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Watch your ECB’s…

on 12.21.2008 at 2:08am

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Just a warning before you head out for the big Sunday/Monday deals.  Watch your ECB’s on the Sally Hansen Nail Polish.  For me they rang up cheaper than the $5.99 and did not print any ECB!

Sadly I was at a store that had no idea how to do the new manual printing so I get to call CVS in the morning.

You can still buy them and they will be free, just be ready to make them manually give you the ECB’s or to have to call the Customer Service when you get home.

I didn’t buy everything that was free but most of the items and all the other ECB’s printed without problems.

    • Sue Edelman

      Thanks. I’ll look out for that!

    • Lauren


      Grrr! The SAME thing happened to me this morning.

      I’m missing the ECBs from one transaction which included the Sally Hansen, Benefiber, and Halls. Which puts me out about $22-$23 ECBs.

      I’m new to this…How is the ECB recovery process? Do I really have a chance at getting them back?

      The cashier said there was nothing she could do about it. I wish they would just issue a gift card when this happens.

      Thanks for this post. I was looking for some answers.

    • Jenny

      You can get them all loaded to you card to print the next time you shop by calling Customer Service. It is very painless, just annoying. It threw off my out of pocket too, I know how frustrated you felt.

    • Nina

      I was there at midnight, with the other couponers, and the same thing happened to me!!!! Luckily though, they printed me out the extra bucks but since one of the nail polishes rang up half price the manager had to issue me a refund of that nail polish and then issue me one ECB and then on my next order ring up the other nail polish and manually issues the ECB which through me off by $12.00…..oh well. Also by my third transaction (which had 6 different items with ECBs) the register didn’t issue any ECBs at all so the manager had to do those manually as well—interestingly enough they all came out as whole dollar figures rounded up from the original price (so I am actually getting more back). But that hassle was enough for me to stop for the night. I had one more transaction to do but I will go back later. I am a little concerned though because the manual ECBs have my name on them but a different card number…hope this is not a problem when I try to use them (I only have one card).

    • Nina

      I thought I read somewhere that you are allowed a max of $40 ECB’s per transaction….maybe it is really $40 ECBs for the day and that is why they stopped printing????

    • Lauren

      Phew…I’m relieved to hear I’ll get them back. Thanks so much.

    • Lynn

      Nina I beleive it is $40 per transaction not per day. The deals thanksgiving worked out with no problems for me. I just hope the same for today, I’ll let you all know if I have any problems.

    • Debbie

      Was there at midnight last night too….not only did the nail polishes not ring up, but since the Listerines weren’t ringing up at the sale prices, the cashier put them in manually, which meant my ECBs didn’t show up either…

      Going back today to get the manual ones printed out….

    • Lynn

      Was there a coupon insert this week?

    • Janis

      I haven’t heard of the $40 ECB limit….Last night I had 3 transactions and received #1 Trans.$40.25, #2 Trans.$50.96 and #3 Trans. $9.99 for a total of $101.20

    • Heather

      It’s not a $40 ECB limit, its actually a limit of 40 ECB deals per transaction (or day, whatever it is). There’s not usually that many ECB deals in a week, so I doubt anyone would run into this problem.

      I didn’t get the Sally Hansen ECBs either, when I went at midnight. They rang up at buy one get one half off, and I was wondering if maybe they were on sale like that last week and the register didn’t fully switch over? I have no idea. The night manager said he couldn’t do anything about it and wouldn’t allow me to return them or get my coupon back. He needs to be retrained. :D I guess we’ll be flooding the 800 number on Monday!

    • Kristina

      Thanks for letting us know. I might be a little late. I’ll check my receipts. It is probably a good policy to check your ECBs, I almost lost $10 in ECBs last week.

      For those who are waiting…don’t wait too long. I arrive 30 minutes after our CVS opened and they were completely out of several items.

    • susan

      my sally hansen ecbs printed this morning. i had to get the ice off of my car before i went though. i went to 3 stores and still didn’t get everything that i wanted because they were out. the last store did go back into the back room and found the right guard for me. i got my five and discovered that the limit is more than 5 because i haven’t reached the limit.

    • Blair

      Well I’m ticked off and I’m jumping on a soap box and I hope you all read it. Jenny, none of this is directed towards you whatsoever. I think you’re awesome and really appreciate all you do.

      I just got back home from CVS which was out of ALL the items I went to get for the Sunday/Monday deal. That’s not what bothers me….What has me so upset is that the manager said that one person bought them all at 8:30 this morning. I asked about the limit and her response said “when you have 3-4 CVS cards, there’s not much we can do”. So wait a second, one freaking moron went in this morning bought the whole shelf of, for example, Arm and Hammer Cleaner, in separate transactions using 3-4 CVS cards???????? So first of all, I’d like to find the person that did that and give them a great big hand shake along with a huge debt of gratitude. WHY you ask? WHY thank the person that has me so angry right now??? Because in doing so, this man or woman has proven a point that I’ve seen for many years….people whine and complain about public education becoming ridiculous (because I probably shouldn’t use the phrase that would fit better here)- they’ve got it half right – it’s the PUBLIC that’s causing the mess our young folks are in right now. After all, the PUBLIC is teaching them that if 5 free things isn’t enough FREE stuff for you, go ahead and CHEAT or maybe go as far as calling this STEAL, the rest of what you want. Apparently someone has a freaking ridiculously dirty house that they had to CHEAT/STEAL the “rules” that CVS attempts to have in place to get a whole shelf full of cleaner. Yesterday I went to Food Lion and they had to compare my coupons to a list of counterfeit coupons. Again, the PUBLIC is teaching our youth to CHEAT, STEAL, or do whatever it takes to get what you want. How is a public school educator supposed to fix this concept that perhaps parents themselves have instilled in their own children AND the list of subject related standards that our government mandates????

      If none of you are also disturbed by this, maybe things are even worse than I had imagined!

      I got into the whole coupon thing to save money, but I still feel (maybe it’s called a conscience) a moral responsibility to follow the rules that these companies have attempted to put into place. So I encourage you all to continue the couponing, but let your conscience be your guide, and if you’ve lost your conscience, then God help us!!!

    • Julieann

      I didn’t have any problems with my ECB’s printing or the prices being wrong. They were out of stock on Listerine, Thermacare, A&H cleaner, etc, etc. Thankfully I received rain checks for everything, but you’re right, people do cheat the system and/or the stores don’t stock up on things they are putting on sale hoping you will buy something else in its place that isn’t free.

      On the Sally Hansen deal, most of their nail polishes were BOGO50% off. Only the one certain type of nail polish was on the ECB deal, so maybe you got the wrong ones?

      A hint on the Listerine (that was totally sold out in the Cool Mint pictured in the ad). You can get any variety of Listerine in that 16.9 oz size. They all ring up on sale and they all get ECB’s (there are two other flavors/varieties to choose from).

    • Laura

      Just FYI- I got up to the counter with my 5 Listerine bottles and the computer would only accept ONE of the $1/1 coupon from the Diabetes books. It’s “limit one per customer”… – didn’t realize that ! :)

    • Jenny

      I know for my Sally Hansen the bottle matches the picture perfectly. We’ll see what customer service says in the morning.

      Blair- I completely agree with you. I do have 2 cards but I only used one last night and didn’t even get the max on some things. What bugs me is to see pictures where people show that they bought 50 packs of emory boards or whatever… It would take me 15 years to use that much

      In terms of stores not stocking up, that is also part of the problem. The store I was at last night didn’t even have the Arm & Hammer for sale. I was there at 11:15 so I know it wasn’t someone before me!

    • Tammy

      I went this morning when the store opened. Before church–bad I know! No problem with Sally Hansen ECB’s but there was no Thermacare and 1 Arm & Hammer left. The lone Arm & Hammer was in the wrong spot. I just happened to see it. I wanted to be sure I got the Listerine since it is so expensive normally so I headed there first. It makes me mad to see posts with tons of the same item also that would take a lifetime to use. I didn’t bother to ask for a rain check today but I might try it. The manager checked me out and she charged me incorrectly for the Revlon nail color. They are BOGO this week. I got two that were marked 50% off and she manually changed the price so it would show up as half but it never took one of them off. I think the clearance ones are BOGO also.

    • I get so angry at those people with multiple cards as well. All the sales clearly say limit X per HOUSEHOLD, not per card. So, unless someone has a secret second life and family, no one should have more than 1 card.

      I got to the 24-hour CVS at 11.15pm, and there were already several people there with full carts. I was able to get everything except the benefiber, and have decided a long time ago that in order to have any chance of getting these great deals, you better be one of the first people there (kind of like black friday deals)

      I am so glad that CVS has these great sales, and wish everyone would just follow the rules!

    • Mary

      I totally agree!! I too believe it is the parents fault! But don’t you see most of them are working because of the lifestyle Americans demand!! Ipods, cellphones, cars, clothes, DVD’s etc….

      I get even madder because we are a one family income with 5 children!

      It has been a huge stress breaker for us in these times (we also have 2 mortagages) To be able to cut a few costs with Q’s!!

      I don’t know what can be done about it unless someone appoints a Qpolice. CVS just wants their $$ and there are always going to be those that get away with breaking the rules!!

      Why is it that the really rich can send their $4 off shore while the rest of us pay taxes?? Or why can the govt be exempt from its own laws?? I could go on and on and you know it’s not just at CVS. It is the world in which we live. I suppose as upstanding, rule abiding citizens we can GET CREATIVE and bust these “rule breakers” at their own game! Sticking to the rules is the right thing to do! Creativity works within the bounds of the rules!!
      OR we can take the road that says, NO deal with worth all that! AND get A RAINCHECK! Hahaha! That has been my answer to some of this frustration.
      Yeah I have to wait to get my stuff!! BUT my store usually lets me come in and get it absolutely FREE when I get a raincheck with FREE ECB’s.

      So, Rule abiders UNITE! take back your CVS’s!! And smile… at least we can make some deals to save alittle $$!!

    • Mary

      Why is it that the really rich can send their $4 off shore while the rest of us pay taxes??

      I meant to type…Why is it that the really rich can send their $$$ off shore while the rest of us pay taxes??

    • Lauren

      I called CVS this morning about my missing ECBs and was informed that the transactions take 48 hours to show up in the system. But some purchases and ECBs earned yesterday are already on cvs.com. I’m confused and a bit annoyed that I’ll have to wait til after the holiday. The woman I spoke with said she’s on vacation and will take care of it Wednesday when she returns.

      I need some patience :-)

    • victoria

      so i am new to this website, first time getting on it! and at the risk of sounding completely retarded…what is an ecb?? and how does all this free stuff at CVS work?? and is it CVS or Rite Aid because I don’t have a CVS around here anymore they are all rite aid’s now…someone please help me!!! lol

    • Jenny

      Victoria – ECB is Extracare bucks it is the reward system for CVS. It is just for CVS, Rite Aid has their own system and you can see those weekly deals by clicking on the Rite Aid tab above. I’m sorry you don’t have any CVS’s nearby, but Rite aid does have some good freebies so just watch the deals.

    • Blair

      Mary, I asked about rainchecks and they said they could give me rainchecks but that it would not print off ECB when I redeemed by rainchecks….Have you guys used rainchecks and still gotten ECBs back after the deals expired???????????

      Jenny, you’ll get a kick out of this….so I drove to Cayce tonight to the CVS determined to get my items. I went in, got most of what I wanted….they would only except 1 Listerine coupon so since the limit was 5 and I was only buying three I asked her to ring up the others in separate transactions to which she replied “after I ring up these other people”. There were maybe 3 people in line, and I was just ready to get home. Couldn’t find my keys…had to go back in, looked all around, went back, checked car, parking lot, etc. and keep in mind it was COLD tonight and I have my one year old with me. Finally found them in the backseat of my car….under a cvs ad. It’s a good thing I left my car unlocked! And an even better thing that no one stole it! Whew! What a long weekend. Found out my little girl is allergic to amoxicillin after spending most of Saturday night in the ER, got ticked off at CVS on Sunday, AND temporarily lost my keys….I’m glad I have the rest of this week off!

    • lucky123

      stores in my area were out of thermacare and arm n hammer and when i ask about the raincheck they say we dont issue rancheck for two day sale items, is that true??
      also about the listerine i bought the orange one of 16.9fl oz as mentioned but it didnt spit out the ecbs and was at the regularprice of 5.19 instead of 2.99 when i asked the cashier she said it would show in the end but when it didnt she just did the exchange for me to get the ecbs but she didnt know how to do the return and exchange she just gave me the ecbs manually but i had paid more than the sale price and the same thing happened for loreal too !!
      i think the cvs should train there employees more about their system and the sad part of my trip was the manager who when i asked about my refund was saying you just paid only 1.50 dollars in cash (oop after ECBs)so how can i return you more than that and she didnt return anything to me, i think she didnt counted the ECBS as money which is money dont you think so !

    • Julieann

      ECB’s can be given on rain check items, but the cashier will have to manually print them out…they won’t do so automatically. Different stores seem to handle it different ways.

      My stores handle it this way: if an item I have a rain check for is free after ECB’s, they just key in the cost for the item as zero or they manually enter a price adjustment to take off the cost of the item.

      Sorry you all had so many problems with CVS this week. Seems like they need to get better prepared for big sales!