy states “local” competitors q, so I'm assuming in the town you live in…

    • Di

      Made my Friday! Yes!!

    • Sassybydesign

      Loving the new coupon policy!   My Bi-Lo always frowned on competitors coupons.  I'd print off a coupon policy and take it with you to your next shopping trip!

    • Their definition of “competitor” puts them above Publix on the competitor coupon policy. They take the “if they sell the same item as us, they are a competitor” approach. Awesome…too bad I'm in Florida…

    • Erin

      yeah!!!!  So excited!

    • Kaytee

      seems mostly the same to me/my store…one ? though it says…
      Electronic coupons will not be doubled.
      does that mean all online/printables won't double?

      • Smallfriend3

        I think electronic means like the savingstar and upromise.

    • Fowlerb1988

      I don't know if anyone has asked this but will they stack the competitor coupon with a manufacured coupon?

    • CouponAA

      Makes it pretty easy to switch from Publix as my main grocery store, given their recent crack down. Also, I've been given such a hard time at Publix for using coupons I think it's time for a change anyway. I called the manager and she seemed concerned, but nothing changed. I felt like I was trying to use counterfeit money.

    • Anne

      Does this include Catalina coupons?

    • Spraymom

      ” all restrictions on coupons will be enforced” sounds like if it says” not subject to doubling” that they will enforce it and not double it. I already have ghat problem at my bill in Tennessee. What do you think? The cashier I had last would not double mine because it says do not double. I thought they doubled ALL coupons …

      • Yeah, I'm not liking that one. Not for them enforcing exactly what the coupon says, but I disagree with a coupon having that wording in the first place. The manufacturer will pay the store face value plus 8 cents handling fee for each coupon, but doubling coupons is a STORE decision, not a manufacturer's decision. The store chooses to accept a loss by offering a discount on top of the manufacturer's discount, so I don't get manufacturer's telling the STORE not to offer any additional discounts at their own discretion. Why do they even do this, anyone have any idea?

        • Rachel

          I'm right there with you. The DND rule makes NO sense if the store knowingly takes it as a loss.

    • Shoot yeah!!!!! EXCITED!

    • Amy C.

      WOA!!!  I'm excited about this change!  I just hope the cashiers are informed, cause this lady's about to go shopping with a wad of coupons!!  Thanks, Jenny, for keeping us in the loop!!

    • Amazinglyawesome4ever

      My Bi-Lo used to double up to 99 cents. If I'm reading correctly does this now mean that they will only double up to 60 cents?

      • My Bi-lo only doubles up to $0.60 as of about a month or two ago.

    • Bi-lo does have some good prices but most of the time there prices are retarded HIGH. They also bump prices right befor a big sale. You better know your prices going in.

      A single roll of paper towels (Bounty) at Bi-lo:$2.26 Kroger: $1.56 Target:$0.99
      A 6 pack of  of paper towels (Bounty) at Bi-lo:$7.56 Kroger: $6.99 Target:$6.29

      These prices move and sometimes they have sales. I shop at Bi-lo for some deals but you have to know your prices going in.

      • Leahdpettit

        Bilo is high if you're not shopping the sales, but if you just shop their sales it is AWESOME!  I have saved so much money with BOGO there!  I love Bilo!

      • Kylie

        I used to think the same thing, but now I love BI-LO especially with their sales and pricke lock and lots of sale items.

    • amanda

      my bi lo says the local target is not a comp. and do not accept their coupons  :( does this mean i can print this off and they would now have to accept them?

      • Jessa

        Some of our local stores do not consider Target a competitor because our Targets do not have a full grocery section.  I am not sure if it is the same for you.

    • Lindacuellar2011

      so that mean that I can uses publix cupons on Bi Lo now????

    • Cjhattiebelle

      YAY!! Glad I waited to do my shopping this week.

    • Deecheers4rv

      Yesterday I had a Scott's PT catalina print from Bi-Lo but it said Walgreens on it!? Has anyone had this happen!?

    • Pamela

      this is so awesome. i am sure everyone will agree. I am glad i waited to go shopping also. i love bi lo

    • Lizcapers

      Will the competitor coupon double?

      • Varn9899

        NO, competitor's coupons will be honored at face value

    • Erin

      Wow!  I LOVE Bi-Lo but they would not take my competitor coupons the last time I went (and they always had before).  I spoke with the girl at customer service and she said the manager was not allowing competitors any more.  Now with these new policy I am so excited!!!

    • Adstorey

      Will you be able to use a Manu. Coupon and a competitor couopn on the same item???

      • Debko

        One manufacturer and one store coupon can be redeemed per item.

      • Varn9899

        that is what is referred to as stacking and yes — one store/competitor and one manufacturer's coupon

    • Theresa

      Love it!

    • guest

      I don't like the no doubling if specified by the manufacturer. There are SO many coupons that the manufacturer prints do not double on.
      But the accepting competitor coupons is fantastic!

      • Clairebpratt

        as long as the bar code starts with a 5 they will double. No matter whether they say do not double or not.

        • Amy

          Unless the cashier suppresses doubling – which they can and will do at my store. Also, the 5 or 9 rule will be useless in a few months when the new barcodes roll out.

    • Kelly

      I hope that my Bi-Lo can read and understand them.  I have a horrible time there with coupons.  It is a hassle to drive another 20 miles, but I have started so I can go to Publix.  Fingers Crossed that they will actually work. 

      GO Bi-Lo!!!

    • Kjolly

      i can stack at bi-lo like at publix?  if so yea!

    • Tcollins0227

      When I first started using coupons a few months ago, I was hesitant about shopping at Bi-Lo because I felt their prices were too steep, but after it's all been said and done, Bi-Lo and CVS has turned out to be my favorite places to shop because I have not had any trouble from the cashiers, and have saved a ton of money! Can't say the same for Ingles and Wal-Mart.    Loving Bi-Lo!

      • connie

        I kinda felt the same way before I started couponing. But now that I'm only buying things with coupons on sale BiLo has been the best place to go. I save at least 60% every trip if not more.

    • Scottherpst17

      Really excited that the Bi-Lo I normally shop at (Rossville, GA) is getting the FuelPerks promotion (FINALLY!!!)

      • lisa

        Which store in Rossville/ by the duck pond or across from kmart?  Do you know how many competitor coupons per order?

    • Varn9899

      once everybody (all cashiers) have been informed and I don't have to get a manager to tell them its okay (I did today despite the policy supposedly being in effect since 6/1 according to the publish date)– also what took it so long to be released to the public

      • Jessa

        I actually had a manager inform me that they do not take store coupons back in the middle of June, yet this was written as of June 1.. wish I still had the coupons I had tried redeeming that day.. ugh!

    • Dhscouon

      I thought before this that BiLo doubled up to 0.99 not 0.60? Am I wrong?

      • Jlaleonard

        some Bilo stores are different. Mine doubles to .99 here in NC

        • Before when there was no “official” coupon policy the stores could decide what they wanted to double, up to .99 – so it was completely up to the manager's of the particular store – mine never has let us double more than .60 – but that is because they have no real competitors in our town.

    • Wooohoo!

      • Yuliyaporter

        Exciting, isn't it, Girl??  Good  to  “see” you, at least  here :)

    • Grooms53

      I'm loving Bi-Lo more than ever!  The new competitor coupon addition is the BEST!!  Wow!  I can hardly wait to get going!  If Food Lion doesn't quit doing their “studies” to see how to keep up with the competition, they're going to be left out in the cold!  All they have to do is read the coupon rules of other stores—especially this one !  Thank you for posting this—I really appreciate it!

    • Nancy

      I'm glad that the company limits the amount of identical items you can buy.   It really burns me when the couponers clean out the shelves and leave little or nothing.   Very selfish.

      • guest

        I didn't see where they are limiting what you can buy, but I know in the flyers they limit some items to per transaction.  They have always limited the coupons to 10 per like items at my store.

    • Jlaleonard

      Does this mean you can stack a competitor coupon with a MF coupon?

    • Mommy of four

      This is sooooo exciting. I get some of my best deals at Bi-Lo!

    • Heather

      Can you use store coupons that are not MF coupons with the store logo at Bi-Lo now? Example..can I stack a target store coupon with a MF coupon at Bi-Lo?

    • Jhochschild1

      Love them just wish Publix wouldn't have sent me a letter stating that my wish to subscribe to the Green magazine will not be honored because I am out of the Publix area. Even though I offered a receipt where I made a purchase at Publix when I visit SC which is often they still refuse.

    • Deborah_bunting

      The store manager in Hanahan SC new nothig of this change. he is checking his computer with me on hold for an email update

    • Lbsettle

      This is great!!  I already love Bi-Lo and get some of my best deals there.  Just another reason to shop there.  Thanks Jenny for always keeping us informed of the changes.  Without you I would be lost!!

      • Deborah_bunting

        to my earlier post regarding hanahan sc store – the manager opened his email and did see that they are taking competitor (he did not sound happy) but good news for us!!!! publix has been a disappointment since they changed…

    • Angie

      Everyone please be patient with your store employees until everyone gets the hang of the new policy.  I know the policy states 6/1/11, but we were just made aware of it by email this Tuesday.  The email stated the new policy goes into effect Wedneday 7/13/11, one day after the email was sent.  That does not give us mgrs time to educate all of our cashiers.  Not all cashiers work every day and it can take a week just to meet with each of them.  I think it will be good for Bi-Lo once we get everyone informed.  Thanks!

      • I <3 Bi-Lo!  My local store the managers and the cashiers are AWESOME.

    • Sayaaja

      It's great the only thing make me sad is I'm going to move to the northwest :(

    • Dsaundra77

      Way to go BI-LO! I am already a fan of BI-LO but shopped quite a bit at  Publix because of competitor coupons and of course the advantage flyer deals, but now I will probably be doing 98% of my shopping at BI-LO.

    • Thecouponexperience

      Very exciting!  Now I can use those Target coupons that my Publix stopped taking :)  Better deals and fuelperks!  Way to go BILO

    • Asdenc

      My Bi-Lo has said that they dont take competitor coupons, maybe worth asking them again since I do live in a small town.

    • connie

      I live in Greenwood SC does this mean I can print off the Target coupons from their site and use them at BiLo now?

    • Tenika1

      I would like to know what their official policy is on using coupons for the free items on the meal deals? My Bi-Lo says emphatically NO, while others allow it. I also had a cashier tell me today that internet coupons that beep or that they have trouble scanning will no longer be accepted, per management.

      • FreedomSpradley1

        The first bullet item above states “Coupons must be presented at the beginning of the checkout transaction, along with your Bi-Lo Bonuscard” so I'm going to assume no coupons on free items.  The only time the system would allow coupons on free items was when you scanned the Bonuscard last.

    • Nifty50mom

      Here is the link if you want to make a copy for your records. http://www.bi-lo.com/images/uploads/misc/CouponPolicy8_5x11.pdf  ENJOY!

    • Lori P. :)

      My Bi-Lo (in Chattanooga, TN) has been taking up to 3 competitor's coupons (no stacking, no doubling) since I've been couponing, which has been about 5 weeks.  I wonder if stores can limit the amount they take.    Also, is it plainly stated that you can stack ANY store coupons with a manuf?

      I have found Publix here to be much easier to use coupons in.  They stack Publix, BiLo, Target and Food Lion coupons with manufacturers coupons (which they double up to .50)   Have NEVER had a problem there with using coupons.

    • deb

      please forgive any double post, but I want to get my experience out there for any comments or like experiences!  thanks!

       I went today to one store , and they knew NOTHING about the change. A mgr was working right with a cashier, and they were very surprised that I presented a Target and a WAGS cpn. I presented a copy of the new policy, and after a wait, the WAGS cpn was accepted. NOW, the Target cpn was not, as I had printed it off the internet, and it would not scan. NO competitor cpn is going to scan at BILO, but they pointed to the statemtn on the policy about IP's not scanning, and therefore being rejected. So anything we print off webs, will be no good?

    • Kitur

      AWESOME NEWS!!!!!  Thanks for telling us this!  God Bless!

    • Lisa J.

      << The total coupon value, including the doubled amount, must not exceed the price of the item and no cash back will be given. >>

      So no more overage allowed at Bi-Lo? I never tried getting cash back, but I've applied it to other items I was buying. This makes it sound like we won't be able to do that, either.

      • My store has never allowed that – it always reduces it automatically to the total price of the item if the coupons exceed the price of the item.

        • Lisa J.

          They had always allowed it before at our store, just not in the form of cash back. But I guess now that has changed. At least Publix still allows it. For now. :)

    • JamieLeigh26

      yeah! thank you BiLo!

    • Lmw5234

      That’s the best news I heard all day Bi-Lo you can’t be beat.

    • SC Shopper

      Awesome!!! Bilo has dwindled down on the catalina store coupons they were handing out for a few months. Those things were dope.
      But that's a good alternative, cause I always end up with less savings at BiLo than at Publix, which was frustrating.

    • Vandyatkins

      I didnt have time to read through all the comments so forgive me if this has been asked already. can a store coupons say publix be stacked with a man coupon? or will bilo only stack their store coupons which are usually nonexistent. thanks again.

    • *Squee!*  This IS exciting!!!

    • Rbroadway13

      I thought Bi-Lo previously doubled manufacture coupons up to .99 but from what I am reading here, they will only double up to .60?

      • Rbroadway13

        Never mind, I just checked my local ad and it does say double up to .99.

        • Leah

          Might want to double check with your store. Our ad still says $.99, but I was there today and they said they can only double up to $.60 now.

    • Happy Feet

      I love it!!! I live in a small town and a Bi-Lo is 30 minutes away… so I only can go when I am running errons… I went today… saved 75% on some really great deals… :o)

    • Nancy Ellis

      Great!!  My Bilo (in Taylors, SC) has always accepted Publix Q's, but I am excited that we can use Target and drugstore Q's now!

      • amberleigh

        My bilo is the one in Greer and they have always been really coupon friendly :), loving these positive changes!

        • Coupons777

          I shop the one in Greer too but they have never taken any competitor coupons.  They have always been friendly and very good about taking manu and their own Qs so I am excited they will take competitor's now.  I will shop there more than Publix if they take Publix Qs.

          • Sarah Barker

            I called Greer the other day and they confirmed on the phone that they take competitor coupons.  I just happen to end up on a different side of town and went to the E.North/Howell location and they said they DO NOT accept them. The store mgr at the time said he didn't know why and doesn't have a problem with it but his boss is irate about it and won't let them take them at that store.  I was wondering if it was a decision by each store.  I'm relieved to see corporate putting out this policy because I almost called them this week to complain!

            • Jacketfan24

              I am from Greer too and usually shop at the one at  Dill Creek Commons…they have always been great with coupons.  I've found that I've been shopping more at Bilo lately and a little less at  Publix and this will send me there more.  The fuel perks don't hurt, either!

    • Lisa

      I just received several great Bi-Lo coupons in the mail last week for the “grand reopening” of our Goose Creek store. I was all set to use them at Publix, but now maybe I'll venture in to Bi-Lo. (Even with the remodel, though, I still don't think it's as nice as the Publix store. But it's definitely an improvement, and the new coupon policy makes it look even better now. ;)

    • Bandjdodd

      Does this mean we can use the Recyclebank coupon for $10/$50 Harris Teeter purchase at Bi-lo now?

      • Ctryfan28

        I would say not.  It sounds like only coupons on items not money off.

    • Jo

      Yay!  Excited about this since my Publix in Goose Creek won't take Target or drug store coupons anymore.

    • Meechiebug

      Yay!!! I am triple excited about this.

    • Leah

      I was upset they went down to $.60 for doubling. Ours used to do up to $.99, but I went today to find out about his new policy. :-( The competitor coupon thing might be nice though.

      • Jc

        I agree – we have always bee 99 cents…. So that is a bummer for us.

    • Msorso

      I am so happy about Bilo taking competitors coupons because our local ( trolley rd summerville sc) will no longer take Target coupons! They said it was a corporate decisions to no longer accept Target coupons. Is this correct?  Thanks

      • foximoxie

        Are you saying the Trolley Rd Bilo is taking Target coupons NOW are was not BEFORE? thanks :)

    • 4Him123

      Sounds like there is some confusion out there.  I went to my local Bi-Lo tonight and the manager told me that “local competitor” had to be nearby–we live in a smaller town and do not have a Target–she didn't think they would take those–she is checking with a higher up member of management. She tried to scan a Target and Walgreens coupon and neither would scan–she said if it didn't scan, they couldn't take it–however the main manager said that may not be true–they have to check on it.  So…I am calling back Monday to find out what the official word is on what “competitor coupon” they will accept AND if it has to scan to be accepted.  Anyone else have any experiences?  Also, these are published as “Guidelines” NOT an official coupon policy–I think b/c there is a good bit that each individual store can determine for their particular store.

      • Lori P. :)

        They can't scan at BiLo if they are competitors coupons.  My BiLo has taken up to 3 compet. cpns and always has to put them in by hand.

        • 4Him123

          I wondered about how a competitor coupon would scan at another store.  When the manager told me this–I thought, then what good is this change in policy if I am thinking most competitor coupons (if not all) will NOT scan?  I am waiting for clarification on this on Monday.  Seems like there are A LOT of differences between each individual Bi-Lo store.  From what coupons they accept to how much they will double up to.  The manager also said if the coupon says on it “Do not double” that even if it is under .60 it will not double.  She said it cannot say Do Not Double on it in order for it to double….we will see if this is actually the case. THanks for your input.

    • Heather

      I was curious about the competitor coupon acceptance at Bi-Lo – not to mention a little excited.  However, i went into our Bilo tonight, Goose Creek, SC and got the clarification.  They WILL take a competitor coupon, BUT it has to be able to scan.  So basically, if you have a “manf. coupon” but it has a publix or foodlion logo and it scans, then they will take it.  I did have to get a raincheck and and it is valid for 3 months. Either way, doubling up to 60 is great!  And there are a lot of great deals this week b/c of the re-Grand Opening 
      PS  a little birdy told me that publix in goose creek will be bringing back target

      • Amy

        Wow…thanks for the great info Heather…I shop Publix…so thanks for sharing!!

      • susie

        What's up girl! Finally getting a chance to read up on the new policy…crazy day! :/ I'm gonna check at the Summerville store and see what they have to say about it…maybe (hopefully) who you talked to was wrong, and they will take just regular store/competitor qs. I'll have to keep checking goose creek on Wednesdays for that extra grand opening flyer. The one in Summerville had a separate flyer for about a month with “extra” deals. Woo hoo!

      • SamanthaBlalock

        Yes, I am happy about Public Goose Creek reversing their policy! Power to the consumer!

    • Jtalbot864

      Just came back from my local Bi-Lo and took a copy of new policy. Cashiers had not heard about them. I showed my copy and I had no trouble using Publix  coupons for items that BI- lo had in stock.

    • southernbelle

      My Bilo in Martinez, GA has BEEN accepting ANY competitor coupon!  Other Bilo's in our area used to only take other grocery stores.  They do not make you feel like your “stealing” like Publix and they are nice to you.  Always speaking and asking if they can help you.  When a coupon wont scan, they get someone right over there to put it in manually.  NO QUESTIONS – NO PROBLEMS!  LOVE THEM!  They also give rainchecks but usually 2nd shipment of sale items comes in on Tuesday mornings before sale expires that night.  So, if I miss getting there early in the sale I go Tuesday night!  Almost always in stock!

      • Bauercandace

        I'm in Martinez, too, I shop the one on Fury's Ferry Road and I've always had the exact opposite be true!!!  Isn't that weird?  I've never tried competitor coupons, so I can't speak to that, but I've always had the cashiers be very unfriendly about the coupons in general and have always made me feel like I was doing something wrong.  I love my Publix up the road and have never had a problem with them. It's good to know that you haven't had any trouble, it make me feel better about trying the competitor coupons this weekend.  Do you know if they will take Target coupons, too?

        • Tammy

          I have had the same experience at the Bilo on Fury's Ferry Road but the Columbia Rd one is exact opposite the managers & staff are awesome.  Fury's Ferry Rd has even told me only two like items may have a coupon each and were really hateful about it. Oh and I only had two items so am unsure why they made a huge deal about it.

      • Bethpurvee

        The store on Columbia or Furry's Ferry?  I have never tried to use competitor coupon before.  Good to know!  The Publix on Washington in Evan's Towne Center is pretty nice about coupons.  I have had a couple cashiers be snooty, but most ask me how I do it. That is where I have been shopping mostly, but I will be adding BI-LO back to the mix!

    • Wendy

      I've always been very impressed with my Bi-Lo in Pisgah Forest, NC.  I've never had an issue with them accepting a coupon.  What an added bonus to see that I'll be able to use competitor coupons.  I've never dared to try since we live in the “boondocks” with few other coupon-friendly grocery stores.

      • Lacat

        Is this the one at the entrance to Pisgah Forest?  I have shopped there before, on vacation!

    • Angela

      I just came from Bi-Lo and while there a man representing the company asked if he could upgrade my Bonus Card for me. I said sure and he scanned my old one, verified my name and address, scanned a new Bonus Card (looks almost exactly like the old one) then threw away my old one and gave me the new one. He advised me to go home and immediately replace my old key chain Bonus Cards with the new ones that he gave me and to throw away all of my old ones on key chains. He informed me that the reason for all of this was because they are about to start a “perks” program for Bonus Card members. He said that he couldn't tell me what any of the perks will be but that they are going to be “really good!” The only way that you will accumulate points (or whatever they will call them) is by obtaining and using the newer Bonus Cards. Bi-lo used to offer occasional perks for Bonus Card members and I have been rather annoyed that they haven't been lately so I am very very happy to see this coming. He said the start date will be August 3 even though you can already use the new cards. He did not make it clear whether you can start accumulating anything now or if nothing starts until August 3, probably the latter. Apologies for the lengthy post…just an FYI…GET YOUR NEW BI-LO BONUS CARDS!!!!

      • Maysc1000

        I'm guessing you don't have fuel perks yet.  I remember getting new cards when it began here!

      • Grwrn

        I agree. Fuel Perks! are not available in all Bi-Lo stores. I am fortuante that my area is and I have been participating in Fuel Perks! for about 2 years. The new Bonus Card I received when Fuel Parks began had an apple on it.

      • Markopolo73

        I transfered to the new card also and they sent me coupons for milk and bread in my email.

    • Missy

      I wish we had a bi lo near us!

    • Sherry

      I've always felt that Bilo was the greatest of my coupon stores, now I REALLY love them!!!

      • Wdraperjr

        Be thankful you dont live in morganton n c they harrass you from the time you get to the register and especially so if they know you use coupons a lot

    • elaine

      I have seen post from some of you that said your local Bi-Lo would not take competitor coupons that don't scan.  In that case, wouldn't that rule out Publix b/c  Publix never has a bar code on it.  Also, It doesn't say in the “official policy” that it must scan, so is this true or not?  Thanks for any clarification!

      • Tonya

        my bilo in TN has always taken Publix coupons even if they don't scan.  Publix is an extremely BIG competitor of theirs.  They will also price cut some of their food items when Publix is having an extremely good sale.

    • mrs sarg

      my bilo didnt give overage… is this changed or they still dont do overage? But on another note im super excited about this great new change!

      • mrs sarg

        reread it.. and saw that they still dont give overage… oh well :)

    • Concertchristal

      I guess I'm the luckiest of the lucky when it comes to bi-lo stores. My particular store, (Simpsonville, SC) as of yesterday, they may have crack down starting today, I dunno, will allow ANY type of coupon to be used up to 1 MONTH passed it's expiration. AND they take those $4/off $20 purchase types from ANYONE. I spent 3.55 yesterday for $25.04 worth b/c of competitor q's. I hope it never changes.

    • Aliiangel80

      So when the coupon policy says one manufacturer and one store coupon accepted per item does that mean we must chose between using a bilo coupon and a target coupon

    • Teddersave

      I'm excited to see how this works out for me.  I drive 15 miles to go to Publix right now.  It is a much larger grocery store than the Bi-Lo in my smaller town, but I went there for the variety and the coupon matches.  Now with their coupon matches and Fuelperks, and my 1 mile commute, it may be more likely to stay in my hometown.

    • Spraymom

      Does anyone know if “coupons will not be doubled if restricted by manufacturer” means they for sure won't double them? They say they double coupons so it should be all coupons.   Just about all of my newspaper coupons say do not double on them…So this new policy really is not good for me…I have had so much trouble at Bilo in the past with using coupons anyway.  I have no problem at all at Publix…..the deals just won't be very good if they don't double them…..

      • Lexieandazzy

        That is so funny how different stores in different places work. We are just the opposite more problems at Publix than Bi Lo, lol.

    • Jlveal

      Funny…just last week i went to my local Bi-Lo and was told that I COULD NOT use a Bi-Lo coupon and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item…That message came from the CSM, not the cashier…Hilarious we have to be educated on the policy, but they don't have to be!

      • Bpurvee

        I am a former employ of BI-LO.  Manager training did not include coupon policies, coupon etiquette,  or anything near that subject.  Next time, just have a copy of the policy and show it to the manager.  I worked there 5 years and never saw a coupon policy or knew the difference.  They are in the same ship.  Coupon anatomy is not in any of the training you receive from cashier up.  This is not to slight anyone!  Just a whole in their education process.

    • Kiraabernathy22

      I'm new to this so I am not sure… after reading BiLo's policy, it seems like they double coupons on a regular basis, is that right?

    • Di

      Bilo at 1315 S. Pleasantburg Greenville, SC 29605 said it is possible the coupons will not double and they are not for “store only brands” (ie Publix sells their own brand of window cleaner, coupon would not apply for a bilo brand window cleaner”, has to be exact match of product but otherwise you are good to go.

      This is the bilo @ please/mauld road. :)

    • DarleneC

      I think it sounds great.  My sister works for Bilo corporate offices and she sent me an email that says you can download e-coupons to your Bilo bonus card.  Just another way that Bilo is keeping up with all the other stores and even out doing them.

    • Awareofangels

      all i can say is thank you bilo.  show there before the husband shopped with me, then he wanted to switch to walmart but with us couponing together now, we've been back to bilo.  love the employees. love the couponing, great store !!   ps – Dalton Pike, Cleveland, TN is the best!!!!!!

    • Terri Anderson

      This is great timing, especially considering the awesome sheet of Target coupons that came in the mail with a Target college promotion this week.  Thanks BiLo!  Now, if we could just Publix on board.

    • Strussell14

      Just called my bi-lo and they said you cannot use target coupons

    • Pamela

      hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that i just called my local bi lo that i will be going to today to ask if they will except the savalot $5.00 off your next purchase of $25.00, and they said yes. this is great. i will be saving another 5 dollars just for making a phone call. go to sav a lot website and sign up and you can instantly print a coupon. happy shopping and couponing everyone. i thought i would pass it on to you all.

      • Brencoup

        this is nice but has anyone ever shopped at savalot your money will go even further . found reese potato salad still in date for 25 cents a lb. tubs. simply the best and no coupons! also keebler club crackers for a dollar this week. crunch and munch are 1.00 each and with $1-00 off 2 = b1g1. just saying.

    • connie

      The policy says “local” competitors, so that won't help us that live in small areas without targets, publix and things like that. I also don't see how most competitor qs will scan at bilo.

      I started looking through my qs and most say do not double but they start in a 5. Always before they automatically doubled even if they said that, does anyone know if this is still happening. If it's changed then I just wasted money on 20 bacon qs I was going to use today.

      • cindharb

        On the question do coupons automatically double although the print says do not double:  I have that “newer” [article didn't say what date makes something “new”] scanners can discern the DND restriction from the barcode so they won't double.  Older ones can't discern that so they do double.  Cashiers won't typically know whether theirs has the capability so you're just having to take the chance.

    • Nicole

      Good afternoon everyone!  There are lots of questions regarding the new coupon policy. My husband is a Bi-Lo Store Director. There have been two FAQ emails that have gone out over the last few days to them.  I am waiting on him to go into work this afternoon so that he can forward them to me so that we can hopefully answer a lot of the questions that we all have. Check back this afternoon and I will update here as soon as I get the emails.  I have also put in a call to the corporate office and plan to speak to one of the individuals who was responsible for developing the new policy.  Hopefully she can clarify anything that the emails haven't covered.  Stay tuned!

      • Nicole

        Ok! I hope that this helps (at least a little)…

        This one is still a little unclear and may require some future clarification:
        Q – What coupons and competitors are considered to be “Local Competitor” Coupons that BI-LO will honor?
        A- Competitor coupons will be redeemed for any identical item that we carry. A Local Competitor is any store in close proximity to your store who is normally considered to be competition, including Target, WalMart, and drug stores.

        Q – Will competitor coupons be accepted if they do not scan at the register? A- The rule stating that coupons must be valid, and scannable, only applies to Internet coupons. Coupons generated by local competitors are NOT in our pricing system and will not scan through our registers.Q -What if a manufacturer or store coupon does not scan or does not have a bar code it? A – Again, the “scannable” rule only applies to Internet coupons. Q – If an Internet coupon does not scan but has a bar code printed on it, is it okay to key enter the UPC to see if it is on file in the POS? A – Yes. If a bar code is present, and the coupon is valid, it is okay to key enter the UPC.Q – Should I manually double coupons that state “do not double”?A – No. The restrictions that are printed on the coupons are established by the manufacturer and BI-LO is required to enforce those guidelines. The POS system will automatically restrict doubling based on the restrictions embedded in the bar code. Q – Can a manufacturer, BI-LO store, and competitor store coupon be used together? A – No, only one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon, regardless of issuing store, can be used in one order for a total of two coupons per like item.

        • Switchfan

          thank you for taking the time to post this :)

    • Kim Q

      Coupons will not be doubled when restricted by manufacturer or where prohibited by law………………………………………this SUCKS

      • Coupon crazy

        This makes no sense to me when the grocery store is the one that pays the extra that is doubled. Not the manufacturer.

        • Robntracy

          That makes no sense to me either.  Does anyone know why that is? Please explain.  The double savings is a loss for BiLo so why will they not double a manufacturer coupon if it stated not to?  I think the manufactuer states this just so they would never have to be responsible for double reimbursement.

    • RC-:

      Bi-Lo in Lexington S.C was a HOT MESS…Told me that they would not take a competitor coupons with out a adress on it and I happen to pull out the printed off policy and showed him that it did not state that,he took my coupons any way but was very rude Im not going back there for a while if any one goes there let me know….thanks

      • Hperryesq

        which store?

    • Kelli_h_dale

      My Bi-Lo in Florence,SC said they would not take competitors coupons when I asked them last night.

    • Claire :D

      this sucks for people who live in small towns who don't have Targets, Publix's, and other big grocery stores. I got SO excited when I first read this because Target has the GREATEST coupons on their website and there were so many I wanted to print. But, the closest Target to me is about an hour, to an hour and a half away and I don't think this is considered “a competitor” and isn't in close proximity. Darn.

    • Hscoupon

      Wow…I called my local Bi-Lo 2 days ago to see if they take competitors coupons and they said no. I then called the corporate office just to check and the woman said she would have to look into it and call me back. When she got back to me the answer was no. I just called my local Bi-Lo again and told them what the policy said and now they say we DO accept competior coupons. What is going on with them?

      • Smamf1922

        remember not everyone who answers the phone is totally in the know.

    • laura

      Bi Lo in Summerville on Bacons Bridge said: Target, Publix, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Walmart and Walgreens?! Not the RR but the flip things he said which I”m guessing means tear pad. Does wal mart have printable coupons?! I've never seen any before.

      • Miss_afb

        i called (bacons bridge)the other day the lady kept saying look online she did not understand that each store has different  compet stores  and the list is not posted on the website. or am i wrong?

      • Shawna

        I just called Bacons Bridge and was told by customer service they accept all the drug stores, Walmart, Target, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly and Publix. She said that it must be a store within 3-5 miles of them so no Whole Foods, Earth Fare or Sav A Lot. She was very nice and said they will stack w/ manu Q's.

    • Tick ;)

      Hi!! well i work at bi-lo store 522..we do take competitor coupons but they have to be manufacturer  coupons. they can't be store coupons. i know publix store coupons have a certain PLU to type in..those we cant take….but if its a vendor/manufacturer coupon then store 522 Takes them :)

      • Nicole

        Hi Tick!  Take a look at my post a few down from this one. The Questions and Answers that I listed are pasted directly from the email that went from corporate to Store Directors and management teams.  You may want to check with your Store Director because in that same email, the directions were given on exactly how to take competitor coupons. I deleted the “how to” part because there was no need to post that on here.  The competitor coupons that you are refering to are manufacturer coupons and that would constitute coupon fraud to use two manufacturer coupons on one item. I am not saying that you are doing anything other than what you were told… I am just saying that what has been communicated to you isn't the way that corporate is explaining it.  Teammates and customers have to work together until everyone gets used to this new policy and all of “kinks” get worked out.  Like so any other things in life, it is going to take time.   We all appreciate the job that you do everyday to make our shopping experience enjoyable.  Bi-Lo and its teammates rock!!!

        • Smamf1922

          Thank you for explaining it kindly to Tick.

      • Smamf1922

        this makes NO sense/

    • flossemnow

      I was just reviewing some of the comments on here and I agree with several of them.  I shop at the Lexington, SC store (not sure of store #) weekly.  I have tried in the past to use competitors coupons and was told also that it must have an address on it to accept them or was just flat out told no.  Of course I have printed the coupon policy and will carry that with me.  I am just curious if there are any Lexington shoppers that have tried to do this since the new policy became effective. And I agree, Target has awesome coupons so if we can use those too that would be great!!!  And oh by the way, the time I did try to use a Target coupon, they also said that since the one in Lexington is not a Super Target they couldn't take it.  They really need to do a better job at training their staff.

      • Anne

        I went  to the Lexington Bi-Lo and asked yesterday.  They said that meant a manufacturer coupon with a competitor store logo on it, it did'nt mean another store coupon.  I was really bummed, and hoping they are wrong, but after reading alot of post on here, I'm thinking that is just the way it is. :(

    • Shelli

      I work at a bi-lo in the Columbia, SC area and asked my manager about
      this coupon policy which has been posted for a couple of days now. I
      specifically had a question about “competitor” coupons. What they mean
      by competitor is any coupon that says “redeem only at ___” but still has
      remittance information otherwise bi-lo will not get reimbursed for that
      coupon. I told her that a lot of people on this website (and I did
      initially) took competitor to mean any other STORE coupon (like a publix
      coupon that has no remittance information and only a LU number). I do not think it is bi-lo's intention to lose money by accepting store coupons. I agree this is quite confusing and I advised my manager that they might want to change it to be more specific in either direction they want to go. I do not ever use competitor store coupons at publix when I shop there, and I will not start using them at bi-lo either. I save enough on my bill with manufacturer and that store specific coupons that I don't want the store to lose money and then perhaps later down the road have to change their coupon policy like so many other stores are doing.

      • Guest

        I think you're probably correct but they need to clarify their intentions in their written policy, else they will have a couponing riot on their hands.  Other stores had the foresight to state that they take competitor's *manufacturer's* coupons such as those printed from catalina machines but which do actually say 'manufacturer's coupon' but with perhaps a store logo.

      • Nicole

        I know that this is a repeat but in case there are those of you who don't read through all of the comments…  This is part of the communication sent to Bi-Lo Store Directors from the corporate office in regard to the new policy.  

        This one is still a little unclear and may require some future clarification:Q – What coupons and competitors are considered to be “Local Competitor” Coupons that BI-LO will honor? A- Competitor coupons will be redeemed for any identical item that we carry. A Local Competitor is any store in close proximity to your store who is normally considered to be competition, including Target, WalMart, and drug stores. Q – Will competitor coupons be accepted if they do not scan at the register?
        A- The rule stating that coupons must be valid, and scannable, only applies to Internet coupons. Coupons generated by local competitors are NOT in our pricing system and will not scan through our registers.
        Q -What if a manufacturer or store coupon does not scan or does not have a bar code it? A – Again, the “scannable” rule only applies to Internet coupons. Q – If an Internet coupon does not scan but has a bar code printed on it, is it okay to key enter the UPC to see if it is on file in the POS? A – Yes. If a bar code is present, and the coupon is valid, it is okay to key enter the UPC.Q – Should I manually double coupons that state “do not double”?A – No. The restrictions that are printed on the coupons are established by the manufacturer and BI-LO is required to enforce those guidelines. The POS system will automatically restrict doubling based on the restrictions embedded in the bar code. Q – Can a manufacturer, BI-LO store, and competitor store coupon be used together? A – No, only one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon, regardless of issuing store, can be used in one order for a total of two coupons per like item.

        • Shelli

          I did read through that and from what I have been told and what I read here there isn't actually a conflict. What they mean by “competitor” is a coupon that may say target, publix, etc. but still has the normal information that a manufacturer coupon has.

      • Jc

        you might want to recheck on this. when i emailed gail (the lady that sent out the new policy) she said to key the competitor coupons in as store coupons. we have always taken any manufactor coupon that starts with a 5 or 9 regardless of the store logo on it

        • Smamf1922

          I knew that to be true in 29681 area.

    • Dana

      The Bi-lo in Anderson, SC only allows 4 coupons to be doubled on identical items. I 'll be printing this policy and taking it with me next time I go. Thanks for posting!

      • Lmm6464

        It helps to take the surveys on the bottom of the receipt, I complained about this problem in one survey and got a call the next day saying they pulled a immediate meeting with the cashiers to go over the policy

    • Lilred8080

      Bi-Lo in Orangeburg, SC competitor are only Wal-Mart and Food Lion.  What kind of coupons do they have?…none

      • Guest

        That is incorrect – Food Lion releases their own printable coupons via email on a very regular basis, and sometimes they have coupons in-store as well.  (think the coupon-printing kiosk)

      • JMT

        We also have walgreens and cvs in orangeburg so they should honor those since they are drug stores.

        • sally

          and I used walgreens coupons today

    • foximoxie

      Hallelujah! Goodbye Publix, Hello Bi-Lo! I was so upset when Publix stopped accepting Target coupons but since Bi-Lo will now take Target coupons there's no need for the blues!!! Happy Dance Time!!!

    • mharris

      I think this new policy is just fine! I can deal with it. It is stright forword and generous enough for me to supply a needed stock up with out thinking the store is unfair. It is a very reasonable policy and I am happy to abide by it.

      • Smamf1922


    • connie

      I just came back from BiLo. For the first time ever I purchased some qs from a clipping site and after this new post I was terrified they would be useless because they were for .50 and I was counting on them doubling. The q said dnd in small grey letters along the side but the sku started with a 5, so I took my chances and they still doubled.

      I purchased 2 gallons of milk, 1 loaf of bread, 3 packs of carolina pride ham, 1 pack of paper plates, 2 boxes of coco puffs cereal, and 10 packs of bacon. Before card and qs was 73.01, I paid 36.11 for a savings of 37.50. I used 10 qs for the bacon and 1 1.00 off 2 boxes of cereal.

    • guest

      i called bi-lo in walterborrow sc and they at first said no to compet then said yes when i asked wich stores they said local compet i asked again wich ones they replied any local walterborrow store. lol so if the local gastation puts out a coupon for groceries i know where i am heading :)

    • Hortisfamily

      how strict is bilo with expiration dates?  i just realized that i have tons of great coupons expiring today….ugh!!!

      • Hollie

        Manufacturer and store coupons will only be redeemed on or before expiration date.

    • MDecker

      I am super happy about this!  Bi-Lo is the only grocery store (besides Wal-Mart, ugh!) for miles and miles.  This will help me get many more great deals without the drive!

    • Thecouponingqueen

      woohoo!!!! One of our Super Bi-Lo stores in Hixson, TN has been accepting limited competitor coupons for about a year, but we could only use 3 per order, we couldn't stack them and only from Target, Publix or Food Lion. how exciting!!! <><

    • Kenny Eichorn

      if you people were not out there trying to abuse the coupon policies, it would never changed. I use coupons for items i will use not  coupons for 27 bottles of hot sauce or 30 bottles BBQ sauce, you people need to act civial, most of you are just cheats anyway.

    • Jessica


      Talk about acting civil – do you even know the meaning of that word?

    • Love it!  Thank you Bi-Lo.

    • Tracycook79

      i think the word most is a bit much…. i take enough for my family +1.  the +1 helps me help others.  for example,a friend's house burn down last week.  i was able to help them LIVE while waiting on any type of money from insurance. yes, there are some people who abuse the system, but i think they are truely few in numbers.

      • Jessica


        Recently I purchased 19 boxes of cereal for my family. That will last us about 2 weeks. A lady in the line behind me gave me “the look” and asked me if I was storing up for the winter already. I politely explained that we have several children in our home PLUS young adults going to college so we do go through a lot.

        On two other trips I bought 40 bottles (total) of seasoning to disperse between my family and that of my in-laws, siblings and two daughters (who have their own families with small children and little income). I got “the look” that time too.

        It would be nice if people stop assuming that they know your situation and kept in mind that every person that you see carries their own burden on their shoulders.

    • Batya

      It changed to an advantage, not a disadvantage….so I'm not understanding what you are talking about when you say they had to change it because of abuse?? And I do NOT take advantage, and most people I know who use coupons do not either. You are on here looking for deals just like we are….do you want to be called a cheat too?

    • Kimberly

      Kenny, do you live in Columbia (or actually live in Lexiinton and work in Columbia?

    • qpnchrissy

      I love this… I have been waiting a long time for Bi-lo to finally catch on to this coupon frenzy. Way to go Bi-Lo!!!!!

    • E_coups

      will they accept Commissary coups?

    • scoupons

      ok, so I have a question and I know its probably going to be stupid, but i'm a beginner couponer, could someone please explain in detail what the new bi-lo coupon change means? Thanks so much, I would really appreciate this!

      • Batya

        They will now accept coupons that state they are actually for other stores, such as “redeem only at Publix”. You can now use those coupons at Bi-Lo.

      • Batya

        And no question is a stupid question…. :-)

        Publix, Target, Family Dollar, etc. have their own store coupons, so now if Bi-Lo has a better price on them you can save even more money by getting it there instead.

    • Staceycouponing

      Great news! I'm assuming they won't double competitor coupons?

      • Sally

        as long as they are competitors manufacturers coupons, they will double up to .60 unless stated on the coupon “do not double”.  Store coupons are not doubled.

        • Nicole

          Sally, Have I told you lately that “YOU ROCK?!!”

    • Sally

      OK, I am in Bi-Lo management so I have a little insight for all of you.  Yes, we will accept other stores coupons within a reasonable radius.  That may involve many stores or fewer stores depending on where you live.  Yes, we do take a man coupon and a store coupon to 'stack'.  Coupons will double unless stating not to but I believe there is a limit of 10 coupons of a like item to double.  If you take in 15 coupons for Mt. Olive pickles in the amount of .50, the first 10 will double and the other 5 will be for face value.  So think, do a second shopping trip for the other 5!  If there is an electronic coupon, it can also be used in conjunction with your man and store coupon.  Upromise is already using e-coupons and I personally used one today and it worked.
      Guys, realize that you will get some looks from other customers at times but be patient while we all work out all the bugs.  Also, assist your cashier by writing the price on the free coupons (please use the correct price – include the bonuscard price!) so that we don't have to look through a long receipt to check it.  USE YOUR BONUSCARD at the beginning of the order.  Believe it or not, it can cause a glich and you will not receive your discounts and especially your bonus fuel perks.  I am very happy for our customers to be able to save even more money and keep you as a customer versus driving out of your way to save an extra sixty cents!  We love our customers and they are the ones that pay our salaries and keep us in business.  If you don't feel as though you are being credited correctly for your coupons, ask your cashier to contact a Manager to help you out.  And BTW, don't go on the attack, remember honey goes a much longer way than salt!!  Good luck couponing.

      • Guest

        I'm new to couponing and I'm still trying to figure out everything out, but….
        Wouldn't it be better to use your mft coupons first then the ecoupons, because the ecoupons do not double. right?

      • Lmm6464

        What about stacking a wags q with a manu_? Like we can do at wags?

      • Smamf1922

        Thank you, Sally, much appreciated.  The BILO here in 29681 are very good to work with.  It sometimes does take a few more minutes and the people behind me are always told that I'm using q's and it might take a while.  But, we're all human and life goes on.  Again, thanks for helping those at your store and us, as readers.

    • Sally

      I stopped by a Dollar General today to pick up an item that Bi-lo doesn't carry (yes, I am very loyal to my business!).  They have a coupon for use on Saturday that will give you $5 off of a $25 order.  Woohoo…

    • Shawn

      Ok so went to my local Bi Lo tonight to stock up on the Bounty Basic paper towels I know just 4 per transaction I took my mom and son to get the extra for me :) The .25 off coupon would NOT double, the manager refused to over ride and double it stating that if the couple did not double automatically there was nothing she could do according to the new policy?!? Im confused and will be making a call to the main manager in the am…I still bought th paper towels it was an awesome deal still but they should have doubled :/

      • Sally

        Shawn, did the coupon state “do not double”?

        • Shawn

          No it did not…they were the .25 off Bounty in the PG 6/05 and PG 7/03

          • lorib0704

            My coupon for paper towels wouldn't even scan. Thankfully, I only shop when I know the people working. The CSM told me that the system was denying the coupons because the coupon amount exceeded the value of the item. She said that's just crazy and manually entered them.

    • Coupon crazy

      Why does a store not double a coupon that says Do Not Double? It is so clear that these stores that double coupons are doing it themselves not the manufacturer. So it makes no sense to not double the coupon anyway.
      If a coupon says do not double I throw it away. I will not use a coupon that says do not double.

    • Shawn

      No it did not…they were the .25 off Bounty in the PG 6/05 and PG 7/03

    • Ashgrantgalcoupon

      I printed manufactor coupons from couponnetwork and they did not get dbl at bilo? 
      Are all the coupons you print from online considered Electronic Coupons even thought they say Manufactor on them?

    • Melissa

      BiLo is my new store of choice as my Publix stopped taking CVS and Target coupons!

      • Smamf1922

        Yes, Bilo will take ALL of them…smile and get to BILO!

    • Newnotebook42

      THANK  YOU BI-LO!! You truly are keeping to your name–helping me to Buy “Low”!

    • Hannah E.

      I spoke to my local Bilo and they said only “mnf competitor” coupons. So that changed nothing for me! I'm sad!

      • Au_prospector

        Thats not what the policy says Hannah, you were duped.  I would take a copy of the official policy printed from their website on your next trip.  If you have the same problem again, politely ask a manager to read your copy.  That should do it.

        New policy, maybe not every employee is in the know yet.

    • Treesmith

      I shop at the Dalton, Ga. Bi-Lo and love them!!!!   They are always super nice and helpful, definately my favorite place to shop.  Maybe , they should consider re-opening the other store in Dalton.  Love, love my Bi-Lo!

      • Ctmize2512

        I live in Calhoun and have been wondering if it is worth it to drive up to Dalton to try out the Bi-Lo. I've never shopped there before…stuck with the Kroger here in town and the Publix in Cartersville. Glad to hear that it is getting good reviews!

        • Au_prospector

          I thought there was only one Bi-Lo in Dalton which was across from the mall and is now closed.  Where is the one you speak of?  Oh maybe I see it, north of Dalton off Cleveland Highway?

          IMO Kroger and Publix, unless you are looking for something specific on sale that week, hands down and consistiently are better than the Bi-Lo shopping experience.  MOST of the Bi-Lo and Food Lion stores in the Chattanooga area are dated and have poor selections especially produce/meat/fish.  Publix and Kroger in Dalton are fresh, offer a wide selection, and are extremely friendly customer service wise.  Kroger normally has the overall best value and selections.  Publix is pricey, but if you stick to the coupon program offers value too. 

          I often feel like a sour puss after leaving a Bi-Lo and Food Lion.  If I were you, unless you enjoy field trips, stay in Calhoun.  The grass is not greener in Dalton.

      • Rbbirt

        I love the Bi-Lo here in Blairsville too.  I have never had a problem with them.  They are always super helpful and nice as can be!

    • Miss_afb

      my bi-lo on bacons bridge said they will take drugstores q's has anyone tried using the coupons from the walgreens ads yet?

      • cat

        that's the Bi-Lo that I shop at. Do they have a list of what comp. coupons they take?

    • Gahutto1939

      I shop at the edisto shoping center Bi Lo

    • Di

      The Publix coupons from the little mailer booklet work funny w/Bi-Lo, since Bi-Lo uses bar-codes to scan and these coupons have none the one in Pleasentburg/Maudlin Rd here in Greenville are still looking into how to get around it, but they will accept em.

      • Smamf1922

        it just calls for a manager override.  That's waht I love about BILO.  Get to use some of the publix q's for BOGO's or such and also get the F?UELPERKS

    • Hannah

      YAY for accepting competitors coupons…thank you Bi-Lo and Southern Savers for getting the word out!

    • Alison V.

      and the chattanooga stores will start the fuel perks program on august 3rd!  bilo is looking better and better!  thanks for getting everything laid out for us, Jenny!

    • Send2tina

      I don't know if it has been said already or not but THE BI-LO IN MAULDIN, SC IS AND HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR A WHILE NOW. but great news, I'm very excited.

    • Tlw35

      Does anyone know what time Jenny posts the new ad for Bi-Lo?  So glad she does this makes couponing possible for me.  Otherwise would never have the time to search ads and do the match-ups myself.

      • Missi@Matt, Madeline, and Me

        She usually posts Bi-Lo sometime Tuesday night.

    • My store's ad still says they will double manufacturer's up to 99 cents. I shop at Bi-Lo more than any other store partly because it's the one closest to me, but also because they double coupons and Fuel Perks. The only thing I don't like about Bi-Lo is they take forever to post their ad. It's out now, BTW. I just checked.

    • Starrysocks

      so….if i read the comments correctly, BI-Lo is saying that they will accept Catalina Coupons that print at other stores and have the store logo (ie TArget, WAlmart, Publix).  This does not mean that Bi-Lo will accept Target store coupons printed from Target's website (Target Web Coupons).  Correct?

      • Hscoupon

        This is EXACTLY what I am trying to figure out.

      • Nicole

        coupons and competitors are considered to be “Local Competitor” Coupons that BI-LO will honor? A- Competitor coupons will be redeemed for any identical item that we carry. A Local Competitor is any store in close proximity to your store who is normally considered to be competition, including Target, WalMart, and drug stores. Q – Will competitor coupons be accepted if they do not scan at the register?
        A- The rule stating that coupons must be valid, and scannable, only applies to Internet coupons. Coupons generated by local competitors are NOT in our pricing system and will not scan through our registers.
        Q -What if a manufacturer or store coupon does not scan or does not have a bar code it? A – Again, the “scannable” rule only applies to Internet coupons. Q – If an Internet coupon does not scan but has a bar code printed on it, is it okay to key enter the UPC to see if it is on file in the POS? A – Yes. If a bar code is present, and the coupon is valid, it is okay to key enter the UPC.Q – Should I manually double coupons that state “do not double”?A – No. The restrictions that are printed on the coupons are established by the manufacturer and BI-LO is required to enforce those guidelines. The POS system will automatically restrict doubling based on the restrictions embedded in the bar code. Q – Can a manufacturer, BI-LO store, and competitor store coupon be used together? A – No, only one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon, regardless of issuing store, can be used in one order for a total of two coupons per like item.

        • Mae

          “so….if i read the comments correctly, BI-Lo is saying that they will
          accept Catalina Coupons that print at other stores and have the store
          logo (ie TArget, WAlmart, Publix).  This does not mean that Bi-Lo will
          accept Target store coupons printed from Target's website (Target Web
          Coupons).  Correct?”

          Is this correct? Because there is a ton of Target coupons that I can print out if I can use them at Bi-Lo? How do we find out about this?

      • Mae

        Did you find out the answer to this?

    • Lealer

      So for the Internet coupons, if they don't scan will they not take them now? Sometimes my internet coupons don't scan but they will manually enter the  barcode number in and take them without porblems.

      • Nicole

        They can still enter the bar code (per the corporate office).

    • Lealer

      Does anyone know if they will accept Kmart coupons? I just got a couponbook from the store last week with a lot of great coupons in it!

    • Ktlc155

      This means that we can no longer use coupons for items on the Meal Deal that are not the main item. I was also told last week that Bi-Lo is no longer giving 5 cents for each recycled bag that is used.

      • I got credit for my bag tonight, but I wonder if this kicks in next week?  I hadn't heard this at all.

      • RE: meal deal – if were getting a product for free how can you use a coupon for it too?

    • beth

      so does this mean bilo will take the cvs ecbs or the $5 off $25 we sometimes get?

    • Sonshinejennmark


    • Britt

      I'm not trying to ruin anyones good day.  But before you get excited call your bi-lo.  my bi-lo in fort oglethorpe ga has been taking competitor coupons for a few months now but they are limited to 3 competitor coupons per customer per day.  and the last stipulation in the new policy says they reserve the right to limit

    • frustrated

      We headed out today to check out the Bilo new policy. Which I am sad to say, I was a little disappointed. I have never had this experience before in Bilo, but I kinda felt like I was treat like I was doing something wrong.
      I was store and manuf. coupon stacking and the cashier and manager kept checking and rechecking prices. I was told that was because they are not allowed to give overage. I am totally fine with that and on board if that is their policy. But then I was told that no items were going to be allowed to be free anymore either, that you had to pay something for each item. :( For instance, I had an item that was on sale for $1 and I had a coupon for 50cent..that then doubled to a $1 and the manager would not let me use this.
       I soooo hope this is inaccurate information that this manager wasd giving me. At the end of my transaction, the manager would not take my last coupons stating that the product I got was not the one pictured. Even though I knew the coupone read, “ANY” of that particular brand…I did not fight it, because by this time I was so frustrated and embarrassed that I was ready to go. I hope that it was just that cashier and that manager, because I was really excited about the changes I had read and had hoped bilo would become my new favorite.

    • Ledge01

      Ok, so I went to my local  Bilo rainchecks and printable coupons in hand. Unfortunately, my printable coupons never scan.  The cashier was very nice and informed me that the new  policy stated they were not allowed to accept the printables unless they scan.  She offered to attempt to scan and much to my dismay, none of them scanned.  Long story short I left empty handed.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get my printables to scan?  Is there a different seeting I need to use for the printer?

      • angelah

        did you read the earlier post about what the store managers were told?  They said they've been told to key in the bar code if it does not scan.  Also, what kind of printer are you using and what quality are you printing in?  Make sure you are not using a low quality print setting.  If it's set to normal try bumping it to high quality to see if they scan better.  You can change it in your printer settings.

      • Jbrow72

        I have found that more often than not the coupons that don't scan are those printed in color. Weird but it is true for me.

    • cuponmammy

      so so confuses with these policy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Qcoupon

      Hi Jenny, Where can I find this policy, I've been to the store and talked to corporate trying to get their official policy and can't find it anywhere. My concern was the store coupon part of it and it's in your post. I would like to print it off. Thx.

    • angelah

      Yesterday I went to the Bi-Lo in Belmont NC and they doubled my 75 cent coupons. Are most of the stores switching to the sixty cent limit or are some still honoring higher?  What's been everyones experience with that?  For me the double coupons make a HUGE difference!

      • Aduncan912

        I live in Lincolnton NC and the weekly ad for this week still states that they will double up to .99.  These rules maybe for a different area.

      • Rbbirt

        My Bi-Lo in Blairsville, GA only doubles up to .60…it recently went down to this.  It is also printed in our ads.

    • lj

      So happy!  I called my Bilo in Pickens and they said they are accepting all competitor coupons.  I  asked who they consider a competitor and she said “walmart, target, publix, ingles, etc. everyone that carries the same item they have”  I didn't ask about drug stores.  But I was mostly hoping publix and maybe target.  This is huge, because our closest target and publix is 30-40 min away.  This just put Bilo up at the top in my opinion!

      • lj

        Actually, I'm not so happy anymore.  Turns out, their idea of a store coupon is a manufacture coupon, with a barcode, and a different store's logo on it.  Think, catalina that prints at Ingles, for example.  And they've been accepting these from me for a long time now, so I'm not sure what changed… Oh well.

        • I have had the same type of experience with Bi-Lo. They refused to take a manufacture's coupon because it had another stores name on it. The manager told me it was because Bi-Lo wouldn't get 'credit' for the coupon. I thought that was odd, since they would get the money. Does anyone know what they meant by 'credit'?

          • Smurdock04

            stores get reimbursed by the manufacturer for the amount of the coupon plus usually $.08-$.15 for handling (it's in the smaller print)

        • Nicole

          lj, that is not at all the new policy.  It is taking some time for the new policy to “sink in” but they will figure it out.  I have posted below the FAQ's that corporate sent to all of the management teams.  You may just want to ask the manager to look back in their email and they will find the answer/clarification to your question.

    • Tired of the Trend

      I am not a big couponer….I use the ones I can on products I buy….Why have we become such a greedy society that we redeem coupons just to get stuff FREE!!! That type of aggressive couponing is ruining it for those of us that don't take advantage.  I read here where many say “I was embarrassed”  well you should be….GREED.  I stood behind a lady that had 62 coupons last week…..on the items she did not qualify for she left at the register for somebody else to put back……Keep it up greedy folks and you will turn a good thing into a memory.

    • Sarahnap18

      WOW… A bit HARSH, don't you think???!!! Did you ever think that the reason people are big couponers is because that's the only way they can feed their families? You've been watching too much extreme couponing! That's NOT the normal! Maybe you are more blessed than others? I don't know! But minding your own business is the best policy for you! I only use a few coupons (if that) when shopping, but in order to afford anything, will need to use more. I was embarrassed for you and your RUDE comment! I know a lot of people who do heavy duty couponing, because if they don't, they can lose the house that they and their children live in. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK PLEASE! Did you ever hear of the saying, “If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all”? You should really think about that, because I have a feeling this isn't the first time you've been a rotten individual.

      • Alice Williams

        Man, I wish I had seen the comment left by “GUEST”….

    • Katie's Grandma

      My BiLo told me today that I can NOT stack a store and a manufacturers coupon unless it is a BiLo store coupon and a manufacturers. Feeling a bit confused.  I think I like Publix better.

      • Nicole

        You might want to ask, sweet as sugar, to speak to the Store Director and have him/him clarify.  That IS NOT at all the policy…

    • Has anyone ran across this issue?  The manager at my local Bi-lo store told me today that they do not give rainchecks for the 3 day sale items.  When I told him that they have always given me a raincheck for the 3 day sale items and that Food Lion across the street gives me rainchecks for their 3 day sale items, he told me that he would give them (I asked for 2 different ones – and only 2 of each) so as a customer I would be happy.  I guess with the Food Lion and the new Walmart they want to retain their market share.  I always want to follow the rules no matter if they have changed or not.  I had just never heard of this and it is not written in their policy that I could find.  Has anyone ever heard of this policy?  Because if it is truly against the rules I would rather not ask them to give me one next time.  Thanks.

    • Kelleycarnley

      I have a question about this policy. Above it says that Bi-Lo will take coupons from Walmart, drug stores and Target because they are considered competitors. Is that a comment that southern savers is making or is that from Bi-Lo corporate.  If the latter, I can't find it on their website. Also, I called my local Bi-Lo (very small town in rural  South Carolina) and they said that they would not take coupons from those places because they are not local, i.e. Target is 20 min away and Walmart and Walgreens, which were the ones I asked my local Bi-Lo about, were 10 min away. Because they weren't in the local community, they weren't considered local competitors.  Can anyone clarify this? If this is a Bi-Lo policy, can you point me to a place I can reference with I call my local store again.  Thanks a million.

    • Nwheeler02

      So will they take a target and manufacturer together?

    • Jessy SM

      so do they take commisary coupons? I see one person asked but no one answered… anyone know. I would shop at the columbia sc bilo at sandhill

    • Lisab408

      Went to Bilo in Boiling Springs today and they told me they would not accept the Target Web Coupons ( the ones Jenny has a link to on the list), because they can not send them to get reimbursed.  Is this true, or do they still need to be educated?

      • MrsVeronicaR

        Target web coupons are store coupons. Your BiLo may not consider Target to be a *grocery* store competitor and that's why they may not accept Target store coupons. But that wasn't a very good explanation they gave you. I would ask the store or customer service manager for clarification.

    • Angelblu62

      Do you have to ask Bi Lo to double the coupon or do they just automatically know to do it??? So Confused!!..

    • Chrissi

      Confused too…..What does it mean that “FREE manufacturer coupons and electronic coupons” Will NOT be doubled? I am a little confused thanks!